I discover my love for panties and more
I was about 10 when I discovered panties.

I was the youngest of 5 kids and the only boy in the house since my father was killed in car wreck shortly after my birth. Leaving mom to raise all of us by herself. My oldest sisters were nearly 10 years older than me while the youngest is not quite 2 years older, as I was an 'accidental but wonderful gift'.

It all started simply enough with my morning shower. I was rushing to get to the bathroom so I could get my shower done while I still had hot water. If you have ever shared a 1 bathroom house with 5 females you would understand. I made it in and locked the door behind me. I was starting the water for my shower when I glanced down and saw them. They were light pink and white with little pink bows on the front, They must belong to my sister Chrissy's. They were to small to fit anyone else. Besides she had just come out of the bathroom before me. I was instantly intrigued. I picked them up and was stunned by how soft and smooth they were. I examined them from all sides, as I was looking at the crotch I noticed a little damp spot right above the cotton panel I took her panties up to my nose and gave a sniff. I could not believe how good they smelled musky and sweet all at the same time. I stood there with her panties up to my nose smelling my 12y.o sisters juices. I could feel my cock hardening while I imagined what her little pussy might look like. I slowly moved the spot to my mouth and began sucking at the damp spot. The taste was even better than the smell. By this time my little boy cock was as hard as a spear, and for the first time ever I came. Now I had jerked off to orgasm plenty of times but this time I started spurting what little bit of spooge my young body could create. I slumped down to the bathroom floor seeing stars, I sat there for a moment while I recovered from the greatest orgasm of my young life.

The pounding on the door shook me from my thoughts. “Hurry up you little shit, I need to do my make up.” It was my oldest sister Cherylle, Since I knew she could be a bitch I quickly dunked my head under the shower to get my hair wet and turned off the water. I took a moment to pretend to dry off but instead I bent down and snatched up the little panties and tucked them under my towel and left the bathroom for my room. Once I was behind my locked bedroom door I removed the towel and gave the panties another quick sniff. I was instantly hard again. As I felt the soft, flimsy fabric I bent town and with out thinking I slipped on Chrissy's panties they felt so smooth and soft compared to the white cotton briefs that I wore. The only problem was they were so small that my hairless little balls hung out the sides and they only covered the bottom part of my little butt. I took them off so I did not rip them, but now that I knew how silky and soft they were I was determined to find ones that fit me better. I reasoned that if all my sisters panties were like these then one of them should have some in my size. I checked the tags and noticed the size was girls 10/12. that meant nothing to me as the tag in my shorts said Boys Med. No help at all. I tucked them under my mattress and I got dressed and finished getting ready for school but my mind was on those pretty pink panties and how much I wanted to wear them.

Visions of girls underwear consumed my thoughts from then on. I watched the girls in my 4th grade class as they walked by so I could see the outlines of their panties under their clothes or the occasional sighting of flowered material and pastel colored frilly elastic peeking out over there pants. I began to see that not every pair of panties were the same like my jockey underwear, some were high waisted and big, others I could see would barely cover the tops of their preteen butt cheeks. One older girl I saw even had the back of her panties pulled up over the waist of her skirt so all the boys could see. There was one girl named Stacey that sat in front of me and I day I stared at the back of her. Which was fine with me as she was wearing a see-through shirt that reminded me of the thin curtains that hung in the kitchen window. When she bent over or did anything that brought the fabric tight I could see the outline of her bra. Until today I had not even noticed she wore one. On the playground I made a point of trying to get a good look at the front of it. But as I saw her from the front I saw the design of her blouse would not let me see anything, but I found if I looked from the sides I could see the sides of her satiny bra cups and if she held her arms just right I could look through the arm hole and see most of her tiny breasts. What intrigued me the most was her panties. I could see them peeking out of her jeans and marveled at the fabric, it was exactly like her bra, they matched... I was dumbfounded it had never occurred to me that they could match. I had seen bras at home but never noticed that they matched anything. I sat wondering if the panties under my bed had a matching top. My sister Chrissy did have boobs not very big, but big enough. By the end of the day I could not wait to get home and see if I could find the matching bra.

On the bus ride home I had an idea, I sat down next to a girl that was about the size of Chrissy and told her I was trying to buy clothes for my sisters birthday but I did not know her size could I look at the tags on the back of her pants. After a lot of convincing and a five dollar bill I was able to look down the back of her pants. I could see a tag poking out of the back of her panties but not her pants so I said I can see one and pulled her panties back so I could read it. It was a girls 12/14. I also got to see her pink little butt crack. I could feel her squirming obviously getting uncomfortable with my leering at her backside and feeling her panties a little to long. I read the tag aloud and told her thank you. I sat there thinking that was the best 5 dollars I ever spent.

The bus finally got to my stop and I raced home. I only had 30 minutes before the Jr high bus got there and dropped off my sister, Chrissy. Chrissy was closest to me in age at 12. But we had never gotten along, It was as if she resented me for being born and taking away her status as the baby of the family.
We were even forced to share a room until she turned 11 and started her period. It was fine with me as she moved into my oldest sisters room leaving me to enjoy my own room for the first time. I went straight to the laundry hamper in the bathroom looking for the bra. I pulled all of the dirty clothes out of the hamper and one by one I put them back in all except for the panties and a black bra, there were three pairs that looked like they had been there for a few days and smelled like mildew so I stuffed them back in with the other clothes keeping the bra and headed back to my room. As I passed the door to my middle sisters Dee-Dee and Wendy's room I reached over and twisted the handle open. My pulse was pounding in my ears as I crept into the room and over to the dresser. Dee-Dee was 15 and Wendy was 16, both were slim and pretty I thought even if they did have the same mouse brown hair and hazel eyes as me. I pulled open the drawer and all I could see were pretty soft colors and lacy fabrics Here and there a pair of cotton panties were tucked in with all of the other soft silky nylon panties. I pulled out a pair of pink nylon panties with lace around the waist and leg holes. I checked the tags Jr size 2. Confused I looked at them and knew that they had to be bigger than the ones under my bed. I stuffed them into my pocket and closed the drawer. I looked at my watch realizing that I had just minutes before the bus came and dropped off my sister. I did not want to explain why I was in the wrong room even less why I was going through their underwear drawer. I took a quick check in the other dresser and quickly found a pair made of sheer black lace. The tag said size four. I quickly shoved them into my pocket with the other pair and as I was closing the door I heard Chrissy come in and turn on the T.V. I crept back to my room with my new treasures. I carefully hid them and went down stairs to see what was up.

Chrissy was sitting in the living room with her head stuffed in a book. I looked at my sister in a new light. For the first time I saw the long toned legs that flowed up to the tight little jean shorts. The plum sized boobs. She was even kinda pretty. I asked to change the channel. She looked up at me and told me to 'fuck off', and reached over to grab the remote off of the coffee table, as she did I was able to see down the front of her top and there it was, the little pink and white matching bra. I reached out to try and stop her and swiped the remote to the floor just as she grabbed for it. I jumped over her to get it and she tried to stop me. I grabbed at the remote and she held my arm and climbed on top of me. I struggled to get the remote but as I did my face was pressed up against those soft bumps. I spun around and tried to get her off of me but I only made it worse. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back with my sister sitting on me. She had me pinned and was dangling a wad of spit out of her mouth aiming for my face. I reached up and did the unthinkable with the one free hand I had, I reached up and grabbed her breast. I did not twist it or do anything mean. I just grabbed it and started rubbing it through her shirt. She spit on me and screamed bloody murder about what kid of little pervert I was but the whole time she was yelling I kept my hand rubbing her tit. She never moved it away just yelled about what mom was going to do to me when she found out I liked to touch my sister in a 'bad place'. I started to cry and she reached around to climb off of me and brushed up against my little cock standing at attention in my pants. She screamed 'EWW...........and climbed off of me and swatted my hand away. I pleaded with her not to tell mom. She said she would think about it. I sat there with the feel of her breast still in my hand and my cock still as hard as ever. I watched her strut to the stairs and wiggle her butt a little more than needed as she climbed each stair to her room looking back at me with a funny smile while she did.

I sat there with her spit dripping down my cheek wondering how much trouble I was going to be in when my mom found out. I know that she flipped out when she found out Cherylle was having sex with her boyfriend. Mom nearly kicked her out of the house for being a 'Godless Whore'. So I could only think the worst when she found out what I had done to my sister no less. As I calmed down and tried to come up with a story my mom would believe in case. I would tell her that Chrissy got mad because I wanted to change the channel and she started it. I only grabbed her to keep her from spitting in my face. Since most of the story was true it would be my word against hers. After a few minutes my thoughts drifted back to the feeling of her soft little boob as it rested under my hand. My boner started to return.

I went up to see what my sister was doing, once I was sure she was not going to barge in on me then went to my room to inspect my new toys. I pulled out the first pair, the pink nylon ones. I pulled my pants and briefs off. I slipped on the cool soft fabric as I slid them up my legs. They felt so smooth and silky against my skin my cock got even stiffer I could hardly stand it I was going to cum without even touching myself it felt so good. The fit was tight but better I could see the outline of my cock bulging through the pink nylon I looked so sexy I thought as I stared at my panty covered cock. I reached down to rub myself against the wonderful nylon material. Within moments I began to shoot white gobs all over the front of them. It was almost as good as the orgasm I had before school. I sat there rubbing the warm, sticky fluid over my cock and balls through the fabric. As my cum began drying I could see there was a stain starting where my dick rested against the fabric. Once again I was interrupted from my activities by a voice screaming my name. My mom was home and wanted my to help her bring in the groceries from the car. With no time to waste I pulled my pants over the sticky panties and ran down stairs. As I walked around unloading groceries I could feel my cock and balls brushing against the soft fabric as well as the faint tickle on my butt as I moved around. I had never felt this good before I loved the way the panties rubbed me. I was starting to get aroused again. I carried in the last of the groceries I could barely walk I was so hard. I was worried that my mom would notice the tent in the front of my pants. If she did she did not say anything to me about it.

The rest of the evening was mostly normal sitting around watching T.V. The only difference was I was sitting pretty in my sister Dee-Dee's pink nylon panties. It was such a thrill knowing that I was doing something so nasty and dirty right under everyones noses. I began to wonder what kind she was wearing as she sat there. What did they look like on her? I wondered what they would smell like. Did they smell like Chrissy's or did every pussy smell different. I also sat there waiting for Chrissy to tell my mom about what happened after school. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was being shaken awake and told to go to bed.

As I headed up to my room the gentle feeling of the soft panties rubbed me back to full hardness before I made it up the stairs. I undressed quickly and got under the covers. I decided to wear my new treasure to bed I could not bring myself to take them off and put back on those plain white cotton briefs. As I lay there my mom came in to kiss me good night I looked at her in a new light. She was wearing a long silky gown that when I felt it brush my bare chest it was just like the panties I was hiding under the covers. When she bent down to hug me I was able to look right down her gown. I saw her big breasts exposed fully to my gaze, her dark nipples clearly and even though she was my mom I wanted to reach out and feel the softness of her tits. I must have been lost in my lust for my mom's boobs when she asked me “did you hear me?” I sheepishly admitted I was thinking about a girl (I just did not tell her who) and did not hear her. “Well she must be pretty special to ignore your mother for.” With that she kissed me goodnight and turned to leave. As she did I was able to make out the outline and color of her panties. I thought they must be dark green with what looked like purple triangles. I made a note to myself to look for those when I had the chance. I quickly brought my self to another orgasm and I drifted of to sleep with all of the events of the day swirling around my head. The softness of the panties, the colors and styles and different materials, the feeling of my sisters small tit resting in my hand, as well as the sight of my moms naked breasts. It was as if those little panties lying on the bathroom floor this morning woke up something I did not even know about myself. How could I have gone so long with out noticing those wonderful little pieces of fabric. I knew from then on I would do anything I could to keep wearing panties. I would also figure out a way to see all of my sisters and my mom and anyone else I could naked except maybe for their panties.

I woke up the following day and hopped out of bed ready to jump in the shower As I reached for my door I remembered I was still wearing panties. I pulled my jockeys over the panties and raced to the bathroom. I got there and pulled off my clothes and climbed in like normal. I took a quick shower to get rid of the dried cum that was crusted up on my belly and groin. I got out of the shower and as I went to put my sisters panties back on I noticed that they were stiff and a little smelly from all of my activities from the day before. I decided to hide them in the hamper and wear the black pair I had hidden under my bed. I went back to my room and pulled the pair of black lace panties from under the mattress. I slipped them up my legs and pulled them over my stiffening cock these felt completely different from the pink ones I wore yesterday. These were a stretchy lace and not as snug as the others but what really set them apart was the fact that there was not really any back to them. There was a small strip of fabric that ran right up the crack of my ass. The front stretched to cover my rock hard member and smooth little balls I stood in front of my mirror and admired my self. I loved the way they looked on my little bum. I could not help but rub my smooth little globes with one hand while I reached into my panties and began to stroke my cock. I was on the verge of shooting my load when I heard my mom yell at me to get downstairs the bus was up the street. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a long shirt and threw them on over my secret.

I spent the rest of that day trying to sneak peeks at all of the girls panties in my class. One girl named Trina sat across from me during reading class. We were all sitting Indian style a circle taking turns reading from some Judy Blume book. While she was struggling to read I was able to look directly up her dress. I spotted her tight little green panties rubbing against her most private place. I could see how the leg band was slightly off to the side and it pulled them tight over her little slit making a very visible crease down her slit. I got so hard I had to roll over on my stomach to prevent anyone from noticing. I spent all of that class imagining what her panties smelled like and even more curious I began to think about what her little pussy looked like. My daydreaming was interrupted by a sharp elbow to the ribs. Stacey was handing me the book, it was my turn to read. I fumbled through my portion of the story wondering if anyone saw me looking at Trina's panties. Once I handed the book over to the next kid Stacey whispered to me 'I saw you looking up her dress, just like I saw you looking at my boobs yesterday.' I tried to act as if I did not know what she was talking about. She just elbowed me again and pointed back at Trina. She had pulled her legs up and I was looking directly at her pussy. Stacey whispered to me “if you want, I bet I could get her to show them to you up close at recess.” “How?” I asked, she said she had a way and to wait for them behind the gym. Once recess started I raced behind the gym I was there for a few minutes waiting and thinking I had been tricked when around the corner came Trina and Stacey. Stacey said “I told you” I replied that I have not seen anything yet. With that Stacey came up behind Trina and pulled her dress up over her head. I was in heaven her was a girl showing me her panties and slit I asked if I could touch them she said okay but I could tell she was scared. I could feel the were made out of cotton but they were nothing like the rough feel of my jockeys. I reached up and rubbed her right over her slit and she began whimpering and I could tell she was getting scared. I suggested that she just pull them off so I could feel them and before she could answer Stacey ripped them down around her ankles and told her to lift up her foot so she could take them off. It all happened so fast I only got a quick glimpse of her bald cunt but I had seen it. I took the panties from Stacey and held them up to to my nose. The smell of little girl was overpowering I was instantly hard as a rock and my jeans tented in front of me. Embarrassed I tried to hide my bulge but it was no good. Lucky for me the bell rang and the girls rushed back to class leaving me with a raging hard on and a pair of little green panties in my hand. I quickly stuffed them in my pocket and ran to join the rest of the class.

Once inside I made an excuse to use the restroom. As soon as I was safely in the locked stall I pulled Trina's panties out of my pocket and began to study the crotch and rub the soft material against my face I dropped my pants and jerked off with the crotch against my nose I could smell her juices, a sweet tangy odor with a small amount of piss and when I moved them down I could smell the light hint of shit I began to suck the crotch for all I was worth while I pumped my lace covered cock. I could feel my cock start to throb and I knew I was close, I pulled the panties off my face and pulled the lace fabric away from my cock and wrapped Trina's little panties around it and began to pump my little cock like there was no tomorrow. I began to shoot my load into her panties. Glob after glob of my jizz flooded her panties. I cleaned my self up and went back to class. After school got out Trina caught up to me before I got on the bus and asked for her panties back. I reached into my pocket and handed her. I knew that they were stiff with my cum and I was hoping to see her put them on but she just put them in her pocket and walked to her bus.

I rode the bus home getting excited at the prospect of more snooping and finding more panties. I let myself in and instead of the hamper in the bathroom I went straight into the laundry room and started digging through the clean clothes. I found several different pairs that I wanted to try on. I raced up to my room with my treasures. I could not wait to try them on. The first pair had to belong to my mom they were to big to fit any of my sisters besides they were plain white nylon panties the tag read womens 8 but when I put them on there was a charge of electricity that went through me. I found that I could stroke my cock with out even taking them off. The smooth nylon rubbed against the head of my swollen cock as I stroked myself off. After I came I took them off and tried on another pair, These were also nylon but they were more of a bikini style that left my erect cock peeking over the waistband. I checked the size and they said 2 on the tag they belonged to Dee-Dee. I picked up the pair of white satin panties, I could tell they were too small for me so I decided to try on the last pair I grabbed, they were a light pastel pink with 'Tuesday' sewn on the front in pink thread. The size was a 5 these had to belong to Cherylle. So now I had panties from everyone in the house but that was not enough I needed more. I could hear the T.V. On downstairs so I knew Chrissy was home. I did not hear her come up the stairs so I figured she was downstairs in front of the T.V. Like normal. I crept out of my room clad only in the pink Tuesday panties. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. There was my sister sitting on the toilet with her skirt hiked up and her panties around her ankles. She went to scream but she was so surprised to see me clad only in pink panties that she was unable get any sound out. I pulled the door closed and ran to my room pulling off my panties and trying to hide everything under my mattress before my sister came in but I was too late. She came in as I was pulling up my pants she went right to my bed and lifted up the mattress exposing my hiding place. She looked at me and I could not say a word. I sat there like a deer in the headlights while she looked at the panties one at a time. When she came to the white satin panties that belonged to her she grabbed them and said “these won't even fit you why do you have them.” I mumbled something about liking the feel of them and how much softer they were than my underwear. That seemed to quiet her for a moment then she said something I was not expecting “Let me see you in these”, she held up the black lace panties I had worn to school. She also grabbed the black bra I had hidden. “This too.” I began to protest but she told me if I didn't she was going to tell everyone about my little stash. I told her I would change if she left while I did it. Chrissy laughed at me. “I want to see you put them on you little thief. It is that or I tell.” I began to slowly take off the little bit of clothes I had left on. I dropped my pants and exposed my little cock. It was half hard and I tried everything I could to keep my sister from seeing my hard-on. Once I was naked she handed me the little thong and I slowly put it on. My dick did not care that my sister was in the room the feel of the lace against my shaft made me instantly hard. There was no way to hide my erection so I sat there looking at the floor. Chrissy handed me the bra and I tried to put it on. After fumbling with it for a few minutes she began to get impatient. She reached around and fastened the little hooks in the back and I pulled the straps up. The cups were way to big for my flat chest. Chrissy looked at me and laughed calling me a little bitch and telling me what a little fag I was for wearing girls clothes. My shame was evident as I sat there. Chrissy jumped up and told me to not to move.

I waited for her return when she came back she had a dress and two pairs of stockings. She shoved the stockings in the empty bra cups filling them out perfectly. She handed me the dress and said “put this on” I started to protest but when she reminded me what would happen if I did not do it. I caved and pulled the flowery dress over my head. Chrissy tied the bow in the back and commented on how pretty I was. I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. When she said that she was going to put make up on me I refused and called her bluff. I stood there in my room wearing a dress, panties and a stuffed bra telling her I was not going to wear makeup. She laughed and told me to look at my self in the mirror. I turned and looked at myself I was pretty. I began to think maybe the makeup would not be so bad.

As I stared at myself I began to think of a plan. I told my sister the only way I would let her put makeup on me is if she let me see her in her bra and panties. She thought about it for a minute and pulled of her blouse. I sat there staring at her little breasts peeking out from behind the soft white fabric I could see the outline of her nipples poking through the material. I could also see a hint of dark brown nipple through the lace. I could tell she was embarrassed as she turned away from me to unfasten her skirt. I watched her skirt fall to the floor and she stood in front of me almost naked. I wanted to pull my cock out and explode on her right then. I had her turn around so I got to see all of her. She was the sexiest sight my young eyes had ever seen. Her little flowery cotton panties were thin and worn enough that I could see her little slit. I was so turned on I had to reach out and rub her butt through her panties. She jumped and swatted my hand away. “I did not tell you that you could touch me you little fag”. I stood there feeling foolish and turned on.

Then she did something I did not expect she reached over and grabbed my dick through the dress. “ I wanna see you squirt.” I was shocked at the thought. But figured since I had gone this far what was it going to hurt. I began to pull my dress up to expose my rigid member straining against the stretchy lace of my panties. I laid down on the bed and began to work my hand up and down my cock while she stared intently I was so turned on with her watching me it took me seconds to shoot my load. I shot all over my dress and soaked my panties. While I watched I could see that she started to get red and began to squirm and rub her legs together. I could see her panties begin to get wet and when she did not think I was watching she rubbed herself quickly. I continued to stroke my softening shaft. While she stared. I got braver and placed my hand on her left breast lightly caressing her through her bra. This time she did not push my hand away. Feeling bolder I leaned forward and for some reason I kissed her. At first she resisted and then she gave in and kissed me back. She climbed on the bed next to me and we began kissing again, this time she forced her tongue into my mouth. Having never kissed anyone but family I had never been tongue kissed. I loved it. I moved my hand over her nipple and gave it a squeeze. Chrissy responded with a low moan and began grinding her hips against my thigh. I took that as a positive sign and I slowly began to rub down the front of her smooth belly until my hand was resting at the waistband of her panties. I tried to slid my fingers under the fabric of her panties but she grabbed my hand away and said “Only on the outside.” That was all I needed to hear. I started rubbing her soft little panties slowly working my way down until I could feel where she was getting wet, I could not believe hot warm she was down there. As I rubbed her and tried to feel as much as I could Chrissy reached down and took hold of my hand and said 'Do it like' this and traced small circles over the little bump at the top. I tried to copy her motions with one hand and with my free hand I slid it under her bra cup so I could feel her nipple. As I rubbed her panties and tit I could feel her start to squirm more and more. I kept rubbing her nipple until it was firm and stood up like a pencil eraser. Feeling bolder I bent down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She groaned and tried to pull away, only she did not try very hard. While she was distracted with my mouth on her boob I reached my finger just under the crotch of her panties. I could feel the softness of her sex. It felt like the most wonderful thing ever. I could feel her coarse hairs, I ran my finger up and down her slit trying to memorize every detail. As her breathing quickened and she started squirming under my touch I could feel a warm wetness coming from between her legs, she was enjoying this...I became bolder in my actions and tried to slip my fingers in her warm slit. To my surprise she did not rebuff me in fact she spread her legs ever so slightly to allow further exploration. As my fingers sank into her most private of places she began to moan, softly at first then with more urgency before she breathlessly told me to rub the little nub at the top of her slit. I began rub rub with one hand and pull her panties off with the other. Once I removed them I held them up to my nose and inhaled the sweetest scent ever to grace my nose. I tried to resume my actions on Chrissy but she moved my hand out of the way and began rubbing her pussy like only she knew how. I watched in wonder as my sister brought herself to a thundering orgasm. I sat there watching in my sisters dress and bra and panties with another erection straining to be set free from its lacy cage. As I began to stroke my little cock she grabbed my hand and said in a rather nasty voice 'don't touch yourself again, I will tell you when you can come. From now on your are going to be my slave you little fag. Now take of those clothes before someone else sees you.' As I began to undress she picked up the little flowery panties she had been wearing and handed them to me and said wear these .I tried to protest but she replied what would mom say if she knew her little boy was just a little girl at heart, I slid the tiny wet panties up my legs as far as they would go. She looked at me for a moment and said stay here. I waited for her return and in her hands were a new pair of panties. Wear these. I reached up and grabbed them from her I began to slide on the light blue nylon 'granny' panties she laughed another evil laugh and said 'Don't let mom see you in those she wont like you wearing her clothes.'

I sat there in stunned silence trying to absorb all that had happened and wondering what else might be in my future when the sound of my mom yelling up the stairs brought me back to earth..

This a mostly true story, about me. I know that some readers prefer something short for a quick wank session but this seemed to need all of the little details. In later chapters There is more action. Tell me what you think.


2017-02-01 18:17:56
Very good memories of my sister and I dressing up my little brother after catching him in one of my sexy outfits. This went on for a couple yrs.Eventually we made him walk around in public at night.


2017-01-03 09:22:01
I can so relate to this story. Many a happy time spent with my sister and moms panties.:)

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this is a terrific story -of course I wanked many times enjoying it- `i wished I knew the creative guy he must be a sissy girl -- love


2016-09-11 18:34:46
Awesome story!!!

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Very nice experience, thanks for sharing

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