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This the third part of the series “Question of a Curious Son”. It will have gay incest between a father and son. This like the second one will be in entirely third person.

When James woke up he realized that he still had his cock buried deep within his father’s ass. As quietly and softly as he could he slowly moved his hands under the sheets of the bed to grasp his father’s flaccid cock. Once he had clasped it with his hand he ever so gently massaged the member until it started to grow and his father woke with a start. Once Darrin had realized what was going on he let James finish what he was doing. The bed shuddered with Darrin when he reached his point of climax. After James had finished Darrin went to get up and when James’s cock pulled free, with a sound reminiscent of plunger being pulled out, both of them burst into laughter. Once they finished with their laugh Darrin told James that they might have to stop doing what they had been doing for awhile. James of course was outraged and slightly hurt for he had no idea why this was brought on. Darrin told James the reason for the cessation of the sexual activities was because James’s little brother was coming to live with him for anywhere from two weeks to three years. When James heard this he immediately went against it, for as with all siblings they naturally did not get along very well.

A few days passed and Darrin went into town to go get Aspen from the tiny municipal airport in the town; while he was doing this James decided to have one last really intense jack-off session. He thought since his brother was coming he wouldn’t be able to do much of anything, so he went into his father’s room and popped in one the many gay porn movies that Darrin had. About half-way through both the movie and the jack-off session he heard the car pull into the driveway and James cursed his bad luck. He quickly put the movie up and hurried to the bathroom to finish up. After he had finished up James went downstairs to greet his brother and at the foot of the stairs he stopped out of pure shock. Aspen had changed. No more was he a gangly boy of fourteen he was, in James’s eye, the son of Eros himself. Aspen had beautiful sandy-brown hair, eyes that looked like emeralds with flecks of gold swimming in them, his face was perfectly symmetrical and his lips had just the right amount of fullness, he was about 6’1”, his arms weren’t ripped but definitely defined, and his legs were those of a runner. Once Aspen had said hi to him, in the most gorgeous voice ever, James snapped out of his day-dream and thought maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. James grabbed Aspen’s bags and put them in the spare bedroom where he would be staying. After he did this he went downstairs, so Aspen could get acquainted with his room, and told his dad that this could be okay after all. Aspen came down soon after and made a announcement that shocked everyone, he was bi-sexual and proud of it. Both Darrin and James said that they were fine with it. So after a bit they all went to bed, since Aspen was tired from his flight, James however could not get to sleep. All he could do was think about Aspen’s body. Right as James’s eyes were about to close he heard his door slowly creak open; he laid there thinking it was his dad to give him a quick hand job. Once the person got closer James closed his eyes and felt the person pulling his bed sheet down and ever so slowly pull the band of his boxers down letting his eight and half inch cock spring free; once this had happened he felt an unfamiliar hand grab his dick and massage it up and down alternating the speeds. James opened his eyes and to his astonishment he say his brother jacking him off. Aspen didn’t notice that his brother was awake until James gave a little cough. Once he realized that he was awake Aspen let go of his brother’s cock, but James told him to keep going and that he would do the same for Aspen. Aspen quickly disrobed and showed off his slowly growing six-pack and chiseled Pecs, not to mention is eight inch dick. James wrapped his hand around Aspen’s dick and they both jacked each other off and they timed it perfectly so they both came at the same time. After they had came Aspen left and went back to his own room.

Come morning James got up first and was making the coffee when his dad walked and told him something he found interesting…Aspen had given them both hand jobs during the night. Once Aspen got up they told him all that they had done and Aspen, of course, wanted to join in. So Darrin had a quick cup of coffee and they all went into Darrin’s room. The three of them started off small. Darrin took James’s dick in his mouth, James had Aspen’s, and Aspen had his dad’s. Aspen took a moment to gaze in wonder of his dad’s and brother’s cocks in the light, Darrin’s had a glistening, purple head dripping pre-cum while James had a slightly less purple head that was positively flowing with pre-cum. Soon the room was full of slurping and small moans that occasionally escaped. Aspen was the first to cum and he swallowed it all, then James was next, then finally Darrin came. After a quick break they asked Aspen if he wanted to have his anal cherry popped. He of course said yes. So Darrin went and got the dildo and allowed for James to pop his brother’s cherry. He told Aspen that he was going to put the dildo in first, but Aspen said no and put his dick in as fast as he could. James obliged. The still air surrounding their house in the country was rent with the scream of pure ecstasy that escaped from Aspen’s mouth. James stopped for a second so that Darrin could maneuver himself on too Aspen’s cock and so they had anal that way. As well as drilling his father in the ass Aspen was also jacking him off. Due to the speed they were going they all climaxed within seconds of each other. As they pulled apart from each other Aspen told his father that as long as we get to do this I will stay no matter what. Darrin replied that we will always do his and after that he left to go get a shower. Once he had left Aspen turned to his brother and locked him within a kiss that had enough passion to melt a glacier. Once Aspen finished with that he turned his brother around and made him bend over and told him that it was time for revenge. Aspen did the exact same thing his brother did to the same results. Once Aspen had came in James hole he pulled out and gave him another kiss and told him that it was time for his shower, and then he left to take a shower in his bathroom. James just stood there for a second before shrugging and going and taking his own shower in his bathroom.


2015-11-11 07:45:35
Wow wish my father and brothers could have done something like that

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