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The third in a series - a lord and his sex slave face an unfortunate situation.
The comments and ratings have been fantastic, so I am obligated to continue this series - please read the first two, if you have not already done so, and of course, please enjoy the third installment. I hope to continue the series further, with reader encouragement, of course!

When Isabelle wakes, her body groans from sleeping on the stone table. James is already awake, gazing down on his pet. In a brief moment of delicacy, he strokes her rumpled hair back from her face.

The moment does not last long. James, in one fluid motion, gathers Isabelle over his shoulder, carrying her back to the chamber. A padded table of sorts awaits, and he binds her facedown. Her arms stretched together above her head, her legs slightly parted, James spanks her, grabbing her ass cheek as Isabelle struggles to escape.

"Shush, pet. I will give you a treat if you behave." His hands slides between her legs, gently coaxing some wetness from her reluctant snatch.

"Sean!" he calls and in walks the slave, "Use her to practice your art. If you succeed, you can be the first when I tire of her."

Sean audibly gulps, his hardon beginning to show in his tight breeches. James takes a seat in a royal purple plush chair, his own hard dick pressing the front of his trousers. Isabelle squirms, her muscles taut in anticipation of Sean's touch. He begins slowly, massaging her shoulders, working in some fragrant oil he has poured from a vial next to the table.

Kneading slowly, Sean works the tension from her shoulders, his fingers digging steadily deeper. He then moves slower, caressing her upper back, furtively letting his fingers slide against Isabelle's breasts. She moans quietly, rubbing her mound against the padded surface. James, meanwhile, rubs his dick through his pants - "That's right, Sean, make the slut want my hard cock."

Sean falters, anger beginning to bubble at the lordship's treatment of Isabelle. He continues his work, regardless, reaching her ass and rolling it through his rough hands. Isabelle gasps as she feels Sean's thumbs slide between her parted thighs, the tips becoming covered in her leaking juice. He does not rush; rather, he continues to slide the tips of his thumbs over her lower lips, only grazing her clit with his pass. Isabelle begins to squirm more, mashing herself harder against the table surface in hopes of a release.

"Please," she whispers, "touch me!"

He smiles to himself, letting his fingers linger on her pleasure button longer to please her. She moans her thanks, rotating her hips back onto his gracious fingers. Now coated, Sean's thumbs slide their way into Isabelle's hot pussy. The rest of his hands grab her ass, allowing him to push his thumbs as deeply as possibly into her begging twat. His dick is hard enough to rub against the table, and he begins to rub himself against it in tandem with his motions.

James' hands slowly swivel up and down his towering cock. "That's right, slut, beg for it. Get wet for me. Sean, lick her. I want to be in her shortly."

He obeys, only half-reluctantly; Sean bends forward, snaking his tongue into Isabelle's pussy. She gasps, arching her back to lift her cunt higher and therefore closer to his slick tongue. He grins, his ego pushing him to look at James as he begins to push his tongue deeper into Isabelle. Two wet fingers on her clit and a strong tongue buried in her hole, she is in heaven. The only thing better would be a dick - and technically, she has one. Sean has maneuvered himself to one of her feet, her probing toes able to stroke his pulsing cock.

Isabelle's moans reach a higher pitch, her whimpers coming faster as her orgasm approaches. Sean, lost in his own pleasure and in the pleasure of his work, is startled when James pushes him forcefully out of the way.

"Well done, slave. Reward yourself in her mouth."

Shocked, Sean stands there briefly, watching as James mounts Isabelle like she was a bitch in heat and he a prized stud. He slides between her well-moistened lips, the head of his dick parting her easily and bumping her clit with every twitch of movement. He starts surprisingly slow for his enthusiasm, but then speeds up as Isabelle's hot pussy engulfs his cock. As he fucks her, Isabelle moans, pushing her hips back in appreciation, her nails digging into the table. Sean finally comes to his senses and stands in front of her to receive his reward.

Isabelle's tongue quickly covers the head of his dick, parting the slit in search for his precum. Sean gasps, flinching forward between her tight lips. His hips thrust, finding her probing tongue able to reach his heavy balls. As James thrust, Isabelle's body is pushed forward and therefore deeper onto Sean's dick. Soon, the men work in tandem; Isabelle a piece of meat on their cock spit. James slaps Isabelle's ass, parting her cheeks to peek at her puckering asshole. He gets an idea.

"Pass me that vial, slave."

Sean does as he is told, too lost in his own impending cum to care what James is about to use it for. Isabelle audible whines as he pours it onto her ass. He then begins to massage her asshole, slowly working the tip of his thumb into her virgin depths.

"No! NNNOOO!" Isabelle's muffled protests cannot stop James' anal assault. Watching the lewd show and feeling the vibrations of her plaintiff pleas, Sean cannot help but grab the back of Isabelle's head and begin to thrust harder, skull fucking her as roughly as he can possibly in his position. The rough motion pushes him over the edge, and he cums hard, spewing his white spunk into the back of her throat. James, at the sound of Isabelle's pleas and Sean's defeat with withholding his orgasm, feels his balls tighten against him as he also begins to cum, but he does so into the warm, tight depths of Isabelle's caressing pussy.

Both men are deeply satisfied; Isabelle, however, has simply been tortured to the point of utter ecstasy, only to be denied.

James laughs, knowing the smug bitch is near begging to cum. Instead, he decides to go into his antechamber to relax in a long bath.

"You are free to go," he carelessly dismisses Sean before exiting the room.

Sean hesitates. He know that to please Isabelle would anger his lordship, but he also feels horrible about not only leaving her tied, but also sexually frustrated so.

Isabelle whispers, "Sean.. pleasee… pleasee make me cum. I'll give you anything."

"Anything? I cannot have what I truly want - if I penetrate your pussy, I will be put to death."

"My ass, then. Make me cum, and you can fuck my ass."

At such a proposition, Sean's cock quickly rebounds. He pours oil onto his dick, twitching at such a lurid possibility. Reaching under her to rub her clit, Sean gently eases his dick into her puckered hole. Isabelle bites the padding beneath her, trying to relax herself enough to accommodate his girth. Sean is barely making it in, trying to think of the worse things possible to hold himself back from cumming already - after all, he has never been inside a woman, save Isabelle's mouth.

Rubbing quickly, Sean's fingers do their magic on Isballe's clit. She bucks, grinding herself into his hands as he fucks her ass.

"Isabelle, I cannot handle it, I must cum!" he whispers urgently, his dickhead pulsing just within her asshole.

"I'm cumming!!! OOHH YESS!!!" Isabelle moans, her pussy walls clenching with her powerful orgasm. The spasms surround Sean's dick even as he is in her asshole, and he yelps in surprise as his cock practically-involuntarily ejects more cum into her body.

Sean quickly dismounts as James' footsteps draw near - "Ah, good, Sean. I had second thoughts. Untie her and bring her to me."

James is followed by Sean and Isabelle. He holds out his hand, and when Isabelle takes it, escorts her to the sunken bath. He then dismisses Sean with a snobby wave of his hand.

He leaves reluctantly, making his way to the slave quarters. Meanwhile, James and Isabelle lie in the tub, relaxing in the warm water. To her surprise, his lordship does not force himself upon her; instead, he studies her, swirling his wine in a goblet as he does so.

"Tell me something about yourself."

Isabelle stares at him, confused.

"Respectfully, sir, I wonder why you wish to know anything about the women you are simply bedding until you become bored."

James does not anger at her inquiry. He explains, "I am curious as to how such an … interesting creature came into being-"

"You want to know if I am naturally promiscuous or simply a well-trained, slutty spy?"

His smirk reveals nothing of his previous musings.

"I do not know just what has caused my transformation, if I may call it such. I remember the first time I felt lust -"

His lordship interrupts, "Tell me."

Isabelle laughs, "So eager? It is hardly a fairytale. My first twangs of lust came accidentally. I was walking through the fields one day - having escaped my serfly duties - and came upon a boy my age as he sat upon a rock near the creek. He did not see me, so I stood there and watched him for a while, innocently as anything. As the wind died down, I heard a strange noise, like the grunting and panting of dogs in heat. I snuck closer, curious to find the noise's source. It is then I saw the boy's arm moving, up and down and up and down, as if he were trying to whittle a hearty piece of oak. I drew nearer, and I was shocked to find his breeches split from the top, a flesh-colored, hard-looking stick was piercing the opening of the fabric. It was his cock, I would later find out, and it was precisely that what he was stroking. At first I thought he was in pain, judging from the noises he was emitting, but the more I watched, the more I began to enjoy and realize he was enjoying himself as well. I felt my pussy become wet, though I had no idea as to why I suddenly felt damp between my legs. I also had this incontrollable urge to touch myself. Reaching up under my skirt, I began to rub myself, completely enthralled in his actions -"

Lord James' dick becomes hard with Isabelle's tale, but he dares not touch it, knowing the best part of her story has yet to, well, come!

"His arm moved faster, sliding and circling his dick. His hips jerked, as if begging for closer contact. I felt myself begin to tingle all over, my actions moving swifter in tandem to his. The heat became unbearable, a pleasurable itch turning nearly to pain with the near promise of achievement. I gasped as I saw something shoot from his cockhead, his stifled moans urging my hand faster, my fingers completely coated in juice. The tips of my fingers parted my hole, and I felt myself begin to spasm. I bit my lip, groaning at the feeling, utterly unable to hold back completely my orgasm's song. In my haze, I saw him turn, and we locked eyes. He jumped to his feet, his dick bouncing with his motion, and I quickly dropped my skirt and turned to run. Unfortunately, his friends were close and grabbed me, demanding to know what I had seen. Apparently, it was their routine to take turns pleasuring themselves near the creek while the others covered for them in the fields. When the perpetrator caught up with me and his friends, he told them I had seen him finish, and more damning, that I had enjoyed it."

"They raped you?"

"Luckily, they were too young to realize they could have had me then and there- and yes, unwillingly despite my voyeur enjoyment. Instead, they threatened to tell the village I was a whore if I so much as breathed a word about their activities."

"That is all they threatened?!" James asks, incredulously.

She smirks, a pinch of bitterness, "Well, no. Once they heard I had enjoyed it, they sought to witness it for themselves."


"One of the other boys pulled out his dick and begin to slowly jerk it, watching me intently. I began to pant, the strange urge to touch myself returning despite my wish for it to never rear its controlling head again. When I was still able to resist, the other boys began to jerk themselves as well, all except the boy I had seen earlier. My hands clutched at my skirt, desperate to resist my own sinful urges. One of them shouted to the lone boy, 'Make her do it again!' He grabbed my hair, making me gasp and grab at his hands to make him stop. A moan escaped my lips, so the boy continued to abuse me, roughly pulling up my skirts and rubbing my pussy lips wildly. 'This is what she was doing earlier,' he told the boys as they all peered intently at his actions, their hands moving faster at the view of my now naked pussy. One of the boys then walked up and pulled down my bodice, yelling to the other, 'Look at these!' while flicking my hard nipple. My legs begin to twitch, the poor technique of his rubbing still managing to spurn my clit closer to cumming. 'Hey, she's got a hole here,' he told the others, and promptly stuck a finger in and began to wiggle it like a worm on a hook. I came hard, gasping and panting, burying my face in his crotch, as it was the nearest thing I had to hid my face."

James is now rubbing Isabelle's pussy, her breath coming in shallow gasps as she begins to struggle to finish her story.

"My warm breath gave him an idea. He released his dick, and I instinctively took it into my mouth- oh yes, James, please keep rubbing - He shouted and all the boys gathered around me to watch his dick get coated with my spit. He grabbed the back of my head, humping only twice before spewing his load deep into my throat. The other boys pushed each other to be next. One pushed himself into my mouth, and I grabbed two others with my hands, mimicking their jerks that had turned me on so. - MMmmm, yes that feels amazing, please keeping rubbing me there!!! - None of the three lasted long, the two hand jobs cumming reluctantly onto the brown earth while the third boy groaned as he gave up his spunk. The last boy was still jerking his dick, watching the entire show. He pushed his way past the tired boys, and knelt between my legs. His extended his tongue and begin to lick me. I whimpered, pushing my cunt against his lips. He sucked on my clit, turning me to face his cock so that he could force it into my throat. As I swallowed it as far as it would go, I felt his tongue dig deep into my warm pussy. - Ooohh, oh god, yes, yesssss, my lord, please!!! - It was nothing for me to cum yet again - the tingling turning quickly into warmth as his tongue lapped quickly at my shiny slit. Despite my bucking, he held onto my thighs, holding me in place for his oral assault. I came HARD- AAAHHHHH! YESSSS!!-, grinding… my… my pussy against his lips and nose. To reward him for his gift, I rubbed his asshole and he promptly came in my throat."

James lines up his dick with Isabelle's pussy, but he waits, a question on the tip of his tongue.

"Why did they never bed you?"

"The one who licked me was the oldest and biggest. He told the boys if they hurt me, I would tell the village, even if it meant being labelled a whore. As a result, they knew not to push the boundaries. I would lick them, yes, and let them watch me. Only he was allowed to lick me back, and though he desperately wanted more, he knew not to ruin his chances and be killed for taking my purity completely. Besides, the guards, though they didn't know for sure, heard rumors of the situation and made sure the boys knew that I was to be saved if it were true I was so … well trained. They were paid handsomely for their odd chastity."

"Yes, yes they were," James murmurs, thrusting forward into Isabelle.

"YESSS.. aahhh YESS!!!" she yells, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

He fucks her slowly at first, kissing her neck. A whisper, "Whose is the best dick you have ever had the pleasure of?"

"Yours, my lord," she whispers back, groaning as he bottoms out in her tight cunt.

He picks up speed, beginning to roughly shove himself impossibly deeper into her warmth- "Louder."

"Yo - yours!!" she says louder, gasping for air as James digs his fingers into the hair on her head.

"LOUDER! LET THOSE HORNY BASTARDS KNOW WHO YOUR MASTER IS NOW!" James enforces each word with an increasingly vicious thrust.

"YOU ARE, MY LORD!!!!! YOURS IS THE BEST!!!! Aaahhhhh!!!" Isabelle's pussy is on fire with pleasure.

His lordship stops.

"Sir!! Please! Don't stop! I will say it louder! I shall tell them in person, scream it from the castle spires! Please, please, PLEASE!!!"

He kisses her, softly, "You are such a good little slut."

He begins again, pile driving her as roughly as he can possibly stand. Isabelle screams, her throat going hoarse as she cums, "YES, yyyeesss JAMESSSS ooohhh FUCK JAMES YESSSSSSSS."

Her foul talk pushes him over the edge, his balls contracting and shooting his cum deep into her hot cunt as his groans, "Ohhhhhh Isabelle…"

They kiss, again, oddly gentle in the aftermath of such a violent coupling. Crawling from the bath, they curl together on the lounge, drifting into post-orgasmic, blissful sleep.

The blissfulness does not last long. James wakes up to Isabelle screaming in fear. As he opens his eyes, he realizes his hands are tied to a pillar in the bath chamber. He sees the guard who is dragging a riding crop from the bedroom into the bath chamber with Isabelle in tow by her hair. The guard leers at James. "You are going to watch me take your bitch."

James bares his teeth, struggling at his chains. He is tied fast with no way of saving Isabelle from the guard's rape.

The guard ties Isabelle to another pillar near James with her back to him. He runs the tip of the crop down her back and grins as she shivers at the touch. With a slight tap on her ass, the guard demands for her to open her legs. She refuses, turning to try to spit on him. The crop twacks her ass cheeks, and she screams in pain. Once, twice, three time the guard whips her, leaving welts on her pale skin.

Isabelle fights, trying to kick the guard away from her. She nails his thigh and is rewarded with a vicious strike across her back. The guard then forces the crop between her legs, alternating between slapping her pussy and grinding the rough leather against her clit. She bites her arm to avoiding yelling more, though her panting undermines her torture. The guard kneels, biting her ass and spanking her as he runs his tongue across her pussy lips. She covers her mouth, but her moan is all too audible. Spurred by her moans, the guard buries his mouth in her cunt, nibbling and sucking on her cunt, rewarded by the juice that drips. Her body shakes, trying to resist the pleasure.

James watches in a mixture of horror and horniness as the guard stands and lines his cock up with Isabelle's pussy. He begins to slowly push the head of his dick in, reveling in her whimpers of protests. He stops, then quickly pulls out, gasping at the tightness and trying to think of anything that could be possibly disgusting enough to stop him from cumming too soon. He manages to hold himself back, and he begins again, coating his head in her wetness and slowly sliding his head into her warmth. He gets almost halfway down his shaft before he pulls back again, bracing himself against his begging balls. He can barely hold himself back, so he goes for the money shot, sliding his dick in full force, finally engulfed in the pussy he so craved.

Sean bursts into the room, just as the guard makes his first and final thrust. He turns to see who has interrupted his fuck, and as he does so, his dick pops out and spurts cum all over Isabelle's ass. To add insult to injury, Sean runs a sword through the guard's heart, dropping his body to the stone floor.

The room rings with the silence. Sean stares in shock at the body of the guard, glancing at James to see his reaction. James' mouth is open, shocked at what has just occurred. Sean then looks to Isabelle, who is still tied, legs parted in her frozen stance. He reaches towards her, his dick hard at the possibility of taking her right here, right now, even in front of his lordship himself! James glares, as if he can read the perversions of his mind. He sighs and does what he needs to release himself from his chains.

"Untie me, and you shall be rewarded with what you desire."

Sean considers his offer. He knows if he does not untie James, his death will be assured. But perhaps he could untie Isabelle and run away, far, far away where not even James could find them.

Or he could just do whatever it takes to get laid and keep on getting laid.

"I want her," Sean speaks.

"I know you do. You shall have her if you unchain me."

"I could take her now, why should I unchain you for something I can take?"

James tries to hide the anger in his voice, "I will protect you from any repercussions for the guard's death. Also, if you were to take her now, you would have one time before you die in the worst way I can possibly fathom. If you unchain me, you may have her whenever you wish, as long as I am present."

Sean muses. James would be in the room? No different that what he has had before. Additionally, he knows the other guards will want revenge. Plus, the prospect of being able to fuck Isabelle more than once is far more incentive that he ever needed.

He walks over to James and undoes the chains. He rubs his wrists and motions to Isabelle, "You may want to untie her. He tortured her with a crop before you interrupted him."

"If it is all the same to you, sir-" Sean allows a bit of venom to poison the title, "I want her now, as she is."

James swallows and then sits on the lounge.

"Make it quick."

James cringes as Sean, blinded by his aggression and lust, grabs the back of Isabelle's head, pulling her by the hair to expose her throat. He licks her jawline and kisses the tears that have gathered on her cheeks.

"I promise to be gentle next time."

"NO!-" Isabelle's plea is cut off as Sean violently forces himself into her cunt. His left hand crawls up the front of her body to grab her throat, his right crawling down to rub her abused clit. He groans, her warm pussy massaging his virgin dick. He has to stop briefly, shaking his head in attempts to shake off his need to cum. He refuses to last as little as the guard. Sucking on her shoulder, he begins to slide within her pussy- slowly at first, coating himself with her wetness - then picking up speed, slamming as hard as possible into her cunt to hear his balls slap against her cunt. James can only watch, knowing he has sacrificed his toy for now. He personally vows to fix the situation as soon as possible.

Sean's ass clenches, the muscles forcing his cock into the slickness. Isabelle whimpers, the pitch getting higher as her clit begins to tingle with her impending orgasm. Sean spits on his left hand, lubing his fingers to rub her clit faster. Isabelle screams, her pussy beginning to spasm on Sean's cock. She screams, her cum dripping down his dick. Sean's eyes roll into the back of his head, his hands gripping her hips as he drives himself faster into her pulsing cunt.

"I'm gonna cum," he grunts.

"No, Sean, NO!" Isabelle begs, not wanting his seed inside of her, feeling that it was bad enough she had been fucked by someone other than James.

"You are going to take my seed," he whispers, "And you're going to love it. You're my slut now."

"NO, SEAN!" Isabelle screams, and James turns away from the sight. Sean takes one final thrust and his balls contract, pumping his cum into the delicious pussy that surrounds it. He shakes with his orgasm, rubbing Isabelle's ass in the aftermath of his disobedience.

James stands and walks over to Sean. He pulls him away from Isabelle, and they face off, nearly nose to nose as if they were about to fight.

"You got your reward for the day. Let her be."

Sean's eyes flare, his temper fueled by his too-quickly growing ego. He glances at Isabelle, who will not look at him. Dragging the guard's body, he stalks out of the room, spitting as he leaves, "I will take her every day, and you may be there per your request."

James shakes with rage. Isabelle tries hard not to cry, afraid he will now cast her aside. Instead, James unchains her and lays her face down on the lounge. He grabs a salve from a shelf and begins to massage the welts on her back.

She flinches as his touch, so he stops.

She speaks, "Sir, I have be ruined. Toss me to the guards like you spoke of previously."

James does not speak. Instead, he touches her back gently, working in the salve.

"Sean will be taken care of, Isabelle. Have no fear. You shall not be cast aside for what you could not control."

Though his words should comfort her, she finds no relaxation. Instead, she fears what further dangers the morning will bring.

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