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My first submission
The weekend started like many others at college, a frat party at the Point that continued on campus to the Quads where many of the younger frat members lived. It was my second year of college and this was the first real frat party of the semester. I was selected to be a resident assistant this year which meant I was the keeper of the peace on my hall and consequently had to remain available to everyone as I had keys to everyone’s rooms on the hall. No surprise how many drunken people can’t remember where they put their keys.
I had returned before the crowd from the Point wasted myself from way too many Tequila shots. At 19, I was getting to be quite the shot champion. Lying in my bed wondering when my odd roommate would get back, I heard someone loud walking down the hallway. When I looked out, I noticed Dave obviously wasted being walked up and down the end of the hallway by his roommate, Ken. Ken had Dave’s arm over his shoulder as if he were rescuing someone from a burning building. They were an odd sort, both short and fairly cute but they, maturity wise, forgot they were now in college, and seemed petty and stupid. When Ken saw me in the hallway, he called out to me for help. I went down the hall to see what was up. Dave who was not much of a drinker had drunk way too much and had passed out in the roadway in front of the Point. Ken had thought enough to get him up and try to get him home. Ken was worried that Dave was going to die from so much drinking but he really wanted to go over to the Quads to continue partying himself. Ken said, “Hey, don’t they pay you to take care of these things?”
“Well, not really, as we are on a dry campus, I’m supposed to make sure you don’t drink on campus but I can check on Dave a few more times before passing out myself.”
Ken gratefully opened the door to their room and helped Dave in. When Dave got close to his bed, Ken let him fall to his bed. He then said, “He’ll be alright then.” And left.
I asked, “Are you going to at least take his shoes off?”
“Can you get that for him?” And off he was.
There I was with a passed out Dave, drunk as anything myself and now I have to take care of the passed out oddity.
I struggled to get Dave’s high top shoes off and all the while, he never budged. He was still alive because I heard him breathing. I left telling myself I’d check on him in a little while and soon Ken would be back.
I went back to my room and checked out the latest free porn – hate paying for it. My girlfriend was out of town at her sister’s wedding. If she were here, I’d have never checked out the door in the first place. My roommate was not back yet either so I pulled my cock out to relieve the tension of the night. I was watching this young thing suck on her man’s cock and he was getting close, as was I when I heard a knock on the door. Damn. I checked to see Ken outside my door to say that he stopped to grab some more clothes and to tell me he was staying with a “friend” tonight. “Why are you telling me?” I asked.
“So you can check on Dave of course. I just did and I guess he’s still breathing. Thanks.”
Oh yeah. A good jack-off interrupted and I forgot to check on Dave. Yeah, I guess he was just laying there but I heard him breathing. I closed the door to get back to my fantasy blowjob but that was over. She now had her man bent over and was doing him with a dildo. He was screaming in ecstasy. Wow. My girlfriend had fingered my ass before but only when I was fingering hers. I guess she wanted to share the feeling because she knew when I fingered her ass, I was about to go in with my cock and was just trying to loosen her up a bit. She seemed to like it OK and I didn’t mind the fingering either. But this was different, that dildo seemed bigger that his dick.
Well since I had deflated after Ken’s announcement, I figured I might as well check on Dave and then I can rewind this a bit and get back to business.
Unfortunately, Dave was still passed out but had vomited on his shirt. OK, I’m a good guy so I struggled to get his shirt off without making a mess and threw it in the sink. That’s when I noticed how Dave was built. He was small statured but had a wrestler’s body – muscular but not too much. I also noticed he was rock hard too. Passed out drunk and rock hard. I tried to wake him again but he was out and his pants seemed very tight around his waist and balls for that matter, so I decided to at least undo his belt and top button of his jeans.
The thought of another guy’s erection, my continuing buzz and the recent thoughts of that guy getting his ass rammed all got the best of me. I just had to lower his zipper a little to see his cock. He had on plaid boxers but his cock tried to spring up through the fly as soon as I got the zipper down an inch or two. I let the zipper down all the way and his cock flew straight up. Checking again, he was breathing but definitely out. I grabbed his cock gently to stick it back in. That would be awkward if he woke up wondering why his dick was out. He had a short dick that was narrow at the head but was very thick at the base. I stroked him softly a couple times. Still no movement. No change of breathing patterns. So I stroked him full up and down harder and harder. His breathing didn’t change but his cock did. It got harder and harder.
I was so caught up in the moment, I never even stopped to think, I had never done anything like this or even had serious thoughts about it. But here I was with a cock in my hand and trying gently to pull his pants down a bit. I really wanted to cup his balls and rub that spot down to his asshole as I continued to stroke him.
The next thing I remember, I was lowering my head to his crotch and sniffing the head of his cock. As he still wasn’t moving, I slowly licked his head - lubricant so as not to rub him raw, I convinced myself. But as Dave still wasn’t moving, I was overcome and put it all in my mouth and sucked a cock for the first time ever. It was overwhelming. My own dick was as hard as ever and straining to get out itself.
As I sucked off passed out Dave, I pulled my own dick out and started jacking off. I then thought that my dick was getting left out so I shifted around and took Dave’s hand and wrapped it around my dick and with my hand over his, stroked myself. The feeling of another’s hand on your dick is always better than your own. As Dave’s hand stroked me, I sucked Dave’s dick and licked his balls getting ever more out of control all the while.
Dave’s body started to tense up a bit. He was going to cum and was still passed out. What was I going to do? I had never kissed another man let alone sucked his dick before now. My girlfriend lets me cum in her mouth and she swallows and says it burns a little but doesn’t taste like anything else. I never kiss her after I cum in her mouth though.
Too late to think about it as Dave stiffened up and started shooting his load. I took a bit but then let him cum on himself.
What was I doing? Sucking off another man who just happened to be passed out. Was this rape? What if he wakes up? How will I explain his hand around my dick and his cum all over his stomach and crotch? I let his hand go and got some paper towels to wipe him off. As I was getting the towels, Dave rolled over on his side. There he was still very passed out with his only partially covered ass right there staring up at me. My cock was still raging. I went back over and gently pulled his jeans down all the way. I put them in the sink with his puked on shirt making sure to get some on the front of his jeans for an excuse later.
I slowly pulled his boxers down to reveal the sweetest ass I’d seen in a long time. His ass was as smooth as a baby’s. I rubbed his ass cheeks grazing down in his crack from time to time. No movement still. I pulled his boxers all the way off and as I was getting them over his feet, Dave pulled his leg up revealing that puckered asshole – no hair just that sweet little bud. I was mesmerized by its sight so close. I had seen other holes on my computer and my girlfriend’s but never another man’s right there a few feet from me. I reached out and touched his hole and rubbed up and down. He moaned a bit but still was out. I laid down beside him and took his hand again to hold onto my cock while I licked his ass to lubricate it for my coming finger.
Not enough lube from my spit so I got up to look around the room. There was a box under the bed so I checked it hoping to find some lotion. But as I opened it, I found a treasure chest of sex toys – several lubes, dildos, anal plugs, beads and a notebook. The notebook, I read, was like a sexual diary. Dave had listed every sexual encounter he had and as I read more, I realized all of the encounters were with Ken, his MALE roommate. From a casual glance, they seemed pretty even in who took it up the ass. Wow! These two who always talk about their conquests and they were just conquering each other.
I found a small tube of anal gel and squirted it right on his ass. The directions said it would numb the area in less than a minute. I wondered if I could get my dick in his mouth while I waited for the gel to work so I could finger him. As he was facing my crotch, while laying on his stomach, I gently pushed my dick head in his mouth. His lips parted but not far. The harder I pushed, the more it opened up. I was worried about shoving it in as his teeth may hurt and I didn’t want to gag him and wake him up or for him to puke again on me. As I went in and out of his mouth, his lips seemed to wrap around my cock the best he could. I reached down and spread his cheeks some and slowly and gently stuck my middle finger up his ass. Only about an inch or so to start. He was still not moving but his mouth seemed to take more of my dick. I went in further with my dick and finger at the same time. Before long, my finger was up to the hilt as far as it could go. My dick was about ¾ in his mouth. I’m not huge by any means but at nearly 7 inches, I knew it would be too much for him. As I was pushing in again, he moved his head forward taking my dick to the balls. No gag, no puke and Oh my this was wonderful. I figured I’d return the favor and stuck two fingers in to the hilt. Still no signs of coming too but he again moaned but this time my dick was down his throat. My God what a wonderful thing. I’ll need to remember that for my girlfriend to do. As I fingered his ass and as he vibrated my dick with his moans, it all came to the climax. My load shot deep in his throat. I hoped he didn’t choke on the cum but he swallowed and slowly rolled over fully on his stomach. My now satisfied dick softly fell out of his mouth.
Well I had checked on him and had shot my earlier-interrupted load so now I could head back to my own room. I tried to get his boxers back on thinking I could easily explain the shirt and pants but not the boxers too. I put the box back but not before tearing out a few of the more juicy pages for later jack-off sessions.
Back in my room, my roommate had returned as well. He was watching the girl start to fuck her man on the computer. It had restarted itself apparently or who knows. Mike, my roommate had his hand down the front of his pajama bottoms. Yes, my roommate was so weird he wore lounging pants to bed every night regardless of the temperature. Come to think of it after an entire year and part of the summer with Mike as a roommate, I had never seen him even in his underwear much less naked.
He jumped up and apologized. I told him to “Go ahead – she gives a good BJ and then does him in the ass with a strap-on dildo. It’s a pretty hot scene.” I noticed that he was just about at the strap-on scene already.
I got myself another drink as the buzz was waning a bit. I asked Mike if he would like one knowing that he didn’t drink but I always asked. To my surprise, he said he would have a half of a glass but really only a quarter glass of whatever I was drinking and then filled up with whatever I mixed it with. I was drinking LI Tea so even a quarter of a glass was a hell of a lot of liquor but I obliged his request- kind of- a quarter glass of pure liquors and a quarter glass of what I was drinking which was a STRONG LI Tea and a half glass of coke to top it off.
As he sat transfixed on the screen, his hand now just casually rubbing the outside of his pants more like arranging himself than jacking off. I told him about Dave being passed out drunk and having to check on him. He offered to come too being pre-med and an EMT, I thought he may be useful in case Dave had stopped breathing.
Mike said we should return so he could check his vitals – whatever. When we got in the room, Mike asked why he was near naked. I explained very carefully that he had vomited on his clothes and I was thoughtful enough to at least remove them as his roommate had left. Mike bought it fully. He sat on the side of the bed and listened to Dave’s breathing and felt his pulse. I noticed though that his other hand was on Dave’s ass. I only noted it out of the corner of my eye so didn’t even let on that I saw. My roommate was grabbing Dave’s ass. The buzz being back in force, I “happened to notice” the treasure box and brought it out. Mike said I shouldn’t pry but I was an RA and was supposed to make sure there was nothing illegal in the rooms. Mike’s eyes got huge at the sight of the contents of the box. I grabbed the journal and started reading. Mike’s hand, behind us both was now rubbing Dave’s asshole through his boxers. Shit! I didn’t wipe off the lube. Evasive action! I asked Mike if he wanted to read anymore in our room or to look at their toys. What!? I told him that Jim was gone for the night so we could look, read and bring it back before anyone knew. He surprisingly agreed. I opened the door for him to leave but he was slow to get up before I noticed a huge boner stretching out his pants. I simply grabbed my crotch and said, “It sounded hot to me too” and walked out. Mike jumped back. I apologized blaming the journal and the LI Tea.
Back in the room, Mike drained his glass before realizing what it was. “Want another?” “Yeah might as well get me really drunk.” I said, “Wait a minute for that last gulp to hit you.” I fixed more drinks and told Mike I had to do rounds. It was about 1:00am and all girls had to be off the guy’s halls by then. I knew that two would be in Carlos and Frank’s room. Their girlfriends were always there and it sounded like all they did was fuck. No sounds from that room – must be at the Quads.
I took my time but not too much hoping that the drink would really hit Mike and he would get a chance to read more. When I got back, the drinks had definitely worked. Mike had finished his glass. I filled his up and mine with another LI tea and told him it was just like the last one. He hesitated saying that he’d be too drunk to know what happened. I convinced him that he was in our room and I had always looked after him so as he was already drunk he took the glass.
I noticed the notebook was open on his lap and the computer was showing another porn site. Mike said he looked for a site that Dave had in the notebook. As it downloaded, I noticed that it was a hard-core gay site and boy was it hard-core. Mike started clicking through options asking what I thought. I kept saying, “I don’t know. I’ve never been to this site.”
Mike settled on a 30 minute movie of two young men called “College Roomies” How funny I thought as we jokingly called each other “roomie.” As the movie played, Mike’s cock was pressing against his PJ’s hard. I thought I’d see how far he’d go. He had seen me naked tons of times so I took off my shirt and pants. I continued watching the movie standing behind him looking over his shoulder with just my boxers on with my hard-on pressing against his arm. As he “re-arranged” himself more and more, I slowly reached down and pulled his shirt up. He startled but I just kept pulling as he raised his arms. As we got back to the movie, I started rubbing his chest and lightly pinching his nipples. The drinks had gotten him to the point of no return.
The movie continued showing the two roommates now naked lying in the bed making out and rubbing each other’s stiff smooth cocks. I bent down and kissed Mike softly but forcefully. He kissed me back and then stopped saying, “Hey, I’m not gay or anything.”
I simply told him, “How many times have you come in to find me banging my girlfriend? I’m not either but she isn’t here and we are.”
I kissed him again as I slowly rubbed my hand down his chest to his crotch. He jumped but I kept on kissing and moved my tongue in his mouth. He accepted and moved his hand from his crotch to allow me to rub him through his PJ’s. He moaned in my mouth as I brought my hand up to the waistband and back down to his cock. Drunk as I was, I didn’t remember feeling thick pubes or anything.
As the movie continued as one guy rolled his roomie on his back, licked his cock as he raised his legs in the air. As he pulled himself forward, he lined up his cock and slowly slid it in his roomie’s ass.
I pulled Mike up and as he stood, I pulled his PJ’s down. He tried to grab them but I pulled farther as I shoved my tongue hard in his mouth. I pushed him down on my bed and started to slowly kiss down his neck to his chest and down his stomach. Mike started grabbing my head and pulling me off but I continued as I got to his waist and noticed that his pubic hair was trimmed closely and his balls and ass were shaved clean. I noticed his cock was slender but close to 8 inches long as I licked the bottom of his cock head. Mike groaned and leaned back. I cupped his balls and licked the entire length of his cock up and down before taking him into my mouth and went down about half way before he hit the back of my throat. He was moaning and rocking his hips up and down. Here I was only an hour or so ago I had never even touched another dick and now I had sucked a passed out dick and now I’m hard as a rock with my roommates dick in my mouth and can’t get enough. Mike finally grabbed me by the back of my head and started pushing down. With the liquor still working and my horny cock in charge, I let him and took his cock all the way down to his balls. I knew I’d gag but I guess the drinks helped. I started humming with Mike’s cock deep in my throat and he bucked trying to get even more down my throat. He started bucking and then shoved my head down and his hips up and I knew he was emptying himself down my throat so I swallowed for all I was worth.
As he relaxed his hips and his grip on my hair, I pulled off his dick. He pulled me to a standing position and sucked my cock in his mouth. He bobbed a few times and then stood up. I was about to complain when I noticed he was getting Dave’s box of toys. Mike grabbed the anal lube and squirted it on his fingers before sticking it up his ass. He then pulled out and put more on his finger and turned me around and shoved it up my ass. He reached around and grabbed my cock with his one hand and stroked me slow and hard and with the other, he finger fucked my ass slow and hard. Mike stopped and went back to the box to grabbed medium-sized anal plug. Mike dropped to his knees and started sucking again while he very slowly pushed the plug up my ass. As I moaned and bucked back and forth to get the plug in and back to get my dick in. Mike then stood up, stuck his tongue in my mouth before pulling me down on top of him. We kissed for a moment as he raised his legs straight up and maneuvered my dick to his ass. I shoved forward into his ass just as he pulled on the plug in my ass. As I pulled out, he pushed in rubbing the plug against my prostate. His ass felt absolutely incredible. I was getting real close to blowing and Mike could tell and tightened up his sphincter. I thought he was going to rip my dick off as I banged in and out.
As my balls started tingling, I quickened the pace and he shot his load on my stomach. That did it and I filled his ass with my cum.
I collapsed on top of him as he rubbed my back before pulling the anal plug out of my ass. As my cock softened and slipped out, Mike said, “Hey, we should get Dave’s stuff back and check on him. He’s probably still passed out but his ass is probably still numb.” Busted!
So after a quick wash up of Dave’s plug and stuff, down the hall we trotted and yep, he was still passed out cold and yep, the anal lube was still coating that soon to be well-used ass.

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