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final story of set
Hi I’m bailey and this is my side of what happened that wonderful week. I will pick up where Cody left off.

When I woke Cody was gone and London was coming out of the bathroom. We talked about what happened the night before. She asked who was better I told that Cody was sweeter but Zack was bigger. I told London that I need a shower a I left for the bathroom. I turned on the water as I stepped in still naked from the night before. As I washed out my hair I heard the door open. Then a second later I heard Zack saying is any one here. I yelled to him. I said I was in the shower. After that I heard the door open again. Then the curtains as he stepped in. He told me how he couldn’t sleep last night because he was thinking of me. He started to rub my smooth clit. I just stud there letting him do what ever he wanted. He went down on his knees and started to like all around my little hole. I was moaning and he keep licking and sucking. I screamed and my juices started to pour all over his face. He then got up and started to kiss me. As I liked all my pussy juices off his face I felt his hard men hood hit my leg. Then I know it was my turn. I dropped to my knees and started to bob up and down really fast. When he came I got every little drop in my mouth then I swallowed all of it.

As I cleaned up he was gone. I left to see were Cody went. I got to his room but he was not there. I went to the sky deck. I could not find him any where so I just went into the city. I walked around bought a few shirts and skirts. I saw Cody telling Zack that pizza in a cup is not real food. I walked over and gave the most passionate kiss I have ever had. We French kissed for a good three minutes and then we left for the boat. When we got to the boat we saw a sign for the Goodbye to Paris dance tonight. We went up to Mr. Mosby he asked us how we liked Paris. We told him it was really nice and we think we all got a little closer this week.

We were heading up to my room to talk and make out. Then we saw the most beautiful teacher Mrs. Moto. I whispered over to Cody how great would it be if she joined us the next time we do it. He said that would be almost as good as if there was two of you. I giggled and planted one right on him. We went into my room still locked in our kiss. We fell right on the bed and we started to pull of each others clothes. When we heard a knock. I ran into the bathroom and Cody opened the door. It was Miss. Moto she wanted to know if we were going to the dance tonight. Cody said it was up to me and miss. Moto told him to ask me. When we came out of the Bathroom she was in just her bra and panties. I could see the bump in Cody’s pants. I couldn’t blame him she was at less 6’ 2’’ little blue eyes long blonde hair and a set that was near double the size of mine. I was surprised that she was really going to full fill our fantasy. I was really wet when I asked what she was doing. She said that she saw us kissing and really wanted to do something or more like to do someone. We both said sure we were just about to. As they got back into only under wear.

Miss Moto showed us many things. We learned all knew things. She got up on Cody and kissed him and they went fast and furious. I heard her moan and scream yes yes yes ohh and then fell into Cody’s arms. They lead there motionless then she got up and pulled me over and ate my pussy out. She said I had a nice cunt I was really pink and smelt sweet and tasted even better. I saw Cody start to trust and we were all in bliss. Miss Moto said she was close to cumming. I said I was close to and Cody went faster and he must of blasted and a mix of there juices poured out as Miss Moto grabbed her self and then I cam pouring all the cum on the floor.

As we dressed we noticed it was time to go down to the dance. We danced together. When the music was fast we were grinding and grubbing. When there was a really slow dance came on Cody wrapped his arms around me and put his hands down my pants. He put his fingers in my clit working in and out till a teacher came by. After a few cups of punch we were back in my room. By now we decided that my room will be are love hideaway. We were trying new thing we learned.

WE started with the cow girls. We did that because I always wanted to try that. It reminded me of home. I was going up and down on Cody’s tool. We were going for a while then I was close and I told him I was going to cum I climaxed but we going and he blasted in me and I fell over. We just laded there next to each other. He wanted to go for round two but I had no go left in me. We just sat there admiring each other then we heard the door again this time it was London. She walked over and reminded Cody of there deal.

If you read London then I don’t need to right this again I’m going to skip to where London left off.

I woke up really horny. I was fingering my self. I noticed Cody was hard in his sleep. I turned him over and climbed on. I was going really fast and he woke up and joined in. we got off the bed and did it on the floor. We were going really fast and I was rubbing the top of my cunt to keep up with the great feeling we were having. He could not go mush longer and then he blasted and I was filled up as we got up he walked back to bed but I was still not finished.

I got up and walked all the way to Zack’s room. I got there and he was still up. I came in and I saw what he was doing. He was watching porn and jacking off. I walked over naked by the time I got to him. I asked if he need help with that. He said yes then I crawled up and gave him a blow job. As I finished on him he came in my face. Now it’s my turn. I told him now he can eat me out. He got in between my legs and stuck his head in my pussy. I came in his face then I told him I saw good for now but I may come back soon.

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2013-04-15 01:28:51
Ok story but I've read better

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2013-03-27 02:40:21
@ anonymous below your right most others cant spell but then again you can't either so i wouldn't be talking there was many grammer mistakes hard to read but a good story.

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2013-02-23 23:57:18
You know what you freakin retards who are complaning about grammer you are stupid!!!This is a sex site go wine about something else.You idiots are complaning about the storys grammer well look at your itf not that better.Anyway it was a fine story but these other freaktards who are compalning shut up and read. Youre spelling is worse than thisand the author gave you the explanation!!!! SHUT UP YOU FREAKIN GRAMMER IDIOTS WHO CAN'T EVEN SPELL THEIR OWN!!!!!!!

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2013-01-29 15:35:52
dònt listen to anyone else i think it was great as specialy tje part when bailey gave cody a blowjob

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2013-01-04 03:31:42
i read the story hard to read it but it was ok i liked it

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