This is a story based upon a real story, even though a lot of fantasy was added to make it a longer and better story. It involves teen girls 12-15 years old and an older male. If any of that bothers you then this may not be a good story for you.

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This story was told to me by a male. So I will do this in first person format as if I am him.

My name is John, I am a 32 year old single white male who works for a Security company. It is an okay job, but pay not too great. But the hours are wonderful, I work M-F 6am to 2pm. Best thing is the place they have me work is just a mile up the road. But money issues caused me to look for a cheaper place to live.

I found that place in a mobile home park about 5 years ago. I was able to secure a crappy home for $1500.00, it was livable, but just barely. But the low lot rent did keep me in better shape as I fixed it up.

The Mobile Home park was a new experience for me totally. It was like the ghetto in a way. There was a mix of white, black, and mexican people. Cars with loud stereos, people partying outside till late, fights, theft, and other issues were common. Luckely over time most issues are now under control. But there is two issues that are not.

Their names are Hanna and Rachael. They are the granddaughters of the ex manager of the park, who still lives here. Their parents are for the most part worthless, both of them in prison for drug related issues. Unfortunaltely they have had to live most of their lives with their grandmother.

Oldest name is Hanna, she just turned 15, about 5'6, 115 lbs, blue eyes, brown shoulder length hair, I would guess heavy B cup tits, and a nice ass. Hanna is sexually active by her own admission. Dating young Mexican boys, right now she is with one they call George. But a friend of mine that she talks to told me that she told her that she can't feel her man inside of her. He apparently has a small dick.

The youngest is Rachael, she just turned 12, long blond hair, blue eyes, 5'1, maybe 90 lbs, with A cup tits, and a nice little ass. But she also has the worse attitude of the pair.

Now for the past 3-4 years these girls would stop by my place, mostly just when they saw me outside on my porch reading or playing on my laptop. They would come and sit with me and joke with me. The oldest one was always a flirt with me, and the youngest one was joke on her, trying to embarrass her in front of me.

Over the past year, they have both grown in to very cute girls. Both look at least 2 years older than they are and they have filled out nicely. While I can't say that I never thought of wanting to do anything with them, I did have to back away after an inncident where Hanna kissed me about 6 months ago.

Me and both girls were on the porch talking, but one of Rachael's friends came riding by and she got on her bike and went with her riding, leaving me and Hanna on the porch alone. Hanna turned her flirting into overdrive, and even reached across my patio table to grab my hand. I knew that she wanted more, but she was really starting to turn up her boldness to get it.

I honestly can say that when she grabbed my hand my dick hardened. I mean here is a beautiful sexually activive female sitting across from me. I can't lie and say that the thought of fucking her hadn't crossed my mind, but then reason set in.

" I be right back, I got to go to the bathroom." I said as I exited inside.

I came out to find her in the hallway waiting for me.

" I want one favor and I will leave. I want you kiss me. I know you are afraid to do anything else, but
please just do this one thing for me."

I couldn't say no as she approached me, grabbed my face and reached up to kiss me. Before I even realized it I was kissing her long and deep in a kiss that seemed to last 3 minutes. Once done she turned and walked out my door with a huge smile on her face. leaving me with a hard on that I had to take care of.

She came over multiple times after that and multiple times she kissed me but at some point I think she got the drift that I wasn't willing to be her boyfriend. She and her sis still stop by some and both of them now flirt, even though the youngest does it the most now.

This past Friday I go up to the Park Office to pay for next months rent. School had done let out for Elementry School and I saw Rachael, who is in 5th, walk by heading home. About 45 minutes later Hanna came by walking, but she has 2 of her female classmates with her.

Once she saw me in the office she brought them in to meet me. There was maybe 5 other people in the office socializing, so when she ran in and jumping into so lap hugging me it was a little embarrassing. I know some of them probably didn't think it was appropriate.

" This is Jennifer and this is Mellony. They are my best friends. Girls this is my buddy John. He is my
friend too."

I said hello and tried to avoid the glares that I was getting from around the room. It was obvious that they were not happy. I quickly moved us all outside to chat more.

Jennifer was fairly short only about 5'1, she had long brown hair, blue eyes, a tab chubby ( extra 20 pounds), with a nice ass, and she was at least a heavy C to a D cup. This girl was a small little brick house. As we talked Jennifer told me how her parents gave her to her grandparents and left long ago. Both drugheads. Then her grandmother died, so now she stays with her grandpa who has hearing issues and some health problems.

Mellony, poor girl, was really just the opposite. She was about 5'2, super skinny, maybe an A cup, blond hair, short pixie haircut, and only lightly cute. She was a little shy and didn't say much I learned little about her.

The plans were that both girls were going to stay the night for 2 nights. Friday and Saturday. Saturday was Hanna's birthday. So it was like a week-end slumber birthday party.

I talked with them all for awhile, noticing that Jennifer was really flirting hard. They all noticed actually and I think Hanna might have even gotten a little annoyed. Pulling them away to go back home. I winked at her, letting her know she was still my favorite. She smiled back at me as she walked away.

An hour later their grandma was stopping by. I was like oh shit here we go. I prepared for the worse.

" Hi John"

" Hi Beverly, come on up here and have a seat. How you been?"

" I am not bad, but I got a few things to walk over with you."

" Okay:

" One: The rumor mill is rolling again. No one likes my girls and now they think you are screwing
them both. Or coarse I don't beleive any of it. Both of them love you like a brother and you have done
a lot to help us and both of them are pissed that they are getting accused of it."

" I don't know what to say? It seems these days that if you are a guy and nice to a kid, you are a Pedophile."

" Ya it really isn't fair to nice guys like you. That brings me to part two, and I am so sorry to have to ask, especially now.... They just rushed my 96 year old mom to the Hospital. She fell, they think she is okay, but she really needs someone there with here this weekend to make sure."

" I just want for you to keep an eye on the girls and make sure they are acting right and that NO BOYS come over. "

"Okay I can do that."

" Thank you sweetie, you are such a nice person, don't know what I would do without you."

She got up and started to walk off porch then turned back towards me.

" Hey John, if they don't act right then if you need too, you can bring tthem to your house and they can stay on pallets on your floor."

" Ok so problem, I keep em straight. "

" Thank you John"

She left and I went back to reading my book. About 2 hours later the girls walked up the street to my house.

" What up dude....." Hanna said as she came over and hugged me. " So I hear that you are our boss this weekend."

" Ya I am suppose to make sure that you don't get too out of hand."

" No promises......heheheheh." They all laughed. " Hey we need games to play, got any we could borrow?"

" Ya go to my bedroom and look in the closet. I have gobs of games in there, there is a box in the living room you can put them in. Take as many as you like, just don't lose anything."

She took off into the house and I stayed outside talking to the rest of them. Jennifer was still sweet eye candy, and I think she knew that I liked what I saw. But I was keeping it cool because I didn't want any issues. I bet she was in there at least 5 minutes.

" Okay I got us like 7 games. We want to stay up late and play games and have a good time."

" Ok, well act nice. and you know where I am. Give me a call every few hours so I know all is good."

They left and I went back to reading. Just then the thought went through my head. OH SHIT !!!!!

I jumped up and went to my room and opened my closet door. Damn John, how could you be so stupid. Not only did I have regular games gone, but 2 of my sexual games were gone. One was Dirty Minds and my Truth or Dare game. I then looked over at my DVD rack next to my TV. 3 of my porno's were also gone. LOL these girls were going to have fun alright, I thought.

Now what I maybe should have done as an adult was go right down there and get my stuff back, but what I was going to do was let them have their fun. After all it was just a lot of girls with no boys and they are curious. But I wont lie, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

As the night passed I thought about what they were doing. How turned on were they by the tapes? That truth or dare, was the sexual edition. What had they already done? Them not calling me for past 3 hours gave me a reason to go find out.

I could have knocked, but why. I wanted to catch them doing something. So I just walked in. I have never seen so many young girls covering up their tops. I walked on in.

" We were playing your truth or dare game and we all have lost our socks, tops and bra's. Are you mad?" Hanna asked.

" No I am not mad. It is a fun game. but you really should have locked the door."

" Why don't you join us? Jennifer said.

" None of you have tops on and I am a guy. Don't think that would be a good idea."

" I do" Hanna said as she uncovered herself.

Holy fuck !!!!! She has the nicest set of small titties, I thought. But then Jennifer uncovered herself and OMG she had large firm breast. Then Rachel and Mellony uncovered themselves. I was sitting in a room now with 4 teen girls 12 to 15 with no tops on. I should have gotten up and ran out, but my dick took over and I didn't want to go anywhere. Actually what I wanted was to see them naked.

" Come on play with us. We won't tell." Rachael said. They all agreed.

They moved out more and I sat down.

" Wait this ain't fair." Hanna said. " I think you need to loose those shoes, socks, and shirt so that we will be even."

As the game went on, Mellony was the first to loose all her cloths. Now unfortunately she would be to target of the sex cards, as they only refer if someone is totally naked.

Rachael was the first to get a sex card. It wasn't optional, you had to pick one naked player and perform a sexual act on them. This one made her suck on Mellony's nipples for 1 minute. She was really reluctant.

" Go ahead Rachael, I have done it before it isn't bad." Hanna said.

I beamed over at her in a really.....look. She turned away and blushed.

Rachael moved over to her, Mellony leaned back and Rachael started on her nipple. Mellony let out a moan and then turned red with embarrassment. She tried to control them the rest of the time but one thing was for sure Mellony liked it a lot.

After a few more rounds I was the next one naked. All the girls had a hard time playing looking at my half hard 7 in dick. Ever now and then I would lean back a little so it would come up and all eyes were on my little monster. Next one with a sex card was Jennifer. She sat there for a minute and looked up. She had to perform oral sex on any naked player. I could tell her nerviousness. It was obvious that she had never done any oral before.

She looked up at me. " I don't want to lick a girl before I suck a guy, so I want you."

I looked over at Hanna, who was looking down and away. I just knew that she was jealous. I tooched her hand and said. " You will get your birthday present later I promise." With that she smiled.

Jennifer came over and got down into position as I learned back. She kissed the head then slowly licked it. Them she opened her mouth taking the head into her mouth. Everyone of the girls moved into position to watch her suck me. She was doing a decent job and it felt really good to have those young lips on my cock. She was enjoying it to. Timer went out the window for at least 15 seconds. She didn't want to stop sucking me. But everyone said that it was time to keep playing.

Over the next 3 rounds everyone was naked. The next sex card I got. It told me to perform oral on any one naked person.

" You I am getting later" Looking at Hanna, " So I want to return that favor to Jennifer right now."

I moved into position and she layed down nervious and embarassed. She spread her legs and I laid on my stomach and started licking her pussy. I started off a little slow, but by the 20 second mark I sped up and right at the one minute mark, Jennifer had her first orgasm as she shook and moaned really loud. I got up to her still recovering as everyone asked her how it was. They all giggled and hoped to be next.

The next card came just a few plays later with Hanna. It said them to choose one player to perform oral on another player for 1 minute. It couldn't be themselves.

" I think that it is time for my little sister to grow up. John you have to lick her."

I have never seem Rachael so embarassed. She was about to cry.

" Trust me Rachael you are going to love it, don't worry about us."

Rachael gave one last look of unrest before accepting the terms and laid on her back and I spread her legs and went to licking her. She was really reserved this time, but she did come up with a smile as I ate her to a humble small orgasm.

We went almost to the last round before we had another Sex Card. It was drawn by Mellony and said to pick any one person to perform oral on. Mellony also chose me. She came over to me and started sucking me eagerly. Truth be known if she would have sucked it another 30 seconds she would have gotten a load of cum.

Then it was my turn, as as luck would have it another sex card. It also said to pick one person to perform oral on another naked person. Now this was going to be good, up til now I didn't get this card so they all chose me, now I have to chose them because their is no choice. That means one lucky girl is going to get to eat some pussy for the first time. But who ????

I looked around the room, with every girl looking like not me. That is all but one. Jennifer was just looking down at Hanna's pussy. Her statement earlier can back to me, " I want to be with a guy before a girl". This told me whe was open to it. I thought ya this just works in a perfect plan.

" Jennifer, you got to suck my dick now you are going to eat Hanna's pussy."

The look on her face was oh shit he picked me, I got to do this. Hanna was looking at Jennifer. They were best friends and now I was making them take it to the next level. Hanna laid down and Jennifer slowly crawled between her legs. She was so hesitant, but once her tongue touched Hanna's clit and she heard how good it felt to Hanna, she started really getting into it. She lapted at her pussy for the whole minute and again I couldn't stop her,

" Oh fuck yes Jennifer, I am cumming.......y.yeeeesssss......" Hanna blurted as orgasm shook her body.

Once the game was over. We had been playing for hours and thought it was time to eat. I ordered us all some pizza ans we all got dressed as we waited for the pizza to show up.

I bet you wish you knew what happens next. Stay tuned in for part two......


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Wonderful story. Will have to read the others now.
Question: Are you one of the girls in this true story?

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