My name is Steven. And this is my story. And it is all true
Age 12 is not the age when most children start thinking about their sexuality. In fact, it’s not a age where much thinking is done at all. Getting milk in class, three recesses a day, packed lunches from mom, and nap time is what ran through my head most of the day. I loved to run and play, make friends, and be outside. Little did I know that those traits that I had, and most children that age do, would lead to such a monumental moment in my life. My sister is 11 years older than I am. Needless to say, I was an accident. When I was in the fourth grade my entire family sat down around the table with my sister and her boyfriend, and we all found out the she was pregnant.

Hmmm, how does that happen?? Being the curious kid I was, I asked, “Where do babies come from??” And I was introduced to the term sex. In little less than a year I would have a very more personal and realistic concept of that three-letter word…

It was fall weather. The nights were getting shorter. Much shorter. And the weather no longer let me get away with wearing no shirt and shorts. Jackets, jeans, and even hats were needed once the sun went down. I had a tendency to stay out longer than was allotted by my mother, but I never got in trouble for it. When I came into the house, out of breathe and cheeks red from the cold, my mother just smiled and got me a blanket. She never worried about me when I was outside. There was no need too…we lived in a small town, where we knew everyone. I was just a kid having fun, so why worry??

In our backyard we have a row a lilac bushes that separated our property from a cornfield that bordered the back end of our yard. On the south side of our property, though, was the main street of the town. It was the busiest street, and had a sidewalk that old woman and their daughters would walk on to exercise either late at night or early in the morning. Whenever I played outside, I would always wave and say hi to the passing walkers, usually by name. On this particular night I was jumping on our trampling, practicing my back flip, when I heard someone say hello to me. Once I stopped bouncing and got my balance I turned to see who was talking to me. I didn’t know the older man’s name, but I did recognize him. He was tall, muscular, salt and pepper hair, and had a smile that made you want to talk to him, like a father figure.

“Hello” I said back to the man.

I didn’t understand why he was walking on our grass. There was a sidewalk along the road, why not just walk on the sidewalk? I hated when kids broke the rules. Like not walking in line while going to lunch or the library. He should be walking on the sidewalk, not our grass!

“What are you doing out here so late? It’s dark. Shouldn’t you be inside?” he asked me.

“I’m just playing.” I said in a matter of fact tone.

He kept walking over to me until he was finally resting both of his hands on the side of the trampling that I was no longer jumping on. His hands were huge! I don’t think I have ever seen hands as big as those to this day!

“Do you like to play?” He asked me with a grin on his face that made me smile too.

“yeah, I love to play. But I usually only play by myself because my sister is pregnant and my brothers are in college.”

“I’ll play with you!” He said with the same smile on his face

“Really??” I couldn’t believe that someone so much older than I was would want to play with me! “OK!”

“Let’s go back to the lilacs and see if we can find any hidden treasure or cool toys!” he said

I followed him back to the lilacs and we both began looking for cool rocks and stick that could be mistaken as sword if you used your imagination. We rustled through the leaves and branches looking for cool toys that we could play with for a long time. After a while though the man stopped looking at the ground. He started only looking at me. I kept walking around and trying to find anything, but after a while of looking by myself I gave up.

“Are you done playing?” I asked defeated. I was enjoying playing with him!

“No, I have a better game we can play.” He said as he walked over to me and touched his cold hands to my face.

His hands were so big that when he placed his hand on my face his fingers were in my hair while his palm was holding my chin. Slowly he pulled me over to him and hugged me. For a long time we just stood there. I didn’t fight the hug. I just stayed in his arms. After an eternity he let me go and asked if he was ready to play. I just nodded my head yes.

“Have you ever seen one of these in real life?” He asked me as he pointed to his crotch.

“Yeah, I saw my dad’s once while he was giving me a shower” I said sheepishly. I had never told anyone that.

“That’s good!” he said, bringing his smile back to life. “do you want to play with mine?” he asked me. Again, I just nodded my head. I had no idea what was going on, but I liked whatever it was.

His hand engulfed my hand as he undid the buttons of his jeans with his other. He led my hand to his crotch and started rubbing his penis up and down with my hand. I knew what sex was, but I also knew that this was not how I was told it was supposed to happen. But I kept my mouth shut. After a while I did not need his hand to guide mine. I was rubbing his cock all by myself. I could not believe how big it was. I was really young when this happened so I really didn’t understand how big it was, but to my eyes it was the largest thing I had ever seen. I was too young to get hard, but I was enjoying what I was doing and did not want to stop.

Without him asking me too I pulled down on his underwear and exposed his cock to the cold weather. It was perfect. It was just as hard as the sticks that we had been looking for together in the lilac bushes. I kept rubbing and rubbing on his dick. He was moaning and groaning and telling me how good it felt and that he loved how I played this game, and that I was so good at it. He was telling me how when I get older I’ll learn even more games that I can play. I wanted to play them now! This was the funniest I had in a long time! Since the summer weather left and the cold started coming.

“faster, faster, yeah…just like that…” he was saying as I kept rubbing on his dick.

“Oh you are gonna win this game! You are gonna get first place for sure! Do you want your prize?” He asked

“Yes!” I exclaimed, of course I wanted the prize!

I keep rubbing and drubbing, up and down, up and down. His groans were getting loader and loader and I knew that whatever was the end of the game, was going to happen really soon.

“Open your mouth.” He said. I opened my mouth. “Keep going though” he said. I had stopped when he told me to open my mouth.

I kept going and finally he pulled my hand away and started stroking his own dick and holding my face with his spare hand. The whole time my mouth remaining open. After just a minute or so put the head of his dick, cause that is all that fit, into my mouth and nearly yelled as a river a stuff came flowing out of his dick into my open mouth. I didn’t know what to do with the stuff, so I just swallowed it.

“Did you like your prize?” He nearly laughed

“Yeah, it was really good.” I really did love the sweet and salty that I still tasted in my mouth.

“Are you going to tell people about our little game?” he asked as he put his softening dick back into his pants. I just shook my head no.

“Good” He smiled

And then we buttoned up his pants and walked away.

I did not see him for about six years after that night in late fall when the weather was getting cold enough to wear a hat. But when we did see each other again, well…that’s another chapter in this story

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2016-04-11 19:05:39
Good story and recently I was sitting at a park bench reading a novel and a young lad I think was about 10 sat across from me and asked what I was reading and and so I moved over and showed him it was a story about a youg girl and her first encounter he was anxious to hear about it we both had on short as I was reading to him he placed his hand on my upper thigh and said like your cock would do the girl and I showed him as he got down under the bench and looked up at my cock, one thing led to another and then he was sucking my cock when he was done he said he comes there ofter and there are other guys that like his sucking.

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2012-05-11 04:36:35
I would love for a guy to do tgat to me

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2010-12-04 11:47:01
Who cares what they think? Not everybody thinks the same way at that age and growing. We liked the story, though. :)

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2010-12-04 11:46:46
Who cares what they think! Not everybody thinks the same way at that age and growing. We liked the story, though. :)

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2010-12-04 11:45:23
Who cares what they think! Not everybody thinks the same way at that age and growing. We liked the story, though. :)

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