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After we had eaten or pizza's, we saw that it was only 9pm. They were all trying to figure out what to do.

" Why don't we strip back down and watch one of those porno's." Mellony suggested.

“Good Idea, but why don't we go back to my place. I have more room.

They all agreed so we got shoes and all on and left to go back to my place. I had a nice TV in my room and I wanted us all on my bed so we could touch and play. Luckily I don't think no one saw us, that was a good thing.

Once at the house we all went to my room and put in the DVD.

" Let’s Strip." I said.

We all were out of our clothes within a minute. I cut off my light and laid down on my bed. The girls all got onto the bed and started watching the Barely Legal porno. The girls laughed and giggled and commented up till they were no longer interested in watching, they wanted to play it out.

Mellony made the first move. She came up the bed and laid on my shoulder and after all were back to watching again, she reached down and started stroking my half erect dick. I responded by kissing her full on her mouth with what I think was probably her first kiss. We kissed for quite awhile, as a broke through the teeth barrier and we were frenching. She was still stroking me the whole time and she had me getting closer.

We stopped long enough to see that every eye was jetting back and forth from us to the screen. Jennifer made the next move. She crawled up the other side of me and started to kiss on my neck. With those big boobs rubbing against me I was in heaven. How could it get any better? Well ask ol Hanna.

She crawled up over me and with one unexpected gulp she takes my dick from Mallory's hand and lowers her mouth on to my hard dick. She sucks me like an expert, and takes in over half of me into her mouth. I knew that I was not going to last long as I once again approached orgasm. I could feel it building and felt it within seconds.

“Oh fuck Hanna I am about to cum. Yessssss I am coming...." Then it happened, I unleashed rope after rope of hot cum into Hanna's mouth.

I sat there recovering as she swallowed my entire load and then went back to clean up the rest. I figured that out of everyone, Hanna probably was the only one with any type of real experience and she showed that experience tonight. They all giggled and laughed and then I got shocked, Rachael asked what it tastes like. Hanna grabbed her head and thrust her tongue into her mouth giving her the remnants of my cum. Rachael took it all and tasted and swallowed before she even thought.

“Your my sister....eewwwwwww." Rachael commented

“Hey you asked....." Hanna said laughing. Mellony and Jennifer joined in.

“Hey sis, you are a pretty good kisser. Hanna jabbed back.

“So Jennifer." Rachael asked “What was it like to eat my sister"

“Why you interested in eating her." Jennifer joked back.

“I just want to know what it was like to eat a pussy. And she qualify's as a pussy.....HEHEHE."

“Oh really, I am a pussy huh. You want to know what it is like to eat a pussy, eat me." Hanna retorted

Rachael just laughed.

“What I thought, you are the pussy." Hanna shot back

“I am not no pussy bitch." Rachael's attitude came out.

“Prove it or shut the hell up." Jennifer shot at her.

“Fine bitch, lay your fucking ass down and spread your legs."

“You are full of shit you aren’t going to do it." Hanna

“Watch me, lay down, or are you now the pussy."

At this point neither actually wanted to do it, but they were in a bitch fight and both were determined that the other wouldn't win this argument. Rachael was going to eat her pussy just to win.

Hanna laid down and spread her legs as Rachael reluctantly put her face to her pussy and started licking her. I thought they would all laugh about it, but they just watched as Rachael ate her.

“O damn Rachael, damn you are good, fuck...."

That just seemed to give her more incentive and she went after her with a vengeance. I knew now that Rachael was enjoying eating her sister’s pussy and Hanna loved it as well.

“Damn I am going to cum. Eat me, Eat me." Hannah said as she grabbed her head and pulled her into her pussy as she came. She then released her sister and relaxed back.

"Oh damn Rachael; you are damn good at that sis."

“Thank You."

That was a very erotic experience and had me with a hard on again. I was ready for the one girl who I had promised would get her present. I kicked all the other girls to the living room, getting them set up, so I could give Hanna her special time. Hanna was the only girl that I wasn't worried about getting pregnant. Her grandmother had put her on the pill when she had found out she was sexually active. That gave me a huge piece of mind, very little chance of her getting pregnant.

I came back into the room and pulled out a few tea-light candles from my drawer. I lit them and turned off the TV. I got into the bed beside her. I leaned in and kissed her and for at least 10 minutes our hands and bodies explored the other. We made love in a way that we had both really wanted to for a long time. I didn't give any thought to anything else, I just wanted her and her me.

I broke off our kiss and moved to her neck. Tonight was all about her and I was ready to show her how a man is supposed to make love to a woman. I had her in total control right now. She had already surrendered her body to me. I kissed on her neck and ears as she rubbed her legs and her feet all over my hips and legs.

I kissed my way down to her nipples. She had nice nipples and I took one into my mouth and then the other. Hanna moaned out in ecstasy as I made sweet love to her young perky titties. I then moved down to her pussy. I knew that I would be able to surpass Rachael's unskilled mouth. I had year’s worth of experience and had been with a few hundred girls, it was now time to show her what I could do with it.

I started licking her slowly and avoiding her hot spot, turning up the heat that she was feeling; only occasionally hitting her spot. She was trying her best to get me on spot, but I wasn't ready to give her that satisfaction yet. I had her to the point of screaming, and then I dove in on her clit and stayed on it. She orgasmed instantly. I gave her a minute to recover before I dove into her again. This time I stopped halfway through and switch to using my fingers. I had two fingers in her fucking her really good. I grabbed up on one of her legs and held it up as a fingered the hell out of her, straight into another orgasm.

I could tell that she needed a break, so I laid down beside her and held her and we chatted for awhile. She pushed me over and said my turn. She kissed down my stomach to my dick and opened her mouth enclosing half of it around my hard cock. Hanna was doing a great job on my dick going up and down on me slobbering all over my cock. She sucked me for at least 10 minutes before I pulled her back up to me kissing her. I turned her over putting her on her back still kissing her as I positioned my hard cock right at her 15yr old hole. I entered her and started going in and out of her slowly as I continued to make love to her.

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world. You are so special to me." I said to her

“I love you. I always have."

That just was music to my ears. I didn't know how we would make this work, but I was willing.

I continued to make love to her and we melted into one. It was pure bliss, it was impossible for us to tell where one of us ended and another began. It was incredible.

We made love slow and easy for over 30 minutes before we went wild into each other.

“Oh fuck John......Oh I LOVE YOU<,,,, Fuck Me......!!!!!!!!" With that, she orgasmed.

Her orgasm sent we over the edge, I came deep and hard coating her womb with my cum. It was the most intense feeling ever. I knew that my life would never be the same.

We fell to sleep that night in each other’s arms as everyone else was on pallets in the living room.

The next morning we woke up to all three of the other girls jumping on to the bed, still as naked as the day they were born. We all got up and got dressed and I took them all out to eat for breakfast. We all laughed and cut up and we had everyone looking at us as the girls were a little loud. But Hanna was quiet and sat next to me with her hand on the thigh most of the meal. I had my hand on top of hers.

We spent most of the day hanging out and then I got a call from the girl’s grandmother.

“I am so sorry John, but I am going to have to stay another night for sure. I thought maybe I could get out of it but I can't. How are the girls, they causing you any issues?"

“They are acting nice. I did have to bring them to my house though, Rachael and Hanna were fighting and I was afraid to leave them unsupervised."

“I am so sorry John, I didn't mean to make this a huge inconvenience for you."

“I had no plans this week-end anyway, and Monday in Labor day and I will be off then too, so it be okay. "

“Even so, I have got to make it up to you somehow when I get back."

Now the fact that she said she would have to make it up to me did give me some pleasure. Beverly was not a bad looking woman. She had just turned 50 last month. She was 5'5, 150 area, with long blond hair and blue eyes. She had perfect skin and went tanning some so she had a nice light tan. For her age she reminded me of like Vanna White. Yes I would defiantly fuck me if I get the chance.

Hanna's slumber party was because she had turned 15. Even though her actual b'day was a few days back during the school week, she was celebrating it today. She had her boyfriend and 5-6 others coming over and we had to go pick up the stuff for it by 3pm. I of coarse had to chaperone it, even though I was not happy about being there with Hanna's boyfriend. I honestly was a little jealous.

Hanna though didn't give her boyfriend much attention, I know he was wondering what was going on. Jennifer stayed right on top of me though, and I had a hard time getting her to back off a little. The last thing I wanted was for Hanna's friends to find out that I have been having sexual relations with these younger girls. I mean 4 already knew, didn't want any more knowing.

At around 6pm the party had pretty much come to an end. I noticed George and Hanna were missing, oh well I thought it is her b'day party. But about 15 minutes after that I saw George storm out; get into his car and leave. Hanna came out got me and went back to her room, she was upset.

“What happened baby."

“You." She started laughing.

“What did I do?"

“I brought George back her to have sex with him, but try as I do I still can't fell his little dick in me. I told him that his dick was too small to have me as his girlfriend. You had better want me, because I just dumped him for you."

“Hanna, I do want you. But damn how in the hell are we going to hide this from your grandma and everyone else for the next few years?"

“It might not be too hard. Grandma talked to me and Rachael 2 weeks ago. She told us why she got fired and what is going on that no one knows about. They accused her of stealing and pressed charges against her. Grandma went up and turned herself in and her friend, who is a bail bondsman, came and posted her bail. She did everything to where none of us would know. She said that her lawyer said that he was going to try to get her off light, but it was over $80,000 and she was afraid she might see some jail time."

“I knew part of it. The owner told me a little, but I didn't know he had pressed the charges. After he hired a new manager I haven't seen him much."

“Ya, she told us she was going to ask you to take us if she gets convicted, we don't have anyone else......."

“Ya that sounds a little too perfect. But if it happens then we will make it happen. I love both you girls, and falling in love with you." I said leaning in for a kiss.

“I love you. Have for a long time. I would marry you right now if I could."

“We will make it work don't worry. But also don't get jealous. I want to play some before we do. We can still all have fun."

“Okay, as long as you want me most."

“No................ I want you forever."

With that she leaned into me and kissed me. We started making out but I cut us short.

"We really don't need to be rude to your guest." She agreed and we headed back to the few left at the party.

Around 7pm the other parents had come to get their kids. That just left me and the other four girls left.

What to do? I thought. Then it clicked. I had I friend who was off with his family this week-end. He always told me to come and enjoy his pool anytime they are or are not there. It was a secluded area and he had a privacy fence around his yard, with night lights, should make it fun I thought. I told all the girls we were going somewhere but I didn't tell them where. We stopped at my house and I grabbed 5 towels and put them into a bag and we left. I didn't want to tell them, because this would be faster and the thought of them all naked in a swimming pool really turned me on.

“This is a friend of mine's place." I said as we pulled up. “We will have to go around to the back."

“Why are we here?" Rachael said with her usual attitude.

“You will find out, follow me." We all got out and preceded to the side of the house.

It was still light outside so the girls eyes light up when they saw the pool.

“But we didn't bring our swimsuits.” Rachael said.

“We have seen each other naked and you even ate my pussy, my little sister pussy eater." She laughed at her as all the other girls started stripping down. Rachael just looked at her and Hanna walked over grabbed her and kissed her. To my surprise she didn't resist any.

“Get those cloths off before I through you in clothed." She said pointing at her and laughing.

I, Hanna, and Rachael all started stripping as we heard the other girls enter the water. Surprisingly they were all good swimmers, that was good for me. I wouldn't have to spend so much time watching them. We all splashed each other and played till we could hardly see. I then went to turn on the lights; the Box was outside close to the back door. We played for at least an hour before we just started wading in the water. All of the girls were grabbing at each other and all getting turned on. They all took turns grabbing my hard dick under the water, rubbing it.

So far Hanna had received all of the attention. But that was soon to change.

“John I want you to take my virginity." Jennifer said to me.

“I don't know Jennifer, Hanna is on the pill."

“So is Jennifer" Hanna commented and Rachael.

Apparently the only one not on the pill was Mellony, who definitely had a left out feeling on her face.

“Don’t worry Mellony, I can use a condom for you."

She smiled knowing that she wouldn't be left out.

"Well let’s go back to the house and then we can play more."

We got dressed quickly, and then I cut lights back off and we all left.

Once back at home. The girls were all acting a little nervous. I knew that all wanted it, but fear started to set in. So I decided to loosen them up a little. Going to the kitchen I pulled out my Orange Juice and then my full bottle of Absolute Vodka. I wasn't going to allow them to get wasted, just relaxed. I figured two glasses cocktail glasses each should do it. We decided to watch some porn while we all loosened up. They were all becoming giggly and I knew that they were all lightly intoxicated. Good thing about Vodka it that younger people tend to be able to process it better, leaving less hangover chances, plus they only had what resulted to two shots each. So I didn't allow them to overdo it.

After everyone had drank their two drinks, and watched porn for 45 minutes they were all looking at me like I was a huge piece of meat that they wanted. They all came up over me attacking me. Jennifer crawled between my legs and started sucking me; Mellony crawled up and at my teaching straddled my face and lowered her young almost hairless pussy down on to my face. I did not know until later that off to the side Hanna and Rachael were locked into a 69 position eating each other's pussy. I heard their moans and to my surprise Hanna was really going at Rachael. It was so hot, two sisters eating each other with passion.

I went back to licking Mellony and all around the room moans were everywhere.

“Oh..........ohhhhhhhh......." Mellony moaned as she pushed her pussy into my mouth and shuddered with an orgasm.

Mellony recovered for a few seconds and then got off. She watched for awhile as Rachael and Hanna ate each other.

“Why don't you lick Jennifer........ Mellony." I said to her."

"Ya baby lick me" Jennifer begged.

Jennifer getting her pussy ate was sure turning up the fire in my dick. She was no longer just sucking me; she was making love to my cock. Watching all the others go at it hate me on the verge and from the moans all over the room, I think that we were all on the verge of cumming.

I heard Rachael go off first, followed by Jennifer who screamed on my dick, and then she got a mouthful of my seed. Then I heard Hanna scream out. All three of us had orgasmed back to back in a matter of a minute.

We were all spent for the moment. We sat around and chatted and then Hanna put in another one of my sex tapes called "Down the Hatch", this one showed girls taking loads on cum and swallowing every drop. It wasn't long before we were all horny again; of course Rachael of one side of me and Mellony on the other playing with my dick didn't hurt either.

“So Jennifer, you ready for your big event?"

"Ya, I guess....... I want to."

With that I went and got a towel and laid it down on the bed. She laid on her back and I guided my hard cock to her wet young 15 year old pussy. I used it to rib her clit multiple times before I placed it at her opening. I told her to relax that the pain wouldn't last too long.

With that I leaned down kissed her and drove my dick forcefully into her pussy with one stroke, tearing through her hymen. I didn't want it to scare the other girls so I went right in to fucking her hard and fast while still keeping my mouth in to hers. Her tears came down her face as she had felt the full impact of losing her childhood and gaining her status as a woman.

Soon she was totally loving it. The expression changed and now all I saw in her face was pure lust. This girl was looking at me as though all she wanted was me and she had me totally in her trace as her tight young pussy gripped my dick trying it's best to made me give it a load of my juice. But I wasn't going to cum yet; I still had at least two more virgins, if they were still willing.

“Oh fuck..... Yes fuck me......... oh yes baby, I love your dick. Oh yessssssssss !!!!!!!!!! She screamed as she had an orgasm so big that she literally passed out.
“Oh my God is she dead, did you kill her?" Rachael said.

“No she had such a wonderful orgasm that she couldn't handle how good it felt and passed out. She will wake up in a minute." I commented

In a few minutes, Jennifer awoke and sat up. She had a wonderful smile on her face.

“Oh my God, that was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt in my life."

"Mellony, I am good and hard for the condom, so I would like you next."

Mellony got into the position and I went at her the same as Jennifer. Mellony though didn't have an intact hymen. Years of gymnastics has already ruptured her cherry years back partially and she admitted later that her hair brush handle did the rest when she found her father’s porn collection. She didn't know about hymens, so she shoved it in fast and got scared when she saw the blood. So she stopped and never did it again.

So I felt very little resistance with her. I fucked her with a comdom for at least 5 minutes and I heard her getting close and then she orgasmed. With I huge smile on her face she grabbed my head and pulled me to her mouth kissing me hard and deep. I so loved this.

“I guess I am ready." Rachael said.

“Rachael are you sure you want this? You are big enough, but you are only twelve. Maybe you should wait?

“No, I want it. I don't want to be a virgin forever. I want to know what it is like."

“Okay. Lay down."

I did the same with her as Jennifer, one difference though. I slowly entered her and I let her scream out in pain as I broke her hymen, I knew that she would be tighter and if I rammed her she could tear easier. She then started crying, I waited about 10 seconds, then I went in deeper and she screamed out again.

“Oh I don't think I can do this she cried."

“The worse is over Rachael, trust me." Her sister said to her as she kissed her. “This is what you wanted, so go through with it or you are going to regret it and be afraid to try again."

With that I started moving in and out of her super tight pussy. I could tell she was in pain. I think she had some pain the whole time, but after 15 - 20 strokes in and out of her, she loosened up some and started reacting to my fucking her.

I fucked her, but had to be careful, I had bottomed her out once by accident already when I went in 3/4 of the way. So I tried to not go in past half, but it was still tight enough and young enough. I fucked her young 12 year old pussy and made her cry out in 3 orgasms.

“Oh Rachael, your pussy is so tight. I am going to cum in you. I am going to give you my cum baby."

With that I erupted and came into her pussy, she reacted with a fourth orgasm that milked my hard dick for all it was worth.

I had successfully taken all their virginity's, but Hanna's who wasn't a virgin to begin with. I was so tired; it had been a busy day.

The next morning, we all went back over to Hanna's and Rachael's and sat around till around lunch when Mellony's mother came to pick her up. I stayed in as I told the girls not to say anything about the weekend, me, or Hanna's grandma not being home. Jennifer’s mom finally got there at 2 to get her. I was lucky as neither mom got out and wanted to meet a parent. They just left and got into the cars and left.

We sat around till 4 waiting for their grandma to get back home.

" RING RING RING RING " The phone went off at their house.

Hanna answered it and then handed it to me.


“Hey John, just wanted you to know that I am on my way home; I should be there in 30 minutes or so. I just want to thank you again for helping me out. By the way, can I take you out to dinner tonight?"

Hey, how could I say no............


Part three in the works. There should be at least 5 parts to this series so watch out for them.

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