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Daddy got mad.

Shari is a fourteen year old girl and recently been introduced to sex by her father, no they were not sexually involved. Just that her father gave het the 'talk'. The whole time her father spoke she felt rather uncomfortable but yet at the same time felt a tingy sensation near her private area. The mention of words like, 'penis', 'vagina', 'semen', sparked her interest into sex even further. On that evening she started masturbating. It has been a few months that her and her father had talked about sex and Shari was still wondering what it was all about.

It was around 7:00 in the evening and Shari was already dressed for bed. She wore a white tanktop that showed off her perky breast. She had on blue short shorts that barely covered her 14 year old ass cheeks. She sat on the couch curled up next to her father watching the football game. Her mind traveled back to the talk they had, looking up at him she cleared her throat some and spoke "daddy I know you told me about sex but I want to know how it feels, does it hurt?". Her father looked down at her stunned from the random question that came out of his daughters mouth. He hesitated to answer, "uhm not really sweetheart a little on your first time" he answered her with a little nervousness to his voice. Shari sat a few minutes in quiteness as she pondered over who she would be with on her first time, her eyes kept looking up at her father.

Her father in her eyes was a handsome young fellow. He had a nice firm chest and strong muscles that flexed. He had amazing strong hands cause he always worked on cars. His skin was rough but yet smooth to her sensitive hands, she wondered if his penis was how he described one to her a month ago. He had long messy hair that ended right above his shoulders but yet kept clean. He was 'attractive' to her and it sparked her interest about sex even more to have a man so close to her.

"Daddy is your penis how you described one?" she asked him. With that question his jaw slightly dropped and his cheeks turned a rosy red. She bit her bottom lip hoping she did not anger him with her curiousity. "uhm uh" her father hesitated a long time before answering. "yeah somewhat like it, hard to explain" he told her keeping his eyes planted on the t.v., Shari was not satisfied with his answer. Actually she didn't want a spoken answer but a 'mental picture' to go along with it. "Daddy since you cant explain what it looks like how about you show me?" she asked him with pleading eyes. Shari kind of knew what she was doing, she had that same tingly feeling below as she talked about her fathers penis with him. Her father look quite flustered as he abrutly pushed his daughter away and stood off the couch walking towards the kitchen. Shari was slightly embarrassed and afraid that she had angered him. She slowly crept into the kitchen and stood next to him, resting her hand on his shoulder. "Im sorry daddy" she spoke in a innocent whisper. He turned his gaze upon her and shoke his head slowly "don't be your interested and im your father I should teach you these things" with that he unbutton his pants and unzipped them without hesitation. "sit down Shari" he ordered and she obeyed sitting at the kitchen table. He stood at the counter a few feet away from where she sat. He pulled out his 7" cock and that was just him hung. Shari's eyes widen as she saw the large penis before her. She had never seen anything like that before and it amazed her, that her father possessed such a wonderful thing. She let her eyes travel among his legnth, examining how the way the skin wrinkled and the veins popped out. It actually looked like something she could feast on.

"wow" was all that Shari could say. Her father hesitated before speaking back to her "yeah well heres my penis young lady learned what it look like yet?" he asked hoping to put it away. She nodded and he was just about to zip up his pants before she stood up. "Wait" she spoke quitely. She stalked over to him standing in front of him. She slowly raised her hands and placed her two index fingers on either side of his pants and pulled them slightly down letting her fathers penis slung free from his pants. "I want to know how it feels" she stated reaching for it. Her father abrutly jumped up and away from his daughter, his pants falling around his ankles. Shari froze in shock and fear. Her father was next to speak "Now sweetheart don't take this the wrong way but I can't let you touch it, It's wrong" he stated. Shari kept her eyes on her fathers penis while he spoke. She only broke her stare to answer him, "Come on, like you said your my father you have to teach me these things" She stalked towards him again. Her reasoning was a little convincing as she reached to her fathers cock once more. This time he did not move. He let his daughter grip his cock with her two fingers and lightly feel around it. With her slightest touch his cock started to harden growing to a length of 10". With his erection now he fully took in his daughters young body. She had nice legs that had no hair on them at all and barely any thickness to them. Her skin was a soft tan color, since Shari visited the beach almost everyday. His eyes his her breast next. They were quite small, but he was always attracted to smaller tits. She was a B cup he was not quite sure, all he knew was she had small breast and it intrigued him to go on with what he was doing.

"It feels nice" Shari whispered as she looked up at her father with a flushed face. He nodded slowly his eyes still peeled on her daughters breast. She started to pull her hand back from his hard rock penis only to have him push her hand back on it. "No sweetheart" he stated moving her fingers to grip around his cock. They barely touched when she had full grip around his cock. He then had her hand moving up and down the legnth of his shaft making him more hard then what he already was. "Daddy what are you doing?" she asked as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. "It's what your doing Shari, tricking me into having sex with you" her father was quite angered but yet desired for her very touch now.

See her father was a moody person, the strangest stuff could piss him off.

Shari tried to pull her hand back, now scared of what she was doing. He did not let her loosen her grip on his penis. "Daddy let go your hurting me" she cried out, terrified of her father now. He jerked his head back up and open his eyes to stare at his daughters frightened face. In some sick disturbing way it turned him on even more. "now Shari this is all your fault and you now will be punished. You wanted to learn from me and now im gonna teach you. You learned what it looked like, how it felt, and now how it taste" with that statement he pushed his daughter on to her knees, his penis poking her in the cheek. "No!" she cried out. "I don't want to taste it!" she knew her cries was hopeless from the look in her fathers eyes. "open your mouth" her father said in a soft demanding tone. She refused to obey and it angered him a lot. He grabbed her nose and pinched it shut, It only took a few seconds for her to open her mouth to breathe. With that chance he pushed his large penis into her mouth. He loved the feeling of her lips closing around his penis. He pushed his penis in farther, it was barely halfway in before he noticed his daughter had started gagging. Her chokes felt great on his cock and at this moment he did not care how his daughter was. He pushed his cock in farther, now 6" of his meat stick had disapeared into his daughters mouth.

Shari was terrified now, she gagged heavily on her father penis that was shoved down her throat. She could barely breathe. "suck bitch" her father groaned. Shari was shocked at the 'bitch' word that came out of her mouth. She never ever heard her father swear only when he was extremely angered. She quickly obeyed and started to suck his penis. He groaned in pleasure as he felt her small childish toungue push against the head of his penis. He thrusted his penis back and fourth in her small fragile 14 year old mouth. She was in pain and he knew it, but yet he enjoyed it.

Her father pulled his penis out of her mouth and pushed her backwards sending her onto her back, she hit her head slightly to hard causing a little dizziness as she tried to raise. She felt her fathers hand push her head back down and he stood over her. "Now young lady look what you have done. You caused me to let you suck my dick your in big trouble!!" he screamed with a red face. He got on his knees straddling her young stomach. He ran his powerful hands across my lower stomach before traveling up my shirt with them. At this time Shari was stunned and tottally frighten of her father. He was mad she could tell but yet he had another mood going on as he gripped her breast. The feel of his strong hands groping at her breast increased the already tingling feeling she felt on her 'vagina' as her father called it.

She knew if she disobeyed anymore she would be hurt badly. She felt her fathers hands raise up and burst through the tearing of her white tank top revealing her small B cup breast. Again his hands were back on them groping them fiercly causing Shari extreme pain and pleasure as well. She cried out softly as her father felt her breast.
Then his two fingers pinched her nipple causing it to expand to a little hard nob on the tip of her breast. He messaged that harden nipple roughly pinching it causing it to redden. "now your enjoying this you sick bitch!" he screamed in her face. He rose to his feet and grabbed her ankles and started to pull her towards the living room. She struggled in his grip and squirmed as she felt the cold floor rub against her back. She was now being tossed onto the couch and her legs pushed apart by her father. "Now your gonna be a good little slut and listen to your father!" He screamed his face now a total shade of red. She nodded slowly as she laid sprawled across the couch.
Her father gripped the sides of her shorts and yanked them down and off of her tossing them across the living room. She was just left in her white cotton panties, her father enjoyed those and especially on his daughter. He crouched down in front of her and smelled up along her pussy. "good" he said to her with a grin across his face. In a second her panties were ripped and tossed where her shorts laid. She knew she was gonna have sex and her father was slightly right. It did hurt her first time and it didn't even start yet.

Shari's father gripped her legs and pushed them up to her shoulders opening the little tight pussy slightly. He grinned as his own saliva dripped from his mouth landing on her pink moist lips. "your so wet and so turned on by this you dirty whore" he groaned into his daughters face. Fiercly he kissed his daughter with tounge. She was shocked with this mouth to mouth action. Never before has she kissed a man and now her first kiss was with her father. It felt good in an extremely disturbing way. She liked how her father was treating her at the moment. Quickly she returned the kiss, copying his exact movements with his mouth. She was now only afraid of the pain not of her father.

She felt her father pull back and stand in a crouch above her a little. "good little girl" he moaned as he pushed the tip of his penis against her small swollen clit. She moaned softly as he did. He grinned from ear to ear with that little soft moan that filled his ears. With that sign of satisfaction Shari's father plunged a few inches of his penis deep inside his daughters vagina. She screamed in pain as she felt the trickle of blood pooring out of her and down the crack of her ass. Though it hurt it still felt good. "god your so fucking tight" her father screamed in a pleasurable tone into her ear. "so amaaaazing" he hissed at her. Again he kissed her but this time with more passion and roughness. She moaned and screamed muffled screams against her fathers strong fierce lips. He kept on pushing deeper into he was balls deep. It hurt extremely bad to Shari but still felt incredible. He thrusted his penis back and fourth in a slow motion but over time picked up the pace. She could make out some of the words he was grunting as he thrusted his meat deeper and harder into his daughters tight pink moist bloody vagina. 'love you' was one of the few words she could make out. With those two words she smiled to herself moaning loudly into her father ear. Slowly she found her fingers traveling through her fathers hair gripping it with all her might as she picked up her hips to push him in deeper. She moved the hips in rythmic motion of her fathers thrusting. They both were sweating and breathing heavy.

Her father increased his pounding sending shock waves through her body. She could feel something building up around her mid-section and shivered with every thrust her father made. Soon enough she felt a burst of pleasure shock through her body as she squirmed and spamed under her fathers heavy muscular sexy sweaty body.
Her father as well started to moan loudly as he squirted something into her. She could feel the thick white liquid fill her up tight bloody cunt. She looked down as her body calmed down from that explosion she experienced. She felt her fathers penis slip out of her with a little loud pop noise. As his meat left her hole she could feel the liquid run out of her and down her tight ass crack mixing with the already blood that laid there. Her father slumped next to her and took her in his arms pulling her onto his lap. "goood girl you made your father very happy" he grunted as he kissed her softly on the lips. She smiled to herself as she kissed him back, loving the feeling he brought upon her.

"go get cleaned up" he ordered as he pushed her off of him and rose to his feet.
Shari did obey and cleaned up with a hott shower making sure her vagina stopped bleeding, she could still feel the hot steamy liquid that was shot into her still up in there. She left it in there cause it felt to dam good.

Later that evening her father called her in his bedroom. He wrapped his strong arms around her and let her fall asleep in them.

Heres an offer if you enjoyed this story, You can have one of your own by me.
It can involve yourself and any other people you fantasize about while you play with yourself.
Just email me your name, the people you want in it, and how you want it to come about.

Also if you want more of this father/daughter relationship.
Please comment for another story about them.
Also this was not the greatest I can do it was just an experiment and my writing will increase to maximum pleasure.
Also dirty comments would be greatly appreciated.

-Sharicooper <3

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