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’d look at the old granddads and want to sit on their lap at the bus stop in my short school skirt; I’d want to wriggle my bum on their lap and try to make them hard underneath me. I was old enough to be aware I shouldn’t do these things as society frowned upon them, but it was such a thrill. ..
I’ve always enjoyed masturbating. It started when I was very young and now I’m in my early twenties. Back when I was still at secondary school I’d sit there in my classes and my mind would wander to filth. If we had a male teacher for that lesson he would become the subject of my fantasies. I would look at the wrinkles around his eyes and his aging face and imagine how it would look between my legs, with my thighs clamped tight around him. The older the man the better - I would picture myself running my fingers through their greying hair and pushing their head down ensuring his mouth couldn’t leave my young juicy pussy until I was satisfied. At this point I was still a virgin, and no man had touched me. Frequently I would fantasise about being the only student in an after-school detention. I’d imagine my teacher with his strength and age coming over to me and picking me up; I’d imagine him forcing me onto his large oak desk. Imagining myself resisting, fighting him off a little until I realise finally I am too weak and cannot escape. I would want him to force me to spread my legs for him while he felt and probed my body all over - paying special attention to the bare skin of my thighs that showed above my long white socks. I’d imagine my pussy getting more excited as he tied me to the table with lengths of old skipping rope leaving me spread eagled, with every private part of me on show. I would sit there in my classes with my nipples hard and erect because I was thinking such dirty thoughts, and when I was lucky enough to be given a hall pass to go to the toilet during lessons, I would cherish the opportunity to sit alone in the girls toilet with the loo seat down - myself perched on top - my knickers around my ankles as I rubbed at my excited pussy. Sliding a solitary finger up my tight and juicy hole looking for relief but still wishing it was someone else touching me, thinking of how good it would feel if it was the janitors clean but rough hands probing my pussy instead of my own or the hands of one of the girls in my class.

From the age of 12 I would have the family house to myself after school until around 6pm. I often walked home aware that my panties were a little wet and sticky, and my mind was full of dark yet exciting thoughts. I’d let myself explore my thoughts, looking for the images which sent a shock of adrenaline through my body and made my nipples stiffen, keeping pussy still swollen and turned on. As I walked the 20 minutes home I would look at the adult men I passed and my thoughts would get carried away: ‘Oh! If only that builder would put down his spade and head over to me – pin me up against the tree and force his erection inside me.’ I’d look at the old granddads and want to sit on their lap at the bus stop in my short school skirt; I’d want to wriggle my bum on their lap and try to make them hard underneath me. I was old enough to be aware I shouldn’t do these things as society frowned upon them, but it was such a thrill. There was a wrinkly old man with a walking stick who lived down my road. Often when I passed his house he’d be outside trimming his immaculate front lawn he was handsome like an old regal war hero. I would always readjust my bra in front of him – move my growing tits around inside the bra cups and tweak my nipples a little. He would always look up and smile at me when I passed; I believe he missed me when school broke up for holidays.

Each evening when I arrived home I would head upstairs to my dad’s study. Right at the back of a cupboard was where he stashed his porn collection. I’d found these old VHS films around the turn of my 12 birthday when I was hunting for batteries for my game boy – there was at least 30 of them -along with a wide selection of porn magazines and stories. It was like a treasure trove to me at that age, it was around the time my first few pubes had appeared on my pussy and my hormones were racing. This much nudity, this much sexuality, it excited me. I loved the rush from looking at the dirty scenes. There was always such an over whelming response from my body to this type of imagery. I just had to select a tape and put one on, and I loved what I got to see.

It was one night after school and I’d chosen a video about a teenage girl being seduced by her uncle while he was left to baby-sit her. Earlier that day I’d read in the self help columns of Mizz – a magazine for young teens – about a girl who’d been using her toothbrush as a sex toy. It gave me inspiration. So there I was armed with my cleaned electric toothbrush – the one that vibrated side to side – sitting on the sofa with my legs spread. Watching this moustached old man pull this teens panties aside and expose her pink fresh and hairless pussy. My own cunt ached in response. I’d undone a few buttons on my school shirt so that I could get to my nipples, pulling and toying with them, only recently had I noticed the became stiff, erect and sensitive in the cold and damp - and when I pinched them between my fingers. I was excited to try my new toy. My school kilt was pulled up around my waist and my panties lay discarded on the fool. I turned the toothbrush on, and as I lowered it towards my cunt I felt a shiver of anticipation - then it was touching me - this cool smooth feel of plastic vibrating fast between my pussy lips. Within seconds my pussy was dripping wet, I could feel my juices running down between my ass cheeks. This amazing sensation taking hold of me and making me want more. These waves of pleasure rocking through my body were intense and somehow stronger than I’d ever experienced before. My pussy was puffed up and more swollen than I’d ever seen it before; I couldn’t stop rubbing the toothbrush around my pussy lips and clit. I just hadn’t expected it to be this gooooood! I couldn’t hold back as I raced towards climax, my back arched and my body truly contorted with spasms of pleasure. I had to stop and pant, and reassess. Fucking hell, that was amazing, I wanted more.

I sat and focussed on the porn video, waiting for my pussy to calm down so that I could touch my naughty little cunt some more. On the TV the old uncle now had the teen bent over a table and he had managed to shove his amazingly thick penis in her tiny ass hole, stretching her to the limit. She was whimpering in what looked to be a mix of pleasure and pain as he showed her how to take a grown man. My own pussy was still very excited, it had just about calmed down enough to let me touch it again, and I pushed two fingers deep into my pussy. I hadn’t slid the toothbrush inside me so my little vagina was craving something to slide deep inside it, begging me for something wider. I had an idea and popped into the kitchen, picking up the large wooden rolling pin. It looked ominously thick, similar width to the giant cock I’d been watching on the video. I went up to my room to where I had stashed the condoms the Sexual-Heath Lady had handed out at school, and slipped a strawberry scented one onto the massive rolling pin.

Back downstairs I placed myself on the large leather arm chair directly facing the TV. I hooked my legs one over each arm of the chair and brought the rolling pin up to my mouth and spat on it. I tentatively licked the strawberry condom, and then went down on the rolling pin taking as much of it into my mouth as I could fit ‘til I gagged - all the time wishing it was a real fully grown stiff penis between my lips. I lowered it between my thighs and felt the texture of the condom against my pussy and on the opening of my vagina. I tried to push it into me and it would hardly move – too wide to easily fit in. With one hand holding the rolling pin, I used the second hand to tease at my clit and lips and rub more saliva on me to help ease the thickness of the wooden shaft inside me. My pussy felt stretched like never before as I worked the length of the rolling pin inside me - it hurt just a little. The pain was nothing compared to the exquisite pleasure of the thickness filling me up inside. I felt ready to burst with such satisfaction as I started to move the rolling pin in and out of me a little. It was such a tight fit inside me it wasn’t easy to slide up and down, I was enjoying just wriggling it deep inside me. I picked up the toothbrush with my spare hand and placed it turned on buzzing right on top of my clit. I couldn’t hold myself back any more and I let out a deep moan of pleasure and satisfaction as I came hard. My whole body shaking once again and my pussy releasing sweet cum juice which trickled down my thighs.

I rested my head back against the sofa with my eyes closed feeling the last few waves of orgasm bolt through me. I heard a car door slam in the street and a jolt of reality broke through the haze of sexual pleasure. How loud had I been? With the low white-noise buzzing of the toothbrush it was easy to get carried away, what time was it? I looked up at the clock, and was startled that it was only 5 minutes to 6pm, and checked out the curtains down the street. Sure enough like clockwork my father’s car was pulled up and parked in a space down the street. My Dad himself was chatting to the neighbour who was still in his garden trimming his plants. A level of panic rose up inside me, as I raced to the TV switching the channel over and quickly pushing the eject button on the VHS player - ramming the illicit tape into my school bag. I quickly dropped the toothbrush and the pussy-juice and condom covered rolling pin into my school bag as well. I was hastily doing up the buttons on my school skirt when I heard his key in the lock. Panicked I quickly scanned the room for anything incriminatory, anything that might indicate I had done something other than spend the afternoon watching cartoons. All clear, except – shit – my discarded knickers. I swiftly shoved them into my bag as my dad swept into the house straight into the front room and flopped down onto the arm chair, which, moments before, I had been pleasuring myself on.

‘Evening Hunny’ He smiled, and looked me up and down. Taking in my flushed and startled expression, and the unkempt nature of my school clothes he raised an eyebrow, ‘Good day at school?’

‘Alright…’ I mumbled and started edging to the door for a swift exit.

‘Are you sure? You look a little ruffled. Stressful day was it?’ and he pulled me over towards him in a big fatherly bear hug.

As he held me my senses seemed heightened. I could feel the draft under my skirt breezing across on my bare arse cheeks. My sensitive nipples stiffened up again with the feel of his warm hard body pushed against mine. He gave me one final hard squeeze and let go of me.

‘As long as you’re alright then Hun, now we don’t want to have your old man worrying about you do we?’ He stated.

‘No Dad,’ I responded automatically, trying not to meet his eye as I said it. My body felt charged in his presence in a way I can’t explain and I felt a little uneasy by it all. Embarrassed by the way my body was reacting. “I’m going to have a shower’ I said, looking for an excuse to leave. ‘Can I use the power-shower in your ensuite bathroom?”

“If you want,” he replied as I rushed past him and out of the living room and up the stairs grabbing my school bag.

The End

This is all that actually happened in real life. I nearly got caught after I got carried away experimenting, and I rushed off to shower myself clean. Of course I could always carry this on and write a second part which is truly fiction…


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I love to play with you to


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I love to play with you to

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2014-12-06 02:03:19
I fuck a hair brush I cum all the time

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2014-09-02 17:38:53
I found my older brother's porn stash when I was twelve. I couldn't believe what I saw. He had all sorts of different types, but my favorite was a girl with multiethnic guys. Every chance I got I would sneak off with a magazine or DVD and wear out my fingers. I knew eventually I would have to find out what it was like to have a hard cock in me. I got a boyfriend and basically threw myself at him. We fucked all the time but I knew I wanted to try more than one cock. We planned a get together with about seven of his friends. He told them he would get me drunk and then they could play with me. He told them he was fixing me strong drinks, but really it was just ginger ale. I acted drunk and let him strip me in front of them . Eventually I got fucked by all of them and love it. By the time I graduated from high school, I had been in probably 30 or forty gangbangs and had fucked several of my teachers

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2014-01-08 03:10:38
Cool story. Don't change anything - if that's how it happened then that's how it happened. Really well told too. When I was thirteen I experimented with marker pens and candles but they didn't satisfy. Finally I discovered I could shove a plastic model plane up my cunt (the wings detached) - gave me many hours of pleasure. Almost got caught too, when I thought no one was home but my mum was!

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