iIf you have the time and want to read the whole story 17000 words to this one.
This true story involves a girl of 11 years and her uncle of 21 years.

Let me start by telling saying that, my brother and his wife have 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys.
The story I’m about to tell happened 20 yrs ago when I was 21, the second youngest girl was 11 at the time.
The whole family had been down with us for a summer break by the sea, they lived 300 miles from us.
At the end of the summer break they were all due to go home, but Daryl aged 13, and Sharon aged 11 wanted to stay with us for another month.
My mother agreed as did my brother as long as I would to take them back home.

This was agreed I would take them both back and stay with them for a few days before returning home.

This is the story.

Sharon was a petite blonde and quite slim, I had always got on with her better then the others, she always seemed to be by my side whatever I was doing. During the day I had to work so my mother took them out for outing although most of the time it was to the beach and as we had a hot sunny summer that year both of them got a lovely sun tan.
After a few days I was up in my bedroom after showering, stood in my under pants when Sharon appeared at the door. I asked had she had a nice day, and she nodded and said she had been swimming all day with Nan. I told her she was getting a nice tan and to make sure not to burn, with that she lifted her little skirt to show me her tanned legs, as I stood there looking at he legs my eyes were draw to her panties, which came as a surprise to me as I’ve often seen her in her panties and even naked, but this time I felt a stirring in groin which hadn’t happened before, and I had to look down, and yes I was semi hard, I turned away quickly in case she noticed and put my shorts on hiding my semi erection.

She then left to go for a bath. Nothing more happened that day but when ever I thought of her standing there showing me her tan I became erect.
The weekend had arrived and I was able to go with them to the beach, as I was an adult, my mother decided I could go with them while she did some much needed house work. So off to the beach the three of us went, we had been on the beach for an hour, and Daryl was in the water, being a very good swimmer I had no worries about him getting into trouble. I couldn’t help remember Sharon standing in front of me the few nights before, and I felt an uncontrollable urge to touch her skin. My chance came when she returned to me, and I was able to use the towel to get her dry, my hands touched her skin, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more, but was afraid she may object and maybe tell her brother or my mother.

She was now laying on her towel, Daryl playing in the water with new friends, when I told her I thought she ought to have some sun tan lotion on her to stop her burning, as blonde’s burn faster then brunettes. So I got the lotion, and as she was lying on her front began to massage the oil into her back, I did her legs and looked at my hands as I rubbed the small tight cheeks of her bum. The back done I asked if she wanted her front done, she said it was ok, so she turned over.
Once again I began rubbing the oil in over her belly and down her legs, the feeling was sensational and I was enjoying every moment, then I came to the “V” between her legs, and wondered if I should continue, after all she was eleven and she may have some sexual knowledge and know that I shouldn’t be doing it. So slowly I moved my hands closer to that spot, she may no movement to stop me, and soon I was gently rubbing the skin just inches for her pussy. It was then I noticed Daryl on his way back, and him being two years older would know for sure that I shouldn’t be doing it, so I stopped.
Nothing more happened that day, and Sharon seemed quite happy with my oiling of her and she didn’t mention it to any one, much to my relief. But that night I couldn’t help think about it, and again got hard, but this time I wanked myself thinking of her being naked and me oiling her again, but this time without restrictions.

Another week passed and nothing happened and I was ready to put my thoughts behind me, I realised I had done wrong, but I still knew I had enjoyed doing it. The both of them went to bed early the next Saturday night as both were tired from another visit to the beach. I went up to bed at 11pm, and was just dozing off when I had a feeling I was being watched so I looked up to see Sharon stood the in her nightie.
“I couldn’t sleep” she explained, “can I get in with you,” I nodded that it was ok.
I told her “ I told she would have to be gone by the morning, as her Nan wouldn’t like us being in the same bed together”.
She climbed in beside me, and we both drifted of to sleep. I awoke again a while later, and could hear her breathing beside me, and the thoughts of the beach came back to me. I moved my hand to her waist slowly so not to wake her. Then a bit lower, I could feel her bum, her nightie had ridden up in the bed, meaning she was naked from the waist down. My mind was in turmoil, I so wanted to touch her pussy but dare I risk it?

I could feel her soft skin on my hand and the curve of her bum cheeks, I rest my hand there for a while, and I had no intention of sleeping now, but hoped that she would remain asleep.
I moved my hand up and down her slim legs, and over her bum even touched her bum hole gently, and I was as hard as rock. Then she moved. Had I awoken her with my careless fumbling?
She was now lying on her back, I lay still not daring to move my hand which was still resting on her belly, it seemed like ages, and all I could hear was her gentle breathing. Was she asleep? or not I couldn’t make my mind up, so I decide to move my hand nearer her pussy, and stop if she said anything and pretend to be asleep, but she didn’t move or say anything, now my fingers were able to touch her young slit, at first I used one finger, no movement from her, so I used two, slowly rubbing both my fingers up and down her slit, even penetrating her pussy lips to the beginning of her hole.
I was now dribbling precum, so I had the idea to soak my fingers in precum and use that as lubricant, which I did and was able to penetrate her further, I couldn’t stand anymore, and took my hard cock in my right hand, and has my left hand caressed her pussy lips I wanked till I cum, soaking the bed. I then throw caution to the wind, and scooped some of it up on my fingers and rubbed it into her pussy lips, making sure to get some in as far as I could without waking her.
I then fell asleep knowing that my cum was now part way into her pussy,
In the morning I awoke she was gone, and when I thought back I felt ashamed of the things I had done to my young niece, but at the same time knew I would have to do it again soon.


Monday morning came again, but all I could think about was the night in bed with Sharon. It was getting close to taking them both home, but I so wanted to touch her again, but knew I couldn’t suggest it as she may wonder why I asked for her to sleep in my bed again, and even tell her brother or her Nan which I couldn’t risk.

When I got home from work the two of them would be playing on the grass and I sat and watched as they played, I even caught the odd glimpse of Sharon’s panties as they played, which only made me want to touch her again as I did those few nights before. But I couldn’t figure out how. Wednesday after work when I got home mum and Daryl had gone round a neighbour’s house to see her new puppy. Sharon had been that morning and was lying on the grass when I arrived home from work I got myself a cold drink and watched her from the kitchen window as she lay there. Her small dress had ridden up and I was able to see her panties again, which I become to look forward to seeing.

I got my drink and walked into the garden, I sat at her feet, and just stared at the “V” in her panties when her legs joined and her pussy was just below the surface waiting for my tender finger to touch. She didn’t move so I assumed that she was probably asleep, so I kept moving for a better look, wishing that her legs would open more, or better that she hadn’t got any panties on. But there they were and I wasn’t able to see anything more then her white panties.
I lay on my front watching her, she must have sensed it as I saw her eyes open, and look down at me,” Hello Uncle Chris” she said as she sat up, pulling her legs towards her chin, I could now see the thin material just covering her pussy lips and make out the slit in the material which showed me exactly where her young pussy was, I couldn’t help but stare.
We didn’t speak for a few moments, and when I did finally looked up at her face she was watching me, she must have known I was looking at her panties, and there was no mistaking it.

I offered her a sip of my drink feeling totally embarrassed, “They are new,
Nanny bought them for me today, did you know we are going home Saturday?”
My heart sunk I didn’t realise they would go this weekend and I was hoping she may have come to my bedroom again, but Sharon told me Nanny had phoned Alan and arranged for us to go up either Friday or Saturday.
“Nanny bought me six pairs” she said “do you want to see them” I nodded, and she gave me the drink back and run into the house. She returned with the other pairs and laid them out on the grass, pink, blue, red, black, pale yellow and another white pair.
“Which do you like best?”

I picked up the red pair and said “these are very sexy”, which I thought after was probably a mistake. “Would you like to see them on” I nodded. Instead of going indoors. She sat in front of me and removed the white pair and began to put the red pair on, opening her legs as she did so. There in front of me at last was that young smooth pussy, opening up for me to see. She pulled them on and stood up again, from where I was I had a perfect view, “yes I said red is the nicest”.
She sat back down and to my surprise said to me “then if you want Uncle Chris Ill wear them for you in your bed tonight” I was taken back, and she must have noticed my surprise as she added “that’s if you want me too” I was hoping I wasn’t acting to eager when I answered yes to her, but in fact I couldn’t wait. I told her not to tell her Nan as she wouldn’t approve.

A few moments later Daryl and Mum returned and nothing more was said.

We had dinner and Sharon and Daryl bathed, then it was my turn, and we sat watching TV for a while before Mum told them it was there bed time. They both said good night and off they went. I sat there for what seemed like ages not really watching the TV, just waiting for bedtime. I hoped Sharon wouldn’t fall asleep and not come, also I hoped that Daryl wouldn’t come too, and that he would be asleep if and when she did come to me
I went up to bed at almost 11pm and crept pass their room, stopping for a second to listen, but I heard nothing and assumed that they were both sleeping. I undressed and climbed into bed wearing only a t-shirt, as I lay there in the bed I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been and I began playing with my hard cock. I was almost on the verge of cumming, when there was a tap on my back, I turned in surprise to see Sharon standing there smiling, I looked down at her and she had her red panties on as she had promised.

I moved over and with out a word she got in, and we just lay there looking at each other. I had the urge to kiss her lovely face and threw caution to the wind, and kissed her soft lips; she didn’t shy away but seemed to me returned the kiss, although at her age I wondered if she knew how.
She then took me by surprise when she asked “will you touch me like you did the other night” I didn’t know what to say whether to try and make out it was an accident or just say yes to her, but with the week end fast approaching and she would be going home and I wouldn’t see her for at least a year I threw caution to the wind, and replied “if you want me too”. She nodded.

I kissed her again and my hand slipped inside the waist band of her panties till I could feel the soft hairless pussy that I had grown to love some much. I rubbed up and down her slit as she lay there. I then pulled the covers off us and looked down at her, with out a word I slid down the bed and gently opened her legs wide, and my fingers moved her panties so I could see it once more. Then with out a sound I moved my head between her legs and began gently licking her slit. I could taste the pee on her pussy that she must have earlier, but I didn’t care it just added to the taste of her.

She seemed to enjoy this as she opened even wider for me and I was able to open those lips wider with my fingers then I had hoped for, as my tongue darted inside as far as it would reach.
I was in heaven at last, although I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care she loved it so did I, as I was tonguing her I was also pumping my hard cock, which didn’t go unnoticed and she looked to see what I was doing. I saw her look and I moved without a word into the 69 position, I carried on tonguing her and hoped she would suck me, but after a tiny lick from her on my erection she stopped, but was gently wanking me, following the movements I had made.
With in seconds I was cumming, and when I did it was all over her hands and chin. I stopped and kissed her forehead, and thanked her.
“I didn’t like the taste “she told me.
I noticed some of my cum on her chin and I went down and kissed her where it lay, getting it on my tongue I was able to push it into her mouth, which she didn’t seem to mind, so I got some on my finger and put it onto her lips which she sucked into her mouth. “Did you like that?” I asked her, she nodded, “and me licking you?”
“I liked that bit the best” she said.
We lay there talking for a while like she was an adult, she told me she didn’t want to go home, and would Nanny let her come down next year. I told her she would have to wait till next summer as she may change her mind and not want to come.
Before she went back to her bed she wanked me off once more and tasted even more then she did before, and I licked her for what seemed like an age.
We kissed and she went back to her bed. I knew then that given the chance next year I would have intercourse with her should she come down, and I knew that my Sharon had come of age.

That weekend I drove them all home, but when I kissed Sharon goodbye before leaving I knew we much more the uncle and niece.

All I needed to do was to wait till next year, GOD what a long time to wait.
Oh I didn’t tell you she left me the red panties.


Well at last the year has passed, the last 2 months were never ending, but like all things time passes, it seems slow at the time but it still has 24 hours to the day and not 36 like it sometimes feels.
I wasn’t even sure that Sharon would be allowed to come down, if indeed she still wanted too. A year in a young girl’s life takes so many twists and turns, but I hoped she hadn’t changed her mind.

I phoned my brother to ask if Sharon and Daryl were still coming down for the summer, he told me he hadn’t discussed it with them but he knew Daryl wouldn’t be down, has he had made other arrangements for the summer holidays.
My heart sunk, all this time and she wasn’t coming. “Do you want to talk to Sharon and ask her, its ok by me but you will have to come up and pick her up, I don’t have the time?”
“Ok, put her on” the phone when dead for a while as I waited, I knew the answer would be no, but I still hoped.
“Hello Uncle Chris”
“I just wanted to know if you two were coming down for summer holidays. Alan has told me Daryl won’t be down, are you coming down?”
“I would like to if you don’t mind, but how will I get there”
My heart missed a beat I’m sure, I honestly thought she wouldn’t be coming, and after a year of waiting the disappointment would be too much to bear.
“Ill come up and get you and take you back home at the end of your stay, how long would you like to stay? And when are your school holidays?”
“Id like to stay a month again if it’s ok with you and Nan, the holidays start in 3 weeks”

“Ill check with your Nan and make sure, Ill speak to you again tomorrow then ok?”
“Ok Uncle Chris, Ill look forward to speaking tomorrow”

I told my mum that I had phoned Alan, and he had told me that Sharon wanted to come down during her holidays again like last year. I didn’t mention I had asked Alan if she could come down, but made out it was his idea, to avoid suspicions as to why I wanted her down here.
“When will she be down then?”
“Her holidays start in a 3 weeks so it will be about a month”
“So she will be down during August, you know I’m going with your Aunt Joan to Dorset for a week in August don’t you?”
“Oh shit” I thought “so she can’t come then?
“I don’t mind her coming but she will have to amuse her during the day, and you will have to cook for her when you get home, and I want the house tidy when I return”

The following day I rung Alan “Mum says it’s ok for Sharon to come down for a month if she wants to”.
“Speak to her Chris”
“Hello can I come down”
“Yes Nan says it ok”
“Great, Ill put some clothes in a case and Ill be ready when its time, I’m really looking forward to it and month by the sea.”
“Ill phone nearer the time then and arrange to pick you up”

I thought it best not to tell either of them that Mum would be in Dorset for a week. The following day I learned the day that Mum would be away, and booked a week off my work to coincide with her holiday, so we had the house to ourselves all day for a week. I only hoped that we could continue where we had left off. I wondered how much she would have changed in a year, now that she was 12.

The time had arrived and here I was on my way to get Sharon at last. It was to take me 3-4 hours but all I could think about was how she may have changed, not only in appearance but maybe she didn’t think the same about me, and maybe we couldn’t continue like we had last year.
I was driving alone, I had asked mum if she wanted to come, but she told me she would see Alan and the kids when I took Sharon back after her months stay. I arrived at my brother’s house about midday, and being hot they were all in the garden. I went through, and there was Sharon, wearing a tiny bikini, her hair was the same length, just resting on her shoulders. Her breasts had grown a little and it was quite easy to see the swelling of them under her bikini top. Her mum was small, and Sharon was going to take on her appearance by the look of it. I was greeted by them all, but they were busy in the small inflatable pool they had, but Sharon came over and gave a me small kiss on the cheek, and sat down in front of me.

“How are you?” I asked
“I’m fine, looking forward to getting in the sea, and away from my brothers and sisters for a while; they drive me mad some times”
I looked down at her sitting there. Her slightly tanned legs had filled out nicely too, and were taking on a shape of a young woman, I noticed her flat belly, not an ounce of fat anywhere. “You are looking very nice, grown since last year”
He blue eyes sparkled in the sun “thank you” she replied “I’m in the net ball team and do gymnastics as well, keeps me fit”
“Sharon, get Chris another drink, he’s driven a long way to take you on your holiday”
With that she got up, and walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t help notice her tight little bum, and the cheeks struggling to release them selves from her bikini bottom.
“Ill help you get all the drinks” and rose to follow her.

Sharon was already pouring a drink when I got into the kitchen, she saw me and stopped, pushing me away from the window, and out of view, she put her arms around my neck. Planting a large wet kiss on my lips, I put my arms around her, things between us hadn’t changed I thought, and returned her kiss. My hands slipping down to her bikini bottom, hand moving inside the waist band, and feeling that wonderful ass.
She pulled my hand out, “plenty of time for that we got a month together”
Reluctantly I removed my hand and helped pour the drinks.
We sat outside once again, and every time I looked at Sharon, she was looking at me, and every time I thought of that blue eyed beauty, and saw her swelling tits she got me hard. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a towel on my lap to conceal my hardness.

“Are you staying the weekend?” her mum asked
“No just over night I want to get back in case the traffic gets to bad. Her Nan’s looking forward to seeing her as well.”
We had a barbeque that evening when Alan had arrived home. The following morning having showered, I found Sharon’s case and loaded it into the car.
Sharon appeared, dressed in a reasonably short summer skirt and t-shirt, and once again my eyes were drawn to the swelling under her t-shirt. God I wanted to get my hands on them. We kissed the family goodbye, her mum told her to be good and phone regularly “Ill be very good mum, Uncle Chris wont have any bother with me, Ill do just as he tells me”
“Well mind you do, I don’t want reports that you have misbehaved, I know what you can be like, all angel one minute and a devil the next”
Thinking to my self, yes she looks like an angel but Id prefer to see the devil in her.
We waved as we drove away, again it was hot, and I wore my shorts. Settling back for the 4 hour drive home.
As I drove I couldn’t help but glance over at those lovely legs, her skirt and ridden up and there was a generous amount of thigh on show. I announced after a couple of hours we would stop at the next services so I could have a rest and a drink, she thought it a good idea.

When we parked the car she asked “is there somewhere I could wash I feel all sweaty?”
“I don’t know I expect they have wash basins though, probably not a shower”
“Can I get my wash bag out the boot then?”
I throw her the keys and told her I would order the drinks.
A few minutes later she entered, and sat beside me, “I’ve got you a coke that ok?”
“Yeah fine, Ill go and see if there’s somewhere to wash”
She got up and walked towards the toilets.

A few minutes later she emerged, and what a sight to behold, she had changed her skirt for one much shorter, it barely covered her bum, and her bra had also gone. Her pert young nipples plainly in view pushing hard against her t-shirt, she now wore a white one, which made her nipples even more plainly visible. As she walked back to me I couldn’t help notice people, men in particular watching as she walked by.
“I had a wash and changed I was to hot in those clothes”
“Well you certainly caused a stir with that skirt; don’t you think it’s too short?”
“No, do you?”
“Well I suppose not it is hot and we have a long way to go, don’t what you getting too hot”
“Oh? I thought you wanted me HOT” she emphasized.
A bit taken back, I didn’t reply.
I told her I was going to the toilet, and then we move on again, still 2 hours to go yet.

When I got into the toilet, a truck driver followed me in; I had finished and was washing my hands.
“WHO is that girl your with? She’s gorgeous, best I’ve seen all day, and my mates agree with me”
“She’s my niece, she’s only 12”
“12 or not we would like her in our cabs for a couple of hours, fuck her bloody stupid, then send her on her way. Bet you fuck mate don’t you?”
“Well then you’re a fucking idiot she gagging for it, only have to look at the way she’s dressed. Don’t you want to fuck her?”
“I will be, for a month she’s coming down on holiday with me”
“You lucky bastard, Id love to have her for a night leave alone a month”
As I was about to open the door, he shouted after me “Give her one for me mate” and laughed.

“You took a time”
“I was talking to a truck driver, apparently him and his mates think you’re very sexy”
“Do they?” she replied looking around at the truckers and smiling, “I wonder what they have in mind for me” and laughed. With that we got up and left, but all eyes were on her, at the door she stopped, turned and lifted her skirt just above the waist and smiled at them.
Getting back in the car I asked “did you show them your panties as we were leaving?”
“No, why?”
“I saw you lift your skirt”
“They didn’t see my panties” she leaned back and raised one leg toward the door, and the other towards the gear lever. I looked down, and there in front of my eyes was a pussy, just a wisp of blonde hair but the lips were plainly on view. I gulped “my god Sharon”
“I was hot, and see. they didn’t see my panties at all I was telling the truth. I have to tell you that since last year, I have learned a lot of what men like, and what they like to see”
“So you have been with other men?”
“And boys, but the men have been your age and one older 40 something”
I must have looked a bit disappointed at hearing that, and I felt a twinge of jealousy. For some reason I thought she hadn’t been with other boys, and certainly not MEN.
“Don’t worry Uncle Chris, I’m still a virgin, I only let them touch it that’s all”. In some ways I was relieved to hear that, but still surprised and wondered what she had done to them.
“Why don’t you call me Chris, forget the Uncle bit?”
“Ok if that’s what you want, Id prefer it actually, now can we drive home, and keep you eyes on the road, think Id better cover up don’t you. We could have an accident, and then the month would be gone if we end up in hospital, and I couldn’t bear that after waiting a year”.

“Are we nearly there yet Chris?” she asked after a couple of hours.
“Almost about 20 miles, half an hour”
“Do you think you could stop some where quiet I need a pee”
I knew the area we were in and in about 10 minutes there was a secluded woodland where she could pee and told her so.
I drew into the area, there weren’t any cars around. She opened the door and squatted beside the car. I watched open mouthed as I saw the stream of pee coming from her pussy, and for the umpteen time that day she got me hard again. She stood up, not bothering to pull her skirt down, leaned in the door straight at the hard lump in my trousers.
“Did I cause that?”
“It seems every time I look at you this happens, every thing you do is sex related.”
“Well we can’t have you walking in and Nan seeing you with a hard on can we? And as I’ve caused it Id better remedy it”

Leaning forward further she took my zip and undone me, out sprung my hardness, free at last. “Umm, that’s a nice one, think I may get to enjoy this next month”
And immediately her mouth was wrapped around my cock sucking and licking the end.
Every now and then she would stop and look up at me, then back to the task. At 12 years old my Sharon was an expert, licking my precum and sucking me into her mouth. It was no good I couldn’t hold back any longer, although I wish I could have enjoyed this sensation longer, I couldn’t. “I’m cumming Sharon” thinking she would remove it, but she didn’t just took more into her mouth.
Spurt after spurt of my hot cum entered her mouth, as I squirmed in the seat, I was groaning with pleasure.
I felt my cock go limp and she looked up “that was nice, Ill do that again” cum dripping from her lips.
“My God where did you learn that?”
“I told you I had learnt a lot since last year”
“But I haven’t pleasured you”
“No need to worry, you have a month to pleasure me, AND YOU WILL!”

As I drove the rest of the way I looked at her sexy legs and tight t-shirt, “you should put your bra on Sharon; Nan will think it strange you not wearing one”. Now for the first time I saw her naked breasts, and they were wonderfully rounded, pert little dark nipples poking out “I’m going to suck those very soon”
“I hope you will, and suck more besides”
“There’s something I haven’t told you”
She looked puzzled “what’s that?”
Nanas away for a week in Dorset, and I’m booked off work for the same week, we will be alone for a whole 7 days”
A smile came across her face “better hope it rains that week”
“well be a shame to waste the sun while we are in bed, we wont be getting out of bed for that week only to eat then back to fucking, eat again then back to fucking, and I wont let you out of bed even to eat if you don’t make me cum”.
All this sex talk from her was once again getting me hard.
“Down boy”, she said “you had enough for one day I don’t want to spoil you”

We finally got home, and mum had cooked something for us both, Sharon sat chatting to her to bring her up to date with all the news.
Sharon then said she was tired after the journey, and would shower and go to bed. I gave her 30 minutes and then said I would go to bed as well.
I showered and pushed her door open slightly, not a movement from her, and by the light of the moon I could see she was a sleep. Poor darling must be tired, so a little disappointed I too went to sleep.

The following day was Sunday, I got up and went down stairs, all was quiet, but there was a note on the table. Mum had gone to the Sunday market with Joan and would eat out, and we had to find something our selves.
I made my self a cup of tea and also one for Sharon and took them up. I crept into the room, she was still asleep. Placing her tea on the small table I sat in the chair and stared at her sleeping.
Her hair was half covering her face, but she still looked beautiful. I sat quietly watching her for ages, and then her eyes flickered and opened. I knelt down beside her bed, her eyes fully open now, I gazed into them, it was like looking into a deep clear blue pool, I was mesmerised by them, they were so gorgeous, clearly the best eyes Id ever seen. “Morning sleepy I’ve made you a cup of tea. Nan’s out at the Sunday market, we have to cook our self’s dinner, and you’re just the person”
Still she laid there, hair half covering her face, “I can’t cook, and I have a job to boil and egg or make a sandwich”
“Well that’s it then, we can have a hard boiled egg sandwich”. And we both laughed.
Still laying there I slowly pulled the covers back, her t-shirt had rolled up in the night, and my eyes stared upon her pussy, instead of being smooth, there was now a small patch of blonde wispy hair. “Oh your getting hairy Sharon” and smiled
“Don’t you like it?”
“I preferred it smooth like last year, but I can get used to it” I bent down to kiss her pussy “wait” she said I need a pee first and a shower, make me all fresh, you wait here, only be a minute”
She climbed out of bed and disappeared into the bath room.

Ten minutes later she reappeared, hair damp and clinging to her face, but she still looked perfect to me. She sat on the edge of the bed, just a towel around her. I pushed her back and removed the towel. I now saw those young petite tits protruding from her chest, my hands caressed them, and my mouth was soon upon them sucking each nipple in turn. I could feel myself growing, and stood up to release my now stiff cock from my shorts. Looking down at her pussy, she was now smooth again. “Have you shaved it off?”
“Well I could tell you didn’t like it, so I borrowed your razor, I want it to be like last year”
I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips, and began sucking licking and chewing her lips. My fingers were gently pinching her nipples.
I could hear her moaning with delight as I gently rubbed her clitty “don’t stop” she told me. I had no intention of stopping. For several moments I continued, until she wriggled free. Pushing me back on the bed she climbed on top of me, and opened her pussy wide, then lowered it down over my mouth. I began sucking and nibbling again. She was soaking wet, I could feel it on my chin. But I loved her taste and wasn’t going to stop.
For ages I continued my attack on her young smooth pussy, until suddenly she screamed out loud, and I felt a gush of fluid fill my mouth “oh my god” she kept saying over and over again.
She lifted herself off me “that’s the first time I’ve cum like that, it was gorgeous”
“You filled my mouth with your love juice” I told her.
“No it tasted wonderful and I want more of that”.
Again I went down and licked her, hoping to taste her cum in my mouth again. But she stopped me.

“Put it in” she said.
“I cant, I don’t have a condom”
“never mind a condom I’m on the pill, have been for 6 months, I knew we would end up in bed together, so like a scout I came prepared” and smiled “now put it in”.
I still hesitated after all she was still a virgin and my niece.
So she said it again but with more aggression “put it in” still I was uncertain, it felt strange after licking her that I should now feel guilty.
“Will you put the FUCKING thing in me?”

I did as I was told and put the tip to her pussy lips, slowly I entered her. I was about half way in and I feel a slight resistance, but still pushed till the resistance was gone, she let out a small scream, but then lay back as I pumped my cock into her.
She was so tight I couldn’t last long, and only a few minutes later I cum inside her.
I thought to myself I hope the pill works, its too late now if it doesn’t.
I slowly pulled my limp cock from her. Looking down I saw my cum smeared over the shaft, mixed with a slight colour red. Sharon was no longer a virgin.
We lay in each others arms, and she told me she loved me, I told her I loved her also, and she would always be mine.
We spent the rest of the morning talking, kissing and touching each other.
Now at 2 pm we got up, and I did make her cook dinner.
A hard boiled egg and a sandwich.

We waved mum goodbye, she was off to Dorset. Watching the train pull out I grabbed Sharon’s arm and said “home” she knew what I meant and we ran back to the car. We spent the rest of the day laying in bed and love making. The whole week wasn’t like this, as she predicted, in the early morning we would lay together, chat or make love. Then we would go out to different places, and in the evening we would again make love. When I thought of paradise, this would be it, spending as much time with Sharon as I could.
It seemed different now, we were free to do as we wanted, not sneak around, or go out just to be together, but a week isn’t very long and we wanted to make the most of it.

On one occasion we drove 30 miles down the coast along the coast road. We saw a dirt track road, and it seemed to lead to the sea, about a mile down the bumpy track we stopped, got out and walked over a sand dune. In front of us was a small sandy beach, deserted but for one man fishing. “Fancy a couple of hours here love” I asked Sharon.
“Yes let’s get the blanket and drinks” together we walked down the beach, on passing the fisherman he nodded and I said “hello, caught any thing?”
“No very slow today” we continued a little further. We were now about 15 yards from the man when Sharon saw a hollow in the sand. “We can lay here” she said, and placed the blanket on the sand.
Before settling down she looked at the man “want to have a bit of fun?”
“How do you mean?”
“Just watch” she sat down beside me, and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Still puzzled I looked at her “give him a few minutes he will be along”

Within 10 minutes he was walking by and looked at us, and carried on walking. “He’ll be back in a moment” and then she lean forward and took off her top. I sat looking at those pert nipples, which seemed to be slightly erect.
He came passed again and looked over, taking longer to pass this time. When he was out of sight she smiled at me “told you, I know what men are like”
Next off came her skirt, and lifting her bum, she removed her panties, and lay back on the sand face up, legs slightly apart naked.
She was right again; he came back, and almost stopped to look. He was looking at her smooth pussy that was obvious “want me to stop” she asked.
But I was too intrigued and excited to want her to stop, so I shook my head.
She now open her legs further, raising her knees, she put her hand between her legs and was playing with her self. I couldn’t see the man and thought he had gone. And said “He’s gone”
“No he’s still there I can see his head above the dune, he’s watching me”, then she opened further and her other had went down to play.
Obviously now I was rock hard once again, and removed my shorts to free my penis.

“He’s moving nearer, promise you won’t let him too close or let him touch me”. I promised her I would stop him if he came too close. Now I could see him also, he was sitting watching her, she seemed to smile at him. And he moved nearer again. He was now about 15 feet away, I looked down at her, she said “he’s ok for now” and continued her play.
Still he moved nearer, now 8 feet away, she whispered “stop him there”
I shook my head at him, and he knew to stop, that was close enough. He must have had a perfect view of her 12 year old pussy devoid of hair.
She continued for a few moment then told me “fuck me, but make sure he can see” and lay on her side, one leg up.
I entered her she was flooding with juices, and I pumped her slowly. Looking at him, he was also playing with himself. He had taken it from his shorts and was openly wanking as I fucked Sharon. Once again she whispered “don’t cum in me”
I had a job to stop myself it was so erotic having a stranger watch us make love.

“I’m going to cum soon” she moved and it flopped out. Immediately she turned and had her mouth over my erect penis, moving slowly up and down, and watching what the stranger was doing. And it seemed me and the stranger was in perfect unison, for he began spurting his cum on the sand at the same time I filled Sharon’s mouth. She sat up and looked at the man, and his limp penis,” did you like that?”
“Best thing I’ve seen all year” he answered “how old are? You aren’t 16”
“I’m 12” she replied
“Well you sure know how to satisfy your boyfriend, my wife wouldn’t do that”
“Oh he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my uncle” and smiled. She looked down at me “time we were going home”
We both dressed and gathered our things, “will you be back tomorrow?” he enquired
“No we won’t be back tomorrow”
We both walked back to the car.
“Like that?” she asked
“It was amazing you’re so sexy”
“Told you we would have a bit of fun”
We drove back home.

By the end of the week we were both exhausted for the things we had done with each other, but still we couldn’t stop. We were in love and wanted to show each other.
By the end of the week, she had even learned to cook; she had progressed from a hard boiled egg sandwich to beans on toast, egg on toast, cheese on toast, and on one occasion bacon, egg, beans and yes toast.
Her toast was out of this world, but her bacon was too crisp, and when it was cut, bits would fly all over the table, which caused us to laugh out loud. After a week I was being to tire of toast, so on the last evening alone together I took her out for a proper meal.
The following day we were back at the station to pick mum and Joan up from their trip to Dorset.
We now had less then a week together, before she went home, and both of us were dreading the moment she would have to leave.
So we grabbed every opportunity we could to be together. On this occasion it was mums bingo night, I knew she would be gone for at least 3 hours.
As soon as she had gone, we watched her walk up the street we were upstairs in bed making love once more. We lay in each others arms, and both of us must a slept for a short while, for the next thing I heard was mum shouting “what the hell are you two doing?” we both awoke with a start and seeing her, tried to cover our naked bodies.
Your dads going to hear about this,” and stormed out of the room. I chucked my shorts on and followed her. By the time I got down stairs she was on the phone,” yes I told you they were in bed naked and he was fucking her”
I thought to myself she could have said making love as that’s what it was.
I was in a state of panic, Sharon stood beside me now crying.
She put the phone down, “he’s coming down tomorrow and your going home tomorrow” she said to Sharon, which made her cry even more. I didn’t like to see her crying, but I couldn’t console her. “And you should be ashamed of yourself she’s only 12 and your 22, she trusted you, as I did, but you took advantage of her. Sharon you will sleep in my room tonight, and in the morning pack your case.”
By midday Alan had arrived, neither of us slept that night. Mum opened the door, and he stormed in, saw me and straight away hit me square in the face. Him being 13 years old and much bigger in build I didn’t stand a chance. He turned to Sharon who was once again crying “you should be ashamed of your self my girl”

By now I was on my feet, and told him “it’s not her fault its mine, I persuaded her to do it”
“I bet you did, I bet you planned it all. You never mentioned mum would be in Dorset for week. You had it planned, you were going to FUCK YOUR NIECE right from the start” and with that he hit me again. Blood was streaming down my face and out of my mouth.
Sharon shouted “don’t hit him again it wasn’t his fault it was mine I planned it”
“Don’t tell me fucking lies your to young to know of such things.” And with that he slapped her around the face. “Get your things and get in the fucking car your going home NOW”
He then turned to me, lying on the floor. “I never want to see you again, and if you come with in a 100 miles of my family Ill fucking kill you”
He turned to mum, “sorry about all this, Ill take her back with me now” and in a few moments he was gone. I looked out the window, as they drove away. Sharon still crying, she looked over her shoulder, and then turned away again.
That was 18 years ago, and I haven’t seen her since that day.

My mother went by train to see Alan’s family, I wasn’t allowed to go. When she returned she would tell me about Alan his wife and the other kids but never said anything about Sharon. It was as though she never existed, never been born.
I desperately wanted to hear about her but I never heard from any of them until 7 years later. I was alone one evening when the phone rang, picking it up I heard “hello nuckie” it was Daryl’s pet name for me nuckie Chris he used to call me.” Remember me Daryl? It’s been a long time nuckie how are you?”
“I’m fine thanks and you?”
“Very well, did you know I got married?”
“No when”
“Three years ago I have a son now he nearly a year, I wanted you to come to the wedding but dad wouldn’t allow it. Said if you were coming he would stay away.”
“So I’ve not been forgiven then?”
“Never will mate you almost tore the family apart, I’m the only one, oh and Sharon who has a good word to say about you”

That name I hadn’t heard for so many years”, and how is Sharon?”
“She’s fine also, she met some tosser and he got her pregnant and then cleared off”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, she deserves better, where she living now?”
“They have a small flat about half a mile from dads; she pops in to see them daily with Lisa”
“That’s Sharon’s daughter’s name, Lisa. Spit and image of Sharon, except for the age difference of course you would thing they were sisters. She just like Sharon was at 9.”
“I’ve missed so much of your lives” I told him.
“Yes its unfortunate, but none as strange as families. Any way Ill have to go, I’m babysitting. Now I’ve been in contact with you, we will keep in touch, yes? No hard feelings between us is there?”
“Never has been Daryl, I just wanted to hear about you all but I was denied, I tried ringing several times over the years but when they heard it was me, they put the receiver down without a word.”
“Then Ill keep in touch with you, maybe you can come up and see us, we live in Wales now, so no need to let on you have been up”
“Id like that Daryl take care”
“Oh, Ill mention to Sharon that I’ve rung you if you like, maybe she will ring you. She’s told me she doesn’t know how things stand between you two”
“Yes tell her, and there’s no hard feelings between us at all, Id love to hear her voice again, goodbye”

Well that was almost 2 years ago, and I never received a call from Sharon. During which time mum had contracted cancer, and passed on, leaving me alone. She spent her last few days in a hospice, and I was constantly by her side.
One evening while I sat holding her hand she told me “you have been such a good son over the years to me, but there’s something I need to say before I leave you”
I looked down at her “what is the mum?”
“You know the day I caught you and Sharon in bed/”
“Well I was wrong in phoning Alan, I should have sat down and talked to you both. I thought it was young mans lust for his niece and I was disgusted and felt you had betrayed me. But over the years I have realised that it wasn’t lust it was love. I saw the way you acted when she left in such a hurry, and how you have been over the years. I heard you at night crying yourself to sleep, noticed you wouldn’t eat your meals. You have lost weight”

I told her that it was true we did love each other “I know son, I noticed how Sharon had changed too. On my visits up there she would ask about you but I just ignored her, and didn’t tell her anything, which I know upset her. She went from a bubbly young girl, to almost a recluse, she wouldn’t go out with her friends and spent a lot of time in her bedroom. Her schooling went from bad to worse. I tried to persuade Alan to let you come up with me and spend some time together, and become brothers again. But all he had in his mind was that you would try and persuade Sharon to run off with you.
I’m sorry for every thing that’s happened, and it was more my fault then either yours or Sharon’s, I now know you were in love, not as uncle and niece but as boyfriend and girlfriend, but you know you could never have married her, or had children”
“No mum” my eyes filling with tears, “but at least we would have been together, now I shall be alone, I don’t want another woman, I still love Sharon and always will till the day I die”.
“Yes I realise that now, I’ve ruined not only your life but also Sharon’s because of my stupidity, I had to tell you this, and you needed to know”
I kiss her fore head “I’m going to rest now son, please forgive me”
Once again I kissed her forehead “you thought you knew best mum, I’m so glad you told me this, I do love you and I forgive you, now rest”
I sat beside during the night, her eyes closed; she looked at peace with herself.
She died the following morning.

After the funeral, which Alan didn’t attend, I began to clear up her things. I found several old photos of all of us together in happy times. Some of the girls and boys when they were young.
And I stared for a long time at a photo of Sharon aged about 7.
Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing shorts playing on a swing.
I thought if only I hadn’t fallen asleep that night we would never have been caught. We could have stayed together.
I found another envelope and opened that. Inside was one photo. Mum and Sharon aged 12, taken on her last summer with us, on a day trip to Southend. I must have taken it but had forgotten about it.
The following day I took it to the photo shop, and asked if it could be enlarged. Despite the age of it, they did enlarge it, and it came out very good, I now have 2 copies, one in the lounge, and the other beside my bed.
A picture of the two people in my life I have loved the most.

Then last month, the phone rang. “Hello”
“Hello Chris, bet you don’t know who this is”
“I do its Sharon. Ill could never forget your voice.”
“You spoke to Daryl”
“God Sharon that was 2 years ago”
“I know, I wanted to ring, but I didn’t know how you felt about me, in spite of Daryl saying you were ok with me, and I didn’t want Nan to pick up the phone”
“I expect you know she died, I was expecting Alan to come to the funeral, not just send flowers.”
“I said that to him” she replied “but he couldn’t face you again”

“Any way why I’m ringing is” there was a short pause “you remember we used to come down for summer?”
“How could I ever forget?”
“Err, yes. I suppose so, I told Lisa how much fun we had swimming in the sea, and she wants to come and meet you”, there was short pause. “No, the truth is I want to see you again, can we visit for say a week if that’s ok? I told Daryl and he said you would like to see Lisa”
“Not only Lisa, I want to see you too, and yes any time you want to come down, feel free, I could come and get you if you want”
“Err, no best not come this way, I’ve got a car Ill drive down, I have a sat nav I won’t get lost. I asked Lisa would she like to go for a stay by the sea, and she’s all for it can’t wait. That’s really why I phoned, she’s driving me bonkers, keeps asking me if I have asked you. Almost every day she’s on at me”
“Well you tell Lisa its ok with me and I look forward to seeing her, how old is she?”
“She’s eleven, same age as when I came down the first time with Daryl, but she’s a grown up eleven, knows more about things then she should if you get my meaning”
“Think I do, but you knew more about things at 12 then I did at 22” and gave a short laugh.
“Yes, well” a pause “bet she will want to sleep in your bed too, as I did. She will find you as lovable and cuddly as I did.”
“Best not go there again Sharon”
“Why?” didn’t do me any harm, and better with someone who loves you then just any old person off the street. With someone who loves you its special, and I know you used to love me”
“Sharon, there’s no used to about it, I still love you, even though we haven’t seen each other for all these years you are always in my thoughts”
“Oh Chris that’s such a nice thing to say”
“And what will dad say about you coming?”
“I’ve already told him, and he’s not best pleased, especially as I said I was taking Lisa with me. In fact he called you a perv and pedo, but we both know that’s not true”
“You ring when you’re coming down and every thing will be ready, we can show Lisa the sights”
“That’s wonderful, Ill ring you regularly now I know we are ok together”
“Ok Sharon, I’m always here for you, you know that”
“Goodbye Chris, please don’t ever forget, I’ve always loved you, bye bye and kisses”

My heart was rejoicing my Sharon wanted to bring her little one down to see me. So now I wait anxiously for her to come down. What will happen I don’t know? Just to see her, to hear her voice, to touch her, just to be with her in the same room is something I thought would ever happen again.
Come on summer, she wont stay a week, Ill persuade her to stay the whole of the summer break.
Sharon, Lisa and I will have so much fun, we will never forget it.


Since the phone call from Sharon all those months ago, I get a call at least 3 times a week now.
We have exchanged mobile numbers and I get a text every day, makes me so happy we at last in contact again, it must be costing her a fortune in texts.
I’ve even had a few long letters and photos of Lisa; she is indeed the spitting image of Sharon at that age. detailing where we are to take Lisa, but the amount of places she has listed would be impossible to see in a week, so I cant help think she has it in her mind to stay longer, which I don’t mind one bit.
As far as I’m concerned they can stay all summer.

A month ago, I received a call from Daryl “Hello nukie, I don’t have long I’m late for work but I had to phone.”
“Hello Daryl”
“You have been in touch with Sharon then?
“Yes she rung me some months ago”
“We had her and Lisa up for half term break, I don’t know what’s been going on between you but I hadn’t seen her for almost 9 months, only spoke to her.
But what a changed person she is. She’s done her hair, she was looking a bit raggy, but its styled now, she’s back to wearing make up, even bought new clothes. She’s gone back to the gym and wants to get her flab down and fit again. And she never stops joking about. I haven’t seen her like this since I don’t know when. But whatever you have said or done has changed her 1000%. She’s coming down to you in the summer then?
“Yes, not finally planned but she wants too”
“Yes she has told me all about it, Alan’s doing his nut up here, says if she goes to you she needn’t bother coming home again”
“Is she not coming then?
“Yes she’s coming made her even more determined, she told me she’s fed up with him ruling her life, and its time she stood up for her self.

“Oh my God I’m still causing bother after all this time”
“Wait, you haven’t heard the best of it, and I’m not supposed to mention it to any one. But you know what I’m like for keeping secrets”

“Come on then what’s the secret”
“Promise you won’t say a word, and if she mentions it act surprised”
“Yes, I promise” I was intrigued to know the secret that only he and Sharon shared, “now tell me”
“Well she told me on her last visit, having just had another row with dad, she said for 2 pins she would move in with you, and fuck her parents”

I was both surprised, and feeling very happy, thinking that Alan has at last gone and shot himself in the foot.
And the thing he had been trying to avoid, her running off with me, could well happen, just because of his hatred for me, and his over bearing manner towards her.
“So the worm as turned then?
When I asked her the following day when she had calmed down if she meant it, she just said “fucking right I mean it, I don’t want to be with them any more.”
I told her “mum wont let you take her grand child away, she just said she has 8 others, she wont miss Lisa, and any way she’s never liked the idea I was unmarried”

“So nukie it’s a surprise if she says any thing, ok, she may not, but if she does and you agree, you have me on your side, I told Sharon 10 years ago to go to you when she was at her lowest ebb, but she wouldn’t leave them with the baby just borne and all”

“Well I got to say Daryl I never expected this”
“ Nukie I know how you feel about her, and she’s told me how she feels about you, and I want to wish you both the best of luck, however it turns out. Just don’t forget I exist, I insist on seeing my nukie and sister, and niece on a regular basis, ok nukes?”
“You have my word Daryl she won’t lose contact with you”

I put the phone down; a bit worried about the upheaval I had caused, but at the same time elated that we may at last be reunited forever.

I had several texts and one phone call from her and Lisa as they travelled down to me.
The call came when she had stopped for a coffee at a service station “hello Chris, never guess where I am”
“No do tell”
“We are at the services we stopped at when you came to get me the last time, remember what happened?”

My thoughts went back to when we had stopped all those years ago, where she changed her clothes and got the comments from the truckers.
“I hope your not going to change your clothes there again”, I replied and laughed out loud.
“No, I’m wearing leggings this time, but Lisa has shorts on, and a few have looked at her. We are just stopping for a short while then be on our way to you.”
“I cant wait to see you both”.
I had one more text from Sharon, and several from Lisa giving me progress reports.

When I knew they weren’t far from home I showered and quickly tidied the place up. I couldn’t stop going to the window and look for them.
Those last few moments were never ending.
At last a car drew up outside, and I could see them both sitting talking. Then Sharon got out and walked to the door, I opened it, and immediately all the love and affection came back to me.
Before it seemed like I had dreamed it, but here she stood, the dream had become a reality. “Hello”. I said, holding out my arms, she came to me and I kissed her cheek. I wanted to hold her longer, but Lisa was stood beside us.

Daryl was right she looked exactly as Sharon did when she was 11. I looked down at her “and you’re Lisa?”
“Yes, hello Uncle Chris”
“Forget the uncle bit your mum has”
“Give Chris a kiss hello Lisa”
I bent down slightly and kissed her cheek.

I made them some dinner and we sat idly chatting. Lisa told me about her school and friends, and then left the table to go into the garden.
She hadn’t got a garden at home, and mine was quite large so she went exploring.
I stood at the sink washing up the dinner things. “Well?” Sharon said.
I looked around at her puzzled.
“Well?” she said it again.
“Well what?”

“I’ve come 300 miles, travelled 4 hours, and all I’ve had in fucking return was a dinner and a peck on the cheek.”

I moved away from the window so Lisa couldn’t see. Took her in my arms and we had the longest kiss possible.
It felt too good to be true, here I was almost 20 years later holding and kissing the girl I had lost.
“God this feels so good”, I told her. “I never thought this would ever happen”
“Nor did I, we have been apart too long we have a lot of catching up to do. I thought you blamed me for what had happened, and didn’t know how you felt about me. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hated me, separating you from you brother and kids. After all, in my mind I think I seduced you, not the other way round like every one thinks”

We just stood holding hands watching Lisa in the garden.
“What do you think of her?”
“She’s gorgeous, but so is her.”
“You wait till she knows you, may take a while, but when she knows you she will love you like I did”
“That may take a while though a week isn’t very long Sharon, its hard to get to know any one”
“A week? What you going to do, throw us out after a week”
“You told me you were only down for a week”
“Well I lied”.
She pushed away from me and went into the garden to find Lisa.

“Chris, I’m going to bath Lisa”
“Ok Ill take your cases up”
So she had planned on stopping longer, I was quietly overjoyed.
Lisa was bathed and in her nightie when I came down. “Shall I show your bedroom?” I asked Sharon she looked a bit sheepish at me. “Show Lisa hers I think you mean”
“But” I started.
“like I said Lisa knows more then she should, and she knows about the past between us, I told her on the way down, she knows we will sleep together, and she quite happy with it, trust me”

I didn’t expect any of this, I wasn’t complaining but to say it in front of Lisa I thought maybe was going too far, but the relationship between them seemed older younger sister rather then mum and daughter.
Looking down at her, she was smiling at me, she knew what was going to take place between Sharon and I and wasn’t the bit concerned.
We took Lisa to bed and I kissed her cheek again “Chris” she asked “can we go to the beach tomorrow if it’s a sunny day”
“Course we can angel, now sleep you have had a long day”
Her mum kissed her and we shut the door.

An hour later I went up to shower, when I returned to the bedroom to get dressed, Sharon was lying on my bed naked.
I looked down at her; she hadn’t changed at all, no flab or fat, just her same trim body as usual. I dropped the towel and climbed on the bed beside her.
For ages we just held each other close.
Then moving my hands down to her pussy, I remarked on how smooth it was, “I know you don’t like hair so I shaved it before I came, it looks just like Lisa’s now,” and laughed
“Looks like the one I used to know a long time ago”. And immediately went down to kiss it.
“This is going to be the best sex ever, and I want it last all night”
“I hope I don’t disappoint you” I told her
“I haven’t had sex since Lisa was born, and that was eleven years ago.

The whole night we did exactly as we did long ago, she even swallowed my cum. And I licked and sucked her for ages, making sure she also cum.

We lay together in each others arms, it still didn’t seem real to me, as we talked about the times we had together. She even remembered the old man on the sandy beach, where she allowed a stranger to watch as I fucked her.
Then admitted to him I was her uncle. All these memories, so many, so long ago, but we were together again now. It may only be for a short while but we wouldn’t waste a moment of it.
She wanted to go back to all the places she had been before to relive the memories.

In the morning the door opened, I hadn’t locked it; Sharon wanted it unlocked in case Lisa wanted her. Standing at the door smiling was yet another angel, Lisa.
“Morning honey, did you sleep well?” her mum asked.
“Yes thank you, did you?”
“Yes, like a log, but we spent a long time talking together about this and that”
She looked at us both with a knowing look “just talked?”
“Don’t be so cheeky you little bugger, make us both a cup of tea, we will shower have breakfast and take you to the beach”.
With that she smiled again and went down to make us the tea.

That day we spent down the beach, I took Lisa of to find some crabs which she wanted to eat but I told her they were too small, but we found some shrimps for her tea.
She asked what we had to do with them, “boil them,” I told her.
She went off the idea then and we put them back.
In the afternoon it was so hot we didn’t want to do anything, just lay under the parasol, and talked. Lisa must have been tired or bored for she fell asleep with her head on my lap. “Told you she would want to sleep with you, she’s warming to you already I knew she would”
I stroked Lisa’s hair,” she reminds me so much of you its uncanny just how similar you are”.
The following day we went to Southend, this was my idea.
I told Sharon I wanted to take another photo of her and Lisa in the same spot as the one in the lounge and bedroom at home.
She suggested getting a passer by to take a photo of all of us together, which some one did.
Lisa was playing on the roundabout waving each time she passed us; a woman beside me said to me “you have a lovely daughter there, just like her mum”
I just nodded it made me so proud of them both. If only Sharon was my wife and Lisa was my daughter, but as my mother told me years before, that could never happen, but just the same it would be the closest I would get to having a family.

Halfway through the week, Sharon suggested going back to that secluded beach where we made love in front of the stranger; she wanted to find the exact spot.
I told her that it would have changed so much over the years, we could never hope to find the exact spot.
But we went any way. It hadn’t changed that much, still secluded but this time it had been taken over by nudists.
We were surprised to see them, but years ago Sharon and I lay naked for that stranger
We weren’t sure whether to go on the sand, but Lisa shouted “look naked men, can we go and have a look”
So what could we say, we went down.
We settled in a spot we thought could have been near where we sat before, but to me it didn’t matter any way it was still the same beach, and the memories came flooding back.
The nudists were swimming and Lisa wanted to swim naked also, Sharon took off Lisas swimsuit and off she went.
Sharon then took off her clothes, when I looked at her she just said “come on people are looking at us because we have got clothes on”
So I stripped.

I was surprised how many men moved closer to Lisa. Obviously to get a better look, some even spoke to her as she lay in the water. It was easy to see what they were looking at, her young sweet smooth pussy and her tiny nipples just beginning to bud

When Lisa came back to us she stood in front of me naked for the first time.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was Sharon all over again. The smooth pussy, lips just protruding from her vagina, her little nipples just beginning to sprout.
She grabbed a bucket and ran back to the sea.
“Your having the same thoughts about her, as you did about me aren’t you? I can tell by the look in your eyes”
“I mustn’t have those thoughts Sharon its wrong”
“It wasn’t wrong 20 years ago, I was alone and it happened, if it happens now, she’s got her mum to help her cope with it. Tell me honestly you don’t want to touch her and Ill say no more about it”.

I had never lied to Sharon and she knew this, so I couldn’t lie to her now.
I looked into the sand, nothing to say, but she took this as yes, I did want to touch her.
“Then we will do it, I will be with her to help her”
“I’m not having intercourse with her though she’s too young”
“You didn’t with me when I was eleven, I wasn’t expecting you too, but to touch I think wouldn’t be difficult for her to cope with”
“Ok then, but she mustn’t be forced into it”
You didn’t force me but I still enjoyed it and wanted more”

That night back at home, Sharon bathed Lisa as usual, and remarked on how much she had burnt.
“Chris has some after sun, he can rub it on you, and work his magic, he used to rub it on me when I was your age. And I enjoyed it very much”

She dried Lisa off, and brought her to the lounge.
Laying a towel on the floor she turned to me and said “Chris work your magic she’s burning up”, and threw me the after sun.

Lisa lay down; I knelt beside her, and slowly removed the towel, exposing her naked body to my gaze. Already I could feel I was getting aroused just by looking at her.
She lay on her front as I began rubbing the lotion into her smooth skin; once again my hands were touching young skin. I looked up at Sharon, smiling as I touched Lisa, “I remember my first time you did that on the beach, even then it felt so lovely and erotic to be touched by you”

I was now at her bum cheeks, and I savoured the feel of them, massaging them slowly, “Does it feel nice Lisa?” asked her mum.
“It does, it feels cool on my body”
“Do you like what he’s doing?”
“Very much”
“You had better turn over now Lisa” she said.

She turned and I stared down at her once more, and began to massage the oil into her chest.
Lingering for a while on her budding nipples, pinching them gently and caressing them.
As I moved closer to her young pussy, Sharon asked Lisa “would you mind if he touched your pussy?”
“No” she replied to her mum “I want him to”

So I moved down and massaged her pubic area, and slowly her virgin lips.
I touched her slit and she didn’t move.
I pushed my fingers partly into her, and she didn’t move.
I was massaging deeper now, and she opened her legs wider for me, to enable my finger to go deeper.
I pushed my finger up to the knuckle and she winced a bit and let out a small cry, as I broke her hymen, she was no longer a virgin.

She had only had my finger up her but she hadn’t complained at all.
“Did you like that Lisa?” asked her mum once again.
“It hurt a little bit but its ok now, I do like it”
So I continued fingering her tight smooth 11 year old vagina, until Lisa told her mum it was getting sore.
So I stopped. She lay there naked to my gaze, I watched intently as her mum kissed her and told her “you have been a good girl, we both enjoyed what Chris did to you, would you like it again another night?”
“Yes I would but not while its sore”
“Then we won’t do it for a few days till you ask. Ok?”
She nodded, got to her feet and said she was going to bed now as she was tired.

I asked Sharon “did you notice the men looking at her on the beach; I bet they were thinking the same as the truckers when you changed your clothes at that service station.”
“Yes, I noticed, and I also noticed the way you looked at her and the large lump in your trousers while you massaged her. Now I think I need a massage, I feel I’ve caught to much sun too”
Sharon took her shorts off, and once again I was hard as I looked down at her body, this massage wouldn’t stop at a finger.

We spent the next two hours massaging each other to the sounds of a Craig David CD
And ended with a wonderful love making session.
Lying beside each other Sharon told me “Lisa may not want to wait till next year you know, I really think she loved what you did”.

The following day Lisa was a bit distant from me, and I have to say I was worried.
I didn’t want to upset the her feelings she had for me, and I defiantly didn’t want to hurt her, which I may have done, thinking back I could have been a bit brutal with her, but I hadn’t intended to.
I did get over excited at touching her flesh I have to admit.

In the evening when Sharon and I were alone, and Lisa was tucked up in her bed I asked Sharon “has Lisa said anything about me today?”
She replied “how do you mean?”
“She seemed a bit distant from me I wondered if I had hurt her or did I go too far with her?”
“I can ask her in the morning if you want”
“I would appreciate that, I would rather have her love and affection, that’s more important to me then turning her against me by touching her. She may know I was wrong in what I had done and resents me for it”.
“You are sweet but don’t worry I’ll ask her tomorrow when I take her breakfast”.

The following morning Sharon took her breakfast, and was up there for at least 30 minutes. When she returned I asked “well?”
“She fine and everything between you is fine, she told me she had been a bit sore yesterday, and what had happened gave her a lot to think about”.
“Think about?”
“Well she knows it was wrong, but at the same time she enjoyed it, so in essence she was feeling guilty too”.
“Then I won’t do it again, you tell her so”.
“I’ll tell her when I’m alone with her”
When she came Lisa came down, I gave her a little cuddle and told her I was sorry if I hurt her, and it won’t happen again.
She smiled at me,”I’m ok now I’m not sore anymore, I don’t want to get sun burnt, so perhaps you had better massage my skin again tonight, it felt better after you had put the after sun on”

We had breakfast, and still feeling guilty I asked Lisa “where do you want to go, to a theme park maybe go on some rides, any where you want I’m paying”
“Chris, can we go back to that beach where you don’t wear swimsuits?”
“Are you sure, I did say any where”
“I like that beach, I like swimming with out clothes”
“If that’s your wish, we will go there”

Two hours later we were on that beach, and Lisa was in the water naked once more. We lay watching her, and I commented to Sharon on how the men seem to follow her around watching her. “If you weren’t her Uncle, just a stranger then you would follow her around.”
I had to agree.
She had been in the water for a quite a while,she came back up the beach to us.
“That man asked if you was my dad, I told him you were my great Uncle”
“What else did he say?”
“He told me I had a nice body for a young girl that was all”
Sharon spoke “well if he asks you to go any where with him you say no and come straight back to us”
“I know that mummy, I won’t go with him, I don’t trust him.”
“Good girl” her mum said “why don’t you lie here for a while with us till he goes?”

He didn’t go though; he hung around looking at us, Lisa in particular.
“Shall I tell him to clear off?” I asked Sharon.
“No he’s ok harmless enough”
He then began to walk up the beach “hello, I’m Steve, lovely niece you have”. Looking at Sharon “and you must be mum”
“Yes I’m her mum”

He sat down and talked about this and that, and I have to admit I was getting annoyed with him, but didn’t say anything. I was waiting for Sharon to tell me to get rid of him, but she didn’t.
All the time he was talking, he was looking at Lisa, who was now naked lying on her back legs slightly open.
He had brought his towel with him, which was across his lap, and I was sure had he taken it off his lap we would see he had a hard on.

Lisa then leaned up and looked at me “do you think I’m burning Uncle Chris?”
A bit puzzled with the use of Uncle, I looked down at her and said “you seem ok, you have a tan now you shouldn’t burn”
“Well could you put some on in case”.


She got the bottle and she turned on her back, the man now looking at her bum. I poured a liberal amount on her back and slowly massaged it in, watching the man at the same time.
He was now gently rubbing his erection through his towel. Not sure whether we would mine him doing it openly.
Lisa was content with her back being oiled; she looked at me “now front please” and flipped over.

I began to do her front, her chest, then shoulders, then legs, but I stopped short of touching her vagina, I didn’t want a reoccurrence of the other night. “There you’re done” I told her.
“No I’m not, you missed a bit, and opened her legs wide, the man was now staring into her open pussy, and rubbing harder, not seeming to care if we noticed.

Lisa picked up the bottle took off the lid, grabbed my hand and poured some more into my palm.
I understood what she wanted, and massaged her pubic area, then over her smooth slit, and down the inside of her legs.
Sharon looked at the man “don’t you think you should show Lisa what you are doing under your towel?”
He looked embarrassed but looking around he removed the towel, just enough so we could see.
His hard dick was covered in his juices, Lisa was now on her elbows watching him as he masturbated, and I at the same time was fingering that 11 year old pussy once again.
I wasnt sure if it was the oil, but Lisa seemed to be wet down there.

It was all to much for him he cum his load over the sand quietly saying “my god that’s so gorgeous, wish I could touch that pussy”
“Well you can’t said Sharon, family only”
Lisa then got up “thank you Uncle Chris” and run back to the water.
The man had no reason to stay now, he said his goodbye and left.
Walking back to who I assumed was his wife.
“The saucy minx” Sharon whispered “she had planned that”
“Just like my 11 year old Sharon did a long time ago”. And smiled.
“Lisa didn’t go all the way though”
“Too many people about, and I doubt if you would have had your mum been watching”. I told her

When we were on our way back home in the car, Lisa leaned forward “Chris do all men get like that when they look at girls?”
“Pretty well all of them” I replied feeling a little awkward at her sudden question.
“Did you get like that the other night when you looked at me?”
No point in denying it “yes I did”
“Did your willy shoot out all that stuff?”
Sharon looked at me and smiled, she knew I was embarrassed by her questions.
“It would have done if I had carried on”
“Does the creamy stuff make babies when its in a woman?”
“Most of the time it does”. I looked across at Sharon who was now giggling quietly, “This should be your job, sex education” I said.
“No, you carry on your doing wonderfully well”
“Does your cock squirt very often” Lisa asked
“Only when I get excited”
“Do you get excited very often?”
“Only when I see lovely looking girls like your mum and you”
“You said you got excited the other night when you put after sun on me, but I didn’t see you squirt then.”
“I had my shorts on then”.
“Did you get excited when you did it in front of that man?”
“Yes, I did very much”
“I didn’t see you squirt your stuff then, and you were naked”
“I held back Lisa”
“That’s the first time Ive seen a man squirt, it goes a long way doesn’t it?”

A moments of silence,
“Does yours go a long way when you squirt?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never measured how far it goes”.
“Is your cock as big as that mans? his was very big”
Feeling slightly jealous of his I told her “no his was about average”
“So is yours average too?”
“Yes, I think so”, by now I was feeling very red in the face, and Sharon put her hand on my knee, “your doing very well”
“Ive never seen your cock Chris” Lisa stated.

Then she leaned back in the seat again.
She seemed to be thinking about some thing, I could see the look on her face in the mirror.
She leaned forward again, and blurted out.
“Can I see it squirt your stuff then?”
My mind was running wild, and trying to concentrate on driving which was becoming more difficult.
“One day perhaps, when you’re older”
“Why not now”
“Well I’m driving do you want me to have an accident?”
“When we get home then”
“If I were to rub it up and down like that man did would it squirt?”
“Yes, there’s a good chance it would”
“Id like to see that”

She leaned back in the seat. I glanced at Sharon who was silently laughing.
Looking back at me “Quick learner my Lisa”

When we got home we all showered and Sharon said she wanted a bbq as it was a sultry warm night. Lisa and I were outside making the salad bowl, pouring some salad cream into a bowl.
Lisa stated “This is just like that mans stuff”, she dipped her finger into it and tasted.
“Does it taste the same Chris?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never tasted it, but I doubt it”

Then Sharon appeared at the door, she was naked.
“I’m really getting into this naturist thing” the garden being well hidden from prying eyes, she walked out and sat down.
“Mum” asked Lisa “does mans cream taste like salad cream?”
“No Lisa not a bit like it”

Lisa then noticed her Mum naked and as quick as a flash removed her shorts and top, and she too was naked.
“Why not join us?” Sharon asked.
So I took off my shorts and sat drinking my beer.
Looking at Sharon and Lisa naked had me aroused in seconds “oh. Look at you” Sharon laughed.
“Well what do you expect two naked girls beside me”
Lisa jumped up, and walked over to me; looking down at me and with enquiring eyes asked “Can I make it squirt now?”

Sharon was laughing out loud, I sat embarrassed.
She didn’t wait for an answer.
She knelt in front of me and put her hands around my shaft and began to move them up and down gently.
The feeling was indescribable, I just relaxed and let it happen, she wanted to do it and I wasn’t about to argue.
I closed my eyes and for several moments and let her continue, until Sharon spoke.

“Lisa, there are other ways to make it squirt” with that she got up and moved Lisa to one side, she was now kneeling in front of me, and in one movement took my length into her mouth.
Again I relaxed, Lisa was watching intently as she watched her mum’s mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft.
I was nearly at breaking point.
“Now you try Lisa”. Lisa was now in front of me, and slowly she too took as much as she could in her mouth, and following her mum’s instruction moved slowly, and with each downward movement took more into her mouth. Until almost all of it was in her. That was it, watching this young girl giving me oral sent me over the top, and I exploded into her mouth.
She moved away quickly not expecting it, but still had some in her mouth, “swallow it” her mum told her, she did “ tastes quite nice doesn’t it”
“Yes, not like salad cream at all, much better”
Lisa was grinning, it was easy to see she was pleased that she made me cum.
Not only had she got her wish, to make me squirt, but also found out it didn’t taste like salad cream.

The bbq finished and things cleared away we sat talking, when Sharon asked Lisa had she enjoyed the day she said she had, but the best bit was making my cock squirt.

“There are other ways as well as those you have tried”. She told her.
Again this sexual talk coupled with the fact they were still both naked, displaying them selves to me had me hard again.
Sharon walked over to me, I was lying on the sun bed, and she took my hard dick in her hands, squatted over me, and slowly inserted my hard cock inside herself and began slow moments.
Lisa must have wondered what was going on; she couldn’t see my cock now, where had it gone?
She came over and looked as Sharon bobbed up and down on me. I could have cum in seconds but held back, wondering what could possibly happen next. “Would you like to try?” Lisa looked up at her.
“Do you think I could?”

Sharon got me to lie on a blanket, so Lisa would be in control “now if it hurts you stop” she told her
Lisa squatted over me as Sharon had.

Sharon grasped my shaft and lined it up with Lisa’s pussy opening, “go down slowly Lisa”
Lisa did as instructed till the tip of my penis was just inside Lisa.
“Now when your ready lower yourself on it”
“What about lubrication Sharon?”
“Your cock is wet from me, she will be ok”

Lisa very slowly lowered her body. I watched her face, Sometimes she would wince as if it were hurting, but she stayed where she was.
Little by little it went in.
“Does it hurt Lisa?” her mum enquired
“A little but I can bare it” I was now three quarters of the way in, and I honestly don’t know how she did it or how I held back, she was so tight.

It seemed like a very long time, and it probably was, but now Lisa was fully embedded on my hard cock, and I watched as I saw her young pussy move up and down slowly.
Several minutes later she was moving faster; she must be very wet now and was actually fucking me.
I looked into her eyes; she was enjoying the sensation as much as me.
She leaned forward and kissed me, not a family kiss but a long hard passionate kiss that lasted for some time.
That was all I needed I began to cum, filling her young body with my hot cum, she seemed to push down harder as I filled her. Then collapsed on my chest.

She lay there for a while till her mum spoke “you ok babe?”
“Yes, that was the best thing I have ever known, I want to do it again”
“You cant now, look at his dick”. She stood up, and looked down at my now limp dick. Then at her legs, and watched as my cum ran down the inside of her legs.
“I made Chris cum, like that man on the beach”
“Yes babe but he can’t put it back in now it’s not hard enough”
“Then can I do it again tomorrow?”
“If you want to honey, I’m sure Chris wont mind”
She looked at me with enquiring eyes, “did you like it Chris?”
“I was in heaven Lisa and when you want to do it again we will, any time”
Sharon interrupted me “hey, stallion save some for me”

We all went to bed that night very satisfied.

From that day Lisa was insatiable, she seemed to want to do it at every opportunity. She even wanted to go back to the nudey beach to tease some other man and watch him cum. I’m sure sometimes Sharon got jealous, she would make sarcastic comments, but Sharon got her fair share, I slept with Sharon, not with Lisa.

After several weeks of this I was exhausted but the happiest man on the planet.
In the mean time Sharon had taken Lisa to the birth control clinic and got her on the pill.
Sharon had taught her how to suck my dick as well, in fact with Sharon’s expertise little Lisa was becoming an expert in all things sexual.
She could now wank me till I cum, with her little hands around my shaft.
What I liked was the way she would look into my eyes while she did it, watching my expressions change.
She could suck me just as well as Sharon could, and swallow too; she seemed to love the taste.
She loved the taste so much; when we fucked she would finish me in her mouth.
And when we made love, she would almost scream the place down with her orgasms. She wasn’t as tight as she was the first time but still tighter then Sharon and I had a job to hold back.

I was being to feel down, they had stayed almost 6 weeks and I knew that they would both have to leave so Lisa to go back to school.
Sharon picked up on my minor depression “what’s wrong?”
“Soon be time for you both to go home, you know I’m going to miss you and Lisa”.
“We will both miss you, probably even more, I’ve loved these last few weeks together, and I know Lisa has, she learned so much and she loves you to death”

We went to bed that night and made love, making it last longer then normal; it may be the last time for a year.
I knew they would be back next summer, they both told me so.

Sharon said they would be leaving next week, that would give her 3 days to get Lisa her school clothes.
I was heartbroken, but I knew it would happen.

A couple of days before they were due to leave, Lisa was still in her room, she hadn’t come down for breakfast.
Sharon went up to see if she was ok, she wasn’t, she was crying.
Sharon stayed with her for a long time, and then came back to me.
She told me Lisa was crying and would I go to her.
I sat on her bed, and she put her arms around me, and we had a long kiss and cuddle. “Don’t cry babe”, I said “we will see each other next year”
“I don’t want to leave here I hate it in Liverpool, I want to stay here with you, you love me I know you do, and I know you want me to stay”.
It was true I did want them both to stay.

She looked up at her mum “I’m not going, I’m staying here”
“You have to go Lisa, what about your school?”
“Ill go to school here, I’m not going back there, Chris will look after me, you go and leave me here”.
“I can’t do that, you know I can’t”
“Well I’m not going Ill runaway and come back to Chris”
“Any way Lisa, Chris might not want us here”.
I thought that was a stupid thing to say she knew I wanted them to stay.
Lisa turned to me “don’t you want us to stay?” tears streaming down her face “don’t you love me?”
“I love you both but you have to go to school”
“Why can’t I go to school here?”
I didn’t have an answer for that, well not one that I thought Sharon would want to here.
She repeated the question again “why can’t I go to school here?”

I held her tight, my face covered in her tears, “perhaps you can”
She pulled away, a little smile on her face “can I?”
I looked up at Sharon, “well she could, and we have a school quite close”

Sharon looked at us both “and what about your friends Lisa?”
“Ill make new ones at my new school” she was clinging to me tightly now she knew I was on her side.
The tears had all but stopped now.
“You got a f. ing answer for everything Lisa, its not that simple, we have to see if there’s a place for you, tell your other school you are down here now”

“We could do that in the morning Sharon, only a phone call”. I butted in.
“God now you’re both against me, your no help at all are you”
“I’m bias, you know that, I love you both more than anything in the world, and you also know I don’t want you to go home”
“well Ill make a bargain with you both, we will contact both schools, first to try and place Lisa, and the second to see if we can change schools. If either says no, then Lisa comes home with me. We have school holidays, we could come back then, and we wont lose contact again if that’s what you afraid of”.
“No, I’m not afraid of that, but to go even a week with out seeing you both would break my heart, but what you say is right, and we will abide by those conditions”
I kissed Lisa “happier now?”
“I knew you loved me” she replied, I kissed her again.

That night in bed we discussed it some more, what she would tell her dad, although she said that wasn’t a big issue.
She was more frightened that we couldn’t arrange things as Lisa wanted, and she would be heart broken had she got to go home.

In the morning she made some calls and finally got through to the education board, and asked if it was possible to change schools for Lisa, as they had moved to Kent.
They couldn’t think of any reason not to, but had to be notified of her new school for their records.
She couldn’t get hold of our local school for 2 more days, the teachers still being away.
Finally she got in touch with the school and asked the head mistress, she said there were places, but would have to interview both Sharon and Lisa before they could say “yes”, but saw no reason if all went well that she shouldn’t join the school for the next term.

Well that was 2 weeks ago, Lisa got accepted and began her new school, she was nervous at first when Sharon took her, but that evening seemed happier, telling us both she had made new friends.

Alan was raving on the phone, calling me a pedo and pervert, saying he would get the police down and get me locked up.
Sharon told him “don’t be so fucking stupid, we will come back for visits, but if you call the police you will lose us both”
And put the phone down on him.

She has arranged to go and get her things next week.
Daryl has told her he will hire a van and drive it down, that way he will see me too.
She will be gone three days collecting her belongings, and has made me promise to look after Lisa, as she can’t be taken out of school so soon after starting.
I’m more then happy to have my little sex kitten (who is now 12) stay with me, two obvious reasons.

It will be the first time I’ve slept alone with Lisa, and the second, more important then the first, Sharon has to come back to her daughter, she would never leave her.

“Sharon told me as she left “you must be the happiest man alive, two women to make love to when ever you want, almost fighting for you, when one doesn’t feel like it the other one is available. Must be everyman’s dream, and one is only a young twelve years old.
“It’s not the sex that’s my dream, its the dream of having you both here with me, that’s all ways been my dream, and now it’s come true, and Ill care and love you both for as long as I live”.

“You know,” she told me “I hoped this would happen. I didn’t want to ask you if we could stay, in case you refused, I hoped Lisa would love you so much she wouldn’t want to leave. And I knew you couldn’t say no to her”.

She gave me a large kiss, and kissed Lisa, got in her car to drive back to Liverpool, but at least this time, I knew she would be back in three days, and be with me forever.

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