This is a new story that I'm writing at the same time as Jason's Growing Family. Both stories are so hot that I decided to write them at the same time instead of putting one off for later. If you like the story let me know becuase it's hard writing two stories at the same time so I can use all the encouragement I can get.
Berry Patch Cherry Picker


Valley Honey

Dave Norman was deep in the blueberry bush to get to the best berries when he heard the rattle of pails several rows over while someone returned from the supervisor’s shed. He didn’t really plan to eavesdrop but he couldn’t avoid it when the other boys spoke loud enough for everyone in the berry patch to hear them.

“Mike?” as loud as it was the voice was almost drowned out by the rattle from the buckets he dropped as he called for his friend a second time. “Mike where are you?”

“I’m over here Hank,” came another voice that Dave recognized as Mike Stanton’s. “What’s so important that you ran all the way back here with the empty pails?”

“Mike, you’re never going to guess who I just saw up at the supervisor’s shed.”

“You’re right, I’m never going to guess because you’re going to tell me,” Mike growled while several of his friends laughed at Hank’s embarrassment.

“Ok I’ll tell you,” Hank said when the others finished laughing. “I just saw Kim Madison, she turned in four full buckets and it was obvious the supervisor knew who she was because he didn’t even have to ask for her ID number. On top of that she was dressed in the most incredible fuck me clothes I’ve ever seen on any girl. She had a shirt on but she had it tied up just under her tits and the material was so thin I could see her nipples through the wet fabric. And not only that, her cut-offs were so tight and short I could see her panties through the fringe.”

“You’re crazy,” Mike said when Hank finished his description of Dave’s cousin, “why would the most fuckable girl in school come out and pick blueberries for money when her parents have enough to buy her anything she wants.

“I don’t know,” Hank admitted.

“Besides, if she was here she’d let me know for sure. After all I am her boyfriend.”

“Right,” came another voice from somewhere by Mike, “I was there the day you tried to come on to Kim, remember? I’ll never forget the smooth way you tried to come on to her after school that one day. Then when she told you she wasn’t interested you tried to force yourself on her and she kneed you in the balls and left you whimpering on the floor. That’s when she told you that if you ever tried something like that again she’d really hurt you, and then she’d tell her cousin Dave.”

“So that’s why you avoided Kim for the rest of the school year,” another voice chimed in while the rest of Mike’s friends laughed at his expense. “I wondered why you kept running away from your girlfriend every time we saw her in the hallway.”

“Well you’d be scared too if Kim, her sister Jane, or their cousin Linda threatened to tell Dave on you,” Mike reminded his friends.

“You’ve got that right,” someone else agreed. “Dave’s a nice guy most of the time, but if he thinks someone is messing with his sister or his cousins he gets insanely overprotective.”

“The real shame is that as far as Kim’s concerned no one else has a chance with her because it’s so obvious she’s hung up on Dave.”

“Obvious to everyone but Dave,” someone put in. “Of course Kim is his cousin so maybe he’s not into that sort of thing.”

“If a hot girl like Kim was interested in me I wouldn’t care if she was my cousin - or even my sister,” Mike declared. “I’d have her stripped naked and fucking in no time.”

“I guess that tells us what kind of guy you are,” someone said with a laugh.

“Guys, I just thought of something,” Dave recognized Hank’s voice this time. “Mike’s right about Kim’s parents buying her anything she wants, but Dave’s parents aren’t like that. I’ve heard they make him work for everything he wants even though they make enough money to give it to him. Maybe Kim’s out here to help Dave.”

“Oh shit,” Mike yelped, “if he is here he’s heard us for sure. Maybe we should just pack up and get out of here before he finds us.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” several voices responded at once while the air was filled with the rattle of empty pails and the tromp of hurrying feet as Mike and his friends rushed to leave the berry patch as fast as they could.

Dave returned to picking, only realizing now that the conversation had ended that he hadn’t grabbed any blueberries for almost five minutes while he was distracted by Mike and his friends. “Actually,” Dave said to himself with a satisfied smile, “I think Kim handled the situation just fine. But if you do try something like that again I will have to do something about it.”

Still, some of the things Mike and his friends had said made him wonder. To him Kim had always been his cousin and nothing more. He’d never thought of her as pretty - or fuckable for that matter - but now that someone else had said it he started thinking about it and wondered if maybe there was some truth if what they said. Not that anything could ever happen between them, after all, Kim was his cousin.

Dave was almost done with the bush when he heard another rattle of empty pails and then Kim called his name. “I’m over here Kim!” Dave called back, waving his head above the bush so his cousin could see where he was. “I’m almost done with this bush so I’ll be right out.” He grabbed the last handful of ripe berries and dropped most of them into the coffee can pail on his belt before he popped the last two into his mouth, relishing the tang of their juice when he crushed them between his teeth.

Backing out of the blueberry bush Dave turned to look at his cousin and clamped down on the gasp that almost escaped from his mouth when he took a good look at her. At fourteen - just a year younger than him - Kim was just a couple inches shorter than him. Her long red hair was tied back in a pony tail and her white toothed grin made her freckles stand out on her pale skin more than usual. Dave let his eyes drift down his cousin’s body and come to rest on her chest. He quickly realized that Hank was right about the way Kim’s sweat soaked body clung to her breasts so he could see her nipples against the wet fabric, her pink areolas dark under the thin shirt. Not only that, Kim had tied her shirt tight under her breasts so that her large firm tits had even more support than usual.

For once Dave was glad that his picking pail covered his crotch, otherwise he was sure he’d have to explain the sudden lump in his pants to his cousin. With an effort Dave pulled his eyes away from his cousin’s luscious tits but realized too late that they’d traveled even further down her body until he was looking at her cut offs. Once again he realized that Hank was right in his description, Kim’s shorts were so short that he could see her light green panties when the wind caught the fringe along the bottom, and not only that, they were pulled up so tight in her crotch that he could see the shape of her pussy through the faded denim.

Up until he’d overheard Mike and his friends Dave had assumed that Kim dressed the way she did to stay cool in the humid heat of the afternoon sun, but now he realized that she could have dressed more modestly and still stayed cool. He wondered if Mike and his friends were right about other things and Kim had dressed this way especially for him. Then he realized how silly the idea was, after all he and Kim were cousins. He had to stop his imagination from running away from

“Dave, are you even listening to me?” Kim said, finally getting her cousins attention.

“I’m sorry Kim,” Dave said, adjusting his coffee can pail to make sure it covered the bulge in his pants. He hoped his erection would go down before his cousin noticed the bulge in his pants. “What did you say again?”

“I said it’s a half-hour before the patch closes for the day,” Kim repeated with an exasperated sigh, “do you want to try and finish another pail or do you want to leave early today?”

“I have more than enough to finish the bucket I’ve been working on,” Dave said, indicating the berries in his coffee can, “we could probably finish another one if we worked on it together. But I’d rather head home a little early today.”

“Are you sure you’re going to have enough for that MP-3 player you want if we cut out early?” Kim asked.

“I already have enough money for the player I want,” Dave said, “but a little extra won’t hurt. That’s why I’ve decided to come back tomorrow for the last day of picking even though I don’t really need the money.”

“In that case I’ll come with you,” Kim said, bending down to pick up her supplies as well as the empty pails. Dave realized that his cousin’s cut-offs were even shorter than he’d realized when he got a clear view of her round ass cheeks encased in her light green panties.

“I’d like to thank you again for helping me out like this,” Dave said, taking his eyes off Kim’s ass and turning to pick up his own supplies before he headed out of the berry patch with Kim right beside him. “I could have made enough money for my MP-3 player without your help, but I really appreciate the assistance.”

“I was happy to do it,” Kim said with a shrug. “I still can’t believe your parents said that you’d have to make the money if you wanted the player. If I wanted one my parents would have bought it for me. Especially if they decided I had a good reason to have one.”

“It’s not like my parents make me work for everything,” Dave pointed out. “After all Linda and I both have our own computers since mom and dad feel we need them for school, and we can play our CD’s, DVD’s, and even watch TV with our computers. But mom and dad consider an MP-3 player to be a luxury so I have to make the money to pay for it.”

“I still say it’s not fair,” Kim huffed, “but at least they don’t make you buy your own clothes and school supplies.”

“There is that,” Dave agreed.

There was one person ahead of them when they reached the supervisor’s shed and the two cousin’s waited while the foreman weighed the other girl’s last bucket of berries. “You’re a little short here,” the supervisor said with a frown.

“But I don’t have any more,” the girl said. “Can’t you let it go just this once? My mom’s waiting for me and she’s getting impatient.”

“I should have enough to finish her bucket and mine,” Dave offered before the foreman could voice his decision.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” the girl asked, the corner of her mouth dimpling when she smiled at him.

“I don’t mind,” Dave told her, realizing that a few minutes earlier the blond’s smile and figure would have caught his interest just a few minutes earlier - but that was before he started noticing his cousin.

“Are you coming back for the last day tomorrow or do I have to pay you now?” the foreman asked, his eyes sliding past Dave to look at Kim with an appreciative smile.

“We’ll be back tomorrow,” Dave promised. “Our families don’t plan to do back-to-school shopping until Saturday so that gives us an extra day to make some money.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow then,” the foreman said, giving the two of them a quick wave without taking his eyes off Kim while the two cousin’s headed for the water pump next to the bike rack.

While Kim pumped the manual pump Dave rinsed off the worst of the berry stains and sweat from his arms and face and then returned the favor for his cousin. When Kim was finished Dave couldn’t help but notice that her thin shirt was wetter than ever and clung to her breasts that accentuated her firm tits, especially her nipples now that they were erect and pressing hard against the taught cloth.

“Is something wrong Dave?” Kim asked innocently, straightening up so fast from the pump that her breasts jiggled under her thin shirt.

“I’m fine,” Dave said turning quickly before Kim noticed the bulge in his pants. “Why don’t we get our bikes and head home?”

Dave allowed Kim on her newer bike to take the lead and found his eyes focused on his cousin’s almost bare ass cheeks as they rose and fell every time she peddled. Dave’s last conscious thought before he zoned out at the sight of Kim’s bouncing ass was to wonder if Kim’s ass would feel as soft as her tits.

It wasn’t until Kim turned to take the shortcut through the woods by their homes that Dave became aware of the things around him, including the way that his thighs were rubbing along his stiff cock every time he peddled.

“Race you to my place,” Kim called, turning to look at her cousin before she ducked her bike under the first of the trees.

“Hold on Kim, I can’t keep up with you,” Dave yelled back. “Not with this old bike of mine.”

“You snooze you lose,” Kim laughed as she followed the first curve in the path.

In spite of his best efforts Dave lost sight of Kim’s beautiful ass before the second turn and settled back to enjoy the last of the ride through the cool shade of the trees. He was rounding the sixth turn when he spotted Kim’s bike on the ground and his cousin’s limp body off to the side of the trail.

“Kim, Kim are you alright?” Dave screamed, letting his bike fall next to his cousin’s bike while he rushed to check on his cousin. He removed Kim’s bike helmet and let out a sigh of relief when he didn’t find any blood or bumps on her head. Dave removed his own helmet so it wouldn’t get in the way while he checked for any other injuries. When he bent over Kim to get a closer look at her his cousin suddenly opened her eyes with an impish smile while she reached out to rub the lump in Dave’s pants.

“So I finally got you to notice me,” Kim said while she slid her hand up and down Dave’s cock through his shorts. “I was beginning to wonder.”

“But Kim,” Dave stuttered while his cousin continued to work on his cock, “what happened? Your bike, the way you were stretched out on the ground. I thought you were hurt.”

“Don’t be silly Dave, I know every inch of this path. Do you really think I’d take a fall like that?”

“I guess not,” Jason admitted sheepishly trying not to think about how much he was enjoying the way Kim was stroking his penis. “But why did you do something like this?”

“So I could get you close enough to check out the bulge in your pants,” Kim said with a grin. “It feels like you have a nice one. Do you mind if I take a closer look?”

“But,” Dave said hesitantly, “but Kim, we’re cousins,” Dave said weakly while Kim reached for the zipper of his shorts.

“I don’t think that makes any difference to your cock,” Kim purred as she pulled Dave’s cock free of his underwear, smiling at the size and weight of his shaft as she stroked it between her hands. “In fact I’m sure I felt it jump when you mentioned the fact that we’re cousins.”

“Maybe,” Dave admitted, “it’s been doing that all afternoon, ever since I started thinking of you as a sexy girl and not just my cousin.”

“Make that your hot, horny, fuckable cousin and I’ll understand,” Kim said, leaning close enough to lick the head of Dave’s shaft with the tip of her tongue before her cousin realized what she was going to do.

Dave couldn’t believe how good it felt when Kim ran her tongue along his shaft and he let out a groan of pleasure while his shaft jumped excitedly in his cousin’s grasp. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“If you mean that I’m saying I want to fuck you, you’re right,” Kim said, looking up at Dave’s face while she smacked her lips. “I want you to be my first Dave, my first boyfriend and my first fuck.”

Dave thought there was more that Kim wasn’t saying, but she’d already said enough to shock and arouse him even further. “Kim, are you sure you want me to . . .”

“Fuck me and pop my cherry,” Kim finished when her cousin hesitated. “That’s exactly what I’m saying. And from the way your cock is reacting to the news I don’t think you’re going to have a problem giving me what I want. Let me give you a little more incentive and then you’re sure to give me what I want.”

Without waiting for a response from her cousin Kim leaned in even closer and sucked his whole shaft between her lips and down her throat. Dave let out a surprised gasp of pleasure when his cock disappeared between the red head’s lips.

“Kim,” Dave warned, “if you keep this up I’m gong to shoot my load right down your throat.

“Well we can’t have that,” Kim said, releasing her cousin’s cock and giving him an impish smile. “At least not before you put your cum where it belongs.”

“If I fuck you now I’ll blow my load before I have a chance to pop your cherry,” Dave warned.

“In that case we better do something to help you calm down before we get to the main event.

“What do you have in mind?” Dave asked, his eyes wandering to Kim’s shirt and the tits hidden by the sweat soaked fabric.

“Go ahead Dave,” Kim said reaching up to untie the knot just under her breasts. “I know you’ve been watching them, go ahead and play with them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

“If you say so,” Dave said, his fingers twitching nervously as he unbuttoned her shirt and pulled the lapels apart so he could reach her naked tits. He was surprised to notice that Kim’s nipples were already erect and looked so suckable that couldn’t resist them.

“That feels so good,” Kim purred as Dave sucked on her erect nipple. “Don’t stop Dave, you’re making me so hot and horny.”

“Your tits are incredible Kim,” Dave said, taking his mouth away from one nipple and switching to the other one.

“I know of something that we’ll both like even more,” Kim said through her moans of pleasure. “And I’ll even let you unwrap my ultimate treasure.”

“What do you mean Kim?” Dave asked, backing away from his cousin in confusion.

“I mean I want you to take off my shorts and panties before you eat my cunt and then fuck me.”

Once again Dave found his hands twitching nervously as he unfastened Kim’s tight little shorts and pulled them down along with her light green panties. Kim lifted her hips off the ground to help when her cousin pulled her cloths down her thighs and then lifted her legs so Dave could pull them completely free. After he freed Kim’s legs he pushed his cousin’s thighs as far apart as they’d go and gasped when he got his first look at her naked pussy. If he’d ever had any doubts that Kim was a real red-head they disappeared when he saw the thatch of read pussy hair surrounding his cousin’s swollen pink slit and for several seconds all he could do was stare at the beautiful sight.

“Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log,” Kim chided her cousin. “I know it’s the most beautiful pussy you’ve ever seen but you need to eat it.”

“Actually it’s the only pussy I’ve ever seen,” Dave admitted after a hard swallow. “But it’s still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you Dave,” Kim said, blushing at her cousin’s compliment, “but you have to do more than just stare at it.”

“Right,” Dave said, scooting carefully across the ground to avoid the stones, twigs, acorns, and pine-cones as he scooted between Kim’s thighs so he could reach her cunt lips. Dave ran his tongue along Kim’s slit until he reached the sheath of her clit and teased the little bud with the tip of his tongue until it popped erect with his cousins gasp of pleasure.

“Is this really your first time Dave?” Kim purred, running her finger’s through her cousin’s matted brown hair, “because if it is you’re a natural.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Dave told his cousin. “Since this really is my first time I must be a natural, but that means I’ll also have a chance to get a lot better real fast.”

“Not too fast,” Kim said, “I’m sure we’ll both have a lot of fun while you learn and perfect your technic. But right now I’m ready for you to move on to the next lesson, so scoot your cock up here and pop my cherry Dave.”

“You don’t have to ask me again,” Dave said, scooting his body up until the head of his cock touched Kim’s drooling slit just below her bright red thatch of pubic hair.

“Thank you Kim,” Dave said while he slid the head of his cock up and down his cousin’s wet slit to coat it with her juices. “I thought I’d never have a chance to pop a girl’s cherry like this, especially not a girl as beautiful and sexy as you.”

“But I always knew that I wanted my sexy hunky cousin to pop my cherry,” Kim said, “that’s why I’ve been dreaming of this moment, and now it’s finally here. Pop my cherry cousin, take my virginity and fuck me like the horny slut I am, the slut I want to be for you.”

“If you’re sure than here we go,” Dave said, raising his hips and bringing them forward slowly and surely.

Kim felt her pussy lips open to allow the head of Dave’s cock in. As her cousin slid more and more of his cock into her slit with every thrust Kim realized that in spite of the pain from her stretched cunt muscles she was enjoying the way her cousin’s prick was filling her hole and slowly satisfying the itch she’d never been able to reach on her own.

Dave felt the head of his cock hit resistance and realized it was Kim’s cherry. He paused long enough to look down at his cousin’s face and when she gave him a silent nod he took a deep breath before he pulled back about an inch and then slammed his hips forward with everything he had. For a second he thought the barrier was going to hold and then he felt something give and the next second he was buried balls deep in his cousin’s no longer virgin pussy.

Kim let out a startled scream of pain when Dave’s cock plowed through her hymen but managed to suppress the whimpers that followed while her cunt adjusted to Dave’s seven inch cock.

“Are you alright Kim?” Dave asked, concerned by her short scream of pain but now determined to give his cousin the fuck she’d been begging for.

“I’m fine Dave,” Kim reassured her lover, “it caught me by surprise when you actually popped my cherry. Give me a couple minutes to get use to having your cock in my belly and I’ll be fine.”

“Ok,” Dave said in obvious relief, “just let me know when you’re ready.”

“Actually I have a better idea,” Kim said with an impish grin. Before Dave realized what he cousin had in mind she grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled to the side until she was on top and looking down at her startled cousin. “There, now I can control when and how we fuck. That way you don’t have to worry about hurting me because I’m the one in control.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Dave said, his eyes distracted from Kim’s face by her swaying tits. “And this way I can play with your tits while you fuck me.”

“Just be careful you don’t get an acorn up your ass while we’re fucking,” Kim warned her cousin.

“I won’t ,” Dave promised, suddenly aware of the way the forest floor pressed against his back, especially the half exposed tree root that was poking into his kidneys. If he wasn’t enjoying the way Kim’s pussy was wrapped around his cock things would have been painful.

Now that she was in control Kim was determined to enjoy a long leisurely fuck with her cousin’s cock sliding in and out of her tight slit while he played with her tits. But she soon realized that the faster she slid her pussy up and down Dave’s cock the better it felt. Even so she wanted everything to last as long as possible, Dave’s cock felt too good to let things end too soon, but it also felt too good to hold back.

When Dave reached up to massage her naked tits it just made everything feel even better. Kim felt a shiver run down her spine until it met another shiver coming up from her cunt and the two met in her belly with a small explosion of pleasure. From her own experience Kim knew that this small explosion was just the start, and if the first burst of sexual energy was any indication the real orgasm was going to be the biggest one of her life.

“Oh my God,” Dave growled while Kim slid up and down his cock, picking up speed with every thrust. “I never knew anything could feel so good.”

“This is nothing compared to what’s coming Dave,’” Kim promised her cousin while she tried to catch her breath. “Just wait until you have your first orgasm with my pussy squeezing the cum right out of your balls.”

“Is that safe?” Dave asked, “if I cum in your pussy you could get pregnant.”

“Exactly,” Kim said grinning down at her cousin’s surprised face. “When I said that I wanted you to be my first I didn’t mean just my first boyfriend and my first fuck. I want you to be the first one to knock me up too. And today is the perfect day to do it, How does that sound to you Dave, do you like the idea of knocking your own cousin?”

“I never thought about it before,” Dave said, his fear and uncertainty clear on his face, “but if you give me a chance to think about it I may actually like the idea. But for today I think it would be a good idea if I pull out.”

“I’ll think about it,” Kim told her cousin with a mischievous grin, “but since I’m in control I get the final decision. And I want your babies.”

“Babies?” Dave said in a strangled voice, catching the plural in Kim’s words. “How many babies do you want?”

“As many as I can get,” Kim said with a satisfied grin.

“If you’re sure that’s what you want,” Dave said when he felt his balls starting to quiver, “you better decide what to do quick, because I’m about to cum.”

“So am I,” Kim panted, “just thinking about having your baby in my belly is making me so horny I’m ready to cum like crazy. Now fill my pussy with your baby juice and knock me up higher than a kite.”

With Kim’s encouragement Dave finally gave in to the inevitably and gave his red-headed cousin what she wanted, wad after wad of his baby juice. When Kim felt Dave’s cum spurting into her cunt it was enough to set off her own orgasm, her cunt muscles clamped tight around her cousin’s shaft and held it deep in her belly while her pussy milked every last drop of baby batter Dave had in his balls.

“Wow,” Dave said, sucking on Kim’s closest nipple when the horny little slut collapsed on top of him. “When I woke up this morning I never thought I’d end up losing my virginity - or taking a girl’s cherry at the same time - and I sure as hell didn’t think I’d be fucking my own cousin.”

“But you’re glad you did,” Kim finished with a satisfied sigh while her pussy continued to squeeze Dave’s wilting cock. “And just think, this is only the beginning.”

“It may only be the beginning,” Dave said with a grin, “but if we don’t get home soon our parents will put an end to it before we can go any further.”

“Your parents maybe,” Kim said with a knowing grin. “But you’re right, we do need to get a move on.”

The two cousins dressed quickly, taking just enough time to make sure that their clothes weren’t noticeably out of place before they went to get their bikes. “Here Dave,” Kim called. Dave instinctively caught the thing his cousin tossed his way and realized he was holding the pale green panties she’d worn under her cut-offs. “Something to remember today by.”

“Trust me Kim,” Dave said after he sniffed the aroma of her aroused pussy, “I’m going to remember this day no matter how long I live.”

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I'll give you an 8 on this story. I little more detail in the actual fucking sequences would have rated a higher figure.

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It sounds like Dave is doing well coeindsring all he's been though.You are doing so well taking care of him.I know you have sooo much to handle right now.I wish there was something I could do to help you.Let me know if I can do anything.It's overwhelming for you right now but hopefully things will go back to normal in a few months.Take a deep breath and accept any help anyone offers you.You deserve a breather!I miss you & wish I could give you a hug.Love youxoxoxoxoxoxoLove,Britni

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<<''I guess not,'' Jason admitted sheepishly trying not to think...>>

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