Paul's father catches him watching him and his mother making love and decides that it is time for Paul to learn how to fuck
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

My name is David. I'm kind of an average guy. I'm 36, 6 feet tall, 190#. I have a pretty average office job but it pays well. I am happily married to Loretta. She is about 6 months younger than I am. She is 5'5" and a little over weight at about 155#. She will not let me see her on the scale so I don't know exactly. She has long brown hair and green eyes. Her tits are a tight fit in her c-cup bras. We have one son, Paul. He was just about a month past turning 16 when this story started. He is about 5'10" and weighs about 150#. He is a good kid and a good student. He has never gotten into any serious trouble.

I guess my sex life with Loretta is pretty average also. Loretta and I make love three or four times a week. She doesn't like giving head very much and likes receiving it just a little bit more than giving it. Whenever I try playing with her ass hole she chases me away from it, telling me that it is "out only". A couple years after we were married I talked her into swinging. We did it a few times for about a year but then she said that she did not enjoy it and asked if we could stop. We stopped.

It was about 11pm on a Friday night and we had just gone to bed. We sleep nude and like to cuddle. We were having sex our most usual way that night. We got into bed and cuddled and kissed. I put my hand on her tits and gently massaged them, one then the other and back again while we kissed. She started making happy little mmmmm sounds showing me that she was in the mood and enjoying it. I moved my hand down over her stomach to her pussy mound while I moved my mouth to her tits and started sucking on one of her nipples. I spread her pussy lips and slid a finger in between them. She was wet. She is almost always was by then. She put her hand down between us and found my cock. After a few squeezes and strokes it was hard. I rubbed her clit with a couple of my fingers, which would cause little spasms all over her body and happy sounds. Then I slipped my fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her. I always enjoy her encouraging little noises and the way she lifts her pussy up hoping to get my fingers deeper in her. Back to her clit and then back to her pussy and back and forth till after about five minutes I could tell that she was getting ready to have an orgasm. All this time she was holding my cock like it was a handle, which didn’t do much for me, but it did keep me mostly hard. Her breathing got harder and faster and she wiggled around. Remembering that she had a hold of my cock she stroked it some more. Then her orgasm came fully around and she started bucking and moaning and breathing very hard. I love making her come. As I kept rubbing her clit she started saying "Oh yes, fuck me now. Put it in. Do it." While I kept rubbing her I got on my knees up by her head, took hold of her head and turned it to my cock. She opened her mouth and I pulled her head onto my anxiously waiting cock. My cock is about seven inches and pretty thick. While she was having her orgasm was the one time she readily gave me easy access to her mouth and when she could do it best. She seldom starts oral sex and has only let me come in her mouth a couple times. It is a shame that she does not like it more because she is good at it and I love it. I pulled her to me and pushed forward starting to fuck her mouth while still fingering her clit and keeping her coming. I got a little more than half of my cock in her mouth but that is as far as I can go without gagging her. No deep throat from my Loretta. After about a minute of this pleasure for me, I took it out and climbed between her legs and gave her a big kiss. She humped her pussy up and down at me showing me that she wanted my cock in her NOW. By now she was nice and wet and more than ready to be fucked. She liked it deep, hard and fast.

Just as I took hold of my hard cock and was guiding it into her cunt I heard a noise at the bedroom door. I looked in that direction and could see that it was open a couple inches. I could see a shadow outside the door. As I looked in that direction the door closed. The only other person in the house was our son Paul. Loretta and I were both close to coming so I did not stop but my thoughts were somewhere else as I finished. A couple more hard deep thrusts and we both came. I pumped my load of hot cum deep in her and she had her strongest spasms and started to quiet back down. I got off and laid next to her. I rubbed her pussy a couple more times and we kissed. I went and washed off my cock and got back in bed. She went and washed off both of our cum from her pussy and where it had dripped down her legs. She got back in bed and we cuddled, kissed one more time and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast as Paul and I sat at the table and Loretta was getting the food in the kitchen I looked at Paul and said, "You and I have to have a little talk young man." "What about?" Paul tried to innocently ask as he blushed beet red and looked at the floor. "You know very well what about and when I get home from work we are going to talk."

When I got home Paul was at one of his friends house and he did not get home till right at suppertime. After supper Loretta went to the living room to watch one of her favorite TV shows. I motioned to Paul to follow me to the den. He looked like a whipped dog with it's tail between it's legs as he followed me into the den. "Were you watching your mother and me last night?" After a long pause Paul very quietly answered "Ya." I asked him if he was there very long and he said that he got to the door just after I had gotten into bed with his mom. "What did you see?" "Not much. It was pretty dark." Have you ever done this before?" "A couple of times." "Did you see the same?" "One time it was a full moon and I could see pretty good." "Did you like watching your mother and me make love?" "I couldn't help myself Dad. I had to do it. I want to learn how. Dad, can we talk about sex?" "Your mother and I have already had that talk with you and you have had sex ed in school." "Ya, but that was pretty much just the biology of where babies come from. I need to know about fucking. You and Mom enjoy it so much and you do things nobody told me about. The guys at school talk about it all the time. I need to know how to do it." I asked him if he had been with a girl yet and he said that a couple times a girl had let him feel her boobs and once he had gotten his hand into a girls pants but he had no idea of what to do to do it right and neither did the girl. "Dad, I have a hard on so much of the time and it hurts. I have to jack off to make it better." "Where did you learn about that?" I asked him. "The guys all do it. Sometimes we do it together. I've been doing it for a couple years now. I have to do it when I watch you and Mom. It gets me so hard seeing you." I told him that I understood because I was his age once too. I told him that I was not going to kill him but that watching Mom and me was wrong and that he should not do it again.

The next day I made a call to our timeshare company and was able to book a condo in Cancun for three nights right after Paul's birthday. I told Loretta that I was taking Paul on a fishing trip for his birthday present. Paul and I love to go fishing. I told Paul and he was delighted. For now his little "Peeping Tom" incident was put behind us and all was normal.

We left Houston early Friday afternoon and checked into the condo at suppertime. We went out for dinner and then early to bed as I had booked a charter boat for 5 am. We had a pretty good day of fishing. We caught some yellowfin tuna, some grouper and I caught one roosterfish. We had all but the roosterfish cleaned and frozen to take home. We rested in the condo for a little while then went out for another nice supper. After dinner I told Paul that I had a good idea of something to do that night. I called a cab and before Paul got to the cab I told the driver that I wanted him to take us to a bar that had a good sex show and young girls and that he was to wait for us. He knew just the place. We negotiated the price and we were off. We pulled up in front of a run down bar in a dirty part of town. Paul looked at me funny and I told him that it was OK, that he would enjoy himself.

We went in. There were about a dozen tables and booths around a stage. On the stage was a young Mexican girl doing a sexy dance. We sat at a stage side table and another young girl in tight shorts and a small halter-top came over and asked what we wanted to drink. I told her a rum and coke and Paul said a Coke. I stopped her and told her to change that to two rum and Cokes. Paul looked at me and I told him that in Mexico, if you are old enough to reach the bar you are old enough to drink. That was an exaggeration but not too far from the truth. I asked him if he drank and he said that he had a few times with the guys and that one time when Bill's folks were not home they got into the booze cabinet and all got drunk and he had barfed. I told him that that is what happens when you overdo it. Our drinks came and the waitress bent over to give me a good look at her cleavage and asked if I we would like some company. I told her not right now but maybe later. The girl on the stage was slowly dancing around the stage smiling and shaking her stuff at the guys in the room. She was not a very good dancer. When she got to us I gave Paul the $5 that I had gotten in change and told him to tuck it in her g-string. He blushed again and I could see it even in this dark bar.

He reached out and slid it in the top of her bottom and she danced off after blowing him a kiss and wiggling her still covered tits at us. I told Paul that next time he should put it in further and leave his hand in there for a little while. The dancer went back to the middle of the stage and during this song she removed her top showing everybody her nice little tits. She wiggled them and pushed them together and pinched her nipples. Then it was time to make the rounds again. Several guys put another dollar in her G-string but again I gave Paul another $5. He looked at me not quite sure what to make of what was happening. I smiled at him and said "Relax and have fun." This time Paul put the $5 and his hand all the way inside her panties. $5 was the biggest tip she was getting so she paused, put her hands over Paul's and pressed his hand to her pussy. Then she bent down and rubbed her tits across his face and danced on. "You should have sucked her nipple when she gave you her tits Paul" "Really, She wouldn't get mad? It's ok with you?" She went back to her dancing. She took off her G-string and only had her shoes on. She squatted down and with both her hands she parted her pussy lips showing all her womanly pleasures. Paul was the biggest tipper so she was pointing it straight at him. Then she was gone. A couple minutes later she came to our table and asked if we wanted some company. I said not right now but maybe later.

The next girl came on stage. This one was obviously older. Probably in her early 20's but you could see that she had been well used. Her tits were bigger but so was her belly. During her first dance her top came off and she sucked her own nipples. Her nipples were big. They hung down on her tits that also hung down a little. I guessed that they had been sucked, pulled and maybe put in clamps quite a lot over the last few years and she probably had kids. After the song ended she made her tips lap. She got the usual number of dollars. She came straight to Paul as her last stop. I'm sure the first girl told her that that was where the best tip would be. This time Paul worked the $5 I gave him in at the bottom of her G-string and left his hand in there with it. After a few seconds she pulled away leaving Paul with a very wet middle finger. He had struck pay dirt that time. She leaned over and wiggled her tits in his face and he opened his mouth and sucked in a nipple feeding on it like a baby to it's mother. She pulled away with a pop and went back to center stage and the first girl came back on stage with her. Her nipples were more erect after that. Paul looked at his wet sticky finger and smiled and reached for a paper on the table to wipe it off with. I stopped him and told him to suck it clean. He gave me a look that said Yuuuk! I nodded and put my finger in my mouth to show him what to do. I guess he trusted me as he smelled it and then put the cum covered finger in his mouth and sucked it clean then showed it to me and said, "Dad, this is a great trip. Thanks."

I held up two fingers and the waitress brought us two more rum and Cokes. This time she was just about falling out of her top. I put her money between her tits and grabbed a good handful of tit for good measure. "Do you want some company now?" I said no. As soon as the music started again the younger girl dropped her top too and the two started dancing, often getting to where their tits rubbed against the other one's. After that song they made their lap, each one to a different part of the stage where she collected dollars and got a lot of dirty talk. The younger one came to us and this time I did the tipping. I put a $20 in the side of her bottom. I made sure she saw that it was a $20. I slid my hand in with it and shoved my finger all the way up in her and fucked it in and out several times before she pulled away and went back to her show. As she walked away I said to her that we wanted a good show now. I saw that Paul was looking so I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. The two girls talked to each other and the next song started. The girls slowly undressed each other the rest of the way, touching and kissing while they did. Soon they were both naked except for their high heal shoes. The younger one got down on her back on the floor and spread her legs and showed everyone in the bar what they hoped to see. The other one then straddled her head facing her feet and got down in the classic 69 position and they started licking each other. It was obvious to me that this was faked but Paul was still going wild. "Do girls really do that Dad?" "Many women really enjoy oral sex with another woman." I could not see Paul's crotch under the table but I could tell from the way his arm moved that he was rapidly rubbing his cock. After their little stage show the two girls gathered up their cloths and money that had been thrown to them and skipped off stage.

I walked over to the bar and talked to the bartender. The bartender usually controls the girls in a place like this. I told him that I would like one of the younger girls for the rest of the night to come to my place. I told him that she needed to be one that spoke some English, would do anything I asked and enjoy doing it. He told me he had just the girl. It would cost $50 for the bar and another $50 for the girl (he did not say it but the bar also took half of her $50 also but that was still good money for the girl). I told him that because it was already almost midnight that that sounded pretty high and he agreed to $40 for each of them. I paid him his $40 and went back to the table. In a couple minutes the first girl that we had watched dance, the younger one that came back out and did the 69 show with the second older girl, came over to our table and said her name was Carla. "The bartender told me that you would like to have some fun with me." She had a strong accent but was easy to understand. "Did the bartender tell you what I want?" "Si, and it sounds very good to me." She was wearing a black vinyl mini skirt and a black vinyl top that looked like a low cut sports bra and black high heel shoes. She was about 5'4" and probably weighed about 120#. I had already seen her nude on stage so I was pretty sure of her figure. I would say that her measurements were about 34-25-34. She probably had a large B cup bra size. She had dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion. She was attractive but not beautiful. There was no doubt in my mind that she was Mexican. When she sat on my lap I could see that she did not have on any panties. She wiggled her ass on my lap and reached over and grabbed Paul's cock and balls in his pants and gave them a gentle squeeze. "Oh, you are both sooo big. I am going to like this." I waived to the cab driver that had been sitting in a booth at the back watching the show and waiting for me. We went to the cab and he drove the three of us back to the condo. I gave him a good tip and told him to be here about 10am to take her home.

We went into the condo and locked the door. Paul had slept on the hide-a-bed couch and I in the king sized bed in the bedroom. I knew that the couch was not going to be used tonight. I put her $40 on the dresser in the bedroom and told her that if we were happy there might be a good tip in the morning that she did not have to tell the bartender about. She gave me a big smile. I left both lights in the room on so Paul would have no trouble seeing what was going to happen. "OK Paul, It's time to show you what fucking is all about. Go over and sit in the chair and watch and learn." I asked Carla how old she was and she said 16. I took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. I sat on the edge and had her stand in front of me. I reached up and unfastened her top and let it drop. Her tits were right at my face so I latched onto one cute little tit and sucked it deep and hard. Carla moaned and threw her head back. She took that tit out of my mouth and replaced it with the other one for me to feast on. I reached between her legs. She spread them to give me full access. I slid one finger between her pussy lips and into her cunt. I finger fucked her and she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her tits. She was getting very wet. It was easy to tell that she was not faking it, at least not completely. I stopped and unfastened her skirt hook and pulled down the zipper. Her skirt fell to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of it with one foot and kicked it over by Paul with the other. I had her put one foot up on the bed opening her slit wider for me to explore and Paul to see. Now I had three fingers stuffed into her cunt fucking her as deep as I could get. She was tighter than I had expected for a prostitute. I guess she was pretty new at her job. She was moaning and pushing her cunt onto my fingers trying to get herself off and getting pretty close. I stopped and took my hand away. "No, don't stop. Fuck me more. Fill my pussy signor." I stood up and told her to undress me now.

She started to come down from her near orgasm. She reached for my shirt buttons and undid them, slid my shirt back off my shoulders and down my arms. She kissed my chest and licked my nipples. Next she reached for my belt. I had already kicked my shoes off. She unfastened my belt and unzipped my zipper and pulled my pants to the floor. I was wearing boxer shorts and my hard 7-inch cock found it's way out the front opening and was standing straight up pointing at the ceiling. "Oh what a wonderful cock." she said as she pulled off my boxers. It wasn't easy with my erection sticking out from them but she managed. I pushed down on her shoulders pushing her to the floor so her face was right in front of my cock. A big drop of pre-cum was already on the end of it. Carla reached her small purse on the floor next to her and got out a condom and started to open it. I reached down and took it away from her and said, "Remember your tip if you make me very happy." She opened her mouth and slid about half of my seven inches into her and tightened her lips around my shaft. She pulled out so only the head was still in her mouth and licked around the head then pushed in again. This time she took about five inches and she pulled out again. This time she took it all the way out and kissed the tip of it then licked down the outside underside of my cock to my balls. She kissed, licked and sucked my balls and then put my cock back in her mouth and put it 5 inches in again.

I had forgotten that Paul was even there. I looked over at him to see that his pants were down around his feet and he was stroking his hard cock to beat the band. I had seen Paul nude many times, mostly in the shower room at the gym/pool that we went to but I had never seen him hard. Even at just 15 he was big, bigger than me, longer at least. He had to be 7-1/2 or 8 inches but not as thick as me. I told him not to make himself come. I don't think he understood why but he said "OK." Now my thoughts went back to Carla. Her mouth was stretched around my cock and she was bobbing up and down on it with a good pace. I was ready to slam my cock down her throat and deep fuck her face. I put both hands behind her head and pulled her to my groin while at the same time thrusting my cock into her face. As I hit the back of her throat she started to gag. I thought she was going to throw up. I pulled out of her mouth and she gasped and swallowed to keep it down but then pulled me right back in the 5 inches that she could handle. I wasn't going to get any deep throat from this little lady. I pulled out just before I came. I wasn't ready to share my seed yet. Whoever had taught her had taught her well.

I picked her up and tossed her down on the bed and told her to pull her knees up with her hands. She pulled them up almost to her head and spread them wide. I dove face first between her legs. I couldn't get over how wet her cunt was. There would be no trouble getting into that sweet young pussy. I started to lick the juices from her cunt and lick and suck her clit. Just then she had her first orgasm. She cried out something in Spanish grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her slit as her cum poured out from it. Her body thrashed around and she humped her pussy up to me, fucking my face for all she could. All of a sudden I heard Paul ask, "Dad." "What Paul?" "Do you and Mom do THAT?" "Paul, I love getting my cock sucked and eating pussy. I think oral sex is one of the greatest things but your mother does not care much for it so we don't do it very often." Paul had stopped jerking off and was squeezing his cock and balls. I think to keep from coming as I had told him not to. I told Carla to get on her hands and knees and I got behind her and lined my throbbing cock up with her pussy and shoved. She was so wet it went in easily and with the first push I was in all the way to my balls. I pulled out so just the head was in her and slammed forward again while holding onto her hips. From her position and the length of my cock I was able to push my cock head past her cervix into her womb. She moaned with pleasure and I started fucking her cunt with long, hard, fast strokes and she matched me stroke for stroke pushing her pussy back against me driving my cock head into her womb time after time.

It was time to think about Paul. He needed relief. "Have you been watching close? Do you see how it's done?" "Ya, and it looks great." I pulled out of her before I came and slapped her on the ass. I did not want to mess up her pussy before Paul's first fuck. He didn't know if he was going to get to fuck her or not. So far all I had told him to do was to watch me fuck and suck with her. My cum had settled back into my balls so I shoved my cock back into her and she pushed back in pleasure. "Paul, get the rest of the way out of your cloths and come over here to the bed." I did not have to say it twice. In just seconds Paul was fully nude and standing beside the bed. "Get up on the bed on your knees in front of her." He quickly got on the bed and presented his cock to her face. Carla looked back at me and said, "Gracias signor, I have been wanting your sons cock in me from when I first saw him at the bar." "He is a virgin so you had better teach him good." I said. She was ready. She put her mouth around Paul's cock and sucked hard and as I fucked her doggy style she started to come again. Each time I slammed my cock into her from behind it drove her mouth further onto Paul's cock. I guess that it was a combination of her having hard orgasm after hard orgasm till it almost seemed like one long one and Paul's smaller size around but as I shoved forward and so did Paul, all of a sudden she had his whole cock deep into her throat and she pumped every inch of his long rod in and out of her throat pressing her nose against his belly till she could not get any more in her. That was all Paul could stand. He grabbed the back of her head and held his cock deep down her throat while he shot load after load of his hot sticky cum straight down into her stomach. He had it in her throat so long that she almost passed out for not being able to breath. Paul howled and relished in his first blow job, and it was a great one.

Paul pulled out of Carla's mouth but he remained hard. How wonderful it would be to be a teenager again. I had to come or bust but I still did not want to mess up his first pussy. I stopped and told Paul to trade positions with me. He got behind Carla and I went back to her face. As Paul shoved his still hard cock into a pussy for the first time I filled her mouth with my hard 7-inch piece of meat. I had stopped before coming so many times that my balls hurt but I wanted things to be just right for Paul. Now it was my turn too. As her mouth stretched around my cock I took the back of her head and held it so it could not get away and I slowly but firmly pushed my cock all the way to the back of her mouth and then much to my delight past the back of her mouth and into her throat. Paul never knew how much he helped his Dad by getting Carla ready so I could have that wonderful deep throat fuck that I love so much. Much too soon I couldn't hold it any more and I did not even try. I pulled my cock out so just the head of it was still in her mouth and shot my load into her mouth. The excitement of what was going on coupled with the fact that I had stopped short several times made me come more than I had in years. I filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed my thick salty fluid but could not keep up and some leaked out of her mouth, down her chin and spilled onto the sheets.

I was worn out and climbed off the bed and sat in the chair and watched Paul master his new sport. Paul lasted a long time this time as he had already come once. He pounded her pussy with the lust that only a horny young man can muster. Carla must have come three more times and looked like she might collapse from her position on her hands and knees when Paul finally let out a loud growl and shot his seed deep into her cunt. After a few more strokes in her Paul pulled out and this time even he was going limp. Carla turned around and licked their juices off Paul's cock and balls then got up on her knees and gave him a little kiss and told him that he was the best lover that she had ever had. I don't know if she tells all the guys that she fucks that or not but it made Paul feel great. Now he was a man. He knew how to please a woman and have her please him. It was about 2am and we all settled down to get some sleep. It was a Carla sandwich in the king sized bed as we all slept.

About 2 hours later I was awakened by the bed bouncing. I opened my eyes to see Paul on his back with Carla bouncing up and down on his pole. She was going fast and breathing hard. The rest and this sight made me hard again and I got behind her and pushed her forward so her tits were on Paul's chest. I grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her ass hole and started to push. She reached back and pushed it away and said, "No fuck me there. I no ass fuck." Paul will have to wait till another time for that lesson. She spun around without letting Paul slip out of her cunt and motioned to me to put it in her mouth. I love oral sex so much that I did not even mind being rejected from her ass. After several minutes of fucking and sucking a great thing happened. All three of us came together at the same time. We filled her mouth and cunt full to the brim and she loved every second of it. Paul and I high fived each other and we all fell back to the messy bed and back to sleep. In what seemed like just a few minutes there was a pounding on the door. It was the cab driver and it was the time that we had told him to pick Carla up and take her home. She jumped into her cloths. I gave Carla another $20 and she kissed each of us and said that we should come back to the bar that night and ask for her again. Carla left and we fell back to sleep. We did not go back to that bar that night. We spent the afternoon and the rest of our trip being tourists. I wonder how many other guys paid to fuck and be sucked by Carla before we even left to go back to the States?

When we got home Loretta asked how our trip was and we truthfully told her that it was wonderful and we showed her the fish that we had caught. That night I made love to her with renewed vigor and just the way she likes it. "I should let you go away more often." Loretta said after a wonderful hard orgasm. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep with me thinking that yes, she should.

A few evenings later Paul came to me in the den and said, "Dad, I got one of the girls at school to let me fuck her and I wore a condom just like you said I had to. She loved my big dick but she did not have any idea of what to do with it. It was disappointing. I would sure like Carla back. Can you hire her as our maid?" "I would love to Paul but we can't do it. However I do think I can solve your problem for you. Wait and see." The next day I went to the biggest swingers web site and placed an ad for Paul. It read: 18 YEAR OLD WITH BIG COCK SEEKS HOT SLUT UNDER 25 IN THE HOUSTON AREA WHO WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING. WRITE PAUL AT . AND LET"S GET TOGETHER FOR SOME HOT FUCKING TIMES. I sent in the ad with the payment to be gold level so his ad will stay near the top and be seen.

I guess I wrote a pretty good ad because after only about a week there had been a dozen replies. I told Paul that he had to answer every one of them. If he was not interested he should thank the person for writing but say something like that he had already found the person that he wanted to be with. Most of the answers were just what he wanted them to be, girls in their late teens and early twenties who like sex and big cocks. One was from a black couple that enjoyed threesomes. There were a couple answers that he wanted me to see. One said, "Hi, My name is Tina. I'm 14 and I am ready to loose my virginity. I would like my first time to be with an older boy that already knows what he is doing. Please write back and maybe we can get together. I have attached a picture. Hope you like it. Hugs and kisses, Tina." Paul said, "Dad, Tina is in my class at school. I really like her and want to answer her but she knows that I am not 18. What should I do?" I suggested that he send her a 'No thanks' reply but then start hitting on her at school without ever saying anything about the ad.

The other reply that he wanted me to see was from a 35 year old woman who said she loved young boys with big hard cocks and that she was probably the hottest slut in all of Houston. She said that there was probably nothing that she would not do for him that did not leave a scar. She said that he could fuck her ass and then fuck her throat, tie her up and piss on her. Anything he wanted she would do and love it. She sent a nasty nude photo showing her with three dildos, one deep in each of her hot wet holes. She looked pretty good for 35. She probably looked better to me than she did to a 15 year old but her hot e-mail intrigued Paul and he asked what he should do about that answer. I asked him if her thought it would be pleasurable to be with her and try some new things and he said yes. We wrote back this answer: "Donna, I was not really looking for someone your age but I really liked your hot e-mail. If you are as hot of a fuck slut as you say, you can service both me and my father and we will double fuck the shit out of you with our big hard cocks. Interested? Write back and tell us what you can do to both of us. Send some more hot pics." A couple days later there was an e-mail. The subject line said YES, YES, YES. It was a long hot e-mail from Donna with ten more pictures of her doing the sluttiest things you could think of.

Well, that is how Paul learned how to fuck. You can tell that the ad led to many more fun stories.


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