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Ruby throws a party

John, 5’ 11”, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy.
Cindy, 5’ 5”, 118 lbs, dirty blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to John.
Emily, 5’8”, 135 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 36 years old, married to Bob.
Robert (Bob), 5’ 10”, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 37 years old, married to Emily.
Samantha (Sam), 5’ 9”, 115 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 31 years old, married to Bill.
Bill, 5’ 9”, 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old, married to Sam.
Christina (Miss Chris), 5’5”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 26 years old, single.
Josie, 5’ 4”, 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 24 years old, Christina’s slave.
Ruby (Miss R), 5’ 8”, 155, red/auburn hair, blue eyes, 40 years old, Exec VP at Bills’ company.
Jessica, 5’ 3”, 105 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, 25 years old, Ruby’s admin asst and slave.
Kimiko, 5’ 1”, 95 lbs, Asian, black hair, brown eyes, 29 years old, Ruby’s friend, does Brazilian waxes
Julie, 5’ 8”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, 40 years old, Ruby’s friend.
Jeri, 5’ 1”, 120 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 30 years old, Ruby’s friend.
Jasmine, 5’ 10”, 120 lbs, olive skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, Ruby’s friend.

About two weeks after our little rendezvous with Emily and Bob, we got party invitations. However, it was not from Emily, as we suspected, but from Ruby Johnson, Bill’s boss and mistress. Cindy and I discussed it. The interesting thing was that it was addressed to me and my “slave” and asked if she could be used for the party. Cindy was a little scared, but extremely excited by the offer. We sent our positive RSVP. The party would start at 7pm, but I had to have Cindy there by 5. I verified what it was all about with Ruby and agreed to everything, but told Cindy nothing.

At 5pm the day of the party, we arrived at Ruby’s house. It was in a very good part of town. The house was large with a brick front and a nice circular drive. It had to be a seven-figure home. I parked along the circular drive, pulling almost back out onto the road since I was the first one there.

We walked to the front door. I was wearing only what Ruby had said was the dress for the evening, three pieces of clothing. For me it was a pair of dockers, a shirt, and sandals, nothing else. Cindy was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals.

I rang the bell and Ruby answered in a big, fluffy robe. “Great!” Ruby ushered us in. “I’m glad you’re here on time. Sam and Bill got here about 2 minutes ago to join my ‘personal’ assistant , Jessica. She grinned and giggled while she said the last part, her emphasis on the ‘personal’ part of personal assistant obvious. She let us ogle the entranceway for a couple of minutes, the huge two-story hallway and semi-circular staircase to the second floor impressing us. Then she led us down the hallway to the basement door. We all went down the basement and it was not disappointing. We came down into a small den-like area. Off to the left was a door to another part, but she led us to the right to a large entertainment room with a poker table, large seating area in front of a very large flat screen TV, and a bar. “John, you can stay in here. The remote control is on the couch and the bar is stocked. Or you can play pool… whatever you want. I’m going to take Cindy into the other part of the basement to get ready.” She turned to Cindy. “Are you ready, dear? I mean are you really ready to do this?”

Cindy held her gaze for a moment, then dropped her eyes. “Yes, Miss R. I understand that I will be a slave at the party and I want this.”

Ruby smiled when she dropped her eyes and it opened into a full nasty grin when she agreed. She grabbed Cindy by the hand and led her from the room. I just looked around and decided to get a beer and watch an afternoon ballgame.

About an hour later, Ruby came into the room and I couldn’t help but go wide-eyed. She was wearing, from bottom to top, a pair of 3 inch heels, a skirt so short that it seemed to barely cover her crotch, and a see thru blouse that put her voluptuous tits on display in all their glory. I was checking them out when she laughed. I looked up and she was looking at me. “I guess I still have it! I’m 45 and here you are, barely 30, and you can’t help but stare.”

“Well, you are dressed like a slut!” I said, trying to make sure it sounded good-natured.

Ruby smiled. “That’s the point. This is a fuck-party, so there’s no reason to hide anything. My girlfriends will be here soon and they will NOT be dressed conservatively! Get used to it!”

“I think I can get used to that!”

Ruby then got a little serious. “I understand that this is all pretty new to you and Cindy and Sam. I’ve been working on Bill, but as you are new to this, if you ever want any dom training, just let me know. Tonight is just good fun, but I have trained several serious doms and a few who are just in it for some role-playing and fun. Christina is one of those just in it for fun. If you ever want to get serious, let me know.”

I looked at her. I wasn’t sure if that’s where Cindy and I were heading, or if our relationship, first based on friendship, then love, could develop into that. “Okay. Right now, Cindy and I are just having fun with it, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

Ruby smiled and took my hand. The seriousness was gone and the sexy grin was back. “C’mon, stud. Let’s see what’s shakin’ with the preparation of our beautiful little slaves.” She led me to the other side of the basement and we went thru the door. The other side had three rooms off a little hallway we entered. The first was a large bedroom… empty. The second was a large workout room… empty. The third was a very large bathroom with a sunken tub, separate shower, and plenty of room for all the people that were in there. Bill and Sam were there, in robes, sitting on chairs, watching the action of a tiny Asian woman. Cindy, also clad in a robe, was standing next to her assisting. Jessica was rude and nude. She was kneeling on what looked to me like a massage table, bent forward with her face on the table, her scrumptious ass sticking up into the air. The Asian woman was just finishing a Brazilian wax on Jessica, cleaning up the hair around her ass. She turned as we entered and Ruby introduced us.

“John, this is Kimiko. She is one of my friends and she learned how to do the Brazilian wax so that she could keep us all nice and smooth.” I shook hands with her. Her hand was very warm and smooth. Ruby waited while we shook and then turned toward Kimiko. “Well, K, are they all waxed?”

Kimiko smiled “Yes, they are all waxed. I was wondering about Bill a little. All the women have at least experienced some sort of bikini wax, but it was a first for him. He took it pretty well and I let all the ladies put some lotion on him. I think he is still hard and probably won’t last long. Next we’ll do the enemas and then I’ll call you for the insertion of the butt plugs.”

I knew this was coming, but except for Jessica, the slaves did not. They all looked a little wide-eyed, especially Bill. I was wondering how he was going to take it when Ruby spoke again. “Okay, good. Don’t worry about Bill. I butt-fucked him last week with my small strap on and he took it well.” All eyes turned toward Bill and he looked down and blushed.

Ruby took my hand. “Let’s go play pool while we are waiting for our guests.” She led me out of the room and into the entertainment room. We began playing pool while Kimiko was giving all four of them enemas. We were into our third game and I was having a hard time concentrating with Ruby dressed as she was. I was supposed to be getting used to being around naked people, I thought. But there was something about this older voluptuous woman bending over and flashing her ass and having her tits on display that was giving me a really good boner. She noticed, too. She looked over at one point during the game and stared at my crotch. “Having trouble controlling your cock?”

I smiled. “It’s tough being around a beautiful woman who’s flashing me such great tits and ass.”

She laughed. “Thank you. You know how to make an older woman feel good.”

Kimiko came in soon after that. “Ruby, it’s time for the butt plugs.”

Ruby looked at me and smiled. “C’mon. You can assist.” She took my arm and I couldn’t help but notice that her large breast was rubbing against my arm. I was definitely fully hard now. I didn’t know how long I could hold out, but it was going to be sweet heaven being teased like this.

When we got into the room, all four of the slaves were standing in a line awaiting our appearance. They all had complete bare crotches from the waxing. It looked very strange to me to see Cindy’s pussy without any hair on it. She had never completely shaved before and now looked like a 12 year old. Bill also looked funny to me since he was also completely bare. He was hard as a rock and dripping.

Ruby went to Bill, who was first. She felt his cock and balls. “Very smooth. Good work, Kimiko.” She rubbed her thumb over the head, distributing his pre-cum all over it. “Looks like you are pretty worked up.”

Kimiko spoke up. “I thought he was going to cum when I put the enema nozzle in him.”

Ruby smiled. “Well, maybe we’ll have to relieve the pressure so that he can last a little longer. First things first. Bill, turn around, bend over, and spread your cheeks.” Bill complied immediately. I could tell that he was used to obeying Ruby completely. Kimiko handed Ruby a small red butt plug, which she had already lubricated. Ruby took the plug, aimed it at Bill, and slowly inserted it. His ass opened up pretty easily and it seated quickly. “Stand up and turn around Bill.” He did so and Ruby looked down at his cock. It was throbbing. “I think he likes things in his ass.” She turned toward the women. “Sam, how long has it been since I let you suck your husband’s dick and swallow his cum.”

Sam spoke without even looking over. “Three weeks, Miss R.”

Ruby smiled. “Well, since you two have been so good lately I want you to come over here and suck his dick. We need to get his first load out of the way.”

Bill smiled in relief and Sam rushed over, her eyes big. She dropped to her knees and immediately buried his dick in her mouth. She took it all the way to the bottom on the first try. Bill closed his eyes and moaned. Sam had become really proficient at milking a cock and she went to town on Bill. She came back up and licked around the head. She was about to dive back down on it when Ruby grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

“What do you think of the waxing? Does he feel smooth?”

“Yes, Miss R.” Sam was breathing hard and could barely get the words out.

Ruby smiled. “You are really enjoying this, huh? I guess you miss your husband’s dick. Tell me, how many other dicks have you sucked since you last had Bill’s?

“Four, Miss R.”

“Is that all? John, you are going to have to get some more guys that will offer up their dicks to Sam. I’m sure there are many out there who would volunteer to shove their cocks into this mouth.” She reached down and ran her fingers over Sam’s mouth. Then she released her hair. “Okay, finish him off while John and I plug these other holes.” Sam immediately went back to sucking Bill’s dick. She had become very good at this and I knew he wouldn’t last long.

Ruby led us to the next individual, Cindy. She looked at me. “Would you like to do the honors to your wife-bitch?”

“Sure.” I grabbed the pre-lubed plug from Kimiko. Without being told, Cindy turned around, bent over, and spread her cheeks. I ran my hand over her visible pussy lips and asshole. It was extremely smooth. I liked the feel of the smoothness back there, but I think I still preferred at least a little landing strip over the pussy. I didn’t like the little-girl bare look. I took the plug and aimed it at Cindy’s ass. I pushed and she was getting used to things in her ass, because she relaxed and it went right in. “Okay, stand back up and turn around.” Cindy turned around and smiled at me. She was still the most beautiful woman in the room.

Ruby then moved us to Jessica, who immediately assumed the position. While she was getting into place we heard Bill moan and turned to see that he was holding Sam’s head and jerking and spewing his cum into her hot little mouth. She swallowed it all and then let his dick go with a plop. She smiled at him and then got up to join the end of the line for her butt plug.

We finished plugging Jessica and Sam. Ruby turned to Kimiko. “Okay, get them dressed. The guests should be here soon.”

We left and went into the entertainment area and the doorbell rang. I stayed in the room while Ruby answered the door. When she came back downstairs, she was trailed by three women. She introduced them to me as Julie, Jeri, and Jasmine. Hmmmm. All Js. I wasn’t sure if those were their real names or just for use at this party. But at least they were attractive. Julie looked to be 40, 5’8”, still in good shape, and had blonde hair, an enchanting smile, and a lithe body that it appeared she worked on religiously. Jeri was a short robust brunette who couldn’t have been over 30. She was probably only 5’1” tall, with a rounded body. Her tits looked too big for such a shorty, but her entire body was all curves. Jasmine was the epitome of sultry. She looked to be 5’10”, almost as tall as me, about 35 years old, and about 130 pounds. She had an olive complexion, with large almond eyes, a tight, sensuous body, a 200-watt smile, and a tempting husky voice. With these four women and the slaves, I was wondering how I was going to maintain my cool and not be completely drained within an hour.

After the introductions, Ruby asked me what I thought. I figured she meant her friends. “They are all beautiful.”

She smiled. “What other kind of women would I invite to a fuck-party?”

Just as she finished, Kimiko led the slaves into the room. They were all wearing nothing but different colored masks and thongs. Ruby directed the slaves to sit on the bar stools. They did. She took the rest of us over to the poker table. There were now six of us there. She pulled out a deck of cards, a stack of papers, a stopwatch, and some kind of old children’s game spinner with 6 numbers on it and laid on the table. We cut for the first deal, which went to Kimiko, and she explained the game.

“Okay, everyone. Straight poker, all bets are one piece of clothing per hand. Top three hands keep their clothes, the lower three take something off. Once naked, losers have to draw from the so-called Community Chest and spin the spinner. There is something described on the paper and you have to do it for as many minutes as results from the spinner. Any questions?” There were none.

The game began and within three hands two people, Jeri and Kimiko were naked. On the fourth hand, Kimiko was the only naked loser and now two other people were naked. Kimiko drew the paper and spun the spinner. The spinner said “2”. She read the paper.

“Eat a slave’s ass.” She smiled. “I almost did that already during the waxes. They were all so delectable, I could barely keep from diving in.” She looked over the slaves. “Blue mask. Kneel on the couch with your ass up in the air. I’ve been wanting you.” I watched closely. It was my wife, Cindy. I had to say that it was an excellent choice. Cindy has always had a well-shaped delectable ass.

Cindy knelt on the couch and bent over, exposing her beautiful ass and butt plug. Kimiko slowly removed the butt plug. She took Cindy by the hair and pulled her face around towards her. “Open.” Cindy opened her mouth. “Hold this.” She put the butt plug into Cindy’s mouth and Cindy closed and held it. Then Kimiko looked over at Ruby, who was holding the stopwatch. “Ready.”

“Go!” Ruby said. And Kimiko did! She started licking and tongue-fucking and slurping at Cindy’s ass like a starving man at a food trough. Cindy could not do much moaning because of the butt plug in her mouth, but she did moan some thru the plug, and she squirmed and jerked all over the place. She was really turned on by it. Me, too! But two minutes went fast and Ruby called time. Kimiko stood up, took the butt plug out of Cindy’s mouth and put it back into her ass. She then slapped her on the ass and told her to go back to her seat.

We dealt the cards again and the other two naked people, Jeri and Julie, lost, but Kimiko won. That meant that another person, me, lost their last piece of clothing. It left only Ruby and Jasmine with one piece of clothing.

Jeri drew and spun first. She got a five and then read the paper. “Pick two slaves. Sit on one’s face while the other rims you.” She smiled. “Fucking right!” She looked at the slaves. “Black mask (that was Bill) lie on the floor. Green mask (that was Jessica), you get my ass.” Bill hustled over to lie on the floor and Jessica got up to come over. As soon as Bill lay on the floor, Jeri went to sit on his face. I thought she was going to sit facing us, but she sat facing away from us and leaning over Bill’s body. I could see Bill staring up at what looked like a very wet and edible cunt. “Ready.”

“Go!” Ruby said again. Jeri plopped herself right on Bill’s face and he went to town on her. Jessica kneeled behind Jeri and started licking and rimming her ass. That left her beautiful derriere pointing our direction. Her pussy looked soaked. The butt plug was staring at me and I looked around the table and the other women were as anxious as I was.

“Ruby…” I started to say something to her, but she interrupted me. “Yeah, fuck the card game, let’s get to fucking!”

As soon as she said that Jeri yelled. “Fuck,yes!” and dropped her face immediately down on Bill’s dick. Bill jerked at the contact and moaned into her pussy. I was the closest one to Jessica, so I immediately kneeled behind her and eased the large butt plug out. She had the largest one and was obviously the most used to having something in her ass. So I replaced it with my hard, leaking dick. It was still a little tight, but her ass opened up nicely and I started a slow rhythm, hoping to last a while. I saw Jasmine leading my wife over to the couch and laying her down the length of the couch. She immediately pushed Cindy’s legs apart and started eating her pussy. Kimiko took my wife’s free mouth and sat on it. From my vantage point I could just make out Jasmine eating Cindy’s pussy and I stared at Jasmine’s very fine ass and long beautiful legs. I could also see, since Kimiko sat facing away from me, my wife’s tongue as she worked on Kimiko’s ass and pussy. I had been hard for a while, so all of this was putting me in overload. That left one slave free, Sam, and I looked around behind me to see that Julie was sitting at the table, one leg on the floor and one up on the table while Sam had her face buried in her cunt. Behind Sam, Ruby was lining up a very large strap on to plunge it into Sam’s pussy, while leaving her butt plug in. I wondered if Sam was going to be able to take it. It was no surprise to see her raise her face from Julie’s crotch and groan “Fuck yes!” as Ruby slowly ran the length of the dildo up into her. She had to be completely full.

I was reaching my peak fast and when I got close I started saying so. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum!” At that, Jessica suddenly pulled forward, leaving my dick wagging in the air, just at the point of no return. I gasped at the sudden loss of her ass, but she replaced it with her mouth, sucking me over the top and taking my cum down her throat. She kept sucking and sucking and I kept pumping, grabbing her by the hair and fucking into her mouth to get the last bit of the orgasm over. She finally released my dick, looked up at me sheepishly and said, “Sorry, sir, but madame doesn’t like me to waste cum. She says I must always swallow cum from anyone fucking me.” I smiled. What a great idea!

I sat back and watched the orgy around me. There was nothing dom/sub about this right now, it was just pure sucking and fucking. The only thing different was that the slaves were not allowed to direct the action. But they were definitely getting in on the action and being satisfied.

Things were happening so fast that I was in visual overload as well. I couldn’t keep up with all the switching and changing going on. My dick was once again hard and there were so many gorgeous women around that I didn’t know who to fuck or suck. My mind was finally made up for me. I was looking to the right when I felt a soft, warm hand close around my dick. I looked to the left and it was the sultry Jasmine. She smiled.

“I’ve been wanting you since we first met.”

I stared into her beautiful, dark eyes. “Me, too. I think you are fucking gorgeous.”

She laughed a deep throaty laugh. “And am I also gorgeous when fucking?”

“Absolutely!” I answered. She stopped jacking my cock and looked around the room. “Is Cindy your wife?”


“I thought so. You have a beautiful wife. Maybe I could come over some time and help you with her. I love her pussy and I bet I could think of some fun things to do with you two.” She grinned conspiratorially and then looked to her left. “Cindy, come here.” My wife hurried over to us. “Turn your back to John and sit on his dick.”

Cindy complied and immediately moaned. So did I! Jasmine ran her hand down over Cindy’s ass to her butt plug, which was still in. It was making her so tight I could barely get my dick in her. Jasmine twisted the butt plug, causing further moans from both of us. Jasmine then slapped Cindy lightly on the ass. “Stand up.” Cindy immediately rose. Jasmine looked down at my dick. It was soaking wet. She leaned over and licked me clean. “Hmmm. Her cunt tastes delicious on your cock.” My cock jerked at her dirty talk and Cindy looked at both of us hungrily. Finally, Jasmine had decided how she wanted this to proceed and asked Cindy to lie on the floor. She squatted over Cindy’s face and lowered her pussy onto it. Cindy immediately went to work on her, causing her to closer her eyes momentarily and smile a large, happy smile. I could see that her lips were much darker than Cindy’s. Cindy was pale all over and her lips were very pink, but Jasmine’s were almost a dark brown with a very pink vagina. She looked up at me. “Okay, now pull out that butt plug and fuck your wife’s ass. When you cum, I want it.”

Who was I to argue with this arrangement? I knelt down and slowly removed the butt plug. My wife moaned into Jasmine’s pussy and she moaned at the vibration on her clit. Jasmine pulled Cindy’s legs back under her arms and took hold of my dick. She guided it into Cindy’s ass and I eased it in. Once I was buried in there, I started a slow fucking of her ass, watching as it clung to my dick, not wanting to let it go in or out, gripping it tightly. Jasmine watched for a second and then took two fingers and rubbed Cindy’s clit. Cindy, who may or may not have had much opportunity to cum, suddenly orgasmed. As soon as Jasmine felt that, she shoved two fingers into my wife’s pussy and thumbed her clit, prolonging the orgasm and making her jerk. I was loving the feeling of her ass flexing on my dick. Then Jasmine started feeling my dick from Cindy’s pussy. It felt wonderful. She was actually massaging my dickhead as I moved it into and out of Cindy’s ass. Jasmine was also close to cumming and Cindy must have felt it. She suddenly nipped at Jasmine’s clit which caused Jasmine to cry out.

“Oh, fuck, you bitch! Fuck! Keep biting my clit!” Cindy did, and Jasmine kept cumming for a long time.

Looking at that vision meant I was done. I knew I was going to cum, so I announced it to Jasmine. “Pull it out and spurt that cum all over my face.” She leaned over toward Cindy’s cunt, giving me the target. I pulled out at the last moment and shot three or four good spurts right on her face. When she looked up at me, her nose and mouth were covered and the left side of her face was full, too. She smiled. “I guess it’s a good thing you had already cum today or I would have gotten it in the eyes!” She laughed and got up off Cindy’s face. Jasmine had cum so much that Cindy’s face had that glazed donut look. Jasmine turned and looked around the room at the unadulterated display of sex. Finally, she saw who she wanted. “Sam!” Sam looked up from the pussy she was eating. “I understand you are the cum slut. Come over here and clean up this mess!” Sam scampered over and slowly and sensuously started cleaning Jasmine’s face. Jasmine seemed to purr as she did that. Then Jasmine pointed down at Cindy’s stomach where it had dripped. Sam cleaned that up, too. Finally, she turned and cleaned up my dick without being told.

I looked around and things were very relaxed now. Everyone was getting tired. I sat on the couch and Cindy and Sam kneeled at my feet on either side of my knees. I was impressed with their desire to appear so obedient. The others were all using some towels that Ruby provided to clean themselves of the many different kinds of fluids that were all over their bodies. Finally, Ruby went to the center of the room. She was wearing the strap-on.

“Okay, everyone. I have one last display for all the attendees. I want my two slaves front and center.” Bill and Jessica immediately came to Ruby on their knees and knelt next to her. “Jessica, bend over and give Bill your ass.” Jessica immediately went to all fours and then lowered her face to the floor. Her butt plug had been replaced in her ass. Ruby removed it and threw it on the floor. “Okay, Bill. Put your dick in there, but don’t start fucking yet.” Bill, sporting another hard-on that looked like it had been there a while, his dick leaking heavily, obeyed. He lined up against her asshole and sunk it in. He appeared to grit his teeth and muffle his moan for fear of showing how close he was to coming. “Okay, Bill, now bend over and open your ass for me.” Bill didn’t even flinch. He leaned over Jessica’s back and spread his cheeks. Ruby smiled devilishly at all of us and then kneeled behind Bill. Fortunately, it looked like her “cock” was lubricated. She slowly eased it into Bill’s ass. His head jerked up, but he tried not to move and upset Ruby. Then Ruby started fucking his ass. He and Jessica remained pretty well locked together as Ruby ass-fucked her slaves. She started speaking to them, too. “Bill, rub Jessica’s clit. Jessica, I want you to cum now. Cum for Miss R. Bill, you can cum only after you have made her cum. C’mon Jessica, cum for me.” Bill was rubbing hard on Jessica’s clit, trying to get her off. I could tell that he was not going to last much longer. Finally, Jessica jerked spastically, again and again. She was having a major orgasm. Bill held on for all he was worth, but then finally succumbed to the combination of having his dick buried in a tight spasming ass and having his own ass fucked. “ARGH!” he growled and again Jessica did as she had been trained. She quickly jerked herself free from Bill’s dick to suck down the cum. She had just finished turning when the first spurt came from Bill’s dick. She had turned her face toward him, but had not gotten it in her mouth. The spurt went up into her hair and left a trail down across her right eye. She clamped down on his dick and sucked the rest of his cum down her throat. She didn’t stop until it looked like he was ready to collapse. She pulled off and sat back on her haunches. Miss R pulled out of Bill’s ass and then pushed on his back. He collapsed forward, completely spent.

Miss R turned to us. “Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the sex and the show. Please don’t worry about any of the mess. My two little ass-fuckers will clean it all up. Just let yourself out. Good night.”

And with that, Ruby walked into the other room toward the bathroom. The rest of us slowly put on our clothes. Sam and Cindy had to go back into the other room to do so, but came back and we all left.

“I’ll have to meet Bill at home.” Sam explained as she got into our car. “He and Jessica have to clean up the entire house before they can leave.”

My wife turned toward me and grinned sheepishly. “Did you enjoy that party?”

I looked over at her, she was beautiful, still flushed, and glowing with all the effort that had occurred in there. “I loved it. I think we may have to host one soon.”

Cindy smiled. “Maybe we can invite more cocks for me and Sam to suck and get some cum.”

I put on a mock surprised expression. “What? I don’t have enough cum for you?”

They both laughed. Cindy answered me. “Yes, master, you have enough cum for us. We just thought you might like to see us sucking loads of cum down our throats.”

Not a bad idea. I was thinking how I could do that without inviting our close friends who would definitely not agree with that sort of thing. I was going to have to think about that one to get some fresh studs over to cover these ladies in cum. If it was cum they wanted, I was going to try to get it for them.
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