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This only Part 1 hope you enjoy
I have had lots of fantasies. Some fulfilled while others never will come true. I did not think that this one would become reality.

I was naked on a bed, in some hotel that I didn't know the location of. Tom was there with me, he is tall, thin, but muscular, dark short hair, blue eyes (the contrast was what got me attracted to him), lets just say his appearance is close to perfect and I mean everything. I am medium height, long blond hair, slender figure with plenty of curves, nice ass and 30D tits.
"I want you to lie on the bed, your ass pointing towards me, your arms stretched out in front of you." Tom said from the end of the bed. It was a decent size bed with comfortable sheets and four posts on each corners. I did what he told me to do. He knew that whenever he ordered me to do something, it turned me on.
"Good girl, I am going to blindfold you know, don't be shocked" he came around the bed and put the black blindfold on, my vision went black and the anticipation high. He then grabbed my right wrist and put something around it, it felt soft. My are got pulled forwards and to the side, then my arm was secured. Going to the other side of the bed, he repeated the process. He trailed his fingers on my back making me arch into his touch until he reached my ass, then the fingers were gone.
"I have brought you here for a reason, I hope that you will enjoy this. This is going to be different from everything that we have ever done. Are you okay with it? With whatever might happen?" He asked into my ear.
"Yes, I am ready for whatever you are planning." I answered obediently.
"Good and now I will gag you. Don't want you screaming the walls down." Just at that moment I felt something pressed to my mouth and I opened. I never was gagged before, It felt nice, a little strange due to the new feeling of it, but I was ready for anything. I heard a tube being opened and it being squeezed, then the cold feeling of lube against my ass and pussy. A finger sliding into my ass and lubing it up nicely, the feeling of something going in my ass turned me on, I could even feel a small orgasm building up. I normally don't have such a fast reaction like this. But then again there is always a first time for everything. The fingers were gone as soon as I got close to have my small climax.
"You know the rules, no cumming until I tell you to." Tom reminded me. That was always the hardest part, not being able to cum when I want and need, but waiting for his consent. At the same time it just turned me on more. There is very little that won't turn me on. After him saying this I did not feel or hear him, I only heard footsteps leaving and a door opening. I waited for a couple of minutes and then I heard footsteps again, it sounded like there were more now, but that might just be me hearing things.
"We are going to start now. Get on your knees and lift you upper body of the bed, stay like this until I tell you otherwise." I did what he ordered. I felt the bed moving and the sheets against a body. Hands caressing my legs, higher and higher up, fingers being shoved into my pussy and moved fiercely back and forth for a bit, but as abrublty as it started it ended. Then the body heat moved underneath my own, lips kissing the way from my stomach to my tits to my chin. All soft and light kisses, but yet demanding for my attention.
When finally settled, his hands on my hips urged me down onto his hard cock. With a hard thrust he was in my, filling me all the way up. It seemed bigger than usual, but I couldn't ask since my mouth was being gagged by a ball, but it didn't stop me from moaning. Then I all of a sudden had a pair of hands spanking my ass, nice and hard just like the way I like it. But the amount of hands was more than usual, two on my hips and my ass being spanked. What is going on?
"Ahh, yes my little slut. It is not me fucking you, its someone else." Tom commented from behind me. Fuck, this is what I always wanted, to be fucked by someone that I don't know and my boyfriend to join in. I thought that this would never happen. Stroking my ass before he spanks it. He spanked me a couple of more times until my ass started to sting, but yet sending shocks of pleasure through my body. Then I felt the bed shake and Tom get in the bed until he was directly behind me and his hands on my ass, spreading wide. He placed himself at the entrance of my ass and then guided himself in. I screamed, but it made no sense to scream. I loved the feeling of having two cocks shoved into my holes. Being filled to the fullest and having to please two at once. While Tom trust in the other was pulling out and the other way around. I could feel every uneven area on each cock as they pushed in me.
"Do you like this, you slut? " He thrust into me with a lot of force. "Nod you head if you do." I did, I loved this. I was already close to cumming, the climax building faster by the second, its so hard to hold it back until I am allowed to cum.
"Do you want to know who is fucking your pussy?" He asked roughly. I shook my head telling him no, like this it was more exciting and thrilling. "Then cum for us, you cum slut whore." Tom ordered my and I did with such a relief of being able to. My entire body rejoiced with me, the force of the orgarsm shocked me. But just a couple of seconds after it ended I felt a new once building. The was then removed and my moans filled the room. Both of them stopped fucking me, the guy from underneath me got out and forced his cock into my now open mouth. I could taste my juices on him, I obediently sucked him hard and long. I sucked with all the force that I could manage, his cock hitting the end of my throat and my gag reflex started up, he didn't stop forcing it into my mouth.
"We are going to feed you our cum, just like you like it." Tom commented from behind me. I could already feel the cock in my mouth swelling, he was close to ready. Tom was getting fiercer with each thrust, so he was close too. I can cum anytime. The moans were stopped by the cock in my mouth. He started to pump faster into my mouth and soft moans came from him. Tom's cock in my ass was going to send me over the top again, the feeling of the forbidden being invaded just turned me on.
"Ahhh... yesss!" A voice moaned from above me. That was when I tasted his cum, deep in my throat, but he moved out so that it covered my face and my mouth. I liked the cum of my lips and the taste was amazing, salty but sweet. Just at that time Tom pumped one last time into me and then he loaded his cum in my ass. He then removed himself and let the cum slip out of my ass onto my pussy. Tom shoved his finger into my ass to get some cum on it and then he brought it to my mouth and made me suck it off, his cum was different, but still so good.
"You are going to clean us and eat all the cum that is in or on you body, don't worry we will feed it to you." Tom said while he was feeding me another finger from my ass. The guy shoved his now limp cock into my mouth for me to clean, I licked it clean, sucked a but on it in hope to get more cum out of him. When he was out of my mouth Tom placed his cock into my mouth and I repeated the process on him. When I was finished with him the guy took his finger and stocked my face to get his cum, he made me lick it off. The kept on changing until all the cum was gone.


2010-09-11 09:53:41
I am sorry for the mistakes. But I was in a hurry so therefore I made some mistakes.
One correction:
'Then the gag was removed and my moans filled the room.'

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2010-09-09 04:41:31
Good. But careful editing would make it better.

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