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hope you like first story. these are not real people .
"You let the boy do whatever he wants Maria he needs to be told what to do!''
"He's 17 like he listens to me!"
My mom and her boyfriend were arguing over me again. I like to hear them argue because
half the things she says aren't true. like the last one I typically do what she wants me to.
John hated that I did what I want but the thing is I was like the father to my little sister and the
man of the house. Our father died in a car wreck when I was 14 so I got a job. It was at my uncles
construction business. I worked in the office until I was 16 then I started the real work so I got
pretty strong and buffed out so John was to scared to say anything to me himself.
"John just go home your not going to win she loves me more than you." I said in such a cocky
voice coming down the stairs.
"Mike I don't need your help go tuck your sister in".
"Maybe not to argue but to get this loser out yea do, and Haley's sound asleep". I said with a grin
on my face.
"John just go home please".
"Fine but we're through I'm sick of coming second to your kids". He said as he closed the the door.
''Happy, you and those stupid dimples of your, God your just like your father".
"Thanks, but if I'm truly like him you won't mind if I do this" I said as I grabbed her nice firm ass.
My father always grabbed her ass it was his of saying hello, goodbye, thanks and so much more.
She laughed and then hit me in the arm as she said "God you truly are your father's son!"
Timeout let me the you what my mom looks like.
She's 38, straight jet back hair down to her waist, bright green eyes, Tall, 38 D breast, 24" waist
and 34" hips.
I'm 6'3", strong body build, crystal blue eyes, shaggy black hair, dimples and according
everyone a smile that lights up the room.
Now back to the story.
She had just turned around to go to the living room when I wrapped my arms around her so tight.
her butt rubbing against my cock. She tried to get out.
"Mike let me go" she said still laughing.
"Come on ma I though you were stronger than that." I said with a smile.
She couldn't break his hold all she could do was turn around so she did know they were face to
face no more than a inch apart. Things got tense. Then I kissed her. She pulled back her head.
"Mike what do you think your doing" she said still in my arms.
"God you have no idea how long ive wanted to do that!"
Once I said that she pushed me away.
"Mike you need to go up stairs"
"Aww come on you cant tell me you haven't wanted to kiss me, any chance you get your right
there watching me get undresses or taking a shower".
"Mike that's enough go up stairs!"
"NO I'm sick of having to watch other guys come in the house, grab your ass, kiss you and try to
FUCK YOU!." I said as I picked her up and brought her to the bedroom and laied her on the bed.
"Stop it right now!"
I payed no attention to what she was saying now I just started to take off her pants and
underwear. Once I got thoughs off I pulled her legs apart to revel her beautiful shaved pussy.
"Mike don't you dare" she said trying to push me away.
It was no use I dove head first into her pussy, kissing, licking, nibbling and eating way.
Soon she couldn't resist anymore and her words against me became moans.
"Ohh that feels so GOOD, Ohhh ohh God no one eaten me like that since your father".
she pulled my hand up her shirt to her chest I started to play with her boobs pinching and
squeezing them. Her moans got louder and louder. I stopped and stood up to take off my pants.
"No don't stop, God please don't stop".
She looked up at me.
"Mike you cant your my son".
"I dont give a damn, I'm going to FUCK YOU so good you wont even think of any guy" I said
pulling my shorts down to revel my hard 9inch cock.
"Mike you cant I think your bigger than your father".
"Good" I said as I took off my shirt.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed and started to rub the head of my cock
between her pussy lips.
"Ohhh Mike don't tease me Ohh God just shove it in".
I smiled and told her "not till you take your shirt off, I want to see those nice big tits jiggle as I
FUCK your brains out". She almost ripped her bra and shirt off. I slowly pushed the head of my
cock in to her sweet pussy. She started to moan again.
"Auuuu shit your so tight"
I started moving faster and faster and our moan got louder and louder.
"Gooooooddd... tell me..... what a sluty mother...... I am letting..... my son fuck me with that......
massive cock of his.... ohhh ggooooodddd". She said trying to catch her breath.
"You want me to tell what a little slut you are hu, you like me fucking you don't you, how dose it
feel having your sons cock deep inside you"!!
We continued to fuck for another 10 minutes.
"Ohhhh ohhh shit im going to im going to, ohhh god im ccuuuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnngg!!!!!!!!"
"Shit mom your making me cum".
"NO MIKE you cant cum in me i'll get pregnant, im not on the pill"!!
"FUUUUUCCCKKKKK I cant hold it AUUUUUUUUUUUU'' I said as I went even deeper in my


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Good story. Needs work though. Your grammar definitely and it was really short

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