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Dad Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Part 2

If you haven’t read Part I, you should in order to understand how the events in Part 2 happened. This is a true story. Names have been changed.


At the end of Part I, I said that I had decided on a master plan that would end in Ben finally fulfilling my lusty desires, but unfortunately, it had to be put off because I got the flu that the same weekend we went to the ball game. After I recovered, I tried to put the plan back in action but the person I had in mind to help me with it was on vacation and wouldn’t be back for a couple days.

During this time, I still watched Ben jack off to pictures of the blonde girl on cam but after asking me for my number the third time, he got frustrated and started ignoring my private messages. I was really disappointed that it was over and more than ever wanted to make what I had in mind happen.

When Ashley finally called me to come over, I was psyched. Ashley is my 16 year old cousin from New Jersey. Ben doesn’t know her because she is the daughter of my real dad’s deadbeat brother, Mike. Mike is an asshole, plain and simple. He’s a drunk, and only works when he needs money for booze, or just bothers my dad for cash when he can’t find one, which brings me back to Ashley. Since her dad doesn’t take care of her, she does what she can to make money, and that involves having sex with men, as long as they’re paying. I first found out when I caught her giving Thomas a blow job. I didn’t tell Tom that I saw them, but I told her about it and she admitted that it had been going on for a while. She didn’t own up to the fact that they had sex, but I had a feeling they did. She told me she had done it with other family members of ours for money but she actually liked the male attention. She asked me if I wanted a blow job for $10 but seeing as she had confided in me, I told her I was gay and since then we’ve been really close.

When I called her about my plan, she was really excited. I had $200 in it for her, but she was in from the time I mentioned Ben. His birthday was coming up and this would be the perfect time to spring my trap. I was going to get him the best birthday present a son could get his dad. A young, hot teen with a tight, dick-craving pussy. As long as everything went according to plan, getting him to fuck me would just be a few phases away. I worked out everything with her and I patiently counted down the days until that night.

When his birthday finally came around, we got dressed and went out to dinner. Ashley came along as a friend from New Jersey who was staying in New York, and Ben was happy for her to keep me company as many of his work colleagues joined us at dinner and he was afraid I would be bored. The night was surprisingly fun and made easier by the fact that his friends kept ordering bottles of wine. Ben isn’t much of a drinker so after two glasses he was a little buzzed but by the time we left the restaurant he seemed to sober up a bit. I told him Ashley’s parents would pick her up at our house later in the night after he kept insisting that he wanted to take her home himself. I needed everything to go perfectly from here on out.

When we got home, I sent Ashley upstairs while Ben headed straight for the den and switched on Sportscenter to see the highlights before bed. I helped him take off his shoes and I sat there watching the show with him, happy to buy Ashley some time. After it ended, he switched over the tv and kissed me on the forehead saying he was ready for bed but I stopped him. I told him I had a birthday present for him and went into the kitchen and brought out a gift box and a white plastic bag.

He opened the gift and was pretty pleased with what I had got him. A couple shirts, some ties and cufflinks, and a sharp pair of shoes he had said he liked in a magazine ad. When I saw he was getting ready to leave again, I pulled out what I had in the plastic bag. It was a six pack of beer I had Ashley buy before she came over that day. I didn’t know Ben would have been drinking tonight so it was a last ditch attempt to get him buzzed before the big surprise.

“Where’d you get that?”
“I asked a friend to buy it for me. Well, for you.”
“You bought your old man beer…haha”
“Haha yeah…want one?”
“Nah champ, I’m tired. I’m gonna head to bed”
“Actually, the truth is dad, I’ve been wanting to try it but I didn’t want to do it behind your back. I thought it would be better if we did it together. You know, like a father-son thing.”
“Hmm…let me see one.”

I handed him the beer and he opened one and tasted it. He handed the can to me and opened another for himself. He smiled and knocked his can with mine and took small gulps and let out a loud burp. The beer actually didn’t taste that bad, but I was hoping it would put his buzz over the edge.

“Alright champ, we good now?”
“Oh come on, at least finish it…”

He smiled and drank the rest in one sip. I opened another without asking and handed it to him but he refused. I told him I wanted to challenge him to a drink off to see who could down the entire beer first but he wasn’t budging. Needless to say, I can be very convincing and after a minute or two, we had our drink off which he won by a landslide. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his semi-swollen “beer gut” and tried to jiggle it but it wasn’t doing much. By the time I opened the third and set it down on the coffee table, he was standing up.

“You’re gonna drink me under the table boy. You want a challenge? Help me up these stairs.”

He laughed as I struggled to hold his strain as we walked up the stairs. He wasn’t drunk but he was significantly impaired by all the alcohol and I could feel the butterflies rising as we neared the upstairs corridor. When we got to his room, I opened the door slightly and we both stumbled in, me still balancing him and pushed it close behind me. When he looked up, he seemed a bit stunned into soberness by the sight of Ashley on his bed and to tell you the truth, I was too. Face down, ass up, legs spread apart, wearing the sexiest bra she owned and a short school girl skirt with no underwear, finger in pussy. She looked wet and ready.

“What the fuck”
“Happy birthday dad”
“Happy birthday. This is my gift to you.”
“Travis, what the fuck is this?”
“Come on dad, I know you like teen girls. She’s hot ain’t she? And she wants you”

He paused and said he needed to pee and took two steps towards the bathroom, pulling his semi-hard dick out of his zipper but he didn’t take his eyes off Ashley. And right then and there, he started peeing. Right in the middle of the bedroom, on the carpet. Not looking down, just holding his dick and watching Ashley on the bed. His stream of urine was strong and yellow and after he was done, he just stood there, still holding his semi-hard dick, still looking at Ashley playing with her pussy.

I was rock hard at all it. Seeing him in this situation, seeing his dick in real life, seeing him pee right in front of me, I was taking it all in. I needed to step in though and I slowly walked up behind him and undid the last two buttons on his shirt and pulled it off him. Ashley began moaning and calling his name, saying that she wanted him inside of her, and after he looked at me, I nodded and told him to go for it, that it was my present to him.

He walked over and rubbed his hand over her wet pussy and then over his dick and positioned himself and pushed into her. The first phase of my plan was finally happening. He was fucking someone in front of me. He started thrusting small but as she pushed back, he started ramming his dick into her. It was beautiful. He held onto her shoulders and pulled her back repeatedly on his thick cock, only sometimes stopping to wander to her small, perky tits to give them a rough grab and squeeze. I was jacking off so hard by now but trying to stay out of eyesight, hoping not to stir any guilt in him but I couldn’t help but want to see the whole vision. He pulled out and came violently, blowing his hot cum all over her ass and back pulling her hair as shot after shot of cum splattered her body. He unclicked her bra to remove it and flipped her over, sucking her breasts and biting her nipples. I moved up behind him, and as he held himself partly over her, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down and off. He didn’t stop to look at what I was doing and just raised his legs one at a time when it was needed. I tried pulling his boxers down next but it was more difficult because of his posture and the fact that his semi-hard cock was exposed through the front hole. After two failed attempts, he stood directly up, his hands now reaching down to her pussy and I easily removed his boxers and threw them in a corner. Here he was, my dad, my perfect guy, standing completely naked, with his cock dripping cum, sweaty, horny and ready to plow teenage pussy.

He turned around and smiled at me and asked me to go to his underwear drawer and grab a bottle of lube. I felt so weird with him looking at me with my dick in my hand but relieved that it was done and that things would be much hotter now. I got the lube and handed it over to him. He squeezed it onto his dick, making sure he was slippery and then took a little and rubbed in nicely onto Ashley’s pussy. He called me over and held the tip of my dick and squeezed lube up and down it, and gave it a one over rub. I’m surprised I didn’t bust then and there.

“Now that’ll make it feel much better. Come here. You want to fuck your friend?”
“Nah dad, she’s all yours. It’s your birthday. Get some.”

He smiled and turned back to Ashley who was rubbing her pussy. She seemed so horny and hot for dad, and I couldn’t blame her. He was a god. He spread her legs wide open and guided his thick cock into her gaping pussy. It seemed that he was now getting deeper than before with this new position and Ashley started screaming loudly from all the pleasure. By the time, he started thrusting all the inches into her pussy, she was going crazy and he let her feet go and lay directly on top of her, using one hand to muffle screams while using the other hand to squeeze and suck her tits while his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. His ass showed how much he was fucking, tightening and exhaling with ever pump. It was the most glorious image I had ever seen and to this day, after everything that has happened, I can still remember it as clear as day.

He kept diving into her harder and faster for about ten minutes until he pulled out and jumped over her, stroking his massive cock over her face. She pulled herself up and put it into her mouth sucking it hard and gagging a couple times before he drenched her throat with more steaming, hot cum. I could see the beads of sweat running down his back and he was breathing heavily and smiling down at her. She looked up at him, mouth open, showing that she had swallowed all of it and he seemed very happy to know he added some protein to her young diet. By this time, I had cum multiple times, all over my hands, chest and legs and was covered in dry, sticky cum spots.

It was about 2am at this time, and he said that was about all the fun he could have for the night because he had work in the morning and jumped off the bed and headed into his shower. I went over and lay down next to her, smelling him all over and making sure she was okay. She was more than okay though. She seemed to be in love, smiling, giggling, lusting for more. I was getting a little jealous but she did her part so I guess I could allow her to enjoy it too. Then, she got up and ran into his bathroom.

I could hear them talking and her giggling and then I began hearing water splashing. I walked to the door and peered in and there he was, inches deep in her pussy once more. She was sucking his fingers while he was leaning against the wall, her pussy riding back on him, hungry and starving. He turned her around and picked her up and bounced her pussy on his dick as she wrapped her legs around his waist. When his toes started to curl, he shouted he was close to cumming but she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist and whispered in his ear, continuing to take his thick shaft up her body. After a couple minutes, he let out a loud groan and shot his third cum deep in her pussy as she kissed him. They stood there in the shower, kissing for a while before we all finished showering and got ready for bed.

When she went to the guest room to get her clothes, I confronted her about letting him cum inside of her but she brushed it off saying that she was on the pill. I was furious that my plan seemed to be bringing her more pleasure than myself and locked her out of his bedroom that night. As I crawled into his bed, he was drowsy and naturally tired, but still somewhat awake and lay there in his boxers under the covers, with his arms behind his head looking up.

“Damn fun night champ.”
“Yeah, it sure was. Really happy you liked it.”
“Liked it? I loved it! Your friend okay though right?”
“Yeah, don’t worry, she’s on the pill.”
“Not what I meant but good to know. We got wild eh. How old is she?”
“16! Fuck! Really?”
“Yeah. She’s 16.”
“SHIT! Nice. Well, we better make sure she won’t tell nobody.”
“No worries dad. She’s all paid for.”
“Fuck. Son where’d you get her? You fuck her before?”
“I know her from by Snr. She fucks for money. We fucked before.” (I was obviously lying to prolong the conversation.
“Damn, my son turning into a big man. How come you didn’t tell me?”
“Haha, I don’t know.”
“Well from now on, no more secrets.”
“Yeah, no more secrets.”
“God. I don’t know. I still think that you’re 6 sometimes. But you’re definitely not 6 anymore. You gonna make those bitches scream.”
“Not like you dad. Your dick is HUGE”
“Haha, it’s alright. You have to know how to use it. How to make a woman feel good. You’ll get there son.”
“How big is it?”
“My dick? Hell, I haven’t measured it in ages. Your mom used to measure it. She said it was 8.5 inches sometimes. Sometimes 9 inches.”
“Wow. I’m only 5 inches.”
“That’s big for a man your age son. Just keep jerking and fucking that pussy and you’ll be big like your old man.”
“Well, you gotta teach me.”
“Don’t worry champ, after tonight, I owe you big time. Good night.”
“Good night dad.”

I think I fell straight asleep that night snuggled close to dad. It had been such an amazing experience that I didn’t want it to end, but I knew I would have to move on in order to get to the ultimate goal. The game had just begun and I was going to get my way, no matter what I had to do.



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CHAPTERS 6, 7, 8, 9, and the last chapter 10 uploaded. Have a read! I finally got a chance to upload them. I know its been a year and more sorry!


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Part 5 of the series was just posted! Check it out.

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oh this makes me really horny. i love your story. keep it up


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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. Please read Part 1, and Parts 3 and 4 are awaiting validation! Look out for them :)

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