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Well I hope you enjoy, but it's not about me.
Darryl was one of Rachel's closest friends. They would always flirt together and always went over to each other's houses. They were in almost all of hte same classes, but pretended they hated each other. But other peers knew that they really liked each other. Sometimes Rachel would find herself lying on the bed at home masturbating and thinking about Darryl (and other sexy guys) and Darryl would always have wet dreams about Rachel and masturbate.

One day, after school, Darryl came up to Rachel. "Hey," he smiled.

"Hi," Rachel said shyly. She wasn't in such a good mood.

"What's the matter?" Darryl asked. He was kind of concerned.

"Nothing," Rachel said. "So, what's up?"

"Do you want to go over to my house today?" Darryl asked. "To study. For science."

"OK," Rachel smiled. She loved hanging out with Darryl.

"Great," Darryl said and they walked home together.


They were hanging out in Darryl's room, "studying," when Darryl asked, "Rach, are you a virgin?"

Rachel was suspicous. Had he seen her masturbate or something? "Yeah, why? Are you?"

"Just wondering." He looked out the window. "I'm a virgin too, so don't worry about it. I wasn't testing you or anything."

"Good." Rachel was getting really nervous. She didn't want to say anything about her feelings for him. She took off her shoes and looked around. She sat on the bed and Darryl started pacing around. Then he finally stopped, sat down next to Rachel, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Rachel was shocked. "What was that for?" she asked.

"I like you." He kissed her again. "A lot." He kissed her longer.

"Thanks, you too." What was he getting at? They made out for a while, partly becasue Rachel had no idea what else she should do, partly because they had nothing better to do, and partly becasue Rachel had really strong feelings for him.

"My parents aren't home," Darryl said suddenly. "Do you want to have sex?"

Rachel was kind of surprised to hear this. But of course, that was what she wanted to do. "Sure. Do you have condoms?"

"Uhh," Darryl thought for a second. "I think my Dad has some."

"Ew, I don't wasnt to be fucked by your dad's condoms!" Rachel laughed, but she slipped off her shirt and bra. Darryl smiled and took off her jeans. So Rachel was only wearing her underwear and was revealing her sixe 32 C breasts. Darryl then unbuttoned his shirt and took off his jeans and boxers to show his thick seven inch dick. It wasn't as big as Rachel had seen in movies and stuff, but it was still pretty big for her. "Wow, Darryl, did you take Viagra?"

"No, this is all natural," Darryl smiled as he lay Rachel on the bed. He started to suck her tits with great pleasure, while pumping his dick through her legs. She started groaning, but not enough to make her cum. She started feeling his shoulders and he looked up at her and kissed her.

Darryl then moved down to Rachel's underwear. He took it off to find a trimmed, blonde beauty. He fingered her pussy just a little, then spread it with his fingers and began rubbing it. This was always Rachel's sensitive spot. She moaned more and more and soon Darryl started licking. Slowly ant first, but then he moved so rapidly that Rachel was gasping. He ate girls out so well -was he REALLY a virgin?

They did that for a while, then Rachel had enough. "Darryl, can I give you a blow?" she asked. Dave smiled as he looked up. God, he looked so sexy with juices that Rachel came, right on his chin and on the bed. He started licking it up. When he was finished, he looked up. "As you were saying?" he asked.

"A blow. Can I give you a blowjob?" Rachel asked.

"I'd be dumb not letting you," Darryl laughed, and sat down on the bed. Rachel lay down flat on her stomace and wrapped her tounge around the head. She then started licking toward his balls, and then thrust have the thing in her mouth. It was kind of big for her, but she wanted to fit it wholly in her mouth. She sucked on it like a baby sucking its mother's breast. Finally, Darryl came. She was kind of surprised because he gave no warning, so she started to gag it up and spit it out. It was warm and good, but she didn't want to swalllow it just yet. Darryl had o problem with this -he was moaning and thinking about how good it felt and how much he had longed for this.

Finally, Darryl said, "OK, you can stop." He was getting bored of sitting there, watching her, while he wanted to fuck her. Rachel gave it one last lick and looked up. "Now what? We fuck?"

"If you want to," Darryl smiled. Rachel nodded enthusiastically. Darryl pulled her up and rolled on top of her. "It might hurt a little," he warned. "I'll go slow, but then once you get used to it, I'll go faster."

"Deal," Rachel nodded. Slowly, Darryl lifted his cock up and placed it near Rachel's pussy. But the anticipation was too much. Rachel grabbed his cock and thrust it in her tiny hole, but it seemed it was a mistake. She screamed in pain. It hurt a lot, and there was a little blood. She was about to cry, but Darryl made her stop. He was humping her softly and slowly, and little by little Rachel began to enjoy it. THey finally fucked faster and faster until Darryl couldn't take it anymore and came. Rachel felt the warm sperm in her body, then suddenly remembered he was not wearing a condom. But the sperm felt so good, she didn't care that much.

Fina;;y Darryl pulled his dick out. Rachel started to lick the slippery juices, but Darryl placed it in her ass hole. Slowly he started humping her as before. But it hurt a little bit more. Rachel groaned in ecstacy and shouted, "Wow, this is great!" Finally Darryl stopped. They were both breathing heavily. They got dressed and Darryl walked Rachel to the door. They kissed

"I can't wait till the next time we study together," Darryl said.

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