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Chapter 7

Jason stifled a yawn as he stumbled into the bathroom. He took a quick look at himself in the mirror over the sink and noticed the way his hair was matted together from the sweat, pussy juice, and even cum from the night before and figured it would be a good to take a shower before anyone else woke up and they ended up fucking all over again.

Once the spray from the shower head reached the right temperature Jason stepped into the tub and let the hot water run all over his body. He was just reaching for the soap when the shower curtain was pulled back and Beth grinned at him.

“That looks like fun,” Beth told her older brother with a grin. “Mind if I join you?”

“I guess you could use a shower as much as me,” Jason sighed. “Come on in, but we shower first before we do anything else, ok?”

“Ok,” Beth muttered as she stepped in front of Jason so that the stinging spray from the shower head bounced off her growing tits. “Soap me up and I’ll do the same for you.”

“Sure,” Jason said, taking the offered soap and lathering up before he started running his hands along Beth’s shoulders and down her back. When his hands reached down as far as Beth’s ass Jason couldn’t resist the chance to squeeze the thirteen year olds round cheeks.

“Jason,” Beth giggled, “you said we had to wash before we did anything else.”

“Thanks for reminding me sis,” Jason chuckled, “but I think we’ve washed enough. What I want to do right now is fuck that pregnant little pussy of yours.”

“I’m surprised you lasted this long,” Beth said bending forward and supporting herself with her hands on the shower wall while she spread her legs to give her brother easy access to her drooling cunt lips.

Jason slid one hand past his blond sister’s waist to pat Beth’s still flat belly. At two months along no one could notice her pregnancy yet, but just thinking about the baby growing in his sister’s womb was enough to make his cock as hard as iron.

While Jason was sliding his cock between Beth’s thighs and across her pussy lips the shower curtain was pulled back again and the siblings turned to see their pregnant mother standing outside the tub. “So that’s why you two were too busy to answer the phone,” Karen said, giving the two of them an appreciative smile.

“Why don’t you join us mom? There’s still plenty of room,” Jason said reaching out to pat Karen’s swollen belly. Too his surprise his mother took a quick step back to avoid his wet hand and that’s when he realized that she was actually dressed and ready to go outside.

“What’s up mom?” Beth said before her brother had a chance.

“Like I said, you two were too busy to hear the phone ring,” Karen said, tugging her maternity blouse down around her swollen belly. “That was Liz calling to say that Nancy was in labor and needed to go to the hospital. Even while Liz was telling me about her mother her own water broke so now I have to run both of them to the hospital. I already called Dr. Cole and he’s going to meet us there but I need to head out now.”

“If you can hang on for a few minutes I’ll be ready to join you in no time,” Jason said.

“Jason, we talked about this before,” Karen said with a sigh of regret. “I know you’d like to be there when your children are born but people are going to get suspicious if a fourteen year old boy is there when two babies are being born. It’s going to be hard enough for me to go unnoticed with my belly sticking out like this, but Dr. Cole says he can deflect any suspicions for a while at least.”

“I know,” Jason said with a frustrated sigh, “but I wanted to be their for the births, just like I was there for the conception.”

“In a few years maybe,” Karen offered, “after you and Liz get married and you can be there as her husband. But for now you better stay behind with Beth.”

“While I’m gone I want the two of you to make sure that you do your lessons before I get back,” Karen finished. “I’ll call and let you know how things go and when I’ll be back.”

“Ok mom,” Beth and Jason said at the same time. Once their mother left Jason pulled the shower curtain back in place and turned back to his sister.

“Now where were we before we were interrupted?” Jason asked his sister, reaching between her legs to stroke her clit and guide the head of his cock between her juicy pussy lips.

“I think you were about to fuck me silly and fill me with your cum,” Beth giggled, stroking Jason’s exposed cock shaft with one hand while she supported herself against the stall wall with the other one.

“So I was,” Jason said thrusting his cock as deep as it could go in his sister’s tight little pussy. “I’m going to fill your pussy with so much cum you’ll be pregnant again as soon as this baby is born.”

“Don’t be silly Jason,” Beth said with a groan of pleasure, “you know that’s impossible. Besides, if you could do something like that we couldn’t enjoy a good old fashioned fuck like this one.”

“You’re right,” Jason sighed, “but it’s still fun to think of it. Just imagine, as soon as our baby is born your belly starts swelling again with the next one. No muss no fuss.”

“But no fun either,” Beth pointed out. She could feel her pussy starting to quiver with every stroke of her brother’s shaft and knew it wouldn’t be long before they both came with his cock buried deep in her pregnant belly. “Jason, make sure you’re as deep as you can go when you shoot your load. I want you go give our baby a cum bath.”

“I will,” Jason promised, “I’ll give her a nice cum bath.”

“So you think I’m going to have a girl?” Beth asked. “Don’t you think it would be a good idea if one of your babies was as boy? Otherwise you’re going to be real busy when your daughters get old enough to fuck right along with the rest of us.”

“And having a son to help with the fucking would help,” Jason agreed. “So maybe you or mom will have a boy. But if it doesn’t happen this time I’m sure it will next time, right?”

“I’m sure one of us will give you a son sooner or later,” Beth promised her brother.

“Beth I’m going to cum,” Jason shouted, thrusting his cock as deep as it would go in his sister’s pregnant pussy while his balls pulled tight against the base of his shaft and shot wad after wad of baby juice into Beth’s belly.

“So am I,” Beth screamed, supporting herself with both hands against the walls of the shower stall when while her legs shook with her orgasm. “Do you think the cameras got a good shot?”

“I sure hope so,” Jason sighed with a slight shiver as he pulled his wilting cock out of Beth’s sucking pussy. “Because we’d never do as well if we tried to re-enact this shower. I’ll check it out later - after breakfast and schoolwork.”

“Make sure you burn a copy for me,” Beth told her brother, “I’ll want to replay this shower scene over and over again.”

After they finished their shared shower Jason and Beth went to get breakfast, still as naked as they’d been when they stepped into the shower. Since the family had started fucking together they didn’t usually bother to get dressed unless they had to leave the house, and then they usually stripped out of their clothes as fast as they could once they got home or to Nancy and Liz’s house.

“What kind of cereal do you want?” Jason asked while he looked over the boxes in the cupboard.

“I’d prefer eggs,” Beth said, “or maybe pancakes.”

“If you can make them you can have them,” Jason told his sister, “but I can’t cook and unless you’ve been taking cooking lessons from mom or Nancy you can’t either so it looks like it will have to be cold cereal.”

“Ok,” Beth sighed, “I’ll take the Honey Nut Cheerios - with Liz’s milk if we have enough in the fridge.”

“There’s enough here for both of us,” Jason said when he checked the refrigerator. “But after today we’ll have to be satisfied with mom’s milk since Liz and Nancy will be feeding my babies and may not have any to spare for us.”

“I know,” Beth sighed, filling her glass with the milk from Liz’s pitcher before she poured the cereal into her bowl and added the milk. “I do like mom’s milk, but it’s just not as good as Liz’s.”

“You’re right,” Jason agreed, “Liz’s milk is the best, but mom’s milk is still better than anything we can buy in the store.”

“I know,” Beth said, playing with her spoon for a few seconds before she started eating. “Jason, do you think my milk will taste as good as Liz’s when it starts coming in?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said with a shrug, “but I’m sure it will be just fine. And I’ll be looking forward to drinking it since we’ll probably have to go with store milk for about three months before you start making any.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll be lucky and my milk will start coming in early,” Beth said with a grin. “I’ve heard that if your breasts get enough stimulation you can start making milk early in your pregnancy.”

“What kind of stimulation?” Jason asked, his eyes on his sister’s pert little breasts as they wiggled invitingly above the kitchen table.

“You know,” Beth said with a quick blush, “massaging them, sucking on them, that sort of thing.”

“I already do that,” Jason pointed out, reaching across the table to tweak Beth’s erect nipple.

“Then you’ll just have to do it more,” Beth giggled. “The more stimulation the sooner my milk will come in.”

“I guess there are worse excuses for playing with your tits,” Jason said with a grin. “But we should wait until later because we both have school work to do before mom gets back.”

All through the day Jason found his eyes constantly wandering from his school work to Beth’s tits, pussy, or ass but in spite of the distractions he managed to finish his work about the same time she did. “So what do we do now?” Beth asked, pushing her school books aside with a sigh of relief while her eyes traveled down her brother’s naked body until it reached his semi-erect cock.

“Do you really have to ask?” Jason said, slapping his lap invitingly and opening his arms wide so he could wrap them around Beth’s naked body when she plopped down on his thighs. “Let’s see what I can do about giving your breasts some extra stimulation.”

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” Beth cooed when her brother sucked her nipple into his mouth and rolled it around on his tongue. Jason gave his sister a quick grin and then brought both hands up to cup and massage her tits while he continued to suck on her nipples.

Beth reached down to stroke Jason’s hardening cock with one hand, rolling the shaft across her pussy lips to coat it with her juices. When she was sure her brother was ready she lifted her hips from Jason’s lap just enough to fit the head between her cunt lips and then slid down until his prick was firmly seated in her slit.

When the phone rang Jason reached past his sister’s head to grab the phone off the hook, using the effort to shove his cock as deep as it could go in Beth’s pregnant pussy. “Hello,” Jason said without breaking the rhythm of his thrusts. “Oh, hi mom, how are things at the hospital? Both girls huh? I see. I see. That sounds great, so we’ll see you in about an hour then. Bye, see you when you get home.”

“So you have two daughters so far?” Beth said with a grunt, pushing her ass off the sofa to meet Jason’s thrusts. “Do you know their names?”

“Yeah,” Jason said, his cock sliding in and out of his sister’s juicy cunt, he made sure that his shaft slid along Beth’s clit with every stroke, bringing an almost constant moan of pleasure from the pregnant thirteen year old. “Mom said that Nancy baby was seven pounds eight ounces and she named her Brenda Dawn Carter. Liz’s baby was six pounds three ounces and she named her Jasmin Sonia Carter.”

“I can’t believe she stole my idea,” Beth managed to gasp out between her moans of pleasure.

“Who stole your idea?” Jason asked while his balls started to quiver with his approaching orgasm. From the way that Beth’s pussy was pulsing around his shaft he knew that Beth was close to her orgasm as well.

“Liz did,” Beth panted, “she stole my idea of how to name my baby.”

“What’s so special about Jasmine Sonia?” Jason asked.

“There’s a trick to the name,” Beth explained as her whole body shivered. “Take the first syllable of both names and run them together and what do you get?”

“She didn’t,” Jason said, holding his cock as deep as it could go in Beth’s spasming pussy. “What if someone else figures out the trick and realizes that I’m the Jason she’s named after.”

“Don’t worry about it Jason,” Beth said when she managed to catch her breath after her orgasm. “Even if someone does figure out the trick they won’t know that you’re the Jason Liz’s daughter is named after. And who’s going to see that trick?”

“I didn’t,” Jason admitted relaxing enough to start stroking his cock in and out of Beth’s pregnant pussy again. Now that his sister had had one orgasm Jason decided to try and hold out for two - and after the scare he’d had about Jasmine’s name he thought he could do it.

“So, mom said she’d be home in about an hour then?” Beth asked, her belly and pussy already quivering toward her second orgasm.

“Yeah,” Jason said, feeling jealous of the way his own sister could have multiple orgasms while he could only have one before he had to recover. “She said she was going to get some takeout on the way home, how does chicken sound.”

“Sounds good to me,” Beth said, “almost as good as having another fuck before mom gets home and steals your cock from me.”

“There should be plenty of cock to go around Beth,” Jason said with a chuckle. “After all, I’m use to fucking all four of you several times a day, so while I’m down to just two girls until Nancy and Liz come home with their babies I should be able to keep up with both of you.”

“You better,” Beth said, bouncing her bare ass off the couch and wrapping her arms and legs around her brother’s body to hold his cock deep in her belly while her orgasming cunt squeezed Jason’s cock hard enough to make him cum deep inside her. “If you keep that up you’ll have our baby addicted to your cum before she’s born.”

“So you plan to have a girl too?” Jason asked his sister, pulling his wilting prick out of her tight slit.

“This time,” Beth said. “Maybe mom is carrying your son. I know she decided not to find out before the baby is born so you have a chance there.”

“Maybe,” Jason said thoughtfully as he sat down next to his sister on the couch, “but I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t mind if you all had girls this time. I may need some help later, but when this first batch is old enough I think I’d like breaking them all in on my own.”

“Do you really think you can handle eight horny girls at the same time,” Beth asked, sitting up on the couch and snuggling up to her brother.

“I can try,” Jason said with a dreamy grin, “and I figure I have about ten years to build up my stamina. What do you think?”

“I think you’ll find a way to manage,” Beth said with a mischievous grin. “After all you’ve managed four horny sisters so far.”

That night Jason woke when the baby in his mother’s belly kicked him. He reached out to give his mother’s belly an affectionate pat. “I am so looking forward to fucking you in a few years,” he said, pressing his lips against his mother’s swollen stomach. “I hope you and your sister’s like fucking your daddy as much as he likes fucking his sisters.”

- The End -

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