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Student and teacher/ female/girl
 My name is francesca and I'm 18 this is a story which actually happened to me when I was 15  at high school a few years ago due to the surcumstances I had to change my teachers name 

It all started when I was at high school my sixteenth birthday was a month away when I found out my French teacher liked me. I would sit at the back of the class with a group of friends chatting throughout the lesson little did I know what my teacher was planning to do to me.
 I'm a skinny girl with curves in all the right places with 34c breasts and tight ass which made  the guys turn there heads when they saw me walking down the corridoor. My teacher Annie was like me skinny and curvy but with bigger breasts which she loved and showed off at our non uniform days. 

At the end of her lessons I used to stay behind to talk to her about how I was and what was going on at home. I had a bad time at home at the time this happened so she used to comfort me and cheer me up little did I know she was grooming me.

In the same month I ended up going on a French exchange trip and that's when things kicked off between us. She sat next to me one day on the coach and started writing me messages asking if I liked her and if I was single. I thought this was a bit weird and replied to her yes. She also started asking me personal things like am I a virgin which I was and she liked my answer. Everyday we got a bit closer to one another until finally I plucked up the courage to touch her knee. Annie quickly pulled my sleeping bag over our knees and held my hand and started stroking my knee too. Every time another teacher walked past she would stop what she was doing so she wouldn't get caught. I was so wet just from her touch that I got disappointed whenever she sat back with the teachers and also jealous if she sat with anyone else all I wanted was for her to sit next to me and to feel my wet cunt

On our last day in France we stayed in a hotel. Annie kept saying she wanted me to sleep in the same room as her and so did I but we Couldnt because another teacher was sharing a room with her. When we got to the hotel and the girls and I had unpacked I decided to get a shower. I was rubbing soap all over my body slowly imagining annie was doing it and I played with my pussy. First I ran my hand inbetween my legs and over my clit before using a finger to part my lips with one hand I started nipping my clit while inserting a finger into my tight virgin hole. I started moaning for a few minutes and didn't hear the door open. I felt two hands grab me and I turned around to find annie my teacher naked infront of me. She looked incredible and I longed to kiss her and  fondle her breasts. My wish came true because  she came into the shower with me .we kissed each other lovingly and getting more passionate. I grabbed one of her breasts and stroked around the nipple she did the same to me  calling me a bad student for playing in the shower when there were girls in the other room. before making her way down to my pussy. I was so wet that her fingers slid straight into me  I couldn't help but moan out load. I. Pushed my breasts against my teachers still not believing what was happening and what my teacher and I were doing but I didn't care all I wanted was for her to make me come All over her fingers. I was so swollen and turned on that i started thrusting my hips and rubbing my clit against annies making her moan and swollen that I stuck two fingers into her pussy. We both moaned because it felt good and I had never fingered a girl before but I copied what annie was doing to me only going faster with her. I started fucking her pussy with two fingers slowly and getting faster and then slow again while we still rubbed our wet clots against one another. I thrusted my fingers deeper into annies pussy until i felt her clench her pussy muscles around my fingers . I finger fucked her faster because I knew she was about come all over my fingers . Just as annie was about to come I bent down and sucked her clit until she squirted her juices all over my face. I licked her pussy clean. Her juices were so nice that I was disappointed when I had finishes cleaning her up. I was hungry for her sex and for her to taste my sex juices. 

Annie saw I was dissapointed ended up kissing my neck working her lips down my body until she reached my swollen clit. She kissed my clit and pushed my legs apart her toungue started lapping at my juices before thrusting deep inside me. I almost came right there and then on her face but i stopped myself. Miss then stuck a finger in my tight little ass hole and it felt strange but I liked it. I swayed my hips back and forth onto her finger while she Tongue fucked me my I started feeling weird in my stomach that suddenly I screamed and shot my own liquid over my teachers face just like she did to me. I had my first orgasm I learnt the next day. As  I came around from my orgasm annie had disappeared out of the shower and got dressed before telling me she wanted to do it again and shot out of the room. I wanted to do it again and I couldn't wait till the next time that I ended up getting aroused again that I made myself come for the second time that night in the shower

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2016-04-06 13:50:40
fun much for avoiding the grammar nazis

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2011-08-24 17:11:16
She lives in a Socialist Entitlement Society and that is the type of Education the Common Masses get.

At least she is writing and not badly either.

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2011-06-15 22:11:19
ur stories r great u should rite more true and diary stories n fucnishe that other diary story it was amazing

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2011-05-27 20:08:56
Was this written by the same person as the other stories ???. Yes..very good story but : names ALWAYS start with a capital letter ; circumstances does not start sur. Get a proof reader. Without the distraction of some really bad spelling and grammar, this would be a great story. Still gets Positive vote and personal grade 7.5/10

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