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Sorry I took a while getting this up, it's hard to find the time now. As always comments and PM's are greatly apperciated.
After everything that happened yesterday it’s no wonder I was having sex dreams all night. In the first one mom was riding my face and Rita sucked me off until I came, in the second Aunt Lisa was eating mom out while I was fucking her doggy, the third I was on top of mom pounding the hell out of her, and in the one I’m having now I’m having my world rocked as Rita rides me slowly, then picks up speed, and slows down again. It feels so good, so satisfying, so real, in fact, it feels a little too real. I can actually feel hands pushing down on my naked chest, smell the familiar smell of sex in the air, hear the pleasurable sound of a woman moaning, and that oh so wonderful suction feeling that happens when a woman goes into orgasm. This was definitely happening for real, and when I finally opened my eyes, the sight of Rita sitting on top of me confirmed it.

“Ugh, I’m sorry baby, ugh, but I couldn’t wait for you to get up, ugh,” she moaned.

“Oh my god Rita it’s ok, you feel so good, just don’t stop riding me.”

She took my hands and put them on her breasts and squeezed, which caused her to shake a little, and in turn made her ride me a little harder, action reaction at its finest, thanks physics class. She looked me dead in the eyes as she moaned and rode me, and it’s a sight that will be etched in my mind forever. I was getting more and more aroused by the second, I had to pull her down into a kiss, and what a kiss it was. I swear we were made for each other, every move we made complimented the other, I opened my mouth and her tongue slid in, she sat back up and my hands went back to her tits, she moaned and my hips took on a mind of their own, fucking her relentlessly. We had gotten so caught up in each other we forgot one major important detail…

“Where are the parents?” I yelled as I sat up.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, lay back down baby.”

“We can’t let dad catch us, these doors have no locks, we have to make sure they’re not up.”

“Uuhhh, ok fine, but hurry up, I need you back in me right fucking now!”

We got up and put on robes and looked around for them in every room but found no one, but when we got to the kitchen we found a note on the table.

Your mom, aunt and I went on a little walk, we should be back around ten or so, try not to destroy the cabin while were gone- dad.

Once we finished reading the note we dropped our robes to the floor and kicked them to the side only to notice my cock had regained full hardness, and Rita was equally as horny dripping on the floor. It was only 8:27 so we had plenty of time to fuck each other silly. Since we were already in the kitchen I figured we might as well use it, so I swept everything on the table to the floor (I always wanted to do that) and picked Rita up and sat her on it. We kissed a while before she lay back and spread her legs wide open for me, and I wasted no time and plunged myself back into her.

“Uhh oh god, now fuck me, fuck me hard, you owe me for taking it out in the first place!”

“Ok, but remember, you asked for it!”

I leaned forward so my face was directly over hers and placed my hands on the table, and with just the lower half of my body, I drove in and out of her. Each thrust made her body bounce in place as she squeezed the ends of the table to try and steady herself.

“Randy! Randy! I love you! Oh god I love you so much! Keep fucking me!”

With that kind of talk I was bound to blow my load early, so I slowed pace a little and leaned down to kiss her. As our tongues danced around, I massaged one of her breasts and twisted the nipple between my fingers, and then she pulled me down her body to suck on her other nipple. As I continue to fuck her she sits up and puts her arms around my neck to pull herself up, I take the hint and lift her off the table so she’s now riding me standing up. I grab hold of her meaty cheeks and help her bounce up and down on me. We fucked like this for a good ten minutes before she hopped down and bent over the table and shook her ass at me.

“I think you know what to do, get over here and fuck your sister’s brains out.”

That was all it took, I walked up behind her and pushed right back into her pussy. She let out a loud yelp and started meeting me thrust for thrust. I grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled her head back enough so I cold kiss her. When she broke the kiss she let her arms buckle under her and fell onto the table, which to me says “fuck me harder,” so I did. I took her hips and railed her as hard as I could constantly without letting up, and she was very appreciative.

“That’s it, fuck me! I’m your slut Randy, only yours! Oh you make me feel so fucking good!”

“If you like that, then you’ll love this,” I said as I stuck my thumb in her ass.

“Oooh, see what I’m talking about, you make me feel so good! Please don’t stop!”

And I didn’t, in fact I picked up speed fucking and fingering her. I could see her tits smashed to the table as she rocked back and forth, her pussy squeezing me on each inward thrust. I kept this up for a while before I pulled my finger out of her ass and gripped her hips again, and began my final assault on her pussy. I could see as she rose up on her toes and clenched her fists on the table and screamed for me to make her cum. The combination of the smell of our sex filling my nostrils along with the clapping of her ass cheeks on me sent me into a rage as I sped up effectively fucking the living daylights out of her. The pressure of feeling so much pleasure while trying to hold it in finally overtook her as she broke out into a violent shaking orgasm.

“Fuck! I’m cumming so hard! Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!”

I continued fucking her through her orgasm as she fidgeted in front of me and flooded my lower half with her cum. I had held on as long as I could but could do so no more as I screamed to her I was cumming and released every ounce of semen in my body into her pussy. My cumming in her must have given her another orgasm because she tightened up on me and shook around again before we both finally fell forward on the table exhausted.

No words were said, there was only heavy breathing, smiles, and kisses exchanged between us. It was when we realized we were hungry that we got up, grabbed our robes and went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. When we came out we decided that we would make breakfast for everyone, so we put on some sensible clothes and headed back to the kitchen.

We decided to make eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes, I made the eggs and pancakes, and she made the bacon and sausage. The whole time we were cooking we were kissing and touching each other and grabbing through clothes. Its like were not even brother and sister, but to keep it official we did mess around. I threw a pancake at her that landed directly on her face, and burst out laughing. My laughter was short lived though as she in return threw a hot sausage at me that burned my skin a little, but not too much. After we had our fun we went back to cooking and kissing like two people who were deeply in love with each other. Once breakfast was finished we washed up the dishes that were dirty so it would be less to do later, and as we were setting the table, everyone walked in through the cabin door.

“Something smells good!” mom said, and the others agreed.

“We figured we’d take care of it this time, but don’t get used to it,” Rita joked.

We all took our places at the table and sat down to eat, we really didn’t talk about much since everyone was so hungry they didn’t concentrate on anything but the food. The only conversation I could remember coming up was what we were gonna do the last day here, and no one had any suggestions. Once we had finished eating Aunt Lisa asked if we wanted to go for a swim in the pool since we had all not been in at the same time, we agreed and all the adults flew from the table running and laughing like little kids in a candy store leaving us to clean up, I guess its only fair since we do it to them all the time. Not even waiting the full 45 minutes after they ate we could hear them laughing and heading towards the pool. When we finished cleaning up we went and changed and headed out to the pool where they were already splashing around, and we figured we’d better make a grand entrance.

“Cannonball!” we both yelled as we jumped in splashing water everywhere.

“You guys! Now my hairs all wet!” Aunt Lisa pouted.

Mom just looked at us, then at Aunt Lisa and laughed, “don’t worry about it, after a while you get used to it, they’re always doing something.”

We messed around in the water for a good while, jumping in and out, splashing each other, throwing someone, just good fun. It was here that we discovered that everyone had a different talent in the water. We found out that dad can hold his breath underwater for 4 minutes, mom is an amazing diver, Rita’s entire body can float above water, I can swim for a long time and not get tired, and Aunt Lisa is the fastest swimmer. That last one came as a shock to Rita because she thought she was the fastest. There was little to no flirting as we were only focused on having a good time, but its not to say to few hints didn’t go unnoticed, like when Aunt Lisa rubbed her tits on my back, or when mom backed into my crotch, or when Rita flat out shoved my hand in her bikini bottoms. For some reason, sex wasn’t even considered at the moment, we were content with just having fun, and enjoying each others company. We were all leaning up against the wall swaying our feet back and forth in the water when mom did a girly shriek and started tapping dad on the arm.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh! Why don’t we have a barbeque! We haven’t had one in ages!”

Dad looked a little surprised, “that would be great, but there’s no charcoal here.”

“Yea there is, I saw some in the cabinet yesterday, and some lighter fluid.”

He thought for a minute, and then smiled, “its ok with me, we could cook up some of that extra food.”

Mom clapped her hands in excitement, “Yay! Lets get started on it now, this is gonna be great!”

It was settled, we were having a barbeque. All the adults got out so they could rinse off in the shower but we stayed in for a little while longer. We didn’t do anything, just swam around holding each other and kissing each other and what not. Things were going great, I had the girl of my dreams, a great family, my health, life was good. I could look at her and tell she was thinking the same thing, and we sealed the moment with a passion-filled kiss.

“I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she said.

“I love you too, and don’t worry; you’ll never have to find out.”

We got out of the pool and rinsed off in the showers, got changed and headed outside, where the adults had gathered all the food they were going to cook; hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, ribs, and a few steaks, this was sounding like a great idea. We helped mom and Aunt Lisa set up everything and dad got the fire started. He and mom would take turns grilling since they both wanted to make something, and Aunt Lisa would make the cole slaw and macaroni and cheese, so we had nothing to do. We didn’t complain as we took off into the woods, not really knowing where we were going, but leaving before they changed their minds and had us do something. Before we knew it we were back at the lake we were at last night, and there were two rowboats sitting at the bank.

“Where the hell did those boats come from?”

“I don’t know, but since they’re there, let me take my favorite girl for a ride.”

“Oh, so romantic! Were only going in one boat right because I don’t wanna paddle!”

“Yes one boat, not get over there before I change my mind.”

She skipped down to the boat and I followed behind her. I picked her up so she wouldn’t get her feet wet and she responded by kissing my neck, which almost made me drop her. I sat her down, pushed the boat into the water and climbed in.

As I was rowing she was locked dead on me, giving me that sexy stare that seems to only happen in the movies, and I couldn’t help but stare back, she truly is a beautiful girl.

“I love you,” she said never looking away from me.

“I love you too.”

“I love you more.”

I don’t know who loved each other more, but I decided to test her theory. “Prove it.”

Without hesitation she leaned forward and took my cock out of my shorts and started sucking me. I cannot tell you how good it felt. She was deepthroating me every time she sucked me and was playing with my balls with one of her free hands.

“Oh my god Rita that feels so good, please don’t stop!”

She mumbled something but never stopped sucking me. I was barely able to keep paddling I was feeling so good. She pulled out so her lips were at the head and sucked and slurped her tongue around it, which was making me very sensitive, and then she took me back into her mouth with one movement. I was trying to hold out while rowing to who knows where but something had to give.

“Fuck Rita I’m about to cum! If you don’t want it down your throat you better move!”

She didn’t move, she instead sucked faster and squeezed my balls slightly, but enough. I stopped rowing as I thrusted forward and she pushed my cock past her tongue and into her throat just as I released shot after shot of jizz into her. I could see her throat moving as she worked it down never missing a beat. When I came all I could she let my cock slide from her mouth and kissed the tip looking up at me.

“I told you I love you more.”

“Rita that was fanfuckingtastic! I came down your throat!”

“I don’t think I would ever to that for another guy, let alone enjoy it.”

“I have no doubt now, you love me a little more, but not much, don’t forget my oral skills!”

She shuddered and closed her eyes for a minute, “if only you didn’t have to row this boat.”

A few seconds after she said that be hit the bank on the other side of the lake. I picked her up again and carried her to the grass to avoid getting wet. We walked up the little hill and saw flowers everywhere, tulips, sunflowers, roses, orchids, just flowers. Rita grabbed my hand and we took off picking flower after flower until we had a bushel of every flower that was out there, which turned out to be 12 bushels. We left the flowers there and went exploring to see what else was around, which was only more flowers. We came to this huge tree that had a bunch of hearts with people’s names inside them, and there was a chisel stuck inside the tree. Rita sighed at me and I took the hint and carved our names and the word “forever” inside a heart. She walked up to me and hugged and kissed me and told me she loved me again, and then she would kiss me and tell me again, then again, and again.

“You just can’t stop telling me you love me can you?” I smiled.

“I can’t help it; I just have to tell you all the time, I love you, you, and only you.”

We kissed a little more and walked around some more, but it was the same thing in the whole area, so we headed back to the boat. When we got back we both noticed the boat had drifted away, and had gotten pretty far out.

“What the hell? I put the thing in the grass! How’d it get away?”

“We’ll be stuck over here; I can’t swim that far without resting! What are we gonna do?”

I took off my shirt and took everything out of my shorts and ran down the hill and jumped in the water after the boat. I didn’t know what was in this water so I kept a fast pace. After five minutes of swimming I finally caught up with the boat, the anchor piece had broken off and was in the water somewhere long gone. I climbed in and situated myself and made my way back to Rita. I looked up at her and she was just smiling and sitting down on the grass watching me.

“Well I guess I love you more.”

“Ok I’m not gonna lie, that was really sweet, and that makes me love you even more so I still win.”

Everything is always a competition. I picked her up and put her in the boat along with all the flowers, then I got dressed and headed back to the other side of the lake. We got back to the other side and took all the flowers we gathered and headed back to the cabin. We got back and they were still grilling and making everything, and it looked like they still had a little while to go.

“What the, where did you get all those flowers?” mom asked.

“They were on the other side of the lake, we got one of each kind,” Rita said.

“Well put them where you can, we still have a little ways to go.”

It took a while, but we finally got the flowers situated. As we were leaving Aunt Lisa came in and grabbed a bottle of wine, smiled at us, and went back outside. I just know she’s gonna get drunk tonight, and I’ve never seen her like that so it should be fun. When Rita went to the room I went to the shower so I could get that lake water smell and feel off me and then went into our room and lay on the bed just looking at the ceiling as we’ve done many times before. While we were laying there she places her hand on the side of my face and pulls it to hers in a soft kiss, and soon after we were making out. She rolled on top of me as I felt her nice curves push against my body, giving me a slight boner in the process. Out of nowhere a loud noise scares us and we quickly separate as we hear dad laughing and talking.

“Maybe we should just lay here for a minute; my eyes are getting a little heavy.”

“Ok, but don’t think were done here, as soon as whoever that was leaves, I’m back on top of you.”

Things didn’t work out as planned though, as we were both soon asleep, and I was back in dreamland. This time when I slept my dreams were only about Rita, and the various positions I was sure to try out when I woke. I was sleep for a good while before I felt a little pinch on my abdomen, but couldn’t quite wake up yet. After some will power I finally awoke, only to notice my pants around my legs and my now limp cock glistening with saliva, but no cum. I looked over at Rita to see her still sleep with a smile on her face; I guess she couldn’t wait for me to wake up again. As I sat up over the edge of the bed I noticed a card on the nightstand, it read…

Save your energy, you’ll be needing it later tonight.

There was a red lipstick kiss on it, and I know Rita doesn’t wear lipstick, so I knew someone had snuck in and sucked me off.

“What’s that?” she asked taking the card out of my hand. She read it and looked at my pants at my legs and immediately knew what happened. “Which one of them did it? Tell me!”

“I don’t know I was sleep, I thought it was you again like this morning!” I said as I fixed my pants.

Just as we were about to get into it dad poked his head through the door, “ok guys the food is ready, were eating outside at the table, so go out there.”

He left and shut the door behind him, and I looked back over at Rita, who was still a little pissed. “I’m gonna find out who did it, you better believe that, no one touches that cock but me!”

With that she got up and sort of stomped out of the room, I quickly got up and followed her to reassure her not to do anything in front of dad, and she breathed calmly and regained her composure. I guided her out of the cabin door and we joined everyone at the table.

“Have a seat and dig in, there’s plenty of food so feel free to pig out,” dad said while swallowing food.

“You don’t have to tell us twice! Pass me the burgers and mac and cheese!”

Rita was scanning for any suspicious activity between mom and Aunt Lisa, but they’re so good at hiding their expressions I don’t think she’ll figure it out. There was so much stuff they had to put two tables together, there was no way we would finish this food today, or even this week. We were sitting in the back area of the cabin, the trees were parted just enough to see the sun starting to go down, there was a slight breeze, and there was that outdoors nature smell, not to mention all the food that was there, it was a perfect setting for eating outside.

“It sucks this is our last day at the cabin, I kinda like it up here,” Rita said.

“Yeah it’s so peaceful, it’s nice to get away for a while, I wish we didn’t have to leave,” mom followed.

Dad was busy chomping down on his steak to respond, and Aunt Lisa was admiring the scenery, so I just nodded in their direction and went back to eating. We ate more than I thought we would, completely clearing out the cole slaw, mac and cheese, steaks, and hot dogs, and there was about half of everything else there, man were a fat family. We had finished eating just as the sun was pretty much going down, and we gathered everything up and took it back into the cabin.

I went back into our room and collapsed on the bed, I was so full I needed to lie down. A few minutes later Rita walked in the door and lay next to me.

“Uugh I’m so full! I ate entirely too much food!” Rita said holding her stomach.

“You? I can’t move! I feel like I’m gonna pop!”

“I think I’m just gonna lay here for a while and digest all this food before I explode.”

We lay there for a while doing absolutely nothing, but listening to the sounds around us. We heard dad talking to someone then running and a door slam then laughing, and this repeated itself for a while. When we were sure we had digested our food we got up and went to see what the adults were doing, which was the typical sitting on the couch drinking wine.

“What were you guys doing out here? We heard you even with the door closed,” Rita said.

“Your father was getting frisky, I high-tailed it before he could catch me,” mom giggled.

“You guys do know there’s a perfectly good room right over there, you don’t need to be scarring us with your gross old people flirting,” I joked, more for dad than anything.

At that moment Aunt Lisa came in from the kitchen with a half drunk bottle of wine and a bathing suit on. “Did you guys know there was a hot tub here? Its big enough to fit all of us in it, why don’t we all go take a dip?”

Mom instantly lit up, “oh I forgot they said there was a hot tub here! Were all going in right now!”
We all looked at each other, nodded, and headed to our rooms to change. If mom says we do something, it gets done, we don’t defy mom, besides it’s a freakin hot tub, you have to be an idiot to say no anyway. Since we all pretty much still had on our bathing suits, we were back in the kitchen pretty fast following Aunt Lisa through a door that seemed almost hidden because it blended in with the wall so well. When we got in the room we saw that Aunt Lisa had already turned it on, and it was indeed big enough for all of us.

We all got in the water, Rita on my left, Aunt Lisa on my right, and mom and dad in front of me. The hot water bubbling around us and on our bodies, the light blanket of steam that was gathering in the room, and the rain forest wallpaper with the big roof window giving us a view of the night sky set the scene for a calming experience. Almost as soon as we sat down we were instantly relaxed, and it seemed with all the wine Aunt Lisa brought in here we would get pretty loose too. She poured everyone a glass and we drank it like water, so she poured us all another glass, but this time filled it up to the top. I drank half the glass and lay back and let the jets do their work on my back and legs, and from the looks of it, it seems I wasn’t the only one who was taking advantage of this as everyone was in the same position as I was.

“We have to get one of these! It’s so relaxing,” mom said to dad as she sipped some of her wine.

“They have competitions where they give stuff like this away at work, but I never really paid any attention to

“Well you need to! We could put it on the back porch. Oh, I could just sit in here all day.”

Aunt Lisa was gulping down glass after glass of wine, but surprisingly didn’t look drunk at all; I guess she can hold her liquor really well. “I’d get one myself if I had a man to sit in it with me.”

“Don’t worry Aunt Lisa, Rita and I will be happy to come over and share your hot tub with you,” I said.

“That’s very nice of you guys, but I meant an actual man, not my nephew.”

“Hey, I am an actual man! You see these biceps!” I said as I stood up and showed off my muscles.

She giggled a little but stopped when I flexed a little, “oh my, I guess you are a man, but don’t get a big head, you’re still the same skinny kid whose butt I used to kick!”

“Oh you got jokes? I'd like to see you try that now!” I said splashing her.

This started a little play fight with everyone splashing each other, kicking each other underwater, stealing someone else’s wine, and I’m pretty sure someone grabbed me through my shorts, but it didn’t matter, all that moving around I’m sure everyone touched someone everywhere. When things calmed down we went back to relaxing and drinking wine, which we discovered was almost all gone, we had went through three bottles of wine and was on the last one.

“I don’t think I can drink any more wine, its leaving a weird aftertaste,” Rita said.
“Yea me neither, it didn’t even make me tipsy, let alone drunk, I mean, not that I get drunk or anything,” I said when dad looked over at me.

“Yeah, right. Well in that case we need something else,” he said as he left and came back with a 6-pack of bud light.

Despite her earlier protest, Rita split the last bottle of wine with mom and Aunt Lisa while dad and I split the 6-pack. I drank two beers and he drank three, and the women finished off the wine, so with nothing else to drink we went back to relaxing in the wonderful hot tub. After about an hour of small talk and silence, everyone stood up to get out of the hot tub. Before I could stand up I felt a hand grab my crotch underwater, and immediately looked over to Rita, who had a knowing look on her face.

“I’ll get out in a little while, I wanna stay for a little bit longer,” I said stretching out in the water.

“Yeah I’ll stay for just a little bit longer too, it feels too good in here to get out,” Rita followed.

Aunt Lisa looked at us and cracked a smile as she left out with dad, but mom stayed behind for a second. “I know what you two are planning, don’t even think about it, it’s too risky!”

“We know mom, were just gonna you know kiss a little, and he’ll suck my nipples a little, and…”

“And nothing! I’m serious guys, don’t.”

“Ok mom, jeez, we wont do anything. Way to ruin our fun!”

“You’ll thank me when your father doesn’t kill you,” she said as she left the room.

The second mom was out the door Rita swam into my lap and pressed her lips to mine. All my senses were in overload, my hands were feeling all over her body caressing every curve of her back and ass, my vision was blurred by all the steam circling the room, the smell of her womanly scent combined with the fragrance of strawberries from her body wash, the sound of our lips smacking together and water splashing around us as she ground her hips into me, and the sweet taste of her tongue in my mouth sent me into a frenzy and had me rock hard within seconds. I broke free of her for just a second to talk.

“Rita listen, I know mom said we shouldn’t do anything, but…”

“I know, I’m just as horny as you are, just a little quickie, we’ll be done before she comes back.”

She said exactly what I wanted to hear. I pushed her until her back was on the Jacuzzi wall and shoved my tongue back into her mouth. She pulled my pants down and stroked my cock a few times, which felt great in the hot water. I peeled her bra off and went straight for her nipple as my hands worked down her body and into her bikini bottoms. She let out a low sexy moan as I shoved two fingers into her pussy and worked them in and out at a steady pace, until she pulled me off her erect nipple and pushed me back.

“Ok enough foreplay, fuck me and fuck me now!”

I needed no motivation as I was equally as horny as she was. I eased back and pulled by shorts down, and at the same time she pulled off her bottoms and we put them in a pile on the floor. I neared her cock in hand and rubbed it across her clit a few times, and when she leaned her head back and shuddered I pushed right into her. She gasped and grabbed the edges of the hot tub as I held her legs and built up a steady motion driving into her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the Jacuzzi deck. I stared down in awe as her titties bounced on her chest and a smile slowly crept onto her face.

“You like that, huh Rita? You like your brothers dick buried deep inside you?

“No I don’t like it, I fucking love it! Fuck me baby fuck me! Shove that cock into your sister’s wet pussy!”

I moved in close to her and kissed her while never breaking stride, and she wrapped her legs around me and helped me thrust into her. I broke the kiss to suck on her neck, which I know she loves, and let my free hand drop under the water to give her clit a little stimulation. By now she was moaning louder so I had to kiss her again to keep her quiet, but eventually she broke free so I moved from rubbing her clit to rubbing her tits. She released her grip on my lower back and bit her bottom lip as she squeezed her eyes closed. I knew she was approaching orgasm, so I pumped a little faster.

“My pussy, oh my god my pussy, oh fuck yes! Keep fucking me I’m so close!”

I had every intention to keep fucking her; even past when she came so I could make her cum again. I went back to kissing her neck and she moaned directly into my ear. I don’t know what it is but every time she moans this close to me it sets off something in me that makes me fuck her harder. I wasted no time and fucked her as hard and fast as the water would let me, while still kissing her spot on her neck, and she was rocking against me pushing me deeper into her while still moaning in pleasure. We were so caught up in the moment we didn’t notice anything happening around us, important things, like the hall light that led to this room being cut on, the door creaking as it opened, or dad walking in to catch his two children screwing each other, yeah, I’d say that last one is pretty important.

“Don’t mind me guys I just came back to get that last be… What in the hell are you two doing?!”

We were still focused on each other that we didn’t even hear dad’s outburst, we, like idiots kept on fucking. It finally dawned on us we were caught when dad walked over, put me in a choke lock and pulled me off of Rita and down onto the cold floor, naked as the day I was born. Rita went to put back on her bikini, but it was on the floor next to dads feet, so she concealed herself in the Jacuzzi, I on the other hand had to endure embarrassment as I lay on the floor trying to cover myself while figuring out how dad was gonna kill me.

“Dad wait, we can explain,” I said in fear.

“Are you two out of your dam minds? You’re brother and sister!” he yelled.

Mom and Aunt Lisa came running in when they heard dad yelling, and I’m pretty sure they knew why. “What’s going on? We heard yelling… oh no.”

“Your son and daughter were in here screwing each other, right in the dam hot tub!”

“Mike, honey I think you need to sit down.”

“I don’t wanna sit down, I wanna know why these two are having sex, and for how long! And I wanna…”

“Please honey just come with me, you need to relax.”

“I’m not leaving these two alone in here; they might try to start up again!”

“I doubt that, besides Lisa’s here, please just come with me to the living room.”

I breathed a slow sigh of relief as dad took a deep breath and exhaled, and mom grabbed his hand and led him out of the room, but not before he turned around and looked me dead in the eye. I was scared to death at that moment, what was he gonna do? Would he kick me out? Would he never let me see Rita again? My mind was a wreck, but I was brought back to reality when Aunt Lisa slapped me on the back of the head and handed me my shorts and Rita her bikini.

“Are you two stupid? What were you thinking?”

“That’s just it, we weren’t thinking, you bodies were doing the thinking for us,” I said.

“Well I hope that little romp was worth it, now you got your father really pissed.”

“What do you think he’s gonna go with us?” Rita asked a little scared.

“I don’t know, you better hope your mother can get him to understand.”

I don’t know why, but I had the sudden urge to tell dad everything, to let him know about us. There was a chance I could get the crap kicked out of me or get thrown out of the house, or both, but that was a chance I would have to take. “He shouldn’t find out about us from mom, I should be the one to tell him.”

“Are you sure you wanna do that? You don’t know what he’ll do to you two.”

“We slipped up, now we have to own up. It’s our mess, and we should be the ones to clean it up.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing, this could either help the situation or make it worse.”

“I know, but we gotta tell him, we owe him that much, we can only hope he understands.”

“Wait Randy, if you’re gonna do this, them I’m gonna be there when you tell him,” Rita said.

We turned off the hot tub, fixed ourselves up and went to go look for mom and dad, who were both sitting on the couch. When we came into view dad looked at us and we sat on the couch across from him, the truth had to come out, it was now or never.

“Your mother tells me this isn’t the first time you two have had sex.”

I was still scared of what he would do, but I was determined to clear the air, so for the next ten minutes, I told dad everything that happened between Rita and I, from the time at the beach, to the conversation in her room, when he caught me having sex, and even that talk we had in the truck. I also told him that it wasn’t just about the sex, that we were really in love with each other, and that no matter what he did to us, we would stay together. The whole time I was telling him this Rita and I were holding hands, and he appeared not to be bothered by it. He listened intently until I finished talking, then he sat there for a minute, making us nervous about what he was thinking, then after a while he finally spoke.

“It took a lot of guts to come out and tell me everything. I’m not gonna say I don’t have a problem with this thing you two have going because I do, it’s gonna take some getting used to. When it comes down to it I’d rather have someone I can trust with my little girl rather than someone who don’t give a rat’s ass about her. Now just because I’m talking like its ok don’t mean you can go around the house flaunting all the dam time, keep it civilized, and there are locks on doors for a reason, learn to use them.”

We sat there and listened to him, and then it dawned on us that he said he was ok with us.

Rita looked at me then back at dad, “so daddy does this mean that we…”

“We’ll see how it goes, and then we’ll go from there.” That was good enough for us.

Rita leapt off the couch towards dad, “oh thank you daddy thank you!” she said hugging him.

I got up and calmly walked over to him and held out my hand, hoping he’d shake it, and he did. “Thanks dad, this means a lot. We really do love each other.”

Dad sat back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling, “I need a drink.”

Aunt Lisa went with mom to the kitchen and Rita and I went to put some actual clothes on and sit on the porch to get some fresh air. “You know, I’m kinda glad this happened, I wish it could have happened differently, but still happy.”

“Yeah, at least now we can be ourselves around the house and not have to worry about anyone finding out, well anyone inside the house that is.”

“The best part is now we can sleep in the same bed together, you know, like an actual couple.”

When I said that she scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, we didn’t need to say anything, just being there after everything that just happened was enough. Unfortunately our silence was short lived as the front door opened and mom came out and sat down next to us.

“You see what happens when you don’t listen to mom? Things get all wild and crazy and you father almost bashes your face in! You two can’t keep away from each other one minute can you?”

“We know mom we screwed up, were sorry, but it was a good screw up kinda because now dad knows about us and he’s ok with it right?” I asked.

“What he said was it would take some getting used to, so you don’t need to be walking around kissing in front of everyone just yet.”

The good mood we had was instantly gone, we were kinda almost back where we started. Rita seemed most upset as she pouted and threw a trail marker out into the woods. “Well why not mom? I’m tired of acting like there’s nothing going on, I wanna act like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend does and make out and touch each other and not have to worry about anyone seeing us, at least at home!”

It felt weird when she said boyfriend and girlfriend, but it was a good kind of weird. I felt the exact way she did, if we had to worry about the public eye seeing us and judging us shouldn’t we be able to at least be ourselves in the privacy of our own home?

“That’s why I came out here, I have an idea to get your father to understand the situation a little better and accept what you two have, it isn’t gonna be easy though. If everything goes to plan when we leave here tomorrow you should be free to act like a couple all u want. Whatever I do I need you guys to follow my lead or this wont work, got it?”

We agreed to go along with whatever she had planned and she motioned for us to follow her back into the house and into the living room, where dad and Aunt Lisa was sitting on the couch along with a big clear bottle and five shot glasses sitting in the middle of the coffee table, it was the biggest bottle of Absolut Vodka I’ve ever seen.

Mom walked to the table and grabbed the bottle, “ok this is how this is gonna work, the game is called “I never,” how it works is one person at a time you say something that you yourself have never done, and everyone else that has done what the person said has to drink a shot, and this keeps going as long as u want and everyone gets a turn, simple enough right? Ok let’s get started.”

The first ten minutes or so went by pretty fast because everyone was only saying boring things, like I never lied to get ahead at anything, I never cheated on a test, or I never lead someone on just to get a free meal or drink. Just when we thought mom’s plan was bombing, Aunt Lisa said something that changed the rest of the game.

“I never stole anyone’s underwear for sexual purposes.”

Its not that it was such a good thing to say it’s, the fact that everyone else took a drink, even dad.

Mom instantly jumped on him, “whose panties did you steal, because when we were younger I don’t recall ever wearing any panties!”

“I don’t remember you saying we have to explain anything, and no they weren’t yours,” dad joked.

Rita was next, “I never had sex with anyone outside this room.”

She looked at me to see if I would drink, and I looked at her, luckily neither one of us did, but all the adults did, and they got to asking questions before we prompted them back to the game.

Dad put his glass down on the table, “I got one, I never had sex with a total stranger before.”

We looked around to see who would drink, then to our surprise mom and Aunt Lisa both took a shot. They both smiled to each other and dad gave mom that “explain later” look.

Mom took the bottle and filled her glass back up, “ok I’ll go since I wanna sit this round out, I never done any kind of striptease thing, for work or play.”

The way she asked that question we knew Aunt Lisa would be taking a drink, but we almost lost it when we saw dad throw one back, he got looks from everyone.

“I was in college, I needed the money, it was a long time ago, case closed.”

It was still a shocker, but we let it pass. Now it was my turn and even though I didn’t have something on hand, I was gonna improv it, but before I could even finish my sentence Rita jumped the gun on me.

“I never…”

“I never faked a headache to get out of sex!”

“I’d have to have sex to begin with to fake getting out of it,” Aunt Lisa said.

I started to take a drink to piss Rita off, but it was a bad career move, so I let it go. We almost laughed when mom and dad took a drink at the same time.

“It was that night you went to that sushi bar with your co-workers, u still smelled like fish,” mom said.

“The night you put on that avocado mask, enough said,” dad laughed.

It was my turn again, and after what Rita did I had the perfect question to make all the women take a drink, and to shine some incest light on mom and Aunt Lisa.

“I never had a lesbian threesome with the women in my family.”

They all looked at me then looked over at dad, and took the shot. His jaw dropped, but he didn’t look disgusted, he looked excited.

“Yesterday when you went to get the thing for the fireplace, we got a little friendly,” mom said.

Dad seemed to get more relaxed with everything, though it might have been the vodka, but probably not. The next question that Aunt Lisa asked gave us no doubt that dad would be ok with us.

“Not counting this last week, I never thought of a family member of the opposite sex in a sexual way.”
We expected no one to take a drink, but when dad slowly did, all our doubts were gone.

“I thought about my sister and my mother in a sexual way, but it was just thoughts, I didn’t get the chance to act on them.”

Why did he word that the way he did, like he would have acted on it if given the chance? Is that why he’s cool with it, because I’m in the exact same spot he was in? Is that why we roughed me up, because he’s jealous I got to actually do something and he didn’t?

“Would you have done anything if you had the chance?” Aunt Lisa asked.

He paused for a long while, “I don’t know, I’m not sure, who knows.” Yeah he would have.

We kept playing until the whole bottle was gone, and we were all sitting back on the couch tipsy, but still aware of what we were doing. We had found out so many secrets about each other tonight I don’t think anyone would have said under different circumstances.

“So Mike honey, what do you think of your lovely family now?” mom asked.

“I think, I think were all a bunch of incest weirdo’s,” he said.

Mom looked at Aunt Lisa and Rita and nodded, “well I don’t know about the weird part, but you’re right about the incest part.”

As soon as she finished her sentence mom walked over to where I was sitting, straddled my lap and started kissing me. I looked past mom to see Aunt Lisa walk up to dad and do the same thing to him, and then Rita moved mom out of the way and stuck her tongue down my throat. Here we all were, on the couch making out with someone we shouldn’t be kissing, but no one said a word to stop it, instead mom grabbed my hand and led me to their bedroom, and Rita and Aunt Lisa followed behind us with dad.

Dad and I were both pushed on their king size bed and had someone climb on top of us, mom and Rita on me and Aunt Lisa on dad. I was in am intense makeout session with mom when I felt my pants being pulled off, along with my boxers. I sat up and mom pulled off my shirt and threw it in a pile on the floor, along with Rita’s clothes that she had just taken off. She and mom switched places so she could take off her clothes as well, and dad and Aunt Lisa had just finished taking off their last pieces of clothes.
As soon as all my clothes were off mom sat down over my face and Rita took my cock in her mouth and started sucking while I ate mom out. Rita always tastes good but mom’s pussy tasted fantastic, it was a combination of peaches and that sweet, yet tangy taste of pussy juice. My tongue went straight up into her as she ground her pussy all over my face.

“That’s it baby eat mommy’s pussy, oh you do that so good! Get your… ooh I love that! It looks like you guys have a little bit of competition now!”

Rita pulled my cock from her mouth and danced her tongue around the tip, “doesn’t her pussy taste so good Randy? I couldn’t get enough of it!”

“Mmmmhmm so good!” was all I could manage to get out before I dove right back into her pussy, and Rita took my entire cock back into her mouth. I managed to look past moms toned thighs to see dad and Aunt Lisa in a 69 with her on top sucking the life out of his cock, and he was doing work on her pussy.

“Oh Mike I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but your wife is so dam stingy! Your cock feels so good in my mouth! That’s it, swirl your tongue around just like that!”

“Dam Lisa you sure do know how to suck a cock! I wish Anna would have told me, I’m sure we could have worked out something,” dad said as he dove back into her pussy.

I concentrate back on the two women in front of me riding my face and sucking me off, by now I’m barely holding off cumming as I can feel my cock sliding all the way into Rita’s throat. The feeling is so intense every time it happens I jump a little and my tongue goes farther up into mom’s pussy, and a little juice seeps out.

“Oh fuck Randy if you keep doing that I’m gonna soak your face!” mom said.

I hear a loud muffled moan as I realize Aunt Lisa must have just came over dad’s face, and her moan triggers something in me to start fucking Rita’s mouth faster. By hips are hopping off the bed as I fuck her mouth and mom fucks my face, by now I have her clit in my mouth sucking it and squeezing and pulling her ass cheeks together, and the pressure finally gets to her as she grabs my head with both hands and squeezes her legs together.

“Oh my god baby, I’m cumming! Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuuuuuuucckkkkkkk!!!”

I’m trapped between two massive thighs as a river of juice flows out of mom soaking my entire face; I mean there was not a dry spot left. As she rides through her orgasm mine builds to extreme pressure and I cant even let Rita know because mom’s pussy is still sitting atop my face, so I try to mumble to her as best I can (which by the way only makes mom shake even more), but before I know it, I’m ejaculating a huge load into my sister’s mouth. I continue mumbling through mom as I seem to spurt a never ending supply into my sister’s mouth, but she doesn’t seem to be complaining. After what felt like minutes I feel my cock slip from my sisters mouth, and mom rolls off of me to the side, where Aunt Lisa is still sucking dad’s cock, I guess he hasn’t came yet. While mom lays there dazed I pull Rita up to me, give her a big sloppy wet kiss, exchanging mom’s juices in the process, and switch spots with her on the bed.

“Rita that was fucking great, now it’s time I returned the favor.

I spread her legs to see her pussy glistening, waiting for me, her arousal strong as the pineapple pungent odor fills my nostrils begging me to dive into her, and that’s exactly what I did. The second my tongue touched her pussy, her body locked up and pushed her pussy into my face even more. God I love eating her pussy, mom may have had a better taste but Rita’s was made for me, and I’ll never get tired of it.

“Randy! Yes! Oh my fucking god no one eats my pussy better than you, no one! I love you so much!”

“I love you too, let me show you just how much I do,” I said as I started licking her asshole.

“Ooh fuck! You know I love that! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be sore all week!”

When she said that I saw dad peek up from the blowjob he was getting, from now mom and Aunt Lisa who were trading off on him, they both saw this and smiled at each other. I went back to eating Rita out, which by now I had just stuck a finger into her ass and had her clit between my teeth. She tried to stifle a moan but failed, and it only got louder as I slipped a finger on the same hand in her pussy and fucked both holes as I pinched her nipple and sucked her clit. I looked over just in time to see dad squint his eyes and grab the head sucking his cock, which was Aunt Lisa’s, and pump his seed into her mouth while mom licked his balls. Cum slipped out the side of her mouth but mom was there to lick it up. Not a second later Rita grabbed my head just as mom did and fucked my face as fast as she could, her orgasm was fast approaching and I was ready for it.

“Randy, I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby! I’m fucking cumming! Yeeeessssssssss!!!”

Her juices didn’t come out all over the place like moms did, so I had no problem scooping it up and gulping it down. I crawled up her shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her lips, which she returned, then I kissed my way back down to her nipple, but before I could put it in my mouth, I heard a “Oh god yes!” and we looked over and saw Aunt Lisa impale herself on dad’s cock. I went right past her nipple and sat up on my knees and pushed my cock right into Rita’s wet pussy.

“Oh fuck! Now pound me Randy, pound your little sister with your big brother cock!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I started slow and worked up to a fast pace fucking that had her squirming all over the bed. I sat up on my knees, grabbed her hips and gave her what she asked for, a hard pounding. She pinched her nipples and moaned my name every few seconds, giving me initiative to fuck her harder. Aunt Lisa was just as loud bouncing up and down on dad while mom sucked on her nipples, she was digging her nails into his chest and bouncing up and down on him like a mad woman, as long as she’s been waiting to fuck dad she wasted no time bullshitting, she was going all out on him. I turned my attention back to Rita and put her legs up on my shoulders so I could go deeper into her, every time I would slide into her it felt like I was going down a slippery side with a soft landing at the bottom. I don’t think I’d ever gone this deep into her. She responded by fidgeting and putting the toes on her right foot into my mouth, which I gladly sucked on. Aunt Lisa was still going crazy on dad, and mom was now licking on his balls as they clapped every time Aunt Lisa sat down.

“Oh this feels so fucking good! How does dad’s cock feel inside you Aunt Lisa?” Rita said.

“It feels fantastic, just like I knew it would. Here, come see for yourself.”

She tried to pull her toes from my mouth but I wasn’t letting her because I didn’t want her to fuck dad, but I knew she had to, so I reluctantly let go and she crawled over to dad, who had this look like “I’m about to fuck my own daughter” on his face, and lay back as he straddled her. Aunt Lisa made her way over to me and got on all fours.

“I hope you saved your energy Randy, because you’ll need it.”

Rita and I both looked up as we now knew who the culprit behind my secret blowjob was, but she was distracted once dad pushed his cock into her and she let out a loud moan. Mom crawled away from dad and lay down in front of Aunt Lisa’s mouth, and she dropped down and started eating her out. I took my cock and poked it at her clit a few times, then lined it up with her pussy and pushed right in.

“Uugh fuck Randy! Now let’s see what you can do!”

I’m not gonna lie, I had been wanting to fuck Aunt Lisa for some time now, but I would never act on it because I was faithful to Rita, but now I could let loose all my pent up horniness and fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her hips and just started thrusting in and out of her as hard as I can. While I was fucking her I made a quick observation, moms ass giggled only a little because its so toned, while Rita’s ass giggles a lot because its both toned and soft, but Aunt Lisa’s ass had to be all soft because the slightest touch and it would make a wave across her whole ass, and I love to see that when I fuck from behind, so you can imagine how hard I was fucking her.

“Oh my god Randy, you’re really working my pussy back there! Keep fucking me like that!”

As long as her ass giggles like this I could fuck her all day. Rita looked up with a little pang of jealousy on her face as she saw how hard I was fucking Aunt Lisa, and then dad flipped her over on all fours and slipped into her doggystyle. Mom was screaming whatever came to her mind as she was still getting tongued by Aunt Lisa, whose screams were muffled because she had a face full of mom’s pussy, and Rita had begun to get vocal on the other side of me.

“Yes, keep eating my pussy! Oh this feels so fucking good! Oh fuck don’t stop!” mom screamed.

“You like how I fuck you huh Aunt Lisa? You like that young cock sliding in and out of you?”

“Oh yes baby, I love that young cock, don’t you dare stop fucking me!”

I heard a drowned out scream as her face was still in moms pussy, and I figured she must have had an orgasm because she stopped moving, but I didn’t, I kept on fucking her through it as her pussy leaked all over my cock, and kept coming back for more. Dad must have been fucking Rita pretty good too because she was screaming and bouncing back on dad as he fucked her, and dad was really fucking her fast.

“Yes daddy, oh my god yes daddy! Fuck me, fuck your little girl hard daddy!” Rita screamed.

“That cock feels good doesn’t it baby? You like daddy’s cock in that little pussy don’t you?”

“Yes daddy I do! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me daddy!”

There were only sounds of clapping, screaming, or moaning in the room as everyone was either giving pleasure or getting pleasured. I could not stop looking at Aunt Lisa’s ass as I fucked it, her big meaty cheeks clapping together just mesmerized me, but I snapped out of it when mom broke out yelling.

“Oh god, oh my fucking god I’m so horny, I need a dick in me now!” she yelled.

When she said that Aunt Lisa crawled from in front of me and over to dad, and I eased up over mom and slid my cock into her pussy right away. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me as I fucked my mom’s pussy with a vengeance.

“That’s it baby fuck me, don’t hold back! I want you to make my pussy hurt tomorrow!” she moaned.

I had heard mom talk dirty plenty, but her last statement really gave me a boost of energy. Hearing my mom say that to me made me really go at her, I was fucking her so hard it hurt, like she asked, but well worth it. I pushed up onto my hands and just like before, let my lower half do all the fucking. I was looking her in the eyes as she was bouncing around under me, and then I felt two hands on my ass helping to push me into mom. I looked and saw dad fucking Aunt Lisa missionary, so I knew it was Rita. She then crawled around us and squeezed mom’s tits together and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Mom closed her eyes tight like she was in pain as she tensed up and held still, and I stopped thinking I really hurt her. All of a sudden she rolls me over and straddles me with her back facing me, jacks my cock a few times and puts my cock into her ass. It was so tight I had to hold her in place just so I wouldn’t cum right there. When I regained control she started bouncing up and down on me faster and faster until she was satisfied with her rhythm. She then turned her attention to dad fucking Aunt Lisa.

“What’s the matter Lisa? Don’t feel like putting my husband’s cock in your ass?”

“What are you talking about? He’s fucking me in the ass right now!”

We looked as best as we could, and yes, he was fucking her in the ass missionary. Mom must have gotten even more turned on at seeing her husband fuck her sister in the ass because she grabbed onto my legs and bounced every which away on my cock. Moans and screams filled the air again as Rita sat down over my face, putting that beautiful pussy within tongues length of me as I licked at her while squeezing her tits between my hands. As I sucked the juice out of Rita’s pussy I eased two fingers into her ass. She jumped and looked down at me with a huge grin and worked her pussy across my face while pushing my fingers into her ass. I heard Aunt Lisa scream she was cumming and felt the bed shake even more as she shook around under dad. Mom kept riding me as if she was on a mechanical bull, and by the looks of it Rita was close to another orgasm. I sped up on everything I was doing but before I could make her cum she rose up off me and sat down on the side of me.

“Next time I cum, I want you to be inside me, mom can I please have my boyfriend back?”

“Sure honey, just let me…”


“Ok, fine, take him. Never wanna share anything,” she pouted.

She climbed off me and went over to dad, who was just getting off Aunt Lisa, and quickly sat down on him. Rita got up on all fours and spread her ass cheeks, and I crawled up behind her and slowly eased my cock into her ass.

“Ugh, fuck me baby, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!”

I didn’t start out slow at all, I ripped into her ass as hard as I could thrust after thrust. We were fucking so hard we slowly made our way to the top of the bed, and she reached up and grabbed the headboard to have something to hold on to. Mom was busy riding dads cock and Aunt Lisa was now on her knees over dads face kissing mom.

“That’s it baby make me cum! Lisa suck on my tits, I need to cum again so bad!”

“Don’t worry baby, I know just what to do,” he said as he brought her down to him and fucked harder.

I turned back to Rita who was still holding the headboard as I pounded away at her ass. She leaned her head to the side and I took advantage my kissing her neck in her sweet spot.
“Oh my god Randy, that’s it! I’m so fucking horny! I need to ride you right now, lay down!”
I pulled out and lay down like she asked, and jumped when mom screamed as dad entered her ass from behind while he fingered Aunt Lisa from the same position. Rita turned around to face me as she made her way to my body and mounted me as she looked at me all cute and innocent.

“This cock belongs to me now!”

She grabbed hold and sat right down on me all the way to the hilt. She closed her eyes and shuddered a bit, but soon they were opened and looking dead at me as she rode me. I hadn’t noticed until now, but every sex dream I had from yesterday into today had come true, mom rode my face while Rita sucked me, I fucked Aunt Lisa doggystyle, I fucked the hell out of mom, and now Rita was riding me. I suddenly felt a rush of happiness as I realized everything that happened, really happened and that Rita sitting on top of me would be the perfect way to end it. She put her hands on my chest and pushed as she ground her hips in a circle on me, then in a triangle, and then a square. We heard a loud clapping noise and looked at mom and dad to see him build up speed fucking her, then stop and close his eyes.

“Oh baby I’m cumming in your ass! Oh fuck!”

“Yes baby fill my ass up with you cum! It’s so hot, it feels so good!”

“Hey don’t forget about me, I want some of that cum too!” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

We watched dad pull out of mom and squirt the rest of his cum on Aunt Lisa’s pussy, then all three fell out next to each other on the bed, leaving just me and Rita. She looked back down at me and ground forward onto me, and then slowly bounced on me picking up speed as she went. I grabbed her ass to help her move faster as she switched between bouncing on me and grinding me. When she closed her eyes and bit her lip I knew she was close, so I rubbed her clit as best I could with all the moving.

“That’s it, I’m almost there. Keep doing that, I’m about to cum all over your cock!”

I picked up the intensity rubbing her and she picked up intensity fucking me, and to give her the extra push I pinched her nipple with my free hand. When she stopped bouncing and started shaking I knew that did the trick, as she closed her eyes and let her orgasm take over.

“Yes baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your fucking cock! Oh my god yeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!”

When her juices poured over my cock and onto my chest I just lost it and railed her again and again harder and harder. She was still in her orgasm but I know she felt it because she tried to say something but couldn’t. A few minutes after fucking her hard I felt the cum rising in me and closed my eyes as I pushed into her as far as I could and pumped my seed up into her. Her eyes widened as I was filling her up like she was having another orgasm, and when I finally finished squirting into her, she fell forward onto my chest where we lay, exhausted.

We all lay there for a while before anyone said anything, mostly because we were tired, and mostly because we couldn’t believe what just happened.

“I’m so worn out, that was amazing!” mom said.

“That was unbelievable, we are definitely gonna have to do this again,” Aunt Lisa followed.

Dad and I just lay there not saying a word, and Rita was still semi-unconscious on my chest.

“Good thing I put this extra blanket on the bed, or these sheets would be soaked! Ok I think its time we all got some sleep; we have to be out of here in the morning after all. Lisa you sleep in here with us, and Randy you and Rita go back to your bed.”

I picked Rita up who was just coming out of her daze, and we grabbed our clothes and headed for the door. “Ok mom, goodnight everyone,” I said and then Rita said the same thing. Before we were completely out the door I whispered “thanks” to mom, and she nodded her head and winked at us.
When we got back to our room Rita went to clean the cum out of her and wash up, and then when she came out I followed suit and cleaned myself off, then we both got in bed together.

“Well this was a good turn of events! At least now we can act like a real couple at home,” I said.

“Yeah, hey I’m sorry if I enjoyed sex with dad too much, but it felt really good.”

“It’s ok, we did what we had to do, and I’m sorry if I enjoyed sex with Aunt Lisa too much.”

“I love you so much, I’ll never find anyone better than you, I know it.”

“I love you too; I already have the girl I want, so there’s no point in even looking.”

We cuddled up and kissed for a while before we both fell asleep holding each other, thinking out how great this trip had turned out.

When we woke up we could hear everyone running in and out of the front door putting stuff into the truck, and our door was wide open. We got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned up, got dressed and packed our stuff up; I guess we aren’t staying for breakfast.

“Good, you’re already up, I was just about to come and wake you,” dad said as he took my bags.

“Why are we leaving so early? Can’t we stay for breakfast at least?” I asked.

“No we have to be out of here in 30 minutes, my boss is coming back here and he expects us gone, we can eat breakfast when we get home.”

For the next 25 minutes the women packed everything up and dad and I loaded it up in the truck. Once we were done dad locked the cabin and we said bye to Aunt Lisa in our own new way, a kiss on the lips and the grapple of a body part. When Rita and I got in the truck we were immediately making out, no longer afraid of dad finding out, we would be all over each other from now on.

“Hey cut that out, it’s still early in the morning!” dad said as he got in.

“Sorry dad,” we said at the same time, mom couldn’t help but laugh a little.

As he started the truck and pulled off we all took one last look at the cabin, the place that opened new doors for us, where we could say we had really become a family. We stared at it and waved as we got further and further away from the place that made all our lives better, secretly thanking it.

Goodbye Cabin.

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