Enjoying my beautiful wife, our huge German Shepard, and our real life sex doll
Author's Note: This story is for entertainment purposes only and is a work of fiction and
fantasy. Themes are primarily bestiality, young sex, and incest; do not read
if you do are not interested in these themes for entertainment purposes!

Looking around my cozy cabin living room with fireplace alight, I took in the
lovely scene of my beautiful wife, our huge German Shepard, our young son, and the
brand new real life future sex doll I was fortunate enough to recently purchase.
A true bundle of joy, she was originally obtained as a playmate for our son, but
I'm sure daddy would give her a go at some point soon. I smiled, proudly thinking
about how I must be the happiest man alive.

I met my wife Greta when she was about 16 and I was in my twenties. I had been
strolling along a country lane on my way to a local pond for fishing when I heard
soft moaning from a backyard. It was fenced with thick white slats and sparse
vegetation so I could easily see where the moans were coming from when I peered
in. I was startled-- it was a beautiful young blond girl with pert, quivering
breasts, her dress around her midsection and legs spread open on a picnic table,
letting a German Shepard eat her pussy out. She was grasping her breasts,
squeezing her nipples, and letting the animal languidly lick her. The pussy he
was eating looking so deliciously sweet, the prettiest I'd ever seen, looking so
tight and inviting. It was lightly covered with blond hair, and I could see it
was slick from her and the dog's juices. Her moans were quiet and restrained, her
breathing was heavy and fast though, the sound of a woman nearing climax. It was
undoubtedly the hottest sight I'd ever seen, and my cock was bulging in my
trousers as a result.

Just then I moved and the rustling leaves made her call out in a worried voice,
"Who's there?" I could have run away but didn't, and I nervously held my breath as
she slid off the table and came near the fence. I backed up and showed myself,
stammering, just a nearby neighborhood local who was intrigued and found her
beautiful. She was even prettier up close and I told her so. The sun illuminated
her golden hair and freckles. To my surprise she smiled at my erection and
invited me in...

She was charming, easy-going, and sexually precocious. I learned that her mother
was a local whore, living in her own place in the country but entertaining
"clients" in a flat in the city. She lived with her father and brothers and went
to her mother's places occasionally, mostly for sex parties. With honesty
that turned me on like no other, she told me she'd been to her mom's flat
a few times while her mom had clients there, and she accepted money in return for sexual favors but claimed she never had sex with any of the men.

"One paid me $500 just to eat my pussy," she told me candidly. "I liked it so
much I started getting our dog Spartacus to do it to me here at home," she
laughed. "Another gave me hundreds to have me piss on him." I raised my
eyebrows; watersports were unknown territory to me. She told me she had often
seen her mom having sex, sometimes taking one man in the pussy and another in the
ass, sucking off a third. "She's a slut who's smart enough to charge for it and
makes a decent amount as a result," she chuckled. "I can get easy money anytime I
go over her place!" Her conversation kept my cock hard the whole time. Often she
would graze my crotch and otherwise flirt with me... My cock strained hard against
my pants until I thought I could take no more.

Her father worked during the day, so we'd been chatting on the living room couch.
She was wearing a little pink sundress with no bra, and I kept licking my lips at
the site of her hard nipples and catching glimpses of that golden pussy here and
there when she shifted. During a lull in conversation I leaned in to kiss her and
she responded, her hand again brushing against my crotch as I moaned. I was
licking her nipples like candy in no time, then easily moving to a sixty nine
position with her on my face, moaning and telling her how good she tasted in my
mouth. I didn't want to cum, I wanted to see if she'd let me fuck her, but her
tiny mouth on my cock almost took me over the edge several times until I
breathlessly asked if I could cum in her mouth-- instead of responding she didn't
let go of my dick, she sucked the cum out of it like a vacuum, until I was left
pulsating after depositing my cum in her throat. She swallowed and smiled; I felt
I was in love for the first time. I eagerly returned the favor, eating her sweet
cunt until she came on my face.

We basked in the afterglow of our orgasms and talked more on the couch. I asked
her if she got it on with her father or brothers and she smiled shyly.
Tentatively, she said, "Well, my mom told me once that when I was a baby, she
jacked my dad off into my pussy, putting just the tip of his cock in me and
letting him cum inside me. He did that frequently, then some years before
puberty, he took the liberty of fully penetrating me for my first time. He fucks
me here and there," she said, non-chalantly. I was shocked and yet feeling turned
on like I'd never been before. "And my brothers, I fuck them all the time." My
cock jumped at her revelations. As if on cue,one of them descended the stairs and
entered the living room. "What's up, slut?" he said, grabbing one of her titties,
and I suddenly realized I hadn't exchanged names with my newfound sex kitten.

Without further introduction, her brother, a hulking blond lad who looked around
my age, put his arms around her and flipped her onto her belly on the couch. He
put his hand on her pussy mound and looked at me and said, "My, I must've missed
out on some fun, she's nice and wet!" He spit on her asshole and stuck a finger
in. "Come here, babe," he said as he pulled her ass towards his crotch, opening
his boxers to unleash a thick, long cock that made me slightly jealous. She
obeyed, grinding her ass into him as he pinned her arms back and plunged his cock
into her ass, making her cry out and then moan. I watched, hypnotized by her
beautiful ass cheeks bouncing against her brother's thighs. He noticed me
watching, smiled, and said, "You should try our mom!"

My cock had been hard for some time, so I unbuttoned my pants and put my cockhead
to her mouth, which she eagerly accepted. Her little hands on my balls and my
shaft reaching for her throat was such an exquisite feeling. Her brother fucked
away at her ass, seemingly fired up by the sight of me fucking his sister's face
and making her moan against my cock, wildly slapping her cheeks and fingering her
clit from behind. My cock was buried in her mouth when I asked into her ear in a
hushed gasp what her name was, "My God, what is your name, you beautiful little cocksucker?"
She didn't come up for air, kept sucking, and garbled two syllables. I didn't ask her to repeat
herself, instead I threw my head back and came again deep into her throat. Her
brother let out a growl and pulled his cock out suddenly, having deposited his
load in her ass. He then bent down, sucked the cum from her ass, gave her a
parting slap on the ass cheek and left the room as abruptly as he'd come; I could
then hear him rustling around in the kitchen.

"That's my brother Damon," she said, as I zipped up again. "He always fucks me up
the ass. We all think he's kinda gay..."

Just then I heard the front door open and close, and I heard the brother exchange
greetings with another, deeper male voice. It was their father, who walked in the
room shortly thereafter, inhaling and exhaling deeply and then exclaiming,

"It smells like cum in here! Smells like I missed out! It's all good, we'll have
fun later at my little barbecue..." he smiled. He had a short woman on his arm in
a short dress who just stood next to him, also smiling, looking dazed. I learned
later that her dad supplied Ecstasy tablets to the woman and her young daughter,
often fucking the two of them alternately throughout any given weekend night,
amongst other fun escapades. He also frequently possessed roofies, and
occasionally used them on unsuspecting guests as well as his daughter, fucking the
unconscious just for kicks.

The woman sat on the couch and the father got on his knees, immediately eating her
pussy out. To give them privacy, my lovely newfound friend instructed me to rise
and brought me upstairs to her bedroom, which was floral and girly. The dog was
waiting by the foot of her bed. I swallowed as she put towels down and got on all
fours on her bed, whistling for the dog to get up. He sniffed her pussy and began
lapping at it. I stood next to her face, and she occasionally reached over and
stroked my crotch.

"This is my beloved Spartacus. He is the best fuck I've ever had. My brother got
me all worked up, I want some cock in my cunt..." I almost came inside my pants as
she said that. I'd never imagined a woman fucking a dog would be as hot as it was
about to be. She pushed her breasts together sexily and pushed her ass in the air
for the dog to have easier access. I watched as it licked her from clit to
asshole, leaving a trail of spit over her whole slit. Its pink prick started
emerging from the sheath at the smell of cunt in the room. Squirming and grinding
her pussy into the animal's face, she came hard, moaning, and screaming. She
breathlessly invited the dog onto her bed; its prick had extended and was humping
air. This is where she turned to me for guidance, having me place socks on the
animal and helping guide its prickhead into her. The dog was so excited it began
leaking cock juices on her back. It was thrusting fruitlessly, so I locked eyes
with her, she nodded, and I placed its cock on her cunt.

Once there, he took over, thrusting himself into her as she moaned in pleasure.
He grasped around her waist while humping more rapidly than any man could ever
thrust; I could tell from her moans and his thrusts that he was penetrating deep
inside her. It turned me on tremendously watching this petite creature covered by
a huge furry powerful thrusting beast. His juices leaked out the entire time.

Her moans increased in intensity the more it fucked her, and I watched in awe as
it fucked more and more of itself into her. Its huge knot was at the base of her
pussy; she was grinding and cumming against it. Her pussy was so slick that the
knot went in and the animal fucked away until it was firmly in place. He became
still, tied in place with his bitch. I knelt on the bed with my cock out as she
sucked me again, moaning and rubbing her clit with the dog inside her. Just then,
the bedroom door opened wide to two new brothers. They looked like they were both
in their late teens or early twenties, also blond, and were both large bulges in
their pants. I learned later that they were nonidentical, but very similar
looking, twins.

"Oooooh, what's going on in here?? Smells and looks like a good ole fuck fest!"
said the one on the right.

"Aw, man, sis, I told you not to leave me out when you fuck the damn dog! That
shit is so hot!" said the other one. They walked into the room and began stroking
their cocks, coming towards the bed, nodding in acknowledgement at me. The dog
was still in place, with his tongue hanging out, looking like he was smiling.

"Sexy bitch!" said the short one, pulling his dick out for her to suck. The other
followed suit. Pretty soon my cock was one of three she was alternately sucking
while the dog was tied to her. After awhile the dog was able to slip out, his
juices unplugged and spilling everywhere. He began licking up her cunt, making
her moan some more. The brothers moaned along too. Watching the scene, I lifted
my own head back in pleasure while this little blond lovely sucked my balls and
jacked me.

One of the brothers got behind her and started fucking her ass and pulling her
hair. He grunted as he fucked away, not as fast as the dog but he tried.
Suddenly he put an arm around her belly and lifted her up so the other brother
could slide under her. I watched as she rode the cock of the brother below her
and the brother on top plunged deep into her ass. She continued to suck on my
throbbing cock. The dog was licking itself in the corner. It was unbearable, I
thought as I exploded again in her sweet little mouth-- I'd seen her fuck three
brothers and a dog and had yet to fuck her myself.

PART II - Getting to Know the Family

After I'd cum again in her throat, the brothers went their own way, and my little
sex kitten went off to have a shower while I collapsed and passed out on her bed.
I awoke hours later, alone. Stumbling down the hall, I could hear sounds of
various merriment downstairs-- clinking glasses and laughter, deep male voices...
I was shocked by the sight that beheld me at the bottom of the stairs: There was
at least a half dozen passed out young girls sprawled out all over the living
area, mostly nude or in various stages of undress, some with older men straddling
and fucking their lifeless bodies. There was female moaning going on, but I
noticed it was coming from porno movies playing on a few TVs scattered throughout
the house.

I gasped, noticing in the corner was my new found sex kitten friend and her
family-- brothers and father all standing over her limp body. One of the brothers
bent down and spit on her pussy, then started fingering it. They waived me over
when they saw me. I stepped around an older gentleman coupling sweatily with a
much, much younger female who looked like she could be his daughter. I saw the
woman that came home with the father earlier, looking dazed, and getting fucked by
the German Shepherd. She had her dress pulled up and her head back in ecstasy-- I
soon found out that was the drug she was on. All the other females in the room
were younger, like teens, if that, and all appeared sedated. It smelled like cum
and lubricant everywhere.

The father introduced himself to me by the name Dean, and went on to explain to me
that he'd had a barbecue, inviting several friends with daughters... and
apparently within their circle of friends, a lot of sharing was involved-- along
with some ecstasy and various date rape drugs. I looked down at the beautiful
lifeless body of his daughter, who had been turned on her stomach, the brother
Damon eating her asshole out now and stroking his hard dick.

"Any girl here you want, go ahead and give 'em a go. Well, I'd try to clear it
with their father, or "adopted father," if possible," he chuckled. He wandered
off, and I wondered what he meant with the "adopted daughter" comment.

I turned away as Damon placed his cock to Greta's asshole. I didn't want to fuck her while she
was unconscious. I wanted her to be fully coherent and responsive. I wanted to
feel her digging her nails into my back and hear her moaning because of me. I
made my way out of the house, stepping around a double penetration involving two
older men and a girl so small I could hardly see her limp body in between the
rutting fuckers sandwiched around her. Another girl was spread-eagle on the floor
and covered with cum, crumpled and spent. The dog had knotted his bitch and was
ass to ass with her. He was dragging her short distances across the floor. It
was simultaneously degrading, hilarious, and turning me on. I found the back door
and exited through the same back gate I'd entered earlier that day, vowing that
I'd come back to enjoy the life of debauchery again, and vowing soon the little
teen lovely would be mine.

PART III - The Family the Plays Together...

On another sunny morning soon thereafter I went walking again on her country lane.
It was my good fortune that she was outside again, this time reading a book. The
dog was by her feet. Her blond hair was pulled up, and she had a billowy little
sundress on, nearly sheer, with no bra or panties on. I called to her from beyond
the fence, and she came over and smiled. She asked how I was and if I missed her,
and flashed her pussy at me, making my cock start to bulge. I told her I had to
see her again.

She smiled and twirled a blond lock of hair around her finger. I told her that
when I left the other day, her dad was having a drugged out sex party in the
living room, and she was involved. She didn't believe me.

"No way, my ass didn't hurt at all in the morning, usually it does when those
things happen..."

"It's happened before?" I asked.

"Yes, my dad's been a pervert for a long time, and he's well known by other
perverts. The perverts have access to lots of rape drugs, as well as fun drugs
like ecstasy. I found out they were doing these parties, and involving me
occasionally, a few years back. Fuck only knows what they've done to me..."

I was shocked, but aroused. Then I took the opportunity to ask her her name,
introducing myself formally with first and last name. She giggled but didn't
respond to my question or let me in the gate. She walked away from the fence and
settled onto the edge of the picnic table, letting her hair fall down around her
shoulders, letting her legs fall open so I could see glimpses of her golden

I was breathless with desire. Instead of letting me in the gate, she laid back on
the table and let me watch as she summoned her German Shepherd in front of her.
It obediently licked her bare pussy from top to bottom, making her squirm and
writhe in delight. My cock strained in my pants; I couldn't help but rub it
through my jeans. She knew I was on the other side of the fence, peering in,
salivating, wanting her.

She opened her legs wide for the dog to really lick her out, her chest heaving,
nipples erect through her sheer dress fabric. I could see her pussy glistening
from the dog spit and her cum. She tweaked her nipples through the dress fabric,
and I nearly exploded in my pants. I had to try incredibly hard not to erupt at
her beautiful pussy squirming in the dog's face.

Just as abruptly as she started, she closed her legs and stopped, and walked
unsteadily back to the fence, nipples still noticeably hard.

"My name's Greta," she said breathlessly. She went on to tell me she didn't have
time right now to hang out, as she was off to her mother's place soon.
"I haven't seen her for awhile," she said, "She's having a few friends over. Hey, if you wanna
come, feel free to do so, she doesn't mind visitors!" The brothers were taking
her over shortly. I agreed and walked through the house, treated to the sight of
Damon fucking the ass of a small girl who was maybe 15 years old, while his father
was under her belly, cock inside her pussy. They were gently fucking her back and
forth. The woman who was previously at the house, who I gathered was Greta's
father's girlfriend, was sitting on the couch rubbing her cunt while she watched
the men fucking the girl.

"That's my daughter, ain't she hot shit!" said the woman, as she caught my eye.
She was again dazed on Ecstasy, and I noticed the girl appeared to be, too.
The men moaned around her. The father, Dean, caught my eye and asked if I was
going over to the mother's place with his children, and I nodded as he said,"The
whore! The reason I dumped the bitch was because her cunt was so fucking loose,
she can only fuck black guys with footlongs to get off nowadays, or a many men
gangbang," he said resentfully.

And off to the mother's house we went. I sat in the backseat of the brother's
car, fingering my little lovely and whispering dirty things in her ear the whole
ride until she was nice and wet. I made her suck her juices from my finger. Her
brothers joked with her, saying, "Sis, is this your new boyfriend? Poor guy!" as
she just smiled serenely.

We drove the country roads awhile, finally driving down a long dirt driveway until
we arrived at the mother's place. There were cars lining a good part of the
drive. When we exited the car, the sounds of dogs barking and children playing
were evident from around back, and I could smell meat on a grill. My little
blond lovely grabbed my hand, and we stepped into the foyer of the large country
house. The brothers went off their own way, already rubbing their dicks through
their jeans.

Immediately moans filled my ears, echoing from all over the big house. The dining
room was covered with blankets and pillows; a woman was being fucked by a large
black guy on the table. There was a large sweaty man on the floor viciously
fucking a blow-up doll, hands around its throat. A nude couple making out in the
corner. A man in the sixty-nine position with a very young looking girl. A dog
panted under the table as the fuckings went on around him. The living room
consisted of a couch and mattresses and more blankets and pillows, as well as a
total orgy going on.

The men that weren't fucking were standing around stroking their hard cocks,
watching others fucking. A couple large dogs lounged around the room; I had a
feeling they were also participants in the mad scene of debauchery. I could smell
someone smoking a pipe of some kind somewhere. I could also smell cum in the air.

On the couch on her back, nude but for shiny black boots, was a beautiful woman
getting fucked by a large German Shepherd. Its cock was pounding into her
mercilessly as she screamed and moaned below him. Greta squeezed my hand and told
me that the woman was fucking her mom's dog, and that she wanted to try him out
one day. My cock stirred at the thought. Standing up close to us were two tall
black men; between them they were holding the arms and legs of a petite blond,
one man in her ass and one in her cunt, holding her legs askew and fucking her

"Hi Jamal, Tedmond-- do you know where my mom is?" Greta asked them as they fucked
the moaning skinny blond. She was sweaty and disheveled, make-up running down
her cheeks. The contrast of their huge black cocks and balls against her pale ass
was hot as hell. Suddenly the man who'd been fucking her vagina pulled out to
acknowledge me and Greta, the other man holding the woman up and letting her used
up vagina bulge out, with cum dripping down her asscrack and onto his balls.

"Hey Greta," said the man who'd just been fucking the blonde's pussy. His cock
was still leaking drops of cum. "Not quite sure where your mom is, probably her
bedroom?" He walked off to observe the dogfucking on the couch, stroking his long
cock back to life. Suddenly a man walked by and with a quickness pulled Greta's
dress off over her head and walked off with it, exposing her sexy body to the
entire room. He slapped her asscheek as he walked off. My cock was again rising.
She stood nude and vulnerable in front of me as my pulse quickened, our eyes
locking in a heated gaze.

Just then some naked kid came up behind her, I mean maybe he was around 12 or so,
and pressed his barely hard little cock into her ass and bent her over-- she
grabbed on to me for support as the kid fucked her ass furiously. He came in
minutes and was on his way. I glared at him as he walked off, then I watched as
some older man grabbed the boy and started sucking the kid's cock off. Madness!

We continued walking through the large house, hearing sounds of pleasure all
throughout. The next room consisted of a woman who was bound and blindfolded,
tied to what looked like a weightlifting bench; we watched the scene from the
hall. A man was standing nearby with a huge pitbull-looking dog. Someone else
was eating the woman out, then fingering her, then fucking her. I held Greta in
front of me and fingered her sweet cunt from behind. After the man was done
fucking the bound woman, he started finger fucking her again and then began
fisting her as she cried out. Tears began falling down her face. Then he removed
the fist and started licking her pussy again. The dog was pulling at its leash as
it smelled her juicy cunt in the air. The man holding with the leash walked
slowly to the bound woman, and let the dog smell her pussy. It whined excitedly.
A few others began to crowd around us and watch as the dog smelled her pussy and
then reached its tongue out.

The bound woman cried out and began chanting, "No, no, no, no, please, no, you
fuckers..." when she realized a dog was sniffing her cunt. She whimpered as it
began licking her, her body convulsing beyond her control in response to the
thorough tongue licking. The dog's cock was emerging from its sheath more and
more as the moments went on. Greta's pussy was so wet from the scene and from my
finger in her sweet hole. The woman was crying, struggling at the ties that bound
her, saying, "No, no, no" over and over. She was sobbing as the man with the
leash pulled him off of her, letting her calm down a moment. Then letting the dog
rear up to really give her a fucking. She arched her back as she felt the dog's
prick start rubbing excitedly over her pussy lips and clit. It was squirting some
juices from its pink cock, making the cock slide all over her cunt lips as she
squirmed and sobbed.

The dog's handler placed the tip of the cock at her cunt, and let him have at it.
Instantly he pounded into her, front legs grasping and scratching up her small
waist, as he rutted and drooled away. She cried and moaned simultaneously, unable
to deny the furious pleasure.

"This is how she likes it, don't let her fool you," said the dog's handler, to no
one in particular. "She likes to be tied up and fucked like a jackhammer..." The
animal continued fucking her at a frantic pace until it was good and knotted
inside her; I could see juices running out from her cunt, and she was moaning and
writhing under the cock.

It was a hot scene, I could tell Greta was turned on, too, and I wanted her then
and there. I turned her around and she walked with me to the next room in the
hall. This one featured a woman sprawled out on a four poster bed, a man
underneath her with his cock buried in her ass, a man on top of her holding her
legs wide open and fucking her pussy violently. She was a sexy brunette in her
30's it appeared, with huge tits bouncing from all the thrusts. Men were lined up
around the room for the gangbang, stroking their cocks at the scene. Just then the
man on top shifted a little and I realized the man buried in her ass was Damon,
Greta's brother. Greta walked me over to the bed and to the furious coupling
taking place on it.

"Hi Greta!" said the brunette woman getting fucked.

"Hi mom!"

"It's good to see you darling, hope you're having a good time," then she turned
away and said, "Oh yeah, Damon, baby, I love it when you fuck mommy's ass!" Two
men pressed their cocks to her face and she was stuffing their cocks in her throat
soon thereafter, too occupied to converse with her daughter further.

Greta took my hand again and walked me to a room further down the hall, trying to
find some privacy, I was hoping. I wanted her badly. Turning around I could see
into the room with the bound dogfucking woman-- she was still knotted to the dog,
who was still breathing a little heavily on top of her. Men were shooting their
loads on her chest.

The room Greta took me to had a closed door, but we proceeded through anyway.
Inside was a nude man, possibly late 30's, on top of a nude little girl. We
couldn't see if he was actually inside of her, but it sure looked that way. The
child didn't seem distressed at all, she was giggling and smiling. Startled, he
looked up and said, "Oh, hi Greta! You scared me!"

"Hi Paul, sorry about that," Greta said. "This is my mom's friend Paul, and his
daughter Sandy," she said to me quietly. Paul went on tickling and play wrestling
with the girl. We turned to leave as he was getting down on his knees, putting
his face between her legs while she laughed.

"Maybe we can try upstairs," she said to me as we shut the door behind us. My
boner raged on. We went up the stairs-- I followed behind her, watching as her
bare glistening cunt tantalized me with each movement of her legs until I could
take no more. I grabbed her and kissed her neck, then bent her over and pushed my
nose into her cunt from behind, licking her out and fingering her so that her
juices ran down my hands. I wiped my juice covered fingers on her nipples, making
her moan out.

"Greta," I breathed her name into the back of her neck. My heart was beating fast
and hard, my cock was so hard in my pants that it was painful.

"Yes, John," she said, in a husky voice. I was pretty sure she wanted me too.

"I want you, Greta," I said breathlessly, hands on her breasts from behind, my
hard-on grinding into her back. "Can I have you now? Right here, on the stairs? And I mean I want you now, but I'm going to want you again and again, and I have a
feeling I won't stop wanting you as long as I'm on this planet..." I kissed her
and she kissed me back, grinding back into my hard cock and smiling.

She reached back and stroked my hard package, making me moan in her ear. I looked
her in the eyes, and she just said, "Yes..." I kissed her again and pulled my
pants off, throwing them down to the bottom of the stairs. My cock was straining
to be in her young, golden pussy. With hands on her hips, I brushed up against
her with my cock on her cunt and she gasped a little but pushed back. The moist
lips were against my cockhead, making me shudder. She was slick, easily allowing
my cockhead to penetrate her little cunt lips. Thus far she was amazingly tight
on my cock; I hadn't asked her age but by now was realizing she was in her
mid teens as I moved my hands to her pert, still-budding breasts.

She was amazing, even more so than my fantasies had led me to suspect. I kissed
her neck and back and pushed myself further into her glorious, tight, wet hole; I
was delighted to hear her moaning underneath me. I licked my lips and continued
plunging into her slowly, savoring her softness around my hard meat. I felt her
sparse pubic hair tickling my shaved balls, which by now felt hard as rocks,
wanting to erupt so badly. I had to take it slow or I'd surely explode, which I
definitely didn't want to do yet. My fingers surrounded her nipples, gently
pulling and tweaking. Her breathing was becoming heavier and she began
consistently moaning, making me want to fuck harder.

I thrust my head and shoulders back and drove my cock into her as hard as I could,
balls smashing against her pussy, which felt so good I actually paused for a
moment with my dick still in her, reached down, and rubbed my balls against her
cunt lips. I fingered her clit then, and she cried out in pleasure. My hand was
getting wet from our combined juices. She was moaning my name out, saying I felt
so good inside her, making me struggle not to shoot off. I pulled out to contain
myself, knowing if I stayed inside her I'd cum in moments.

She turned around, getting on her back, and placed her legs on my shoulders. The
sexy limber legs against my chest was a beautiful sight, the little glistening
pussy spread below me, surely it was not going to help keep me from cumming. By
now I noticed people on the top of the stairs, waiting patiently for our coupling
to finish so they could descend. There was a couple who seemed inspired by us-- a
woman was bent over the banister at the top of the stairs, a man fucking her hard
from behind. Getting to my knees, I licked Greta's clit and her pussy while she
squirmed until she came hard in my mouth, her hands grabbing my head hard. The
small crowd near the stairs applauded her orgasm. Out of breath, I placed my
cockhead to her cunt and we locked eyes lustily.

I kissed her passionately and she moaned into my mouth as I plunged hard inside
her. We moaned together, sweaty and intertwined, and fucked hard against each
other. I felt her grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me tightly against her.

Moaning against her chest, lips to her nipples, I told her I couldn't hold back
any longer, her little tight cunt felt so fucking good. She nodded and continued
fucking me back hard as I erupted gloriously inside her. It was like fucking
heaven... In my head trumpets were erupting simultaneously with my cock. She was
breathing hard underneath me. I kissed her on the mouth passionately again and
pulled out, then kissed her pussy once more. I helped her rise unsteadily to her
feet as she smiled at me.

We walked up the stairs, apologizing to the people who were waiting for us to
finish to descend, but they all waived it off or patted us on the back or ass. My
heart was soaring for this girl, and I hugged her tight against me once more. I
was pretty sure she was enjoying me, too. Moving on, we saw the bathroom occupied
with some watersports going on in the tub-- a group of men pissing on a girl with
hair in pigtails.

"We're gonna fuck you in this piss, missy," a big black man said to the young
girl. She smiled as he played with her ass. She looked extremely young, no tits
whatsoever. The tub was being filled with piss from various men who were coming
and going or sticking around. They were taking turns jacking off into her face or
licking her pissed-on cunt.

Beyond the bathroom, the hall had a few other rooms. First bedroom door we opened
contained a group smoking a water pipe of marijuana and a hookah of flavored
tobacco. Some of the people recognized Greta and invited her in. There was a
couple in the room fucking doggystyle, smoking from the hookah hoses when it was
their turn. I sat down in the circle of people and Greta sat in my naked lap,
making my cock stir again. We enjoyed some of the pipes being passed around and
actually talked a little with the fellow perverts of the room.
They were talking about the gangbang of Greta's mom downstairs, and how hot it
was. They started talking about dogfucking, and the sexy image of the woman in
black boots getting fucked by the German Shepherd jumped into my head. My cock
was hardening as we continued to smoke. It pressed against Greta's pussy, and I
could feel her pressing her pussy hard back against my cock, bringing it back to

Even though we were in a room full of people, I leaned back and let Greta slip my
erect cock into her soaking wet pussy. I'd never fucked in front of others till I
met Greta. It made me shudder again feeling her cunt around me, her cunt wet with
my cum and her cum... The hookah hose was passed to us-- she took a toke while I
fucked her slowly from behind. As the smoking apparatuses were passed on, she
leaned back on top of me and I continued fucking her slowly. The smoking made it
all the more delicious and erotic. My hands rubbed against her breasts, and then
a guy came up and started licking her clit while I fucked her, making her cum hard
on my thrusting cock.

She crumpled on top of me, spent from orgasming, as I kept fucking away at her
hot, wet cunt. I was about to cum again inside that amazing little pussy. She
was the best I'd had, no doubt about it. So sweet and tender. I erupted and
moaned her name in her ear, hands grasping her breasts hard. The smoking
continued on, and a few other couples were fucking. I was breathless as we
wandered back down the stairs.

My pants were gone, but I didn't fucking care. I slipped an arm around Greta as
we walked down and checked on her mom. She was still getting fucked, taking it in
the ass by some tall black guy with a foot-long cock. There was still a queue of
men lined up around her bed.

"Man, I think I need some ice for my fucking cunt! I must've fucked dozens of men
today!" Greta's mom exclaimed, but the men around her just laughed. The man
fucking her ass fucked her harder and pulled her on top of him, letting another
huge black man with a huge black dick come up and start fucking her cunt. She
moaned and screamed at the double penetration, clawing at the men who just kept
fucking at their frenetic pace. I was hypnotized by the slamming balls against
her white ass and thighs.

Greta squeezed my hand and we walked on out through the living room where a huge
orgy raged on. Men were fucking men who were fucking women who were sucking off
men who were getting fucked by men getting fucked by women with strap-ons, etc.

Writhing, moaning bodies were all over. The dog was licking the cunt of the woman
in the black boots, who by now was relaxing, smiling, and drinking wine straight
from a bottle. A huge breasted woman in black latex was tied up in the corner,
men lined up waiting to fuck her-- there was a man fucking her up the ass while
shoving a beer bottle in her pussy, clothespins secured on her nipples. Just then
Greta stopped me and pointed at the dog, saying she'd always wanted to try him.

"It was so fucking hot watching him fuck that woman in the boots... I didn't get
to fuck Spartacus today," she said, obviously contemplating dog sex with her mom's
German Shepherd. "I'm gonna do it!" And with that she walked up to the dog,
apologizing to the woman in the boots for pulling the dog away, then leading it
over to the couch. "Come here, Rocky, come here, boy," she said to the dog,
spreading her legs on the sofa and guiding the dog to lick out her cunt. He did
so eagerly once he got a taste of her juices, and she spread her pussy lips to
allow his tongue to delve further, up and over her clit. The woman in the black
boots walked up and then got on her knees and started fondling the dog's sheathed
cock. As the pink prick came out a little more, the booted woman alternately
licked the human pussy spread out on the couch and the head of the dog's cock.
The animal's cock started to dance excitedly in the air. Sexy booted woman guided
the dog's front paws up onto the couch around Greta and guided his cock to her

"Damn, girl, that looks so hot," said the woman in boots to Greta, as she held the
spurting prick over Greta's soaking cuntlips. She then directed the prick towards
Greta's tits and torso, squirting the dog's cock juice all over her, so far as her
chin, getting her all slick and even sexier. Her blond pussy hair was matted
down with the dog's juices. A crowd of orgy-goers began gathering around the
scene, stroking or rubbing cocks and cunts. Once the dog's prickhead parted the
lips, it lunged forward, thrusting its cock into Greta as she moaned and played
with her nipples. The crowd cheered on as the animal penetrated her. Its thrusts
were so fast, I was slightly jealous, knowing I couldn't ever achieve such fucking
speed. Juices dripped down over and into her ass and onto the floor. I
shuddered, aroused, in love. I walked over and kissed her, and she kissed me back
passionately. Then the dog started growling, so I backed off. It continued on
with its manic pace for several more minutes, tongue hanging out from the effort.

The knot had been forming at the base of his cock, swelling up more and more as he
fucked her. It was by now pressing against her pussy lips, struggling to get
inside. Greta reached down and pulled her pussy lips to give him better access.
The woman in the boots saw that Greta wanted to be knotted and stepped into help.
The dog was still frantically fucking, it's knot pressed hard against Greta's clit
now, making her cry out in orgasm.

The crowd was cheering on as they realized Greta was cumming. Someone
accidentally spurted their load onto the dog's fur from behind. It was an awesome
sight. The dog's knot had made it's way inside the pussy walls with Greta's long,
hard orgasm. She and the dog were both panting by now. The dog's fucking tempo
slowed. It had knotted its bitch. Juices continued to drip down to the floor. A
black man who had been jacking off to the dogfucking walked up and grabbed the
woman in the black boots and bent her over the sofa, right next to the dogfucking.

He began fucking her quickly and hard and didn't last long before throwing his
head back and groaning, erupting his sperm deep inside. Another man took his turn
after he pulled out. The sights around me made me shudder in awe and arousal.

After about twenty minutes, Rocky was able to pull out of his bitch, who was spent
and leaking his seed. He went off and licked himself in the corner as I helped
Greta to her feet, telling her how fucking sexy she was. We made our way to the
outside, seeing smiling somewhat clothed children here and there, smelling food
cooking on a grill. Walking around the back of the house and to the start of the
woods we heard moaning, and inspected the scene. It was Paul, the man who'd been
in the room with the closed door with the young girl, now laying on a picnic
blanket with the girl on top, riding his dick. She was moaning in pleasure as she
rode him.

"Damn, that's so hot, how old is she anyway?" I asked Greta quietly.

"Hmm, I think she turned 10 on her most recent birthday. Paul has a small dick,
he needs small holes..."

After enjoying a few burgers we found the brothers and got ready to leave the
party, Greta's mom was still getting gangbanged in the bedroom. The orgy was
still going on. A dog was knotted to someone else, dragging its current bitch
along the floor. I still had no pants. On the ride home Greta sat in my naked
lap, making my cock come to life again-- I couldn't help but fuck her again in
the backseat. The brothers cheered us on until I came again, hard, way up inside
her. I kissed her and contentedly left my cock inside her cunt to deflate, my cum
leaking out all over our thighs, but I didn't care-- I was happy to be a part of
the debauchery she had introduced me to.

PART IV - My Family Begins

We'd been together a little over a year when I decided to marry Greta so we could
create our own wonderful perverted life and family. I got us a nice place out in
a remote part of the countryside, and the debauchery at my in-law's places
continued. We'd been living together and married for a brief period of time when
she announced she was pregnant. I was surprised-- she explained her father had
her on birth control since puberty. She wasn't on birth control any longer since
she wasn't living with her father anymore. I was fine with it, having no problems
myself with children. She was hornier than ever while with child, which for her
was extreme horniness-- more than I could handle myself.

All through the pregnancy she fucked anyone she could get her hands on, father and
brothers included. She fucked anything she could, too. I walked in on her
fucking cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, baseball bats, bottles, screwdriver handles,
toothbrushes, etc. Most of the old pervs who knew her father were incredibly
turned on by fucking a pregnant woman. They would pick her up, put her on the
pool table, the bed, the sofa, wherever, and have at her. Once she enjoyed being
fucked up the ass on the pool table, with the eight ball in her cunt, making her
cum all over it. She came easier than she normally did, too. She still did
double penetrations, still fucked the dog... It was so hot to be a part of her
sexy antics. As I matured, I settled into the life of depravity, and her
depravity intensified.

For her 17th birthday I had arranged a gangbang for her with 17 men. She'd fucked
multiple men in one sitting by then, but never more than a half dozen at a time.
Before the sex began, she took some of her dad's ecstasy pills and had each guy go
down on her to get her pussy ready to go. I fucked her first, of course. Then
one by one, and then a few double penetrations, and she was enjoying being a
sweaty cum-filled fuck-toy. She was a moaning puddle of cum by the time we were
done with her, loving being pleasured and pleasuring. Cum dripped out of her cunt
as we called Spartacus between her legs to lap it up, which he did
enthusiastically, making her cum hard yet again. Before long the dog wanted some
pussy action, humping wildly at the air, spraying its cock juice in the air and on
her pubic mound.

"Let him fuck me, go ahead!" she said, moaning as his cock neared her hole.

Someone secured the dog cock at her hole entrance, then let the beast pound into
her hard. She cried out in delight as the pink dog cock plunged inside her. "Oh
God, he's getting bigger and bigger inside me, fuck it feels so fucking good..."

The pounding of beast on teenager was intense, more than any man could ever give
her. She was petite, almost 5ft tall, and the animal was huge. Its huge body
covered her as it fucked her doggystyle. Juices leaked from her cunt, dripping
and puddling on the floor. She was fucked flat underneath the creature, her arms
buckling below her, the dog fucking her hard into the ground. I could tell by her
breathing and moaning that she was about to cum, so I reached beneath the fucking
bodies and started rubbing her clit. She came hard onto my hand. The dog was
knotting her while she was cumming, making her orgasm even more powerful. After a
few more minutes of jackhammer fucking, the dog was still and knotted in place.

Greta was moaning below him, tears of ecstasy running down her face. She was
still stroking her clit while being knotted like a bitch. It was a scene I'd
replay in my head for the rest of my life. The cum continued leaking out and
puddling below. By then most of the men's cocks had sprung back to life, and a
shower of cum sprayed over her as the men jerked off around the knotted girl. She
looked over at me and smiled, and I could tell she loved her birthday present.

While pregnant she enjoyed many gangbangs, though not quite with so many men. She
wanted to keep it under a dozen at a time for fear of hurting the baby. Her dad
would get pretty turned on by her pregnancy and the sight of her putting so many
cocks and things into her pregnant pussy. I walked in on him about to fuck her
one time, him saying, "God, baby, I love that my baby is having a baby, you sexy
little piece of fucking ass.. I hope you have a fucking little girl, I'll give her
a fucking, little girl..." He pressed his cock hard up against her ass from
behind, hand on her big belly. "You need a fucking. You wanna be fucked, don't
you, slut? Aren't you so appreciative of all those nights I fucked your pussy to
sleep with a vibrator when you were a little girl? You loved that shit, you sexy
slut. I knew you were gonna be a hot slut, so glad I trained you to be such a cum
slut..." I saw her grinding her ass into his hard-on. Hearing his dirty talk was
turning me on, too. I watched as her father pulled his cock out and placed it
against her cunt from behind and bent her over. I watched as he pulled and
squeezed at her nipples. "And yeah, slut, you'll be feeding me milk with these,"
he said as he squeezed her tits.

He plunged his cock into her as she moaned. I was hard from observing them and
walked up, pulling my erection out and placing it at my wife's lips. She gladly
took my cock into her mouth, stroking my balls with her hands. Her dad was
fucking her from behind, grunting and slapping her ass hard. He took his pussy
lubricated cock out and placed it on her asshole, and started fucking her ass.

"God, I love fucking your asshole, baby, always loved fucking yours more than your
brothers'!" and he laughed hard while in her ass. He began alternating between
ass and vagina at a merciless pace. "I hope you two fuckers have a little girl,
I'll fuck her so right and good! I will be fucking you up until your 9th month,
baby!" he was saying as he came hard up inside her pregnant pussy. His raunchy
talk made me cum deep inside her throat, making her gag on my throbbing cock. We
all enjoyed her pregnancy-- and to make some side profits, her mom always had
clients that loved to pay for play with pregnant women. Before I'd met Greta, I'd
never realized there were so many perverts out there getting off in so many

Part V - Dog Sluts and Future Dog Sluts

To the chagrin of her father Dean, my wife had a healthy baby boy after 9 fuck
filled months. She was maturing into a wonderful super slut. We'd decided that
our son, Tyler, we named him, should be introduced to our world of debauchery as
soon as possible. When he was days old, I took my son and placed his tiny cock
inside my wife's vagina. It was for only brief moments, but we wanted to bring him
into our lifestyle appropriately. He seemed to enjoy it. We constantly had porn
playing on the TV, constantly fucked in front of him, and fucked others in front
of him often.

Meanwhile, Greta's pervert father and friends continued their fuck fests at his
place. I'd learned that her dad had a friend who could "acquire" young girls or
boys for a certain price to be used for whatever purpose, and that's how so many
of the pervert friends had young girls that were there for the date-raping. Most
of the purchased girls seemed happy enough (when I'd seen them actually
conscious), with home education and lots of attention and love. They didn't seem
to mind learning how to swallow cum or jack off a dick or being living sex dolls.
The idea intrigued me. I'd personally still never fucked anyone younger than
Greta... The idea was to get a fuck friend for my young son to play with, more so
than for me. I know I would've loved to have had a fuck buddy to play with as a
young boy.

A couple years passed and I continued contemplating the idea of a fuck toy for my
son (and possibly myself) but never acted on it. Dean kept bringing it up to me
though, encouraging me to "adopt" a little girl from his friend for myself and Ty.
Greta and I continued being open with our son and touching and fondling him, and
his interest in sexual activities was undeniable. He always wanted to touch,
taste, and otherwise get involved when me and Greta made love. One weekend Greta
and I made a visit to her father's with our young son when the idea of us
procuring an adopted daughter was brought up again. When we walked into the
living room, Greta's father was underneath her brother Damon on the couch. Damon
was on his dad's lap, getting fucked up the asshole. His dad was stroking Damon's
hard cock while he fucked his ass.

"Ah, Greta, come here, bring Ty!" said her father. "Ty, do you want your uncle to
spurt cum into your precious little face?" he laughed.

"Dad, you're such a dirty fucking old man," said Damon. Ty just smiled at his

"Ha, yes, son, I am a dirty fucking old man, an old dirty man fucking you, son!
You know you fucking love it," with that his father jammed his cock up his ass
hard, making him cry out. The father laughed. "Don't be a bitch son, I'll just
slip a roofie in your fucking drink next time I wanna fuck your ass." Now that
Greta wasn't around as much, apparently Damon was receiving the brunt of their
father's impulse fucking. Not like Damon really minded all that much...

Dean pulled me aside after he was done fucking his son's ass, and told me that the
man who can get "adopted" children was going to be coming over later. He
described the guy and named him Mr. X and told me to keep an eye out for him in
case I was interested. Apparently he'd be the man with the Rottweiler. I told
him I'd think about it; he told me it'd be an investment I would never regret. I
asked him why he didn't buy a child himself, and he replied, "Why should I? I
have Greta and the boys!" and he laughed. He elbowed me, saying, "Come on, son,
don't tell me some fresh virgin pussy doesn't sound delightful to you?"

"I enjoy my wife just fine, really," I said.

"Ha! I enjoyed her virgin freshness before she could crawl! Rubbed my cock all
over that sweet little body... Anyways, well, it would be for Ty, not you. The
price will be right, believe me." He walked away to get cleaned up, leaving me
more intrigued than ever. Greta was fine with the idea of an adopted female to
introduce to our life of love and debauchery, agreeing that it could be good for
Ty and the family.

"I don't want the boy to have to fuck his mother all day long," Greta said.

That evening, Dean had several guests over for drinks and whatnot, including Mr.
X. We let Ty sleep in Greta's old room with a quiet porno playing since he was
tired, while real life sexual antics transpired down in the living room area. The
first guest to arrive was Dean's girlfriend, who was wearing a short slutty dress,
fishnets, and a sparkly dog collar. Her daughter came along, wearing a little
school girl outfit, hair in braids, also wearing a collar. The daughter was now
dogfucking like her mom, and her mom was so proud of the little bitch. Men
started arriving, less than a dozen total, a handful of them bringing medium to
large sized dogs. Greta and I started getting an idea what the theme of the party
was. Dean soon began introducing his girlfriend to the party-goers.

"Men, here is my bitch, Cindy. As many of you know, she's been a bitch for a long
time, an almost life-long dogfucker. It's one of the things I love most about
her." The crowd cheered and Cindy laughed as Dean continued on. "We are pleased
to announce her little bitch, Dixie, this darling scrumptious little thing
here..." he began pulling Dixie near to him, teasing her skirt up with a dog
leash, rubbing her cunt with it under her little skirt, then wrapping the leash
around her breasts loosely while the crowd cheered and whistled. Dean continued,

"This little lovely bitch has begun taking dogs in both holes and getting knotted
just like her mommy!" The crowd erupted in applause and cheers, the air thick
with sexual heat. Then Dean affixed the leash to the collar around Dixie's neck,
and led her towards the center of the living room. Two beds had been brought into
the room beforehand, covered with faux fur sheets. She was led onto one of the
beds, the leash tied to one of the bedposts. Another leash was then wrapped
around her hands, which were raised above her head while her legs were parted.

The crowd gathered round, marveling at her bare pussy as it flashed beneath her
tiny skirt. Once she was tied down, someone came up and ripped her buttoned shirt
open, buttons flying everywhere. Her little white bra was exposed, and someone
blindfolded her with her shirt, tying it loosely around her eyes. Most of the
men in the room had erections, including me. Greta noticed, and stroked my
package serenely as she watched the scene unfold.

A line of men began queueing to eat the young girl's pussy while she was tied down
on the bed, others fondled her small supple breasts. Dean's girlfriend Cindy was
sitting on the couch calmly doing lines of cocaine off a little purse mirror. She
offered us some, but we declined. Most of the men were stroking their cocks or
had their cocks out, and a few came up to Cindy. They pulled her to her feet and
began rubbing her breasts and sticking their hands up her dress, feeling on her
pussy through her fishnets. They bent her over the coffee table and pulled her
dress up, exposing her pussy which was bare except for the fishnets, and someone
brought a dog leash over and began running it over her ass. Then the leash was
brought down in a hard crack against her fishnetted ass cheek. She cried out but
smiled. Someone ripped a small hole near the crotch of her fishnets and fingers
began poking in her pussy and asshole while she giggled. The leash was affixed to
her collar, and she was pushed flat against the table while a few men held her
down and ate out her ass and cunt. A few dicks were placed in front of her face,
which she eagerly sucked on. Someone stuck their dick into her pussy from behind
and quickly fucked her, then she was pulled up and hauled over onto the vacant

Cindy's leash was tied up to the bed, and men began going down on her, eating her
pussy and finger fucking her through the crotch hole in her fishnets. Men were
fondling her breasts as they peeked out of her small dress. Over on the other
bed, men began queueing up to fuck Dixie, most quickly depositing loads into her
young pussy. She only allowed a few to penetrate her ass. Cindy eagerly sucked
cock and fucked anything and everything, even taking double penetrations up the
ass. While men fucked Cindy's holes, a dog was walked up to Dixie's bed, it
looked to be some kind of medium sized mixed breed Shepherd dog. Someone
slathered some kind of gooey substance on Dixie's vagina, and the dog's nose was
pointed to her crotch. It eagerly began licking and the girl cried out, making
the men watching cheer loudly. She was still blindfolded and tied up. The dog
excitedly lapped her pussy up, making her moan and cry. Dean came up and started
rubbing her clit while the dog licked her. The dog's cock slowly descended from
its sheath, looking for a target, humping air. The men were gathered round, aside
from the ones fucking Cindy, who were fucking Cindy and watching her daughter get

The prick was brought near the girls small cunt, humping air wildly. Dixie moaned
out from below the dog as it was brought up onto the bed to fuck her. Once its
prick made contact with her hole, its prickhead sloshed noisily into her, fucking
her rapidly. She moaned the whole time, crying out about how its cock was growing
inside her. The swollen knot could be seen at the base of the cock that was
rapidly fucking the girl. Men were madly stroking their own cocks at the sight of
the young slut. Dog cum was dripping from her pussy all over the bed. It was
trying badly to knot her, pushing hard on her cunt, making her cry out that she
was climaxing. With the contractions of her vagina, the knot slipped in and the
animal fucked it into her harder.

"That's my girl, love you baby!" Cindy cried out from her bed. It took awhile for
the knot to go down, and when it finally slipped out of Dixie the beast was led
away and another dog was brought in, this one for Cindy. The new dog was a huge
boxer. It was led to the bed and instinctively began licking Cindy's cunt.

"Damn, he's good!" cried Cindy. "This one is very well trained!" It's purple
cock emerged a few inches as Cindy called him up on the bed and rubbed him. After
he began humping excitedly, his cock was guided to her cunt and she screamed when
he plunged into her. With long, hard strokes he fucked into her; we could tell he
was connected to her and really fucking into her hard. His balls were enormous,
and bounced pleasurably off her cuntlips with each thrust. Juices leaked all over
Cindy's legs and down onto the bed. Her cunt was so wet and loose that the knot
went in without any problem, and the dog slowed down and remained inside her for a
long time after tying with his bitch.

While knotted she sucked off a handful of men or let them cum on her tits. Since
it took awhile for the dog's knot to subside, another dog was brought in for Dixie
while her mom was still knotted to the boxer. The dog brought in for Dixie was
the rottweiler, handled by a man we gathered to be Mr. X based on Dean's
description. Greta was going down on me at this point, and I was trying hard to
hold back from blowing my load. I wanted to last a little longer while watching
the rottweiler fuck Dixie.

The beast was already excited seeing the boxer fucking Cindy, and its cock tip was
already extended from the sheath and it was humping air. It was guided over
Dixie's pussy, easily plunging into its moist target. Dixie, tired by now but
still willing, moaned out beneath the animal. Its cock pushed further and further
inside her at a rapid pace. He was quickly looking to make her his bitch. The
knot pushed against her pussy lips and slipped in little by little. We watched as
her pussy swallowed the knot up, which was about the size of a baseball. Mr. X
was quickly jacking himself off as he watched his dog fuck the girl.

Excited by the action, I quickly pulled Greta to her feet and started fucking her
as she stood up, rubbing her clit from behind. We came together, fired up from
watching all the fucking going on. After we saw Mr X blow his load all over
Dixie's still-blindfolded face, we waived him over and got to know the pervert a
little better, exchanging greetings while I was still inside Greta. We told him
we liked his dog; we talked about our home life and raising our son, and we told
him we were interested in adding a baby girl to the family while he listened

Meanwhile, as we chatted up Mr. X, the fucking went on. Both bitches were knotted
on the beds. Dean had blown his load and come over to talk to Mr. X and us. My
eyes couldn't help but wander over to the writhing, moaning bodies as a deal was
being made, a deal that was guaranteed to end with sexy results. Dean was proud
of his slutty girlfriend, and said so as the boxer pulled its dripping 8 inch cock
from her sopping cunt.

"And I love fucking her daughter, too... a great young slut, almost as good as my
daughter..." muttered Dean, as he watched the rottweiler knotted to Dixie. Two
men began fucking Cindy's sloppy vagina, one above and one below. After she was
done with them she asked for her leash to be untied so she could do more lines of
cocaine. The woman liked to party, that was for sure. Her daughter was still
knotted to Mr. X's magnificent Rottweiler. The dog's owner was stroking his cock
back to life as he watched his animal tied to the young girl. Its balls were
pressed against her cunt while its cock was still locked inside her; we could see
the balls throbbing and pulsating.

The sex party went on, with both women fucking at least half a dozen different
dogs each. Men continued jacking off and spraying cum all over the beds and the
women. There were puddles of cum on both beds; the dogfuckers had to towel off
after each dog lest they become too crusty with cum. Dean had laced one of
Damon's drinks with a date rape drug just for kicks, and as a result Damon was
passed out on his belly naked on the couch. Spitting on his cock, Dean walked up
to Damon and then speared his unconscious son up the ass, thrusting his head back
and laughing as he fucked.

Greta smiled; she was used to an extremely perverse life. The Rottweiler was
done, pulling about 7 inches of cock and knot from his bitch, and Greta and I were
content with the conversation we had with Mr. X, excited and curious as to what
the future would behold. On the bed, Cindy was getting triple fucked-- two men in
her ass, and another in her cunt. It was incredible, it was sick, and it was hot.

Her daughter was taking a break and just watching her mom being fucked from her
bed, letting the boxer dog lick out her used pussy. The dog was getting excited
again, but Dixie wasn't ready to fuck it again yet. To my delight, Greta called
the beast over and got down on all fours on the floor for it, letting it lick out
her slit from clit to asshole. It licked deeply into her pussy, licking out our
cum juices and humping the air.

She looked up at me for help with the dog, wanting me to help guide its cock to
her ready and waiting cunt. I told her I loved her, and brought the prick over to
her pussy lips, rubbing her clit with the prickhead. The prick was extending inch
by inch and jerking around. She ground the cock into her pussy, moaning in
delight. The beast was wrapping his huge front legs around her tiny waist,
getting in position to fuck her hard. I marveled at the size of the animal draped
over my tiny wife, who was very petite, not even 5ft tall and hardly 100lbs. I
was still holding the cock in my hand, preventing it from really giving her a
fucking. I teased her with its dick, using my free hand to play with her clit.

Once she was really heated up and breathing heavy, I let the creature slam into
her. Its balls slapped wildly against her ass as it hammered into her. It
dragged her obscenely along the floor, making my cock jerk in arousal.

"Oh, God, he feels good! He's getting bigger and bigger, oh I can't wait for his
knot!" Greta exclaimed.

The dog was fucking into her wildly, hard as it could,
tongue lolling out of its mouth. Greta's dad was cheering her on as he fucked his
son's drugged ass. By now Dixie had resumed her dogfucking as well. The party
guests were all still heated, still rubbing cocks, still moaning, still doing
lines. Greta was cumming as the animal pushed its knot into her cunt, screaming
about how its cock felt huge, its knot huge, the gallons of cum it felt like it
was pumping into her. After it knotted her, it continued dragging Greta around
the floor. She sucked the dick of whoever it dragged her to, swallowing cum
deposits in her throat. It was a hot sight. The boxer stayed knotted to her for
quite awhile. I let Mr. X have a go at her-- after all, the man was going to be
so kind as to assist us with the adoption of a new fuck toy in a few years.
Stroking my cock, I thought up fantasies in my head involving my future family.
My wife was going to be such a wonderful slut and mother...

Part VI - Family Love

A few years later, Greta and I obtained a new dog for our family since Spartacus
was getting to the point of retirement from our crazy sex lives. We got a
beautiful gray great dane. Even as a puppy, we could tell he'd be massive. Greta
trained it to go down on her using peanut butter and other goodies. It learned to
savor her delicious cunt with or without additional flavors in no time. As soon
as it began humping, she began training it to fuck her. The dog, named Storm, had
an active libido and was frequently humping my wife. Meanwhile, we continued
nourishing our own son's growing libido. Greta began blowing his small cock and
teaching him how to lick her out. We let him watch our fucking sessions, even
with the dog, and brought him to the in-laws often so he could witness more
fucking. He enjoyed running around naked and watching the writhing bodies.

As promised, Mr. X delivered us a sweet and delightful little girl that we began
to raise as our little slut daughter sex toy. The story that Greta told me about
her mother jerking her father off into her pussy when she was a baby never left my
mind, and soon after our girl was added to the family, I recreated the scene with
Greta jerking me off into the tiniest, most precious cunt I'd ever seen or tasted
or felt. I did this at least once a week as she was growing up, usually every
other day. I savored the tiny hole and let my cock head go no further than the
entrance before blowing a load inside her while she giggled. As with our son, we
raised her with lots of physical love and attention, and allowed her to be around
during all kinds of sexual activities. We named her Cherry. Porn was constantly
playing on our TVs; it was fun watching the children try to recreate it with their
energetic humping genitals.

Greta and I home schooled the children, teaching them ourselves, including lots of
sexual education in the lessons. We had daily "hands on" sex lessons, though I
held off on fully penetrating the girl for a long awhile. When they got older,
our homework reading for the kids would later include works by Marquis de Sade as
well as the Kinsey Report and other topics involving sex or perversity. We made
sure they were open-minded and in a safe, loving environment.

To our delight, Ty and Cherry got along wonderfully, and were very physically
loving with each other. I observed Ty rubbing himself on her small body for
pleasure many nights as they cuddled to sleep. He taught her to please him
orally, and also taught her to love being orally pleased. For hours he'd lick and
finger her bald little pussy. We had begun using a small vibrator on her since
she was toddler age, and she enjoyed sleeping with it inside her as she grinded
and humped away at it in the night. Hearing her moan in her sleep was such a
turn-on. By the time she was a few years old, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the
pleasure of her body and the bodies of others, and had even experienced orgasms.
Her mouth was tiny, and it was incredible watching her stuff cocks into it. She
was admirably eager to learn new things.

The intention was for Cherry to first be fully penetrated by Ty; she was to
ultimately be a sex partner for him during his impending pubertal years. When he
was 12 years old and she was 7 or so, we allowed him to penetrate her completely for the
first time-- not just letting him put his cock inside her to cum quickly inside
her pussy. Storm ate her out for a long while to get her little pussy ready for
her first time. Ty's cock wasn't quite fully grown yet, but his sexual interest
in Cherry and others was undeniable. He stroked his erection while the beast
licked out the girl, making her squirm under his huge tongue. Her skinny legs
were splayed wide open. When we felt she was ready, the boy stepped in front of
her and raised his small cock to her small cunt, and pushed gently. She cried
and squirmed a little, but Ty kissed her lightly and massaged her small body to
calm her. Ty pulled out, having only gone into the tiny bald cunt a few inches.

"She's still too tight, dad," he said, disappointed. I had been stroking my cock
at the scene, and my bright idea to help the situation was to cum all over her
pussy for added lubrication. Looking down at the tiny pussy splayed open before
me and the smiling angelic little dark haired girl lying on her back, I had no
problem cumming all over her pussy and parting her pussy lips to cum inside it a
little, then rubbing my cockhead all over her cuntlips and inside her an inch or

I withdrew and let Ty give her another try. Cherry was receptive to her brother,
but she cried out again as he put his cock to her cunt, inching forward slightly.

"Go ahead, Ty, I'm ready, do me like you do mommy," she said. Ty shivered in
arousal at the young slut's words.

"I love you sis," he smiled, and with that pushed all of his inches inside of her.

She screamed out at the invasion of cock into her tiny virgin hole and clutched
at his back. He held off on fucking her at full speed, instead fucking her
slowly, letting her get used to the penetration. While he slowly fucked her, I
got down and started licking her tiny clit, the smallest pearl I'd ever seen in my
life. Ty didn't last very long, shooting his small load in the young girl's cunt.

"Well, how was it?" I asked both of them after they were done.

"Oh, God, I loved it," said Ty after he pulled out. "Thanks sis!"

"Yeah, I liked it too," Cherry said. "Maybe one day you can do me, daddy. When
I'm older though, you're too big for me now." I agreed, and helped her up to take
a bath. Greta had been watching the whole scene from the couch, rubbing her
pussy. As I walked off to help Cherry clean her freshly fucked pussy, Greta was
letting the dog eat her out, legs wide in the air. I shuddered at the sexy

And so Cherry began fucking Ty regularly, and Ty began having sex with more and
more partners as we took him along to the in-law's houses. We started taking
Cherry to the parties, too, once she turned 10 or so. Ty was definitely involved
in the party antics by then, queuing up to fuck his maternal grandmother like
dozens of other horny perverts. Greta and I wholeheartedly enjoyed our family

Little Cherry began spending summers at her grandfather's house before she turned
4 or so; Dean was determined to ensure she was raised as a proper little slut,
purchasing a cocker spaniel with the intent of introducing her to dogfucking
when she was a little older, and successfully trained it to lick her little pussy.
Dixie helped with the training of the spaniel after it became interested in
humping everything. It had a small knot, ideal for a small girl like Cherry.
Dean named the dog Popper, and couldn't wait for it to start fucking his adopted
granddaughter. And he couldn't wait to fuck her himself, actually. Dean and his
sons would take turns eating Cherry's pussy as well; she loved all the attention
she was getting.

When Cherry was about 11, she began letting Popper fuck her pussy. She started to enjoy
it to the point of asking for us to take her to her grandfather's on weekends so
she could fuck the dog. And have Dean and all the brothers go down on her
beforehand, of course. The dog wasn't the best for fucking; he spent a lot of
time just humping Cherry's slender nude body. But it was a hot scene to behold,
watching the youthful dog get all excited at the smell of her pussy in the room
and then start humping wildly. Of course all Dean's pervert friends were itching
to get at my young pretty "daughter." We'd obtained another male great dane for
the family to enjoy, and his sex training began as soon as he expressed interest
in fucking. This one we named Thunder. Greta was excited to fuck him, but we
also anticipated Cherry screwing the beast one day, too.

My cock didn't fully enjoy Cherry till she was about 12. She'd been knotting with
Popper the spaniel for some time, and was really developing into a nice young
slut. I had a feeling she was enjoying her uncles, Greta's three handsome
brothers, when visiting my father-in-law's place. Her body was filling out more,
and her breasts began growing rapidly, to everyone's delight. She'd been flirting
with me more so than usual, rubbing her ass against my crotch when walking by me
or rubbing my crotch with her feet as we lounged around, signals that she was
ready for me. A new sexy habit she developed was playfully talking back to me,
and asking for spankings in return, which I graciously handed out upon her firm
ass. She'd been a sexy addition to play with my wife, helping Greta suck me, or
licking Greta's clit while I fucked her. Greta and Ty taught her how to give head
splendidly, and I loved watching Ty fuck her tight pussy while I fucked his mom.

On the night I fucked Cherry for the first time, my wife was fucking our son while
I watched and cheered them on half-drunkenly. I'd been relaxing with the family,
having a few beers and languidly stroking my cock. Cherry was turned on by the
action between Greta and Ty, rubbing her pussy with a vibrator. The dog was
excited, too, sniffing around at the smell of cunt in the air. Cherry came over
and started sucking my cock, her small mouth enveloping my dick, her soft hands
rubbing my balls. It felt good but I didn't want to cum in her mouth. This time
I wanted to cum in her young cunt. I grabbed her and pulled her onto the couch,
and started eating out her sweet pussy. She moaned and cried out as I began
finger fucking her.

"Dad, fuck me... It's about time, come on," she said. Ty and Greta were done
fucking, and our giant great dane Thunder was now licking out Greta's fucked cunt.

I watched as the dog started humping at Greta's leg. It turned me on knowing it
was about to fuck my wife while I was about to fuck our sex daughter for the first
time. I always got so hot watching Greta fuck dogs. I raised my cockhead to the
cuntlips of my adopted sex kitten daughter, sighing deeply, enjoying the feeling
of her cuntlips around my sensitive cockhead. I could feel her tightness already.
She was gasping and quivering, nipples hard like rocks.

"Aw, baby, I love you," I said to Cherry as I thrust into her. She wrapped her
arms around me, grinding right back at me. She felt like sweet, pure heaven. I
kept thrusting, loving the feeling of her tight pussy lips around the base of my
cock, loving the feeling of my balls hitting her ass. I grasped at her slender
hips and thrust hard into her while she cried and moaned. Her tight cunt sucked
the cum right out of me. To my pleasure, Ty came over with his revived cock and
took my place fucking Cherry. She cried out with enjoyment as she rubbed her clit
while he penetrated her hard and fast. And Greta was on the floor, getting
knotted by the dog. By the time its knot subsided, my prick was hard for more
family action.

Part VII - Growing Up Slutty

After I fucked her pussy for the first time, Cherry admitted that she'd been
fucking Dean and his sons for a few years now.

"That bastard!" I exclaimed. I'd wanted to have all her holes before my extended
family or other strange perverts did.

"Don't worry, daddy, Dean's cock is nowhere near as thick and long as yours. And
Damon only fucks me in the ass. I don't think I could've handled you when I was
younger," said Cherry, making me feel a little better. She admitted she let Dean
and Damon fuck her up the ass years ago when she was a child, and recently began
having sex with the other two brothers as well. She told me that the last time
she was there she let Damon fuck her up the ass while Dean fucked Damon up the ass.

We began letting Cherry get involved in the in-law sex parties, which Ty was also
really enjoying more and more of as he aged. As a teenager, Ty's cock had matured
into a nice 8 inch long spear with bulging veins that he played with often. One
of the things that turned him on most was watching his mom get fucked by the great
dane, Storm. He teased Cherry that one day she'd be doing the great dane, too,
and she just smiled. We told Cherry to start with giving and getting oral sex
from the orgy participants but not taking it further than that till she was
comfortable. We let her suck off a dozen men or more in a bukkake circle at
Greta's mom's house just so she could get the extra practice; she came out of the
room slimy with all the men's cum and said she loved it. I took a good look at
her, getting turned on seeing her beautiful dark hair knotted with cum, her young
perky breasts slick with cum, cum dripping down her slim, fit torso and collecting
in her sparse, dark pubic hair. Cum was splattered across the freckles on her
face, and I thought to myself how lovely she looked as she was growing into a
young woman.

The urge overcame me to fuck her while she was covered in the cum of the bukkake
men, and so I picked her little naked body up and carried her to the stairs where
I'd first fucked Greta. My wife was off in some other room of the house, surely
fucking or sucking or both. I then fucked Cherry's ass for the first time while
her asshole was slick with the wetness of strangers' sperm. I didn't feel like
being slow or gentle, and instead fucked her ass hard from behind on the stairs
and pulled at her nipples while she screamed and moaned. With my rapid pace I
didn't last long, and quickly unleashed a load as deep as I could in her bowels.
She told me I was one of the best men who'd ever fucked her up her little barely
teen ass.

For Cherry's 14th birthday, we let her enjoy a double penetration with Ty in her
pussy and me in her ass. We fucked her in the living room at Dean's house with a
bunch of horny guests watching and cumming on her chest or in her mouth as she was
fucked. After we'd cum deep in her holes, we let the guests eat her birthday cake
off her naked, used body. She climaxed repeatedly throughout the whole event, and
emerged from the experience even more cock hungry. Not long after her first
double penetration at Dean's she requested to enjoy another, but this time wanted
to let Dean's guests participate in the fucking.

I couldn't say no to our little girl, so we recreated the birthday sex a few weeks
later, allowing our fellow guests to fuck the girl after Ty and I were done.

After I pulled out of her ass, her uncle Damon got underneath her and started
fucking her ass while Dean fucked her pussy. I slapped Dean on the back as he was
fucking and thanked him for the advice, and told him I was glad I'd taken it. Mr.
X was in the crowd, and we made sure that he stepped up next to fuck Cherry any
way he wanted to fuck her. After Dean pulled out of her wet cunt, with Damon
still buried in her ass, Mr. X got on top of her and bent her legs back around her
head and plowed his cock into her hard. She moaned underneath him as he thrust
with all his might, harder and harder, sweating and then cumming into her young
slutty cunt. When he was done he shook my hand and smiled, and said he'd have to
bring the Rottweiler over soon so she could get acquainted. Ty and I exchanged
excited glances, knowing how hot it'd be to see our sexy young play toy knotted to
the throbbing dog's cock.

Cherry withstood a few hours of double penetrations, enjoying being fucked by the
eager perverts who'd been lusting after her for awhile. She'd been picked up and
double penetrated while being held up in the air, two strong men on either side of
her, railing her holes. Eagerly she sucked and fucked, withstanding more hard
poundings than I thought her slender body could. Greta had come along to watch
the scene, and stood proudly with me as we watched her antics, knowing we'd raised
a great young slut.

After that, we let Cherry partake in any of the sexual antics taking place at
either in-law's house. She loved the double penetrations and gangbangs, and was
soon ready for bigger dog cock. On one particularly hot night, Mr. X bought his
Rottweiler over as promised. The animal was well trained to fuck human bitches,
and the air was thick with sexual excitement. Cherry began the night by fucking
anyone who wanted to fuck her at least once. She loved having cum in all her
holes, so Greta and I ensured she was on birth control, as we weren't ready for
another little sex doll yet. Greta was seated on my lap, grinding her cunt
against me while watching Cherry get fucked. For the most part we couldn't see
what was going on while she was getting fucked by all the men because there were
so many men around the mattress she was being fucked on. There was constantly a
man in her ass, in her pussy, two on either side sticking their cocks in her face.
She loved being surrounded by all the dicks. Our little girl was growing up, and
it was making me horny as hell.

I stuck my cock in Greta's cunt as she sat on me, watching as the men withdrew
from Cherry's holes. The Rottweiler was brought up to the girl, sniffing her
used cunt, then extending a long tongue and slurping her clit down to her asshole
till she cried out and begun shaking in orgasm. Dean and Ty were standing by her
face, and she sucked their cocks while the dog licked her out. The dog was
excited, cock peeking from his sheath. Cherry looked a little nervous, but her
cunt was wet with enough cum loads to help her take the dog cock. The crowd stood
back now, stroking their cocks as they watched the animal starting to hump around.
Cherry was slender and short, and she winced as the large dog jumped up and
placed its front paws on either side of her on the mattress.

Well trained and once in position, the beast had no problem thrusting forward and
soon hitting the wet slickness of Cherry's pussy. Excitedly, the dog pounded
forward and into Cherry's womb, its cock growing once inside her. With its rapid
pace, Cherry was cumming on its cock in no time.

"Oh, fuck, I don't know if I can handle his knot!" cried Cherry. The men around
cheered and encouraged her to take it. Dean reached down and spread her legs out
father so the dog could plunge itself into her as far as possible. It wanted to
badly knot her, and kept fucking her at its rapid pace in an effort to do so. She
moaned and screamed from below the beast. "He's pushing it in! Here it comes!
Fuck, I hope I can take it, oh fuck! Oh, man, it feels like a fucking grapefruit
inside me! Fuck, he's really cumming gallons in me..."

She climaxed over and over once knotted fully to the dog. He had stopped his fucking, having
successfully tied with his bitch, and was panting and looking around satisfied at
the crowd. Dog cum was dripping from her knotted hole. I couldn't help but cum
inside Greta's pussy as she sat on top of me, watching the dogfucking.

"Soon she'll be fucking the great danes," Greta said, and my cock exploded in her

Part VIII - Paid Fuck Doll

At Greta's mom's house, Cherry began enjoying gangbangs with Greta's mom's black
boyfriends. There were always at least a half dozen of them there, all black
studs, most with cocks 10 inches or longer. Man after man would line up to be
inside her. The contrast of their giant black cocks and balls against her small
white ass was incredibly hot to me. They'd pound on her for hours, I was
impressed at her stamina and amazed at what her petite body could endure. Greta's
mom of course didn't mind sharing her boyfriends.

"Since I have so many of them around, I have some to spare. They can go all
fucking night, those men!" said Greta's mom to me. "Greta's father's cock was so
small, I had to start fucking these big studs to get off. They certainly make me
cum like no other, they can shoot spunk either directly into the womb or directly
into the bowels!" she laughed. It was admittedly sexy watching the group of
athletic black men fucking young Cherry in all kinds of ways. Greta's mom turned
to me then and said, "That's an energetic little slut you have there. You ever
thought of charging men to have a go at her? I could take her to my flat in the
city and let her make some easy cash."

And so a business proposition was born. Cherry was all for it; we let her keep
most of the money she earned. She began to enjoy fucking various men and obeying
their strange whims for money. After she came home from fucking at Greta's mom's
flat, she would tell me and Greta stories of her sexual escapades with the men
arranged to meet her. The stories variously made me horny, made me laugh, or
surprised me. There were more men into watersports than I had imagined. Most of
the clients she fucked enjoyed her young age, and she began capitalizing on it
very prolifically.

At the age of 15 when she first became a whore, most of the activities she did for
the paying clients were pretty vanilla, with the exception of a lot of watersports
and some bondage sex. But gradually the appointments Greta's mom set up for her
began getting more and more kinky. She started fucking dogs for some clients,
averaging around $1,500 per dog fuck show. At least monthly she entertained a
bachelor party, often providing oral entertainment for the whole group.

One wealthy man invited her to star in monthly sex parties with a small group of
his friends who were allowed to fuck her any way they wanted to. They'd be fueled
by male sexual enhancement drugs, fucking her young pussy till dawn. She would
always arrive dressed like a schoolgirl, complete with knee-high pantyhose and a
back-pack of books. I asked her what she had to do to service the men.

"Anything, really," she said.


"They're willing to pay me pretty good money for things I've been doing for free,"
she laughed. The monthly party alone brought her a few grand. "Usually they
start by gathering around me and having me jerk them off and suck them. They'll
eat out my pussy and play with my tits aggressively. They take these
anti-impotence drugs to stay hard for hours, really giving me a workout. A few of
them are into watersports. Lot of double penetrations. Nothing too unusual..."
One of her clients offered her a great deal to act in a rape scene to be filmed
for his viewing pleasure. It started with her fake abduction one night as she was
walking along in a cheerleader uniform and then forced into a van by a few men.

In a dark basement lit by a single bulb, she was chained from the ceiling and
blindfolded. Her client viciously fucked her from behind while she screamed and
cried the whole time. It was being videotaped, and the men alternately began
taking turns videotaping and fucking her. I watched the finished result, and was
almost disturbed by how well Cherry had acted in the fake rape video, but mostly I
was impressed. She too was proud of her performance, and began regularly
producing the videos with the same group of men.

After a few months of the sex business and the rape videos, Cherry came to me and
told me that the next rape video she was asked to be in was going to be a
gangbang. She told me that the director was accepting men to gangbang her in the
video and asked if Ty and I would participate. Word got around to Dean, Damon,
and the other brothers, and when the time came around to make the video they had
also agreed to be participants in her gangbang rape scene.

The idea turned me on, and I was definitely ready to see the scene unfold before
me. Cherry was tied down to a low bench in the director's dank basement where she
began squealing, squirming, and crying. She had been stripped naked, her small
breasts quivering with her gasps and cries, and her legs were pulled far apart and
secured in stirrups so that she was spread-eagle. Her bald pink pussy gaped,
exposed and vulnerable. All the men participating were masked and stroking raging
hard cocks.

Men began pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts, slapping her pussy and
prodding her hole with fingers. Someone brought nipple clamps over and began
making her scream out in pain, clamping her nipples first and then torturing her
clit with them. The whole time she screamed and whimpered and cried out, "No,
please don't, no, please, no, no, no..." There were a few times when I questioned
whether she was acting or not, but the brutal treatment went on.

Various huge and ferocious dildos were put into her pussy and asshole, preparing
her for the fucking she was about to receive. At least a dozen men stood around
me, cocks hard and excited to be inside her. The petite bound girl writhed in
pain as a 10 inch dildo was forced hard inside her; most of the men standing
around just laughed. Then the dildo was removed, and the first man, the director
and paying client, came up to her gaping cunt and placed his cockhead at her
pussylips. In a raspy voice he said,

"Yeah you little slut, I'm about to fuck your tiny virgin pussy hole. Then all my
friends are gonna fuck your holes. Make you into a slutty little girl so you can
fuck all the boys at school. If you're lucky, maybe one of us will knock you up!
Then we can come back and rape a pregnant bitch," and with that the crowd laughed
and Cherry screamed. She was very convincing, but I could tell she was trying to
stifle moans throughout the event and trying not to reveal her frequent orgasms to
the camera.

The first rapist fucked her fast, furiously, and very hard. He pounded his fit,
muscular body into her while she cried all the while. When he was done he pulled
out and the guy filming the video got up close to her used pussy with the camera,
shooting the cum dripping from her cunt.

In moments the next guy in the crowd was in front of her and fucking her pussy
just as hard as the first guy. Others continued to play roughly with her breasts,
affixing clothes pins to each nipple and rubbing cocks all over her. It was so
hot watching her get fucked so roughly that I knew I had to have her next. I
pushed my way through the crowd after the second guy fucked her and pushed my cock
up into her cunt hard. I fucked away at her small hole and she continued
whimpering below me. Her body had scratch marks on it, and her cunt felt wet and
sloppy already. I began alternately fucking her cunt and asshole, which made her
really yell and cry beneath me. In a few more minutes I came, spurting my seed up
in her pussy as she was yelling, "No, please don't cum inside me, I may get
pregnant, no, no, no!"

Breathlessly I pulled out of her cunt and a couple of men untied her from the
bench and carried her over to a dirty mattress on the floor. I watched as Damon
climbed under her ass and started fucking her from below, and Dean got on top of
her and started fucking her pussy for a hard double penetration. The men sawed
away at her pussy and asshole viciously, sweating all over her little body. I
knew she was loving it, despite her protests. Her belly bulged, she was so full
of cock. It was a hot sight. I watched as a dozen more men fucked her small
pussy and came in the hole of their choosing; Cherry kept up the act of being
raped the entire time. It was so hot I had fucked her three times myself while
the camera rolled. The camera man gave her a go after all the other men were

After the cameraman filled her cunt with his seed and pulled out, she was tied
down again and a huge pitbull was brought in the basement, sniffing at the cunt
and cum in the air. It was led to her cunt where it eagerly licked her. She was
blindfolded, voice now hoarse from screaming and crying. The dog licked out her
pussy, and even though she was yelling not to let a dog fuck her, I knew she
secretly was enjoying the beast's attention.

After its prick emerged from the sheath, its cock was led to her cunt and placed
at the entrance to her hole. She protested louder than ever. The men just
cheered at her cries and encouraged the dog to fuck her ass off. Eager to begin
pounding, the dog was humping excitedly. Its cock plunged into her as soon as it
felt her sweet wetness. It fucked her at jackhammer pace while she screamed, its
cock extending with each thrust.

"Don't let it knot me, please, no, don't let it knot me, I can't handle it... my
pussy, no!" she cried out while the knot swelled at the base of the cock.

Everyone was cheering at her to take the cock and knot like the true bitch she
was. Her legs were forced open even wider, allowing the dog more access to get
his cock and knot inside her. Its cock juices were starting to drip down her ass

"No, he's cumming gallons and gallons of disgusting dog cum inside me!
Make him stop! No, the knot, it's pushing into my pussy, oh no, no, no, the knot
is in me!" And she screamed a long wail of pretend pain. "Oh fuck, it feels like
a fucking softball! No, no, my pussy!"

The dog stayed knotted to his bitch for at least twenty minutes. Plenty of photo
and video was taken during this time, and the men in the gangbang rape crowd
jacked off on her tits or on her mouth one last time. It was easy to see the cum
oozing out of her used cunt. The director said, "I know you liked that, you
slutty dogfucking bitch! I hope you got knocked up from this fun fuck fest, so we
can come back and fuck you and the baby! Ha!" and the video ended with laughter
from the crowd.

After it was done, I asked Cherry how she liked it and she smiled, saying she'd
cum multiple times. Cum dripped from her used cunt down to her ankles. I told
her I'd enjoyed the sight of her getting the hard fuckings and enjoyed partaking.

"Yeah, it was hot for me, too," she said. "The client wants my next one to be a
gangbang rape with a whole bunch of black guys. He has a penchant for watching me
get gang-fucked. Not like I mind or anything!" She smiled. A different dog had
come into the room, and this one began humping on her leg while she spoke. She
giggled and said, "What the hell!" and took it back over to the soiled mattress
for an off-camera fuck for the remaining group of men, me included to enjoy. I
loved my sex daughter, and truly loved the sexy sights she imprinted in my memory.

Part IX - Miss Kitty's Story

Greta's mom enjoyed making the arrangements for Cherry. She had been retiring
more and more herself from the prostitution game, but was still taking some
appointments and also a fee for setting up Cherry's clients. Over the years,
Greta's mom, who went by the working name Miss Kitty, had accumulated a massive
contact list of incredible perverts. I was over her place with my family, back
when the children were quite young, for dinner when she explained
in detail to me the story of her wicked life.

"It started when I was very young, I could feel the pleasure of my tiny body and
couldn't ignore it, touching myself wherever and whenever I could. My parents
didn't discourage me. They'd leave racy magazines out that I enjoyed more and
more of as I got older. They always fucked in front of me. My step-father, the
biggest pervert I ever knew, was really the initiator in everything sexual in my
life. He was a big, strong, sexy outdoorsman, incredibly fit washboard stomach
with sparse hair leading to an immense erection and huge hanging balls..." She
shuddered and smiled, her memories of him and her childhood were quite fond. "He
had two brothers just as big and strong. Oh, I loved fucking the three of them
all night long... As puberty neared, I had become a sexually precocious girl, an
only child, but enjoying lots of attention from my step-father, his brothers, and
the brothers' male sons. My mom was fine with my explorations with the family
boys and some other kids on the street. She was often under the influence of
wine; my step-father loved fucking her when she was passed out, then letting all
his friends have a go at her."

"That sounds like Grandpa and Grandma, for sure!" laughed Greta.

"Oh yes, they were interesting parents, definitely," said Greta's mom. "I'm very
glad they raised me the way they did, it was very liberating. As I said, it was
mostly the doings of my step-father Max, that hulking blond god, he inspired so
many fantasies in me after I saw the way he fucked my mom. He looked so big and
strong to little me, I saw his cock going into her so fast and hard, I didn't know
the meaning of any of it but I wanted that male part in me, too. It made me warm
and tingly. I've been touching myself and making myself cum since I was about 6
years old."

"Oh, yeah, it was definitely hot watching you do Max, Steve, and Rambo," laughed

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Dean isn't the father of any of my children," said Greta's
mom, and we all just laughed. "He stuck around because he's Rambo's son."

"Rambo?" I said.

"Oh, yes, Randall is his real name, but well, those who knew him and loved him
called him Rambo for his intense fucking style. I didn't have sex with him until
I was at least 12 or so. He could never be gentle. Mom would only fuck him after
she fucked everyone else already and her pussy was stretched and creamy with cum
for lubrication. She never let him fuck her ass. Of course when she was passed
out drunk the men claimed any hole they wanted. It was quite amusing. I started
fucking my step-cousins when I was very young, not even 6 or 7. We'd do oral,
anal, vaginal. It wasn't proper fucking at first since we weren't quite developed
or knowing what exactly we were doing. But we were hot little bodies pressed up
against each other for pleasurable release. Of course Max taught the cousins how
to fuck me simultaneously before I was even 10 years old. For the first time,
Dean got beneath me and fucked my little asshole, and my other cousin Bob fucked
my little cuntie. Max came up and sprayed his cum in my face as the boys fucked
me, covering my entire face with his ejaculate." We ate as she continued on,
reminiscing about her childhood.

"We had a large German Shepherd growing up, so I've been loving dogs for a long,
long time. His name was Bear. My parents would let him hump me and just laugh.
I would see my mom fucking and then getting stuck to the dog, the men always
standing around rubbing themselves and cheering. She loved that dog, and taught
me to properly love him, too. When she was passed out and unconscious, the men
would let the dog fuck her in either asshole or pussyhole, and I remember being
shocked, disturbed, and turned-on seeing it knot her and then drag her unconscious
body around the living room floor. The men laughing and cheering. I definitely
wanted to fuck the dog and be conscious of it; in a lot of ways my mom's drinking
made me refrain from touching too much alcohol in my life. I wanted to be awake
and aware of the pleasure of life, not numb it and lose memories by drinking. But
anyways, all the boys would love fucking my mom whether conscious or not, and I
knew I wanted to enjoy all the attention from the big, strong, sexy men, too. I'd
always run around nude, and they'd always be touching my little body with their
big hands, pinching my little nipples and stroking my bald pussy and slit. I was
trained to stroke and suck cocks, and received all kinds of oral, anal, and
vaginal attention.

Bear would often eat me out, which I absolutely loved. With his long tongue, he
could lick me from clit to asshole. There was always an audience. Max and his
brothers and their sons would constantly initiate and encourage the debauchery.

Before I fucked any of my little cousins, the dog would lick me first to get me
all wet and ready for their small cocks in my tiny cunt. The dog would get
excited, but when I was that young he just licked me and then he'd go off to fuck
my mom and one of my cousins would stick his little prick in one of my holes. The
men didn't start fucking me till I was almost puberty age." I shivered, her
stories from younger years and her working life often turned me on.

"Those big men, how I wanted them but feared their huge cocks, too," she continued
on. "They really couldn't resist fucking me any longer when I started growing
breasts. For my 12th birthday, my family had an oral sex party for me, laying me
on a table and having everyone at the party, dogs included, go down on me. After
the oral sex was over and most attendees left, I was so fired up that I sat on
Max's lap with my nude ass and let him feel my wet pussy on his lap. When he got
hard, I sat on top of his cock and stuffed it into me, really fucking a man for
the first time. Luckily my pussy was wet from all the oral sex, as I'd climaxed
several times throughout the party fun. Max groaned and thrust his prick inside
my tight cunt. He reached around and rubbed my clit with his fingers. It felt
amazing; his prick went so deep inside me I swear I could feel it up in my guts.
I felt it pulsating and throbbing, and then I heard him moaning louder and then
finally feeling the flood of cum from his prick into my little womb. After that,
I fucked him daily, and then started fucking his brothers.

The men were so strong, they could go on for hours and hours. Well, no one put me
on any kind of birth control, so I was being fucked by my step-dad and uncles
daily for months, when somewhere after I turned 13 I became pregnant. Being so
young, I didn't realize it for a few months. I started getting bigger after
around month 4 or so. Once everyone figured it out, the fucking continued on
unabated. It actually turned the men on more knowing they were fucking me and I
was pregnant with a child one of them created. They fucked me in all kinds of
ways; I was a young slut, so I didn't care, of course I was enjoying myself. And
so that's when I had Damon. He was raised by my parents, and the men went on
fucking me as soon as possible after I had the first baby, no protection, and what
do you know, I got pregnant with the twins. The fuckings continued during my
second pregnancy, and my family got the entrepreneurial idea to sell my pregnant
pussy for a good price. It started with old, perverted family friends. They
loved fucking me and holding my big belly, loved the milky nipples. I had an
impressive libido, and was down for any man that I was set up with. I made a
small fortune at a young age with my pussy, and loved doing it. I had the twin
boys, and what do you know, as soon as they could get their hands on me the men
were queueing up to fuck me unprotected yet again. Pretty soon, I reckon I was
about 16 years old, I was pregnant with Greta.

I continued doing some free fucking and made some more money as a young pregnant
whore while on my third pregnancy, and after I had Greta I was sterilized for
life, free to enjoy sex without consequence of reproduction. The kids were raised
by my debauched family and my relationship with Dean became heavier as we got
older. He enjoyed playing with my children, training them to live in a wonderful,
sexually liberated family. We got married and raised the children in a nice
perverse family atmosphere. And the rest is pretty much history. Of course my
libido has never died down, it rages on," she laughed.

By this point I was so horny and turned on that I got up from the table at which my wife, Ty, and young
Cherry were seated at and bent Greta's mom over the table, lifting her dress up
while everyone just laughed. I planted my face in her ass and cunt and sucked and
licked her for a few minutes, sticking a few fingers inside her.

"I'm sorry Miss Kitty, but hearing you talk, I just have to try you for the first
time-- if Greta doesn't mind, of course," I said, cock fully engorged.

Of course Greta didn't mind, so I unleashed my cock from my trousers and got it slick with
her pussy juices, rubbing it to get even harder. I then bent her over so her face
was nearly touching the table and fucked her hard and fast from behind. She loved
it, moaning out under my thrusts. I didn't last long, and erupted up in her
pussy. When I was done, I smiled at her and sat back in my seat like nothing
happened and resumed picking at the dessert on my plate. What an amazing family!

Part X - Cherry's Exploits

Cherry enjoyed being a working girl, and would often regale
us with tales of her paid exploits. Her clients were content to pay her to do
whatever their deviant minds could come up with; she was paid for masturbation
shows (she'd use all kinds of objects for the show-- bottles, baseball bats, ears
of corn, giant dildos, and so on), dog shows, watersports, and some bondage and
domination in addition to frenzied bachelor parties and lunch break quickies with
married businessmen.

"Last night I was the entertainment at a bachelor party," she said casually at the
dinner table one night. "I was on a huge padded platform, and all kinds of men
were gathered around me, waiting to stuff my holes."

"Any of them good looking?" asked Greta.

"No, not really," laughed Cherry. "A few of them were actually good fucks,
though. It was outside in a lush, private garden. I climaxed a couple of times,
and Dean gave me some ecstasy before I did the party, and I made thousands, so it
wasn't too bad." Ty was turned on by her words, and pulled her on top of his lap
at the dinner table, his long cock exposed. He lifted her dress, spread her legs
wide, and rubbed her bald pussy.

"Sorry, Cherry, you always get me so turned on when you talk about work," said Ty.

Greta and I exchanged smiles.

"It's okay Ty, I don't mind you fucking me whenever you want for free. I love
your big, strong cock..." Ty's cock was now fully erect, standing up straight and
proudly, bulging with veins. The prickhead was a fierce purple color. He stroked
his large dick while rubbing her clit and pussy.

"What were you wearing?" asked Ty.

"I showed up wearing a short, tight white lacy dress with nude thigh-high
pantyhose and white garters on. No panties. A lot of the men got fired up by me
rubbing their crotches with my stockinged feet. They loved that," she giggled.

"Yeah, I bet they did," said Ty, breathlessly, stroking himself faster. He had
taken a whole cucumber and shoved it into her pussy as she was describing her
outfit for the bachelor party. I peeked at them with amusement from behind my

"Oh, yeah," she giggled and moaned out at the vegetable fucking. Ty removed the
cucumber and replaced it with his cock, pounding her as she sat at the dinner

"Did any of them fuck you like this?" asked Ty with a grunt.

"Yes, I did some lap dancing and lap fucking last night..." Cherry replied. Our
great dane Thunder was under the table and anxiously watching the grinding going
on before him. Greta called him over to her and opened her legs wide so he could
lick her out. My cock stiffened in my pants.

"Cherry, I want to see you fuck the great danes," said Ty as he pumped into her.

Cherry shuddered and moaned. As of yet she hadn't taken on the danes. She was a
little nervous by their huge, veiny cocks with knots that were at least softball
sized. Ty climaxed soon after, I'm sure overwhelmed by the thought of Cherry
knotting the family pets. Cherry pulled her dress down and sat back in her seat
as Ty zipped his pants up.

"I'd love to see you fucking one of the great danes, too," I said to Cherry as she
was settling back in her chair. She raised an eyebrow, considering it.

"Hmmm, maybe I'll take some ecstasy this weekend and give one or both of them a
try," she said, making my cock stir.

"That would be nice, dear," said Greta, and we continued our dinner in a
comfortable silence.

So the following weekend, Cherry got some ecstasy pills from Dean and lounged
around Dean's house, letting everyone eat her out and fuck her. She wanted both
cunt and pussy holes to be stretched out to accommodate the dog knots, and told
Dean to invite his most well-hung friends over for play.

The male participants stood around stripping, revealing muscular bodies and huge
cocks which Greta and Cherry eagerly sucked to life. Our huge dogs lounged around
the room, watching the sexual activity with panting dog smiles, perhaps knowing
they were soon going to be participating.

I stroked my cock as Cherry and Ty licked each other in a sixty-nine position.
Cherry was trying to be as ready as possible for quite possibly the biggest dog
knots she had taken to date. I asked her how she was feeling as one of our dogs,
Storm, was brought over in front of her.

"I feel like I might enjoy their cocks so much, I'll need to keep going bigger and
bigger. I already love gang sex so much. I'm afraid I'll have to do a donkey or
horse next," she said, making my cock twitch with excitement.

Greta was on her hands and knees next to Cherry and our old grey great dane Storm,
and began rubbing the dog's sheath to get it aroused. Storm was well trained, and
soon his pink cockhead began emerging. His hard prick came out inch by inch, and
Greta and Cherry started sucking tenderly on the tip as Storm panted happily. The
men in the room, me included, cheered for the dog sucking, jerking cocks in hand.

After the cock was out several inches and the beast began humping, Cherry got on
her hands and knees in the doggystyle position, her ass raised up in the air. The
dog got the idea and jumped onto her back, thrusting his hips in the air. The
beast was massive, and covered Cherry's body with his own. With a little help
from Greta, the raging cock found a hole and powerfully plunged forward. Cherry
screamed and the audience clapped and cheered at the lewd sight.

The beast fucked away at a manic pace, dragging Cherry around the floor with its
force. Her eyes were glazed over, mouth hanging open, tits bouncing rapidly with
the thrusting. Soon she was moaning and pulling on her nipples and I could tell
she was loving it. Dog cum was leaking out of her cunt as the animal's knot
pressed hard against her pussy, trying to get in. The dog was panting heavily and
wrapped tight against its bitch as he fucked her faster and faster and harder and
harder to get the giant grapefruit sized knot inside her wet cunt.

After several more minutes of intense fucking, we watched as Storm forced the
giant knot into Cherry's pussy. The knot was swallowed up by her cunt, and dog
cum leaked out all over the floor. Cherry was crumpled below the heaving beast,
lost in a trance-like state, having cum again and again on the dog's cock and

Several minutes later, while still tied to the dog, men began crowding around her
face to get their dicks sucked back to life. She weakly obliged, sucking and
jerking the men off while grinding against the dog's knot. Meanwhile Greta was
preparing our other great dane, Thunder, sucking his cock to life while Dean
fucked her from behind.

Thunder was younger than Storm and incredibly strong, with a tendency to knot his
bitch for long periods of time. Soon after Storm's knot subsided and his dick
plopped out, along with what looked like a gallon of cum, Thunder was ready to get
fucking. Cherry didn't have time to change positions as Thunder began to hump
against her ass. His cock was extended 7 inches already. He wrapped his front
legs around her waist and humped fruitlessly at her ass. Greta came over and
helped the dog's cock reach its intended target. Well, first she teased Cherry's
asshole with the cock, making Cherry scream out, "No, no, please don't, Mom!"

Greta mercifully placed the tip of the dog prick at Cherry's pussy hole, and the
animal took over once there. He pounded the breath out of his bitch, making her
fall flat onto her chest under the power of his thrusts. Cherry moaned and
screamed as he dragged her along the floor, his huge knot pressed hard against
her, trying hard to get in.

Her pussy was still flooded with Storm's cum, so it wasn't too much longer before
Thunder got his gigantic knot inside his bitch and became still for a little
while. Men came up and began cumming on her back, in her face, on the dog. She
was tired and dazed, but appeared to be enjoying herself. Dog cum was pooling
below her, so Dean got a measuring cup and let the cum drip into it.

The knotting went on for about twenty minutes, during which time the restless men
in the audience fucked Greta or had her suck them. Still as slutty as ever, she
enthusiastically sucked and fucked and swallowed. I myself had a couple turns at
her while Cherry fucked the dogs.

Eventually Thunder turned ass to ass with his bitch and dragged her around a
little before he was able to get his knot free. Dean, never satiated, held her
down while she was still on her hands and knees and stuck his fingers into her
ass. He then took the measuring cup and dripped the dog cum into her asshole,
then rubbed the cum on his dick and slammed it into her rectum, making her cry

He fucked her ass hard, and when done his cock was replaced in her ass by Ty's,
and then Damon's, and so on. Eventually men crawled underneath her to fuck her
dog sperm filled pussy. The fucking continued on into the night; I enjoyed
fucking both her cum filled pussy and asshole. As I exploded deep into her bowels
for the last time that night, I thought to myself what a good idea it had been to
get her to fuck the dogs, and hoped to myself that horses would be next!

Part XI - Dean's Story

One relaxing snowy night, my family and I were sitting around the fireside at
Dean's house as Dean began reminiscing about his life and past sexual exploits.
He was smoking a pipe, watching Ty and Cherry fucking doggystyle on the floor by
the fireplace.

"Yeah, I'm glad you got that nice piece of ass there, John," said Dean to me. "And I don't mean my daughter, Greta!" he said, making us all laugh.

"I'm glad I got her, too. She's been really fun for Ty for many years now. And
she's a natural whore. Perverted as fuck. I love her." I said. Greta nodded in
agreement. She and Cherry had a fondness for sixty-nineing with each other before
bedtime that started when Cherry was a little girl.

"I can remember the first time I fucked her tiny pussy," Dean continued. "She was
about 5 years old or so..."

"You bastard! Ty was supposed to have the first go at her!" I interrupted.

"Oh, calm down. It's not like I gave her a real hard penetration. I wound myself
up pretty good and then gave a few pumps into her little cunt while she was on my
lap once. Me and the boys went down on her for hours. She fucking loved it,
still does. Of course, my little girl Greta has always had a tight, marvelous
pussy," he said, smiling at Greta and rubbing his crotch.

"Dad, you're just saying that," said Greta, giggling.

"No, honey, you have a great cunt, definitely. I've been fucking you ever since
you were a little baby, remember that?" he laughed, as she shook her head. "I
have always been fortunate to be part of an open minded, sex-enjoying family.

I've been fucking since I was about 4 years old. I fucked Greta's grandma when
she was unconscious drunk one night, my dad had me do it with his drunk buddies
cheering me on. I just stuck my little dick in and got the hang of it instantly,
instantly hooked on tight, wet holes. Shit, my daddy and uncles fucked enough
with me and my brother around, I knew what to do. Greta's mom Kitty was my
cousin, and I started fucking her when we were children. She's always been an
insatiable slut.

We took turns fucking her and others all day and night long. My dad was a huge
pervert, he had no issues with age, race, weight, sex, or even species, really. I
guess that's who I took after," he laughed. "My mom was big into alcohol and
drugs, and my dad would slip roofies into her drinks to knock her out sometimes.

One night he drugged her drink and when she passed out, Dad and his brothers took
her to a buddy's farm. They took her into the barn and laid her onto a little
table, legs up in stirrups, and started to gang fuck and cum in her cunt. Me and
my brother Steve fucked her, too. We were maybe 10 and 11 or so. After we'd all
cum in her at least once, they brought a horse in and someone got its huge cock
out and started rubbing it on her cunt. It was the first time I'd seen a horse
cock go into a human cunt, and it has been a beautiful image that has stayed in my
mind, thankfully. My own slut mother.

The horse's cock was extremely long and hard, and with an arch of its back, he
plunged it into her sloppy vagina. Her limp body shook with the intense thrusts,
head just rolling around. It pumped into her hard several times, then its cock
slipped out, cum dripping off of it and out of her used up pussy.

When we told Mom what happened, she was all about trying the horse fuck while
sober. Her pussy was hurting the day after, but she figured she'd just gotten
drunk and gang fucked like usual, which did indeed occur. All the women in the
family were subject to quick, sudden, perverse penetration at any given moment. I
love my family," Dean trailed off, rubbing his cock as he watched Cherry blowing
my cock.

"Yeah, Dad, I remember Grandpa really giving me a harsh fucking as a kid. He was
a bit too crazy sometimes... He used to make my nipples so sore with his biting.
His cock was like steel. All the family men have been blessed with steel hard
cocks," said Greta, fondly.

"Come here, Greta, give Daddy a ride," Dean said to Greta, pulling his thick,
veiny cock out. She first got down on her knees and sucked him, her pussy in the
air a visual treat for me while Cherry sucked me off. I was about to cum in her
throat. Greta pulled her dress up and squatted down on his cock facing away from
him as he sat on the chair. He reached around her and fingered her clit from
behind. She locked eyes with me the whole time, moaning on her father's cock and
playing with her nipples. I held off on cumming while I watched Ty walk up to
Greta and stick his cock to her cunt for a double pussy penetration.

Greta screamed out at the second cock intruding into her hole. Ty had a long,
thick prick. Her initial screams turned to moans eventually, and the men
established a smooth rhythm as they sawed in and out of her pussy. It was a sexy
sight. Cherry had stopped blowing me and was jacking me off, watching the action
with Greta, Ty, and Dean. My cock was purple, wanting to explode. I asked Ty to
move aside so I could cum inside Greta's cunt. He pulled out, slapping his cock
on her cunt as she cried out.

"Love you mom," Ty laughed as he stepped away. Ty started fucking Cherry up the
ass. Dean paused while I stuck my cock into her tight hole. She cried out and
pulled me close. I told her I loved her, and started fucking her hard, squeezing
her little body below me. I exploded into her pussy, feeling my cock tight up
inside her. After my cock stopped throbbing I removed it from her cunt and gave
her a kiss. Dean continued fucking her as she sat on his lap. He picked up his
pace until he became still and groaned, pinching her nipple in one hand and her
clit in the other, cumming deep in his daughter's womb.

I wiped the sweat from my brow as Greta took her place back on the sofa. Dean
wiped his cock off with a napkin, and Ty and Cherry were again flirting and
playing with each other. They were really highly sexual beings, and Dean was
lending Ty some of his male anti-impotence drugs, even though Ty was perfectly
fine and virile, just for the kicks of super long, hard, erections for hours. As
a result Ty was constantly fucking someone or something. We'd walked in on him

fucking a hole in a watermelon one hot summer day. Cherry was often popping one
of Dean's Ecstasy pills for extra enjoyment while she worked. Her clients loved
her genuine enthusiasm for perversion and debauchery. She was definitely eager to

"See, told you Greta, fantastic pussy!" said Dean, still catching his breath.

Though late middle aged, he was still ruggedly handsome and strong. He went on
reminiscing about his past childhood exploits while Greta tended to the fire.

"So who has the best pussy of all the pussies you've fucked?" I asked Dean. He
became quiet, going over dozens and dozens of sexual situations in his head.

"Man, I'll really have to think on that one. Let's see. Well, I always loved my
mom's. That was a nice, hot, wet, familiar hole. My cousins and nieces growing
up, great holes there, too. Greta's mom, Kitty, my slutty cousin, we fucked as
children and got married after she got knocked up. I traveled around the world a
few times and sampled lots of international pussy. I've had countless fucks.
Women, some men, too. I've always fucked my boys, too. My favorite is fucking
Damon while he fucks one of his brothers who is fucking the other brother. A big
happy fucking family!" and with that he bellowed with laughter.

"Dad's also met a lot of perverts over the years," said Greta with a mischievous

"Oh yeah, definitely. The guys who buy the little girls. All those little
pussies I've had a go at over the years," Dean smiled. "I even fucked a cow one
time. It wasn't too bad at all, and she didn't seem to mind. The orgies I've had
or been to, they are countless. Gangbangs I've been a part of... One I fondly
recall was when I was part of the football team at college. We gangbanged some
freshmen chick, she had a nice and tight pussy-- obviously I was one of the first
guys to fuck her during that experience. She couldn't even walk after we were all
done. Each one of us blew loads up in her cunt or her ass, fucking her hard as we
wanted to.

I had a lot of good times at college. I went off when I was pretty young, 17,
young and full of cum. The women were incredibly easy. I had no problems fucking
someone, usually a different someone or several someones, every night I was there,
it was like heaven. I'd fuck teachers, bending them over desks in classrooms and
spearing them with my cock. Making connections with perverted professors. I had
a hot young stripper girlfriend who introduced me to all kinds of perverts who
became life-long friends. I met Mr. X back then-- he was studying for med school;
I first met him at a drug-fueled orgy in college. Drugs were plentiful and
enhanced all those fun experiences. There'd be parties where everyone was
topless, men and women-- of course they turned into orgies after enough alcohol
and cocaine. Various other debauched theme parties turned sex fest every few days
or so; my group of friends were perverts and we knew it and had a blast, no pun

Cindy the super dog slut, her pussy was always wet and sloppy and stretched out
from all that dog fucking. Now her daughter though, I took the liberty of fucking
her virginity away one glorious day. She was a great treat for my cock.

I fucked a nun once, a long time ago. She was incredibly tight, one of my
favorite pussies, no doubt. Hmmm, let's see, who else... One date night--"

"By "date night" he means "date rape night," of course," Greta interrupted.

"Well, whatever you wanna call it, one night one of my buddies brought one of his
girls over that he'd bought. He was having a hard time training her to be a slut;
she was a feisty 12 year old, and put up a lot of resistance with her master. We
drugged her but we tied her down first, a group of 10 of us. It was a huge
mansion in a remote as hell place, and we let her scream and yell and cry while we
fucked her raw little pussy. I loved that cunt. Someone eventually got some
chloroform and rubbed it to her nose to make her pass out; her screams were
annoying. Then we all continued to take turns in her little holes.

She came to as we were getting a giant great dane to fuck her! His cock was
starting go into her and everything. She screamed and actually passed out as it
began fucking her. When she came to again the beast was beginning to knot with
her. We let him fuck the daylights out of her, fast and hard and destructive, cum
dripping out everywhere. She screamed and screamed and cried, eventually passing
out again. That was fun."

"Dad, you're such a bastard," said Greta.

"Well, we knew what was good for her. Some cocks!" Dean said and roared with
laughter. "Once we locked her in a room with no furniture, someone rubbed some
kind of dog bitch mating scent liquid on her pussy and trapped her in the room
with a huge mastiff. It was about a hundred pounds bigger than her. He was
humping and overpowering her in no time. We watched from a window as he raped her
with his giant cock. It was fucking hot. Then we took that dog out after he was
done knotting his bitch, and let another dog come in and fuck her, repeating the
process," Dean laughed.

"Sounds like fun," said Cherry. We all laughed.

"Indeed, a proper slut would appreciate such a situation, Cherry," said Dean.

"Anyway, back to my favorite subject, pussies... Let's see... Other little girls
were "trained" by gun-point, as in cocks to their mouths, guns to their heads,
suck or die. When Mr. X first started getting the girls for his elite group of
friends, the methods to train them were much more severe. One guy who bought a
girl used to use a taser on her to get her to suck his cock. He'd tase her to
make her get on her knees so he could rape her doggystyle. Always loved reluctant
little girl creampie gangbang nights. Seeing little feet or asses in the air is
such a huge turn-on.

At least one of the men who bought a girl from Mr. X bought her specifically to be
a slut for his dogs. He started having his smaller dogs fuck her when she was
about 4 or 5, and let the bigger ones have at it as time went by. She was
basically entertainment for his friends at orgies and other parties. He even kept
her in a cage. She wore a collar and he leashed her when he brought her out and
tied her down to let his dogs fuck her in any hole of their choice. It was great
watching his bigger dogs over-power and fuck her hard up the ass. He sold that
girl to someone else when she was in her teens, and she still hadn't fucked a
human cock to my knowledge by that time.

Over time, most of the guys who bought girls from Mr. X started slut training the
girls more easily with the party drug Ecstasy. Oh, man, we've had so many fun
nights... The procedure became drugging the bound and blindfolded girls with
Ecstasy for a few days. We dirty men would rub our hands all over the bound and
drugged girl's body, making her squirm with our touch. Sex toys were used. We'd
let the dogs lick the captive girls' cunts for hours on end until the bitches were
begging to be fucked.

We liked to break the girls in with gangbangs, of course," Dean continued, smiling
at the thought of gangbanging helpless young girls. I just love a wet, cum filled
pussy. Now don't get me wrong, I love a tight virgin pussy as well. And a hot
pregnant pussy. And assholes of men and women, hahaha!" and with that he roared
with laughter. I could see his cock start rising in his pants with all the talk
about vagina as he continued on his perverted life story.

"Kitty's cunt became too loose and stretched for my taste after awhile; towards
the end of our marriage she started fucking black men since I wasn't enough to
fill her used up whore hole. Slut made good money though, and my friends used to
love her blowjobs. Towards the end, one of the nights that pissed her off most
out of all the despicable shit I've done in my life, I drugged her one night and a
bunch of us took her to a guy's farm and tied her down to a bench and lubed her
up. We'd invited dozens of men and charged them for admission, and put on a
non-consensual donkey show. She woke up during the hard fucking, barely
conscious, but I saw her eyes open and mouth widen in shock. It was so fucking
hot! She gave me hell after that one-- I told her with all the huge, hung black
guys she'd been fucking, I thought she'd enjoy a donkey. The divorce was soon
after," he chuckled.

"Man," Dean said, stroking his cock through his pants, "I sure would like some
pussy, all this talk about my favorite thing on earth," and with that he pulled
his meat out and Cherry and Greta gathered round to suck and fuck him off while I
chuckled at the hot family sight, my own cock beginning to strain in my pants
until I had to get up and fuck Greta's ass while she rode her father's cock. I
loved making my own perverted family memories...

Part XII - Cherry's Addition to the Family

It wasn't long after the great dane sex party when Cherry found out she was
pregnant, and had no idea who the father was. She didn't really care, and
continued on with her sexual exploits unabated.

As her belly grew, so did the amount of clients who wanted her sexual company.
There was no shortage of men wanting to fuck her baby-filled womb and squeeze her
growing breasts. She filmed several videos over the months, including a pregnant
gang bang video, pregnant dog sex video, pregnant rape video, pregnant bondage
video, pregnant watersports video, and so on.

Ty and I enjoyed double penetrating her on many nights, enjoying her swollen belly
bouncing up and down with our thrusts. Her pussy felt so tight and full. Dean
and all his pervert friends of course were excited that she was pregnant, everyone
speculated on who the father of the slut's child might be. Right up through her
9th month she fucked as usual, with the amount of paying clients increasing
towards the end. She had at least one a day for the last 3 months of the

Dean of course hoped she was having a girl so he could enjoy making a young slut
out of her. Even if she had a boy, Dean would enjoy raising another male pervert
for the family. Greta and I didn't care either way, and looked forward to our
first grandchild.

She went into labor soon after getting her pussy filled with the cum of several
black men during a hot gang bang at Miss Kitty's. To our delight, she had a
healthy baby girl that we brought home to raise in our loving home. Dean, Ty and
I took turns sticking our cockheads in the tiny, precious baby cunt and exploding
life into her. She was named Lolita, and quickly proved to be an enjoyable new
member of our delightful family of perverts.

Relaxing by the fireside one night as Cherry nursed the baby and Ty licked
Cherry's cunt, I smiled, cock beginning to rise. There was my beautiful blond
little wife Greta, doing some house cleaning in a tiny dress so when she bent over
I could see her shaved pussy. A great dane lounging by my side, and a glass of
whiskey in my hand. Greta came over and started rubbing my growing cock through
my shorts as I sighed in enjoyment. Ty was licking the baby's cunt now and
fingering Cherry's pussy at the same time. I sipped my whiskey, then threw my head
back and groaned with pleasure as my wife's perfect lips enveloped my raging cock.
Before all my thoughts were erased from my mind and I exploded from the pleasure of my wife's
cocksucking, I thought to myself how much I loved and appreciated my family, how
much I loved my perverted wife who got me into such a wonderful lifestyle, how I
was so grateful I bought Cherry from Mr. X, how much I looked forward to fucking
Lolita's pussy and ass, how I looked forward to seeing her get fucked by a dog one
day... I gasped as my seed exploded deep into the throat of my sexy wife.
A whole new generation of fucking, I thought to myself as Ty spurted
his cum on Lolita's little bald pussy. I love being a family man!

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