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Bestiality, Rape, Submision
My Master my Dog

This is my first story.
It is fiction. It is not graphic. I took some liberties with reality for the sake of the story.

Hi, my name is Ali and this is my story about how I became a dog’s bitch.

First some background: I was an only child. We lived on a dead end street up on a hill. Two sides of our house where bordered by a forest. The back yard was fenced and the top of the fence was at the roofline of the house next door, so it was very private. I would sunbath topless in the backyard.

When I was fourteen, my dad died in an accident at work. My mother received enough money from the settlement and insurance, that my mom and I where able to stay in the house. However my mom had to get a job to take care of the everyday expenses. This was when my mom got a dog. It was male and a German Sheppard. His name was Chief.

Now I was fifteen and out of school for the summer. My tan was coming along nicely. I was filling out my bikini nicely this year. I have a shapely athletic figure and was attracting a lot of attention from the boys at school this last year. My hair is dark brown and my eyes are green. During the summer months, I tend to sleep in the nude. I should also mention that I lost my virginity to a dildo a few months back.

This all started one morning as I was in bed playing with myself. My mom opened my bedroom door a crack to say “Good by”. Stopping what I was doing I answered “Have a nice day at work”. That’s when I noticed my earring had fallen out. I fell asleep with them in the night before, the earrings where a gift from my dad and diamond studs. I tossed around the bed covers, nothing. Hopping off of the bed I started looking around the rug. That’s when I noticed a sparkle of light coming from under the bed.

Getting down on my hands and knees I crawled partway under the bed. My ass was sticking out when a wet nose touched my pussy. Shocked I froze, that’s when Chief mounted me. My hand whet back to swat away this intruder, he snapped at it and growled. Fear had now overtaken me. He took advantage of this hesitation on my part to penetrate me. He started to pump away with his front paws firmly around my waist. The emotions that swam thru my head where overwhelming. I was being raped by my dog and I was helpless to do anything about it, My tears brought me back to situation just as he was shooting his cum inside me then dismounted.

This was my chance, I ran to the bathroom that was part of my room and closed the door. Taking a hot shower brought me back to reality and I shuddered. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around me opened the door a crack, There was Chief laying in a corner licking himself. Swatting at him with another towel and yelling “Bad Dog“ I chased him out of my bedroom and closed and locked the door. No other problems with Chief the rest of the day.

The next day I got up early after my mom had left for work and rushed outside to sun myself. I closed the patio door on my way outside. Chief was inside the house and the hot sun felt good on my skin. Laying there I felt ashamed about the rape by my dog, but there was no way I was going to tell my mom or anybody about this.

After a short while my mom opened to patio door saying she had forgotten something and Chief walked outside. Looking out of the corner of my eye Chief was laying next to the door in the shade. Some time later he moved off to the fence and I ran for the back door. Chief knocked me to the ground before I had taken four steps. Getting up I ran for the door and he knocked me down again. I started to get up, I was on my hands and my knees when he mounted me.

He snarled at me and nipped at my neck as he was thrusting. He was so heavy on my back I could not get him off me. Reaching back with one hand I tried to swat him away, but all that did was cause me loose my balance and fall flat on my face. This position allowed Chief to penetrate me to one side of my bikini bottom. I sobbed as he pumped away. After he came inside me and was finished with me he dismounted. He the walked over to the shade of the fence and laid down. I ran for the back door and locked it behind me. This was now not just a one time thing. I trembled as this thought went thru my head.

That night after dinner I told my mom that I was tired and was going to bed. I told her not to wake me in the morning. Going up the stairs I kept one eye on the stairs and the other one on Chief.

Before I had fully entered my bedroom Chief was in the room, he jumped on the door slamming it shut, closing off my escape route. He backed me into a corner and started to growl and snap at me. I made a break for the bed but he knocked me down before I got there. He snarled at my face and nipped at me every time I moved. Tugging at my skirt he ripped it off me. He then got hold of my panties and tore them to shreds. That’s when he mounted me. He put his front paws firmly around my waist and started to thrust. Penetrating me this time knocked the breath out of me because he did it with such force. Crying I shook my head saying “No not again.” He finally came inside me and dismounted. This time I didn’t wait for him to lie down. I opened up the door and chased him out of the room. I closed the door and locked it.

The next morning I got up and looked at the bedroom door, it was still closed. My nights sleep was fitful at best. As I started to pick out some clothes I formulated a plan to go thru the house fist and lock Chief up. When I went downstairs I saw a note that Chief was outside, relief. When my mom came home I told her I wasn’t hungry and was going upstairs.

This morning was the same as the one before, getting dressed going thru the house with a broom looking for Chief. It was now two days after I told my mom to let out Chief in the back yard before she left for work. But some day she might forget so I was checking out the house anyway. My state of mind was frazzled at best. Most nights I would toss and turn not sleeping very well. Finishing my sweep of the house, LOL, Chief was out side this morning. Looking out the patio door the front gate was open and Chief was nowhere in sight. I ran outside and closed the gate and latched it.

It was a nice sunny day so I went back inside to change. Changing into a bikini I grabbed a towel and a blanket and headed outside. As I settled my self on the blanket I tried to relax and soon fell asleep. A noise woke me up. Chief was in the yard with a black lab. Gathering up the blanket and towel and blanket I tried to fend Chief off as I angled myself towards the patio door.

He knocked me down and stood over me baring his teeth and growled. I was in automatic mode I pulled down my bikini bottom I got on my hands and knees. Chief barked and the lab mounted me. Shocked at what was happening I zoned out. The lab found my pussy with his thrusting dog dick. This snapped me out of my funk. Chief was standing in front of me getting his now protruding dog dick closer to my face.

He growled and snapped at my shoulder. My mind was reeling, after all that had happened this was new. The pain from him nipping at my shoulder was to much. I opened my mouth and started to suck on his dog dick. He was thrusting into my mouth and the lab was pounding me from behind. Lost in the depraved nature of what was happening to me. My body took over and I had one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had. The lab dismounted and I collapsed to the ground.

Chief started to nudge me with his mussel and I assumed the position. He quickly mounted me and thrust right into my pussy on the first try. I was still leaking dog cum from the lab and that may have made it easer for him. Chief was pounding away as never before. He was yelping as he thrust harder into me. My body had now betrayed me as I caught myself thrusting back. The climax I now reached had surpassed the one I had just had moment before. Chief shot his dog cum inside me. He then released me and dismounted. I collapsed to the ground. Chief started to lick my face showing me affection I hadn’t seen in weeks. Guess I did good.

Laying there on the ground dog cum leaking between my legs, I thought about what had just happened. A nice warm feeling washed over me. The peace I felt brought me to tears of joy.

Now things felt different. Going into the house I looked over my shoulder and Chief was chasing some bug around the yard, I smiled. After my shower I felt exhausted. Falling on the bed I fell fast asleep.

A wet lick woke me up. My mom was home and must have let chief inside. During dinner mom commented “How good I looked today”, I just smiled. After dinner my mom settled into the couch with her pitcher of Margaritas. As I walked up the stairs I told mom “I was going to check my Email”. Chief was hot on my heels. He went inside my bedroom and I closed the door.

Stripping off my clothes I assumed the position down on the rug and looked over at Chief. He had run across the room stopped and looked back at me playfully. He wanted to play? Getting up I started to look for his ball. He ran at me and knocked me down and stood behind me. Now I got it my Chief wanted to knock me down, to subdue me.

Getting up I ran away he knocked me down again and growled he was ready. Assuming the position he quickly mounted me and started pumping my pussy with his dog dick. Maintaining a rhythm with him was starting to get easer. The sensation I was feeling was overwhelming. He was pumping away and I came hard just when he started to pump his cum inside of me. I started to thrust back at him hard holding onto his front paws and I came again.

Chief had lain down in the corner and was licking himself. It was then that I decided to do whatever he wanted and whatever I thought might make him happy. Crawling over to him I bent down and proceeded to lick and suck him clean. After I had finished he gave me a lick on the face. Then placing his head between his front paws he closed his eyes.

In the shower I started to think about what I had just done. A tingling sensation started between my legs. Fingering and rubbing myself furiously I came again thinking about me licking Chief clean. That was when I realized, that I was his bitch. There was now nothing I wouldn’t do to bring him pleasure. Or so I thought.

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