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Shannon is taken to the Compound, where her new duties include draining gallons of it from men who have been turned into cum production freaks
I opened my eyes and looked around the room. The seven men were still there, Mack standing right in the middle of them. Three of them had put their underwear back on, the others were still naked, their freakishly deformed bodies pale and exposed. When they saw that I was awake, they started back at me immediately.

One of them grabbed my head in his long, thin fingers and tilted it back over the edge of the table. He pushed his cock into my throat, I felt it push several inches into my esophagus, cutting off my breath and making me gag. He pushed further until his huge sack pressed against my nose. His cock was fourteen inches long but quite thin, just like the others. Whatever had been done to them hadn't worked. They hadn't been given the huge, throbbing cocks they'd expected, they'd ended up with long hose-looking things and balls the size of apples.

One of the others was standing between my legs, his long thin cock deep inside me and pushing hard and fast. Two more stood at the edges of the table, each with his cock in one of my hands. Their faces were pale and smooth, another result of whatever had been done to them. I closed my eyes so I didn't have to look at them.

After just a few minutes, the man in my mouth started shooting his jism down my throat. Even though he'd fucked me not an hour earlier, he was pumping fistfuls of the warm goo into me. That was another result of their 'treatments', they were constantly swelling up with cum, needed to be jerking off or fucking all the time to keep themselves from exploding. When he was finished, he pulled out of my mouth and I sucked air as fast as I could. I knew it would only be a few seconds until someone else took his place.

It had gone on like that for the last two days. We arrived about a week ago. One of the perverts Mack was always chatting with online had convinced him to bring me into the compound for a 'visit'. He and I had been talking about my becoming more of a slut for him, more available, maybe fuck a few strangers, maybe let him tie me up like we used to. It went to his head. He let this David fellow convince him to turn me over to him. David told Mack he'd turn me into a complete cum slut in less than a month.

I have to admit, the proposition turned me on. I imagined nights and nights of unbridled sex, elegant parties at which I might be made to strip in front of the guests, then service them while Mack and David watched. I never expected something like this.

As soon as we arrived, two women dressed completely in latex pulled me away from Mack and took me into a basement room. They stripped me and sat me in a chair, then they left the room. The lights went dim. The next thing I remembered, I was waking up, laying on a cool metal table. I was flat on my back and naked. I tried raising my hands but couldn't. Same with my feet. David and Mack came into the room and looked at me. David ran his hands over my body, nodding and explaining to Mack that everything had gone well. He took what looked like a remote control handset out of his pocket.

"Shannon, go ahead and lift up your right hand." I did. It came off of the table with no effort. "Put it back down." I did. Then, he pressed one of the buttons and told me to raise it again. This time I couldn't. I felt a dull pain in my wrist and let my hand relax onto the table. He smiled and Mack nodded.

David raised my left hand and put it in the middle of my belly, then did the same with my right. He pressed another button on the box and I felt a mild tingle in my wrists. He told me to move my wrists apart. I couldn't.

"Good. Now, open your legs wide." I didn't do anything, just stared at him. David held my right ankle in his hand and pulled it toward him. I didn't resist. He did the same with my left, the told me to try and push them together. I tried but again couldn't.

"All right, Mack. The magnetic restraints are working. Now, let's test the rest of the gear." I felt my face go pale, I understood now what he'd done. There were magnetic implants in my wrists and legs that could be used to restrain me without bothering to use ropes or straps. What did he mean by "the rest of the gear?"

I learned quickly and didn't bother being surprised. They'd done exactly what I would have expected. The buttons he pressed alternately turned on and off a series of tiny vibrators implanted under the skin just above and of each side of my clitoris. Others delivered sharp shocks to the soles of my feet, the undersides of my breasts, my ass cheeks, and my lower lips.

David handed the device to Mack. "All yours."

I spent the rest of that day in a complete daze as Mack and David took turns edging me, then having me play with myself, then edging me again with the RC device. They also had me contort myself in a variety of ways to see how well the magnets held. They always held. After ten hours of that, I was nearly incoherent.

The second day, I'd spent all day in a metal chair, arms and legs held immobile by the devilish implants, watching porn. It ran the entire gamut from soft core to some of the hardest I'd ever seen. One repeating image as of a Japanese girl - Yuki - who had enormous nipples. She was blindfolded and milked by a suction machine. It wasn't difficult for me to imagine that the unnatural size of those nipples was the result of many long sessions with those suction cups attached. It wasn't until late in the evening that I realized I'd been shown that particular video over and over. Not many of the others repeated. By the time the two women showed up to bring me dinner - another of the protein drinks I was pretty much living on - that same single video was playing over and over.

After I'd sucked down my protein drink, the women removed the tray and I was left alone again. The movie looped over and over, Yuki alternately moaning with arousal and discomfort. They'd pour the milk into a small cup and give it to her to drink. She was milked by hand. I could imagine the feelings, arousal and discomfort, every squeeze of those sensitive nipples shooting another blast of heat to her cunt. I wondered if maybe there was a vibrator off camera, she was in a constant state of arousal, even as the milk ran over the man's fingers and down her belly.

The door opened and David and Mack came in. David was carrying the same device they had been using in the video. Without a word, he set it on the floor in front of me and turned it on. He held the suction cups so they just barely touched my skin and I was horrified as my body involuntarily leaned forward. The suction locked the tubes to me and I felt it starting. My nipple, then half an inch of the skin around it was sucked in. Then a little more, a little more, a little more. The same thing on the other side.

Still without a word, the two men walked out of the room. The movie was still playing. I watched Yuki's face as the machine milked her, felt what the machine was doing to me and started overlaying my face on hers. I saw myself there, laying on the table, blindfolded, milk slowly appearing around the base of the suction cups.

It hurt but it turned me on. My cunt was swelling and I couldn't take my eyes off of Yuki's nipples. They were huge, unreal looking but I knew better. I would look like that by the time David was finished with me. I nearly came again just thinking about that.

Over the next few days, David introduced me to the other women in the place. Each had a specialty, each of their bodies had been tailored to meet the needs of specific clients. One had a mouth that remained in a perfect O shape constantly, another had titties that were abnormally huge but firm as silicon, one always crawled on her hands and knees, another had to stand perfectly still because any move she made aroused her so much she would cum immediately.

David introduced me to the men as well. Most of them hadn't been altered much, most were on intense exercise and protein regimens and used as bulls to mount the women for audience enjoyment.

There was one set of modifications going on though, and that was the cock growth experiment. So far, they'd produced very thick cocks that were about four inches long or very long cocks that were only about two fingers thick. It was never just right.

Mack explained to me that I would be spending my time there milking the men with the swollen sacks. The latest batch of drugs had produced men with very long cocks but the side effect was that they produced gallons of cum every day. My job would be to keep them from getting too backed up, using whatever it took. I realized quickly that "whatever it took" really meant "however they wanted".

That was how I came to be on my back here on this table. As I said, it's been two days of solid fucking and sucking. They don't let me sleep. Each of them produces so much cum that he needs to be drained every three or four hours and there are six of them. They do not cum quickly, so one of them might be on top of me for fifteen or twenty minutes. They sleep in shifts, once one of them is finished, he wakes up one of the others and takes a nap himself. I only sleep when I pass out from exhaustion. Even then, they sometimes do not leave me alone. I've woke up twice on my belly, one or another of them unloading himself deep inside my backside. The floor underneath the small table is a lake of what's oozed out of the holes between my legs. I swallow everything that goes into my mouth, it's become food and drink for me these last 2 days.

Four times a day, they bring in the device to milk me. I'm proud of my nipples, they're now like Yuki's, hugely and swollen. The areolas are easily four inches in diameter and still growing. And they are SO tender. I can nearly cum just from having one of the men touch them.

David told Mack he'd turn me into a cum slut in less than a month. I don't think he'll need that much time...

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the commenter below is retard :D

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great story,write more

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I'm one of those sluts. I love cum in my mouth. I love heavy cummers. Men have cum in my mouth since I was "very, very" young.

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More. Write more whore

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I was disapointed when it ended
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