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An old friend needs some help
It all started one night while I was sleeping. Someone knocked on my door. Rather persistently actually. Glancing at the clock, which read 2:13 AM, I groaned. As the knocking continued and as I started to wake up, my brain decided to start functioning. Who could possibly be at my door at this ungodly hour? I grabbed a bat I kept by my door before answering, just in case. Opening the door, I see a small, lithe figure standing on my porch. The figure steps forward and I get a closer look at the face. It was Cynthia. She went to the same high school as me and though we kept in contact over the years, lately we had drifted apart, as people are wont to do.
“Jack...can I come in?” Cynthia shivered as she spoke.
“Yeah, sure.” I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and took a closer look at her. She looked like she had been through hell. She was dressed as if she had been clubbing, but her clothes were torn and ragged, showing glimpses of soft, smooth skin underneath. Cynthia was definitely good looking, in spite of the state of her clothes. She was slightly on the short side at 5'5, with raven black hair, chocolate colored eyes and tanned skin. She stepped into the house and I shut the door. “Jesus...what happened to you?”
Tears started to well up in her eyes. “I...I don't want to talk about it right now. Listen...I just need a place to stay the night. I won't be a burden, I promise.”
“Don't worry about it. Stay as long as you need to.” I led her into the living room. “Make yourself at home.” Cynthia sat down on the couch and sighed. She then tried to curl up into a comfortable position. “Woah, you don't plan on sleeping like that, do you?”
“It's ok, this is fine.”
“No, its not. Clearly you've been through something bad, I'm not letting you sleep on the couch in rags. Here, come with me, maybe we can find some of my old clothes or something for you to sleep in.” I lead her to my room. After rummaging through some drawers I managed to find an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I handed them to Cynthia. She started to undress and I couldn't help but notice her body. She had what looked like decent B cup breasts and an amazing ass. She put on the shirt, which was so long it reached the middle of her thighs. The shorts were too big though, she had trouble keeping them on.
“Thanks Jack, this is already more than enough, I'll make do without shorts.” She looked so cute standing there just wearing my shirt. I was starting to get a little stiff, though I managed to hide it from her.
“You know what? Take the bed. I'll take the couch.”
“No...I couldn't. It wouldn't be right.”
“Cyn, don't worry about it. I can sleep anywhere.”
Cynthia was silent for a moment, staring at the ground. She then raised her head and said “Thanks...I really appreciate this,” with a smile. It was the first time she had smiled all night.
“No problem. Good night Cyn,” I said, closing the door.

The next morning, I woke up and had started to make breakfast when Cynthia came out of my room. “Morning, how do you want your eggs?” I asked her.
“However you want to make them, I don't want to bother you any more than I already have.” Cynthia sat at the table in the kitchen.
“Please, it's nothing.” I put two eggs and some bacon on a plate then placed the plate in front of her. Cynthia ate hungrily. She looked much better this morning, though she was still wearing my t-shirt. “I'll take you home after you're done eating. You can't go out alone with those clothes from last night.”
“...I...I really don't want to go home right now.”
“What's up?” I said.
“It's just...things are a little rough...”
“Ah. I know, I can call my cousin, see if she has anything you can wear for now.” My cousin Julia was only about a month older than me and we had lived near each other for most of our lives, so naturally we grew close. We were so close that we were mistaken for brother and sister sometimes.
“Jack...I...I don't know how I can repay you for all that you've done.”
“What are friends for? You know you can always count on me.”

That night, I asked Cynthia if she wanted to go home.
“Please...can I stay here for a while?” was all she said in response.
“Yeah, stay as long as you like.” I couldn't believe my luck. Out of nowhere, I have a really hot girl staying with me for a couple of days. As I settled in on the couch again, Cynthia spoke up.
“Jack...I don't want to be alone tonight. Please...”
“Are you saying what I think you are?”
“Yes. I...I just need somebody right now, ok?”
I was speechless. The whole thing seemed surreal. I get to sleep with Cynthia. She led the way to my room. She got into the bed and I followed. She was facing away from me while I was on my back. She reached behind her and grabbed my hand. Pulling me forward, she wrapped my arm around her waist, so that I was hugging her from behind. She moved a bit to get comfortable, then sighed contently. I could feel the warmth of her body and the slow, steady beat of her heart. I could smell her hair. I could hear her breathing. That moment will always stand out to me. I was getting extremely hard. It was hard to hide if from her, given the position we were in, but I think I managed. I think. With my senses filled with her, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling strange. I wasn't sure what was different, but after a few moments I noticed it was still too dark to be morning. I felt a warm feeling around my cock. It was then I realized that Cynthia wasn't next to me anymore. Looking down, I see Cynthia sucking on my cock like a lollypop. “Cyn, what...what are you doing?”
“You think I didn't notice this last night? You think I didn't notice how much you were poking me with it tonight? Don't worry, I'll take good care of it. I know you haven't masturbated since I got here.” After that, she started to suck on my cock again. Her mouth was warm and wet. She licked up my shaft with her tongue, then swirled it around the head. She then started to go deeper and deeper, until finally I felt her throat. She held herself there as long as she could. Making a gagging sound, she pulled off and decided to start kissing down my shaft. When she reached my balls, she licked them, then started to suck on them, alternating between one and the other.
“'re really good at this” I groaned.
“Are you gonna cum soon?” She asked playfully.
She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I was nearing my climax, so I grabbed the back of her head and forced her down, as far as she could go, and held her there. I shot my semen straight into her throat. After the first couple of spurts had passed, I let her pull back so that I was shooting into her mouth. Once I was finished, she swallowed everything, then proceeded to clean my cock. She made sure that she had gotten every last drop of my sperm. My dick was still hard though, and she couldn't fail to notice.
“Mmm...that was delicious. You're still good to go right? I need to get off too” Cynthia smiled at me. She stood up and started to slowly strip, not that there was much to take off. She was still using my t-shirt as a pyjama. After that, she was just in her bra and panties. She turned her back to me as she took off her bra, giving me a spectacular view of her ass. She then bent over and pulled down her panties. Turning around again, she exposed everything to me. It was breathtaking. Her breasts were nice and perky and her nipples were sticking out like two little eraser nubs. Lower down, I saw she had a tattoo of a star on the left side of her pelvis. She was completely shaven, her pussy bare for all to see.
“ look fantastic!”
“I was hoping you'd say that,” she replied seductively. She sat down on top of me and rubbed her pussy against my cock. She then leaned over to kiss me. I kissed her back fiercely, our tongues vying for dominance. Her pussy still rubbing against my cock, I started to fondle her breasts. She moaned as I pinched and squeezed her nipples. My cock was now slick with her juices, so she positioned it to go in. She lowered herself onto me. “Ugh!” She exclaimed, as I entered her pussy. “'re pretty big...”
“Cyn, you're so tight. Your pussy is squeezing my cock so hard, it feels like I barely fit.” She started to lift her hips, pulling off me until just the tip of my dick was still in her, then she lowered herself again. She started to repeat this motion, getting slightly faster each time, until finally she was bouncing up and down on me. I moved my hips to match her, thrusting in as deep as I could when she came down. I started to play with her nipples again, twisting and tugging on them. She was panting loudly now, moaning with each thrust of my cock.
“Ugh...It...Ahn...It feels like you're hitting my womb!” I reached one hand down to rub her clit. She gasped at this and I felt her pussy tighten in response. Her breath started coming faster and faster, the moans getting shorter and shorter, until I felt her pussy tighten even more on me. It felt like she was sucking me in and didn't want to let go. She gave a loud moan which I silenced with a kiss while she hit her climax. Her orgasm caused her entire body to spasm, including her pussy, and it was enough to drive me over the edge. I came down from my orgasm first, having already released once that night and continued to rub her clit and thrusting gently until she slumped on top of me. We lay like that for a while, my cock still in her pussy until finally she got up and pulled me out of her. She then licked me clean, swallowing the mix of cum and pussy juice on my dick. She gave me one last kiss, then settled in beside me and fell asleep. Smiling to myself, I wrapped my arm around her and settled in.

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The fact that she does not have to put out in order to stay there makes the story good. Lets get the other girl into it.

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Its Okay so far. Lets see part 2.


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Very nice story. Keep up the good work.


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Oh this is very good I look forward to parts two and three

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