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These events happened as laid out a few years ago...
The best sex I ever had took place a few years ago and all took happened in a small country town caravan park!

An entire squad of junior tennis players between the ages of 10 to 15 travelled several hours out of Sydney to train and compete with other kids from regional areas. I had the job of driving my kid sister to the training centre and checking her in. Nice and simple.

The drive got me chatting to her about the playing schedule and the amount of time the kids have away from the courts...and what activities are usually organised.

She said that the previous time that she attended there were G rated movies screening in the main hall for those interested, while others played table tennis, board games and others preferred to read in their cabins, or just hang with friends.

It all sounded pretty harmless, but I was knocked out when we arrived at the sight of some of the girls attending this camp. Even though they were only 13-15, to me they were simply gorgeous [ I should point out that I attended a boys only school and later enrolled in Pure Mathematics which unfortunately has about 0.0001% females.

Rather than drive straight home again, I got talking to an organiser and found that if I wanted to, I could operate a ball machine for the U15 year old boys. Now my brain was thinking along the following lines - befriend as many boys as possible = some of them will know one or two girls = of all these girls some would like to chat to the older guy [ME] rather than watch a 'G' movie = I should run the ball machine and see if I could rent my own cabin. I offered cash for a discounted rate and gave a false name...everything was in place to try my luck...

During the training session I told the boys that I'd be having a little party at my cabin during movie time, and they could bring a friend or two.
Later that evening I ended up with 6 kids in the cabin, telling stories and drinking rum and coke or sweet cider. While this was going on I hatched a plan to weed out any sex maniacs in the group and explained that I had to stop at one cider because I have an intolerance to alchohol!

Of course, they wanted to know what the effect was...being a mix of kids between 12 and 15, so I made up a story that I pretended was too embarrassing to tell...knowing this would make them super-curious.

After 10 minutes of pleading I eventually explained that when I was 14 I drank only 3 small bottles of beer and passed out...waking up on the grass the next morning with a blanket over me and nothing on...completely naked.

So, after the laughter had died down, the kids were eagerly consuming the cider and spirits and started a game of 'truth or dare' in which I learned much about these kids secret desires and was also called upon to have another glass...and another...until a few things happened.

First, a few kids went back to their cabins out of sleepiness or sickness and second, I excused myself to my bed claiming I was feeling very dizzy and needed to lie down. I simply asked the kids to leave before the second movie finished and please shut the door as I will be totally out cold.

Next, the whispering started, as I expected...and the 2 boys and one girl that were left must have eventually discussed what to do with me. However, the next thing I knew, all three left and I was alone wondering if that was my evening's entertainment. I was as horny as hell, and hoped the 13 yo girl with decent sized tits would come back and take advantage of me!

Oh well, the next best thing happened. The door creaked open and I remained completely motionless and noticed the younger of the two remaining boys, aged 12 had come back.
He spoke out loud that he had lost something...but I didn't stir. He sat on the bed and shook me by the shoulder...again nothing. I could feel my cock swelling with antipation! Next, he took my limp hand and rubbed my lifeless palm against the tiny hard-on still inside his track pants!
Next he went back to see if anyone was coming and played around with lock. My heart was thumping like crazy now as my mind raced about what he was about to do.

The kid now sits on the bed and removes his pants before sliding under the covers and again places my hand between his legs. I had taken the precaution of removing everything except a T-shirt and boxers before going to bed. I now felt his little prick popping out of his briefs into my hand again...while his othet hand found my leg and sofly found its way to my 7 inch hard-on. I was on my side facing him and he fumbled with my button in an effort to free what must have seemed like a monster to him.

Next I could feel him rubbing my cock against his 4 inch boner when suddenly, he slid out of bed and turned on a reading light next to the bed. He slowly lifted the covers while holding the light first near my face, then quickly down to my cock for closer inspection. He was on his knees by my side, studying my engorged flesh from all angles. The next thing I felt was a soft warm sensation as he took my head into his mouth before cupping my large, shaved balls in one hand. He squeezed softly as his mouth drew downward onto my shaft. I felt so self-conscious about the involuntary throbbing that my cock kept making in response to his attention. I simply couldn't take it any longer...his soft hands on my cock and balls, the warmth of his mouth bobbing slowly up and down the last 3 inches of my raging manhood - my cock started convulsing in wave after wave of beautiful climax!

Now things became very strange. He took one of the un used glasses and seemed to spit my cum into the glass! He quickly dressed and left the cabin!?

My mind was now racing at what had taken place...I had just been abused by a preteen and loved every minute! I lay wondering what he might do with my cum...maybe he wanted to study it more closely...or maybe...tell someone what had happened!

Sure enough, he returned withing 5 minutes...and he was not alone! He had another boy and the 13yo girl! I could feel myself hardening again as I heard the soft whispering about how my abuser explained his gooey tumbler!

He said he had returned to collect his wallett and heard me talking in my sleep about some 'dirty stuff' before kind of groaning and throwing off my covers. I was flattered by his deion of my cock sticking out through my shorts before as he put kind of went crazy and started shooting that goo ...which he collected in the glass tumbler.

After some more whispering about what to do, the abuser provided the evidence of the size of my cock by touching the blanket so as to trace the outline of my cock. There was wow this and wow that, before the other two traced the same path with there own hands. I could hear my little friend ask the others if they wanted to see it...and within seconds the blanket was slowly withdrawn to reveal my now semi-flaccid 5 inches. should have seen it before man! It was really hard and even bigger!

After some more lewd whispering it was decided that the girl should do 'stuff' to my cock and see if she could make it hard the guys were not gay or anything and refused to stroke it.

She needed no arm twisting let me tell ya! She took me in her soft girly hands and stroked every inch with love and affection. It took maybe 15-20 seconds for my drained member to come fully to attention again. Wow the other two muttered under their breath. The abuser suggested that the girl do more than just stroke the thing...'like what' do you mean she said?

Before she had an answer the second boy remarked 'hey guys', I'm not gay ok, but I want to feel that thing before I go to bed. Yeah, me too said the abuser, just a quick feel to see what it's like! The next thing I knew I could feel 2 pairs of small soft hands moving eagerly over my cock and balls, when the abuser remarked how cool it would be to watch the thing explode warm juice everywhere again! You've got to see this guys! It's wild!
After a moments negotiation, the girl volunteered to treat my cock as an all-day sucker...and popped the head immediately into her virgin mouth. After a minute of this the ring-leader made her stop, and said we want to see the stuff come out of that big cock, so you have to use your hands or we won't see anything!

She again started stroking my shaft in a similar way that one strokes a, not like that whispered the ring-leader! Try something like this...and he demonstrated how to place my cock into a well salivated hand and rub up and down. You should also play with his balls!

No way she cried! I need both hands just for his thingy! One of you do those things. I don't know which boy went for my nuts but with the girl working my head and shaft, and someone else cupping my nuts with repetitive gentle squeezing...I only lasted another 30 seconds or so and shot a second enormous load! The first shot really impressed them as I heard boy 1 claim it landed on the floor about 3 feet away! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th loads falling closer to my apparently sleeping body before I felt what I assume was the girl's mouth on my knob for just a second or two...she must have swallowed my cream as she quickly remarked that we should go in case he wakes up!

The three returned the blanket and quietly closed the door with muffled giggling fading into the distance.

I slept like a log and left the next morning before any kids started telling embarrassing stories...

Man, I don't think I'll ever experience the equal of that night ever again

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