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Diane undergoes body modification for a high-paying client who wants to make movies of her being milked to show on the internet.
Thomas received hundreds of emails once my videos hit the internet and he instructed me to describe for you what happened from my point of view. Even as long as i have been involved in this relationship and lifestyle, i still find it difficult to talk about and harder to write about but the choice isn't mine to make. So here you are. Please enjoy my story and let me know if you want more details.

First off, i need to tell you that i have no idea what Thomas did to me. That is, i am aware of the results but i do not know if the modifications he made were chemical, surgical, or done some other way. What i can tell you is that one year ago i was five foot eight and measured 38D 28, 40. Now, i am five foot ten and measure 44DD, 20, 48. My head and facial hair is all shaved clean, including my eyebrows. My eyelashes are trimmed to 1/4 inch but were left intact as a health issue. Against the current fashion, my cunt bush is huge. It comes to a peak just below my belly button and spreads quickly out and down, even past the crease between the top of my thighs and my mount. The hair is black, thick and full. i find it embarrassing, especially when around other submissives. All of them are trimmed or shaven, i am always the freak at the show. Thomas enjoys this and i belong to Thomas.

my name was Diane and i was a successful professional in the Bay Area until Thomas entered my life. He discovered my deeply repressed submissive side and quickly took over my entire life. i left my job long ago and now spend all of my time providing the most depraved sexual services imaginable. Thomas has connections everywhere and has flown me all over the world to do "things" for pimps, princes and power brokers. "Things" that they cannot find anyone else to do.

Which leads me to the videos you have seen online. Thomas received a phone call from a very powerful connection of his in a country i cannot name. i cannot name it because i have no idea where i was taken. More about that later.

Preparation for the video you watched took three weeks. One evening, Thomas treated me to a very nice dinner out, a five star restaurant, wine and a sumptuous dessert. We came back to the mansion and he took me to his room, gave me a back rub and used me gently all night. i came over and over, wary for the first few hours that he was leading to something bigger but finally i relaxed and allowed myself to receive for once.

The next thing i remember was opening my eyes and looking into the face of a woman in a white uniform. She was leaning over me and adjusting the pillow underneath my head. The next time i woke up there were two men in white coats standing beside the bed reading medical charts. i drifted in and out of sleep for a total of ten days. At some point, i was awake long enough to realize that i was in a hospital bed and had undergone some kind of procedure. There were tubes coming in and out of me and much of my body was numb. Once, i woke and looked down to see suction cups attached to my nipples. i felt them pulsing and could have sworn they were getting milk out of me. i fell back asleep.

Over the next several days, i was slowly encouraged to get up out of bed and walk, eat solid food, and use the toilet on my own. It was difficult. i was in a body brace and couldn't bend at the waist. Plus, my body felt different. When i looked down at myself, my breasts looked huge, my hips wider, my feet tiny and miles away. When i fell asleep at night, i was out cold, nothing woke me until the nurse showed up for my therapy the next morning.

One day, a tall, muscular male nurse showed up. He helped me out of bed and into a standing position. i was still unsteady on my feet, still felt encased by the body cast. my breasts were huge and so were my hips, i recognized that now. i needed to adjust my balance over and over before i could stand steady when he could let go of my arm.

There were no more tubes or IVs attached to me, they'd evidently been removed overnight. With a quick motion, he untied the hospital gown and it fell around my feet. Then, he walked me around the bed and out the door of the room. i was still weak from laying in bed and having trouble balancing my new body so he had to support me more than once.

Once outside, i looked around and saw that i was still at the mansion, evidently they'd turned one of the spare rooms into a recovery room. Standing just outside the door were Thomas and three men in jeans and t shirts. One held a camera, another had a microphone hanging from a boom and the third was carrying a laptop computer.

The cameraman adjusted his lens then slowly panned my from my feet to the top of my head. Thomas turned toward the microphone and said, "the preparation has been completed, are you satisfied?" The man with the laptop gave Thomas a thumbs-up, whoever was on the other end was obviously satisfied. They closed the laptop and turned off the camera. The three of them let me alone with Thomas and the nurse.

"Are you feeing anything unusual?" the nurse asked me. Other than wondering where did i get these huge titties and fat ass, being dizzy and not knowing what the hell was going on? i thought. But i said nothing. He lifted my right breast with his hand and said to Thomas, "she should be ready by ten." Thomas looked at his watch and nodded. The nurse walked back into my room.

"You'll want to see yourself," Thomas said and led me by the hand across the large room and into another. There, i saw myself in a full length mirror for the first time. i gasped and felt tears welling in my eyes. That was the first look i had at my new body, my mammoth double-D cup titties, huge and swollen but riding high on my chest, firm and proud looking. my ass and hips were wider by easily six inches (i was wrong, they are closer to ten inches larger). But the most disturbing thing about me was my waist. i learned later that the corset i was wearing is a special fabric with metal woven in for support. i have also learned since that day that i cannot go without it for long. Whatever they did to my body has left me unable to support myself without the reinforcement of what i call The Device. i did not know that then and found the contrast startling and horrible but somehow erotic. In a very depraved way, i was the perfect hourglass figure, possibly the most extreme example anyone had ever seen.

Thomas handed me a vibrator and told me that he wanted to see me cum. i did as instructed, watching how my new body responded. my nipples were enormous and so hard when aroused that they sent small, sharp waves of pain through me. my cunt gushed juice down my legs when the vibrator first touched it, then another torrent when i came. Thomas told me to keep the vibrator there and i did. Unlike in the past, my body wasn't oversensitive, it didn't cringe from the ongoing vibrations. Instead, it craved them, my cunt lips swelling and opening like a flower, my lower body trembling as yet another orgasm shot through me. i couldn't control myself, i screamed loudly and clutched at my huge left titty with my hand. i pinched and twisted the nipple and felt something warm trickling between my fingers. Milk? i came again. Everything around me was fading, my vision could only see my body in the mirror, nothing else, my entire world was the thing in the mirror with the comically huge tits and ass and the painfully tiny waist. i pressed the vibrator against its pussy and it came and came and came.

Thomas took the vibrator away from me and i shook hard, trying to catch my breath. The corset was so tight it was difficult but eventually i calmed myself down. Thomas produced a handkerchief and wiped off my left hand, then dabbed gently at my nipples. i had squirted. Or was i imagining it? He took my hand and walked me back to my room.

The male nurse was standing at the side of the bed, a machine on the table next to him. Thomas had me sit in a chair and the man smiled at me and told me to relax. Then, he opened the top of the machine and pulled out two long rubber hoses with long, clear cups at the end. It was a milking machine. i hadn't dreamed it! Afraid, i shook my head and tried to get up out of the chair but Thomas's hands were on my shoulders. The nurse flipped a switch and the suction started. He held one of the cups near my left nipple and i felt a rush of disgust and humiliation as i leaned forward into it. They both laughed. Thomas told me i'd been being milked every morning before waking up for the last several weeks. The milk was part of my breakfast. i shook my head but felt myself lean forward when the nurse held the right cup out to me.

The milking took just over twenty minutes. i was wild with arousal by the time it was finished and begged Thomas to give me the vibrator. He handed it to me and they both left the room. i came over and over until i finally fell asleep exhausted.

That finally brings me to the videos that have been posted on the Internet. Everything up to this point had been to prepare me for my assignment. i was taken to a private jet one morning early. There were eight men on board plus Thomas and me. They spent the first few hours having me parade around the plane in my corset and high heels, admiring my figure and touching me as i walked by. As the flight dragged on, i felt my titties start to ache. The plane had taken off at nine in the morning and it was now nearly two in the afternoon. i'd been milked regularly each morning at ten and i was beginning to get tender and sore. When lunch was ready, i delivered it. Afterwards, i was allowed a salad, a portion of fish, and two glasses of wine. By now, it was nearly five o'clock and my titties were in pain. One of the men called me over and started running his fingers through my crotch hair. i moaned and felt my cunt twitch. i saw him laugh and point and noticed that there was a drop of milk bubbling from my left nipple. i was completely humiliated and stepped away from him, but i felt another man's hands on my ass, his fingers sliding between my legs. i opened them immediately and felt the drop fall from my nipple and land on my leg. Then it started. The men passed me around one to the next, sucking milk out of my swollen titties and listening to me cum from the feeling. When they were tired of that, they had me suck each of them off, being careful to swallow every drop and not dirty their suits.

When the jet landed, i was shuttled by van to a building that looked like a research facility. Once inside, they took me into the room you saw on the videotape. i knelt belly down on the bench with the light brown leather top, a wide belt strapped around my back and buckled underneath to secure me in place. Then, the suction cups were attached and the latex hood put on me. i spend the next two weeks in that spot, my cunt and ass raped and violated by men, dildoes, women with strap-ons and anything else anyone chose to use on me, my mouth swallowing gallons of cum as man after man used me that way and always, the milking machine.

By the end of the first week, i was producing milk more or less constantly all day. Not much was coming out and the pain was excruciating but they seemed satisfied. The man who was paying for this, a man who was careful to always wear a mask that covered his eyes when he came to inspect - but never actually use - me, always clucked his satisfaction in his native language. i wish i had recognized it, maybe one of you has figured out what he was saying from listening to the videos?

i have no idea whether they let me go home because they were bored or because Thomas has something new for me to do, but i am writing this on the jet on my way back to...ah, you know i cannot tell you what State i am in, now can i?

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Are the videos real??

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that was interesting it was like how is that even possible in my mind i'm going WOOT!!!!!!!

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