Daddys loving caresses begat wonderful awakenings
Annabelle seemed content to be in the yard all day. Sometimes with a friend and sometimes not. She still enjoyed being nude at all opportunities. Her skin was tanned a perfect golden color with no tan lines. Her hair a beautiful light brown with shimmering highlights from the sun. A pool had been added to the yard about 2 years ago and that is where she spent most of her time. Today, she lazed at the poolside reading one of the several novels that came in the mail for her.

Scott moved his office upstairs so his desk was near the window, but his clients could not see to the pool. He chose to do this so Annabelle could continue to be naked out back whenever she chose to be (which was whenever she wasn't expecting a friend over). She was developing beautifully now at age 13, but still had yet to show signs of starting her monthly flow. He made certain she was well prepared for that because he remembered his sister screaming - terrified when she first started. He felt Annabelle deserved better. She deserved to know the things happening with her body.

Annabelle loved the special time she had every night with her father and started to encourage more and more contact with him during the day. Today, for instance, she chose to laze about the pool completely nude on the opposite side of the house so when he looked out his window at her he saw her open pussy while she pretended to snooze behind her shades. She knew he watched her and couldn't help but get aroused by watching her because he told her so.

Once, a couple years ago, after a session with a client, he came outside and pulled her down on his lap in a loving caress asking her if she could feel his rock hard erection beneath her crotch. She gyrated in answer and laughed as he pressed against her. These games were played from the time she could remember. She didn't remember ever a time when he didn't touch her and make her feel incredible when he made her cum. She didn't ever remember him saying he was cumming though, and this is what started to intrigue her.

She felt the tingling between her legs and reached down looking up at the window to see if Daddy was watching. He was so she dipped her fingers in her already wet pussy teasing him mercilessly. She was disappointed when he turned around and walked away from the window. Annabelle sometimes felt a jealousy when his clients took most of his time, but she always looked forward to the evenings because after his clients went away they had their special play time together.

Sometimes they would watch movies and sometimes they would play games. Lately, the movies had sexual themes that really made her wild and Daddy knew it. He would always play with her then, driving her mad with passion until she was thoroughly exausted. Then, just as she was getting ready to sleep, he would undress himself, and slide his penis between her legs. Sometimes she would be sitting on his lap, other times she would be laying next to him. She always opened her legs to him eagerly waiting to feel his thickness against her. He never stuck it in her though. Sometimes she felt disappointed by this without really understanding why she felt disappointed.

Deciding she had enough sun for the day, Annabelle went inside took a quick shower and headed off to take a nap in the family room. She opened the loveseat sofabed turned on the TV and was soon fast asleep before she even knew it. She realized she was sleeping when she felt the weight of her Daddy lightly laying on her pressing his crotch into hers. He must have opened her legs because they were so wide they almost hurt.

Wrapping her legs around him, Annabelle pulled Scott close to her welcoming his weight and the feel of his clothes on her sensitive clit.

"Hmm, feels like you were having a hot sexy dream," Scott said grinding his hardness into her mound.

"Mmmmm, yeah, Daddy, I was thinking about all the special bath times we used to have, and all the special movie times we have now," Annabelle smiled as she looked deep into his soft brown eyes.

"So, you like all our special times?" Scott asked. He realized this had never come up in conversation before. He alway teased and tormented her sexually, hoping to awaken the woman in her, but never asked her outright if she liked it or not.

"Can't you tell?" She aked coyly as she gyrated her mound against him.

"I was hoping that was your answer, cause, If you answered that you didn't like it, I could always go away and leave you alone," He replied playfully pulling away and sitting on the edge of the sofa.

Annabelle quickly dove after him landing square on his crotch wrapping her legs around his waist again and her arms around his neck. The look on her face was pure passion and he wanted to take her right then, but still wanted her to come to him completely with no doubts and second guessing. With her as horny as she was, he didn't think that would be a problem. He was pleased by her initiating so much sexual contact so suddenly. She usually played for a few minutes, but when he pulled away she usually let up for a while. They would eat dinner, watch a movie, or play a game, and flirt all night long.

Tonight Annabelle was exhibiting sexual cravings and needs. He indulged her by grinding slowly and gently against her. She surprised him by nibbling on his ear and kissing his earlobe gently sucking and licking it.

"Princess, it's been a long day, and I need to take a shower before dinner. While I go take a shower, why don't you decide what you want for dinner," Scott suggested as he nibbled on her neck and stroked her back with his fingertips sending electrical sparks up and down her spine. The desired effect was reached as she arched her back pressing her "A" cup titties into his chest. Her breathing started to become faster. 'Why not,' he thought to himself.

She tangled her hands in his hair as she started to really bounce and grind on his lap. She really wanted him to put his fingers inside her like he has been doing the last few times. She wanted to feel full and stretched like he had been making her. She wanted him to fuck her pussy with his hand like he did the last two nights. Annabelle could not stop thinking about how wonderful that felt, although he only went inside her a little ways. She could feel something blocking him, and knew that was her cherry. He had explained that to her, and helped to show her it in the mirror when he stretched her wide open the first time with his fingers.

She would never forget that image. His hard cock just under her opening as he stretched her wide open while she sat on his lap. The mirror was at the foot of his bed and she used the flashlight to see deep inside her. Just that thought alone made her hot.

Just before she climaxed he grabbed her hips freezing her in action. She looked at him with panic, concern, and frustration on her face. He laughed at all her confused emotions and pulled her close to him.

"The night is young sweet princess. I still have to take a shower, and by the feel of things, you have already decided what you want for dinner," Scott chucked as he kissed his daughters lips gently but firmly. He lifted her off him and pointed to how wet his pants were. "And, I have to get out of these before you chafe him so he is no good to either of us." Scott chuckled standing and heading off to shower.

While the water was running in the shower in her Dad's room, she dashed off to her room. Dad had been buying her all kinds of negligees and teddy's that she decided she would wear one for him as he was getting out of the shower. A nice surprise. She settled on a nice white lace negligee figuring her tanned skin would offset the color beautifully.

"It is my birthday after all, and he didn't even say happy birthday to me yet. Maybe this will remind him cause he got this for me last year for my birthday." Annabelle said to herself in the mirror. She didn't use makeup, but did put her hair in two braids on either side of her head reminding herself of Pippy Longstocking. Laughing at herself in the mirror she slipped on a pair of slippers and dashed back down to the den just as the water was getting turned off in her Dad's shower.

She tucked under the blanket pretending to be chilly as she started flipping through the channels looking for something to stare at. Trying not to smile she looked up at her dad as he entered the room noticing his raging hard on barely contained by his bathtowel.

"Looks like you have a problem, Daddy," Annabelle chuckled staring obviously at his crotch.

"No, just very happy to see you and quite hot from the way you greeted me earlier," He smiled at his daughter lovingly.

"Well, there's more where that came from," she teased him looking at the bed next to her.

Taking her cue, he climbed under the covers with her and took the remote. Slipping his arm around her to cup her breast he felt the lace and pulled the blanket off her.

"My my my," He said appreciatively, "All this for me?" he asked as he pulled her onto his lap.

"No, silly, for me," she replied as she pressed her back against his chest and her bum against his groin.

"I see," he said caressing her thighs, hips then breasts with one hand while clicking through the channels with the other. He was headed up the channels to the pay per view channels looking specifically for a very erotic light porn flick. He was extrememly horny and knew she was too.

He had been teasing her sexually for 13 years now, and she at 13 was finally showing some initiative seducing him. He wanted to slip his 7 inches inside her tear her cherry and fuck her for all she was worth, but knew that it would have to be special and magickal for her to want more. If he just brutalized her, she would probably never want to have sex with anyone ever again. He wanted to be the only man for her. He knew that to do that he needed to continue to awaken her and let her come to him like she was tonight.

Finding the channel he wanted, he ordered a 6 hour block of porn and found already in progress a very naked red-headed woman sucking passionately on a blond man's average cock while another man was behind her with a humorously large totally fake cock tried to enter her from behind.

Annabelle's breathing came more rapid as it echoed her dad's. He had never put porn on the tv before. Only put movies that had sex scenes in them. This was incredible! She felt him skootch down so he was laying down slightly and she opened her legs over his. He was using two hands and firmly caressing every inch of her he could reach. She moved her body to meet his roaming hands and pressed her bum into his groin loving the feel of his hardness pressing against her crack.

On the tv, the cam was doing a close up of the man sliding in and out of the woman's gaping pussy and Annabelle remembered how it felt to have her Dad's fingers inside her. She started to grind against him while he nibbled on her ear licking and sucking on her earlobe while blowing gently in her ear.

"Happy Birthday, Princess," he whispered gently as he slipped a hand up under her negligee to find she was wearing no panties. He felt her wetness and groaned as he stuck a finger inside her.

"Mmm, Thanks, Daddy," Annabelle said through her heavy breathing.

"I got you something, too, but I can't give it to you just yet," Scott breathed in her ear causing her to arch her back. He rolled her clit around and around in his fingers until she bucked on his hand begging for more. Her bucking and twisting was bringing his cock closer and closer to her dripping virgin pussy.

"Oh, Daddy, don't -- -- pl - please - - do- - don't stoppPPPP" Annabelle was screaming as her first orgasm of the night wracked her. She convulsed and twisted as he tormented her tender clit mercilessly.

"Oh, my sweet little vixen, how you like to fuck daddy's hand," he said as he tantalized her.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I do," she said rocking her hips jumping whenever that special spot was touched. On the screen the woman was screaming her orgasm as the man behind her pounded her slamming his balls into her clit with each thrust. The man she was sucking was instead splashing white gooey stuff all over her face as he was yelling he was cumming.

Annabelle had never seen man cum before because her Dad never did that with her. She knew how good it felt for her to cum, and wondered if it felt just as good for him.

"Daddy?" Annabelle began as she turned around on his lap to face him. This caused his towel to open under her so she sat directly on his waiting cock.

"Yes, princess?" He asked looking at the seriousness of her cocked head imagining himself pelting her as powerfully as the man on the tv to the slut taking it.

"Do you ever cum?" She asked innocently gyrating on his lap feeling his cock pressing against her hole remembering the image behind her.

"Yes, Princess, I do. Why?" Scott asked holding his breath hoping this was going farther than just their usual touch me feel me make me cum games. Not that he minded, but he was so damn horny to feel her tight young pussy squeezing and milking his cock. The imagery alone was almost enough to make him cum.

"Why don't you ever cum for me? You always make me cum, but you never cum," Annabelle pouted.

Scott released his breath looking at his daughter with such love and affection as she asked such the honest question.

"Well, it is more important to me that you enjoy our games and special time. I cum when I go take a shower afterwards." Scott explained.

"Will you cum for me?" Annabelle asked flexing her muscles rippling her pussy lips against his throbbing cock.

"Do you want me to?" Scott asked as his breath became more shallow as his passion built. His fantasy finally coming to reality? Would he fuck his beautiful passionate virginal daughter tonight, on her 13th birthday? He certainly hoped so, but not to force her into anything.

"Yes, but I want your cock inside me like you put your fingers last night," Annabelle said knowing that when she used the dirty words he could not refuse her. She wanted to feel full like she did when he used his hands, but deeper. She wanted his cock to break her cherry and fill her till she felt like she would burst.

She lifted off him and gently grabbed his cock standing it up so it was aimed directly at her waiting pussy.

"Are you sure? Remember your cherry, princess, that is going to hurt very badly when it gets popped, and Daddy is much bigger than any of your cute little boyfriends that come over. I will hurt you when I get inside." He explained clearly hoping she understood that if she wanted to pop her cherry with a smaller boy she could, although deeply he wanted her all for himself.

"Yes, Daddy, I'm sure," Annabelle said as she lowered herself gasping when his cock pressed into her hole. When the head of his cock just started to stretch her, she stopped loving how it made her feel.

Scott trembled as his cock touched her tight pussy. Her juices flowed over him freely as her fire burned hotly. He rested his hands on her hips and gently pressed down on her while pressing his hips up to squeeze his thick shaft inside her. The feel of her muschles stretching and contracting made if very difficult for him to hold her steady instead of ram her down on him.

As his mushroom head popped inside her she gasped and he groaned loudly. She lifted her negligee over her head so she could watch this monster disappear inside her. Already she could see the bulge in her abdomen where his head was.

"Princess, Daddy wants to fuck you so badly. Once he goes in much further, I won't be able to stop. I will be crazy with passion and desire for you and want to ram my cock deep in your pussy, baby." Scott tried to prepare her and give her one last chance to stop this before he lost himself in his desire.

"You understand - if you want to stop, you need to say so right now," He said as he slowly lifted her up so his head just popped out again and pressed her down again so the mushroom cap popped back in.

"I understand," Annabelle replied as she pressed down further on her dad's shaft. She wanted to know what that woman on the TV felt. She wanted to know what it was like to have a man cum, and she wanted her dad to feel as wonderful as he made her feel. She felt him reach her cherry and knew this would hurt, but hoped it wouldn't last long like the internet said.

Scott kissed his daughter passionately and fingered her clit preparing her for the inevitable. He felt his cock hit her cherry and wanted to bust right though, but not without her being at least a little bit ready. That was his final coherent thought as he felt her force herself down on him impaling herself quickly and rapidly.

His shock at her sudden action and the reality of her pain only briefly played over his conscienceness as he began fucking her for all he was worth. He raised her and jammed her down on him impaling her deeper and deeper being merciless in his actions.

Annabelle expected the pain to be much worse and was thrilled when it wasn't. She was surprised when Daddy started making her jump so hard on him. She went with it letting him do all the work loving the feel of him so deep inside with each thrust. Getting the idea she started to ride him for all she could only making him hotter and wilder.

"Fuck me, princess, that's it, oh god yeah - ride daddy's cock princess" Daddy was yelling. She was bouncing on him to the best of her abilities when her dancing legs just wouldn't go much more. He lay her on her back and raised her ankles to her ears opening her wide. He rammed his cock deep inside her and pelted her so powerfully and fast she was amazed by his speed.

"oh ----yeah----dddddaaaaaddddddyyyyy - " she stammered as she tried to match his movements. She felt the most powerful orgasm yet of her life coming from deep inside her. She thought she had to pee and wondered if she should try to stop him long enough to go.

"oh god princess, your pussy is so hot, so fucking hot," Scott was screaming knowing he wouldn't be able to last much longer. He hadn't had a pussy grabbing at his dick in so many years.

"Cum for me princess, cum on Daddy's cock so daddy can cum for you," Scott encouraged hammering away at his daughters pussy.

She was writhing under him trying to get him deeper inside her as she felt the explosion inside her. She screeched her passion as her body stiffened beneath him and began to convulse in a powerful orgasm. Her vision blackened and she saw stars all around her as she felt the fluid gush out of her. She thought she peed on him and felt immediately ashamed as she felt something splashing up inside her belly.

Looking down at her belly she saw the bulge twitch before a new splash hit inside her. She felt his cock jump inside her with each twitch she saw and reached down to touch the bulge in her belly.

"Oh, yeah princess, Daddy's cumming deep inside you. I'm filling your belly with my baby making juice precious princess Annabelle." He was saying to her in ragged breaths as he released her legs and collapsed on her. He rolled over holding her close so he didn't pull out of her just yet. He loved the feel of her velvet walls squeezing and miliking his neglected cock.

As their orgasms subsided he stroked her back and kissed her head.

"Feel better, Daddy," She asked learning quickly how to use her vaginal muscles to make his cock twitch.

"Oh, yeah princess, I do, but how about you. Do you feel ok, or sore, or anything? Do you want me out of you?" He asked trying to phrase his next question without making her think something was wrong.

"I'm sore, but I like it. My pussy likes feeling you inside. It feels like a puzzle piece that I have been missing all my life that just belongs." She said matter of factly. To prove her point she sat upright on it forcing it deep inside her although it was trying to shrivel up.

"Oh sweet princess Annabelle," was all Scott could say as he pulled his daughter to lay on him and together they fell asleep with him still stuck inside her. The porn long forgotten as a passion hazed exaustion overtook them.

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wow..i loved it. Reminds me of when I took my young daughter Kathy to our barn. She was then 9..years old. I begged her to fuck, she let me. I fucked her on the hay. She bled. From then on, we fucked lots. She would dig my back, and kick me when I got all my 8 inches of cock deep into her cunt. I fucked her until she was 12, then my wife and I split. Kathy is now 19 and married to a soldier. I go to her apartment during the week and I fuck her cunt still.. She says I tickle her cunt the best.

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DAMN! I want my dad to fuck me soo bad right now.


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I have often wondered why more dads aren't the first to break in their daughters so they can break them in gently and teach them what good sex is.


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G1 daddy


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nice i beat off through the entire thing

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