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My twin sister Abby

Story # 1
Abby and I are twins; we are not identical but we look a lot alike. Even though I am a male our features are very similar. When we were little kids, we were best friends and did everything together. Our mom would even bath us together and we thought nothing of it. It was all very natural. We were just best friends. Abby is now 5’- 6” tall; blond with blue eyes and very pretty, she also has pretty nice size tits. I am 5’- 8” tall and darkish blond hair. I never had a sexual desire for my sister; I just thought of her as my sister. Abby has now grown to be a beautiful girl. She and I are popular in school and have a lot in common and a lot of the same friends. My name is Justice. Abby and I grew up as best friends, we are now 16 years old and juniors in high school. I do have a girl friend that I have been with for over a year, Abby also has a boy friend. But this story is not about them.

One evening Abby and I were talking while doing homework and she asked me if I was a virgin. I am still a virgin but didn’t want to admit it. I asked are you? She said yes she is a virgin; I didn’t feel so bad and said yes I’m still a virgin. She smiled and said I was just curios because you have been with Ashlyn for a long time. I said I tried to but she wants to wait. Abby said her boyfriend tries constantly but she doesn’t want to do it with him, it doesn’t feel rite and she is thinking on breaking it off.

Our parents are a very nice looking couple; they are both 37 years old slender and fit. I saw pictures of my mom when she was our age; she was hot looking just like my sister Abby; in fact they look a lot alike. It’s Friday and our parents informed us that they are leaving for an overnighter and Abby and I can stay home alone. We have always been good kids and have never been in any trouble and they trust us. Dad asked us to stay home and no friends over while they are gone. We agreed and said all would be cool.
My parents don’t know that I found the hidden porn movies in there closet. I watched a few of them before and now that they are leaving, it’s a good time to sneak them out and watch more of them.

Friday night after our parents were gone; I was rummaging through they’re closet looking for the movies when Abby walked in and asked what I was doing, I know she didn’t know about the movies, and I said mom and dad have fuck movies and since they’re gone I thought I would watch them. Abby was surprised and said you mean they have porn movies? I said yes I found them one day when I was looking for something. They don’t know that I know. I said have you ever seen a porn movie? Abby said no but I heard they show everything. I smiled and said they show people doing it; they even show girls doing it with each other. Abby smiled and said I have to see them too. I smiled and said sure. My parents had hidden them really well, but eventually Abby and I found them. We also found a CD that was separate and hidden back further in the closet and wrapped in news paper. It was labeled private with a marker and a smiley face; this one caught our attention and curiosity. We decided watch it first.

We went into Abby’s room to watch. She has a 42” flat screen TV and a better DVD player than me.
We were laughing like little kids sneaking around, and that’s exactly what we were. I was wearing pajama bottoms with no shirt. Abby was wearing a night gown with no bra and no panties but she was well covered and I thought nothing of it; after all we grew up twins and have seen each other in our pajamas all our lives.
I popped the DVD in labeled private. Our mouths dropped. It was our mom laying on the bed naked and my dad operating the camera. It was and older movie, about five years old. My sister looked at me and said should we be watching this? I smiled at her, and at the same time we both said yes we should as we
laughed. Our mom was hot looking, with big boobs and a hairy pussy; our dad was telling her what to do, he was saying stuff like; OK baby spread your legs and shows me what you got. Mom spread her legs and dad would get a close up of her pretty pussy while mom would finger fuck herself. It was hot and I had a huge boner. Then dad put the camera on a try pod and the next seen was mom sucking dad’s huge dick. Dad had his hands on the back of mom’s head and was fucking her face good and hard. Abby and I looked at each other and laughed as I said our parent’s rock. It was hot watching them on tape, then dad started jacking off in front of the camera while mom was finger fucking her pussy. Then dad re adjusted the camera for best view and slid his big dick in mom’s pussy as we watched with our mouths open. I said to Abby this is hot, she said I know; I see you have a big boner, I got a little embarrassed; Abby said that’s ok I’m wet as hell. I smiled at Abby and said I’m going to my room to take care of something as I was holding onto my big bulging dick. Abby laughed and said just jack yourself off hear and I’ll finger myself while we watch. This was really hot; I have not seen Abby’s private area’s since we reached puberty and she has not seen me either and a lot has changed since then, but we were both turned on watching mom and dad fuck suck and have fun.

I pulled my pajamas off. I had a huge boner and didn’t care if Abby saw, she looked at it and said wow you grew a little since we were kids, I smiled and stroked slowly as I watched my dad shoving a dildo up moms pussy, Abby pulled her nightgown up and exposed her pussy to me; It was so pretty and neat and Hairy looking. We were on her bed side by side and I said can I get a good look at your pussy, she said sure we can watch each other. I sat up and watched Abby slide her finger up and down the full length of her wet pussy crack, her finger and pussy was wet with pussy juice, she moaned and pumped as she watched dad dildo mom .She then turned her attention to me as I jacked my seven inch dick off. She said this is hot. We smiled as we watched each other play with ourselves. I said Abby I’m going to shoot; Abby sat up to watch. I said Abby, would you jack me off while I lie back and without hesitation Abby wrapped her hand around my dick and started stroking. It felt really good. It was the first time anyone other than me has touched my dick. Abby asked….. does it feel good. I said Abby it feels better than anything I’ve ever felt. I said I’m Cumming Abby, she stroked faster and harder and then it came in about 6 good squirts. Abby was great, she didn’t stop jacking me off until I was done, even though some got on her arm and a lot on me. I smiled at her as she laughed and said that was hot. I smiled and said do you want me to do you while you lie back, she just smiled and laid back and spread her legs, she said be easy and I said I would. I knew she is a virgin. I sat up over her as she continued watching my mom with my dad using a dildo on her. I slid my finger in her wet pussy and started sliding up and down the length of her crack; she moaned in ecstasy and pumped my hand. I went in all the way to her hymen and slid my finger all around my sister’s pussy; my sister climaxed several times and each time she would put her hand on top of mine with her finger penetrating on top of my finger as she pumped hard against my hand, it was hot. When the movie finished we stopped. I said that was awesome, she said it was the best feeling. She said that was a first for me. I also said it was a first for me too.

Abby and I stayed naked while we admired each other’s bodies. Abby’s tits were big with pink hard nipples; her pussy was hairy and her crack was grown up looking. She spread her legs for me to get a good close look, it was beautiful; I put my face down there and took a good whiff, it had slight smell but to me it was great. Abby got close to my dick as she got herself a closer look she moved it in all directions as we giggled like little kids. She wrapped her hand around it and kissed the head of my dick. What we were doing was hot and naughty and we knew it.

I told Abby that I didn’t want to be a virgin anymore, Abby smiled at me and said we should be each other’s first as we both smiled at each other, we both agreed… kissing on the lips……that would be too weird. We popped another movie in and watched some girl on girl action. I asked Abby if she would ever try it; she said maybe if the girl is pretty; I smiled with approval to her answer. We popped in another Movie and watched a couple of guy’s fucking a beautiful girl. It was hot and we were both turned on and ready.

I started by sucking on Abby’s big tits and worked my way down to her pussy where I spread her legs and put my tongue in and ate pussy to our delight; it taste great, it was juicy and wet .Abby moaned loudly loving what I was doing. She laid me on my back and put my dick in her mouth as she jacked me off and gave me my first blow job. Her mouth was warm and wet. I had never had a better feeling than that. Abby lied on her back I got on top and sucked on her big boobs and rubbed my dick on her wet pussy for a few minutes until the head of my dick found the right spot and slid in and stopped at her hymen, I asked if it feels good? She said it feels great, I said I’m going to push harder, she said I’m ready. I pushed in and she pushed back and my dick broke through; she yelped and then said it hurt then felt wonderful as we fucked each other hard and long, she was just so wet and it felt so good that I came hard in her pussy, she said she climaxed over and over, my twin sister’s pussy felt so good. We slept together that night and fucked two more times and once in the morning.

My twin sister and I did things to each other that only her and I are going to know about. It was a wonderful night of sex and incest. We put the movies back the way they were and everything back in order so our parents would never find out.

Watch for my next story called. ( Abby and my wife)

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That was a good movie you should do a part 2

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That was a good movie you should do a part 2

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Haha awesome story never heard one better but I love how you remember everything said that night

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You need to learn how to use There, They're, and Their......

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That Was A Good Story And I Hope Abby And My Wife Is To Be A Good Story!

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