Katie was back to her old self, and I was having lots of flesh shown to me again.
When she sat with her legs over mine while we were doing her home work she would once again place my hand on her leg, and I would slip it further up her thigh.
She expected it and I didn’t disappoint her, of course we both made sure Sarah wasn’t around.

I had been working long hours, and earning quite a lot of money.
I was disappointed to have missed Katie’s 13th birthday late September, due to work, but to make it up to her I took them all out to a theme park, and then for a meal at a restaurant.

I thought as the winter was approaching, and I had been working long hours it would be nice to have a holiday. I told Sarah this one night while watching TV.
“That will be nice where are you planning on going?”
“We, where are we going, I’m taking you all”
“You don’t have to do that”
“I love you, so I can’t leave you behind, and if you are coming the girls will have to come too.
“Where do you want to go?”
“Spain somewhere, when are the kids off school again? I don’t want to interrupt there schooling”
She went to the draw and got out a piece of paper, “in about two weeks they have a half term”
“Perfect, Ill book it on the way home tomorrow then, ok?”
“If you are sure you want to do this. It will be expensive with the kids being on a half term break” She told me.
“They are worth it.”

When I arrived home I told Sarah I had booked a week in Lanzarote.
“Oh, Mark the girls will be thrilled, they have never flown, never even had a real holiday as far as it goes, you can tell them when they get in”

Over dinner I told them, and they were so excited, it was lovely, they didn’t stop asking questions all night.
A week later on Friday, Sarah told me she would be taking Lauren into town for some new holiday clothes, and asked if I wanted to go with them.
I told her “I don’t think so, Ill have a lay in.”
“Then can you look after Katie she doesn’t want to go either”
“No problem, hope she doesn’t wake up too early”
“When does she ever do that?”

Saturday morning, I was awoken by Sarah getting ready to go, “if we go early it won’t be crowded, we should back about lunch time, and then we can take the girls out some where. Ok?”
Bleary eyed I answered “yes, ok” and tried to get some more sleep.

I heard the front door close and drifted off to sleep again.
I was awoken this time when I heard the bedroom door open, and looked up, a face peeped around the door, it was Katie “has mum gone?”
“Yes she’s gone, be back at lunch time, shall I get you some breakfast?”
“No” she walked towards me and sat on the edge of the bed.

Her hand went to nightie and in one movement it was off; she sat there naked but for a pair of panties.
I looked at her small tits just beginning to grow from her chest, her pink nipples just protruding from her tits.
I was expecting her to get up and go at any second.

She had teased me so many times before, and I knew this was just another tease.
But for now any way I will play along with her.
With out a word I reached up and stroked each in turn, instead of her leaving me, she lay on the bed beside me.
I leaned over her and kissed her, my hand still caressing her tits.
Still expecting her to laugh at me and disappear.

It was her usual way of doing things; I had become used to by now, in spite of the lecture I had given her weeks before about her teasing.
She had begun teasing me once again, within a week of me telling her not to.

She responded to my kiss, and put her arms around my neck pulling me closer.
I was surprised to say the least that she hadn’t gone, and I wondered what she was up to this time.
Was she letting me go a little further this time, and then stop me, leaving me with a hard cock?
I stopped kissing her, and once again looked at her small breasts; I began to suck on a nipple, and then moved to the other.
She remained in the bed, didn’t attempt to leave.
Again I looked down at her
She was laying eyes closed licking her lips. Again I licked and sucked her tiny nipples; I heard a slight groan of pleasure.
I knew she was up to something, but I would continue, still expecting it to stop, and a comment come from her lips as she laughed at me.

My hand moved down her body until I felt the material of her panties.
I stopped, waiting for her to run away, she had never allowed this before.
I was actually inches away from her pussy, and she hadn’t made a move to stop me.

My hand moved further down, I could feel her pussy lips now, I kissed Katie again, gently biting her nipples.
My conscience then kicked in.
“Katie this isn’t right, I shouldn’t be touching you like this.”
“I want you too Mark, please don’t stop.” I glanced at the clock, Sarah had only been gone 45 minutes, and she wouldn’t be back yet.

In my heart I knew this was wrong, she was only thirteen, but my mind was telling me to continue.
Would any man in his right mind act differently to me, faced with the same situation?
I was lying beside a semi naked girl, who wanted me to touch her.
My cock had already begun to grow, I couldn’t control that part of me, it had a mind of its own.

I tried to justify my actions by telling myself, Katie WANTED me to do it, and she had told me NOT to stop.
Sarah wouldn’t be back for hours, who would know?
Katie wouldn’t tell any one I was sure of that.
She was curious about sex that was all, once she knew how it felt, her curiosity would go.
It would only be a one off, Katie and I would not do it again.
It wasn’t as though I was going to fuck her; she just wanted me to just touch her.

I kissed her once more, “are you sure you want me to continue touching you like this?” I asked.
“Yes Mark please don’t stop now”

Moving my hand further I felt her pussy lips under my fingers, and as I probed further into her body I heard another groan come from her lips.
I slipped first one then two fingers in her, watching her face in case there was a sign that I was hurting her, there wasn’t.
She was laying eyes closed biting her lower lip in anticipation.
She was beginning to feel quite damp down there, and the palm of my hand was becoming damp as well.

I was surprised her body was reacting like this, her being so young, but there was no mistaking the fact that her young pussy was reacting to my touch.
I moved, and I was now above her, sucking her nipples once again, my tongue tracing a path down her belly until I reached her panties.
Her hands were now on my head, as if guiding me to the place she wanted me to go.

My thumbs slipped in the waist band and I began to slowly remove them, she gave me no resistance, and they were soon lying on the floor.
I looked at her once more, in the back of my mind still expecting her to stop me, that she was only her teasing me again.

She didn’t, her fingers were stroking my hair, and her legs had opened a little.
I gazed down at her, her pink flesh and tiny pussy lips just emerging from her vagina lay before me.
I lowered my head and began kissing her smooth hairless pubic mound, and then my tongue found her entrance and slipped in, my hands again caressing her nipples, once again she groaned in pleasure, and she opened further for me.
By now her body was moving in time with my mouth, her pussy was becoming wetter with each tongue stroke I gave her.
I was now able to cover her pussy with my mouth and tongue even further in to her young body, again I looked at her pussy, I could see her juices coming from inside her, and tasted them.

She tasted so sweet and clean, I licked them some more, moving my thumbs each side of her pussy I opened her lips further and with one finger began to gently finger her pussy, my thumb had found her clitoris and was rubbing in unison with my finger, at the same time licking her opening.

She began to groan louder, her head moving from side to side, biting her lower lip, her hands holding my head in place.
The more I probed her opening the more she groaned in pleasure.
My tongue was in her as far as it could possibly go, and my fingers were fucking her violently.
Her head was now trashing about on the pillow, her groan had turned to a scream, suddenly her legs clammed against my head, I couldn’t move.

I didn’t want to move.

Continuing to lick her, I could clearly taste her inner most fluids on my tongue.
Her legs opened again, and she laid them back on the bed.
She had her first orgasm.
I looked down at her, she was soaking wet, Katie would be like her mother, able to make her pussy squirt during orgasm.
I looked at her face; she had a contented smile on her lips.
And realised this thirteen year old girl, had given herself freely to me.

Yes, I was wrong in doing it, but I would challenge any male not to respond the same way as I had.

Once again I moved to her face and kissed her, she whispered “I love you so much Mark. That was the best feeling ever, I’ve never felt like that before.”
I told her I loved her too, and slumped back on the bed.

We lay for a moment in silence, she then moved, and was now touching my dick with her hands, her head on my stomach watching my dick grow.
Without warning her mouth went around it and she sucked the end, stopping for a moment, looking up at me, asking.
“Is this what I have to do Mark, is this right?”
I didn’t say anything, just nodded and lay back and enjoyed the sensation of this wonderful thirteen year old girl.
She licked the end, taking more of me into her mouth.

Looking down at her, I could see she had almost all of it inside her mouth.
Katie was now sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, taking my full length with each stroke.

The thoughts of her age, and the sensation I was receiving from her soon gave me that familiar feeling, I felt the urge to orgasm.
I told Katie I was about to cum, but instead of removing my dick from her mouth, as I expected her too, she took more of me into her mouth.

Spurt after spurt left my body, entering her mouth, now I was groaning with pleasure.
With experience she would be as good as her mother I thought to my self, but this was only going to happen the once, some one else would have to teach her.

My orgasm subsided, I had stopped spurting.
Realising she had all I could give her, she looked up at me.
She sat up and opened her mouth; I could see the white sperm swilling about in her mouth. I reached for her nightie telling her “spit it out”
She didn’t, with a large gulp she swallowed it, again opening her mouth to show me it had all gone, my cum was on its way to her stomach.

Then Katie’s smile came across her lips, the smile that I adored.

“I love you so much Mark, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, anything at all, just show me what you want me to do, and Ill do it. I want to please you; I want you to love me.”
I stroked her hair, “you have pleased me Katie, and I do love you, and it was wonderful, but you know we can’t do this again.”
“I want to do it again, it was the best feelings I have ever had, I need you to lick me down there again, and to give me those feeling again.”
“We cant Katie, you are only thirteen and it’s wrong, we shouldn’t have done it this time.”
“But you wanted to do it, so did I, what is so wrong in that?”
“When you are older Katie you will understand.”

We lay together in silence once more, then I asked, “Where the hell did you learn that?”
“From a book a girl brought to school, it was her Dads, she stole it and showed us, when I saw it I knew I wanted to do that to you, but didn’t know if you would let me.”
“So I thought I would see what you would do when I took my nightie off, then I knew you wouldn’t stop me from doing it to you”
“I thought it was one of your games you were playing again.”
“No it wasn’t a game, I wanted to do it.”
“So you planned it”
She nodded.

“You’re a very naughty girl, but I love you so much for doing that.”
She lay beside me and again I began to kiss her and touch her pussy, a few minutes later she suddenly jumped up, “Mum!”
Grabbing her nightie she was gone.

She was right, it was Sarah, I hadn’t heard her but thankfully Katie had.
I looked on the floor, Katie had left her panties, I grabbed them and put them under the bed.
I pretended to be sleeping when Sarah entered.
“You still here, come on get up, shopping is all done, Katie is in the shower, and when you get yourself out of that bed and showered we can go out, it’s a lovely day”

Indeed it was a lovely day.

When she had gone downstairs, I pulled Katie’s panties from under bed, and began to smell the gusset, they smelt of Katie, I licked my fingers, the fingers that had moments earlier had been inside her.

I tasted Katie once more.

Late October

The night before we were due to fly, the girls were so excited; it was hard for either of us to control them.
We put them to bed early as we had to be at the airport for 5am, the flight was 7am.
We sat cuddling up to each other and continually heard the girls talking and laughing.
“They are so excited Mark, best thing that’s ever happened to them I think, you are so kind doing this for them.”
“Nonsense, I love them to bits, they deserve it.”
“Well in case if they don’t thank you for this holiday I will thank you.”
“Thank me in bed.” And laughed.
“Ok, if and when they go to sleep, which seems very unlikely at the moment.” She told me, “Ill go and shout at them again.”
“No don’t do that let them talk, then they will sleep during the flight.”
We cuddled up again, and the girls stayed awake.
I didn’t get my thank you from Sarah.

We were at the airport at last.
It was lovely to see them both so excited.
While in departures, Katie looked at her mum, “Mum, are you going topless if it’s hot?”
Sarah looked around at the other passengers; some were smiling, eagerly waiting for an answer to Katie’s question.
“I may do, don’t know yet, let’s wait and see shall we?”
“Can I go topless?”
“You are a bit young Katie, and there isn’t that much of you.”
I looked at Sarah, “that’s a bit cruel Sarah, you was like her once.”
“I know, and I didn’t go topless.”
Lauren looked at Sarah, “mum can I go topless as well?”
“Yes you can Lauren.”
“Then why cant I.”
“Because you are older and if Lauren takes her top off her will look like boy.”
“You just said I didn’t have much, so I will look like a boy too.”

I looked around at the other people; they were obviously enjoying the conversation, and eagerly waiting for Sarah’s answer to that one.
“You have a bit more then Lauren Katie, some boys may look, they won’t look at Lauren.”
“I don’t care if they look, and yours are so big, everyone will look.”
She looked around again, people were smiling.
“Don’t bother Sarah, Katie will tie you up in knots, you are just wasting your time arguing with her.” I told her.

Katie looked at me “Mark will you let me go topless?”
“Yes Katie I would.”
Feeling reassured. “There, Mark won’t mind looking at me topless.”
“Katie, lets wait till we get there shall we, it may be too cold for that kind of thing, go and get some sweets or something.”
“Will it be cold Mark?” Katie asked
“No Katie it will be very hot.”
“Good, then I’m going topless.”

Lauren and Katie ran then to get some sweets.
A woman across from Sarah told her “you will never win with teenagers. especially girls.”

How true that was, I had never won an argument with Katie in the six months I had known her.

We boarded the aircraft, and found out seats that’s when the first argument broke out, both wanted to sit beside the window.
I managed to come to a compromise with them, telling Lauren she could sit by the window coming back, which would be better, as she would see the island as we left, not the misty view that she would have as we left England.

That seemed to work, so Katie sat on one side of me, Lauren the other and poor Sarah had to sit alone across the aisle.
We took off and they were excited once again to be on their way, the first real holiday they have had.
During the flight they had their tray tables down and were either reading or playing on their DS game machines, I looked across at Sarah, she had fallen asleep due to the early start, in fact when I looked around most people seemed to be sleeping, even their kids.
I looked down at Lauren and she was dozing off as well, I leaned her head on my shoulder. We had a four hour flight and only two hours into it, the flight attendant passed and noticed Lauren asleep “best time for us when they are sleeping.”
I smiled back at her, “would you like a blanket for her?” I nodded, a few minutes later she was back with a blanket, and covered her up.

I looked at Katie; she had stopped reading and was looking out of the window at the clouds,
“Ok babe?” I asked.
“A bit bored when will we get there?”
“About 2 hours” I told her.
“That long?”
“Yes afraid so”

Soon after Katie fell asleep, so I picked up Laurens DS and played Mario Brothers.

The seat belt light came on and they announced we were starting our decent into Lanzarote, at last we were almost there.

I had to wake the girls to get their seats in the upright position.
Katie looking out of the window said “I can see the island.”
I looked out, “no that’s not Lanzarote, that’s Gran Canaria.”
Lauren was staining trying to look.
“Gran canaria is round with a volcano in the middle.”
Lauren looked at me, “Volcano?”
“Yes, they all have volcanoes.”
“Will we see the volcanoes?” asked Lauren.
“Yes there’s about a 100 on Lanzarote, they call them Fire Mountains, we can go there if you want.”
“Yes please, will we get burnt?”
“No they aren’t active now.”

Lauren was still straining to see, so I moved so she could sit beside Katie and look outside.
Then suddenly she heard a noise.
“What’s that?”
“It’s the wheels coming down for landing, we are nearly there.”

The stewardess came by and told Lauren to put her seat belt on, so that stopped her from looking out.
She seemed disappointed.
Then the pilot said “cabin crew to their seats for landing.”
I unclipped Lauren and told her to stand by the window, she wouldn’t be seen.

We were coming in quite low now and Katie said, “I can see a sandy beach,” pointing so Lauren would see it also.
“That’s where we will be staying.”
“Can we go to the beach Mark?” asked Lauren
“Of course we will.”

We were only moments from landing, when Lauren said to me, “we are getting very close to the sea.”
“We have to Babe; we have to fly over the sea to land.”
“If we land in the water Mark, will you stay with me? I can’t swim very well.”
“Yes of course I will, Ill never leave you.”
“Will you stay to Katie; you can swim a very long way?”
“We will all stay with you Lauren.” Katie told her.

We were just about to fly over the headland when I pulled Lauren to me and held her tight.
“In a moment Lauren you will hear a thud, that’s when the wheels touch the runway, nothing to worry about.”
Seconds later the thud came, suddenly the engines were screaming, and we were thrown forward in our seats. I held Lauren as tight as I could.
She didn’t say anything just looked at me a bit worried.
“Its ok babe, we are going too fast and the pilot has to slow the aircraft down, he’s using the engines and brakes, we will slow down very fast, it won’t take long.”
The engines stopped screaming, and the brakes came off, we were now turning off the runway towards the terminal buildings.

We gathered our stuff and got off the aircraft, and headed for passport control.

I left the girls to get our suit cases; I went to the car rental desk.
We drove to the apartment.
As we unpacked; the girls were already in the pool, and the temperate I guessed was at least 26c.

We let them play for a while then we all showered and got dressed to go for a meal. We walked around the old port of Porta Del Carmen.
After we had eaten, the girls found a large play park, we sat watching them.

“You know Sarah they aren’t bad kids, I wouldn’t mind having them as daughters.”
She looked at me “are you saying what I think your saying”
“Maybe, maybe not, what do you think I mean?”
“Well from where I’m sitting it sounded like you wanted to be their dad”
“Well I could do a lot worse, and of course Ill have to take you on as their mum”

She flung her arms around me and kissed me passionately “well that’s the strangest proposal I think I’ve ever heard, I would love to be their mum, as long as you are their father, and I accept your proposal.”
“Shall we tell them” she asked.
“How will they know if we don’t?”
Sarah stood up and shouted them to come over “we don’t have to go already do we mum?” asked Lauren.
“No. We, no, I need to ask you something important, would you like Mark to be your dad?”
They both looked at us, I don’t think Lauren really grasped it, but Katie did.
“You are going to get married?”
“Yes” I said
“And you will be with us forever” obviously remembering her true dad had run off.
“Yes, forever”
Lauren was beginning to understand now and was smiling happily.
“That’s means my maths homework will be done on time every week, yippee”
She jumped at me again almost knocking me over the wall, and once again I got a wet kiss and a hug.
When she had removed herself, it was Laurens turn to hug and kiss me.
“Off you go girls 30 minutes and we will walk back” I told them.
Katie turned to me as she walked away “ok daddy” and run off.

Sarah snuggled up to me and said “I think they are happy don’t you?”
“Indeed they are, and I’m Katie’s new maths teacher”, and we both laughed.

First day

We left early in the morning, about 10am, and we drove around the island looking at the sights.
In the afternoon we found a beach for them to have a swim, and then drove back to the apartment.
On the way back, we noticed a sign for a Wild West show, and Lauren asked if we could go.
The Wild West show also had meals on the menu, the meals that cowboys would eat.
Sarah was wearing legging, Lauren a black dress, and Katie that short white dress she had danced in.
After the meal, the show began, and the girls watched spellbound as the cowboys had a gun fight with the Indians. Then a cowboys did some tricks on horse back, followed by a good guy, bad guy fast draw exhibition.
The end of the night a bucking bronco was bought out, and visitors were asked who would like a go to try and stay on as long as possible.
There was a small prize offered.
Sarah was talked into it by Katie, Lauren was too young.
They both went down and Sarah was first, falling off in seconds, but the guy gave her another go, it wasn’t much better.

She stood watching Katie have her go.
The Spanish guy helped her up, and I noticed while her spoke to her his hand was on her thigh. I was wondering why she had worn the shortest skirt in her wardrobe.
The machine was started, and she fell off immediately.
He scooped her off the mattress, his hand up her skirt on her arse, and plonked her back on the horse; again his hand lingered on her thigh.

I heard a couple of guys in front of me comment on her short skirt, and they were hoping she would once again fall off, showing her panties once more.
They weren’t disappointed she stayed on for about 15 seconds, and then landed on the mattress with a thud.
Her legs were wide open, and she was wearing Sarah’s thong again.
“Holly shit,” one said, “she’s only young but what a body.”
“Well I would certainly give her one.” said the other.
“I bet her father can’t keep his eyes or hands off her.”
“Come on lets go for a drink.”
“Hold on she may have another go.”

She didn’t, they came back to us.
Katie looked at me and said “that was good.”
“I suppose you think it was.” I replied in an unpleasant tone.
She looked at me, “what did I do wrong.”
“Nothing, only show the world your knickers, again.”
I think she realised I wasn’t pleased with her, but didn’t say any more.

Second day

We drove to Fire Mountains so the girls could see the volcanoes, and then a tour around the volcanic fields.
We also had lunch in the restaurant that cooks the meat over a volcano.
Then we headed back for the beach.
Sarah went topless as usual, and Katie asked her if she could take her top off.
Sarah told her it was ok long as she used plenty of lotion, so she wouldn’t burn.

I watched as men came pass continually looking at Katie, they didn’t look at Sarah so much, probably because there were hundreds of women of Sarah’s age topless, but a young 13 year old was rare, and something to be started at.

I felt my blood beginning to boil; I got up and went to watch Lauren in the water.
Hoping to take my mind off them watching her.

I couldn’t help but look around and still they were passing looking at her.
Enough was enough.
I stormed back up the beach, grabbed Katie’s top and threw it at her, “put this back on Katie.”
“Sarah looked at me “why has she got to put it on again?”
“Because I’m totally fed up with all the men looking at her like she was a sex object.”
Sarah looked around, and then at Katie, “put it on Babe.”
She did as she was told.
Shortly later we went back to our apartment.

Over the meal in the evening Katie asked if we could go some where to dance, she had seen a club further down the strip.

It was agreed we would go.

Sarah wore her black dress, the one she wore on our first date; she refused to wear the white one, even though she had brought it.
Lauren had a yellow dress on and sandals.
Katie came out wearing a white top, and white shorts and a pair of pixie boots.

Her shorts were so tight, I think they were probably Laurens, and her arse cheeks were struggling to get free.
We arrived at the club, and once again men couldn’t take their eyes of Katie, none I thought were aware of her age.
I could feel myself getting annoyed again, but didn’t want to spoil the evening.

Lauren had come back to me, and was resting her head on my shoulder.
Sarah came back, “she’s asleep Mark”
I told her “Ill take her back to the apartment, you get a taxi back when you are ready.”
Mainly to stop myself getting annoyed with the guys watching Katie.

“No, Ill take her back, I don’t want to be here without you, you know what men are like, and I don’t want the night being spoilt again, you get a taxi back.”
I agreed.

“But don’t let her stay up all night.”
“Half an hour and we will head back.” I told Sarah.

They left.

I let Katie dance a little longer then called her over and told her we were leaving.
She didnt argue, we walked outside, and even a couple of doormen made a comment about her tight arse.
I ignored them.

We walked pass a waffle stall and Katie wanted one, so I got us both one.

Then walked to the sea front and sat on the sand to eat it.
“Enjoying your holiday Katie?”
“Yes it’s wonderful I don’t want to go home.”
“Which part have you enjoyed the most? Showing off to the men I expect, teasing them like you do me.”
She looked puzzled, but continued.
“I like the beach, and the dancing, but I would love to go back to the rodeo again, can we?”
“If we do then you wear leggings not that skirt.”
She looked at me puzzled “why?”

“For one thing if you have another go on the bucking bronco every one will see your knickers again, like the last time, and that guy will be touching you again like he did the last time, putting his hand on your bum, and touching your thigh, and you will let him.”

She had finished her waffle and was looking at me with those piecing blue eyes, they seemed to know what I was thinking, and told Katie was I was thinking.
“You’re jealous, you’re fucking jealous.”
“I’m not jealous.”
“You fucking are, that’s why you didn’t want me to go topless, so men wont look at me, isn’t it? Or wear my short skirts.”
“Not at all.”
“Tell the truth, isn’t it the truth, you were fucking jealous.”
“Maybe a little, perhaps, and you didn’t have to wear Laurens shorts tonight and show your arse to all the guys.”
“Well I don’t believe it, your jealous, don’t you know I’m yours, nobody else’s, they can look but that’s all.”
“Well I don’t like them looking.”

She pushed me back on the sand and sat on my chest. “You finally admitted you are jealous.”
She bent down and kissed me, straight passion, no messing and she stayed kissing me for ages.
I kissed her back and held her, my hands drifted to her thighs and I was feeling her soft flesh again.
“You said it would be a one off, but I think you want more then a one off. Admit it you sod, you want more.”
What could I say, my erection spoke for me.
“Not here though,” Katie told me, “I don’t know where we can do it, mum or Laurens always around, but when we get home, if you want we can do it again.”
I was coming to my senses what she was saying was right, in all respects.
“We had better go back; your mum will be worried.”

We got back, and before we went in I kissed Katie again with as much passion as I could muster, and we told each other we loved each other again.
Katie said to me before we entered, “do you remember what you said to me when I was in your van, that fathers don’t kiss their daughters like that? And I said mine might. Well mine just as, see I’m always right.”

We entered the room quietly as not to wake the others.
“Right madam, bed, and don’t wake Lauren.” And playfully slapped her arse.
I went to Sarah. “Given you two up for dead, what took you so long?”
“You know Katie half an hour isn’t long enough for her, then she wanted a waffle, and we had to queue for that. Then we must have walked half way back before we got a taxi.”
“I told you not to let her twist you around her little finger; you’re too easy with her.”

We went to bed.

Last day

We had seen the sights and decided to have the last day on the beach.

We had been on the beach for a couple of hours when Katie came up to us.

“I feel sick”
“Shall we take you back to your room then?” Sarah asked.
“No Ill is alright” she lay beside us; I felt her forehead she was burning up.
“she’s had too much sun Sarah, Ill take her back for a lay down in the cool, you can stay and watch Lauren if you want, she’s found some friends”
“Ok, if you’re sure”
“We will be back in a couple of hours if she feels better”

I took Katie back to the apartment and got her a cold drink, “you lay there Ill be by the pool if you want me.”
I left her to sleep.
I had been sitting at the bar chatting to some other parents for an hour or so, when I thought I would go back and see if Katie was ok.
I walked in the room, and saw her sitting up in bed, “how are you feeling now?”
“Much better”
“Do you want to go back to the beach?”
“Can I stay here for a while its cooler?”
“If that’s what you want, Ill text your mum and tell her, save her worrying about you, Ill let you sleep.” I told her as I text her mum.

“Don’t think I can sleep any more, Ill get up in a moment; sit with you in the shade downstairs.”
I sat with her on her bed, watching her; she had taken her clothes off and just put her t-shirt on to keep cool. I could plainly see her nipple buds pushing against the material.
She noticed me looking, and smiled, my Katie’s up to her tricks again I thought.
I moved closer, and reached out and held her t-shirt, and slowly lifted it over her head, she didn’t protest, I didn’t think she would, she had done this herself a few weeks ago in my bed room.

I reached again for her small breasts and touched them; she instinctively lowered her self back onto the bed. I leaned over her kissing her lips and face, moving slowly down to her little buds, sucking each in turn, then back to her lips.
She was again making small groans of pleasure as I once again sucked on her nipples.
My tongue began to trace a path down her belly, I had reached her belly button, and she wasn’t going to stop me I knew that, so I continued downward.

Pulling the sheet from her lower body, I uncovered her pussy, devoid of panties this time. I stared at it taking in the lovely view that befell my eyes.
Still without pubic hair her small but protruding lips lay waiting for my tongue to caress them.
I slowly but gently began to lick them both in turn, her legs had opened now and I was able to gain access to her inner most private part.
I looked again at the pink flesh, open almost fully, as far as I knew untouched by any other male, but for me.
My mouth closed over her opening, sucking in her flesh and nibbling gently.
My tongue probing and lashing the inside of her opening, I could tell she was getting damp from the smell and taste, the smell and taste I had savoured weeks before.

I couldn’t stop now, had the world ended I would have carried on, she was bucking on to my mouth, the groans had grown louder, and the dampness was now a flood of juice, her juice. I tasted it, swallowed it, the taste was something I had only tasted once before, at home in my bedroom, with my Katie.

I looked down and saw it was beginning to run between her legs, I lapped it up once more and swallowed her juices.
My tongue when back to her pussy lips and I licked, my thumb finding her small clitoris, rubbing gently, then harder.
The harder I rubbed the more vocal she got. Now she was bucking hard against me, there was a scream, and her legs clammed around my head, I couldn’t move, so I continued my sucking rubbing and licking until her scream had subsided and she once again quiet.

Her legs moved allowing me to move once again. I went to her face and kissed every inch of it, not leaving a part untouched.
She spoke for the first time “I love you Mark, I love you so much.”
She reached down and pulled my face to her lips and we kissed long and hard.
“I love you as well Katie, always have.”
“Yes my love”
“Put it in me”
“I can’t Katie I don’t have a condom.”
“Please put it in”
“If I do that and cum inside you, you will become pregnant”
“Just put in for a moment so I know how it feels, please just a moment, I want to know how it feels inside me”

I knew I shouldn’t, I knew the consequences had I cum inside her.
I would lose everything, my life, my Sarah and eventually my Katie as prison would await me.
But knowing all that, I reached down and placed my hard dick against the entrance to her body, and slowly pushed forward.
It when it slowly, she was so wet down there I felt no resistance at all, and continued to push, inch by inch it went in until I was fully embedded inside her.
I began to move slowly at first then faster, my dick travelling its full length inside her.
She was so tight, but the satisfaction I was receiving was without compare.

I felt that feeling welling in me and knew I had to come out, in one second I was out, my dick resting on her belly, just as spurt after spurt covered her skin.
“Oh Mark that felt so nice, it was even better then when you used your tongue”
“No more Katie we won’t do this again, too risky, if you’re mum finds out its prison for me, and if I slip up it’s a baby for you.”
“I wanted to know how it felt, and I wanted you to be my first, and I love you for doing it to me”

We both showered, when Sarah got back with Lauren we were both sitting by the pool, Katie with a coke, and me with a beer.
“Are you feeling better babe” asked Sarah.
“Much better mum, Mark looked after me, gave me everything I wanted”

I thought, another Katie double meaning.

“Good, glad you are feeling better, do you want to swim with Lauren”
Katie nodded to her mum “I think Mark will make a really good dad for us both, I know he loves us, and I don’t think he will leave you for a younger woman now.”
She jumped in the pool.

I got Sarah a drink “what a strange think to say”
“What’s that?”
“You won’t leave me for a younger woman, how can she be sure of that?”
“I don’t know, Katie comes out with some strange things at times.”

I sat watching them both swim, Sarah later joined them splashing around in the pool.
I was watching Katie, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I wondered would it be a one off or will we both want more.

No, I wasn’t going to leave Sarah for a younger girl.

Like Katie said, I already had one.

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