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This is my first story on this so I hope you enjoy.
My name is Samantha. I’m a tall sexy slim and beautiful to my age woman, with sun tanned skin, round large boobies and good sexy but. I have always kept fit going to gym classes wherever I lived, so it was not wonder that I looked very sexy and juicy then. I am a good looking blonde; I have long white locks, with a sexy figure even since my college days. But the sexiest and juiciest part of my body is my crotch where on the pubis area there I have a tattoo. It’s F letter and it looks very exciting! Now thinking of my past I miss those wonderful years when I was a young girl, careless and easy going.

Like most house wives in our country I used to spend my time sitting at home, cooking meal for my darling, watching housewife’s TV shows, reading magazines and keeping the house. Sure, I was sex hungry and greedy about having sex. I was horny about sex like animals. I married an engineer a few years earlier. He was working in a remote place away from our town, and he was not always with me. Just a few days per month! You see how hard it as to endure such ordeal! I loved being fucked, loved doggy style, loved cum shooting. My husband is a slim person with flexible body, unfortunately he was not fulfilling all of my sexual needs in bed. I loved him, when we first met I fell in love with him from the very first look, but soon our sexual life appeared to be boring and very rare. He got exhausted very fast and made me feel unsatisfied, like a hungry animal every night. I think he was not a good fucker at all, but he was my husband and I could divorce him on such ridiculous reason! In all other cases and situations he was a very good man, careful and loving, solicitous and attentive. But concerning sex, he was so weak, it made me cry sometimes.

After a few years, we moved to another city, near my native village where I was born and grew up. It was very sunny and peaceful place, buried in verdure and green. The city was very good, but my husband could not take me out, because he did not know any places there. I always wanted to go somewhere, but he never took me to new places. Every time he used to have some office work. Gradually we were getting unhappy together. I could no longer have sex with such a person. I was hungry.

There was a neighbor living next door on the same floor with us, he was my husband’s friend and colleague. His name was David. He was married, but his wife was a frigid woman and she never cared sex much; she was also thin as stick and had a pale awkward body. I used to make fun of her boobs (actually she had a flat breast) when we ever talked, but she used to tease me for my big sized boobs.

Once, David’s wife was away, she was to see her mother living in Ohio, so he left home alone. I saw twice or more in a week, he always looked a bit nervous and unhappy. I think it was because of his routine sex. He looked very strong, as he kept on going to gym pumping iron, I could even feel his strong muscles playing under his shirt’s sleeves. This guy looked horny, and whenever he cast a glance at me, I could see his greedy devouring eyes. At this period my husband had to go for a long official mission to Nevada, where in bleak desert they tested a new type of aero engine. He said he would be back home no earlier than in a month, so he asked his friend to take care of me and help me if I needed any.

One evening, I was sitting at home alone when I heard some noise outdoors, it seemed like someone had broken into my home. I think it was a burglar, recently police said they wanted 3 criminals who broke the jail. I was scared; I thought these bastards broke into my house to commit some cruel crime! I called David, and asked him to come to my house; he realized I was feared, so in a few minutes he appeared behind my door. I offered him some drink, he agreed and sat on the sofa. Having wandered through the whole house he said there was nobody in, so I must'nt have worried about it. I gave a contended sigh. This time I sat close to him and told him that I am feeling scared. I hugged him around his waist pressing my breasts on his chest firmly and holding him tight. There seemed to be various ideas in his head - I could notice his bulge was growing in his pants.

My boobies and erect nipples were fully visible. He then told me good night willing to go, but I stopped him putting my hand onto his shoulder. Then I gave him a hug and kissed him French. It was a long kiss. Soon, after long kissing foreplay I and David became naked, he started kissing again and again. I slid my hand and held his cock which was enormous in size! Oh, God, my husband didn’t have an organ like this! Having given him some good hand job I took his cock in my mouth fully. I held his balls in my hands and massaged them. His hands were squeezing my breast hardly. He bit my nipples with his teeth while playing with my ass cheeks. I was wet and wanted him to fuck me right there!

I slid on to his long fat cock and it slipped like a knife in butter, easily, with no troubles, my cunt was soaking so fucking wet! I was now jumping on his laps, riding his big cock, my breasts bounced up and down. I came again and again, as he pumped my pussy. I was splashing my juice cum onto his knees! We changed our positions. I set on my knees and hands, dog styled, and he began to fuck me from behind. This guy fucked me heavily, like my husband never did before, I was screaming with pleasure and happiness. He had a wonderful dick and had strength for almost an hour session! I had never thought I would have sex longer than previous 5 minute periods! Then he exploded his cum pulling out and giving me a good facial! His cumshot was absolutely lovely! He filled my mouth with his hot scum. I bent my head and took his shaft in my mouth. I knew how to make weak flabby cocks go hard on again. 15 minute blowjob was enough for his cock to go hard! This time he fucked me for long time making me cry in happiness and delight!

Even after my husband returned we were fucking almost 2 or more times a week, and nobody knew about it, neither my husband, nor David’s wife. Soon I got pregnant, and my husband was very happy to become a father finally. But it was me who knew definitely who was a father of my Stan


2010-09-14 19:21:39
I liked it C.D. you are a naughty girl.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-10 19:55:30
Ah you're Spanish that explains the grammar, well try to get a better grip on the language when you write. Possibly have a native speaker proof read for you? And I agree with the second commentator some of the phrasing does sound like a male juvenile, even if you are female. Still keep writing it's the only way to get better, and good luck!


2010-09-10 14:54:11
Urm, you two, I'm acctualy Spanish, and the guy below me, Erm, havent you even guessed that im female not male..

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-10 11:32:57
Either English isn't your first language or you are actually an underaged youngster who hasn't passed grammar school yet. I'm actually willing to bet it's the second one because your story reads like it was written by a male juvenile.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-10 10:22:54
It appears English is not your 1st language. You should proof read your story and then have someone check it for English errors.

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