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This is the beginning of a series of events where the lives of friends, family, and strangers become a web of sin. If there is enough interest, I will lead you further down this path. All comments are appreciated. And don't forget to vote. Welcome to the City of Depravity...
“It’s about time. I didn’t think the train would ever get here. That’s the last time I agree to spend my day watching Megan practice her stupid gymnastic routine.” She was already running late, and knew her parents would have a fit for being out so late. The young girl couldn’t remember dropping her cab money. But at least she had enough for the subway. The train was surprisingly crowded for this time of night. A few couples huddled in the corners. Men dressed in business suits scattered throughout the compartment. At the far end, a few kids were huddle together dressed in baseball uniforms. As Krista slouched down in an empty seat, she glanced at her watch and noticed it wasn’t even 8:00. “Maybe with some luck, I’ll be home by 9:00.”

The inviting warmth of the train was a welcome change to the weather outside. The temperature had dropped to almost 40 degrees, much too cold for early fall. Krista slid out of her navy blue wind breaker, and was greeted with chants of “Let’s go Yankees!!!” The 14 year old smiled sheepishly as images of her beloved team ran through her head.
As expected, people continued to get off of the train at every stop. But no one seemed to be getting on. Oblivious to the world around her, Krista quietly hummed to the music on her iPod. Suddenly the train began to slow down, and came to a complete stop inside the dark tunnel. For ten minutes, the train just sat there. Krista pulled out her phone, and checked to see if Megan had responded to her text. But there was still no response from her best friend. Annoyed at the whole situation, Krista looked around to see if anyone knew what was going on. The only people left in her compartment were two black guys and a tall, skinny black girl. She decided to approach them to find out if they had heard an announcement over the PA system.

“Excuse me,” Krista asked. “Do you know why we aren’t moving?”

The three of them burst out in a raucous laughter. “Haven’t you been paying attention? The conductor said one of the generators blew. We’ll be here for awhile.”

“Oh. Thank you,” Krista sighed.

“Did you hear that, Tina?” One guy said. “She’s so polite. Why can’t you be more like that?”

“I’m not a prissy little slut, that’s why.”

“Hey! I’m nobody’s slut!” Krista said feeling quite annoyed.

“Hey Jake,” Tina yelled. “You always wanted a white slut to suck your dick. Why don’t you show it to her? What do you think Steve?”

Steve nodded in agreement. “That sounds good to me. She probably just finished giving someone head anyway.”

Krista face began to seethe with anger defiantly. “No I didn’t!!! You can’t talk to me like that. Who the hell do you think you are?”

Tina stood up, and walked over to the young girl. “Oh you think you’re tough bitch? Look likes I have to fuck your ass up.” Krista snapped back to reality. Krista stared up at Tina who had to be almost a foot taller than the five foot Krista. And she looked more than capable of tearing Krista’s hair out.

“Whoa, calm down Tina.” Jake says with a smile. “We don‘t have to fuck up the little white girl.” Krista relaxed for a moment until she heard what Jake said next. “I WANT to fuck the little white girl!” he laughed. Before she could react, Tina grabbed Krista by the hair and swung her to the ground. As she tries to stand, Tina yanked her back down by the hair, forcing the blonde to her knees.

“Right where she belongs,” Steve chuckled. “Well what are you waiting for man? Show the bitch your dick.”
Jake swaggered over to Krista, eager to have his way with the piece of flesh before his eyes. He didn’t bother to take his pants off. He just unzipped them and pulled his cock out. Even with her eyes and mouth closed tight, Krista could feel the heat of his cock just inches from her face. But that wasn’t all she felt. There were the strands of hair on the ground between her trembling hands that came lose when Tina flung her around like some dirty sock. “Open up girl,” Jake commanded. Defiantly, she turned her head from side to the side, only to have her head held still by Tina.

“He said open up, bitch!”

Through blurred eyes, Krista could see the dark member pointed toward her mouth. “Please,” she begged. “Don’t make m….” As the frightened girl pleaded with her assailants, Jake forced his cock between her thin lips. She tried to pull away, only to have Tina place one hand on her should, while her other hand pulled and twisted Krista’s hair.

“Do something stupid again,” Tina hissed. “And your ass is mine, bitch. Now when I let go of your head, you’re going to suck my friend’s dick. And you’re going to behave like a good little stuck up white girl. Right?” Krista reluctantly nodded her head. She would have said anything to alleviate the pain in her skull. For a split second Krista felt relieved. But then, she heard the voice of the man standing above her.

“All right,” Jake said, “Get to work.” Krista slowly worked her head back and forth on his eight inch member. She took three inches into her wet mouth, and then pulled back so her lips were just on the head. Jake stared down at Krista with a look of satisfaction. “That’s a good start, bitch. Now go deeper.”

“I can’t,” She groaned.

“Really? Well since I’m such a nice guy, let me help you.” Jake grabbed the back of her head and slammed his hips forward. Krista began to choke at the size in her mouth. Jake pulled his dick out just enough so the girl could breath, and then jammed his dick into the back of her throat. He pulled out again, and slammed his cock so deep he can feel the girl’s tonsils. Jake began to speed his hips up. Faster and faster he relentlessly fucked the teenager’s mouth; his heavy nut sack slapped against her chin. Her face turned crimson red as Krista tried to breathe through her nose, wheezing loudly with each thrust. Tina had left Krista’s side for quite some time, and had Steve’s cock deep down her throat. Tina released the hold she had on her man’s dick for a moment to get a better view of Jake’s handy work. Steve and Tina had a satisfied grin on their faces as they relished at the sounds of Krista’s humiliation. Trying franticly to get some oxygen, Krista looked up with pleading eyes hoping that would stop him.

“Don’t worry bitch. I’m almost done.” Her eyes went wide with fright as seconds later Jake’s cock erupted in her unwilling mouth. She tries to pull away with all her might, only to have her head held securely in place. He didn’t let Krista move until he released every drop down her throat. After finally removing his dick, the girl coughed violently as cum spilled onto her chin, clothes, and the floor. Tina pulled off of Steve’s cock and chuckled at the pathetic cumslut.

“All right bitch,” Tina yelled “Time for round two. Strip. Very, very slowly. And make sure you don’t wipe the cum off your chin. I think Jake would feel insulted.” As Krista looked up from her knees with terror in her eyes, she saw Tina whisper something to Steve. After what happened, she knew there was no escape. Slowly the girl rose to her feet. One by one, she undid a button to her jersey, and tossed it to the floor in a crumpled heap. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and let them drop to the floor, revealing the matching bra and panties her boyfriend had given her just days before. They were slowly removed discarded, exposing her small teenage breast and perfectly, shaven pussy. All that was left was a pair of boots.

“Looks like you were right, Tina,” Steve laughed. “The cunt shaves. She is a whore! Now crawl your ass over here, whore.” With cum still on oozing off of her chin, Krista got on all fours, and crawled over to Steve. As she got closer to her next assailant, she felt an intense heat building between her legs. Realizing her body had betrayed her, Krista dropped her head in shame. When she finally got to Steve’s side, her green eyes popped open at the size of Steve’s cock. It was bigger than Jake’s, much bigger.

“H-how big is it” she stuttered?

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Steve sneered. “Turn around.”

Krista did as she was ordered, and Steve positioned his glistening cock inches from her snatch. The subway car was filled with the musky smell of the 14 year old. Seconds seemed like minutes. “What is he waiting for?” Krista thought to herself. She started to inch herself back, and then stopped herself. “What am I doing?” Shame filed her head, again. But she couldn’t deny it anymore. She started backing up again. Steve grinned, and backed away from her.

“Give it to me,” She whispered softly.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Krista’s face turned beet red. “Please fuck me. Please fuck me with your black dick.”

Steve didn’t waste any more time. One hard trust, and… “Ahhhh!!!!!” He pulled almost all the way out and slammed into her again; causing her to lose her balance and forcing her face to the floor. “Oh shit!!!” She screamed.

“Oh shit!” Steve yelled, as he mocked the little blond. He pulled out one more time, “You like that ten inch you fucking cum dumpster?” Krista began to pant like dog in heat. “Yes!!! Yessss!!! Fuck my hot pink pussy!!!!” She shrieked. Without warning, Steve pulled out of the girl’s pussy. Krista peered back at Steve, practically begging him to keep fucking her.

“Bitch, did I say you could look at me! Turn your ass back around.” She did as she was told only to feel the bottom of Steve’s boot holding her face to the subway floor. “You need to learn the right way to ask your Master to fuck you. Now what are you suppose to say, you worthless cunt?”

The thought of Steve calling himself her Master sent Krista over the edge. She was barely able to keep her body from collapsing to the floor as she was overcome by an orgasm. Tears were welling up in her eyes from the degradation she was experiencing. In her heart she wanted to tell this animal she wished he was dead. Instead, she heard herself sob, “Please fuck my worthless cunt with your black cock…Master.” Steve got behind the girl, and mounted his whore again. He forced Krista’s face back to the piss stained floor as he fucked her hot cunt in earnest. Krista’s pussy was tight, but Steve fucked enough virgins to know he wasn’t in one now. The tightness he had experienced in the beginning was replaced with a newly stretched hole making an insidious, squishing. Sweet began to collect in the small of her back as her face rubbed against the filthy ground.

Her primal needs took over. She wanted to cum again. She was close, and tried bucking back to meet Steve’s powerful stroke. Steve slapped her hard on the ass sending a jolt of electricity to her pussy. “Oh fuck!!!! Yes!!! Thank you Master!! Please slap my ass harder, Harder!!!”

“That’s right, bitch! I’ll turn your pale ass red!”

“Oh my fucking GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m cumming, Master. Ahhhh!!!!!” She wailed. “I’m cumming on your big black cock!!! Ahhhh!!!!” The little slut’s pussy began to spasm, sending Steve over the top. Steve pulled out with a loud pop, yanked Krista by the hair so she was facing his cock, and groaned as three heavy loads landed across her face.

“Damn. No Offense Tina, but that was some bangin ass pussy.”

Tina looked at Krista who was trying to catch her breath. Then she looked over at Jake, and gave him a wink. “You want to give me a hand with her? I need to have some fun, too.”

“Are you still walking around with that thing,” Jake chuckled.

“No.” Tina unbuttoned her jeans, and struggled to pull them off. She walked over to the petite blond who was still dazed from being fucked by Steve. What she saw next made her pale in the face. “As you can see boys, I got a bigger one.” Tina was wearing a strap on was covered in studs, as long as Steve’s, and almost twice as thick.

Tina knelt down, licked some of Steve’s cum off the girl’s face, and forced her tongue down Krista’s throat. Caught up in the moment Krista tried to kiss her back. Tina didn’t take to kindly to her slut’s actions, and promptly backhanded her across the face. “You do that when I tell you. Got it?

“Yes,” Krista said meekly. “I’m sorry.”

Tina looked over at the cum covered trash with a sinister look in her eye. At first Krista thought she was going to be told to ride Tina’s cock. But Tina looked over in Jake’s direction. He was obviously ready for a second round after making Krista gag on his dick. “Go sit on Jake’s dick,” Tina ordered. “He needs some white pussy, too.” Krista walked over to Jake who was sitting on Krista’s clothes. Without any hesitation, Krista positioned her hole over Jake’s cock. After having Steve’s monster inside her cunt, Jake was much easier to ride. Tina walked over to the pair. She put her hand on her slut’s should and whispered in her ear, “Your Mistress wants you to ride him nice and slow.”

Krista swallowed hard at her words, and said, “Yes Mistress.”

Tina watched intently as Krista slowly fucked Jake’s cock as her Mistress instructed. Krista wasn’t enjoying this position. After having Steve pound her from behind, Krista’s body yearned to be used like that again. She finally realized the group of friends was right. She is a slut. But Tina already knew that. She saw the moment Jake’s dick entered her mouth…when she stripped down to reveal her shaven cunt. The same way her body begged Steve’s dick for more. Tina was about to prepare the teenager for more than she could handle. But as Tina’s moistened middle finger dipped inside Krista’s ass, the unexpected invasion made Krista freeze. “Did I tell you to stop fucking him?”

“No Mistress.” Krista tried to ignore the invasion, and concentrate on Jake. That’s when Tina decided to add two more fingers. Krista froze up, again. “Please Mistress. Not so many.” Tina gave Krista an intimidating glare. She started fingering the white girl’s ass harder, and deeper causing Krista to wail out uncontrollably.

“Bitch, I say what goes!”

“Yes Mistress!! I’m sorry Mistress!!”

“I don’t think you are. Since you seems like you’ve never been fucked in the ass, I was going to be nice for once in my life. But useless cunts like you are too stupid to accept my kindness. Jake, hold her down!” Jake wrapped his strong arms around Krista. Tina positioned herself behind Krista, and rubbed the head against her puckered ass. “I told you I was going to fuck your ass up.” With a look of lust in her eyes Tina eased her dildo into Krista’s tight ass. While sinking deeper into her prize, Tina leaned forward, and began biting Krista’s ear.

“Holy shit!” Krista squeaked.

“How does it feel, slut?” Krista’s mouth was wide open. She tried to scream. She needed to scream. But all that could be heard as her holes were raped were Tina’s grunts from above, and Jakes balls slapping her body from below. Her ass was on fire as Tina started building up speed. Tina ignored the lack of lube, and sped up her thrust to keep up with Jake’s quickening pace. She felt nothing but pain. Excruciating pain as her hardened nipples rubbed against Jake’s chest. She wished it was just Steve. She thought maybe calling him Master would make him stop Tina and Jake’s pounding. He was forceful and rough when they fucked. But it didn’t hurt. Not like this. “You know you love this little whore.” As Krista heard Tina’s word, she said the one thing that hoped would make her stop.

“Yes!!” Krista sobbed loudly. “Keep fucking your little whore, Mistress!!”

Jake and Tina slammed into her harder than she thought possible. Wave after wave of intense pain, with only a small sense of pleasure, ripped through her body as the two friends sodomized her on the train.
“Oh fuck,” Jake shouted “Get off girls. I’m gonna cum.”

“No!!” Tina panted. “I want you to cum inside of her!!! That’s her punishment!! Keep fucking the cunt!!!

“Ahhhhh!!” Krista screamed. “Thank you for letting Jake cum in my cunt, Mistress!!”

Jake slammed his powerful hips upward, lifting both girls off the ground, releasing his cum deep inside the white girl’s pussy. Tina pulled her toy out of Krista’s ass with a loud pop. Jake shoved Krista off, and left her there on the floor with cum oozing out of her pussy. “Come on guys,” Steve said. “We better get out of here.” The three friends straightened themselves up, looked into, the next compartment, and left exited the area one by one. Krista felt something hit her in the face, and realized it was her clothes. She moved them from her face to see Steve follow his friends. Krista searched her pockets for her phone with the intent to call the police. But as she looked at the screen, something inside her made her stop. She used part of her jersey to wipe off the dried cum on her face, and tried her best to look presentable. When the train started to move 20 minutes later, she looked at her phone again. Megan still hadn’t responded to her text messages…
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