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it all started one summer day...
My name is becca, let me tell you my story about my son and i. well first off i am single,i had my son mark from a sperm donnor who i dont know. let me describe myself, i am am 33, have blond hair just past my shoulders,in great shape (as i work out almost everyday), have 24 B cup breasts(u may think their small but their perfect for sucking on), a tight round ass, and a bald shaved pussy. i dont get much sex in my life except for the occasional boyfriends that come and go but i dont get enough. which is why i was laying on my bed on a hot summer day fingering my wet pussy to fill my deprivement of sex. my son mark was taking a shower across the hall so i wasnt wooried about him interupting me. let me descirbe my son: he had just turned 14 and was becoming a young man. he had short blonde hair that kind of spiked back, a very muscular body, and ill admit he was kind of cute. by now my juices were flowing out of my pussy and around my puckered ass hole. i didnt hear the water turn off so i had no idea mark was out of the shower. "hey mom what time is soccer practice tomorow"?, opening the door mark looked in shock as i lay there with my full body exposed and my two fingers jammed in my cunt. i froze and we just stared at eachother. he was only wearing a towel around his waist and i saw his boner rising it must have been a good 8 inches! i told mark to go to his room and we would talk later sitting up and covering myself. after mark left i got dressed and went downstairs to leave mark alone for a while but i could hear moans coming from his room so i knew he was jacking off, i decided to brush it off but it sent a chill through my body knowing that my son was jacking off to the immage of me. i went and read a book until it was dinner time. i prepared dinner for mark and i and called him down stairs when it was ready. dinner was dead silent until i finnaly grew up the courage to talk to mark. "so mark you know everybody masturbates once and a while and its perfectly fine". "i know mom" said mark. "do you know how to masturbate mark"? mark looked very embarressed and finnaly said "yeah". "so have you masturbated before honey"? mark was completley red and replied "nope" very quickly. "Really son because i just heard u moaning in ur room earlier today". "ok mom i have but, im sorry you just made me so horny when i saw you fingering yourself today". "thats perfectly fine and im flattered that my masturbating turned on such a hansome young man like you". "you really think im hansome mom"? "yes i do" i said. "well i thnk ur so beutiful mom" said mark "well thank you, ok mark u can go watch tv and ill do the dishes and when im done i want u to meet me in my room at 8". "ok mom". i did the dishes as quickly as possiable then raced up to my room, i was going to give my son a speacial treat. i changed out of my clothes and put on a sexy red thong, a matching lacy red bra and my white bath robe. i then called for mark to come upstairs into my room. he wlked in the door and said "so wats up mom". "well honey", i said "im going to give u a speacial treat". "what do you mean mom" mark said confused? i then stood up and took off my bath robe revealing my langerie and said "do you want to see my breasts mark"? mark stared at my with his mouth open and just nodded his head. "well then come over here and unhook my bra" i said. he slowly walked over to me and reached around my back unhooking my bra, i shrugged my soldiers and it fell to the ground revealing my small tits to him. "mom you amazing boobs" mark said. "do you want to touch mommys boobs mark"? " mark then puy out his hands and started squeezing my entire boob, he obviously had no expierience and it was starting to hurt so i said "honey i want you to pinch my nipples, it makes mommy very horny". "ok mom" he said as he began to gently pinch my nipples and i could feel myself getting wet. "ok mark this is great" i said in between soft moans. " but i want you to takes your pants and boxers off and then lie on my bed". he cautiosley took off his pants and boxers and lied down on my bed. "now mark im going to suck your penis just like when you were little". "WHAT" said mark "yes honey when you were little i used to suck on your little penis to get you to stop crying or sometimes just for fun" "you used to suck my penis when i was younger"?? "yes mark but now your much bigger and so is your penis, by the way honey you can call it a cock or a dick, i dont mind". with i kneeled at the end of the bed and started to lick the head of his dick. "OH MOM IT FEELS SO GOOD" i then lowered the first couple of inches into my mouth and began to swirl my tounge around it. "MOMMY DONT STOP" i didnt paln on stopping anytime soon and then i had his whole cock in my mouth, i bobbed my head up and down of times sensing that he must be close to jizzing. "MOM IM GOING TO CUM" and with that i increased my speed of bobing on his dick and all of a sudden his white hot jizz ejected foward into my mouth i swallowed the whole all of his jizz and it tasted wonderful. "come hear mark i want to you suck on my tits just like you did when you were breastfeeding". i said after he had come down from his orgasm. i laid down on the bed and got on top of me and started kissing my boobs and my nipples. "oh honey suck on my nipples please" he did as i said and started sucking on my nipples."YES HONEY OH GOD IT FEELS GREAT KEEP GOING" he was pleasuring me greatly but i needed more and said "honey come take of my panties. he slowly peeled them down my legs and off marveling at my pussy."do you like mommys bald pussy sweetie"? "i love it" mark replied "mark i want you to stick your finger in just like i was doing before while you suck on my itty bitty tits. he stuck his pointer finger in my wet hole and continued to suck on my tits. "MARK IT FEELS SO GOOD PUT ANOTHER FINGER IN MY PUSSY" mark did as he was told and put two finger inside me. i was so wet my pussy juice was runing all over marks hand. "PUT ANOTHER FINGER IN ME MARK IM SO HORNY". mark put a third finger in my vagina and it was sending me over the edge."AH MARK, YES SHOVE IT IN ME BABY, SHOVE YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR MOMMYS VAGINA". with that i could feel a surge through my body and i started to climax. after i was done i said"mark honey that was amazing now why dont you take a shower now thats the end of your speacial treat for now.

to be continued...

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2010-09-14 22:41:45
I have to agree about the terrible grammar. For example, instead of u try typing you or instead of ill try I'll. Poor grammar can make the story feel poorly written or like the writer was simply too lazy to use one of the easily available and free spell checkers. Also creating paragraphs makes the story much easier to read.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-14 07:21:03
Terrible grammar, please consider writing the next part in Word then copying it across, so that it can do the spelling and simple grammar for you - like capitals and spacing. You also need to write in paragraphs to split the story up, one big block of text is much harder to read than several smaller ones, and also helps to give the story a better 'feel'

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