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ok so im going to skip forward a couple of years i was 10 years old and all this happened in one week on summer break it might have been the best week of my life

i was hanging out with Darrell and Cody when in walk there cousin she was about 6 or 7so cute long blond hair nice and thin perfect little ass little dimples when she smiled I leaned over to Darrell and asked what’s her name and said Susan I said I would love to fuck her and as soon as I said that Darrell looked at her and said we can.

Darrell got up and said to Susan would you like to go on an adventure with me Cody and Chris and of course said yes and we were out the back door as we walked into the woods behind our houses we got to where me Darrell and Cody have fucked each other silly many times in the past now Darrell can be the nicest guy in the world when he wants you to suck him or he wants in your ass.

He said to Susan your very pretty Susan and we want to playa game with you. Your going to be the queen and we will be your royal subjects it is our job to make you feel good. She had a huge smile on her face at this point and asked how do we play and Darrell said well first we need to be naked because were just peasants and cant afford cloths

Me and Cody looked at each other and got naked same as Darrell was doing and well that got the ball rolling pretty quick she had never seen a cock let alone three and seeing as we have seen a lot of porn cause Jeff was addicted and loved watching porn while he fucked me and yes he still fucked me now I should also tell you I could now cum like anyone 3 or 4 times in a session same with Darrell and Cody

Right away Susan started touching our dicks and Cody showed her how to suck our cocks and jerk us off at the same time by actually getting down on his hands and knees and simply doing it. it was Cody favorite thing to do so Susan got naked and did as she was being showed as soon as she put my cock in her mouth I knew this was going to be a good day

She sucked us off for a while then we laid her down we looked at her body I immediately went to her pussy only once had I ever tasted pussy and that was on Jeff’s cock I did my best to imitate what I saw in the porn movies I licked her little pussy I sucked two finger into my mouth and jammed them in her pussy and she screamed and started to cry I immediately pulled my fingers out and there was blood on them I yelled what the fuck Darrell tried to calm Susan down none of us knew what the hell was going on

Susan was holding her pussy and she seemed so confused said to her im so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you pleas Darrell said to her we understand if you want us to bring you back to the house but first maybe we should get you to feel better she asked how and Darrell then said well it felt good when Chris licked you right well let me do the same its like kissing it better.

She sat on the ground and laid back on the all of our cloths Darrell licked her pussy sucking her clit he then started to get his tongue in her pussy and fucked her with his tongue he must have been doing good cause she forced him to eat her pussy clamped her legs around her head she had his hair griped really tight.

I got on my knees by her head and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me off Darrell pried his head way from her grip and Cody got between her legs he got his cock in her pussy and fucked gently while Darrel used his fingers and rubbed Susan’s clit she took my cock out of her mouth and said Cody do it faster so Cody started to fuck her good

After a while Cody got off her I laid down we put Susan on top of me and when I sunk into her I was in heaven Darrell got Susan to suck his cock and from behind Cody tried to put his cock in her ass she said no at first then Darrell said Susan watch this Cody bent over Darrel and fucked his ass while I fucked Susan Darrell looked her in the eye and aid you will love it in your ass I do Cody pulled out lubed his cock got his cock at the entrance of her little ass got is head in then pushed in some more until he was balls deep he started to fuck her a little then a little more soon she was fucking us while sucking Darrell’s dick after about 5 mins of good fucking I came in that little girls pussy I didn’t stop or pull out I just kept going soon Darrell pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her face no I don’t know how many of you have dp a girl before but I can tell you I could feel Cody’s cock going in and out of Susan it was awesome after we hade finished she took my cock into her mouth she cleaned it and yeah it was to much I came in her mouth she swallowed it down then she cleaned Cody’s cock

As she got up cum was starting to leak out her ass and pussy she put on her panties and pants an we got dressed and took her back to Darrell and Cody’s

Next time my friend school Rory older sister
The time after that Jeff’s ex-wife and Darrell and Cody’s mom (same woman)

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2013-03-19 07:46:23
It's not that bad. I mean, grammar and spelling isn't the best, but if you look past that it's an awesome story! If you don't like it, then just read another damn one.

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2012-11-29 13:26:41
Give up; you're rubbish.

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2012-01-29 04:21:47
I liked it maybe a little more story line but she was is one sexy bitch
oh and to all you pin heads who have too make stupid remarks about peoples spelling and or english just take that scumy dick out of your ass and turn off your pc

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2010-09-30 10:35:55
Ever hear of punctuation? It's one big sentence.

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2010-09-21 14:18:33
quit writing you suck

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