First attempt at truly Dark kind
It always started with my late night stakeout. Sitting there in my dark sedan with the window cracked just enough to let the cloud of smoke from my $3 cigar escape its way into the midnight air. The windows are tinted so that I can see out, but none of the unsuspecting passers-by would be able to recognize me. I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’m a cop’. Well …not exactly. You see, I’m one of those dregs of humanity that cops want off of the streets. I’m a predator. It’s okay, I know what I am. It’s this nasty feeling inside of me that somehow always seemed to creep to the surface as a kid. It was the same reason my parents kicked me out on to the street at 16. I guess I’ve just learned to embrace it. I’m not proud of it…but I am good at it.
So here I am, once again sitting in my sedan puffing another drag of my stogie as I gaze upon the unsuspecting little teases as they stay up past their bedtimes, walking down a street that they have no business on, in their trampy little flared skirts and low cut blouses. They just love the fact that some young teenage jock is going to get a hard on at the sight of her pushed up titties popping out of her top. What she isn’t going to love is the man in the dark sedan that is anxious to teach her a lesson.
One by one I see them pass by my car. Damn I love a good Friday night. They are all so frisky and anxious. They don’t even look around them; Large groups of them frolicking down the street without a single care in the world, just glad that someone has noticed their existence. Well don’t worry ladies…I’ve noticed. I spend a few hours just waiting till they start to split up and divide. Some are smart. They have their little mace key chains, and they never travel alone. Some know to park in the well lit parking lots and travel with their big boyfriends. But then there is the one…yeah, I know who she is, even if she doesn’t. She smiles back at her friends and waves her soft silky arm back at them as she proceeds down the dark little alley that she thought was more convenient than the parking lot with the giant spot light lanterns hanging over head. That’s right, I know who she is. Because I’m the one watching that skimpy little skirt flap from side to side as her tight little ass sways down that dark damp alley. I’m the one licking my lips at the thought of her innocence washing away as she showers my smoky breath off of her sweet violated body the next morning. Yes…I know who she is.
Tonight is like all the others; Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes…so many to choose from. Some of these luscious beauties have curls, some straight haired… shit, I’ve even seen the occasional bald slut from time to time. I ponder in my mind which ones truly have carpet to match the blinds if you know what I mean. Just as I start watching a few lovely fems disappear inside the club across the street…I see her…Blonde it is. She is perfect, her tight curly locks descending down over her shoulders…not too long though…I do hate messing with tangles. Not a blouse tonight, but a tight bright pink tank top. I love tank tops…they rip so easily. The flared skirt is there; pink and blue plaid with a hint of purple. She waves off her two girlfriends…what a shame…the other one had some incredible tits, but this little beast is much hotter anyway. I can feel my cock already starting to bulge a little in my jeans.
She skipped right past the alley though. Damn…she must have parked in a good place. I keep watching though, you just never know when things will work in your favor. She’s staying on the sidewalk…a good sign. She is passing my car now; I no longer have to watch her through the rearview mirror. As she glances at my cracked window, she even noticed the puff of smoke escape the passenger side of my car. She didn’t even flinch; Stupid, stupid bitch; absolutely no common sense whatsoever. I can see her ass so much better now, and let me tell you, it is perfect. Back and forth that tiny little thing sways in front of me. I can’t wait to have that silky smooth flesh in my tight forceful grips.
If she only knew where she was going to be twenty minutes from now.
I reach down and grab the small bottle of chloroform. I was just about to pour some into the handkerchief I have reserved for the occasion, when I decide against it. This girl has parked way down the street; down where it is dark and quiet. I put the bottle away in my console…the fact is, I like to have a little fight in my …ummm…victims. I put on my black gloves, and then take one last puff of my cigar before quietly climbing out of my car. I’ve already chosen the perfect soft soled shoes for the occasion. You would be shocked how quietly an evil minded man like me can walk down a street at night.
As I start to follow her, she never even suspects someone is behind her. I increase my speed now, anxious to make my move in the darkness of the block she is about to approach. She reaches her hand into her purse, apparently searching for the keys to the red sports car at the end of the block. She won’t make it there though. As her hand pulls out the small black accented key with the cutsie kitty cat keychain, she lets it slip through her fingers and fall to the ground.
She just made my job easier. As the little vixen bends over, and gives me a wonderful shot of her tight pink thong disappearing up the slit of her ass, I quickly make my move. I move quickly up behind her and slap my gloved hand over her mouth. My other arm scoops around the front of her, my hand intentionally cupping her breasts as I forcibly pull her to her feet, and hoist her frail little frame right off of the ground. Her feet are kicking violently as she attempts to scream in the muzzling glove.
Stupid, stupid girl.
She continues to fight as I cautiously carry her reluctant body to my car. Constantly my eyes survey the area for witnesses; but this is not my first rodeo. I have planned my assault very carefully. My car is parked in the dark shadows of the road, and I am good at moving quiet and quick. I slam her body down on top of the hood of my car, keeping my hand tight against her mouth, but holding her to the hood with the weight of my large strong frame. I am sure she can feel my thick cock bulging through my jeans as I grind it against her frail little virgin ass. Not a word is said as I reach back with my free hand and pull the duct tape from my fanny pack. I have to place the first piece over her mouth; it has to be done quickly or she will scream out and get someone’s attention. I give a quick punch to her kidney first; it helps to knock the wind out of her long enough for me to apply the gag.
I keep my body pressed against her…making sure to dig my cock even harder against her ass. I’m sure that in spite of her fear, she has to at least be curious about the size of my thick 10” cock pressed hard against her. Surely she has noticed how large I am. I pull her hands back behind her and run the sticky strands tight around her wrists. I grab her by the arms, and stand her up. To be honest, I already miss the feel of her ass against my cock. I’m even harder now though. I look around one last time and then quickly throw open the back door and shove her face first into the car. She lands with a flop, quickly beginning to kick at me violently as she attempts to scream through the tape. I grab her ankles and tape them together and then give her a hard slap on her bare ass…damn I do love thongs. Her face is shoved into the seat, but I can already see the streaks of mascara running down her cheeks from her tears.
She’s scared…well boohoohoo. Maybe if the stupid cunt had been scared in the first place she would have taken more precautions. I mean hell, doesn’t she watch the news. It talks about people like me all the time. But she doesn’t listen. She doesn’t want to know. Well, she sure as fuck knows now, doesn’t she?
I climb in the car and sit there in the dark. Call me sick, but I love to hear them sob against their restraints. I reach back and grab the tiny purse that had fallen off her body when I tossed her in the car. I open it up and look at the small wad of $20 bills stashed there, a visa card, and two ids. Little bitch had a fake Id. I like her more already.
“Brandy heh? What was wrong with your real name? I happen to like the name Tracy?”
Of course the only response I get is more mumbling.
You see, Brandy is a 23 year old college girl who likes to dance and get a little tipsy on a Friday night. But poor Tracy is a 18 year old high school senior that only dreams about getting to fuck the captain of the football team. Tracy wasn’t good enough, so she plays dress up on Friday night to play with the big girls. “Welcome to the big girls dance bitch…hope you’re enjoying yourself.”
I reach back and slap her on the ass again; a little harder this time. I do like to hear them moan.

I finally start my car and begin the long drive out to the country. I am always careful, so I make sure to take a lot of extra turns, just in case she is good at counting, and then I always make sure I’m not being followed. Call me paranoid. It is only 10 minutes from town, but the drive takes 30 minutes to confuse her. She is still sobbing…the little baby. I lock up the brakes finally, and come to a halt in front of the old beat up barn. I don’t know whose it is…I just plan on using it for the night. I open the large double doors and then drive the car inside. I kill the lights and climb out of the car.
Remember, I always plan ahead. I chose this barn over a month ago. I know that the owner is some old guy that doesn’t use it any more. That’s all I know. Good scoping and planning make great hideouts. My tools are already here.
I pull “Brandy” from the back seat of the car. She is terrified, but for some reason she isn’t fighting any more. It’s normal. They realize that they are in the middle of nowhere, and screaming seems futile. Instead, they are usually starting to let fear take over and for some reason…they submit. Go fucking figure…I don’t know why, but most women only have a little fight at first, and then they give up. Damn it women…fight back. Claw, bite, kick, eye gauge….shit…kick me in the fucking balls. But no, usually they just submit.
Brandy is a submitter. She stares into my eyes with those sad, scared, pathetic mascara smeared puppy dog eyes. I reach my hand back and without warning or restraint, slap her as hard across the face as I can. She falls to the dirty hay-covered floor of the barn with a whimper. I hear her sobbing in the darkness of the barn. The small lantern hanging on the stall next to me is the only light in the barn, and it barely does anything to break the thickness of night. But as I said…I’m prepared. You see, half of the fun is seeing them while I work.
I open the trunk of my car and pull out a large camping lantern and hang it next to the other one. It is much brighter, and as I flip the small switch, the barn is filled with a great beam of sunshine. I look on the ground, and Brandy has rolled over and is staring up at me. The tears are still rolling down her cheeks as I admire the fresh red hand print across her face.
“I’m not going to lie to Brandy…tonight, well…tonight I’m going to fuck every hole you have. That’s right princess. I’m going to start with that tight little ass of yours. It was doing such a great job of squeezing my cock earlier, I just can’t wait to fill it with my big thick dick. Ever been fucked up the ass before sissy?”
She hesitated her response, but with that scared pathetic look, she slowly nodded her head no; almost as though she was scared not to answer me.
“Oh good, I do love being a girl’s first. Well, after I fuck her ass nice and deep, then I’m going to drive my cock so far down your sweet little throat you gag on it.”
I could see her face grow even more scared as I continued to describe the nasty things I was going to do to her. Each time I described an act, I asked her if she had ever done it.
“I’ll bet you love to suck cock don’t you Brandy? Love the feel of it sliding down your throat? Love the taste of that hot steam sperm as it squirms its way down your belly?”
Brandy just kept nodding her head no? No she didn’t like it or no she had never tried it? Ahhhh, who the fuck cares. She’s going to try it tonight.
“And then Brandy, after you have sucked my cock back to life, I’m going to fuck her tight little teenage cunt with my giant cock. I’ll bet my cock is bigger than most of those teenage pricks your used to fucking. “
Brandy just shook her head no again. NO WHAT?
“Now Brandy, you have fucked a cock before haven’t you?”
Again with the “no” head shaking.
“Don’t fucking lie to me Brandy. Have you ever fucked a guy?”
Her head frantically shaking side to side to confirm her first answer.
“Well fuck Brandy, it might just be your birthday then. Tonight you become a woman. Tonight I’m going to give you the education of a lifetime.”
You would have thought she’d be more appreciative, but for some reason she just started to sob even more. Being as I hate cry babies, I decided it was time to get to work. I yanked Brandy off the floor and quickly pushed her face first on to my car again. Her tight little ass pointed back out toward me, as if begging me to force my cock up against it again. I was a sucker for those skimpy little skirts, so I decided to leave hers alone. Instead I just hoisted the flimsy fabric up out of the way and with one quick hang snapped the skimpy thong off of her ass. The fabric broke with very little effort, but then I slowly pulled it from between her legs, wanting her to feel it pull between her little virgin pussy lips. I thought I heard her moan, but that may have just been wishful thinking. Her whole body jumped as I moved my hand between her legs. My body was blocking most of the light from the lantern, but I didn’t need it to feel the slippery pool of slime that had already started to form in her pussy.
“Damn girl…are you horny?”
It’s not the first time. The fact is, in spite of fear, our bodies love sex; especially if it’s new to us. This girl may be a virgin, but in her mind I am sure she has fucked a thousand guys. I grinded a two fingers against her wet slit and up against her clit. Brandy couldn’t help herself, and I could hear her moaning against her will at my attack. My wrist bone was grinding against her tight little asshole, just teasing her with what was about to come.
“I’ll take off the gag if you’ll promise not to scream. You see, I hate screamers more than I hate cry babies. If you scream…well…I’ll have to hurt you. Do you understand?”
There was a short hesitation and then she began nodding her head yes.
“So do you want me to take off the gag?”
This time her response was instant…yes.
“Very well, but remember my warning.” She wouldn’t have been the first girl to scream out, but to my joy, as I quickly ripped the tape from her mouth, Brandy just laid there as still as could be.
“Good girl.” I said, returning to the attention on her pussy. I like to tease a woman’s pussy. The thing is this…here she is being raped by a total stranger, and yet in spite of that, she can’t deny that simply animal urge to cum. She wants to say no…shit, she needs to say now; but the more I grind that pussy and clit, the more her inner beasts wins over. Brandy was no different. My fingers thrust deep inside her slipper cunt, forcing their way hard and deep within. Brandy had no choice but to moan out in pleasure. Immediately she bites her bottom lip, realizing that she is not supposed to enjoy this kind of invasion.
I don’t stop though. I force a thump into her tight virgin ass, which is now getting wetter by the second as I smear her sweet teenage nectar all over her pussy and ass. My tongue pops inside as I see her tense up beneath me. I feel the little sphincter tighten around my thumb like a vice.
“You better loosen that ass up bitch. If you can’t handle my thumb, how in the hell do you think you are going to handle my thick cock. Now relax that ass.”
Brandy must have considered my point, because in spite of her plight, she slowly began to try to relax. Feverishly I began finger fucking my little prisoner’s pussy and ass. Needless to say, being as I seemed to be the first man to ever show this woman any kind of sexual attention, it was a mere two minutes before I had this heavenly creature exploding all over my hand. Now I may be a monster, but I am a monster that loves to see a woman cum. Oh sure, I may play rough and dirty, but I love to have a woman cum for me.
As Brandy had her first orgasm begin to rip through your pussy and ass, I finger fucked that sexy little bitch even harder and faster. Her body was trembling violently beneath me as I continued to pound all three digits inside her. Her hips began thrusting up to meet my fingers with each down ward thrust. For the moment, she was lost in the sex and not the fear. A second orgasm began ripping even harder through her body before the first one had ever had a chance to subside. She began screaming out in a combination of pleasure and pain beneath the dark cloud of night that still concealed us in our private sanctuary.
I fingered her for a few more strokes as I allowed her to slowly catch her breath. I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and ass, and then walked around her till I was standing next to her in front of the car. She was still trying to catch her breath, and the shame of her pleasure was now on her face. She was looking up at me lost and confused…and yet satisfied. Something about a good orgasm has always taken some of the fight out of my victims.
I stared down at my new little slave for a just a moment, and then slowly reached down and began unfastening my jeans. Brandy started to scoot away from me, but I slid her down the hood of the car, even closer to the front of the car. I held her still taped arms behind her back as I reached into my briefs with my free hand and helped to release the hidden monster within. Even though she feigned as though she was trying to resist, I could see the lust in her eyes as she saw the full length of my 10” cock. Oh sure there are larger cocks in the world, but none that this innocent little virgin has ever seen two inches from her face. Her eyes began to examine every little vein and throbbing inch of my thick fat dick. As soon as her eyes had seen it, she had not been able to blink; she just stared at it with amazement and morbid curiosity. I pulled her down the front of the car a little more and brought her face to set just below my cock. I could feel the soft silky flesh of her face now caressing the underside of my tender shaft.
“Open your mouth. I want you to taste what is about to penetrate your tight little ass baby.”
Fear entered her eyes once again. She had never sucked a cock…or maybe just never sucked one this big before. I was anxious to see this small plump lips stretch farther than they ever had as the head of my cock forced its way inside. She tried to pull away, but I slammed my hand down hard against her bare ass again, leaving an immediate red burning welt upon it. She whimpered out in pain, and as she opened her mouth, I thrust my hips forward, and drove the head of my cock inside. Her mouth was like liquid satin. She tried to resist as I pushed my way a little deeper inside her sweet oral cave, but found one of my hands now tight on the back of her head. She started to gag as I pushed even deeper now, watching as her eyes started to bug a little in fear as she choked even more on my dick.
I pulled back a little, giving her only a second to breathe through her nose before thrusting forward even farther into her throat. Her small frail body tried desperately to find a way to push away from the car to free her from my shaft, but she was no contest against the grip I had on her.
“Don’t worry baby…this is just a teaser….later you will suck this cock like your life depended on it…and it just might.”
With that little threat she stopped squirming. The reality of her situation came back into view as she once again understood that she was going to suck my cock whether she wanted to or not. Brandy stopped squirming, and even her mouth loosed a little as she tried to accommodate my still thrusting cock. The fact was that I couldn’t wait to fill this delicious victim with my hot seed, but I couldn’t get the tight asshole squeezing my thumb so aggressively. If it felt that good to my small thumb, how was that virgin anus going to feel wrapped around my cock. I gave her one last deep thrust into her throat, making sure to go even deeper than before. I felt her tense up beneath me as she gagged hard on my dick, threatening to vomit. I reluctantly withdrew though, and watched as the tears flowed down her cheeks as she fought to catch her breath. As she lay there gasping, I retook my position behind her. I kicked off my jeans and pulled of my black t-shirt and then slid my cock up between her two taped hands that rested perfectly over her luscious little ass. Instincts must have took over, because without being asked, I felt Brandy’s soft tender fingers wrap tight around my shaft. Not just one hand but both hands working together to feel and massage their way around this love piece of man-meat. I slowly pumped my way up and down in her fists, loving how tiny her little fingers were as they tease every inch.
I enjoyed the way she was attempting to please me. I don’t know if it was the threat, or just the pure curiosity of what a thick cock like mine would feel like in her grasp, but the fact was that I didn’t care…cause those fingers felt awesome on my throbbing cock.
Finally I wanted more though. She was getting me so worked up with the oral and hand play, and I needed my release. I kept my cock in her hands, but used my hands to guide my cock to the entrance of her ass. I felt her tight up immediately as the head pressed against the tight sphincter.
“Relax you little bitch…or this will hurt a whole lot more.”
Her body relaxed instantly as I started to push the thick purple mushroom of my cock inside her tight little hole. Her body pressed hard against the hood of the car as it tried to escape the intrusion, but had nowhere to go. I heard her starting to whimper beneath me as her hands began squeezing tight against my shaft. This only turned me on more. I forced my cock deeper. My eyes fixed on the little socket stretching wider and wider to accommodate its rapist.
“Ohh fuck fuck…please stop…please stop…I’ll never say a word to anyone….fuuuuckkk…pllllleeeaaassee…”
Begging always made me hot. I’m sure she had to have felt my cock twitch in her ass. Deeper I pushed it until the head finally forced its way passed that tight little entrance. She was still wet, but so fucking tight. I was having to push my hips super hard just to penetrate that virgin hole. Her hands were still locked tight around my shaft, probably hoping that I wouldn’t be able to get it all in her ass that way. She was wrong. I started pushing deeper now. It was easier since the head had down the hard job. Brandy squirmed beneath me as I drove inch after inch of my thick rod inside her. Her moans of pain were echoing through the barn as I continued to violate my little prisoner. Deeper and deeper I drove my cock, not intending to stop until my balls were slapping against her innocent little pussy.
Brandy had stopped begging. She was not just concentrating on relaxing as I finished driving the last two inches of my sword inside her. The walls of her ass were burning from the extent they were having to stretch to accommodate me. Her pussy was starting to throb again with lust, which confused Brandy considering all the pain she was feeling. Finally I had worked my dick in as deep as I could get it. Brandy’s hands had slowly been forced off, and were now pressed tight between us. I tried to pull back a little, and Brandy’s entire body had pulled back off of the hood of the car. She was truly impaled on my cock. No amount of lubricant would have prepared for the stretching I had just put her through. Her mind was lost in a haze of pain and reluctant pleasure.
I decided to use this to my advantage, and I hoisted Brandy off of the car and up into my arms. One hand was under her ass cheeks while the other hand circled her body and grabbed a tight hold of one of her tits through her skimpy tank top. Her nipple was rock hard between my thumb and forefinger as I slowly began twisting and teasing it. I could feel her body starting to settle as she felt me tease her body while her ass grew more and more used to the invader deep within. I leaned over and started sucking on her neck, giving it a little bite from time to time as my hands slowly teased her pussy and tits. I didn’t have to even hold her against me; my cock seemed to be doing that for me.
After a few minutes, Brandy had started to respond to all the attention and the loud moans of pain had started to turn into moans of pleasure. I teased and played with her a little longer, and then finally pushed her back down face first on the hood of the car. Her body had relaxed a little more, and I was finally able to start to slide my cock in and out of her ass. I started with slow patient strokes at first, but before long, Brandy’s ass had started providing a little lubricant combined with the steady flow of precum I could feel oozing out of the small mouth of my dick.
“Oh fuck fuck…..hhhmmmphhhh….” were the only words I heard come out of Brandy. Over and over again she mumbled them though as I slowly began to increase the pace of my fucking. The pain had completely subsided, and this filthy little virgin was craving the feel of my massive dick in her tiny little ass. A few more minutes and she was starting to push that nasty little as back against each of my thrust, only encouraging me to drive my way in ever harder.
Faster and faster I began to fuck that little vixen’s tight incredible ass. I could feel my cum starting to work its way up through my balls as Brandy exploded in a violent orgasm around my cock. Her ass squeezed my dick so tight it hurt as she slammed down hard on the hood of the car. “FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK” she yelled as she began forcing back against my dick as hard and fast as she could. One of my hands moved to the back of her head and yanked hard back on the curly locks and began pulling on them with each thrust. We were both gasping with delight as I feverishly fucked that delicious little ass. Finally without any restraint left I began firing load after load of hot steaming cum into my incredible little lover. My body trembled against this lovely frame as her ass milked my cock like a porn star. Brandy continued to drive her ass back hard against me, loving the way it filled her completely.
My knees had grown weak, and I had almost lost the ability to stand. I backed away from my helpless victim and allowed my still semi-hard cock to flop out of her perfect little ass. I slid Brandy off of the car, and watched as she dropped to the ground next to me. I sat down on the ground next to her, and then grabbed her by the neck and guided her head into my lap. Brandy didn’t even resist. I pushed her face toward my cock and for only a moment she hesitated. She looked up at me with those soft green eyes. I returned my look of warning and watched as she turned her eyes back toward my shrinking dick. Since her hands were still taped tight together, I helped her shift around her ass a little, and brought her to wear she was resting on my stomach with my cock rubbing against her lips. It was one thing to have to suck my cock, but knowing it had just fucked her ass made Brandy even more scared of putting it in her mouth. I grabbed a wad of hair and yanked back on it, making her remember the relationship we had. I watched as Brandy’s small pink tongue stretched out and flicked a sample taste of my cock. I allowed her to sample the goods for a minute or so and then gave her another tug on her hair. Brandy understood and slowly opened her mouth and began sucking on my flaccid dick. She must have decided not to fight though, because in only a couple minutes, Brandy had sucked my cock to life, and seemed to get even more and more into it. She was trying hard to take more and more into her mouth, though not near as much as I had force fed her earlier.
I allowed her to work at it for a little bit, but the fact was, I wasn’t really in the mood to be gentle with this little tramp. Virgin or not, the little slut was asking to get fucked tonight in that little outfit of hers. She didn’t give a fuck if she turned on some boy and then rejected him. She was nothing more than a little cock tease, and it was time to pay. It was a hazard of the game to sometimes allow your compassionate side to interfere, but sooner or later, my lust and anger always snapped me back to my own essence of reality. Oh sure, here this little sexy vixen was attempting to orally please her captor, but the reality was…this wasn’t up to her. I looked down at her slowly pumping just the thick head of my cock around her lips and tongue. She was already getting too comfortable with barely putting my cock in her mouth. I waited for the right moment, and just as she opened her mouth enough, I quickly forced my hand down on the back of her head and drove my entire shaft as deep into her unsuspecting throat. She immediately tried to squirm away from me, but the fact was, I didn’t care if she fucking passed out impaled on my cock; I was going to fuck the full depth of that throat no matter what. I felt her tits digging into my leg as she tried to push up off the floor with her knees, but I wasn’t having it. I held her tight on my shaft as she attempted to just gag for a inkling of breathe. After about 15 seconds, I pulled her up just long enough to seize a mouth full of oxygen before thrusting her head violently back down my shaft. I loved doing this…I guess it was the perk of having such a fucking fat cock; the more I shoved it down their throat, the harder it was for them to try and bite it.
Eagerly I began pulling a hand full of her hair up into my tight grasp, allowing my cock to almost pop out of her mouth before once again slamming it down the sides of my thick shaft. She was sobbing from the pain her face was going through, but I didn’t care. In fact, the sight of bulge in her throat each time my cock penetrated it only made me more aggressive. Her eyes were gushing tears as I slammed her head down eagerly, over and over again, up my rod. I lost track of time as I ravaged that filthy slut’s throat. I would pause only for a moment to make sure she was still alive, and then quickly continue my assault. Brandy had become nothing more than a rag doll attempting to not pass out from oxygen deprivation. I could finally feel my fresh load of cum boiling in my balls and beginning its ascent up my shaft. I pulled Brandy’s head tight into my lap, making sure that I could feel her swollen numb lips grinding against my ball sack. She was still trying to fight for air, but had almost gone limp in the effort. I slammed my hips upwards as the first thick string of sperm filled her throat. I didn’t care if she swallowed, I was going to force feed her every drop anyway. She attempted the task anyway in hopes of getting a small drink of air at the same time. I could feel her tight throat muscles as they somehow gargled down my steaming seed. I feed her another load, and then another. Her lips were doing such a wonderful job; she wouldn’t allow my tender rigid meat to stop spasming. I slowly started to regain my composer, and allowed my cock to slide free from her lips. At some point Brandy had lost the fight, and had passed out on my lap.
I slapped her hard across the face twice, quickly bringing her back to consciousness. She jolted up quickly as I stood up and pulled her to her feet. Not quite yet bitch. This party is far from over. I bent over and grabbed a small pocket knife from my bag and flipped it open. I ran the blade slowly across Brandy’s throat as a warning not to fuck with me. Without a word, the fear in her eyes let me know that she understood. I spun her around and cut the duct tape off of her hands, then pulled them in front of her and allowed her to rub her wrist for a few moments. She looked relieved at her freedom, but made no attempt to flee.
I reached back down in my bag, and retrieved a long piece of rope, and began to tie her hands together, leaving a long piece hanging down. She didn’t resist, though her face still confirmed her fear. I was pleased that in spite of cumming, the second orgasm had done a good job of keeping my cock fairly hard. Even at half mass, it was hard enough to pound this girl’s tight pussy.
I pushed her across the floor, almost knocking her down. Her back slammed up against a tall wood beam located directly in the middle of the barn. There was a thick bolt protruding out of the beam about 6 inches above her head. I pulled on the rope attached to Brandy’s wrists, and tied her arms up over her head to the bolt. She was in a great position to truly let the lantern illuminate her lovely form. I had tired of her skirt, so I unzipped the little zipper on the side and watched as it fell to the floor. Her pussy was shaved smooth and even after all that she had been through, still looked as fresh and neat as ever. My hands grasped the tight tank top fabric and easily ripped it open from her tits. Brandy’s head dropped in shame, for some reason she was even more embarrassed being completely nude to my sight. Her tiny pert nipples looked so inviting as I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth. It immediately hardened and wrinkled against my tongue as I teased and pulled at it. Then without warning I made her cry out as my teeth dug deep into the tender nub. I didn’t draw blood, but she definitely felt it. I moved my mouth to the other gem and teased and then bit down on it in the same manner. I spent the next fifteen minutes sucking and biting on various parts of her body. My teeth marks were all over her flesh, and even though she was hurting, somehow Brandy was learning not to cry.
I finally decided that I couldn’t wait to feel that little cunt wrapped around my hard cock any longer. I hoisted up Brandy’s tiny little frame and guided it up over my swollen shaft. Her eyes were locked on my cock with fear and curiosity. She was terrified of my cock, and yet couldn’t get past how great it felt finally pounding in and out of her tight ass. She could only wonder how it was going to feel in her little virgin slit. I was pleased to find she was still sopping wet in spite of everything. The head of my shaft started teasing her little clit as it rubbed its way between her little pussy lips. I wasn’t being kind, I was preparing her for the pain of her life. I raised her knees up into my arms, making sure that all of the weight of her body was positioned over my dick. Then with one quick thrust downward I drove her tiny frail body hard onto my 10” cock. Brandy screamed out in pain as I ripped through her hymen like a piece of paper; My cock spreading her wider apart than she would have ever imagined possible. Without delay I began fucking that sweet thing has hard as I had ever fucked anyone. I plowed my cock so deep in her, her eyes seemed to bulge with each thrust. My dick was hard and ready to consume this little morsel without pity. I was sure the splinters from the beam were digging into her back by now as I ground her tender body against it, but Brandy was learning what it meant to be a woman. Her body had begun to forget about the pain, and with each stroke, she began to love my cock more and more. She began chanting “FUCK FUCK FUCk…..ohhhhhh….mmmmmm….FUCK,” under her breath. Brandy realized that she loved cock. She realized that she needed cock. The tears had gone and replaced was savage lust. She grabbed tight to the rope overhead trying to use it to help her grind even more viciously onto my cock. Her orgasms began ripping through her body as her eyes began to gloss over. She was lost in her own wanton lust.
I fucked that fragile thing as hard and long as I possibly could. My legs were trembling and I had lost track of how many times I believe she had achieved orgasms. Her body was this constant tremor in my arms. It must have been at least 45 minutes before I finally felt the boil in my balls once again. I quickly released the knot on the rope and watched as Brandy fell to the ground on her knees before me.
“You know what I want bitch” I managed to mumble out.
Half in a daze, Brandy didn’t hesitate for a second as she began devouring my cock again. This time she sought to please me. Her hands grabbed at my shaft and eagerly pumped up and down it as she forced as much of my cock down her throat as possible. She was in some fantasy world now, still trapped by her new sexual initiation. I fucked her throat for a short time before this time pulling back and watching her pump my thick jizz onto her face and tits. Brandy held my cock tight as she smeared my cum all over her face, mouth and tits. I came so fucking hard I finally had to sit down and relax. But Brandy didn’t quit. She belonged to me now. She eagerly continued to feast on my cock and drive my shaft in and out of her mouth.
I finally pulled her off; delighted by the nasty freak I had created. I pulled on my jeans and grabbed her naked exhausted body off of the floor. I lead her to the car and then pushed her into the trunk. She didn’t resist or complain, and just stared back at me with the same glossy eyed look. Normally, I would have dropped her off at some gas station in the middle of nowhere, but this time…well, I think I’m going to take this one home with me as a little pet for my dungeon.

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mmmmm..... i loooved that story! plz do more of those! it made my pussy just the wettest......

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You need to do ALOT more of the dark stories. There are very few I actually finish reading because they are either boring or have the same story line.. This one was great. May I suggest a story about a middle aged Housewife or Mother? I do get tired of reading about teenagers however yours was really good! Thank You


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Mmm wow. I wish i could find a perverted, dark minded man who would do that to me.

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Every story of yours I read makes my pussy so wet. Great job once again

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