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Young Adult Passion -

Let’s get caught up…..

In the last part a lot had happened. I got my own house, Mallory moved in with me, and we started to renovate the building that Mallory’s dad John had just leased for our monthly meetings with our new guys. A lot has happened in the last year so here is.

Mallory not only moved in with me, but she has transferred schools. We had gotten up for the last year, got ready, and got ourselves to school. Mallory had skipped the 8th grade so she graduated this year with her diploma. She had already been accepted to go to a good college that was in the same town as her dad’s strip club. I was now about to be 15 in another month and was anxious to get myself my first car.

Dad built the stage and put up some nice adjustable lighting. That cost us $8000. total. We bought a really nice jukebox and P.A. system with 8 speakers that was for sale in the classifieds in the paper. That cost us $5500.00. Then we put down carpet in the whole inside. That ran us over $2000.00. Then we painted the place, that cost us about $ 300.00. Then we bought 3 couches, 6 nice seats to put around the stage, a used refrigerator for drinks, and some other stuff. Altogether that cost us about $ 4000.00.

We then had a wall built on the opposite end of the building. We put in a full bathroom that cost us $3000.00, and a security room that cost us another $2000.00 with cameras and monitors behind that wall. Altogether it cost us about $25,000 with us doing all of the work. We had saved the other $25,000. Mallory said that she had plans for that money but wouldn’t tell me for what.

We were both meeting with Eric now on Monday nights. He was paying us $2500 a meeting for us both, but had scaled down to just one time per week. We also had continued to meet with the same three guys from the club monthly. I also had started meeting Nathan, one of the three guys from the club, on Wednesday nights he was giving me $1500 each time. Mallory went along but only observed. We met them all at the new building.

My birthday came fast and as luck would have it, it fell on a Saturday. Mallory left and told me that she would be back in a few hours. She said she had to go and buy me a present.

I was out back enjoying the covered patio when I heard Mallory back home. Jennifer and Mallory came through the front door and Mallory came up to me.

“ Hey come out front with me.” She said.

Being my birthday I didn’t ask any questions. I just got up and walked to the front door. Jennifer then opened the door and that is when I saw a brand new 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

“ Happy Birthday Jenny.” Mallory said. I didn’t know what to say. It was red with black trim and shiny black tires. It was just perfect for me. I just grabbed Jennifer and Mallory and hugged them both really tight. I ran over to the car and got inside it was beautiful. This wasn’t the standard car, this car had all of the extras. I absolutely loved it, now I just had to learn how to drive it. I had driven Mallory’s Blazer a little bit, but still needed more practice.

“ This is what I had planned to use part of the left over $25,000 for. I hope that you like it? Mallory said.

“ I love it, it is perfect for me. You know me too well.” I said.

I didn’t have my drivers permit yet but I had to drive it. Mallory got in the passenger seat and we started down the road. I think that I did pretty well, Mallory didn’t holler at me this time any. Actually as we pulled up at Dad’s place she commented on how good I had driven.

Dad and Jason came out to see my new present and Jason was in love more than Dad. Dad had always been a truck guy. Anything other than a truck just wasn’t his style. He did say though that he thought that it was a good first care for me, as long as I didn’t speed in it. He also said that I don’t need to drive it anymore until I got my permit. Dad then asked us to come inside.

Once inside we sat down and dad came over to me with a box in his hand. “I honestly didn’t know what to get you, but I thought back to the time that me and your mom had went on vacation before you were born. The place was beautiful and so I thought that with you both off for the summer that you might be able to take 2 weeks off and go on a vacation.” Dad said as I opened the box to see all the info and plane tickets for a trip to Hawaii.

“Oh my God, this leaves Monday! What are we going to do about Nathan and Eric? I said.

“ I talked to them both this morning. They know that we are going to be out for the next 2 weeks. We will leave Monday and we will come back 12 days later. Everything is set up, all we have to do is pack and drive to the airport.” Mallory said. “ Jennifer is going to also talk to my dad to let him know.”

We packed up everything on Sunday night into the Blazer. We had left for the airport at about 6am. Our flight left at 8:15 and we had to drive about an hour to get to the airport. They started loading the plane at 7:45 and we had already checked in our luggage and was boarding the plane.

I couldn’t believe that we were actually going to Hawaii. I had always wanted to go since I had heard mom and dad talk about how pretty it was. The trip was long but very fun as I had never been on an airplane before. Me and Mallory looked over the sight seeing book that came with our reservations, we picked out more places that we wanted to see than we actually had time to see. But once we got there we could figure it out. We had brought with us $5000 each so we were going to have a good time one way or the other.

We had to stop for 2 layovers but finally made it to Honolulu Airport about 9 and a half hours later. It was after 5pm our time but in Hawaii it was actually only 1pm, they were four hours behind us. So we had most of the day left. We got our luggage and went over to the car rental place.

Mallory had Jennifer reserve us a car on her credit card, so we would have a way to get around. So we got our car and headed off to the Hotel. The hotel room was really nice and was on the 6th floor and the view was amazing. I could tell that Dad and Jennifer spared no expense with this vacation. The room had a big 2 person whirlpool tub in it, a king size bed, 2 chairs, and a table.

We tipped the bellhop Matt, and started unpacking.

“ One of the things that I want to do while we are here is to try to visit a nude beach. Dad said there was a family nude beach here somewhere. We will just have to find out where.” I said.

“ Will they let us in without an adult.” Mallory asked.

“ We will find a couple of guys over 21 to take us in with them, then we can flirt with them some and bring them back to the hotel with us.” I said.

“ You are so bad.” Mallory smiled at me….

We were both starving so we decided to go and find a restaurant. On the way out of the lobby we saw some sight seeing books for sale. These weren’t like the one we got. This one was as thick as a telephone book and had every hotel, ever restaurant, and every site seeing destination in it. It cost us $39.95 but it was more than worth it.

We went to a restaurant that was down on the corner from us. We had decided to wear our minis again with shirts that showed our tummies and of course we once again skipped wearing panties and bras. When we walked in we noticed guys heads start to turn. It was a real turn on for me to see them looking and desiring us.

We were showed to our table and placed our order. We kept noticing that a couple of the guys at the bar kept looking at us. They weren’t hot but they were okay. We got our food and ate, and noticed that they were still glancing at us.

“ Do we want company tonight?” I asked Mallory.

Mallory didn’t even answer she just gave a huge smile. I knew exactly what she was thinking. So I waived at them to come over to us. They both got up and came over to our table.

“ Would you two like to join us?” I asked them.

“ Yea that would be great, My name is Dennis and this is my friend Jake.” They said.

“ I am Mallory and this is Jenny.” We said.

“ You two girls look really cute. I love your outfits. So where are you two from?” Jake said.

“ We are from Alabama” I said.

“ Would you two like an alcoholic drink, we are drinking screwdrivers?” Dennis asked.

We both agreed and so we got our first drink. It was followed by our second. I was feeling no pain by the end of the second drink. Mallory seemed to be a little more giggly as well. I didn’t seem to care what I did either. I reached over to Jake who was sitting next to me and I started rubbing his crotch. I could tell that he was starting to stiffen and I wanted to suck it badly. I asked Mallory to come with me to the bathroom. I really had to piss.

“ I really want to suck Jake tonight, but I just want to make love to you at the hotel. Does that sound okay? I asked.

“ Lets invite them to the hotel, give them a blowjob, and then we can kick them out.” Mallory said.

We went back to the table and asked the guys if they would let us suck them off at the hotel. They said okay and so we left.

We got into the room and we wasted no time in dropping to our knees. At this point we both were just wanting a guy to warm us up. We had our own plans for our first night in Hawaii. The room had two comfortable chairs. We put one in one, and one in the other. I looked over to get a look at Dennis’s dick, he was about six inches, uncircumcised and average thickness. Jake was hung quite well. He was at least 7 inches long and I could tell he was going to be on the thick side, and he was uncircumcised as well.

I really liked the looseness of the skin. I spent the first few minutes just jerking his dick making the foreskin go back and forth over his cock head. It wasn’t my first uncircumcised dick, but this time I took a little more time to admire one. I let the skin come all of the way up and then I lowered my mouth other it. I opened wide and took half of it in and then I tightened up and slowly pulled it out between my lips stretching his foreskin over his head in my mouth. The thought of this different dick in my mouth just turned me on even more. I could feel the fire starting between my legs.

I was really content with just sucking him off tonight. The thought of him cumming anywhere else just didn’t seem to set right with me. I was vexed and I needed to keep him in my mouth, I was just enjoying it too much. Jake started to harden even more and even thicken up some more. I kept sucking his dick as he moaned and told me how good I was.

I could hear Dennis cumming in the other chair and I looked over to see Mallory swallowing his load down her throat. She then bent back down to clean up his dick. I was jealous, I wanted some cum and so I went back to work on Jake. I worked his dick harder and faster and it took me another 5 minutes at least to get my reward. Jake grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and then he unloaded his load down my throat. I swallowed as best I could and thought I was going to drown on his massive load of cum. I must have swallowed at least 5 - 7 times. I had never seen a guy cum so much before.

I cleaned up his dick with my tongue and almost had to be pulled away from his dick. He had be getting sensitive and needing a break but I really just wanted to suck him even more. I was completely vexed.

We talked and made plans for the next morning to meet up again. Dennis and Jake agreed to take us to a family nudist beach and camp that was located about a hundred miles from our location. We set up for them to pick us up at 9am and they left.

Having had just given Jake a blow job, I was super turned on. But we still wanted to go and look around.

“ Why don’t we go to that huge porn and novelty store that we passed on the way to the hotel? Mallory said. “ Maybe we could pick up a few more toys.”

“ Like a strapon maybe? I asked.

“ That sounds fun.” Mallory replied.

We left the hotel and went to the store. It was enormous. The bottom floor was just porn and sex toys, the next floor had private porn booths and the third floor had a movie theater and a live show room. On the outside front of the building was another building, it was a strip club. The girls would come through a door from the strip club and into the store in skimpy outfits. They would go upstairs for private strips in some of the booths.

We looked around on the bottom floor for a while. We took 2 strapons, 2 sets of anal beads, 2 bottles of lube, 1 paddle, 3 porno movies, and some other stuff, to the counter to pay. The guy behind the counter commented us on how cute we looked.

“ We can not sell if you are under 18. So may I see your ID’s.” He said.

“ We aren’t 18.” Mallory said. “ But we are lovers and we are in Hawaii to
celebrate her birthday. We need some toys to have some personal fun.”

That is what I loved about Mallory. She was a straight arrow no matter what.
She wouldn’t lie, she would just tell the truth and make someone like her enough to get what she wanted.

“ I don’t know.” Said the man. “ I would like to help you out but you two could be undercover police, then I could go to jail and loose my job as manager. I am sorry.”

Mallory went around the long counter and walked up to the guy and got on her knees. He seemed shocked but didn’t say anything as she pulled down his pants and started sucking his dick. He looked as though he had just won the lottery as his eyes rolled in ecstasy. He didn’t last long before he cam into Mallory’s mouth. Mallory went up to the counter and waved me to her. She then kissed me transferring all of his cum into my mouth, which I swallowed.

“ I don’t think that you two are cops. I will sell it to you but I won’t give you a receipt. Okay?” he said.

We agreed and so he rung up the order and we paid him.

“ Can I ask you a question? How old are you two?” He asked

“ I am 17 and she is 15.” Mallory said.

“ I have always wanted to have sex with a younger girl. Would you be interested in having some fun with me.” He said as he looked at Jenny. “ I would pay you $1000.00 if you are willing.”

“ Sure, but we have plans for the next few days, if you have a number we will call you by next week.” I said.

He introduced himself as Reginald and gave us his number. We then left.

We were anxious to play with our toys and decided that since it was already after 6PM that we would just go back to the hotel for the night and play. We
got back to the room and unpackaged all of our toys. We were both anxious to use them, but tonight was to be special. We wanted for one night to just make love to each other. Using some of the toys of coarse to make it a little different.

We started kissing each other sensually. I loved making love to Mallory. Her lips are so soft and so gentle as she slowly kisses me. I lifted her blouse slowly over her head, Mallory wasn’t wearing a bra so her growing B cup breast with thick protruding nipples were sticking out hard and stiff. Mallory then raised my shirt over my head and removed my bra.

“ You have the nicest shaped tits I have even seen Jenny. I love your tits and those nice looking thick nipples.”

My B cup tits are nicely shaped. I have nice nipples that grow a lot when sucked on. Just like a guy’s penis they get twice as thick and grow 2-3 times as long. My nipples in full length stick out almost half an inch. and are over a third of an inch in thickness.

Mallory moved down to my nipples and stuck one into her mouth. She sucked on it gently, running her tongue all around the nipple before she started flicking at it with her tongue. Mallory knew just what to do to me to get me really hot fast.

She then went to the other nipple doing the same thing as she lightly squeezed and massaged my other nipple between her forefinger and thumb. She knew that she had me hot as hell as I wanted her to eat me so badly. She stopped and came back up to my mouth and gave me some more passionate kisses.

“ I want you to eat me.” I said to her.

“ No not yet. We have plenty of time I want us both so hot that we can’t stand it anymore. Tonight will be a night to remember and it’s just going to be us.” Mallory said as she put her finger on my lips.

Mallory turned around and went over to the Whirlpool double person tub that was in the room. She turned on the water and started in running. she then walked back over to the bed and reached for me to stand up. I stood and she sat down in front of me. She pulled me close and pulled down my mini skirt followed by my panties. She then started kissing my stomach. She turned me around and kissed my lower back and then pushed me forward so she could bend down and kiss my ass all over.

She then asked me to bend over and spread my legs. She got on the floor behind me and spread my ass as I felt her tongue start to flicker my ass hole. Mallory knew all to well that my ass being licked was one of those things that just really turned me on. She was slowly turning my pussy into a inferno of no return.
The water was now ready to be cut off so Mallory got up and went over and cut it off.

She took off her mini skirt as well and she wasn’t wearing any panties. So being totally naked she gets into the hot water. She sits down in it and then reaches out for me to come in. Normally I am not the type to just follow Mallory’s lead and let her have control. But tonight Mallory did have complete control and
I was going to do whatever she asked me to do. I came over to the water and sat in it facing her.

She then turned on the jets in the tub and the water was rumbling. She leaned towards me and I towards her and we started back to kissing again. Mallory then had me turn around and put my back onto her tits laying on her. Mallory reached down and started to massage and to play with my nipples. She had me so turned on that I reached down to touch my pussy.

“ Nope can’t do that yet.” She said grabbing my arm.

She then went into squeezing my nipples even harder and I was so turned on at this point that all I wanted was to cum. But I knew that Mallory was in control tonight and that I needed to just slow down and enjoy it.

Mallory then got in front of me and let me start playing with her tits. I knew just how to turn her on with her nipples and I was about to give her back the feeling that I was now feeling. I worked her sensitive nipples until she was at the point of orgasm. I then pulled a bitch move and stopped. Mallory then moved her hand to her pussy and I pulled and held her arms until she had calmed down some.

“ Damn it Jenny.” Mallory said laughing.

“ Hey if I can’t cum you can’t either. Right?” I said back to her laughing.

We both got out of the tub and we both took time drying the other one off. We were both so turned on and so we got into the bed. We started to kiss again and rubbed each other all over. We were both too turned on to wait any longer. Mallory knew that I needed relief and so she went down on me. Her tongue on my pussy was so needed and felt so good.

“ Oh yes, eat me.” I screamed as her tongue continued to flick on my love button.

Mallory really knew how to eat my pussy. She had me so hot and I exploded in orgasm within minutes of her eating me. I then got into position to eat her. I wish that I could give more detail but within 5 licks of her pussy she also orgasmed. We both were still horny though so I helped Mallory to put on her strap on. She lubed it up and placed it at my pussy as she leaned on top of me. She slowly guided it in and then she started moving in and out. The new dildos on the strap on wear made of a new material called cyber-skin. It felt very realistic with the lube.

“Does it feel good baby” Mallory asked

“Oh Yes Mallory fuck me baby.” I said “ Fuck me with your new dick.”

“ Oh Mallory I am get close to cumming, yes , yes, yes……………”

With that I had my second orgasm of the night. Mallory got off and grabbed my strapon. I could see that she was horny as hell and needed some much needed attention. She un-packaged it and helped put it on me. I lubed up the dildo and then she got on the bed on her knees.

“ I want you to ram it in me hard and fast Jenny.” Mallory said.

“ Won’t that hurt?” I said.

“ You know me I like pain sometimes. This is one of those times. Just put it at the entrance a little and then ram it into me.” Mallory begged.

I put it at her entrance and got most of the head in. Then I grabbed her hips

and rammed it into her as hard as I could. In one stroke I reamed all eight inches of it into her pussy.

“ On shit”, She cried out in pain.

She was crying and I felt bad but I knew that for some reason she needed the pain. I pulled the dick slowly back out and then without any notice I rammed it back into her hard.

“ Fuck Jenny.” she yelled out in pain.

“ You asked for pain so take it.” I said as I pulled out the dick and rammed her again. She again cried out but this time I knew that she didn’t hurt as bad. I again pulled it all the way out, and rammed it hard into her again. I then started fucking her with it faster until I was in a rhythm. Mallory was yelling out in ecstasy. I fucked her hard and fast and Mallory was loving every bit of it. She finally came.

“ Oh shit Jenny that was so good. Thank you for giving me pain I really needed it.”

“ I am not done giving you pain yet.” I said looking into her eyes.

“ You now have to be punished for making me hurt you.” I said as I grabbed the paddle that we had bought out of the bag. “ Now stand up and go over to the chair and bend over and grab the chair rails.”

Mallory had the look of fear on her face, but she got up and did what I asked. I took the paddle too and lined it up on her ass. I swung it back and popped her ass with it. It was designed to cause a sting and Mallory yelled out in pain and went to her knees. I told her to stand back up. She didn’t want to, but she did it anyway. I then popped her again with the paddle. She yelled out in pain again but didn’t fall to her knees.

All of this was really turning me on. I told Mallory to get onto her knees. I got in front of her and sat down into the chair. I told her to suck my dick, referring to the dildo of coarse. She started sucking it, and I kept telling her to take it all into her mouth. She couldn’t take it all into her mouth, but she did get about half of it in. I decided to play with her a little more.

“ Well since you can’t swallow my dick bitch, I guess I will just have to put it into that little ass of yours.” I said smiling at her.

“ Okay” Mallory said. Whatever resistance she gave was gone. It was now clear that I had taken control and the smile on her face said she was liking it.

I made her get back on her knees on the bed. I had her spread her legs further apart to lower her ass to the same level as the dildo. I lubed up the dildo really good and then I placed it at her ass. I pushed it in slowly and I could feel her cringe. I don’t know why I was getting off on dominating her and causing her pain, but I was liking it and she was too. I pushed slow and steady and it only took me about a minute to bury the dildo all of the way into her.

About the time I had it all the way in. I took it out and told her to lay on her back. I pushed her legs up onto my shoulders and I rammed the strap-on dildo into her and hard as I could. Mallory yelled out and then I saw tears fall from her eyes. I leaned down and licked her tears from her eyes with my tongue. Mallory opened her eyes and just stared into my eyes.

“ I love you so much.” She said

“ I love you too.” I said as I went back to fucking her hard and deep.

Mallory was lost somewhere between pain and pleasure. I wasn’t sure if she even knew where the line was. Mallory was tough as hell, I love that about her.

I continued to fuck her for about 5 minutes and then I stopped. I took off the dildo and took the collar and chain that we had bought out. I sat her up and placed it around her neck. I then got up and tugged at her to follow me. I went back to the chair and told her to get on her knees. I then sat in the chair and put spread my
legs onto the chair armrest.

“ Eat me” I said to her.

Mallory did just as she was told. Here was a female who was a little taller than me, I little thicker than me, and 2 years older yet she was like a puppy in my control. She leaned forward and ate me to 2 orgasms. I leaned forward and looked at Mallory who was soaked in my orgasms. I took off her collar and took her back to the tub. I warmed it up a little and put her back in it. I walked over to the patio that came off of the room and stared at the view. I was naked but I didn’t care, I was going to give hopefully hundreds a chance to stare at my naked body tomorrow at the beach. I was so excited about going.

I went back inside to see Mallory washing her hair. I had my orgasm all in it. As I watched her bathe I started to wonder about her start into sex. Mallory seemed to enjoy the pain, but what I wondered is why. I was going to have to ask her and now was as good of a time as any.

“ We need to talk.” I said “I am curious as to why you like pain so much?” I asked her.

“ My mom left us when I was 10, she had gotten stung out on drugs and it got so bad that she was stealing company money to buy her drugs, dad didn’t know. Mom wasn’t there to show me how to clean myself during my period or anything, I had no other females to show me. So when I was 11 I got my period.
Dad decided that tampons would be a better choice for me than pads. He bought a pack and he got me naked. He took it and tried to put it in me, but I was still a virgin and my hymen had not been broken yet. So he had to go and buy me pads.”

“ I tried the pads but I just didn’t like them too much. I didn’t bleed that much anyway and that huge pad just seemed too much like a diaper to me. The look of the tampon just looked like a better choice, and the info on the back of the box sounded good. I talked to dad and told him that I didn’t like the pads at all and that I wanted the tampon. He told me that because I was young and never had sex that my hymen was blocking the path. He went on to tell me what it was and that it wasn’t really good for anything. I asked him what we would have to do to break it. He told me that the only thing he could think of was a small dildo.”

“ He went to his room and brought back a dildo and some lube that he said mom had left. It wasn’t very big and he told me that she used this one up her butt. I was a little grossed out by that but I needed to be able to insert my tampon, so I asked dad if he would do it for me.

“ He didn’t really act like he wanted to. He told he that it would hurt for a few minutes and that he didn’t want to hurt me. I begged him to do it though, so he agreed to. He took a bottle of lube and he put some on his fingers and started rubbing it on my pussy. It felt so good that I asked him to just do that for a minute first, so he did. The feeling was wonderful it was like nothing I had ever felt before. He went to insert a finger and then another. They didn’t go far before they hit my hymen.”

“ He took the dildo and put lube on it and then stuck it at my hole. He used it like he used his fingers to make me feel good and loosen me up a little. He then put it at my hole entrance and in one hard forceful push, he tore through my hymen and I shuttered in pain as I cried out loud. Dad just held me down and continued to push it in and out. I begged for him to stop but he told me that he needed to get it broke in good for the tampon. It started hurting less and less, them not at all. The sensation was replaced by another feeling that felt good. I didn’t know what was happening but I didn’t want it to stop.”

“ The feeling was getting to feel better and better and I was just lost in the moment. Something about the experience made me want to touch him like he was touching me. I just laid back and enjoyed it, that was until he stopped. He said that should be enough to make the tampon go in. He told me to insert it and he got up and left the room in a hurry. Something seemed to be bothering him but I didn’t know what. I thought that he might have been mad at me.”

“ I inserted the tampon the way the directions said and then went to look for dad to tell me that I did it right. I found dad in his room. The door wasn’t shut all the way so I slowly pushy it open to see him with his dick in his hand jerking it back and forth on his bed. I went in to get a better look. Dad saw me and he stopped. He didn’t know what to say he just stared at me. I walked over to him and he took his hand off his dick. I got up on the bed and saw it. It was really hard and looked so big to me.

“ I don’t know what made me do it but I wanted to touch it. So I grabbed a hold of it with my small hands and starting playing with it. Dad told me that it felt so good. I kept jerking him and within a few minutes he started to moan more. He told me to go faster. He tensed up and then I jumped as white stuff started squirting out of his dick. Dad told me that girls were suppose to swallow that. So
I bent down and licked the rest off of his dick.”

“ I guess that is why I like pain during sex and being rammed with a dick or dildo. The pain reminds me of the first time I had some sort of sexual contact. I have masturbated quite a bit to the thought of that day. So that is why.”

Over the last year I had never asked how her sexual start came. I don’t know why I had never asked but I just didn’t. I got into the tub with her and hugged and kissed her.

“ I knew that you wanted that so I gave it to you, but I don’t want to do that all the time. I don’t want you to be my slave. I want us to be equals and I never want you to think that I don’t value and love you. You are my best friend.” I said.

“ I don’t like that all the time so it’s okay. I like making sensual love with you. I just like pain some too. Maybe you could just occasionally be mean to me.”
Mallory replied.

“ Okay” I said.

We woke up the next morning at 7am. We had 2 hours to get ready for our fun filled trip to the family nude beach. We had bought us some tiny string bikinis to wear to the beach. Because of us not wanting to get into any trouble at the hotel, we covered our bikinis with a t-shirt and a skimpy pair of shorts.

We met Jake and Dennis out in front of the hotel right at 9am and we left to go to the beach. As soon as we got into the car, we stripped off our shirts and shorts. Jake and me sat in the back seat and Mallory was up front with Dennis. It took us around 2 hours with the traffic to make it to the beach. When we got there we noticed the privacy fence that stood over 10 feet high. You couldn’t see anything from the parking lot. Their was a building in the center of the fence. To go in you had to go to the front ticket booth buy a ticket and then go through the breezeway in the center of the building. you could either go straight and then turn
to the right to go into the sand and the ocean. Or you could go into the men’s or women’s locker rooms and strip down.

Dennis and Jake went into the men’s changing room and me and Mallory went into the woman’s changing room. It was nice inside, we found our lockers that are assigned on the tickets and took off our bikinis to put into our locker. we then went out the exit which led outside into the beach area. We had to wait a few minutes for the guys to come out, but when they did they were naked and looked nice. We walked out into the beach to notice that there was about a few hundred people there. I thought that it was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. Their was a few in there that was under 18 that had bikinis on, but for the most part everyone was naked.

I saw a lot of guys that had really nice bodies and I can’t lie that I was extremely turned on, but it was the 12-18 females that turned me on the most. Their young bodies reminded me of mine and Mallory’s. I did though have fun trying to see what guy had the largest dick. We swam, splashed, and ate at the outside restaurant that they had. It was an extreme turn-on for me to be naked with so many able to see me.

We stayed at the beach until almost 3pm. In the end we had about all that we could take of the heat and we had to go. We were all tired and took showers in the changing rooms before we left. I left the beach wishing that I never had to wear clothes at all. The freedom of being totally naked was so invigorating and felt so natural. We drove back to the hotel and we told the guys that we was going to have to go and take a nap for a while. We agreed for them to pick us up again at 8pm. We were going to a Hawaiian Festival of some sort that started at 9pm and went until midnight.

I woke up at 7:10 to Mallory kissing me. I loved being waken up to some

sort of sexual and loving way. I guess that is why I want to spend our life with Mallory. I honestly don’t want to ever wake up with her not next to me, and most of the time kissing me back to consciousness.

I kissed her back for 2-3 minutes before she pulled back from me.

“ We have to get ready it’s about 7:15 and we have to be ready to go by 8:00 and we haven’t even picked out what we are going to wear.” Mallory said.

I jumped up and we went to get into the shower together. We washed each other as we always do, and again found it hard not to start stimulating each others bodies. We really wanted to, but time just wasn’t on our side. We should have set the alarm to give us an hour of play time, like we do during the school year. However we didn’t. I probably would have just chosen to stay in and just have sex with Mallory, but then again we are here to experience new experiences.

The Hawaiian Festival was interesting and educational. I was glad when it was over. I don’t know why it didn’t interest me more, but all the dancing and fire shows just wasn’t doing it for me. I seem to like architecture and beautiful scenery more than shows.

On the ride back to the hotel room, Jake and I was in the backseat again and I could tell that the guys wanted to play. I reached over and started rubbing his dick through his pants. He was already starting to get hard I wanted to suck him so he unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear to the floorboard. I reached down and grabbed his dick. I leaned over and started kissing him as a continued to pump his dick in my hand. I loved Jake’s size and the temptation of sucking it just was too much.

I broke off from kissing him and leaned down to suck his dick. Till today there is still nothing I like better than giving oral sex to my partners. The feeling of his dick pulsating on my tongue as I suck as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. The thick helmet hitting the back of my throat. And the final reward
of cum shooting down my throat. Yep sucking dick and eating pussy is defiantly my favorite hobby.

I continued to suck Jake until we reached the hotel. I didn’t know it at the time, but Mallory had also been sucking on Dennis’s dick as he drove. Now at the Hotel we wasted no time in getting to the room. We all needed some sex and we were about to indulge ourselves.

Once inside the hotel room we all stripped down immediately. There was no time for anything other than sex. Both of the guys seemed eager to eat us, so we both laid on the bed next to each other as the guys got onto the floor and starting licking our pussies. I loved the sight of Mallory getting eaten out by someone else. Some might have gotten jealous, but the just wasn’t the case with us. We loved watching each other getting pleased by another person. It was just a huge turn-on.

Jake’s tongue on my pussy felt great. He was defiantly no stranger to licking pussy. He licked and flicked at me just right and within moments I was starting to feel the orgasm rise up within me. I don’t know though what turned me on more, him licking me or the sounds of Mallory moaning and commenting on Dennis’s pussy eating capability. Mallory was on her way to orgasming as well. She then hollered out that she was cumming. That was all it took to drive me over the edge, I clamped my legs around Jake and I unloaded my heavy orgasm all over him. Jake was surprised by the orgasm and tried to jerk back, but my legs had him locked into place tightly. He got a first hand lesson of what it was like to eat out a

“ Damn what was that.” Jake said.

“ She is a squirter. When she comes she soaks you.” Mallory said.

“ Is it pee.” Jake asked her

“ I don’t know, it doesn’t taste like pee. It is just a clear liquid. We haven’t
been able to find out much about why she does it.” Mallory said.

“ Did you like it.” Jenny asked.

“ Yea I like golden showers anyway, so this doesn’t bother me.” He said.
“ But I have never seen anything like that before.”

“ Yea that was cool. how often do you do that? Dennis asked.

“ Every time I orgasm. Sometimes it is heavy and sometimes it is light.
It depends on the intensity of the orgasm.” I said.

“ Would anyone mind if we swap, so I can experience that.” Dennis asked.

No-one had any problem with swapping so we did. Dennis lined up his dick with my wet pussy and pushed it into me. It hurt a little but it also felt good to be hurt a little. I think Mallory was starting to rub off on me. The sensation quickly

moved from pain to pleasure as he slowly started going in and out of me. I looked over to see that Mallory had taken to her knees and Jake was behind her giving her pleasure as his dick rammed in and out of her pussy. I could see the abundant of juices on his dick and knew that Mallory was really enjoying herself.

Dennis was making short work of getting me to orgasm. The sight of Mallory getting fucked and Dennis fucking me was getting me closer to cumming. I was almost there so I told Dennis to stop and eat me. He pulled out and starting eating me out. I was close and I was about to soak him in my juices. I was there so I told him I was going to cum. I reached down and rubbed my clit and started to orgasm. Dennis opened his mouth and I shot my first round into his mouth. Then the rest went all over his face.

He was jerking himself off while he was eating me and my orgasm started to trigger his orgasm as well. He got up after his soaking, and came up on the bed to my mouth. I opened wide as he jerked his cum into my mouth. I swallowed his load and then turned over to watching Mallory and Jake.

Jake was nailing Mallory from behind as she was in the doggy style position. Mallory was loving it as he was going in and out of her wet pussy with force. Jake then stopped and asked her to get on her back. Jake pushed her legs all the way up and entered her pussy. He grabbed her foot and put her toes up to his mouth and started to lick and suck on her toes as he gently went in and out of her pussy. The look on her face as he sucked her toes was priceless. She was shocked to see someone with her toes in their mouth. But the shock was soon replaced with satisfaction.

The excitement on the toe sucking must have been a little too much for both of them. They both started to shake and moan and I knew that a double orgasm was on the brink. Jake was going faster and faster and just kept Mallory toes in his mouth. Then it happened, they both conversed into orgasm. Jake loaded Mallory with his cum and Mallory soaked Jake’s dick. Jake took Mallory’s toes out of his mouth and then leaned down to kiss Mallory. Mallory lip-locked him and then they started French kissing each other. I could tell that Mallory really liked Jake.

The two guys got dressed and left. Me and Mallory didn’t even bother to get dressed, we usually didn’t wear clothes when it was just us.

“ Lay down on your back on the bed.” Mallory said.

“ Why” I asked.

“ I have some thing to give you, just lay down.” She said.

I laid down on the bed and Mallory put her pussy right over my face and told me to open wide. Mallory pushed a little and Eric’s cum and hers flowed out of her pussy into my mouth. Mallory had been holding a mouthful of cum inside her pussy. I had to swallow at least 3 times just to get it all. The taste of their juices together was different than anything that I had tasted before.

“ How was that” she asked.

She thought that I had swallowed it all. But I had kept the last swallow in my mouth for my best friend. I got on top of her and let the last mouthful drool out of my mouth and into hers. After she had swallowed it, I leaned forward and kissed her. We kissed for at least 5 minutes before I got up and ran us another bath in our supersized tub.

Once we got in, I had an idea.

“ Why don’t we buy a Jacuzzi at the house when we get home? We could but it right on the back porch.” I said to Mallory.

“ I think that would be so good.” Mallory said.

We went to sleep that night as we always do, holding each other.

The next morning came with a knock on the door. Room service was advised to bring us breakfast at 8:00 unless we told them otherwise. I got up, still completely naked, and started looking for our robes but couldn’t find one. I said the hell with it and just went to the door naked. It was more a courtesy to them anyway, I personally couldn’t care less who see’s me naked. I actually wish noone would wear clothes at all.

I opened the door to see Matt. Matt had been the one to show us to our room and to bring us anything that we asked for. Matt’s job was to help bring up items for people and to get and bring them anything that they ask for the floor that we were on. He was 16-17, and cute. He was a little on the skinny side with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

His expression when he saw me naked was great. He just starred at me as he was trying so hard to look away. You could see the fight going on inside of him.

“ Please bring it in.” I said. “ Mallory come get some breakfast.”

His eyes then shot over to Mallory getting out of bed. She was also naked.

“ Wow, you two are very pretty. You are perfect.” He said.

“ Thank you. If you continue to give us good service we are going to give you a really good tip before we leave.” I said as I reached for his dick and rubbed it through his pants.

“How would you like to make some more money.” Mallory said.

“ Sure what you need.” Matt asked

“ What time do you normally work? Mallory asked

“ I work the 7am to 1pm shift. My days off vary, but this week I am off the next
two days.” He said.

“ Do you have any plans.” I asked.

“ No, not nothing I can’t do some other time. What you have in mind.” Matt said

“ Jenny let me talk to you in the bathroom for a minute. We’ll be right back Matt.

Once in the bathroom, Mallory asked me if we could pay Matt a hundred a day to
be our tour guide and to hang out with us. I said that it would be nice to have
someone who knows Hawaii to take us to the best parts. So we went back into the

“ Would you consider being our tour guide for the next 2 days. We want someone
who can take us to all of the really cool places. We will pay you a hundred
dollars a day, but we may need you all day long. You can even start today after
work if you don’t have anything planned.” Mallory asked.

“ Yea sure that would be really great, I kind of need the money for a car I want
anyway.” He commented.

“ Well we need to eat, what time can you meet us here.” I said

“ 12 - 12:30 area.” He said.

With that he left and me and Mallory ate our breakfast. After we ate , we took a
shower together and got dressed. By the time we were dressed in was already almost
10 am. We needed to kill 2 hours with something to do. So we looked in our “Places
to See” book and found a Hawaii Souvenir Shop at a visitors station that was about
15 minutes away. We decided to go and see what they had, the brochure picture
made it look really big with lots of stuff. We went and we bought Dad and Jason a
t-shirt. Then we bought Jennifer a t-shirt and a key-chain. Then we bought us 5-6
T-shirts, some key chains, and some other stuff. The cool thing is that we didn’t even
have to take it with us, they could ship it to us, so we paid them to do that.

We got back at the hotel at about 9:45. We went up to the room and waited for Matt to get off work. Matt showed up at 10:15.

“ Do you girls want to go out on a big boat today? It takes you completely around the islands, it is an all day event and cost $135.00 each and it stops 2 times at the different Islands? It is about 2 hours drive away and the Dawn Cruise leaves at 1pm and gets back around 10pm Matt suggested.

“ Yea sure but let us change into our bikinis under our clothes. Just in case we are allowed to strip down.” I said.

“ Okay I will wait outside.” Matt said.

“ Matt, come here. Sit here and enjoy the show.” Mallory said grabbing his
sitting him in the chair.

We got completely naked again and changed into our string bikinis. I could tell that Matt was enjoying the show by the fact that his dick was hardening under his pants. I really wanted to go and take care of him, but I think that enticing him a little first might make it a little more fun. So we got dressed and put our clothes back on. Mallory though wasn’t through messing with Matt.

“ Matt. I think that it is totally unfair that you have seen us naked twice now, but we haven’t got to see you naked yet. Strip !!!” Mallory said with her
evil smile.

Matt got up and took of his shirt. He was slender, but he did have more muscle than I had thought. His six-pact was very visible, and his shoulders and arms had definite muscle as well. I thought it looked great. By the time I was through gawking at his top half, he started to remove his pants, followed by his
underwear. I couldn’t believe the size of his dick. He was already mostly hard and was at nine to ten inches in length.

Within seconds our plan to wait and entice him a little first was over. We wanted that dick....

If you want to know the rest you have to look for Young Adult Passion Part 2…….

I want to thank all who are faithfully reading my true life story. I know that it is hard to believe that my life has turned out so good, from what most think is sick or unusual. But nothing is more normal than sex, and sometimes a person is just their first experience away from turning into a nymph-o, as I was.

I am not here to convince you. Just to tell my story. Thank you again to all of my fans who e-mail me daily. I try to answer all that are respectful.
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