three teenage boys coerce a fifth grader into sex.
The Tree Fort chapters 4. 5, 6 & 7

Chapter Four

Mikes dick had shriveled up and was hardly three inches long. Mine and Billy's were so hard the heads shined.

"Do me." I excitedly said to her.

She shook her head no. "Not unless Mike tells me to."

Mike laughed and leaned back on his elbows.

"Tell her Mike." I pleaded. "Tell her to blow me, ..... please" I begged him.

"I think after what she just did it should be her turn."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"See this picture" Mike held up the Magazine and there was a big black guy with his face buried between a blond woman's legs. "Lie down on your back," he instructed. "And spread your legs.” Then turning to me, “Now you do her."

"ME?" I looked at him incredulously.

"Yes,” he responded as he forced my head down between her white thighs. "Lick and kiss all of her pussy especially that little button at the top. I tried to pull back up and he slammed my face into her crotch with such force that it hurt my nose and Cindy grunted. "Do it or I'll kick your ass right off the porch."

Reluctantly I looked at the task staring me in the face. Up close I could see tiny peach fuzz hairs all around the top of her mound and the lips were very wet from the juices leaking from inside. I noticed her smell again from when I had it on my finger and I liked it. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and lapped her pussy like a dog. When I reached the top of her slit my tongue rubbed across the bud and she jumped. So I stabbed at it several more times. Each time her reaction was the same. Mike knelt at the top of her head. He reached down, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her legs up and apart, bringing her feet to rest on the carpet on each side of her head. I took my hands and placed them at her slit and pulled her lips apart. Now she was as open to my mouth as she could be. Then I wagged my tongue rapidly back and forth across the little button that was now as hard as my prick. Her body literally vibrated under my face and she began moaning. Occasionally I would dip down and lap up all of the juice running out of her tiny hole.

I was starting to really enjoy this. I felt sort of powerful, in that I could make this little girl hop and bounce with a flick of my tongue. At one point I started to give her button a raspberry by blowing between tightly closed lips making my lips flutter very rapidly. I watched her eyes roll back in her head and her entire body shook. I saw as her muscles tightened and the tendons became taunt as her orgasm washed over her. She was now moaning continuously and very loudly as I continued to vibrate my lips on her bud. When I stopped she went limp as if I had unplugged her from a wall socket. I licked up her cum that was running copiously from her girlish cunt. She was breathing raggedly at first but slowly she calmed down.

She opened her eyes and exclaimed, "WOW, .......... Is that what it felt like to you?" She asked Mike.

"My guess is yep." He grinned back at her. "Now do your boy there"

In an instant she was up and telling me to roll over onto my back where she knelt between my legs bending over with her ass in the air. She sucked me in one gulp, bobbing her head up and down my rod. I only lasted seconds before I saw stars and flopped around on the floor like a caught fish. When I opened my eyes she was still trying to milk out any remaining residue.

After I caught my breath there was a moment of silence and all eyes went to Billy.

"What?" he stammered. "With my sister?"

"You know you want it,” Mike grinned at him.

"But ... My Sister."

"Lay down,” Mike commanded him.

Billy pretended to reluctantly lie on the carpeted floor. Mike moved over to the little girl and picked her up by the waist and set her down 69 on top of her brother. Billy started to protest but as soon as her lips encircled his raging dick he shut up and looked up into her pussy. Tentatively he licked her. Soon he was totally into eating pussy.

Mike moved over behind the little girl and knelt above Billy's head. Cindy's brother did not notice him at first because he had his eyes closed. It wasn't until Mikes balls grazed his forehead that he realized that the older boy was about to fuck his sister. I think Billy was stunned, because he said nothing as he watched the boy's cock poke at the entrance of his sibling’s tiny cunt. Mike rubbed it up and down her slit until it was coated with her juices. Cindy just moaned around her brother’s prick as she felt Mike push into her opening. Slowly and gently he poked and retreated over and over until the head popped inside. She grunted as it happened and he held still as she continued to work over the meat in her mouth. Slowly he began to move again, tiny little strokes. Back and forth, back and forth, until he pushed against her maidenhead. Then he withdrew entirely and she was empty. Then he pushed in again to her cherry, then all the way out. In, out, in, out. Working her hole, enlarging it, relaxing it, preparing it. Then suddenly he shoved his prick all the way in ripping past her hymen and bottoming out against her ass.

Billy screamed, "Agggghhhhh!, .............She going to bite it off."

As soon as she realized that she was biting down on his cock she relaxed her jaw muscles even though her cunt was on fire. Mike and I began laughing at Billy's predicament. Mike was laughing so hard that he could not keep still to allow her to become accustom to his intrusion and was unintentionally fucking back and forth inside her tight cavity. Soon she was giggling even though the pressure in her belly was intense and she let her brother's, now, limp dick slip from her mouth.

Slowly the pain and pressure subsided aided by the humor of the situation. Mike started to move ever so gently, back and forth, steadily gaining speed and force. Soon Cindy was grunting with every thrust, pushing herself back on the invading probe. Billy must have been aroused at the site of Mikes cock sawing in and out of his sister’s twat because Billy's dick was steadily growing. When Cindy felt something touch her lips she opened her eyes and sucked his meat all the way to the root.

I had become aroused again watching the three of them go at it. Billy was now humping up into Cindy's mouth as he pinched and twisted her nipples. Mike was pounding her so hard her brother could hardly lick her clit. Billy unloaded first, shaking and shuddering under the vacuuming mouth of his sister. As she gulped down his seed, Mike blasted her cunt with his hot sperm, sending her over the edge. The three of them moaned and squirmed for several minutes until the last remnants of their collective orgasms subsided.

Mike pulled out and his sperm ran down onto Billy's face. Billy started to yelp and Mike grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head to the floor. When he yelled again in pain, he was rewarded with a mouth full of Mike's juice leaking from his sister's pussy. He quickly closed his mouth and tried to get away. Mike yelled at him and told to lick his sister's pussy clean or he would yank every hair in his head out. Then he demonstrated by giving it a jerk. When Billy opened his mouth to yell again Cindy sat on it and rubbed her cunt all over his face, relishing superior the position she was now in.

The Tree Fort

Chapter five

We spent the rest of the day fucking and getting sucked by Cindy. At one point when we could not get it up we took Billy's Christmas candle and stuck it inside of her to "measure her depth". We got nearly the whole thing inside of her. It was about eight inches long and one inch in diameter. We got all but two inches in when we put the big end in first. It was about the size of a large carrot. My mom had once called a candle like this, a taper. It went in pretty easy up to about five or six inches, then Mike would twist and push quite a bit harder but it would go no farther. Cindy grunted in pain a couple of times but she never stopped us. Mike could have done anything to her and she would have let him. Mike turned the candle around and placed the pointed end in first. It slipped right in and with a gentle push the whole thing disappeared right up inside her. It surprised all of us.

"How did it do that? Billy asked?

Mike shrugged and stuck his finger in after it. Cindy grunted as Mike dug between her legs.

"It's gone deeper." Mike said as he pushed two fingers in up to the juncture of his hand. He pulled out and stuck in another finger. "I can feel the end but I can’t grab it." he said as he watched Cindy grit her teeth. "Stand up, maybe it will drop down.”

Cindy stood and spread her legs wide. Mike lay on his back and looked up into the juvenile's crotch. He reached up and spread her pussy lips apart with both hands and the candle slipped out, bopping the prone teenager on the forehead.

"I wonder where it went up in there?" I asked.

"I don't know but it didn't hurt." Cindy said.

We were all worn out and it was getting dark anyway. The brother and sister walked home with a new outlook on each other. Wiser was lazily trotting behind them.

I was beat. I got home, fed Bud, had dinner with mom and dad and after a shower, went straight to bed. My dick was sore. I could only imagine what Cindy's pussy felt like.

The next day when I arrived at the fort Mike was already there and there was a small suit case in the corner that had not been there the day before.

"What's in the suit case?" I asked?

"Stuff." He absently responded.

"Can I look?"

Mike shrugged. I laid the luggage over and popped the snaps. Inside there was a large book on human anatomy, a couple of towels, some hand lotion, a tape measure, some thick twine (I think they call it jute), two flash lights a large one and a pen light. There were some other things that I did not know what they were. Some were chrome and looked like strange kitchen instruments. There was a candle much bigger and fatter than the one we had yesterday. In another box there was some batteries, all sizes from AA to 9 volt, colored marking pens and a long clear plastic rod that was tapered like the candle we had yesterday only it was larger in diameter and it was at least a foot and a half long. There was more, but I lost interest when I heard Cindy's voice laughing in the distance.

I stepped out onto the porch and watched her and her brother stroll across the field. She had on a pair of navy shorts and a white "T" shirt with pink hearts scattered about it. On her feet were sandals. When she saw me she waved, and my heart soared. She looked beautiful to me today; when before yesterday she had just been a pest. What the fuck in up with that?

As soon as she entered through the trap door Mike told her to undress. As she was taking her clothes off, Mike started giving her some rules. "Unless otherwise told you will always wear a dress or skirt. Never wear underwear. Never ask why. Never do anybody without my permission and unless I instruct otherwise you are to remain nude whenever you are in or in the vicinity of the tree fort. Are there any questions?"

She shook her head and pealed down her shorts and placed them on her "T" shirt that was already folded on top of the cabinet. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and slipped them over her hips and let them fall to her feet. Carefully she picked them up and placed them with the rest of her clothes.

Keep your clothes in this drawer, hang your dress here," he pointed to a nail on the wall with a wire hanger on it.

Mike reached over and tugged a folding ironing board down from the wall. I had not noticed that it was even there. It was mounted low and came to rest parallel to the floor just below our waist. The front leg swung out and stabilized the end of the board.

Mike pulled over a milk crate and patted the top of the ironing board. "Lie down here."

She crawled up onto the narrow board and lay on her back, feet facing the end of the board away from the wall. She was stretched out like a corps in a casket with her hands on her tummy.

Mike pulled a towel from the suit case and folded it making a small pillow. Then he took a piece of the jute about 3 feet long and made a loop in one end and placed it over her right ankle. Grabbing both feet he pulled her to where her butt was right at the edge of the board. Then he bent both of her legs up and brought her feet next to her head like he had held her yesterday when I was eating her. Then he brought the twine connected to her ankle, under the board and secured it to her other ankle then cinched it tight. Now she was effectively secured to the board and could move only her head and hands which were partially trapped by her legs. He then placed the towel under her head so that she could see down between her legs.

Mike stepped back and looked at his handy work. Spread open before was a delicious fifth grader. Her entire lower body was exposed and vulnerable to anything he wished to do and she was helpless to do anything about it. Not that she would have tried to stop him from doing anything to her.

"Lick her and get her wet." he instructed me.

He did not have to tell me twice. I literally dove for her honey pot, jamming my tongue as deep as it would go. While I was nibbling her tender flesh Mike was digging through the suit case. He pulled out several items and laid them on the board just above her head. Several of the shiny tools were among the items he selected. Pushing me aside, Mike picked up a black marking pen and drew a circle around each of her budding breasts. He then drew an arrow pointing to them and on the base line of the arrow he wrote, "TITS TO BE". Then he drew a line down each leg ending with arrows pointing at her pussy. On these lines he wrote "FRONT CUNT". Then he drew another line under the other two pointing at her rectum. On these lines he wrote "BACK CUNT". Then on the cheeks of her face he wrote "UPPER CUNT" with arrows pointing to her mouth. Then on her stomach he wrote, "ALL LABELED AREAS ARE SPERM DEPOSITORIES". Mike picked up the red candle from yesterday, put some hand lotion on it and carefully slid the fat end into the area marked "BACK CUNT" until only a couple of inches remained outside.

Mike picked up the book that he had brought and opened it to a section of the female anatomy. Flipping through he came to the reproductive system and spread the book open on the shelf just to his right. He then picked up an unusual instrument whose use I had no idea. It was silver and had a handle that attached to a threaded part that seemed to be connected to a couple of thin curved pieces of metal at the other end. Mike placed the metal tool at her "FRONT CUNT" and slipped the top of the curved metal strips inside the lips of her pussy, then brought the tool down so that the rest of the strips popped inside of the little girls opening.

She grunted when he pressed it home and squealed that it was cold. The older boy ignored her. Then he twisted the handle and the strips moved apart forcing open her pussy. Her clitoris was stretched taunt across the top of her twat. I have no idea where Mike got this tool but it was clear that it was designed to do exactly what it was doing. Every time he would turn the handle it would hit the candle stuck in her ass and cause her to squirm. He continued to twist the tool until you could look right down inside Cindy. Her hole was spread at least two inches apart at this point and the small girl was gritting her teeth. He paused and reached over for the flash light. Pointing it into the sweet cavity he illuminated the recesses inside. Billy and I moved over and peered over his shoulder. He took the tape measure stuck it inside of her and recorded the number on a piece of paper. He had written 5.75 inches. Then he picked up the long clear plastic rod and scanned over the book. Turning back to the girl he used the rod to probe inside her.

"There, ..... right there. That's where the candle went. As he pointed to a small opening at the rear of her vaginal cavity.

Her brother and I looked where he held the tip of the plastic rod.

"That's the opening to her womb, its called the cervix. It is not usually open that much and in most females it does not even face in this direction. It usually faces down, towards the bottom of her vagina. Cindy has an unusually large opening, especially in someone so young. See, here."

He took the tube and pushed it into the opening. It went in about three inches, forcing her cervix open to about 1 inch in diameter.

"Normally it would only be the size of the lead in a number two pencil."

"How do you know all this stuff," I asked him.

"My sister is a nurse for a gynecologist and she tells me everything I want to know. I told her that I wanted to be a doctor. She has even exposed herself to me, letting me learn by looking into her pussy."

"No shit," I breathed.

"No shit," he echoed.

From the day Mike's family moved here I had always had a crush on his sister Peggy. I even have fantasies about her someday becoming my wife. The fact that she was twenty four and I was twelve did not inhibit my fantasy in the slightest.

He turned the handle twice more and then pressed the tapered rod another two inches and forcing her cervix open even more. Now the small opening that they had seen earlier was at least an inch and a half in diameter and the rod was about ten inches into the body of the small girl.

"On the other side of that opening is her uterus. That's where a baby will grow if she becomes pregnant. It is very rare but some women can accept a penis directly into their uterus. Cindy may be one of these women."

He pressed the rod even deeper and Cindy groaned under the pressure. Then he suddenly withdrew the rod and peered inside. The opening closed a little but remained mostly open. He then picked up another rod that was fatter and pressed it deep inside of her forcing the hole open even more.

Mike reached into the suit case and pulled out a strange rubber thing.

"This is a butt plug he announced." and quickly snatched the plastic rod from Cindy's cunt and dropped the Butt plug inside of her and then took the blunt end of the rod and maneuvered the plug to the stretched opening of her cervix and forced it inside. Looking inside all you could was the base of the Butt Plug flat against the back of her cunt.

"There that will stretch her out so that we can use all of her if we want to.

The Tree Fort

Chapter 6

Mike Un-screwed the chrome device that was holding her pussy lips apart, making sure that he hit the candle in her ass every time he turned it. When it became slightly loose he tugged it free even though it was still stretching her young cunt. We watched as her pink pussy lips slowly drift closed.

Mike dropped his pants and stuck his ridged cock to the hilt into her. Punching his groin at her a couple of times, he noted that he could not feel the butt plug wedged at the entrance of her womb. As he continued to fuck her, his leg would hit the candle in her ass, pushing it deeper into the recesses of her bowels. Soon he was groaning as he shot his cream inside of her tender sex.

Spent, Mike let his cock slide out and pulled up his pants. He then removed the candle from her ass, untied her from the ironing board and rubbed her ankles where the rope had been. His juice was dribbling out of her as he helped her stand. She looked as though she had just returned from riding the range all day. She did not seem to be able to put her legs together. Mike knelt in front of her, grabbed her knees and forced them together. Cindy let out a yelp and a tear ran down her cheek, but she said nothing more.

"Walk around" he instructed her.

Gingerly she took a few steps, with each one she began moving a little more easily. I am not sure how, but it seemed that she was getting accustom to the rubber plug stretching her cervix.

"What about us, don't we get to fuck her" I wined to Mike?

"When I say, now take off your clothes."

Quickly, Billy and I were out of our clothes, our little peters bobbing in front of us.

"OK, Every one down to the grassy spot."

The "Grassy spot" was a patch of soft grass about twenty feet square, where some landscape contractor had dumped a partial load of sod. It had made a perfect green island in the brown grass field.

"What if someone sees us," Billy complained.

"No one will see you, When was the last time you saw anyone around here except us," Mike chided the younger boy.

Mike was right. Our fort was so far back in the woods that I had never even seen other kids out here much less an adult. I went down the ladder first followed by Cindy. Some of Mikes cum dripped out of her pussy and hit me on the side of the face as I was looking up at her. Billy and Mike followed us. Mike had taken off his shirt but had left his jeans on.

When we got to the grassy spot, Mike leaned against a nearby tree and laid out the rules. Only Cindy was allowed to cum. We could touch each other, put our body parts in each other and lick each other, but Billy and I were not allowed to cum until Mike gave us permission. If we did, then the person who came would not get to have sex with Cindy for one week.

"A whole week," Billy complained?

"What the hell is your problem," I said to him. "You didn't want any of this to happen yesterday."

Billy hung his head and mumbled something to the grass carpet at his feet. The sun was warm on our naked bodies as we crawled around on the soft grass. I dove between Cindy's legs and began to eat her out. Mikes cum wasn't as bad as I thought it might be considering the source that I was getting it from. Billy stuck his cock in her mouth and let her lick his tight little balls. At one point I thought he was going to cum but he pulled out of her mouth and squeezed his prick as if he had to pee really bad and was holding it back. After some tense moments he gained control of his nuts and released his stubby little prick. Then he started working over his sister's body. It became clear his goal was to make her cum if he could. He was pinching her nipples, dragging his nails over her soft white skin and rubbing anything that he thought would add to her pleasure.

While he was stimulating the rest of her body. I was working over her cunt and poking my finger in and out of her ass. In no time her body became ridged and she came so hard that she almost threw me off of her. But we did not let up. We continued to stimulate her until after several more orgasms she was begging us to stop. But now Billy and I were on a roll. We Put Cindy on her knees and switched places. I forced Cindy down on her brother's face and continued to attack her tiny body. Several more orgasms later I decided to fuck her. So I straddled Billy's chest as I got behind her and pushed my boyish cock slowly up her asshole. As I entered her she came again, feeding her brother another load of pussy juice. I started to feel my balls start to tighten so I pulled out of her and took a breather. Billy crawled out from her and filled her ass with his prick. As I watched the two I could see Billy start to tense and I expected him to pull out and I think that's what he was trying to do, but as he rocked back Cindy followed him, keeping her ass wrapped around his dick. She continued to push back until he fell over onto his back and she bounced up and down on his cock cummimg as Billy filled her ass with brotherly sperm.

"No fair," the plump boy cried. "She wouldn't let me go."

"Tough shit," Mike replied. "Rules are rules. I will cut it down to four days if you eat all your sperm out of her ass, your choice."

Billy didn't hesitate and dove for his sister's rosebud and lapped like a thirsty dog.

About that time Bud and Wiser, our dogs, came bounding up and stuck their noses next to Billy's wanting to know what that smell was.

Cindy squealed and kicked at the dogs, hollering about their cold noses. Mike yelled at her and told to hold still.

"You will let the dogs do whatever they want to and you will keep your mouth shut". Mike growled at her.

Cindy looked shocked. I have to admit I was surprised at how angry Mike sounded.

I thought this was it, Cindy would not do what Mike was asking.

No one said a word. We could see Cindy was struggling with this demand. Mike stared at her and waited. It was now her decision, if she complied with this order then there was very little that she could possibly reject.

Billy was still between her legs having sat back on his haunches when the dogs came up. Now his slimy face was a mask of incredulity. First he was surprised by Mike’s outburst, then by outrageousness of Mike’s demand and what it meant. Now he was aghast by the realization that his sister might comply.

My dog, Wiser, licked some of the slime off of Billy’s face, bringing him out of his trance. He jumped to his feet scattering the dogs and scrambled over to Mike.

"You don't mean it, you can't mean it. It's a joke right?" Billy babbled.

"Look Puffy," Mike scowled.

Mike only called him that when he was angry at him. He knew that Billy hated that name because it referred to the slightly overweight condition of his body,

"She knows the drill and so do you. If either of you don't like it then hit the road."

"But, but, but," Billy stammered, and looked over his shoulder at Cindy.

She was still on her back with her knees pulled up and her legs together as she had been when she fended off the dogs. Bud and Wiser had returned and were sniffing near her crotch but had not yet touched her.

Ever so slowly she began to relax her legs and let them fall apart as the dogs inched closer. Bud's long tongue slithered out and ran the length of Cindy’s slit, causing her to jump, followed by a low moan. Again, Bud licked and again Cindy responded. Again and again the dog lapped at her box, licking all of the juice from her tender hole. Wiser was hoping around trying to get some but Bud had a major tongue lock on her pussy. By now Cindy’s legs were spread as wide as she could possibly get them and was groaning continuously.

My dick was hard as a rock and despite Billy's protests his peter was pointing strait up also. Mike was first to point out that we weren’t the only ones with hard dicks. Both Wiser and Bud's red penises were extending from their sheaths. Wiser's cock was about the same size as ours only it was dark red instead of pink. Bud's prick, on the other hand looked twice the diameter of Wiser's and at least eight inches long. Wiser was still trying to get in on some pussy juice. Had stepped over Cindy’s head and was trying to nose out Bud, who was welded to her slit. Wiser was able to get in a lick or two from this new position. Cindy was looking up at a pair of smooth hairless doggy balls. Right about then, she came with such force that her mouth opened in a silent scream as her body curled up. When she came up, the dog's balls slipped into her mouth and the short hairs around the dog’s asshole tickled her nose. I don't think it was intentional, but the fact was, Cindy had a mouth full of dog nuts and was apparently sucking on them. Wiser was startled by this sudden contact and froze where he was. After what seemed like several minutes, though it could only have been a couple of seconds, Cindy relaxed and Wiser's wet balls popped from her mouth.

The Tree Fort

Chapter 7

With his balls now free, Wiser backed up, then looking down at the little girland licked her face. Slowly Wiser moved forward again and hunched his hindquarters down like he was trying to get his balls back into Cindy’s mouth. He began humping her face, rubbing his prick and balls along her face and lips. Even if she had wanted to get up she could not. Bud had her lower half tied up and Wiser was humping her face like it was hot nokie.

We could see Wiser's dick sliding across her face leaving gooey pre cum tracks across her lips and cheeks. Her mouth was closed, as were her eyes. Faster and faster Wiser fucked his slippery dick across her face until his hind legs began to quiver and he unloaded his sticky doggy sperm all over her face, neck and chest. Squirt after squirt came from the pointed end of his red cock. Puddles were forming on her face. Some had clogged her nose causing her to open her mouth to breathe and a big glob slipped past her lips like a large albino oyster. Having spent himself on the little girl's face he backed off and curled up next to the tree licking his deflating red boner.

Cindy sat up with Wiser’s cum running down her face and Bud was still chowing down on her cunt. She was holding her arms out to her sides as if she didn’t know what to do with the sticky mess. Mike told her to scoop up the dogs cum and eat it.

“After all,” he said, “you already have a mouth full.”

“But it’s doggy goo,” she complained.

“Eat it or beat it.”

The little girl scooped a puddle from her chest and brought it to her lips. She sucked the scum from her fingers like she was sipping soup from a spoon. Slowly she closed her mouth and swallowed tentatively. She took another scoop and repeated the process, this time smacking her lips as if she were some dog cum connoisseur.

“Not bad,” she quipped, “better than you’re scummy cum Mike.”

“I’m glad you like it. Now you can blow Bud.” Mike came back at her. “Or better yet I’ll let him fuck your face.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she responded.

“Think not, huh. Billy, get the blanket out of the tree house,”

Billy started to say something, but realized the futility and climbed up the tree and into the fort.

Mike told me to pull a small log that was about twelve inches in diameter and three feet long over to the grassy spot. He grabbed one almost the same size and placed them side by side. We had been using them as seats whenever we sat around the fire. The logs were in place when the blanket hit me in the head. Mike folded it several times, laid it flat against the length of one of the logs and rolled the log onto the edge of the blanket. Then he came around to my side, pushed the two logs together. He then pulled the blanket taunt across the two logs and tucked it tightly under the other log.

Billy had descended and was standing beside me.

“Lay face up on the logs,” he commanded Cindy.

“Mike,” she started to complain.


You could tell she was hurt by what he had just said. I thought she would leave because she turned her back to Mike.

No one spoke. All eyes were on the frail little girl. Her head hung down and you could see a tremor ripple through her body. After several tense minutes she took a deep breath and seemed to compose herself. Then she turned and lay upon the logs

“Thank you.” Mike said and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. “Scoot up until your head is just hanging off of the end. Billy hold Bud until I’m ready. I want to get a good view of this.”

Saying this he lay on his stomach inches from her face at a 90 degree angle to her body and indicated that I should do the same on the other side of her.

“Billy, bring Bud over her head facing her feet.”

The chubby boy complied and walked Bud around and got him to straddle Cindy’s head. The little girl was now looking at the business end of the biggest cock she had ever seen,”

Mike ordered, “Open your mouth. Ok Bill, walk him a little forward.” Glancing across at me he instructed. “Guide it in.”

I didn’t even have to extend my arm I was so close. I wrapped my fingers around Bud’s prick and pointed it at her tiny open mouth. As the huge cock slid past her thin lips she closed her mouth around it. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. This big slick dog’s dick was in this little girl’s mouth and her cheeks were hollowing as she began sucking on it.

From a distance a dog’s dick looks entirely red. But up close, like I was now, I could see that it was red because of the millions of tiny blood vessels. It even felt different than my prick. It was softer on the outside, but was hard on the inside, it seemed like there was a bone or something stiff running the length of it, Bud humped her face a couple of times as soon as she started sucking.

“Billy, grab Bud’s haunches from behind so you can control how deep he goes in her mouth.” The older boy commanded.

The girl’s brother squatted behind the dog and reached on each side just in front of the mutts hind legs and curled his fingers around the dog’s haunches.

“When I say in you let him move forward and when I say out you pull him back, got that.”

Billy nodded and whispered. “Yes.”


Bud hunched forward a couple of more inches and I took my hand from the dogs cock because it was now firmly lodged in the kid’s mouth. There was no way that she could get it out without moving off of the log and I didn’t think Mike would allow that. At this point she could still breathe through her nose.

“Ok, hold him there,”

Bud tried to fuck deeper into the elementary school student, but Billy held the dog steady. This was fascinating. Cindy had about four inches of dog cock stuck in her face and there was another four or five inches outside. Her lips were stretched to capacity and I know her jaws had to be aching, but she was still sucking.


“What?” Billy said.

“I said IN, fat boy.”

Billy let the dog hump forward and Cindy’s eyes got big as the cock moved into her throat. Inch after inch slid between her lips. She was no longer sucking and she could no longer breathe. Mike let the dog hump her face for a couple about ten seconds before saying out.

Billy tugged the dog back and you could hear the girl suck in a big breath. When her breathing had steadied, Mike once again ordered the dog forward. Cindy caught a breath just before the dog entered her throat for the second time.

The last time, about three inches of cock remained outside of her mouth. This time Mike ordered more should be forced down her throat. As the remaining slab of cock slid down her throat I was able to observe where the cock was pushing out on her esophagus, I could actually see her neck bulge as Bud’s prick entered that part of her throat. Mike reached up to feel it moving inside the girl. The fur at the back of the dog’s cock was pushing against her lips and a bulge was starting to grow at that point.

Mike ordered, “out”

Billy pulled back and again she gasped for air. All this time the dog’s legs were vibrating because he was attempting to fuck the kid’s face but Billy is restraining him.

Ok this time I am going to leave him in a little longer so get a good breath, OK?” he said to the bug eyed little girl.


She took a deep breath and made an in perceptual nod.


Her brother let the prick slide all the way in to the fur again. This time the knot had grown big enough that the fur was sliding behind it and now the knot was pounding against her lips. I reached up and placed my hand over her throat and was amazed to feel the energy that the dog was exerting into her mouth cunt. Mike let the dog make what seemed like a hundred little jabs into her throat before telling Billy to pull the dog back.

After regaining her breath again, Mike asked, “how you doing kid?” there was a pause and she gave another slight nod. “Ok here we go, a little longer this time. Ready? In.”

This time Billy’s hands slipped from the dog and Bud rammed his cock right back down her throat, fucking her face like only a horny dog could. He was beating a tattoo against her lips. The knot was now about twice the size of the massive cock pistoning in and out of the child’s face. It wasn’t going to be long because the dog’s nuts were tight and shiny. Just then the dog shoved forward and held himself there, his knot braced against her lips. I could see the cock in her throat pumping dog sperm into her belly. It seemed like was taking forever. I felt like that it had been at least a minute and the cum was still flowing. I looked at Cindy and her eyes showed that she was frightened.

I said, “Mike, that’s enough. MIKE.” I shouted.

Mike looked up and shook his head as though he were in a trance. “OUT,” he shouted and Billy had to use all his strength to haul the dog back. As the cock retreated sperm shot out of her nose. Billy pulled the dog all the way out of her mouth and its cock was still pumping goo all over the place. Cindy was choking and desperately trying to catch her breath. Cum covered her face and upper chest and had splattered all over the dog’s cock and balls. After a few minutes she was able to breathe normally.

“That was unbelievable,” I told her. “I would bet that a grown woman could not have done that.”

She smiled demurely and wiped some jizim from her face.

“Mike had no mercy, “now lick him clean.”


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2011-06-29 07:42:38
It was actually pretty good at first but with these chapters, you screwed the whole story up. Mike is an ASS and Billy, Cindy and the other kid should have kicked his ass and raped him with that damn candle.

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2011-06-12 21:38:15
thought that it would be aggod story to read but you went and added all the shit that that made it one fucked up story sorry I could not even finish the story I give you a neg 10


2011-06-04 22:56:01
Let's see, bestiality, blowjob, coercion, oral sex reluctance, young, don't these idiots read codes. What's with all the anonymous comments, too chicken shit to give your name? Personally I liked the story and the rest of his output. If you want to read what you want, and not what is written, then pay the authors for doing the work.

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