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Male/girl, Mild Bondage, Toys, young
Three Little Pussies, All in a Row
Male/girl, Mild Bondage, Toys, young
In April this past spring, my sister Carmen came over one afternoon to tell me that she and her husband Karl, had decided to take a 60-day Pacific cruise as sort-of a second honeymoon. She’d come over to ask me if their daughter, Jessica, could stay with me during their absence, which would include one week before the ‘sail’ date, and one week afterwards.
I gladly accepted, and was actually quite excited about keeping her. Jessica is nothing, if not very well behaved and always happy. I have a total of three nieces and one nephew, and out of all of them (and I know I shouldn’t pick favorites) she is my favorite!
Jessica always comes over for the night on Saturdays, so that her parents can go out and party with friends. She and I have been very close for a long time, and she’s was more like my daughter than my niece.
Ever since she’s been 5 years-old, Jessica has been coming over on Saturdays and Sundays (during the spring) with her two best friends, Dana and Lexi, to use my swimming pool to frolic in the water and lay-out in the sun to get an early start on their tans. During the summer, they generally come seven days a week
During the spring, I’d join them in the pool, and repeatedly toss them screaming and giggling into the air, with each and every toss! We’d also have camel fights, and play ‘Marco/Polo’. I swear, I’d have just as-much fun (if not more than) the girls.
Here, I need to explain something to you…
All three girls had entered puberty with a quite spectacular flourish, and what most people would consider way-too-early!
Dana, the oldest at 13, had entered puberty late in her 9th year. By the time this last spring arrived, and from a distance, she appeared to be an older teenager, if not a grown woman. Still, up-close, one could readily see her extreme youth, and innocent appearance. Nonetheless, she was absolutely shaping-up to be a definite candidate for a Playboy Centerfold when she was old enough!
Jessica and Lexi had both entered puberty early in their 10th years. Jessica is now 12, and Lexi, 11. While not as physically mature as Dana, they both still have spectacularly-formed young hard-bodies. Both tall for their ages and slender of build, they were definitely shaping-up to be fashion models. In-fact, Jessica had already worked in the modeling industry for a couple of teen magazines, and the prospects of her continuing in that line of work, were very, very, promising.
Yes, the three of them were definitely little hotties!
I should tell you here, that before the little ‘accident’, I had never seriously considered having any kind of sex with any preteen or even early teenage girls. I say ‘serious’, because I’m not blind, and in-no-way could I have missed seeing the rapid development of their young little ‘hotties’ bodies! And, more especially, Jessica’s, Dana’s and Lexi’s!
And, I also say serious, because seeing them in their little bikinis this past spring, definitely aroused my lusts, but I had no intention whatsoever of trying to seduce one of them.
For the new ‘swimming/laying-out’ swimsuits this year, all three had purchased extremely tiny bikinis. I’m talking about tiny little string-bikinis the tops of which, just-did cover their nipples, and left the bottom and side swells, as-well-as the upper slopes of their titties completely bared. And, as-if that weren’t enough, the bottoms just-did cover their little pussy mounds, and left their tautly-formed, beautifully rounded asscheeks completely bared!
Already, before the little accident, I’d been struggling against the lusts which demanded to be fulfilled. Still, there was no-way that I’d ever attempt to actually seduce and have sex with one of them! I did, however, begin jacking-off to them, with ever increasingly powerful, ‘taboo’ lusts and desires.
I even went to the internet, and downloaded naked photos of pubescent preteen girls. (I’m not interested in little girls that have just, or even haven’t entered puberty. The old saying, “If they’re old enough to bleed, they’re enough to breed!” definitely applies to me.)
I had thought that going to porn would have fulfilled my sexual needs, or at-least put a hamper on it. But, if anything, it only increased my illicit desires to make them my ‘way-too-young’ lovers!
So, after ‘frolicking’ with them for an hour or-so, I’d go back into the house, and to my office. (My home has four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. Three of the bedrooms have sliding-glass doors, and face the patio, as-well-as the pool. I’d made one of those my office, so anytime Jessica and her little friends were there, I had a clear view of them. Fortunately, the glass doors are mirrored on the outside, so I could see them, and they couldn’t see me.)
I’d stand at my office door with my cutoffs around my feet, and jack-off, picturing myself fucking all three of them, and I always shot a massive load of cum into a washrag. Yes, my niece and her friends were all hotties, and ‘ripe’ for a fucking!
Anyway, it was early July when the little ‘accident’ took place, that eventually led to my fulfilling every illicit want and desire with the girls!
I was out playing with the girls, having camel fights. Dana, the shortest of the three, was riding on my shoulder, and Jessica on Lexi’s. Dana and Jessica were grappling, and Dana’s hand slipped and pulled Jessica’s top down and off her ripening breasts.
I was suddenly seeing one set of the titties that I’d been fantasizing about for over a month. They were just inches from my face, and I got a very good look at them before Jessica emitted a very loud scream, and threw herself back off Lexi’s shoulders and into the water.
She stood-up with her back to me, as Dana and Lexi laughed and giggled incessantly. Both of them looked at me, and blushed a deep scarlet when I met their gazes. My cock had rapidly swollen in my cutoffs, and I had to toss Dana off my shoulders, and exit the pool.
“Did you get a good look at Jessica’s bubbies, Lesley?” Lexi asked me.
Not daring to turn around and let them spy the sizeable bulge in my cut-offs, I looked back over my shoulder and replied, “Yeah! WAY too good!”
Dana and Lexi thought that hilarious, and laughed even harder.
When I reached my office, just like always, I grabbed a washrag from the bathroom, and went over to the glass doors. I dropped my cutoffs and jacked-off, watching the girls playing in the water.
Dana and Lexi were giving Jessica a real ribbing over the accident, and I just couldn’t get Jessica’s titties out of my mind;
It quickly became an ‘immoral imperative’ that I get at least one of them seduced and fucked. I had no other choice; I’d let my lustful desires get too far out-of-control! With that decision made, I began trying to figure-out just how I was going to seduce one of them; and more importantly which one I’d try to seduce first.
As it ended-up, I didn’t have seduce anybody! And that is where the real story begins…
Part One
The second weekend of July, Jessica had gone to stay at Dana’s house for the weekend; we were all taking a swimming pool break. I’d just finished lunch, when the doorbell rang. Wondering who it might be, I answered the bell, and there stood young Lexi.
“Hi, Lesley!” she greeted me, and I returned the greeting.
“Well, hello, Lexi; what brings you over? You do know that Jessica’s over at Dana’s, don’t you?”
“Yes, I know.” she answered with a blushing giggle, “I didn’t come over to see Jessica; I came over to see you.”
“Oh, really? And why did you come over to see me?” I asked, hoping against hope that she wanted to have sex with me.
Again she giggled and asked, “Can we go to the den?”
“Most certainly.” I replied, and let her precede me, giving me the pleasure of watching her taut little butt swinging back-and-forth.
My cock was already painfully swollen in my pants, but I wasn’t worried about that. After the little ‘accident’, and whenever I wasn’t in the water with them, I’d taken to wearing Hawaiian shirts that fell below my crotch, hiding the ever-present cockbulge from the girls’ youthful eyes.
Lexi walked straight over to the sofa, and stood there as I approached. “Aren’t you going to take a seat?” I asked.
“Uhhhhh… no, I think I’ll stand for now.” she giggled and blushed again. She was quite obviously nervous, and I wondered ‘Why?’
“So… what’s on your mind, Lexi?”
“Well… I… I… do you… do you think I’m… sexy?” she inquired, blushing even deeper.
“Well… sure, Lexi; you and Jessica and Dana are all sexy. It won’t be long before you’ll all have boys knocking on your doors.”
“Do… do you like… young girls?” she asked as she became more ‘fidgety’.
“Well, that’s kind of a silly question.” I told her, “If I didn’t like ‘young girls’, you three wouldn’t be coming over and using my pool every day. And, I most certainly wouldn’t be playing with you girls, either.”
“No-ooooo… not like that! Do you… do you… do you like having… having sex with… w-with young girls… l-l-like us?” she nervously spat-out.
There it was! It wasn’t me seducing her; it was her, seducing me!
I was thrilled to-the-core, but I was also a little bit leery; if we actually went through with a sexual relationship, and if it were ever discovered, I’d be in big-time trouble!
“Well, I don’t know, Lexi; I haven’t ever had sex with little girls; at least, not since I was a little boy myself.” I informed her, “Why? Do you know a little girl that wants to have sex with me?”
“Yes; me, and Dana, and even Jesssica! We all want to have sex with you!”
I tell you, my cock was jumping and jerking in my pants at the mere thought of it. I was damned sure going to fuck her, if she did indeed desire that; still I wanted her to make the first move. Just call it ‘covering my back’, if you will.
“Well, the thought has crossed my mind.” I told her, “But what can you do to show me that you really do want to have sex with me?”
I couldn’t believe that she could blush any deeper than she already was, but damned if she didn’t! And she pulled her top up and over her head, now standing before me naked, from the waist-up.
“Damn! Your little titties are absolutely beautiful! Just as beautiful as you!” I told her with heart-felt conviction.
“Tha-thank you!” she giggled, embarrassed to be standing before me half-naked. However, if everything worked-out, she wouldn’t be bashful for much longer; not around me, anyway!”
“Come here.” I told her, holding my arms out to her. She stepped right up to me, her knees pressing against the edge of the sofa.
I stared at her ripening little titties for several moments. Almost ‘A-cups’ in-size, they stood-out proudly from her chest; beautifully-rounded, sharply up-thrust, and somewhat conical at the tips. Light-pink, quarter-sized areoles were crowned by little pencil-eraser-sized nipples.
Very gingerly, I reached to cup them, squeezing and caressing the beautiful little mounds, and drawing quiet little moans from her lips.
“Mmmmmm… you… you have… nice hands.” she cooed as I felt her nipples ‘spike’ and tickle my palms.
Withdrawing my hands momentarily, I saw that those cute little nipples had grown to ¾” in length, and quickly discovered how sensitive they are. Taking those elongated nubbins between my thumbs and forefingers, I began to gently squeeze, twist, and pull on them.
Almost the instant I began, little shivers rushed through Lexi’s young hardbody. “Oooooohhhhhmmmmm… yes! Oh, yes! Play with my ‘nippies’, Lesley! Ohhhhh… yyyesssssss…”
I began getting a little rougher with her nipples, and those little shivers grew in force, until she was jerking back-and-forth. I was shocked to realize that little Lexi was about to enter orgasmic ecstasy, just from having her nipples toyed-with.
“Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh… yes! Oh, yes! I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m commmmmiiiiiiinnnnng-g!” she suddenly shouted, as powerful convulsions wracked her. It was almost like she was having a seizure, they were so violent!
“Aaaaaaiiiiiiieeeee-aaaaaiiiiiiii…” she screamed shrilly and collapsed against me. I had to remove my hands, of-course, so I just hugged her tightly to me, savoring the warm press of her young titties against my chest. Gradually, she began winding-down from the orgasmic peaks, and her breathing slowed.
Her face buried against my neck and shoulder, she said, “Wow! I never came like that, before! I think this is going to be a fun afternoon.”
I had a question, but I couldn’t ask her. So, in my head, I wondered, ‘If she comes like that, just from having her nipples played-with, what’s going to happen when I fuck her little preteen pussy?’
“My little cunny’s so hot and wet. Will you fuck me, Lesley? Will you please fuck me? Please?” she almost begged for my cock.
“Little girl, not only am I going to fuck you; I’m going to fuck you silly!” I assured her.
That said, I took her head between my hands, and gently pushed it back, until our faces were mere inches apart. Then, I kissed her.
I was pleasantly surprised when she speared her tongue into my mouth first, and also by the expertise with which she kissed me back. I momentarily wondered where she’d learned to kiss like that, but would ask her later.
I had a little 11 year-old pussy to fuck!
As I kissed the little hotty, I hugged her and stood, then headed directly to my bedroom. When I’d stood, she had locked her legs around my waist. Her crotch was rubbing directly against my big bulge, and I worried that I’d come before I even had a chance to fuck her!
We reached my room, and I deposited her on the edge of my bed, then took a couple of steps back. “Why don’t we both get naked, and then I’ll fuck your hot little ass off! I promise you; you’re going to come, and come, and then come some more!”
I quickly took my shirt off, then watched her take her short-shorts and panties off. That accomplished, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs out for me. It was instantly obvious that she wasn’t a virgin, yet her little cunt-hole looked extremely tiny. She’d had a cock in her, but not a big one!
“So, you’re not a virgin?” I put to her.
“Yes! No! Well, kinda.” was her reply.
“Yes? No? Well, kinda?” I repeated her words, “Little girl, you’re either a virgin or you’re not. And, there’s definitely no ‘kinda’ to it. Now, you’re cherry’s gone, and that’s a fact; how did you lose it?”
“Well, nobody’s ever fucked me.” she clarified, “Dana loaned me a vibrator, and I kinda got carried away, and pushed it inside my cunny.”
Then, little Lexi really blew me away…
“Dana and Jessica did the same thing, but they did it on purpose! Jessica said she saw your cock once, and that it is really huge! We all had ‘Sex Education’ in fifth-grade, so we know that when a man “Pops!” a girl’s cherry, that it hurts really bad! So, they ‘Popped!’ their cherries on-purpose, because all three of us want you to be our first lover!”
“Damn! That’s incredible!” I told her, my big cock ‘dancing-a-jig’ in my pants! They’d actually ‘Popped!’ their own cherries just for me! I actually felt honored by that, and couldn’t wait to give all three their very first cock!
A lot of the girls their ages at school, had already been fucking for some time, but mostly just with little boys!
One of their friends had been seduced and had her virginity taken by her daddy’s best friend. She’d also tried fucking with a couple of the schoolboys, and told the girls that sex with little boys, really sucked! They’d stick their little penises in the little girl’s pussies, and come really quickly; leaving the girl totally unfulfilled, at best!
However, she told the girls how wonderful sex with her daddy’s friend was. While the boys’ idea of foreplay was (at-best) a little titty-groping and fingering the girls’ pussies quite briefly, that the girl’s ‘grown lover’ gave her several orgasms with his mouth and hands before actually fucking her. She told them that she’d never go back to little boys!
“So, tell me; if you haven’t ever had a lover, where did you learn to kiss so well?”
“Dana and Jessica!” she giggled (without the blush, I might add) and told me their story…
When they first experienced sexual urges, they’d all three terribly wanted to experience real sex. They weren’t quite ready to come to me, so, after watching a Video that their little friend (the one fucking with her daddy’s best friend) had loaned them, they’d seen what sex is really all about!
All three hours of the video showed sucking and fucking and even eating pussy in varied scenes and combinations. So, they’d decided to experiment with each other.
They’d quickly learned how to give each other exquisite pleasure with their mouths and hands, and got together every chance they had! Still, they weren’t getting fucked, and I would be forever grateful that their little friend had told them about her ‘grown-man’ lover and their wonderful sex!!
So it was that, Lexi, Dana and Jessica wanted me to be their first. I really did feel honored, and it was for damned sure I was going to accommodate their every need and desire! Shit! Three little preteen hotties wanting me to be their first fuck!
Life just can’t get much better than that!
When she’d finished telling me the story, I removed my pants. As I pushed them down to my feet, I had to bend over. Then, when I’d stepped-out of them, I raised back up, and my big cock, freed from the restrictive confines of my pants, raised back up with me!
Lexi’s eye like to have popped-out of her head, when she saw what I had for her! Fully erect, my cock’s 11¾” long, and the shaft, 2” thick. It’s crowned by an angry-purple, plum-shaped head a little over 2½” in diameter. So, maybe you can understand a little 11 year-old girl’s shock at seeing what I was going to shove so very deeply indie her young body!
“Tha-Tha-That’s not… that’s not a cock; it’sa… it’sa… it’sa fencepost!” she told me.
Fisting it and shaking it at her, I asked, “You’re not going to back-out on me, are you?”
“Oh… no, no, no, no-way!” she giggled delightedly, “I just gotta see what it’s like to have so much cock inside me!”
“Well, let’s find out.” I told her, “Let’s find out right here and right now! How’s that grab you?”
“I’m ready! Please, get up here and Fuck! Me! now!” she eagerly requested.
I moved onto the bed and between her widely splayed legs. Moving-up over her, I bent over, and came to rest on my elbows. My cock was right where it needed to be, and I told her, “Okay, my pretty little girl; guide me inside you!”
Lexi reached-down between us and grabbed my cock and said, “It’s so hard, but it’s kinda soft. It’s warm, too!”
I felt her place the head against her little hole, and I very gradually began to press forward. I had a really good idea that the ‘stretch’ was going to be really painful, so that when her little hole opened-up to me, I’d hold-up, and let her little pussy accommodate itself to my girth.
Quite suddenly, and with no warning, my cockhead and about an inch of the steely shaft ‘Popped!” inside her. Lexi’s eyes ‘bugged’ again, and I held perfectly still.
“Ohhhhh… it’s so… so huuuuuge… inside me!” she gasped loudly.
“Are you okay? Do I need to pull-back-out of you?”
“No-ooooo… it’s just… my little cunny’s stretched really far! Don’t pull it out! It really doesn’t hurt!” she implored me, “But just hold still until I get used to it, please.”
I have to tell you; that was the tightest pussy I’d ever experienced, and I could scarcely wait to get all of my steely cock-meat inside her! Her little cunt felt like a powerful, hot, wet, silky-vice around what little I held inside her. Oh, was it going to be an amazingly pleasurable fuck!
As we waited for her little hole to adjust to my size, I kissed her, and again, I couldn’t believe the expertise with which she kissed me back; their experimentation had really worked its magic for them. And, I couldn’t wait to see the three girls having sex with each other! I knew that would be a major turn-on to see!
We kissed a couple of times, then Lexi finally said, “I’m ready; I want your whole, huge, hard, cock, all-the-way inside me.”
So, I pulled-back just a touch, then pressed a little deeper inside her tight little fuck-hole. I did this repeatedly, making slow progress so that I didn’t hurt her. I have no idea how long it actually took me to get my cock buried to-the-hilt, but every second of it was pure bliss.
“Ohhhhhhh… I’m so… so-ooooo fffuuulllll…” she cooed when I had it buried to-the-hilt inside her amazing tightness, “You’re touching… touching places… I didn’t know… were there!”
“You’re little pussy feels so wonderful on my cock.” I told her in reply, “I’m so glad that you’re here, Lexi! You’re my very first little preteen girl, and I’m going to make this first fuck totally wonderful for you.”
That said, I pulled-back until just the head was inside her, then pushed slowly back inside her young hardbody. I set a slow pace, wanting her to build slowly to her first orgasm, before I fucked her taut little ass off!
“Eeeeeeeeeyyyesssssss… ohhhhh… yyyyyyesssss… I love fucking! I… I Loveit!Loveit!Loveit! Fuck me, Lesley! Fuck me! I’m only 11 years-old, and you’re fucking me with your huge, hard, cock! I’m only a sixth-grader and you’re fucking me! It’s so… so… ssso-ooooooo wonnnnnderrrrrfffuuuuuulllllll…”
As I slowly fucked her, her words just drove-home the fact that I really was finally, and actually, fucking a very sexy, very pretty little preteen girl! It just made the illicit coupling all that much hotter!
I wished that I’d set-up my camcorder to capture the wonderful fuck. It’s for damned sure that I’d set it up for the next one! In-fact, I decided that I should shoot every sex scene with my three little lovers, and that I’d buy three commercial quality camcorders and the necessary audio and lighting equipment to make the highest quality porn videos possible with them!
‘Uhhhhhmmmmm… this really is wonderful, isn’t it?” I asked with a loud moan, “I’m fucking a little 11 year-old girl; a sixth-grader, no-less! Wow! Little preteen girls and their little preteen pussies rock! You’re going to be my little fuck-slave, Lexi! You, and Dana, and Jessica will jump-naked and ready to fuck, whenever, and wherever, I want you girls to!”
The slow-fucking continued, and Lexi asked, “Am I gonna be your little fuck-slut? Am I gonna be your little preteen whore?”
I had no idea where her vile language had come from, but I loved it! I actually savored her self-degrading talk!
“You’re damned right, you’re gonna be my little preteen whore! My 11 year-old fuck-slut! My little sixth-grade, preteen whore! I’ll fuck your little pussy and I’ll fuck your little ass! I’ll make you scream for more of my big cock! You’ll beg me to fuck you!” I was really getting-into the vile, verbal, sex-talk!
“After this fuck, I’m going to tie-you-up, and have you begging for my cock! I’m going to torture you with pleasure, you dirty little fuck-slut! You’ll beg me to let you come, but I won’t! I’ll bring you right to the edge, but I won’t let you come; not until I’m ready to let you come!”
Between moans, Lexi was giggling happily; my words were turning her on. We were both getting into the vocal degradation! It was yet another first for us both; I’d never, not ever, talked to a woman or even a little girl like that!
What I hadn’t told her yet, what I had just decided, was that I wasn’t going to let her come before my own climax drew near! Then, I was going to fuck her like I’d never fucked a woman before! I was going to tear little preteen fuck-slut’s pussy up! There’d be no doubt she’d ever forget her first fucking!
As I slowly long-stroked her, she began to shiver. Our faces were just inches apart, and I could see the excitement in her eyes; she wanted to come, and she wanted to come hard. That, however, was just going to be tough-shit for her! She’d come when and if I let her. Of course, I definitely wanted her to come, but I was going to make her think that I wasn’t going to let her! It just kept getting better and better with each, passing, second!
“Oh-Oooooohhhhhmmmmm… I’m going to come, Lesley! I’m going to come all over your huge, monster, cock!” she cried-out, the shivers, once-again, turning into shakes.
I just kept slow-fucking her, and when she was ready to shoot over the peak, I stopped! A dead stop!
“Nnnnnnnno-ooooooo… pllllllleeeeeeeassssssse…” she wailed, “Why did you stop? Please, Lesley, fuck me and make me come! I need to come! Pllleeeeeeassssssse…”
I just stared into her pleading eyes, and chuckled at her reactions to my stopping. I actually found myself enjoying the denial of her need to come! To see the desperation in her eyes and expression was like a very potent aphrodisiac for me!
“I told you that I wouldn’t let you come until I’m ready to let you come!” I reminded her.
“But… but you s-said… you said that you’d do that later!” she was almost whining with frustration!
“I changed my mind!” I told her with another chuckle, taunting her purposely! It felt like my cock was actually getting bigger and harder inside that wonderful little cunt of hers!
What a wild fucking turn-on it was!
“Pllllllleeeeeeeassssssse… fuck me, Lesley! Fuck me and make me come! Pllllllleeeeeeeassssssse…”
“Well, I guess I can fuck you! But, I still won’t let you come before I want you to.” I said, and began slow-fucking her once again!
What I didn’t tell her, was that I wasn’t going to last much longer; that I’d soon be ready to come myself, and I was going to give her exactly what she wanted. Still, I didn’t let her know that.
It didn’t take long for the ‘shivers’ to show-back-up; and the shakes showed-back-up even quicker than that!
Yes, little Lexi was about to come and it was going to be quite memorable!
When I knew that my balls were about to unleash a torrent of cum, I started fucking her as-hard-as and as-fast-as I could! Her whole body was jerking with each powerful thrust!
“Eeeeyyyesssss! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Lesley! Fuck me hard and fuck me fast! Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii…” she screamed shrilly as one powerful orgasm after another blasted-through her! Her arms and legs were flailing all over the place; I’d never seen any woman come like this little!
I was fucking her like a pile-driver gone wild! I was fucking her just as-hard-as any woman I’d ever fucked, and she was eating it up, and crying-out for more!
I was getting closer and closer to coming with each, hammering stroke. It just wasn’t possible for me to fuck her any faster or harder; and, I too was eating it up. Her little pussy was clamping-down on my cock so tightly, as I pounded-away!
“Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyiiiiiiiii…Eeeeeeyyyyyiiiiiiieeeeeeaaaaaaiiiiiiiii…” she kept screaming, totally absorbed by the orgasmic ecstasy that was slamming-through her. Her mind was overcome with pleasure, and she later told me that she couldn’t think at-all! She was totally lost to the powerful pleasures that were inundating her entire being!
Then, almost sneaking-up on me, my own orgasm assailing me and joined her in orgasmic ecstasy!
I froze in-place from the power of my own climactic self-indulgence, my cum-spitting cock buried to the hilt and flooding her young pussy with a massive load of cum!
“Awwwww… arrrrrrrggghhhnnnnnnn…” I shouted, each ejaculation wracking my body, and I’d even swear that my toenails curled-up backwards, I was coming so hard!
“Take it, you little whore! Take my cum deep inside that little slut’s cunt! Take… it… aaaaaaallllllllllll…”
“Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee… I… feel… it! It’s so… it’s so hot! I feel it in my belly! Give me aaaaalllllllll… of it!” she continued to scream shrilly, “Eeeeeeyyyyyiiiiiiieeeeeeaaaaaaiiiiiiiii…”
I seemed to come forever, as did she; but finally, our mutual orgasms subsided! And, once they had, I pulled her to me and flipped-over, Lexi lying atop me. We were both drained by the physical exertions, joined-by the orgasmic delights, both of us incredibly as-happy-as the day is long!
What a fuck! What an incredibly and totally fulfilling fuck we’d both shared! It was absolutely the best fuck of my life, the lusts that had controlled me absolutely fulfilled! And, the knowledge of her extreme youth, and her tight little preteen cunt, had just added to the thrilling pleasures!
For several minutes, Lexi and I just lay there, catching our breaths and letting our heart-beats normalize.
Finally, Lexi sat-up and placed her hands on my chest, an excited (though weak) smile crossing her face, and her big, blue eyes absolutely sparkling with joyful gaiety!
“Oh, Lesley! That was so… so wonderful! I never dreamed that fucking could be so much fun and feel so very wonderful! I don’t ever want to stop fucking with you!” she told me, giggling happily.
“I’ll be your fuck-slave!” she continued, “I’ll be your little preteen whore! I’ll be your little fuck-slut! I’ll be anything you want me to be; just please, please don’t ever stop fucking me!”
“I can assure you…” I told her, “…that there’s absolutely no-way that I’m gonna stop fucking you! Your mine… all mine, and you will jump naked, and you will be ready to fuck whenever, and wherever, I tell you to! Is that understood?”
“Yes sir!” she readily agreed, “And Lesley?”
“Your huge, monster, cock… it’s still hard! Will you fuck me again? “Will you tie me up and tease me and fuck me… just like you said?”
I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm. In about thirty minutes, she’d gone from being a (technically, anyway) little preteen virgin to a cock-hungry, fuck-ready little slut! Oh, was I going to enjoy having three little cock-hungry, fuck-ready, preteen girls at my beckoning call!
Life just can’t get any better that that!
Part 2 will be written and submitted if the criticism is favorable.
The full list of subject matter I’ve decided upon, is: Male/girl, Mild Bondage, Toys, young, Male/girl-girl, Bi, Incest, Male/girl-girl-girl, Making Porn Movies, Male-Male/girl-girl-girl, DP, young
(If you decide to download this story, set your left and right margins to 1", and it should display correctly.

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2014-12-28 02:24:34
God i would love to fuck some preteen pussy

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2014-04-10 21:07:26
would love to see this story finished. Cant wait!!!!

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2014-04-09 00:21:26
Would like to see this story continue. Do you plan another part anytime soon?

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2014-02-03 15:48:53
My 3 girls at the same time would be a 14y old,with 34b tits and a nice natural bush,a 11y old with buds and a few hairs above slit and a 9 y old with a smooth pussy!

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2013-11-17 14:26:27
I want 3 girls at the same time 9 ,10 and a 8y old mmm,never hda a girl younger than 10!11 and 12 are to grown up these days .

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