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This is an act of fiction. It may seem to start slow but I hope the fallowing chapters will make it worth it.

It was summer and school was out, and in this small rural community that meant a lot of bored teenagers. It was a farming town and there was work that had to get done but with the advent of new technologies even it was boring.

I had a girl friend named Tess, and man was she a hotty. 5’3” 115# green eyes and C cup breast, she had a permanent pout to her mouth and always seemed to be so innocent. Her family had moved down from Michigan to Texas a year ago and we had gotten together shortly after. For her fifteenth birthday her dad gave me fifty bucks and said to take her to town and give her a good time. I was seventeen and had my drivers license and a pick up truck which until today had not been much help in getting alone time with Tess as her dad had always made a strong effort to keep me and her out of it.

When I showed up to get Tess she was all dolled up in a new sun dress and her mom had helped her do her hair man was she beautiful. Not being a fool I got my ass out of the truck and walked up to the house and shook dads hand and tipped my cap to her mom and told her how good she looked.

“When do I need to have her home?” I asked her dad.

“Midnight will be fine, I will wait up for you two.” he said looking me straight in the eye.

Now the look in his eye got my attention, it was very serious but there was something around the edges that made it strange, “Yes Sir, no problem, and thanks.” I turned and stepped off the porch and offered a hand to Tess to help her down and smiling she took my hand as we walked the short distance to my truck her dad fallowed and stopped at the drivers side door. I continued around with Tess to the passenger side and opened her door and got her seated then headed back around to where dad was waiting. He offered his hand again and said” Treat her good and you will not be sorry.” and handed me an envelope. “Yes Sir I will treat her well, I really like your daughter Sir.” I stuck the envelope in my shirt pocket and got in my truck and off we went. Half a mile down the road was a left turn that took us straight to town and out of sight of her house Tess wasted no time in sliding across the seat to set next to me.
“Damn girl you do look good.” I said as I tilted down and kissed her on her mouth. And man did she kiss back and as she pulled her mouth away she ran her tongue across my upper lip and smiled which went straight o my pants. “Hey Tess you’re gonna make me have a wreck, and I just told your dad I was going to treat you like a lady.”
“No you said you where going to treat me right.” she said, as she ran her hand up my leg. I had never gotten past first base with this girl and was starting to get confused which she could see on my face.
“Look in the envelope.” she said through a big smile and with a fiery twinkle in her eyes. I took the pakage from my pocket which I had assumed had the fifty dollars in it and opened it, there was two twenties and a ten in it but there where also several condoms. I got on the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road. “ What the hell Tess?”

“I want you to be my first and I told Mom and she told Dad and now we are alone on our way to town, you do want me don’t you?’ there was panic in her eyes. “Yes Tess I want you, this just caught me off my guard. What’s the money for?”

“It’s for a Motel room, I didn’t want it to be in a truck, worried about getting caught by some farmer or anything.” I could see she was blushing now.

“Okay, then I guess we need to get to town and get us a room.” I put the truck in gear and headed for town, we had our choice of motels right on the hi-way, but I new of one in town that was an old fifties style that was set up with each room as its own little building. I parked on the side and walked around to the office door and the clerk took my twenty-five bucks and gave me a key, smiled and said, ”Don’t make to big of a mess in there.”

In the room Tess seemed to get shy again, but that as okay with me as her pout had come back and her cheeks where flushed making her a sight to remember. My cock was rock hard and had been for several minutes. Tess would not be my first but she was the first that had asked for it so plainly. “Tess what made you want to do this and how did your folks get involved?”

“You remember Chelly?” she asked as she squirmd on the edge of the bed.

“Yes she was my girl before you, why ?”

“Well she and I are friends and she told me about the things you did for her and how you where always so nice and that she got to cum almost every time you two did it, Mom was eaves dropping and heard me say that I was going to go all the way with you. She did not want me pregnant or disappointed so she set this up with dad, and here we are.” she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “ I really want this bad and I want it now I just don’t know what to do, I mean I know what to do I just haven’t done it before and ……” As she trailed off looking lost for words I bent down and kissed her on her mouth and placed my hand on her cheek. She responded by kissing me back and opening her mouth just a small bit and pressing into my kiss. I was so turned on that slow and easy was not looking very likely. I slide my hand down her cheek and onto her shoulder where the straps for her sundress where tied and pulled the string, the knot slid undone like silk as I broke our kiss. Tess opened her eyes and looked up at me with a glaze in her eyes. I took hold of the other strap and slowly pulled the end of the string, and again there was no resistance from the knot or from Tess. The top of her dress slid down slightly revealing her soft white cleavage and showing her swollen nipples through the cotton material, I could have came right then. Instead, I removed my own shirt and dropped it on the floor.

I watched as her eyes went over my body, at 6”1’ and 170lbs, I was rock hard every where. Her breath caught just a bit as she focused on the bulge just below my belt buckle. Tess raised her right hand and placed it on the bulge softly as if she was afraid it might bite. She looked up at me when I sighed and blushed again, as she started to take her hand away. I moved mine to cover hers and held it there, when she looked up again I spoke,” It feels good when you touch it Tess, squeeze it some, its just us here.” This was the encouragement she needed to start massaging my cock through my jeans, squeezing it, and rubbing up and down the length of it, she had move her other hand up and as she worked on my painfully swollen cock her top slid further and further down until it fell completely away from her breast. Such beautiful breast small dark nipples surrounded by firm white flesh moving with her motion but no sag or sway.

I moved her hand out to the side and kneeled down in front of her. Not releasing her hands I leaned forward and kissed her mouth and she kissed back harder than I had expected. This started a fire in me and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and used the kiss to push her back down onto the bed, she moaned into my mouth as my body pressed against hers and pulled her hands free and rapped her arms around me and kissed me like crazy. I kissed her back just as hard, pushing my tongue into her mouth and running it over hers and trying my best to reach her throat with it. When I had to break the kiss for air to breath I moved down her neck kissing her as I went until I found her breast and sucked her nipples into my mouth one then the other. As I teased each one with my mouth she would moan softly but deeply, the sound came from deep within her and each time I heard it my blood would boil all the more screaming at me to tear off her clothes and force my cock into her virgin pussy. Again though I was able to control my animal urge and I pilled away from her, letting my eyes take in the beauty of her laying on the bed. Her lips swollen from the crushing kisses, her skin so soft and smooth flushed pink with desire, and her breasts shining with my saliva, her eyes looking into me begging me to take her , screaming without sound for me to do exactly what my own primal lust was commanding me to do.

Kneeling between her legs as they draped off the bed I slid my hands under the hem of her dress and took hold of her panties and started to pulle them down slowly but as her breath caught ever so slightly yet another groan escaped her mouth causing my gentile motion to become quick and urgent. As her panties cleared her feet I threw them away and took her legs in my hands lifting them up and out exposing her perfect young cunt to my view, the small dark patch of hair above her fuzz covered vulva was more than my mouth could stand. I lowered my face to her waiting virgin pussy and kissed it the same as I had her mouth. I swirled my tongue between her lips and tried to push it into her virgin hole as far as it would go. Tess spoke my name and moaned deeply as I let my mouth take as much of her pussy into my mouth as possible. I suck it into my mouth and ran my tongue between her traped lips slowly until I felt her magic button and very softly flic my tongue across it. I slowly released my suction on her pussy but continued to flick my tongue over her clit as sofly and quickly as possible, it did not take more than a few moments for her to moan my name again a start to draw her legs up and say the magic words “I am coming”.

As Tess enjoyed her orgasm I droped my hand to my belt and quickly undid my belt and jeans. I moved my tongue off her clit as her orgasm subsided and pushed my tongue into her virgin hole, I felt her shift and then her hands where on my head grinding me into her she was fucking herself with my face I new she was ready. I tore open a condom and rolled it onto my swollen cock, then pulling my head away I rose and leaned forward atop of Tess, I found her eyes and hers mine and as or gaze met I held my cock against her swollen cunt, she placed her hands on my hips and gave the most subtle of pulls and I pushed forward. I did not drive it in like I wanted but just a push until I met the resistence of her hymen, then leaning down I gave her a soft kiss and let her respond. She answered my kiss with a stronger pull and raising her head to push her tongue into my mouth. Now it was time Now I could release I drove forward the resistance giving way I felt her flench, but the deed was done and I had no more self control I drove forward again until I felt my balls touch her soft woman hood. Then I drew back and stroked my cock in and out of her each stroke gaining speed, I would not last long but I did not care I wanted to come in this girl, I could feel her fingers digging into me and she was thrusting her hips up to meet my every stroke. “Shit,oh I cumming” was the last thing I heard before my cock exploded and I started to shoot cum into Tess’s throbbing pussy, it seemed to last forever.

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