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Stepdaughter Laura: Chapter Three:

*** NOTE: please read ‘Stepdaughter Laura’: and ‘Stepdaughter Laura: the next day’ for events up to this point.

Laura had come up for the week to attend a series of meetings. The meetings were set up to run from eight till one each day. My day went pretty much as it always, it was almost two Tuesday afternoon when she returned to the house.

As Laura came though the door, she announced, “I’m home Pop,” she was grinning from ear to ear.

I smiled back at her, “What’s with the smile baby?”

“Oh, nothing Pop,” as she step within arms reach and lifting her skirt.

Slipping her panties down and off, “Sure baby, what ever your say.” I could tell Laura had something on her mind. She knelt down and began sucking me all the way to my nuts. It only took a couple of minutes before I was filling her mouth with my cream. After swallowing my entire load she stood unzipping her skirt letting it drop to the floor as I began removing her blouse and bra then the two of us headed for my bed.

Laura laid out with her legs spread as an offering. I eased onto the bed and started eating her sweet pussy bringing her to a climax. I kissed Laura full on the lips with the taste of her juices in my mouth.

“Hum, that sure taste good Pop,” Laura said after we broke our lip lock.

The two of us laid next to each other, she stoking my penis and me fingering her pussy as she recanted the events of her meetings that day and what was planed for the rest of the week. Her mom would vent about her day to me when she got home, this was always a stress relief for my wife after a hard and trying day at work and now her daughter was in my bed doing the same.

Laura lifted up and checked the bedside clock, “We need to get up Pop.”

As we were taking a quick shower together I asked, “where do you want to eat baby?”

“I’ve already made all the arrangements for our diner tonight Pop.” The mischievous smile Laura had when she fist got home was now back.

“What do you have planed baby?”

“All in good time Pop,” Laura got stepped from shower and began drying herself.

I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel, she had my curiosity peaked. Her mom never kept me in such suspense. Laura dressed in a blue skirt and white blouse; her blouse was lightweight and the blue bra she chose to wear was clearly visible and no panties. As the night before she had me wear a pair of her panties under my jeans making fill a bit naughty,

I sat wondering what our destination was as Laura drove. I couldn’t help think how sexy my stepdaughter looked. In spite of the fact I keep trying to get her to tell me where we were heading, she would never tell me. Just the thought of us in a public restaurant with her with no panties on and her bra visible though her blouse had me horny and wanting to fuck her.

After a forty-five minute ride Laura pulled into a driveway. I recognized the house as that of Alan and Linda; they had given Laura a baby shower for her oldest child and my wife and I were in attendance. We walked up to the front door and I stopped for her to ring the bell; however, Laura took hold of the doorknob and opened the door.

She waked right in saying, “Come on Pop,” I was hesitant to just enter someone else’s home unannounced. I followed Laura as she headed though the living room to the kitchen.

When we got to the kitchen, Linda was at the counter fixing some kind of salad; she was wearing short-shorts and a T-shirt looking to be a size or two smaller than she would normally wear.

When she saw us, Linda said, “Good, you’re here,” and was smiling. “Alan is out back at the grille.”

“Thanks Linda,” I headed out the back door leaving the two girls talking.

“Hi Alan, any thing I can help you with?”

“ Hey Pop, I think I’ve got every thing taken care of.”

Laura’s mom and I have always been referred to as ‘Mam-maw and Pop’ when every we were introduced to any of her friends; that’s what the grand kids calls us.

“The stakes look good Alan.”

“I hope you’ll like them,” Alan said, “I cooked them as per Laura’s instructions.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

Alan took up the stakes and he and I joined the girls in side. The table was set and the girls were standing at the bar talking. Alan sat the platter down on the bar next to Laura. Linda and watched as he leaned over and gave Laura a kiss on her lips and his hand went under her skirt. I looked at Linda and she was just smiling. I noticed that Linda had changed tops. She was now wearing a long loose t-shirt instead of the tight one she was wearing when we arrived. It wasn’t until Linda came to the table to take her seat, that I was treated to the sight of her bare pussy. I was so entranced by Linda as she sat, that I hadn’t noticed that Laura’s skirt had been removed.

It wasn’t until we had finished eating and the girls got up to clear the table that I found out had shed her skirt. Turning my direction, Linda slide out of her chair parting her legs to give me a clear view of her pint pussy lips.

“I’ll take your plant Alan,” Laura was standing next to him.

As she reached for his plate, Alan fingered he pussy.

I followed suit of your host and slide two fingers into Linda’s wet pussy as she retrieved my plate. She and Laura took the dishes to the kitchen. When the girls returned to the table, they both were naked.

“Time for the dessert,” Linda said as Laura sat on the table in front of Alan as Linda positioned herself on the table in front of me.

“Laura told me you eat good pussy Pop.”

Linda had her legs open wide letting me have full excess to her willing cunt.
I looked over at Laura and Alan; he was already going at her pussy as he founded her nipples.

“To tell the truth Linda, until Laura came up here Sunday I haven’t had a skirt sense using Mam-maw.”

“Well, according to Laura, you haven’t lost your touch.”

I began by licking Linda and got her good and wet. Then I slid two fingers inside her then three. I looked over at Laura and she was lying flat on the table with her legs hanging down, Alan was in her up to his nuts. From the sounds coming from Laura, I could tell was filling her love box. I went back eating Linda’s pussy.

All of a sudden I heard my zipper being pulled down. I looked up and Alan was still at the end of the table, Laura had skid under the table and was tugging at my jeans. It wasn’t until she had my jeans half way down my legs I remembered that I was in Laura’s panties. She frees my penis and begins sucking me. I felt my nuts tingle then the flow of my cream running in to Laura’s mouth at the same time I felt Linda’s pussy juices start to flow.

The next thing I remember my penis was inside Linda’s pussy filling her love box with my cream.

Laura and I said our good nights. She gathered her clothes hen walked out of the house without dressing. In the car she slips her blouse on without buttoning it up and drove home that way.

Back at the house Laura and showered together before calling it a night.
In the bed, she pushed her rear into my penis as I draped my arm over her as if she were her mother kneading her breast.

Wednesday morning I woke Laura by sucking her nipples.

“Hum, Morning Pop.”

“Morning baby,” I gave her a kiss then went and fixed breakfast for us as she dressed for her daily meetings.

All day Wednesday my mind keep replaying the events of the past few days. My wife’s daughter is so much like her mother that we are together I fill that I still have my wife. Neither my wife nor I ever considered doing anyone else when we were married. What happen with Alan and Linda was totally out character for me. I have always committed to one woman at a time.

I’m just sitting here watching the clock creep by waiting for my stepdaughter to get home.

To be continued
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