When we arrived back home, Sarah was on the phone almost immediately, telling them of our plans to get married.
I had only spoken to her parents briefly, and they didn’t really know me, only as the lodger, so it came as a surprise for them to hear the news.
So they came up with the idea, that at the next family gathering, Christmas, we should spend it at their house, obviously to check me out.


Christmas was fast approaching, we already had the decorations up, and the next weekend we were going to get the tree.
I wanted to get the girls something they wanted, not rubbish, so I asked Sarah for ideas.
She told me that Lauren had always wanted a wii games machine, her friends had all got one and she played on theirs and had hours of fun, so that was Lauren sorted out.
Katie was a bit more difficult, she liked her clothes, and I didn’t want to buy her gift vouchers.
One night Sarah had an idea that sounded as those it would fit the bill, a mobile phone.
Sarah told me not to spend too much on it, but I said it had to equal the price of Laurens wii.
When I enquired, the phone for the same amount of money as the wii, had just about everything you could think of.
So that was settled I got a phone for Katie, Sarah told me to get a pay as you go, so as not to have monthly bills, and when the credit ran out Katie could top it up from her pocket money.

Christmas morning arrived and both had their presents.
Lauren wanted hers set up so she could play it, which we did till it was time to go to Sarah’s parents.
Then we had to put it in its box and took it with us.
Katie took her phone with her, but as the battery wanted a large charge it soon went flat, and she was very impatient waiting for it to charge.
She kept going out to it, but as it wanted a full 8 hours, she always came back disappointed, as it was still flat.

I was very nervous meeting them both, but they put me at ease.
After we had eaten the wonderful dinner her mother had prepared, Richard, Sarah’s dad asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the garden, to enjoy a Havana cigar.
I told him I didn’t smoke, but he insisted, telling me he only had a cigar at Christmas, and as Doreen, his wife didn’t like the smell he had to smoke it in the garden.
I was grateful it was quite mild as we sat on the patio chairs.
Sarah came out a few minutes later, Richard asked her to get us both a brandy, which she did.

“You know Sarah’s been married before?”
“Yes she has told me.”
“Broke her heart when he went, she almost had a nervous break down over it, we had to take them all in, just so we could keep an eye on her.”
Puffing away, smoke billowing from his cigar he continued.
“Both Doreen and I thought she would do something stupid, we told her she should think of the girls first, and nothing else mattered only their future. After a lot of talking and persuading she came round to our way of thinking, and we started to see an improvement in her, but it took 6 months.”
I told him, “I didn’t know that.”
“No she doesn’t speak about it, but we feared for her life, she doted on him.”
He took a sip of brandy.
“What I want to know is, will you leave her in the same state as Tom did?”
“I have no intention of leaving her or hurting her in any way.”
“And what about the girls, they are a ready made family, how do you feel about them?”
“I love them dearly, they already feel like they are mine, you and Doreen needed worry about those two.”
“Well that’s good to hear, all I want to know is are you ready for Sarah and the girls?”
“More then ready, no need to worry they wont come to any harm while I’m around.”
“Then if it’s true what you are telling me, I welcome you to the family.”
“When are you thinking on getting married?”
“Sarah has said in February after Laurens 11th birthday in January”
“Good idea, be a small do will it?”
Yes I don’t have a family, so just be us, you two, and the girls and any friends Sarah wants.”

Satisfied with my answers he finished his cigar and we went inside to join Lauren playing her wii.
As I passed Katie she asked “what’s wrong with this phone Mark it won’t work”
I told her “it needs a good charge and it will be ok tomorrow.”

She too came and played with Lauren, one big happy family.

When we arrived back home I told her about her Dads questions and my answers, and she was happy we had hit it off together, and that we had his and her mums blessing.

We didn’t go out for New Year spent it together as a family unit.

Mid January

We had been watching the TV in the evening, and the girls had just gone to bed.
Sarah received a phone call.
I heard her say “tomorrow?” yes I think it will be alright Ill ring you back if its not, Ill see you at 8.30 then”
She turned to me “I’ve got a job”
“The dry cleaners in the high street, I went in the other day, they had a note in their window, and so I applied and got it, start tomorrow at 8.30.”
“Oh well done you, when do you finish?”
“He said about 4, sorry Mark you will have to look after them both on a Saturday, if it’s a problem I don’t have to work.”
“No, Ill give it a try,” knowing fore well that Katie wouldn’t be pleased, Sarah normally took Lauren with her shopping Saturday, and Katie had her way with me every week when possible.
But I drew the line at sexual intercourse, just oral, but she seemed more then happy with that.
“Well if they are a pain in the arse let me know and I wont work, I know you usually only have one.”
“You had better tell them, prepare them for the shock of me looking after them”
She went upstairs, and was back a few minutes later.
“They have been told”
“Laurens happy enough, not so sure about Katie, Ill bring them both a present make them feel better.”
I could understand why Katie wasn’t happy, her routine being messed up.
I have to say, I was a little put out about it, I looked forward to Saturday morning with Katie.

Sarah got ready Saturday, I was already awake watching her, “see you later then, make sure they behave bye,” and gave me a kiss and hug.
The front door had hardly closed when Katie was stood in the door way, she saw me awake and disappeared again.

She came back seconds later; she slipped off her nightie “you can’t do that today, Laurens in her room.”
“I know she’s asleep, I just looked” and began to climb on the bed.
“Katie no”
“It will be ok, just for a few minutes, please.”
Already I was too late she had pulled the covers back and was playing with my dick, and that was already growing under her touch.
“Katie, NO!”
She had my dick in her mouth, and sucking away as if her life depended on it, it felt so good, it always did. I looked at the door, it was half closed. I figured I would hear Lauren wake up, and stop Katie.
She was so good at what she did to me, I lay back watching the door.

As always the moment you blink or close your eyes the worse things happen.
I opened them again to the sound of Laurens voice “what are you doing Katie?”
Oh my god, she has caught us.

“I’m showing Mark how much I love him” she was so quick with her answers, and normally had an answer for every thing.
Lauren stared at Katie, “what are you doing to him?”
“Come and see Lauren, Mark loves me doing this, he always tells me he loves me afterwards”

I thought this isn’t going to work, but full marks for trying.
I had gone limp now, not surprising really.

Lauren was still at the door, “do you want to try Lauren, Mark will say he loves you too.”
“Mark does love me he told me”
“Yes, he loves us both, but this is a special kind of love”
She wasn’t convinced nor was I.
“All you have to do is rub it like this” and gave Lauren a demonstration.
She took a step nearer looking at me then Katie.
“But what he really likes is when you put it in your mouth, or lick the end.”
She moved to Katie and looked at my dick, “no, I don’t want to lick that it will taste horrible, that’s where his pee comes out.”
“It doesn’t taste horrible it tastes nice, if it tasted horrible I wouldn’t do it would I”
Lauren shook her head.
Once again she looked at me. I have to admit I was scared shitless.
Katie rubbed it again, and then licked the end, Lauren was watching intently.

“You try Lauren, rub it” she reached out her hand, and just touched it, then pulled back again.
“Didn’t hurt did it”
She shook her head again. “Rub it.” Katie told her again.
She took hold of it and rubbed it hard, made me jump, “not so rough Lauren” Katie told her. “Gently like this” and once again Katie showed her.

Lauren took hold of me again and rubbed it slower and gentler this time.
Katie had her head on my stomach, “pop it in your mouth Lauren,”
She shook her head again, “Mark wants you to”
She looked up at me, I nodded.
Lauren moved her face closer; she looked up at Katie and asked “what do I have to do?”
“Like this” and she showed her. Then moved away holding it front of Laurens mouth.
She slowly closed her mouth over me, still unsure about the taste. “Suck it Lauren” Katie told her.
She did as Katie said, “put more in, the more you put in the more he will like it.”
Slowly her mouth went down, she was smaller and couldn’t take so much, but even so I was enjoying it.
She quickly took it out of her mouth, “what’s it doing its getting bigger”
“It does that when Mark is enjoying what you are doing, the more he likes it the bigger it gets, it’s ok Lauren it won’t hurt you”
She went back to her task, I was now thinking clever girl Katie her persuasive manner was working.

Although it was Laurens first time she was certainly giving me some sensations.
“When you suck it in the right way it will spurt cream out the end”
“Not like cream mums buys that she puts on jellies, a different sort of cream, but it still tastes nice.”
She sucked it some more.
But gave up after a few seconds, and said “I don’t want to do it.”
“You have to Mark loves you doing it I can tell.”
She put it back in for a few seconds more.
“It wont spurt for me.”
“It takes longer then that, do it for a few minutes.”
She did as Katie had told her, but gave up again.
“I can’t do it Katie it wont squirt you do it.”

Katie took over she was an expert, she knew just when I was about to orgasm.
And I was fast approaching the verge now, and Katie knew it.
”now you do just like that”, Lauren continued to suck the end.
I groaned out loud and Katie told her to take it out, but she was too late and some went in her mouth, she spat it out quickly.
“Doesn’t taste so bad does it Lauren”
“No but it wasn’t like the cream mum buys”
Seconds later I was limp.

I put my arms out to Lauren “come here Lauren”
She shuffled up the bed, I took her in my arms and kissed her like I kissed Katie, it was the first time I had done that, I then told her I loved her very much.
Katie was beside me now and I kissed her as well and thanked her.
She looked down at Lauren, “you mustn’t tell mum, it’s a special kind of love Mark has for you now and mum won’t understand.”
She nodded approval, and I kissed her forehead.
Katie kissed her cheek “I’m so proud of you Lauren, and so lucky I have a sister like you.”

I lay with my arms around both of my girls, a 13 year old and 11 year old.
I would be proud to be their father.
“I know Mark, why don’t we get dressed and you take us for a McDonalds.”
Sounded like a good idea to me, so we got ready and went out.

Sarah arrived home just after 4, “well how they have been?”
“Perfect good as gold, no problems at all. Been down the park, walk by the river, they had a good time I think”
“Good, you won’t mind baby sitting next week then, he said there maybe a job for me during the week as well”
“It was ok then?”
“Yes I enjoyed it, what did you do for their lunch?”
“We had a McDonalds”
“Mark you know I don’t want them eating fatting food.”
“Its ok, every thing else that they have eaten today wasn’t fatting”

I immediately thought I sounded like Katie, now I was doing double meanings.

“Ill look forward to next Saturday, sure we will find something to do”
“Good but no McDonalds, you give them something nice to eat”

“Ill try”

The following Friday.

As usual we were together doing Katie’s home work, Sarah sitting opposite. Lauren was staying over at her friends and wouldn’t be back until later tonight.
She had all most finished all of her maths; she was getting very good at it now, and was able to work most of it out for herself.
“Finished.” she said
“Well done, hardly needed my help at all”
She still sat legs across mine scribbling on a piece of paper; she handed it to me, and motioned for me not to say anything.
I took the paper and looked at it, she had written in capitals
I looked at her puzzled; did she want that for tomorrow’s lunch?
She took it back and continued writing, then handed it back, again I looked, she had written this time.
I shook my head, “Yes” she replied
“What’s up with you two now?” Sarah asked.
“Katie wants KFC; I told her she can’t have it”
“Good, you’re not having fatting food”
“It won’t make me fat I promise.”
She got up gathering her books, I slapped her ass. “You’re not having it”
She walked to the door and mouthed back at me K.F.C
Again I shook my head.
“Make us a cup of coffee love.” Sarah asked.
I picked up the scrap of paper and walked to the kitchen.

Katie was getting an orange juice. I handed her the paper.
“KFC tomorrow”
I whispered, “I told you why I couldn’t do that in Lanzarote, so sorry, it’s a no”
“I won’t get pregnant, mum took me to the doctors and I’m on the pill now, I told her all the girls were taking them in my class, and she said better to be safe then sorry, but she preferred it that I didn’t have sex yet as I was too young, so there you are”
“How long have you been taking it?”
“Two months”
“She didn’t say anything to me”
“She wouldn’t, girl’s matters, nothing to do with you. So Marky, KFC tomorrow”
As she walked pass me on the way to bed she smacked my ass.
She walked up the stairs singing “KFC, KFC KFC.”
I handed Sarah her coffee, and watched TV but all the evening I was thinking about tomorrow.

I knew deep down in my heart it was wrong even to contemplate making love to Katie, she was only thirteen, but for all that she was a very attractive girl.
I wondered where would the harm be in doing as she asked, she was gagging for it, and I had been told by her a long time ago she was still a virgin, except for that small incident in Lanzarote, and her mums vibrator, which she didn’t count.
I had never been with a virgin.
No, I didn’t know what to do, I was totally confused.

And there was Sarah to consider, the marriage was only a few weeks away, if she was to find out it would break her heart. It had already happened to her once before, but this young woman would be her own daughter.
I also loved Sarah very much, but then I loved Katie.

Sarah had gone to work as usual; Lauren was in her bedroom watching a new DVD Sarah had bought her.
Katie was stood at the door.
“Morning Marky, K.F.C”
She climbed in beside me, in spite of my protests, Katie once again got her way, she always did, I was putty in her hands, and she knew it.
I knew I had to forget the foreplay as Lauren was in her room, and Katie wanted to know how it felt to have a cock inside her, and find out how it felt when I orgasmed inside her.

We kissed a little, but I told her “I don’t want Lauren knowing about this, so we will have to be quick.”
She seemed happy with that.
She lay under me her legs open wide, I was slowly penetrating her, she said she could feel every movement, again she was groaning loudly, as her orgasm hit her, sending her over the top.
I continued, but this time I knew I wouldn’t need to pull out. I moved faster pumping her hard, her legs wrapped around my waist, spurt after spurt entered her for the first time.
“God that’s gorgeous she screamed I can feel every spurt, oh yes, yes yes.”
I lay on top of her kissing her deeply and with as much passion I could muster, at last I had fucked my Katie the way she had always wanted to be fucked, filling her pussy with my hot cum.

The bedroom door opened slowly, I thought it had to be Lauren investigating Katie’s screaming, it wasn’t.

Katie looked towards the door, “MUM”
“What the hell” she shouted.
Katie got up and ran to her mum “I’m sorry mummy, so sorry”
“It’s not your fault Katie, I had forgot my phone, I only wish I had come back sooner, I could have stopped him raping you, get me the phone I’m calling the police”
Katie looked up at her “he wasn’t raping me, I wanted him to do it, and I love what he does to me”
“What do you mean? You love what he does to you? As this happened before?”
“Yes lot of times”
I lay silent, I had nothing to say.

“I’m calling the police to get him locked up”
“Please don’t it wasn’t his fault”
“I think it was Katie, he was raping a 13 year old girl.”
“I’m nearly 14, and he wasn’t raping me.”
“You’re still underage, he’s going to jail for what he has done to you, thank god I caught him before he raped Lauren as well”
“Mum will you listen it wasn’t rape, I wanted him to fuck me”
“Don’t use that word Katie, makes you sound cheap”
“Perhaps I am cheap, and a slut but I still love him and I wanted him to do it”

Lauren was at the door now, hearing the noise she had come to investigate.

Sarah was sitting on the dressing table chair, she held out her arms to Lauren and Lauren ran to Sarah.
Sarah put her arms around Lauren, “at least you are safe from this monster”
“He’s not a monster he loves us” Katie exclaimed
“Tells you he loves you so he can get your knickers off and have sex with him, don’t you see he hood winked you into thinking YOU wanted him to do it and all the time it was HIM that wanted to do it. I’ve heard about his type, grooming young girls for sex. And I welcomed into my home, God I was even going to marry him, he had me fooled to Katie”
“You don’t understand mum, I wanted him to do it, I was curious, and wondered what it felt like for a man to touch me, and the other girls said it was nice, so I wanted to try. And when he touched me the first time, I did like it”
Lauren spoke “so did I it was nice”
Katie looked at her “Lauren shut up, your not helping”
Sarah looked at Lauren,” he’s touched you too?”
“Yes it was nice I liked it”
“Lauren shut up.” Lauren looked at the floor.
“Did Mark put his willy in you? Lauren”
“Well thank God for that at least there’s one he hasn’t fucked”

Lauren looked at Katie “Katie wouldn’t let him do that to me; she said I was too young, and I might have a baby. I thought that was mean of Katie, she liked it, but she wouldn’t let me do it”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this, he’s fucked one and molested my other daughter.” She looked at me “you are going to jail Mark, you can be sure of that”

I sat silent, what could I say that would make a difference.

“Mark didn’t plan any of this, I did,” Katie admitted
“Don’t lie to me; you know I will find you out”
“I’m not lying I did plan it, I can prove it”
“How? Can you go back in time or something, are you doctor who, if you think you can prove it, prove it to me then”

Katie ran off, still naked; she came back a few minutes later, now wearing her dressing gown.
She handed Sarah a couple of books, “what are these?”
“My diaries, I have always kept a diary of my life, nanny bought me one when I was 5 and every year since”
“I didn’t know she bought you diaries she never told me”
“She gave them to me secretly, said I had to put things in there that other people shouldn’t see or read, they were your true feelings that you wrote in diaries, and I was to hide it out of the way, so I did”
“Well I don’t think this will prove anything, I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with this, I should be calling the police”
“Just read them please”, Katie found a page, Sarah took the first diary off her.
“Read it, I was 12 when I wrote this one”

The use of italics is to denote diary entries.

Sarah looked down and began to read.

I met the new lodger today, he’s much younger then Frank, I was on a sun bed in the garden, and I saw him look at my legs. Think he likes my legs.

She flipped a couple of pages.

I was right he does like my legs, I saw him looking again today, think I can have some fun with him like I did with Frank, but Mark is much better looking then Frank

When ever I show my legs to Mark he looks, I make sure he sees my bum when I bend over, I like teasing Mark, I make it look like an accident but its not

I sat on the floor tonight in my shortest nightie playing a game with Lauren; I sat so Mark could see up my nightie, think he knew I hadn’t got my knickers on

Sarah looked at Katie, and then turned another couple of pages

I’m leaving my bedroom door open now, and lay on my bed in my knickers, I’ve noticed he looks every time he comes pass, I wonder if he has a wank in bed when he’s seen me, wish I could watch him wank

Sarah looked at me; Lauren was reading the diary also.

Mum went out with Nan today, and Mark took us to the park, he asked us both if we wanted a boat ride. Before we went I found a toilet and took my knickers off. Mark let me row the boat and I made sure he could see my cunt as I rowed; my legs were open so he must have. I think his cock had grown too, there seemed to be a big bulge in his shorts; bet has another wank tonight thinking about it

Mark helps me with my homework, he lets me put my legs over his, it feels nice when my skin is against his, I put his hand on my leg tonight, I think he liked that he didn’t take it away

Did my homework again, I put Marks hand on my leg, and while he was showing me how to do things I felt his hand move up my leg, it was nearly at my bum, then mum came in and he took away, wish mum hadn’t come in then. I wanted him to feel my bum

Mark hand his hand on my leg again tonight when we did my homework, he moved it again, and again it was nearly on my bum when mum came in again, wish she would take Lauren to the pictures or something so Mark and I can be alone

When mum and Lauren went next door I did a sexy dance for Mark, I wore my shortest skirt and didn’t have a bra on, while I was dancing he couldn’t take his eyes off me. I could see his cock had got hard. When the song finished I lay on the sofa with my skirt up, I know he saw my cunt lips, if I had let him he would have touched my cunt. But I’m not ready yet, I want to tease him some more before I let him touch my cunt.

Sarah turned several pages again; I wished I could see what she was reading.

When we got back after bank holiday, mum told us Mark loved her, and she loved Mark and they would be sleeping together. I’m jealous of mum I wish I could sleep with Mark. It won’t make any difference though, I’m still going to tease Mark and one day I will let him touch my cunt, I know he will enjoy it and want to do it again.

Mark has been annoying me lately, he has stopped looking at me, and he doesn’t speak much, and we do my home work at the kitchen table now, he won’t put his hand on my leg any more.

Mark still wont look at me, even though I don’t wear my knickers when I’m in doors, I don’t like the way he’s acting, don’t think he likes me at all now.

mum went out with Lauren, I tried to sit beside Mark on the sofa, so I could put my legs over him, I had my shortest skirt on, he moved to the chair and wouldn’t sit with me, and even though I was showing him my cunt he wouldn’t look, but I’ve got an idea.

Again she looked at Katie.

I brought Simon home tonight, don’t like him much, but I can use him in my plan, I made sure we were making a lot of noise when Mark came home, he doesn’t like a lot of noise. When he came in to stop us, I was showing my knickers at him, and I let Simon touch my bum, bet that annoyed Mark. After dinner Mark and me had a massive row, I called him a nosy old bastard, he didn’t like that.
Don’t think I should have said that though, but too late now. I went to Laurens room to play with her when Simon had gone, she was all cuddled up to Mark, he used to let me cuddle him like that, but he wont now. I said some more horrid things, and I told mum some lies about Mark. I wish I hadn’t done that, Mark said he was going away, and I don’t want him to go away.

Mark took us to school today, and he asked why I was being horrible to him, so I told him. We didn’t argue today, I told him I was sorry and didn’t want him to go away, he wanted us to be friends again, so we are. I gave Mark a big wet kiss before I went to school; think things will be ok now.

Sarah thumbed through some more pages then stopped again.

Mum took Lauren shopping this morning, at last Mark and me were alone, I went into his room and took my nightie off, he liked my tits and touched them, so I got in the bed, he kissed me then, and sucked my nipples.
I could feel his cock was hard it was pressed against my leg. He kept kissing me, it was lovely being alone with him at last, then he put his hand in my knickers, I thought I would die. I’ve wanted him to do this for ages. He was touching my cunt, and had a finger in me, it felt gorgeous, much better then when I do it to my self. Then he put his mouth on my cunt and licked me, I have never felt anything like it, he wouldn’t stop, he must have loved it so much.
I had seen a book of a girl sucking a mans cock and I wanted to do that to Mark, so when he had finished , I took his cock in my mouth it felt wonderful, and I sucked and licked him till he cum, he thought I would take it out but I didn’t, I showed him the spunk in my mouth then I swallowed it, and showed him my mouth was empty. He loved that he told me he loved me very much.

Sarah turned to “Katie, I can’t believe I’m reading this, no wonder you hid the books”

Mark has booked a holiday to Spain somewhere that will be nice I wonder if we can be alone while we are there, I want to touch Marks cock again.

Mum and Mark are getting married, Mark will be with me all the time, and when mum goes to work or shopping I will be in Marks bed with him, then I will be able to touch his cock whenever I like.

I felt sick down the beach Mark said I had too much sun, he took me back to our room, and I went to sleep, Marks so nice he loves looking after me and Lauren. He came up when I was awake and sat on the bed, he took my t-shirt off, I wanted him to suck my nipples again, and kiss me like before, then he sucked my tits, like I had hoped, then he sucked my cunt, it was much nicer then the last time, I had a funny feeling in my cunt, and I couldn’t stop screaming. Mark told me after I had an orgasm, whatever that is, but I loved it, I’ve got to have more of those.
He was laying on top of me and I asked him to put his cock in me, but he wouldn’t, said I would have a baby, I didn’t care I wanted to know how it felt, I pleaded and begged him, and he said only for a minute then, when it was in, it seemed to fill me up inside, it felt gorgeous, he moved back a forth, but had to take it out, all his cum went on my belly I wish it would have gone inside me, I need to know how that feels.

Went into Marks room this morning, mum was at work. Lauren was at Nan’s.
He was asleep so I had my chance, I pulled the sheet back and put his cock in my mouth, he woke up then. I thought he would.
I sucked it and I felt it getting harder, I asked Mark if he liked it, and was I doing it right, he said I was so I continued. A little while later he said he was going to cum, and came in my mouth again. I wanted to taste his cum again.

I was sucking Mark this morning and Lauren caught us, she wanted to know what I was doing to Mark so I showed her, and I persuaded her to try it, she did, and she liked it, but wasn’t keen on the taste, but I think she will like it if she does it again.

Katie looked at the floor when Sarah looked at her, neither spoke.

Lauren came in the room again this morning, Mark was licking my cunt, and Lauren watched, I asked Lauren did she want Mark to do it to her, she said yes, and Mark sucked and licked her cunt, she loved it she was wiggling about on the bed and screaming, when I looked at her cunt it was all wet, she wants Mark to do it again, I told her I would ask him.
Mark cuddled us both very tight and told us he loved us very much. I told Lauren later it was a special kind of love and she mustn’t tell mum.

Lauren woke me early this morning, said she wanted Mark to lick her cunt, I told her he couldn’t mum was still here, she said she wanted to be first this time, she said I was always first and it wasn’t fair, so I let go first, she sat on Marks mouth and she loved it, so did he, he told me he could feel her cum in his mouth and it tasted as nice as mine, but I’m going first next time not her, she takes too long, and I get bored waiting. I haven’t tried sitting on his mouth that was a good idea of Laurens.

Did as Lauren did, sat on Marks face so he could lick my cunt, Lauren was right it is nice like that, and when I leaned forward I could suck Marks cock as well, much better way of doing it, I think Lauren was very clever to come up with that idea.

We both sit on Marks face now, he says our cunt lips are wide open and he can get his tongue right inside us, and taste our cum, Laurens getting used to the taste of Marks cum now as well, she had a mouthful this morning, and I told her to swallow it, and she did.

Lauren goes into Marks bedroom first now, before I wake up, and most of the time she makes him cum, so when its my turn he cant cum, I’m really getting fed up with her, and it makes me jealous, he seems to love her more then me. I don’t think he does, Ill have to get a lock for Laurens door so I can go first again.

I asked mum if I could go on the pill, I told her other girls were taking it, they weren’t but mum believed me, the doctor said I couldn’t have sex for a while and to give the pill chance to work. I told mum I wasn’t going to have sex at all, but I hoped I would.
With Mark.

Sarah was now reading the last page.

I made Mark laugh last night, when I had finished my home work, I wrote on a bit of paper KFC, he didn’t know what I meant, so I filled in the blanks, and it said KATIE FANCIES COCK. He shook his head, but I said yes, mum thinks I meant KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, if only she knew. I told Mark I was on the pill, but he said he still won’t fuck me, but tomorrow I will make sure he does. I know it will be wonderful, can’t wait till mums at work, I’ve told Lauren to stay in her room till I come and get her.

Sarah put the book down and looked at me, then Katie.

Katie spoke first “sorry mum, do you think I’m a slut?”
Sarah just sat there, “I don’t know what to say Katie, it does prove one thing though, Mark hadn’t planned it, and you had. And it was very brave of you to show me these diaries, but I don’t know what to say.”

“Mark wont go to prison will he? It wasn’t his fault was it?”
“He still should have known better, you are underage”
“I’m nearly fifteen”
“Katie you aren’t even 14, and if you were 15 you would still be underage.”
“I suppose you hate me now for the things I did, and the way I told Lauren to do what she did”
“You are my daughter how can I hate you, but you were wrong in the things you did.”
“I was curious, and I loved Mark so much I wanted him to do it, be my first”
“well that much I can understand, but Mark was still wrong, he should have told me about your problems, not just carried on to satisfy your curiosity.”

“Will he still be our dad?” Lauren asked
“I don’t think that’s possible now Lauren”
Lauren began to cry, “I want Mark as my dad, it’s not fair, he didn’t hurt us, he loves us so much more then my other dad, and you wont let him be my dad”
“I’m sorry Lauren but how can I marry him now, I can’t trust him anymore.”
“Don’t you love him any more?”
She looked at Lauren then Katie then me, “I don’t know how I feel”
“You loved him an hour ago”. Katie said.
“That was before I found out he had been fucking you, as you put it”
“But nothing as changed, he’s the same Mark he still loves you, and I know he loves us. All he was doing was teaching us how to make love, like a teacher in school”
“Teachers in schools don’t fuck their pupils Katie.”
“Dad run off with a young girl, Mark won’t do that.”
“Oh I understand now.”
“What?” Katie asked her.

“At last I know what you meant, when you said Mark won’t run off with younger girl, when we were on holiday, it’s become clear now, I thought it a funny think to say.”
“Well he won’t will he? He has Lauren and me.”

“So what you’re telling me is, he can fuck you and Lauren any time he wants, even though he’s married to me and is your dad, is that right?”
Lauren piped up once more “yes that’s right”
“Lauren shut up, that’s not what I mean at all, you aren’t helping, just be quiet, this is grown up talk, and you’re only a baby, that’s why I wouldn’t let Mark fuck you remember.”

Lauren looked at the floor.

“What I mean is if Mark feels he needs another girl or woman, he knows we are here, and there is no need for him to go and find one like dad did. He can fuck us, and will never leave us or you like dad did, and you won’t have a broken heart like the last time.”
“If you want we can get a big bed and all sleep together?” Lauren again interrupted looking up at her mum.
Once again Katie snarled at her, “Lauren why do you say such stupid things, you can be so stupid at times, they don’t make a bed that big”
“We can get one made Katie”
“Lauren just be quiet, you must be the stupidest sister any one can have”

Even that short interchange brought a tiny smile to Sarah lips, and she cuddled Lauren, “take no notice of Katie, you are only trying to help I know that, but Katie is right.”
“Well they do make big beds; I’ve seen them on the tele”
“Well we aren’t having one” Katie shouted at her.
“What you are saying Katie won’t work, for a start I will get very jealous.
“I got jealous when I knew Mark was sleeping with you, I got jealous when I watched Lauren having her cunt sucked, but it didn’t matter, I still had time with Mark alone, as you will, and you will still be sleeping with him, he won’t be sleeping with us.”

Katie certainly could put forward a convincing argument, but there was no way Sarah would go for that.

Sarah looked across at me, still sitting on the bed “Well, haven’t you anything to say?”

“All I have to say is you are right, I should have ignored Katie, but Sarah I’m a male, and only human, Katie is a very good looking girl, as is Lauren, and Katie is very hard to ignore, I’m not blaming Katie, it was entirely my fault. I did try ignoring Katie, but that didn’t work, I couldn’t ignore her, she is part of my life, as you all are, I couldn’t ignore any of you. I’m sorry Sarah, things just got out of hand.”
“Out of hand and into your bed you mean” Sarah replied.

“I love you very much Sarah you are my life, and I also love the girls very much, they are the best daughters any one could ask for. If you decide you are going to call the police, I won’t make a fuss, Ill plead guilty, I am guilty. I wont mention Katie’s dairies or try and blame her, Ill just tell them I groomed them both and took advantage of them.”
She looked away, and then at the girls, both had tears in their eyes, Lauren spoke “I don’t want Mark to go to prison, Katie and me will never see him again, it’s not fair, it was our fault too”
Sarah cuddled Lauren, “please don’t make him go to prison, I want him to stay with us, he’s never hurt us, and never will hurt us, or you mummy, he wont hurt any of us, please let him stay here, don’t call the police.”
Katie was now by Sarah’s side cuddling Lauren, “she’s right mummy, we want him to stay, we love him so much, and it’s not fair that the police won’t allow Mark to love us.”

“They will allow Mark to love you, but not in the way he has loved you, that was wrong”
“We know that now”, Katie answered
“Katie you always knew it was wrong, that’s why you told Lauren it was a secret”
“I did but Lauren didn’t know it was wrong, it was all my fault, let Mark stay and send me to prison”, she began sobbing, and looked at me.
I held out my arms, she came to me; I put my arms around her and kissed her. “I’m the one going to prison Katie not you, I’m older then you I shouldn’t have done it.”
“We wanted you to, I wanted you too, and we love you so much.”

Her arms were holding me so tight, tears streaming down her face. Lauren walked over and put her arms around Katie, I held Lauren to me “in a year or so you will forget me.”
Katie looked up, “we will never forget you, we have lost two dads now.”
Again she buried her head in my chest. I looked at Sarah.

“For god’s sake, I don’t know what to do, they do love you thats plain to see, and I have seen how you are with them. And its obvious you will make them a good father, for all the right reasons, but how can ignore what’s happened?”
“You can’t” tears were in my eyes now, I was holding the girls so tight, and I knew I would never see them again.
“Call the police Sarah, lets get it over with, I can’t watch these two crying like this knowing it’s my fault, call them Sarah, I’m ready to go.”
“No mummy don’t please”
“She has to Katie, I have to be punished for the things I did.”
“But it wasn’t your fault”
“It was, in the eyes of the law it was my fault.”
I reached for the phone beside the bed and threw it towards Sarah, she caught it.
“Call them Sarah.”

“No mummy don’t call them, we promise it won’t happen again. Let him stay.”
“I’m sorry Katie I don’t believe you, I think it will happen again.”
She looked at the phone, the number was already in the memory, she pushed a button, and Katie broke her heart, holding me so tight, my t-shirt soaked with their tears, I looked at Sarah again, she waited for the phone to connect to the police.

“I will have to get dressed girls.” They both clung to me, “Katie, Lauren come on, it will be ok let me get dressed.”
They both let me go, “will we ever see you again.” Lauren asked.
“No, sweet heart when I go with them we will never see each other again.”
She held me tight once again, tearing running down her beautiful face.
“Hello, can I help you?” the speaker was still on the phone
I heard Sarah speak, “yes, I want to report”. She paused.
“Yes madam”
She looked at us, the girls were looking at their mum, tears covering their pretty faces, I had never seen them like this before, and I wondered had Sarah?

“Yes, sorry, I want to report” looking at them both again “a man has been no I mean a friend of mine has been.” She paused again
“Is there something I can help you with madam, a man has been doing what?”
“I’m sorry, what I mean to say is, oh god this is hard for me to say,”
“Take your time madam, start again.”

I was holding them again kissing their foreheads, “it will be ok girls honest, Katie?” She looked up at me, “kiss me like you used to, it will be the last I have from you.”

Her arms when round my neck, and for the last time she kissed me, a sloppy wet Katie kiss, only Katie could kiss like that, we stayed like that for seconds she wouldn’t let go.
I heard the phone again and looked up “madam, madam are you there, is everything alright?”
“Yes I’m here,”
“What is the problem?”
“I just found out my boyfriend has been”

They both clung tight to me, by now all three of us were crying, I don’t want to go to prison, but most of all I knew I would never see my girls again, it was breaking my heart.
“You have just found out your boyfriend has been doing what madam?”
Another long pause as she looked at us.
“Madam if you don’t tell me I shall have to go, I have other calls waiting.”

She pushed a button, the phone fell silent, and she looked at me tears in her eyes now.
“Fuck you Mark, fuck you.” I looked at her.

Why had she put the phone down, she must have seen the puzzled look on my face.

“Fuck you Mark, fuck you for making me love you, fuck you for making them love you.” Pointing at the girls, they were now looking at her.
“How the fuck can I send you to prison, how can I deprive my girls of a father, why couldn’t you just be a fucking lodger, that’s all I wanted….a lodger, not a husband or a father for them, just some extra cash so I could give them things they had never had, things like the other kids have got. I never wanted to give them a father, just fucking presents, not a father. I hate you for that, but I love you has well, but if I let you stay things are going to change around here.”

The girls were rejoicing, “can he stay mummy, can he stay forever” Lauren asked her. They both ran to Sarah’s side and were kissing and holding her now, the tears of sorrow, replaced by tears of joy, I breathed a sigh of relief, no prison and I still have my girls, even if not in the same way as before.
I would still be with them, and that was more important to me then anything else.

Sarah held her girls and looked at me “I mean it, there will be changes around here, don’t think I’ve let you off the hook that easily, I need some assurances from you.”
“You will have them.”
“I had better have them; I can still use the phone you know.”
“Whatever you want you will get, I just want to be with you and the girls, any thing name it, Ill agree to every thing.”
“Well, what I would like is a coffee.”
“Its yours,” I got up to go down stairs.
Lauren looked at her mum “is Mark staying now?”
“Yes he is, as long as he behaves, he can stay.”

“Does that mean Mark can teach me how to make love? Katie already knows I don’t, she wouldn’t let Mark do that to me. ”

Katie stood back from them both, looking at Lauren.

“Why are you always so stupid, you say the stupidest things, you are too young I told you that? GOD why have I got such a stupid sister, you will get pregnant and have a baby, tell her mum. I hope your kids aren’t as stupid as you. Only mum and I can sleep with him.”
“No Katie, you can’t sleep with him either.”
“Why? I’m old enough”
“Because its illegal and I said you couldn’t, do you want him to stay?”
“Then he can never sleep with either of you again, is that clear?”
“Yes” they both said.

“Promise me then, you will never sleep with Mark again”

“We promise” they both said together.

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