A real sappy one. . . . . . .
"So, what do you wanna do?" She asked me, propping herself up on the couch. Katie looked as boring as she acted, and she knew it. This thought ocurred to me often. She was short, barely 5'4", with mouse brown hair, a pretty, nondescript face, and a slender body she always hid with baggy shirts and jeans. She was also the most caring person I've ever met.

"I don't know." I said absently, turning on the DVD player. The Led Zeppelin DVD was playing. She groaned and put her hands over her ears.

"Turn it off, you little moron." She screamed. I laughed and turned it off just as quickly as I turned it on. I put a mock hurt look on my face.

"I'm a moron?" I asked in a small voice. She shook her head sagely.

"No, you're just the biggest idiot I've ever met." With a laugh, she took off and raced out of the den. I sprinted after her, thundering up the steps. It was summertime, and I'm the only child in the house, so it was empty. Katie had the same thing at home, so we hung out together to wile away the hours. You'd think my mom would object to two 16-year-olds being alone in the house, but she knows better. Katie would never do anything she wasn't supposed to do.

She burst through my bedroom door at top speed, me chasing close behind. She dove onto the bed and I followed, crushing her unmercifully. I rolled her over and began to tickle her.

"Uncle!! Uncle!!" She cried in a straned voice, choking on her laughter. I stopped and looked at her and suddenly made eye contact. I felt a funny lurching in my stomach, but it passed right away. I was out of breath, and dizzy. From running, a small voice in my head told me. From running.

She was a neighborhood girl, about my age, and totally slutty. Racheal sat on my bed, her cutoff shorts showing an expanse of tan legs. Her tight T-shirt showed how large her breasts were in comparison to the flatness of her stomach. She was nodding her head in time with the music coming from my stereo. I was so excited. Anything could happen! I barely knew Racheal, but I'd asked her if she wanted to hang out at my place anyway. It wasn't long before I was on the bed, and we were making out.

My hand crept up her front and began to squeeze her large breast in my hand. She moaned a little and began to massage my hard dick through my pants.

"Jack, you home?!" came a call from downstairs. It was Katie! I suddenly felt sick and cheap, and generally lousy. I stood up quickly.

"Is there something wrong, honey?" asked Racheal. I cut her off.

"Don't call me that. I think you should go now." I said in a stern voice very unlike my own.

"But-" she tried to protest. I grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her up. "Now." I said.

She left the room in a huff, muttering under her breath. I heard the front door slam and a few minutes later Katie came though my door. She flopped down on my bed and picked up a guitar tuner, fiddling with it. Without looking up, she asked,

"Who's the broad?" A slight smile came over my face. But at the same time I felt guilty, like I did something wrong. What the hell was going on with me?!?!

"Uh, just a friend." I said nervously. She cocked her eyebrow at me and dropped the tuner.

"Please Jack, you look funny when you talk normally, when you lie it just gets worse." She tried to make a joke. For some reason it hurt. Before I could say anything, she jumped off the bed, talking in a strangely choked voice, "I gotta go Jack. I'll see you around."

The rest of the summer passed as I began to see less and less of Katie. Everytime my mom asked about her, I felt a sharp pain in my gut, and didn't reply. When school began again, I slipped back in tune with my friends. All except Katie. She'd begun to make more girlfriends and began to wear miniskirts in place of her jeans and tube tops instead of baggy sweatshirts. She began to mess with her hair and wear makeup. Of course I noticed it all, even though she never talked to me at school.

I wondered about her when I was alone, and when I wasn't alone for that matter. Months passed and I began to feel uneasy. Shouldn't I have stopped thinking about her by now. I didn't want to admit it, but I was feeling the first twinges of love. Dammit, I thought, dad was right, girls will fuck you up until you can't tell your dick from your ass. There are reasons why my parents split up.

And then came the Snowflake ball. I had a couple prospective dates that I had up my sleeve, but nothing definite. I knew who I wanted to go with, but Katie didn't seem to want to have anything to do with me. So time slipped by, and I asked no one, and declined the offers I recieved. The night of the Ball, I sat at home, playing my guitar. At about nine o'clock, I slipped on my leather jacket and went out for a walk.

I shivered as the snow fell lightly and a deep cold ache settled into my bones. I thought of music, I thought of Racheal, and more than anything, I thought about Katie. I walked in no general direction, until I found myself at the front entrance of my school. The lights were on and music throbbed from inside. My best friend's band was playing, and they were decent, so I let myself in, being rewarded with a rush of warm air. I started to walk down the dark hallway, when I noticed a classroom door was open to my right. There were sobbing noises coming from inside. I poked my head in and flipped on the light. Amongst the upturned desks and sterile white tile floor, sat Katie, her face marred by tear trails. She tried to wipe them off. Even though she was crying, I could see how beautiful she looked.

She was wearing a short black dress and her hair was put up in a complicated bun. If I could remember correctly, she was at the Snowflake Ball with Jess, a football player. I knew him pretty well. So what was she doing out here, bawling alone in a dark classroom?

I rushed over to her, concerned, and then remembered that she didn't like me anymore. I cautiously pulled up a chair next to her. She was furiously rubbing her eyes. "Jack, why the hell do you always sneak up on me?"

I laughed, "Because it doesn't give you time to hide yourself."

She laughed too. I looked closely at her.

"What happened, Kat?" I asked her, using the nickname she hated. She shok her head slightly and answered,

"Nothing. Just me being stupid. Jess. . . . . ." She began, and then cut it off.

"Jess? What did he do?" I asked, the beginnings of anger creeping up my neck.

"He.. . . . .well, he thought more was gonna happen tonight than what actually happened. He tried to get me to go back to his car with him." She said, her voice cracking. Jealousy and rage fired up inside me as she continued. "I said no, and he tried to force me."

I could see red grip marks on her forearms. My temper busted right then and there. I don't remember what she shouted at me, but before I knew it, I was hurtling down the hall to the gymnasium. It was packed. Many people greeted me, but I ignored them. Finally, I saw Jess standing by the puch bowl. A punch bowl? God, what a cliche.

I walked up to him, my anger evident. I've always gotten along with everyone. I lifted weights with the jocks, played music with the band geeks, dated a bunch of girls, and pretty much made nice to everyone else. But my nicities fled me when I reached Jess. Without a word, a cocked back my fist and launched it into the side of his face. He flew off his feet and fell to the ground, blood streaming out of his mouth. His eyes were shut. He was out stone cold. Most of the people there were staring. A couple wallflower geeks who had been beaten up by Jess more than once gave me a thumbs up sign. I smiled sarcastically at Jess's prone figure and spun on my heel, leaving the dance.

Katie was waiting in the classroom, no longer crying. When she saw me, she rushed forward,
"What the hell did you do?!" She shouted.

"I just knocked Jess for a loop." I answered calmly, seating myself at a desk. I began to massage me knuckles ruefully. She was speechless.

"But, why. . . . . . .why did you. . . . .?" she couldn't speak.

"Can it," I said fondly, even lovingly, "haven't you noticed Kat, I got it bad for you?" I said in a pained voice, feeling like a total jackass. She walked forward and took my sore fist in her hands. She looked down into my eyes and I thought I saw some kind of emotion.

"And haven't you noticed, you little moron, that I love you?" she said quietly. I just gaped at her.

"Then why don't you talk to me anymore, why-" I began. She cut me off.

"Because you were fooling around with the retarded town slut!! And," she added quietly, "I didn't think you wanted me."

She raised my fist to her lips and kissed my sore knuckles. I stood up and walked around to the front of the desk, overcome with love and lust. I kissed her hard, surprised at the forceful reaction she gave me, licking my tongue, my gums, the roof of my mouth. I broke the kiss and moved to her ear.

Kissing it and breathing heavily, I whispered, "This is about as far as Racheal and I got."

She pulled away and looked at me questioningly, "Seriously?" she asked.

I nodded. "I always pictured you being my first everything." I said.

"Oh Jack," whatever it was, she never finished the sentence. She began to kiss me wildy as I sat her on the desk, standing between her legs. As she pushed my jacket off my shoulders, I began to massage her pale smooth thighs. She moaned a bit deep inside her body. I ran my hands higher, not knowing if she'd let me go further. I stopped kissing her and looked into her wide green eyes.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked quietly. She grabbed my hand and forced it up between her thighs, gasping, "Never stop Jack, never stop."

It was like lighting a fuse. Unthinking, I grabbed her panties and slid them down her legs, noting the soaked crotch. Slowly, I worked my hand up to the juncture between her legs, fondling her sliky wet flesh. Her pussy was like an oven, hot and moist. She kissed me harder and moved to my neck, kissing my ear and suckling my earlobe, whispering,

"Do it Jack. Do. . . . . .me." Her voice was shaky and quiet as she moved her hands to the front of my pants, unbuttoning them and sliding them and my underwear down. My rock hard dick slipped out and jumped into her cool hands. She massaged it and gasped as I fingered her tight sheath.

"I want it inside me." She whispered. I put the head of my cock at the dripping wet entrance to her sweet pink slit. Slowly, I began to push in, almost dying of sensation. It was stretched so tight and sweet, I fought against the urge to shove it all the way inside her. Her moaning was buried in my shoulder. My dick soon met resistance, but I made one heavy sharp jabbing thrust and she cried out, spasming in pain. I made to pull out, but she stopped me, gripping my ass and gasping,

"Don't,. . . . . ..just stop moving.. . . . . . let me get used to it." She said.

Minutes that seemed like hours later, she began to rock her hips forward. I took this as a sign that I could continue, and I began to thrust slowly in and out of her, kissing her passionately. I'd heard virgins don't come the first time, but Katie was moaning and groaning against my mouth so loudly, I was afraid someone would hear.

Soon, I was feeling my orgasm growing. Locking her legs around my back, she growled in my ear,

"Don't,. . . . .oh! Don't even think about. . . . . . .ohhhhh. . . . . .pulling out." she was in a frenzy as I drove inside her roughly, clutching at her ass and pounding as hard and fast as I feasably could without toppling the desk. She began to cum, spasming and groaning deep in her throat. Locked in her wet heat, her moans resounding in my ears, I let my cum loose, being rewarded with a soft moan that accompanied every spurt of cum that shot from my dick. My knees were weak, and I leaned into her, loving her so much.

"That was perfect." she whispered in my ear. "Like I dreamt it would be with you. Oh, and my mom put me on birth control when I started wearing miniskirts, so don't sweat it."

I almost cried with the mixture of relief, love, and satisfaction that filled me.

We stood at the door and I opened it for her. It was freezing outside. She turned to me and kissed me softly, whispering,

"Give me your coat you little moron."

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she loves him but ignores him even though she had to know he was not going with the slut or anyone else girls are so annoying most of the time they expect guys to read thier minds he was so stupid to even be at the dance like he just accidently endded up there yeah right to unbelievable for me


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