Two young honeys to entertain
Carla was a sweet 16 year old brunette attending high school. She was a real
cutie. I met her one day at the bowling center. She was with her dad, her little
brother, and a friend named Patty I happened to know. When they finished bowling,
I started bowling. Patty came over when she saw me and said hi giving me a hug.
I kissed her on the head saying hi and hugging her back. Patty is a cute little
17 year old blond. Carla then came over and asked me if I was the name on the wall
since she saw the name Michael on the bowling screen. I told her yea that it was me.
My name was up there for having bowled a 300 game and a 298 game during league.

I always saw Patty at school because I coach sports at her school and I coach her
brother in football. She always walks over to me to say hi and gives me a hug. I
like hugging her back and putting my leg between hers when I do. She looks so good
in mini skirts when I see her in them at school. I started seeing Carla at the school
also and she would come over to say hi when she saw me. I always gave her a hug too
and would hug and kiss her on the head. Those are 2 little honeys I would like to
eat out and make cum. I think 9-12 year olds get turned on easily

I saw Carla and Patty one weekend at the bowling center. It was Patty's birthday.
They were dancing to Michael Jackson music. It looked like they may have made up
their own steps but looked pretty cool. They couldn't seem to synchronize their
steps and Carla fell to the ground laughing. I couldn't believe that when Carla
fell she allowed her legs to spread. She had on a mini skirt. I saw her blue panties
and got a hard-on thinking about diving between her legs and licking her pussy.
Patty tried to help her up but Carla accidentally pulled her down instead. Patty
also had on a mini skirt and I saw her white panties when she fell. I went over
and helped them both up. I was wishing I could attack their pussies on the spot.

Patty's mom saw me helping the girls up and came over to say hello. I knew her so
I gave her a kiss on the cheek when we hugged to say hello. I work with Patty's dad.
The mom, Alexa, told me to go get some cake and snacks. I went by the table and saw
the dad, Rick, and said hello to him. I coach their son Ricky in football. As we
were talking Rick mentioned that he and Alexa were going on a cruise next week but
hadn't found someone to house-sit for them. Rick then said, "hey you live alone. You
think you could house-sit?. The kids know and like you and that helps. I told him to
run it by Alexa and the kids and that if they were ok with it I would do it.

The two girls kept dancing and Carla fell a couple more times each time allowing
her legs to spread and giving a view of her panties to anyone who wanted to look.
All I could think was I wanted to dive between her legs and lick her sweet pussy
til I made her cum. I wanted to drink her sweet juice and make her cum over and
over. Carla and Patty saw me watching them dance and smiled at me. I smiled back
and gave them a thumbs up. They both looked so delicious in their minis.

On Monday I saw Rick at work and he told me Alexa was glad I would house-sit and
so were the kids. He told me to come over at the end of the week cause they were
leaving Sunday. During school Patty and Ricky would catch the bus home and I would
go there on the evenings after work. Rick told me that Patty's friend Carla was
spending the night the Friday before they return, and that Ricky was going to a
concert that night with friends from school. "It will just be you and the girls
that night". Rick laughed and I joined but thinking of a great opportunity to have
both cuties alone and what to do about it.

I came over early Sunday. Rick and Alexa were ready to leave for the docks to catch
their cruise. Ricky and Patty said bye to their parents. They said "see you all in
a week" and left. When we went inside I told Rick and Patty to let me know what they
wanted to do today. I mentioned the movies and they both liked the idea. Patty
wanted to see Despicable Me but Ricky wanted to see Knight and Day with Tom
Cruise. I checked the times of the movies and they ended 10 minutes apart so I told
Ricky to meet us at the end of the movie. I bought us all tickets. Patty and I went
to her movie and sat down. It was the matinee so not too many people were there.
Patty picked a row near the middle of the theater and we sat down.

Patty was wearing shorts and looking good as usual. The shorts and previews began.
Patty had her legs crossed up on the seat and so her thigh was making contact with
my leg. I moved my leg a bit more toward her so it slid a little more under her
thigh. As the movie went on I noticed Patty fidgeting. Now and then she brought her
hand across her leg making quick contact with mine. I wasn't watching the movie
much. I had a hard-on. I looked at Patty, put my hand on her thigh, and said "glad
I could hang out with you guys this week". She smiled at me saying "me too". Since
she didn't say anything about my hand I left it there, my hard-on busting against
my pants.

Patty was fidgeting more and moving around. She then rotated more toward me and her
leg came to rest on top of mine. My hand creeped up her thigh with that move. Patty
didn't say anything so I left it there. It was inches from her honey-hole. I
realized that all her fidgeting meant she was excited. Patty suddenly flinched and
my hand brushed her crotch. She then straightened up and said she had to go to the
bathroom. "Okay". I knew her pussy was leaking. I wanted to pull my dick out and
masturbate on the spot. Patty came back after a while and sat the same way she was
before. With our legs making contact the whole movie and my hand resting on her
thigh near her pussy, Patty fidgeted for the rest of the movie, making my hand
slide up on her leg now and then. I enjoyed it as much as I am sure she liked it.

When the movie ended we waited 10 minutes for Ricky's movie to end and we left.
We stopped at Wendy's to eat and then went home. After a couple of hours Ricky
said he was going over to a friend's. I said ok and stayed home with Patty. "So
Carla is coming over Friday after school?" "Yea she is spending the night". "Want
to play a game?". "What game?" "I call it control the itch". Patty smiled. I told
her what I do is run my hand along her leg slowly so that she will have an urge to
scratch but the idea is to last as long as you can before doing that. She laughed
and said "okay I'll try it". I got a hard-on knowing I was going to be able to run
my hands up and down her beautiful young muscular legs. "You also lose if you
flinch and move your leg away from my hand". "Okay".

I had Patty sit across from me, her feet flat and her legs bent. I traced a finger
up her leg starting at her ankle. When I got to her calf she flinched. I stopped
and traced back up and down in the same area then moved slowly upward. Patty was
fidgeting. "Ooh you are pretty tough. You've lasted all of 10 seconds so far. No
one has lasted a minute yet". As I traced my finger up her calf I crossed over
to her other leg. I had a hard-on knowing I was running my finger up and around her
sweet legs. I added all 4 fingers and moved up to her thigh. She flinched and
knocked my hand off her leg. "Oops. You only lasted 20 seconds". Patty got up.
"I'll be back I gotta go to the bathroom". I knew I had her sweet pussy juicing.

Patty came back and sat in front of me again. "Okay start over". I smiled and
started with all my fingers running up one calf then slowly teasing up to her
thigh but quickly coming back down. I did this a few times as Patty fidgeted. I
quickly changed legs and did the same thing inching each time higher up the thigh
quickly. "Not bad. Going on 30 seconds". I focused more on the thigh now quickly
tracing up toward her Vee on the inside of her thigh. She flinched hard and
trapped my hand then released. I kept this up and as I switched legs I quickly
slid my hand up toward her Vee brushing her pussy. She trapped my hand again. I
pressed my hand against her pussy and she squeezed her legs harder against my
hand. She then opened her legs and my hand slid off. "Oh you almost did it. You
got 45 seconds".

"I gotta go to the bathroom now Patty. Be right back". I went in the bathroom
and released my hard-on. I was able to masturbate and cum within a minute I was
so excited. When I came back out I noticed Patty seemed to be stroking her
crotch. I backed up and watched a while and saw Patty slip a finger inside her
shorts. I knew for sure I had her juicing. I coughed and Patty quickly straightened
up. I pretended I hadn't noticed anything. As I walked in front of her I suddenly
lunged at her and wrestled her to the ground. I let her roll me on my back as she
quickly took control and sat on my stomach. I could smell her pussy juice. I
quickly pushed up and pushing her back dove my head between her legs and pushed my
nose hard into her pussy.

Patty quickly closed her legs trapping my face between her legs, I thrashed my face
back and forth across her pussy. Patty kept my head trapped so I knew I had her. As
I moved my face across her pussy I purposedly licked her inner thighs. I kept this
up til Patty suddenly released her hold and fell back. Her eyes were glazed and I
realized she was cumming. I rolled my face hard against her pussy as I got up and I
heard Patty moan. "You ok? You are a strong girl. I couldn't get away". She smiled.

During the week I couldn't really do anything with Patty because Ricky was always
home with us. I made sure they did their homework during the week. I would go to
Patty and ask if she needed help so I could sit right next to her and press my
leg against hers. I loved when she would press back against mine as I helped her
with her homework. This let me know I had her excited when she would fidget in her
chair. "Hey remember Carla is coming home on the bus with me tomorrow to spend the
night". I couldn't wait to have both girls to myself since Ricky was going to stay
with a friend.

Friday came so when I got home from work Ricky, Patty, and Carla were there. Once I
got settled in Ricky told me he was going to his friend's to go to the concert and
reminded me he was spending the night there. "Ok Ricky, have a good time. See you
tomorrow". Once he left I went to the living room where the girls were. Carla came
over to me to say hi and gave me a hug. I kissed her on the head. They both had on
shorts and looked really good. Patty told me to sit next to her. Carla quickly told
me to sit next to her. I sat between them. They both pressed against me which I
didn't mind at all. Their legs were touching mine. I had changed into shorts so I
felt skin on skin which felt great.

"Let's play that itch game", said Patty. Carla quickly asked "what's that"? Patty
explained and then said "watch". I started with her and quickly ran my finger from
her ankle all the way up to the edge of her shorts. This caused Patty to flinch and
my finger came off her leg. "You lose". Carla said "my turn". I then, even slower, ran
my finger along her leg going up and down in the same area a few times. Carla then
flinched while laughing. "you lose - you guys gotta be tougher than that. Patty almost
lasted a minute the first time we played this game. Ok Patty, your turn again". I moved
my finger slowly along her leg enjoying touching her. She was fidgeting but not so
hard to cause my finger to come off. I worked up to her shorts level and slid my finger
just slightly under them and quickly back out which made Patty flinch more. Since I
was up at her thigh my finger stayed on and I kept doing the same thing. Patty then
flinched and got up saying she had to go to the bathroom. I knew she was leaking pussy

When she left I jumped Carla and rolled her on the ground. She laughed as I ran both my
hands along her legs saying "double attack". I brushed all the way up her shorts to
her pussy quickly as she was flinching and fidgeting. I kept this up til Patty came
back in the room. "Hey what are you guys doing"? Carla got up and said I did a double
attack on her and then said she had to go to the bathroom. I knew she was now leaking
pussy juice. Patty then sat down next to me and I quickly attacked her saying "double
attack" and ran both my hands up and down her legs. Patty spread her legs some and I
quickly slid my hands along the inside of her legs toward her pussy. She spread her legs
a bit more so I got bolder and fell foward on her my face between her legs. "Face
attack". I started running my nose up along her thighs toward her pussy. Patty arched
her pussy up toward my mouth and I sank it down hard and rubbed it back and forth
against her crotch. Patty suddenly went limp and I knew she had cum.

Carla came back into the room. As she sat next to us I attacked her saying "face attack"
and dove my face betwen her legs rubbing my nose up along her thighs like I did to
Patty. Carla laughed and flinched closing her legs against my face. I dove my face
harder into her pussy and rubbed back and forth. Carla suddenly fell back limp and I
knew I had made her cum also. Patty then said "what else can we play"?

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