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" Well I guess I have a date with your grandma. She wants to thank me for taking sure good care of her girls."

" I think you have been thanked enough already." Hanna said pissed.

" Baby, Baby, come here." I grabbed her and held her. " I love you, you know that. I am not going anywhere."

" No you aren't. If that thieving bitch thinks she is taking you I will tell the Police everything I know on her taking that damn money and have her fucking ass locked up."

" Listen. I am not leaving you. Now do you trust me? Because for us to work you have to trust me."

" I trust you. I will calm down. I just don't need no adult taking you away from me. I have wanted you for years and I am not letting you go."

" I am not going anywhere. She doesn't know about us at all, so she isn't trying to take me from you. She just wants to thank me and that may be sexual so stop with your jealousy because that just sucks."

" I am sorry." She said as she grabbed me and gave me a huge hug.

" I see you tomorrow, and don't wait up for grandma."

I left having extremely mixed feelings. In a way getting to fuck Beverly would be fun she was very nice for 51. But at the same time I wished I could have had this night with Hanna. Just us all alone, going out on a date.
But that wasn’t what was going to happen tonight.

I went home and got dressed. I knew it would be a little while, Beverly still had to come home, clean up, and get dressed.

About 7:30 she showed up at my door to pick me up. She was really decked out. I sat looking at a female that could have passed for Vanna White's sister.

" Wow, you are beautiful tonight. Haven't never seen you quite like this."

" Well this is a special occasion."

" Oh..... well lucky me...."

We headed off to the restaurant and we talked about the girls and our week end together. Of coarse I gave her the "G" rated version.

" It must have not been to easy on you. I know you are single and haven't had a steady girl. All those girls in their jammies bouncing around had to cause you a distraction."

" Ya well we had a lot of fun playing games and watching movies, and swimming. So I enjoyed it and you know I love the girls."

" Ya I do. I think that they consider you the dad they never really had. You have helped me out so much with them, always being there for me and for them. I really appreciate you. That is what tonight is about, I want to buy you a big juicy steak, some beers, and lets just chat."

We arrived at the restaurant. It was for the most part an upper class Steak House. I was really quite hungry and a steak sure sounded perfect and so did the beer. I ordered me a Bud Light and Beverly wanted me to have a huge steak, so I ordered the largest rib eye that they had with mushrooms. Before the food had arrived I had drank 3 beers and had another on the way, Beverly was really encouraging me to keep drinking. I was feeling good by that point. We started eating and continued talking.

" John, I got to talk to you about something. My lawyer says that he really hopes to get me off, but that I should prepare my children in case he doesn't. The prosecution claims to have witness's that I took that money. I think I know who it is and if so they are just lying because they don't like me. But either way it may get me put away for awhile. I talked to the girls last week for idea's, but you were the only one we could come up with. With you they wouldn't have to change schools or move, they could still look over my home, ect. That is if he doesn't evict me. What you think"

" It is a lot to think about honestly. I have already been accused on molesting them, I am sure this would fan the fire."

" Ya that happening wasn't good. But these damn people are just gossip mongers, I hate that place sometimes, but I can't afford to leave right now."

" When is your court date?"

"They haven't actually set a date yet, but I was told that when they do it will go fast. I won't have time to transfer it all over to you then, I will have to do it before then and then if it doesn't happen than we can just keep it all the same as now."

" Okay, well lets do whatever we need to do. I love those girls and I wouldn't have them put in to any sort of foster home. But lets wait and see what happens a little closer to time, after all you need to stay her guardian while you are taking care of her for legal reasons."

" Oh thank you. Thank you so much fror all you have done for us. I owe you big time, anything just ask."

" I will keep that I Owe You for a rainy day." I said laughing.

I bet she had no idea when she gave me that I Owe You that I would one day have a use for it or what I wanted it for. But I did have a use for it, but it would be another year before I would recall it.

We left the restaurant with her being very affectionate to me. I could tell that this night wasn't over.

" So can I come in and spend some more time with you before I go home."

" I would love you too."

She came in and we got on the couch. We both wanted each other, and we leaned into a kiss that lasted quite awhile. She then grabbed me pulling me on top of her. She then started unbuttoning my shirt and I knew this wasn't going to end with anything less than sex. I got my shirt off and she rubbed her hands through the light amount of chest hair I have. She then pushed me back and she undone her dress, stepping out of it and letting it hit the floor.

She then undone her bra to show off a very nice set of C cup breast with nice nipples. They did sag a little, but not bad I thought for a 51 year old. She then lowered her panties, giving me a look at her pussy. She did have hair, but not a lot. I was actually surprised that she kept it so trimmed and partially shaved since she hadn't dated in a long time.

I stood up and walked over to her. I kissed her and grabbed her left breast in to my hands felling the erect hard nipple up against the palm of my hand. She moaned out as I took him nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began to roll it all around. I could tell that I was really turning her on.

She reached down to my pants and undone my belt and then she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants letting them fall to the floor. She then dropped to her knees in front of me. She pulled my underwear down exposing my cock. She smiles as she looked at it and then opened her mouth and took it into her mouth. I would have to say that she was skilled, she really knew how to suck me and she was doing a great job, maybe too good.

"Oh Beverly if you keep that up my first load in going to be in that mouth of yours." To my surprise she didn't stop. She kept going and maybe even sped up.

" Oh I am cumming oh yes suck me I am cummminnnnggggggg."

With that I shot loads of cum into her mouth. She did though have problems swallowing some of it and she did gag a little.

Her swallowing though just turned me on even more. I got her on the couch and got down between those legs and started eating her pussy. She tasted good and I knew that it had been awhile since another guy had eaten her. She was moaning the whole time as my tongue brought her to an orgasm.

By this time my dick was good and hard again and I so wanted to fuck her pussy. I lined up my dick with her hole and I plunged into her hole. I fucked her for at least 15 minutes before I felt the cum build up at shoot out of my dick. As soon as I shot in to her she also erupted in an orgasm.

She had to leave fairly fast, not wanting her grandkids to worry about her.

The next day was Monday, but also Labor Day. I was off, and Hanna and Rachael were both out of school. We hadn't planned anything so I was outside on my porch with my laptop when Hanna walked up.

" Hey baby" she said as she gave me a hug and a quick peck on the mouth. " So how was your date last night?"

"It was good. I wish it was you instead though."

"Really? Did you give grandma a good fucking? I figured you did because she is all happy this morning."

"Ya we had a quickie. It was good but not like you."

"Last night was good for me too. Me and Rachael had a lot of fun."

" Oh really !!!! Do tell me all about it, every detail."

" Well after you left with grandma I was still feeling a little down, so I went to my room and turned on music and just laid on the bed. Rachael came in and she saw I was down and she laid next to me and pulled me into her arms. She held me for awhile before she pushed me on to my back and straddled me. She leaned down and kissed me. The look in her eye was just like pure love. She really wanted me to feel better and she was offering herself to me to make that happen. The thought of that and the look in her eyes, made me want her."

" So I started kissing her back and we kissed for at least 30 minutes, having slow intimate kisses with my 12 year old sister for god's sake, but damn I enjoyed it and by the end of that 30 minutes we had stripped each other naked and were now making out with both our naked bodies rubbed against each other. The feel of her nipples rubbing up against me went shivers down my spine hitting my clit. She had me so wet and I wanted my sister like I have never wanted her before."

" She then broke from my mouth and kissed on my neck and ears until I was feeling like I was going to burst. She then moved down to my nipples, sucking each one of then like she had been having sex for years. She really knew how to suck them and her enthusiasm kept shocks going to my pussy. Then she traveled down again to my pussy. She licked me slow and gentle, almost teasing me. How she had learned to do this to me so quickly I don't know, but she was slowly turning my pussy into an inferno."

"After teasing me to the point that a wanted to just grab her head and rub my pussy off all over her face, she went at my clit. She started licking it and got faster and faster as she ate me to a massive orgasm.
I was shaking so hard and screaming so loud and OMG was it just the best. I was in pure bliss."

"After I recovered a few minutes, I went to eating Rachael’s pussy, as mine was still lightly spasming. I tried to do to Rachael what she had done for me. As I went to eating her the thought popped back into my mind that this was so wrong. Here I am eating the pussy of not only a 12 year old, but also my own sister. But I was really enjoying it, so I pretty much told my conscious to shut the fuck up and continued to eat her out. I ate her to three orgasms, each one building in intensity. The last one hit her do hard that she shook violently, like she was having a seizure, and then she passed out for about 10-15 seconds."

" We wanted so badly to just fall to sleep in each others arms, but that wasn't going to happen, at least not right then. We held each other till we heard granny's van pull up, then Rachael got up and ran to her room. We both got under covers with lights off and just acted like we were asleep. Granny came in saw we were asleep and went to her room on the other side of the trailer. After about 30 minutes I had just passed out when I felt someone getting into bed with me. I didn't even open my eyes, I knew that it was Rachael."

" WOW, that is so cool. You both needed this, you needed a bond to bring you closer together." I commented.

" Ya, and I am so enjoying her right now. She is really being nice to me and loving me. We never had that too much before."

"So what you going to do today?"

"Well granny wants us to work on the house later. She had to go do a few things this morning, took Rachael with her, I didn't want to go. I wanted to come see you."

" Well I was just about to go in and jump in the shower. Want to join me?"

"Oh yes, baby....... Definitely"

We got into the shower started kissing, then we started cleaning each other. Something about a female that is soaked from head to toe that just turns me on. The wet hair is a big part of it, it gives a whole new look to the person. With Hanna it had me so hard and so wanting to just dig into her. Once we got out I picked her up, still dripping wet and took her to my bed. I had my bed made up with a thick comforter on top, so I wasn't that worried about it getting wet. I laid her down and got right on top of her and starting working in and out of her.

She was moaning so loudly that if anyone was in the home with us, they would have heard her. She was screaming with enjoyment as I moved in and out of her. I fucked her this time, no making love, this was savage basic desire to fuck the her out of her. I went after her and she had two orgasms before I unloaded a load of cum into her young 15 year old pussy. I looked down at her and we laughed and grabbed on to each other. We laid on the bed for about 30 minutes, neither of us wanting to let the other one go, but she decided that it would be best for her to go home and get a head start on the cleaning. Her plan was to have a lot of it done by the time
her granny got home with Rachael. She said she could always get more done with no one there.

I spent most of the afternoon with that little girl on my mind. I was in so much trouble, I am in love with a 15 year old girl and I am 28. I didn't know how I would keep this from Beverly for 3 years. But time would prove a way, it always does.

A little later that day, Hanna knocked on the door.

"Hey baby" I said to her as I pulled her to me and gave her a huge kiss.

" Hi sexy." she replied.

" So you get done with your chores little girl." I said laughing.

" Ha, ha, not funny. Yes I got done with them. Had over half of it all done by the time granny got home. She told me that I had done my part so I could go do whatever I wanted, so naturally I am here."

" Well I am about to have to go do some shopping. Call your granny and ask her if you can go with me, tell her we will be gone for 2-3 hours at least."

She asked her and she said yes and we took off. As soon as we left the park Hanna moved over right beside me in my truck. I liked her there, gave me access to her legs since she had on shorts and at red lights I would turn towards her and kiss her. Maybe we were taking chances, but I had to show her affection. Once out of the truck we held hands everywhere we went. It was great, the feeling of love again after so long. I knew that Hanna had liked me for years and I did her as well, we both just didn't think this day would ever come with so much that stood in out way.

We went to eat first at McDonalds. We both have a love for those chicken nuggets apparently and we shared a 20 piece, fries, and even though I tried to get her a drink of her own, she wanted to share that with me too. I think it was kinds cute us in that restaurant side by side sharing a drink and food. But I could tell by the time we left that not everyone thought it was so cute. Hanna looks 17 area, but I am 28 and look it. The age difference made everyone know that I was robbing the cradle, especially with the way we were acting.

We experienced the same thing in Wal-Mart where I went to do some shopping. As we were all over each other in puppy love we got noticed. But I was going to have to get over it. I wasn't going to stop loving on her no matter what. So as I was shopping I bought her and Rachael some stuff. I got Rachael some shirts and a string bikini that Hanna picked out. Hanna also got her one. I also got Hanna a few nice shirts and some sexy negligee. Of course they would have to keep the bikini's and negligee at my place, but the shirts I bought them she could take home.

I then got some groceries and we came back home. Once we had everything up Rachael knocked on the door. Perfect timing I thought. I took them both into the bedroom and I showed her what I had bought them both. Rachael was so happy.

" Thank you John. I love them." Then she gave me a kiss and then Hanna.

"Of coarse you have to leave the bikini here, I don't think I could justify to your granny buying you a string bikini. Might seem over the top and suspicious." I said to Rachael.

"That fine, she wouldn't let us were them anyway. She would be really pissed if she saw us in them. When do we get to test them out."

" Well I think I would like to see you two in them now. Feel like modeling?"

They both looked at each other and smiled. They went to the bathroom with them and but them on and then came back into the bedroom. Those bikini's really were a little of nothing. The top only covered about a 3 inch triangle of their breast and the bottom didn't do too much better. And their whole ass was exposed, with nothing more than a string going up their ass, much like g-string panties.

"OMG you both are so hot dressed like that. I really wish I could take you somewhere and show you both off. But no where around here will let you two girls be dressed like that."

"Where are we going to go swimming in them then?"

It honestly was a good question. The only place I could think of right now was my friends place. They are always going out of town on trips for his job and for vacations. I wish had that much money. But it would work out good for their pool with them gone a lot.

"Maybe my friends one week-end." That brightened up the moment.

Both of the girls changed back in front of me and before they left they shared my dick in a double blow job. Both of them sharing my cum. I knew one thing my life had defiantly changed. These two girls were going to be a part of my future and they knew it too.........


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