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My very first erotic story. Constructive critisism is very welcome! English is not my native language, therefore I apologize in advance for poor grammar and any misspelling there might be.
Scarlet was a beautiful young woman, sixteen years of age and skin fair as a cold spring day. With eyes so blue that even the sky coveted their vibrant color, she was the object of every mans fantasy. Her hair was raven black, soft and long, and she had a childish face, heartshaped with full, ripe lips.

Her father was the Major of Four Courts, a small town on an Island far, far away. He was a man of might and great wealth, a respected citizen and a powerful man.
They were only two, Scarlet and her father -Major Whitlock. Scarlets mother died during childbirth, and was never able to see her little daughter grow up.
The Major raised her all by himself, and watched over her like a hawk every minute of every time. He even had the servants put bars in front of Scarlets bedroom windows, and the mansion was surrounded by a tall fence, letting noone in nor out unless they had the key to the gates.

Scarlet never saw much of the outside world, except for Saturdays when she was allowed to go with one of the servants to the marked in the middle of town. The citizens of Four Courts praised him for keeping her safe, for being a loving and caring father. Little did they know that Major Whitlock caged her daughter because he loved her in ways a father should not love his daughter, and that he wanted her all to himself. She was his most treasured possession, and noone was to take her away from him.

One particular Saturday, the major decided to show his beloved Scarlet just how much he loved her.
She just got back from the marked with Miss Mary when the major called her into the diningroom for supper.

“Scarlet darling” he started, watching her take her seat at the opposite side of the table.

“You have certainly grown up to be a fine young woman, havent you”
She raised her head to meet his gaze before quickly lowering them to her plate on the table.
“Thank you father” she said, not certain where he was going with this.

Major Whitlock kept his gaze fixated on his daughters chest, where her perky little tits was starting to reveal their shape underneath her dress. Yes.. she had definitly grown during the last year.

He was not what you would consider an attractive man, the major. Fat and bold, not especially tall either, but he had a large prick, and it was starting to grow in his pants as he was eyeing his young daughter from across the table.

Tempted as he was to dismiss his servants and take her then and there, he resisted. The rest of the meal was finished without another word, but in the mind of Major Whitlock, he was acting out the filthiest, dirtiest things you can possibly imagine.

It was getting close to midnight, and young Scarlet was reading in her bed. She kept her ears open for any sound, in case any of the servants would come to check on her. Needless to say, she was supposed to be sleeping hours ago, but this book was just too good to put away.
Suddenly, the candelight on her bedtable flickered, and she heard her bedroom door crack open. She blew out the candle as quickly as she could and turned around, pretending to be fast asleep.
Heavy steps was approaching her bed, and she realised this had to be her father, not the servants.
He was standing next to her bed for a few minutes before slowly pulling her covers aside and positioning himself in the bed with her. She held her breath, scared to reveal that she had been up too late, and at the same time confused by the fact that her father was now in her bed, and not in his own.
The major pulled himself closer, and Scarlet could hear him breathing heavely behind her. He was aroused beyond anything he had ever felt before, and when he pressed his erected cock into her back and heard her let out a surprised” yelp”, he moaned loudly and lifted her nightdress over her head so that it covered her face but revealed her entire body. His hands gripped one of her tits, he pinched and squized them while he pinned her to the bed with his free hand. Scarlet was not fighting his grip. She was petrefied, frozen and unable to move a bit. She held her breath while her fathers fat fingers explored every bit of her body while his tongue was licking her bare neck and his enormous prick was rubbing against the small of her back.

The fat pig spit in his hands and used it to lubricate his massive, red cockhead before placing his manhood at the entrance to her anus and forcing himself in so hard and deep that she swore she could feel his cock in her throat. Scarlet screamed from the top of her lungs as her father forced his huge tool in and out of her tiny little body. Each thrust caused her head to hit the wooden bedframe, but he was too overcome with lust to even notice.
The major held his little Scarlet down and fucked her in the shitter as hard as he could, panting and sweating as he pounded her from behind. She was still crying hysterically when he finally pulled out and spilled his fuck all over her behind.

He left her soon after he was done with her, but made sure to thank her before returning to his own bedroom.

“ You are a good little whore Scarlet darling” he said before closing the door.

A few days passed by, and what happened that night seemed to go unmentioned. Young Scarlet avoidet her father as best as she could, while he spent the majority of his time fantasizing about ways to use his sixteen year old daughter in every way imaginable. All these years he had satisfied his needs by fucking the female servants and the occasional prostitude, but now that his little Scarlet was ripe and ready, he wanted to live out all his darkest fantasies. And the thought of not having to settle with common servants and second hand whores anymore made the major excited and full of lust.
He pured himself a glass of wine and called in his servants.
“You have the rest of the day off. Keep yourself away from the mansion and do not return until midnight.”
The servants nodded their heads, and major Whitlock dismissed them.”

He emptied his glass and called down his daughter.

She was wearing one of her favourite dresses – emerald green silk with black corset laces tied all the way from her neck to her waist, where they were tied up in a large ribbon.
She was admiring herself in the mirror when she heard her father call from downstairs. Her heart skipped a beat and she was saying a silent prayer for God to keep her safe from him as she ran down the stairs to see him.
She found him in the library, where he was seated in his favourite chair next to the fireplace.

Oh, what a beauty she was, he thought as she entered the room. He couldnt take his eyes off her as she stood there by the door with her lovely green dress and her hair flowing down her shoulders, framing the young womans adorable face.

“Come in Scarlet dear, have a seat.” he said and put his glass on the table next to him.
She headed for the empty chair on the opposite side of him, but he had other plans.
“Sit on my lap dear” he said and motioned for her to come over to him.
She lliftet her dress and took her seat on her fathers lap.

His intentions for calling her was revealed the moment she felt his manhood underneath his trousers. She panicked and jumped off him, but he was faster, and before she could make a run for it he had her pinned down on his lap yet again, rubbing himself against her ass and kissing her neck passionatly. Scarlet knew that there was nothing else to do but surrender. She had already seen the servants leave the mansion from her bedroom window, and noone would be there to help her no matter how loud she screamed.
Major Whitlock was so hard that his swollen, thick cock was throbbing in his pants as he quickly ripped his daughters dress open from her back and pulled it down to reveal her perky little tits. Scarlet brought her hands up to her chest to try and cover herself up, but this only made the major laugh as he pulled her arms to the side and leaned up to her ear with an evil grin across his face.
“You will not escape from me Scarlet dear. I get what I want – always. “ and with that he pulled her off him and undid his trousers.

Kneeling in front of her father, she saw him reaching his hand into his briefs and pull out his cock. It was as thick as an arm and slick with sweat and cum. The cockhead was as large as that of a horse and she could see the veins along the shaft throbbing with excitement. Tears was streaming down her face as the major grabbed hold of her hair and commanded her to part her lips so that he could feel the warrmth of her mouth around his manhood. Scarlet obayed, closing her eyes as his prick filled her warm, wet mouth and her father moaned in extacy as he started fucking her head as if it was a cunt.
Deeper and deeper he went, all the way down her throath where he held himself in place just to feel her convulse and shoke on his prick. His large balls was slapping against her chin and her nose was buried in his hairy groin. The major pulled out right before his Scarlet suffocated, but as soon as she had filled her lungs with air, he trusted into her unwilling mouth yet again and repeated the assault on her childlike face.

This went on for a while, but Major Whitlock soon hungered for more of his daughters body. He had been fantasising about taking her virginity, and after feeling what her warm lips could to do his cock, he was not going to wait any longer.

Young Scarlet was struggling not to turn sick from being raped in the mouth by the fat pigs smelly cock. She begged him to let her go when he took hold of her waist and positioned her on all fours in front of him, but he was not letting this wonderful fuck slip through his fingers.
“You will lift your skirt up over you waist for me, and spread your legs so I can have a good look at you” he growled from behind her. And Scarlet did as she was told, with trembling hands she lifted her dress over her waist.
“Now you will pull down your panties for me” he continued, while slowly pumping his cock with his eyes fixated on his daughters behind.
Scarlet pulled down her white panties, still sobbing uncontrollably. She stood still on all fours in front him with her tiny, pink cunt revealed to her own father, anticipating his next move.
His lust was driving him insane as he looked at his daughters young sex revealed to him. He felt his cock twitch as he ran his hand over her soft lips and further up to her tight little anus. Scarlet shivered at his touch, the humiliation had reached its peak as her most private parts was felt up by her own father, and she could only wait for him to finish so that the nightmare could finally end.
The major was ready to take her, and with a single thrust, he forced his cock up his daughters cunt so hard that she lost her balance and fell to the floor with him on top of her. The pain was unbearable.
He on the other hand was in heaven, as her virgin cunt gripped around his fat cock as he fucked his little bitch harder and faster with every thrust. God, how tight she was. He wanted to empty his balls deep inside her immediately, but held back as he wanted to enjoy this for as long as he possibly could. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that he could kiss her ripe red lips, still swollen from taking her fathers cock between them.
But she wouldnt let him kiss her, and when she tried to pull away, he pulled her back towards him and spit on her face.
“You little whore! “ he hissed at her.
“Dont you... ever... try to... resist me” and with that he forced himself deep into her womb and held himself there while filling her up with a flood of his seed.
Major Whitlock was exhausted. He stayed inside his daughter's cunt for a few minutes before pulling out and getting up. As his prick left her well-used fuckhole, his seed came out of her and ran down her thighs onto the wooden floor. Scarlet was now silent, lying in the same position, waiting for him to let her go.
But he was not finished with her quite yet.
He grabbed hold of her hair again, and pulled her face up towards his groin as he released a stream of hot piss that hit her right in the face. The major moaned with delight as he soaked his daughters hair in his stinking urine, sprayed it all over her breasts and letting it flow down the rest of her body.
When he finished, he forced her face up to his flaccid cock and commanded her to lick him clean, before he released her and watched her run out of the library and up the stairs faster than her legs could carry her.
“This is only the beginning, my dear Scarlet..” he said to himself as he went back to his chair and refilled his glass.

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