Young girl catches elderly neighbour masturbating and ends up joining in
Mr Roberts the old man had lived next door for as long as I could remember. His wife had died about 6 years ago and his children never visited him at all these days. My mother often talked to him and I used to help out by doing chores for him like going to the shops. He was in his seventies but quite fit for his age and he spent many hours working in his garden. I think it happened just after my fifteenth birthday, my mother had asked me to go and see if Mr Roberts wanted anything from the shops. It was a lovely autumn afternoon and I had just come home from school and I was in a really good mood when I knocked on his door. There was no answer so I thought that Mr Roberts must be in his garden, I unlocked the gate and entered the garden, I couldn't see the old man anywhere. I thought he must have gone for a walk or something and was about to leave when I thought I heard a noise. The sound came from the shed, I wondered what on earth could be making the strange noise that came from inside. I crept around to the side of the shed and looked through the dusty windows and was completely shocked at what I saw. Mr Roberts had his trousers and underpants around his knees and was holding his erect penis in his hand. There were a number of pornographic magazines open on the table and Mr Roberts was staring at the images and pulling on his hard cock. I couldn't take my eyes of his prick, it was huge and the purple end throbbed as he stroked it. I wasn't a virgin but his penis was much bigger than the two cocks I had seen in my limited sexual adventures. Mr Roberts had his eyes closed and he began to breath heavily, I watched as his wanking grew faster and faster feeling my own crutch grow damp as I watched the old man's throbbing cock. Then it happened, he opened his eyes and saw me looking at him, looking at his cock, our eyes met and he stopped wanking but still had his hard prick in his hand. I don't know why I didn't run, his eyes held me there, he smiled at me and then said "Karen, come in here, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you". I looked once again at the old man's big cock and went inside the shed.

Mr Roberts began to wank his cock again. But this time he did it slowly and he looked straight into my eyes, "There's a good girl, have you ever seen one of these before" ? I didn't know what to say to him, a nervous grin was my only response but I couldn't help staring at his prick. He grinned and asked me to show him my knickers. I was wearing my school uniform which consisted of a short black skirt, white blouse and black blazer. I blushed and he said " Come on Karen, take of your blazer, turn around, lift your skirt up and show your Uncle Henry your bottom". I just froze, I was so turned on but I couldn't move, he reached out and gently squeezed my breast. I couldn't help myself and my eyes closed and I let out a gasp of excitement. Mr Roberts walked towards me, his cock swaying as he moved, he pulled my school blazer off and put it down carefully on the chair. I looked into his eyes, he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face the table. The porno mags were open and I could see photos of men and women engaged in all types of sexual activity. There were pictures of women sucking cocks and having sperm shot over their faces, the pictures made my young cunt throb in my knickers as I imagined taking part in such acts. I felt his old hands begin to lift my skirt from behind, the air felt cold as he pulled the fabric over my bum. My pussy was already damp but when I felt his hands running over my cotton knickers and his cock press into the fabric, my fanny turned to a swamp. He gently lifted me by hips until I was standing on a small wooden box, this raised me off the floor by about 8 inches, then he gently prised my legs apart. I didn't know what he intended but I didn't care, I only knew that whatever he wanted to do to me I wanted him to do it. Mr Robert's was now directly behind me, he had both his hands on my hips and I could feel his hard prick press against my arse through my knickers. I felt him reach between my legs and then his cock was there as well, I looked down and I could see his huge prick sticking out from between my legs. It must have been about 9 inches long and about 6 inches thick, I had never seen such a huge cock, it was frightening and wildly exciting at the same time. I could feel it throbbing against my pussy then Mr Robert's whispered in my ear " Touch it Karen, go on I know you want to". And he was right, I looked down at his hard cock throbbing between my teenage thighs, the end was wet with his juices, I reached down and grasped the end of it in my little hand.

I felt his hands rise from my hips and grasp my breasts through my school blouse. My nipples grew hard under his rough caresses and he fumbled with my buttons in order to gain proper access to my titiies. At the same time I began to stroke his cock, it reared up between my legs and I rubbed its hard length against my knickers. Mr Roberts undid my blouse and lifted my breasts from my bra, I gasped out loud when he began to pinch my nipples hard between his rough fingers. I couldn't believe how big and hard his cock felt in my little hands when I began to seriously wank him. I had wanked off boys before but the old mans cock was a monster, it pulsed in my hands as I rubbed it against the crutch of my knickers. Once again Mr Roberts whispered hoarsely in my ear, " Do you like playing with my cock Karen, you shouldn't touch it, you're a bad girl aren't you" ? I felt so turned on, I knew this guy was just a pervert and a dirty old man, but I didn't care, I wanted him. " Yes, I'm a bad girl, I want you to put your cock in me and fuck me". He laughed and told me I too young for fucking, and that I should wait until I developed because young girls cunts are not really equipped for a cock as big as his. "Can we please try Uncle Henry?" I asked him, pleading with my girlish voice. I looked down at his cock and wondered how I would ever get something so big inside me. I knew it was going to hurt like hell to begin with, but hopefully it would better after a while. I felt him pull the crutch of my knickers to one side and insert a couple of his fingers in my cunt as far as they would go. Leaving them inside me, he started moving them slowly, I pushed my girlish cunt lips and tight vagina against his probing fingers offering him my wet and swollen opening as I was eager to go on. I felt him move closer to me then he and placed his big cock at my entrance, rubbing it over my girlish cunt lips. With his fingers he opened my lips and pushed carefully until the head was inside my young cunt. It felt huge and it hurt, it really, really hurt. "It hurts!" I cried, my eyes were opened wide in anticipation and fear. He told me that it would hurt, and started pushing harder, and then I felt my pussy lips finally starting to part. Mr Roberts gripped my hips firmly and then pushed his cock into me again, it went further than anything had ever been inside me and I felt my insides giving way and I screamed as his cock sank into me.

My eyes filled with tears again, but I decided to continue, he held my small hips and pulled me towards his cock and he thrusted hard against my bottom. I felt my teenage cunt open as his cock slid quickly into me, I could feel his prick buried between my girlish, cunt lips. Compared to my body, it felt monstrously big and l I felt the tip of his penis pressing against the bottom of my inexperienced vagina. "Oh, it hurts between my legs, but it feels so good when you touch me there," I gasped as he buried his hard cock inside my fanny, and increased the caressing of the tiny button between my extremely stretched pussy lips. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked me, "No please, keep fucking me, please fuck me". Suddenly I felt a burning pain and my young cunt felt like it had exploded. He had pushed the entire length of his cock into me, my pussy was now packed full of his hard cock and there was absolutely no room left for anymore. He carefully inserted a finger into my arsehole, this made me let out a little moan, and he started moving his hips rapidly as he slid his cock deep inside. This was just too much for me, I told him I was coming and I felt my body shake with pleasure as my orgasm took over me. The old man began to moan as my spasming young cunt clutched at his hard thrusting cock, I knew he would come inside my pussy soon. I gasped as he increased the movements of his cock, and pushed back at him as hard as I could so I could feel every inch of his prick inside me. Suddenly he pulled his cock backwards so that it was just barely inside me and began to rub the head of his penis over my arse cheeks, between my legs and over my soaking pussy. I reached down to push his cock back inside my cunt but as my fingers closed around his penis he let out a low moan and I felt his cock throb in my little hand and I felt a hot wet splash over my pussy lips and I knew that he was climaxing and his prick then began to pulse as he pumped out his lovely hot sperm. I felt every squirt of his cum shooting over my thighs, arse and pussy and I could see some off it fall ontor the dirty floor of the shed. There was so much cum shooting out of the old man's cock, I was soaked with his sperm as I held the end of his cock to my teenage pussy making sure that he soaked my crutch with cum. I wanked the last of his spunk from his softening penis and I couldn't help but gasp at the sperm that hung from it in long sticky silvery ropes. The old man's spunk was everywhere, it was on the floor, over my arse, legs and pussy and there where streaks of it on my skirt and blouse. We rested for a while, and then I cleaned myself up a bit. I felt wonderful, I had been fucked by a dirty old man and I had loved every minute of it. I gave Mr Robert's a long French kiss, rubbing his cock through his trousers as our tongues moved together. I gave him my semen stained knickers to keep as a souvenir and he made me promise to come back tomorrow to suck the all spunk out of his big cock, I can hardly wait.

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