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Sharon was a pretty little girl. At the tender age of 9 she was still very small, with big blue eyes and blonde hair like the sun. Her body was thin and boyish, like most girls her age.

She came from an ordinary home, with a Mum and Dad who loved her and no brothers or sisters to get the way, and she was definitely Daddys' little girl. She was his princess and had been from the moment she was born.

Her Mum had always been jealous of the bond between Dan and Sharon. She had always wanted a daughter, but for some reason Sharon always wanted her Daddy to tuck her in, and to play with her and bathe her. He was wonderful with her and would kill undoubtedly anyone who tried to harm her.

As for Dan, he adored Sharon more than anything, including his wife. Alice was always interfering and ruining things for Sharon. To Dan, Sharon was the most beautiful thing in the world.

A few days before Dans 33rd birthday, he got a call at his office from Sharons school. They told him she had been flashing her knickers to boys out on the playground, and that they wouldn't tolerate it, so he needed to come and pick her up.

Dan was absolutely furious as he got into his car. The school must've been lying, Sharon was his little girl and she wouldn't do that. Besides, why the boys at her school and not him? Did she not love him anymore?

He walked into the school's reception to see Sharon sitting on a chair by the door, head down in shame. She was wearing her uniform, and god did she look cute. She was wearing cute little black pumps with white over-the-knee socks, a very short tartan skirt that just covered her pretty little ass and a crisp white shirt which fit her well, showing her tiny titties off.

He spoke to the receptionist who told him she could come back next week after a 5-day suspension. He turned and grabbed Sharon by the wrist and dragged her out to his car. She began to speak

'I'm really sorry Daddy' She lisped 'I didn't mean to!'

He slapped her round her sweet little face and his face was red with anger

'Shut up you little slut!' he hissed through his teeth

Sharon stared at him, clutching her cheek and obviously in shock. He had never slapped her before.

She got in the car and they drove home in silence. Sharon presumed that was the end of it and when they got home she started talked to him like she usually did, rambling on about schools and teachers and dolls. Dan unlocked the door and walked straight to the liquor cabinet. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey, unscrewed the lid and drank deeply until it was half empty.

He sat down in his favourite chair in the living room, and like always Sharon went and sat on his knee, wiggling her panty covered ass around on his crotch until she was comfortable. In his drunken state, Dan could feel his cock getting hard. Whenever she moved he got more and more aroused with the thought of her sweet young pussy just inches away from his meat.

He decided that because it was her fault his dick was hard, she should be the one to deal with it. His hands started to grasp her waist, roaming up her torso until they found her little titties. He slid his hands under her shirt and started to grope them, twisting the nipples and squeezing the soft flesh.

Sharon started to squirm under his grip, uncomfortable with his roughness. She was about to ask him to stop when his hands moved. They found their way down into her panties. Here he was gentle. He stroked her little pussy lightly, then pinched her clit softly. Sharon didn't know what he was doing, but she knew it felt good. She started breathing heavily, her pussy getting dripping wet

'You like that,slut? You like the feel of Daddy rubbing your hot young pussy?' He whispered in her ear

She nodded, really starting to enjoy it when he pulled his hands away.

'Stand up, bitch!'

She stood up and turned to face him, a feeling of dread creeping over her

'Now kneel down in front of Daddy, you little whore.'

She obliged. He moved forward in his chair and unzipped his fly. He pulled down his pants and boxers and his huge cock sprang out. it was at least 11 inches long and so thick Sharon wouldn't have been able to fit both hands around it. He smiled at her, but it was a nasty smile which made her feel uneasier still.

'Look you little cum slut, look at Daddies' big cock. Do you want to taste it?'

She shook her head, petrified. He ignored her and grabbed the back of her head, lining her rosebud lips up with the throbbing head of his cock. She Started to squirm and when she opened her mouth to scream he forced her head down on his dick, parting her lips as wide as they would go and ramming halp his dick in her warm mouth. Sharon started to panic because she couldn’t breathe around his thick cock, so she pulled her head off and gasped for air. He reached down and smacked her little ass as hard as he could. Sharon squealed in surprise, earning her another smack.

‘Listen you little whore, you’d better suck my cock, and suck it good or i’ll beat you ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down’

Sharon understood. She hesitated a second before gingerly wrapping her hands round the base of his dick and licking the tip. Then she took a deep breath and shoved her mouth as far down on his cock as she could, taking more of him than last time. Dan went wild with pleasure, grabbing her head and forcing it down to meet his hard thrusts. Sharon had figured out how to breathe through her nose by now, so she continued to let her Daddy abuse her throat with his glistening cock.

Dan pounded the back of her throat, not caring if he hurt Sharon. The pleasure was immense, and after just a few minutes of rough throat fucking the little girl, he felt his balls tighten and was ready to cum in her hot preteen mouth. He forced her head down one final time and held it there as jets of his hot jizz splashed into her mouth. As he pulled his dick out Sharon began to spit out her Daddies cum, and Dan wasn’t having any of that. He yanked her head back by her hair

‘Swallow it, you little cocksucking cunt.’

Sharon swallowed.

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