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This is an absolutely true story, to the best of my memory. When I was a young girl, my best friend was a girl whom I'll call Heather (not her real name). We were inseparable. Neither one of us were particularly popular, but we had each other, and we did everything together. She was a little bit older than me, about 6 months older, which, when you're a child, can seem like 10 years. She was 10 years old, but she could have passed for a teenager. Heather had medium-length brown hair, big brown eyes, and a tall, lean, muscular body, which was well-toned and tanned from many hours of soccer practice. She was also the most physically developed of any girl in our class. Heather was the first to get her period and the first to develop breast. She was a B-cup in the 5th grade, and received a great deal of attention from the boys in our class, which made her extremely uncomfortable. I spent many afternoons after school consoling her, as she tearfully described how embarassing and humiliating it was for her to be the only girl in class with breasts.

I couldn't understand why this upset her so much. I was secretly envious of her, and of all the attention she received from boys. I felt like such a little girl, compared to her. I was unathletic, skinny, and petite, with fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I still played with dolls and I thought that boys, for the most part, were smelly and weird. We were an odd pair, the true definition of opposites attracting.

I don't remember how exactly our "experimenting" began, but I believe it started quite innocently. We were at her house one hot, summer afternoon, and we were bored out of our minds.

"Do you want to go swimming?" Heather asked.

"Nah." I replied. "How about we play with our Barbies?" I asked, hopefully.

"No, I'm tired of doing babyish things, like playing with dolls," she said.

We sat there silently thinking for a few minutes. Then, Heather asked me, "Amy," (not my real name), "have you ever kissed a boy?"

My face turned red. I had never kissed a boy before, and I knew that Heather had. I felt so embarassed at how childish I still was.

"No, no I've never been kissed, Heather. What's it like?" I was genuinely curious.

Heather thought for a moment. "It's kind of nice. At first, it's kind of slimy and yucky, but after awhile, it feels nice. It gives you a funny tingle in your belly."

"Wow..." my voice trailed off. We sat in silence again.

"Hey, I've got an idea!" Heather exclaimed. "What if we lay down on the bed, put a blanket between us, and kiss for awhile?"

I was shocked, but intrigued by the idea. "But girls aren't supposed to do those kinds of things to each other; only boys and girls are supposed to kiss."

"Well, that's why we can use a blanket. As long as our bare lips don't actually touch each other, then it's okay." Heather explained.

After a moment of thought, I decided that she was right. With a blanket between us, it wouldn't be lesbianism, it would just be girlish experimentation. "Okay." I smiled, feeling shy all of a sudden, but also excited at this new thing I was about to experience.

Heather stood up, went over to the bed, and picked up a thin, quilted blanket that her mother had made. It was not as thin as a sheet, but it was far thinner than a comforter, maybe about an inch and 1/2 in width. She laid down on her back and placed the blanket over her, so it was covering her face and entire body.

"Okay, so just lay down on top of me, Amy." she said.

I nervously went over to the bed and did as Heather told me.

"Okay, now just put your lips where mine are, and we'll kiss." she instructed me.

I put my hands against the blanket on the area where I knew Heather's face was, and I was able to make out the outline of her mouth. I slowly lowered my face down to hers and pressed my mouth against the blanket. I felt her lips reach out to mine and it sent shivers through me. She kissed me and I kissed back, the two of us slowly and tentatively feeling one another out.

The kiss gradually got deeper, and Heather opened her mouth, so that I could feel her hot breath through the blanket. A feeling of lust overtook me. I extended my tongue, so that it was now in her mouth. Heather's tongue met mine and we flicked wildly at one another, exploring one another's mouths.

As the minutes passed by, the intensity of this encounter slowly increased. The heat generated by our mouths was heightened by the blanket in between us. Several times throughout this kissing session, Heather had to stop, to remove the blanket for a minute, so that she wouldn't suffocate. While she collected her breath, we lay there staring at each other, both surprised and enthralled by the passion we were feeling for one another. As soon as Heather put the blanket back over her face, I went about devouring her again, crushing my lips against hers; wanting and needing to feel her hot, sweet breath on me again.

We must have laid on the bed kissing for at least a half an hour, at various intervals shifting positions, so that I was on the bottom and she was on the top. Her strong, muscular body was too heavy for my tiny 9-year old frame, however, so we ended up back the way we had started: her on the bottom, and me on the top.

As we continued to kiss, creating a hot wet spot on the part of the blanket where our tongues continuously met, we branched out a bit and began to touch each other. She wrapped her arms around me, slowly moving her hands up and down my back. I pressed my left hand against her blanket-covered face, just barely making out the outline of her features. I then summoned up my courage, and with a deep breath, I placed my right hand against one of her breasts. The plumpness of it, the softness, the firm fullness of it, was intoxicating to me. I used my fingers to explore her, and I was able to faintly make out the hardness of her nipple through the blanket. I marveled at how amazing her young body was. Although she was only 6 months older than me, our bodies were so different, and she was not a girl, like me, she was a woman. I felt so lucky to have this beautiful creature laying underneath me.

As I touched her, I heard her moan softly and it turned me on so much, that I needed to hear more of her moans. I shifted myself downwards, so that my face was across from her chest area. I lowered my mouth down to her breast and took her blanket-covered nipple in my mouth.

"Ohhh..." Heather sighed.

Saliva formed in my mouth and I licked and sucked, until there was a hot, wet circle on the area of the blanket where her nipple was. I then moved over and did the same thing to her other breast. Heather was panting now; the blanket that was covering her, only increasing the heat between us. Her hands fisted my blonde hari, the ponytail that I had been wearing, now messy and disheveled. I buried my face in her belly, crazily licking and rubbing, without abandon. It was around this time, when I became aware of a hot, wet feeling in my panties. It was something new to me, something that had never happened to me before, but I knew that I liked this feeling.

"Oh god..." I moaned. I needed some more of Heather's lovely kisses, so I moved back up to her mouth and we tongued each other wildly. We wrapped our arms around one another, and held on for dear life, as our bodies began to slowly grind against one another. It was an instinctual movement; neither one of us knew much about sex, but the cells in our bodies knew what needed to happen, and pure animal instinct took over. We moaned and sighed, moving as one entity. The pure lust that we shared was now manifesting itself physically, and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Without thinking, I moved my hand underneath her, so that my hand was touching her ass. My hand shook with desire, as I began to knead her firm behind. She let out a yell of ecstasy.

"Oh god, I love you!" I panted.

"I love you, too! So, so much!" Heather moaned.

I realized then, that although I was the smaller of the two of us, that I was the dominant player in this relationship. For once in my life, I was in control of Heather, I possessed her. And Heather was all too willing to be my slave. My gentle kneading turned to rough groping, as I pawed at her perfect behind, sticking my fist against her asshole, and rubbing with my knuckles, until she was continuously moaning, "Amy! Amy!"

Lust overtook me at that point and I moved my hand to the front of her, so that my fingers couch touch her vagina. I fingered her through her cotton panties, and for the first time, I could feel her sticky, wet heat.

"She feels like me," I thought to myself, delightedly, "Heather aches for me, just as much as I ache for her."

And, at that moment, I felt a feeling of love, not just lust, but pure love overtake me. I moaned and began to grind my body against her at a more rapid pace. The heat, the moisture, the sheer naughtiness of what we were doing, was becoming too much for me. I groped her wildly, grabbing her breasts, tonguing her, loving her, all the while a strange feeling built up inside of me. My mind began to drift and it was as if I was no longer in control of my body. I felt Heather's hands on me, rubbing my legs, my ass, my sides, and I knew that something unbelievable was about to happen to me, something that was far beyond my control.

"Amy, oh Amy, I love you...I love you." Heather groaned.

"Heather..." my voice trailed off. My hips moved quickly, in rhythm with hers, and then, all of a sudden, my frantic movements slowed. Deep inside me, the heat became too much. My mind went fuzzy and I couldn't see. Heather's voice, her breath, her firm, perfect body...

I gasped as, for the first time ever in my 9-year old life, I felt my vaginal muscles contract and release hot, sticky, girl cum into my panties.

"Oh...Ohhhh...OHHHH!" I moaned helplessly. Over and over again, the contractions came. My pussy had a mind of it's own and deep, explosive orgasms wracked my tiny frame. Heather, upon hearing me come, let out a yell and I felt her body shudder and release, likewise. We shared our first orgasms together, clinging to one another, not two children anymore, but two young women. I buried my face in her neck; her face was still, believe it or not, covered by the blanket.

As we lay there, still occasionally shuddering, Heather lifted the blanket off of her face and we stared at one another, both of us not believing what had just happened between us. We were both drenched in sweat. I now buried my face in her bare neck, no blanket covering her beautiful face anymore. She stroked my hair and softly ran her lips across my forehead, the two of us quietly lost in thought. After about 15 minutes, I realized I really needed to go to the bathroom, so I stood up off of the bed and stretched. I felt amazing, like I had just had a hundred years of sleep. The orgasms made me feel renewed and I felt like a woman, for the first time in my life. Heather stood up and walked over to the mirror. Her soft brown hair was now messy and knotted, and the headband that she had been wearing had somehow ended up on the floor.

"God, we both look like a mess!" she laughed, breaking the somewhat awkward silence that had set in between us.

"What do I look like?" I asked, walking over to the mirror. My face was beet red, my once high ponytail was now completely limp. We both laughed, the tension easing.

I put my hand down to my panties and stuck my fingers inside. I couldn't believe how much of this strange gunk had come out of my 9-year old pussy.

"Look at all this stuff!" I exclaimed. "My underpants are covered in this stuff!"

"I know, me too!" said Heather.

She handed me some Kleenex and we both stood there with our hands against our pussies, cleaning the cum out of our panties.

"That felt really good." I said, shyly.

"I know." Heather said. "We'll have to do that again sometime."

We grinned in agreement, and then we went to the bathroom to clean up. That day was the beginning of something very special between my best friend Heather and I. We continued to be together physically, quite a few times after that, but always, believe it or not, with the blanket between us. We did eventually, progress to using a sheet, so that the material was a lot thinner. I know it sounds stupid, but I guess we were just afraid that people at school would find out and call us lesbians. Using a blanket or sheet was how we justified it as just "experimentation."

We did get a bit bolder, in that we began to take all of our clothes off, so that it was just a thin sheet in between our naked bodies. Everytime, it was amazing, and we continued to make innocent love to one another, until one night when, during a sleepover, her older brother walked in on us. I was buck naked on top of her, humping her and just getting ready to come, when he barged in. I heard the door open and there was silence, until Heather pushed me off of her and yelled at her brother to get lost. He burst out laughing and ran downstairs to tell their parents. Heather hurredly put her clothes on and ran out after him. Her brother told their parents what he had seen us doing, but luckily, I think they just thought he was kidding.

After we got caught that time, I really became gunshy about what we were doing, and I put an end to it. I was just so paranoid about people finding out. I was ashamed. As the years went by, Heather and I gradually grew apart, and I ended up moving away. I haven't seen her in about 15 years, but I still think fondly of those summer days. I guess I consider myself bisexual, although the childhood encounters with Heather are the only sexual experiences I have ever had with another woman; I have only been with guys since then. I love men, but no man has ever given me an orgasm with his cock, the way Heather did, just by kissing me and touching me. She holds a very special place in my heart, and was an important person in my life. For some reason, nothing ever feels quite as good as childhood exploration and experimentation, does it?


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