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Another installment in my choose your own adventure story. Please leave a comment with your vote for where Jack’s adventure should go next!

The consensus choice after last episode was choice B, follow Kelly into her house. So here we go:

I shrugged, shut the car off, and followed Kelly inside. Her tight ass bounced up the stairs and into her house, hypnotizing me the whole way.

“My parents have been out of town all week, so its been real lonely,” Kelly mused from the kitchen as I flopped down on the couch in the living room. “Hey, do you want something to drink?” she shouted.

“Sure, whatever’s cool,” I replied. Kelly reemerged with a cold soda and threw herself onto the couch.

“Then get it yourself, Jackie,” she giggled. Kelly reclined on the couch and, without any invitation, threw her bare legs across my lap. Kelly thought the world revolved around her and she excelled at making everyone else seem less important. Not that I minded her smooth, creamy legs splayed across me necessarily, but I knew from experience that Kelly was teasing me on purpose just to be a bitch. She reveled in it, teasing people (especially me), and leaving us with blue balls. It made her feel untouchable, better than who ever she was rousing.

For example: freshman year, Kelly had brought mistletoe into school around Christmas time and used it as a pretense to shower any boy she saw fit with kisses. Luckily, or unluckily, she decided it would be amusing to dangling the mistletoe over me all day long. Sure, there were upsides. She and I spent a lot of time kissing that day, something that as a freshman I wasn’t that used to yet, but in the end she laughed at me when I asked her out and I went home humiliated.

Last year, at a party and quite drunk, she singled me out in a game of ‘truth or dare’ that included me feeling her up, making out with her, and even briefly sliding my finger through what I must say felt like heavenly pussy lips. In the end, when the game was over and I approached her alone to see if we could continue, she reacted with the same smug attitude as always, silently asserting that she was far too superior for me.

And these are just the milestone events. That says nothing of the near daily flirtatious tickling and pinching and whatnot that aroused me every time but left me unsatisfied. Today was no different. As we chatted on the couch, about her and her problems of course, I noticed Kelly’s subtle leg movements, gently rubbing my crotch until a bulge began to grow. I knew the entire conversation, hell probably the entire ride home, was just a pretense for her to stroke her ego. I couldn’t help but be aroused, though. Her white-blonde hair haloed around a devilishly cute face, her full and luscious tits, the ample perfect skin she displayed at all times, all of it sent my hormones raging. In no time I was rock hard, which she surely felt but ignored, and the years of lust were boiling. I had been with other girls throughout high school, I wasn’t waiting for Kelly or something, but being teased like this made me crazy and horny like no other girl had.

“Well, I’m gonna run upstairs and hop in the shower, no peeping you fuckin’ perv!” she smiled, waggling a finger at me. I promised I would not and again was mesmerized by her fantastic ass as she disappeared upstairs.

I heard the water start to run and suddenly deviant thoughts crossed my mind. Compelled by lust and desire I stood up and stalked upstairs. A door on the left was closed and from within I heard the shower running. I snuck to the right, into Kelly’s room, and silently began looking for anything to stir my fantasies. I found her underwear draw quickly and I let myself briefly imagine her shapely ass strung up tight in any number of the slutty thongs she had. My cock strained in my shorts and, as if I had no other choice, I reach down and carefully pulled it out.

Then I found, at the bottom of the draw, the jackpot. A purple, ribbed dildo was buried among the undergarments. It smelled sweet and tangy, no doubt residue from who knows how many orgasms, and my cock nearly exploded in my hand. Then a funny thing happened. I looked at the dildo and noticed that it was a decent size but it was surely smaller than my cock. A thought crossed my mind, innocently, about what a shame it was that this was all Kelly had to pleasure herself, that she would throw this thing out the window if she felt what a real big cock felt like.

That thought started the events in motion. I buried the dildo and retreated but instead of bolting downstairs, as I half expected I would, I barged into the steamy bathroom, raging cock in hand. Kelly had just stepped out of the shower and was wrapping a towel around her head, her pristine body nude before me.

“Jackie, what the…” she started to yell but never finished, her gaze falling to my throbbing cock and her voice trailing off. I saw her look of awe, the hunger in her eyes.

I darted forward and slammed into her, locking her in a deep kiss. Her tongue probed mine for a moment, my cock pressed firmly against her moist skin, and then she pulled back.

“Uh, fuck, ahhhh!” she shouted as I roughly spun her and pressed the back of her neck, forcing her to bend over, my cock now poking against the soft skin of her perfect ass. With that hand I held her bent and with the other I lifted one of her legs, placing her foot on the toilet seat and opening her to me.

My cock brushed along the outside of her shaven bare pussy. “Jackie, no, fuck, what…” she tried to resist, her mumbling cut short by a deep sigh as I pressed my cock against her clit. I saw her pussy glisten, I felt her shudder at my touch, and I knew she wanted it.

I eased my cock into her tight pussy. She tried to protest, but each ‘no’ was followed by an ‘oooh’ or a mumbled ‘yes’. I was surprised to feel how tight she was, clamping around my fat cock as I penetrated her. I had always assumed she was a slut, she certainly came off as such, but maybe I was wrong.

I bottomed into her and felt her quake, a rippling orgasm making her legs wobble. That’s when I began my assault, taking out years of blue balls and sexual frustration in one furious fucking. I felt her rock against me, she was soaking wet and miraculously tight, and even though her mouth still said no her body was loving it. She said no but she didn’t fight back, I even let go of her with my hands and she made no effort to move away from me.

As I fucked her, mercilessly, I explored the body I’d craved for so long. I pinched her clit and let my fingers mingle into her folds. I cupped her beautiful tits and played with nipples I’d dreamed of countless times. I reached up and silenced her protests by plugging her mouth with my fingers, slick with her sweet juices, and I felt her moan around them. I even pried her wonderful ass apart and stared into her tiny asshole, a placed I’d dreamed of planting my cock many times. I had her now, and I could have her any way I wanted, I realized.

Should Jack:

A) - keep pummeling Kelly’s sweet pussy.

B) - make her gag on his cock.

C) - finally penetrate her perfect ass.

Please leave a comment with your vote!

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2014-09-18 17:24:59
C by sqhead

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2013-02-28 01:55:27
of last year and after telling our very close falimy in person, I let my online friends know (more photos here). It was a pretty big announcement, so it's not a surprise to me. My second most popular was

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2010-09-23 01:13:25
A, C, then B please!

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2010-09-19 18:21:35
Like the read under me said A then C and then B that would be the best and make it long


2010-09-18 04:11:57
use all 3 but A first then C and finish with B

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