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An older man dominates a young woman,
Shannon III the wedding part A

To understand the Shannon series it is best to start at the beginning with Shannon then Shannon II part A, Shannon II part B and then this story. Each story can stand alone but you will get a better understanding of the characters and the events that brought them to this point in the story. However this story would work to go from “Shannon” directly to “Shannon III”.

I would love praise and criticism as long as it isn’t about content. If you don’t like the things I write about then don’t read my stories. Don’t write me and tell me that you don’t like my stories because someone pissed on my heroine. (not the drug). I want to know about my writing. Tell me if you are confused or if I have my tense mixed up. I want to know if my images are clear and easy to follow. Is the emotion I am trying to convey coming through? Did it make you laugh or cry? Is my sentence structure sound or convoluted? Are my characters believable? All feedback is good feedback.

Previously on Shannon

I had filmed Dave’s brother’s bachelor party and as I have said before I don’t like Dave and never have. He’s arrogant, boastful and a royal asshole, he also happens to “own” Shannon.

I say he “owns” her, because she insists that he does. Shannon has been abused all her life and now she craves the things Dave does to her and like an addiction she hates doing them, but she isn’t either able or willing to stop. As a result Dave dominates, abuses and humiliates Shannon sexually. At the bachelor party she was made to have sex with two dogs and then fuck the entire room full of men.

In the first story I had written that the “cunt Shannon” in these stories, visually reminded me of the actress who played “Shannon” on the TV show “LOST”. Not quite as pretty but close.

While filming the molestation of Shannon at the bachelor party, something in her captured my sole and I knew then that I wanted to be with Shannon.

Shannon III the wedding part A

Dave and I were standing side by side in the banquet hall. The bachelor party had run its course; Dave and I were watching two men who had helped me video tape the party, fuck an exhausted Shannon.

I asked him, “What would you say if I asked you if I could date Shannon.”

“I’d tell you to go fuck yourself.”


“Because I think you would look cute with your dick in your ass.”

I gave him an irritated smile, “Why won’t you let me date Shannon?”

“Because she’s my whore.”


He looked at me as if he were seeing me for the first time.

“I tell you what, my sports hero friend. I will not let you date my little slut, but I will let you marry her if you want to.”

“You would let marry her but not date her?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes,” he stated simply.

I stared at him a few moments and scratched my head.

I need your answer right now, yes or no.” he demanded.

“Right now?” I exclaimed.

“You got thirty seconds he said looking at his watch. What is your decision? Fifteen seconds.”

OK,…… I’ll marry her, but what if Shannon doesn’t want to marry me.”

“Doesn’t matter what she wants, I will tell her to do it and she will.”

“Well I would like to hear it from her if you don’t mind.”

“I do fuckin mind dick head, and if you really want to marry here are the conditions. Once you leave this room, you will not look at her, visit her or talk to her right up until the moment you say ‘I do,’ Got that pencil prick.” He said poking his finger into my chest. “In fact leave this building right now and wait in your van. Your men can collect your equipment for you.”

“But, I…”

“If you are not out of that door within the next two minutes the deal is off fuck face.”

I turned and rushed for the door.

As I reached for the door knob, Dave yelled out across the hall. “The wedding will be on Friday two weeks from now. Get your own tux. I will be in touch.”

I glanced over at Shannon who was on the cum soaked mattress. Mike was pounding her sore pussy and John was fucking her face. Then I went out of the door.

I think just about every man alive who has stood at the altar waiting for his bride to come down the aisle has butter flies in his gut. However I don’t. I am not nervous, I’m fucking scared shitless.

I’m thirty three, never been married. Shit, married!! Fuck, I have never even had a serious relationship, but now I find myself waiting for my bride who I have only spoken to once and that was an interview on camera the night she fucked and sucked two dogs, then was gang banged by twenty men at a bachelor party.

That night was two weeks ago and I haven’t seen or spoken to her since. I have not even asked her to marry me.

So, here I am, standing in the same banquet hall where I first laid eyes on Shannon. I have a blind fold on my head, because part of the agreement was I would not speak to her or SEE my bride to be until I say “I do”. And to top it all off, I don’t trust or even like the asshole that has set all this up. For all I know, when I say I do, the woman I agreed to marry may not even be there. In fifteen minutes I could be marring a dog of a woman rather than the beautiful Shannon. Even if Shannon is by my side when I say “I do” she is being forced by Dave (the asshole) into marring me. She may hate my guts, although I can’t imagine why she would, she doesn’t even know me.

So, I think I have good reason to be scared. In fact I have no idea why I am actually standing here. I should have told Dave to forget it long ago. Yet here I am, in my tux with a blind fold on my head. “Fuck me!”

The wedding march starts. I can hear people scurrying for their seats and the talking diminishes to a murmur. A few seconds later the gathering gasps and excited conservation ripples through the room.

I feel a piece of cloth or something light brush against my left hand that is at rest, by my side. I can smell the perfume and something else that I can’t quite identify, of someone beside me.

Someone in front of me clears his throat and says, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here for a double wedding,”

I thought, ‘Double wedding? What the fuck is he talking about?’

The voice continues, “You are here to witness the matrimony of Shannon Sheppard to Woof Bennett and William Ganon. I am a duly ordained clergy in this great state of Georgia and am legally recognized as such.

I tried to swallow but there was only dust in my mouth.

Again my mind raced and a question surfaced, ‘Who the fuck is Wolf Bennett?’

“Shannon, do you take these to be you’re lawfully wedded husbands?”

There was silence and some movement to my left. Then I heard a loud SMACK and a female yelp.

Then a female to my left said in a tired disgusted voice. “I do.”

Do you Woof take Shannon for your lawfully wedded bitch?

Some behind me said. “What’s your name?”

And I heard a dog go. “woof.”

Do you William take Shannon as your lawfully wedded wife?

Here it is, do I say it? Am I crazy?

“I do.” Came out of my mouth.

I heard the crowd go wild, they were laughing and yelling and slapping each other on the back.

“Do you have the ring?

I reached up and took my blind fold off as Dave tapped my sholder and handed me a very nice diamond wedding ring. I held it as to put it on Shannon but she wouldn’t give me her hand.

I looked to my left and Shannon was indeed there she had on a black lace veil that came down to her butt, a pair of black patent stilettos and a black earring in her left ear, nothing else, absolutely nude. She looked at me with anger and disgust in her eyes.

Dave said one word with force. “CUNT!”

She stomped her foot, made a pouty face and stuck her hand toward me defiantly and I slipped the ring on her finger.

The reverend in front of me said. “I now pronounce you husbands and wife. You may fuck the bride.”

Glaring at me she practically spat. “I hope you are happy asshole, because I’ll be God dammed if I will let you fuck me unless Dave forces me to, besides who the fuck wants to be named Shannon Ganon? Sounds like a cock sucking cartoon character. Asshole.”

Then I heard another “woof” to my left and saw the biggest, most beautiful mastiff I had ever seen. Standing on all fours his shoulders were even with my waist and I could see the ripple if his muscles under a shiny coat of shirt tan hair. The dog’s massive chest was white and he had to weigh at least two hundred pounds, probably more.

Dave slapped me on the shoulder and said. “Congratulations, meet Woof, your new husband in-law.”

Then Dave said, “What’s your name?”

The dog went. “Woof.”

Dave turned to Shannon. “Prepare for mount cunt.”

Shannon got down on all fours; her legs spread wide and rested her upper body on her fore arms. She pressed her fore head to the foor.

Dave commanded the dog. “Lick”

The huge beast moved to lap Shannon’s pussy. Before he got there I could see cum running down Shannon’s leg, then the doge dove in and Shannon squealed.

Stunned, I tore my eyes from Shannon and the huge mastiff and gazed about the room. My friends John and Mike were videotaping the proceedings. There were a few of my other friends and work mates gathered in one corner away from most everyone else. There were two women in that group and they looked at me with distain. The men just smirked. The rest of the room was filled mostly with men who were celebrating. One guy came over to me and shook my hand energetically.

“Congratulations Bill, thank you.”

“For what?” I asked confused.

“For what!” He parodied back to me. “For marrying the cunt. Dave said if you backed out none of us would get to fuck her tonight. It’s party time!”

Then Dave said. “Mount.”

The Mastiff hopped on Shannon’s back and started pounding the shit out of her. I watched her get three nuts within the first five minutes of him tying with her. After tan giant coated her cunt with sperm the brute dragged her around the room, as different guys called the dog to them and laughed. A few of them petted her and told her that she was a good bitch.

The rest of the night was pretty much a carbon copy of the bachelor party. Shannon was screwed in all three holes and rarely had an empty orifice for more than a few seconds as they cluster fucked her.

At one point during the fiasco after the huge dog just had fucked Shannon for the third or fourth time. I overheard two men discussing Woof’s ability to lick his own cock.

The taller of the two said. “Man, I wish I could do that!”

The shorter man looked over at him with a crooked smile, and said. “Give him a treat and maybe he’ll let you.”

By eight am that morning everyone was fucked out and had left or were passed out on the floor of the banquet hall. The place was trashed, just liked after the bachelor party. Dave was stretched out on top of one of the tables. Shannon was lying comatose on the floor in a pool of sperm. Woof was in the corner licking his balls and my ass was aching from sitting dazed for hours in a steel folding chair. I was the only male at the gathering that had not fucked my new wife. Even the reverend boned her twice, once in the cunt and once in the ass.

Dave rolled to his feet and staggered toward the exit.

As he passed through the door, he called over his shoulder. “Congratulations on winning the heart of the girl of your dreams and be sure to take care of my cunt.”

Then the door drifted closed behind him. I was alone in the hall of my horrors. The only sounds were the slurping of Woof’s tongue attending to his hygiene and the snoring of my beautiful slimy bride.

I sighed, got up, rubbed my ass, stretched and muttered to myself. “I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing.”

I went to where my naked wife was dreaming of cocks and sugar plums and attempted to pick her up. I barely got her three inches from the floor and her slippery body splashed back into the cum puddle. Being brain dead I attempted this endeavor eight or ten times before it occurred to me that I was wasting my time. Looking around the room my gaze fell upon Shannon’s wedding veil.

I retrieved the black lace garment and looped it around her right leg. Then slipping and sliding on the jizim slick linoleum, I drug her over to the double doors at rear of the hall. Sunlight glistened off of the trail of cum that led back from where we had just come, it looked as though a giant nuclear radiated snail had crawled across the banquet hall floor.

I swung the double doors open and backed my Ford econoline van up to them. Then I pulled Shannon’s legs into cargo area of the van. In this position she looked like she was sitting down in a chair only it had toppled onto its back. I tried lifting her several times with my arms under hers and clasped over chest but she slipped from my grasp. I looked down at my sperm covered rented tux and wondered how I was going to explain this to the rental company. Eventually I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed two hands full of hair and rolled/shoved her through the rear doors of the van.

I found her shoes and tossed them into the truck with her and slammed the doors shut. Then I took Shannon’s veil and threaded it through the dog’s collar and led him to the passenger door and opened it. He jumped up on the seat and sat with the veil around his neck, as if he were “king” of all that he observed, even though his floppy ears were pressed to the head liner of the van. Then we made the first step on the long journey that was our new life.

I backed the van into “OUR” garage at “OUR” house and clicked the remote door control and it rattled closed. It seemed very strange to realize that the house that I had lived alone in for the past eight years was now “our” house. I pulled out my cell phone, it was nine fifteen am. I hadn’t worn a watch for the past six years except for dressy social events. I guess my wedding didn’t qualify.

I muttered to myself again. “If last night was any indication, ‘our’ house was going to be the least of the strange things that I would be getting used to.”

I went around and opened the door for Woof and he gracefully hopped down from his throne and sniffed all the new smells. I was glad that my backed yard was fenced, because it would allow me to release the dog into the yard and not worry about him wandering off.

I opened the rear doors of the Ford and discovered that a new sperm pool had formed on the floor of my van under Shannon. Shaking my head I thought, ‘If this keeps up I am going to have to get rubber sheets for my van’.

“Fuck it.” I said.

I figured she couldn’t hate me any worse than she apparently already did, so I just left her there and led Woof into the house.

I located a pot in the kitchen, filled it with water and set it down in front of the mastiff. Woof lapped the cool liquid down with gratitude. I didn’t have any dog food so opened a package of hot dogs and fed them to him one at a time. It was like putting dollar bills into a vending machine only you didn’t have to smooth them out before you inserted them. I opened the back door and hustled the dog outside. Then I took a shower and made the decision that there was nothing I could do at that moment to repair the damage that I had done to my life so I forgot about it and went to sleep.

One eye opened and I stared at the luminous clock on my night stand. It indicated that the time was now three forty five. I assumed that it meant pm because it was still light outside. I had slept for about six hours and I didn’t feel any better than when I had crawled into bed. I sat up yawned and stretched my arms above my head and heard a strange noise. I followed the sound to the front door and looked out the peep hole. Nothing there. I opened the door and my husband-in-law trotted into the kitchen, did that circle the wagons thing and when he was satisfied he had found the right spot, plopped down, put his muzzle on his paws and went to sleep.

I went into the back yard to find out how Woof had gotten out of the fence and discovered that I apparently had forgotten to close and latch the gate. After securing the gate, I took a dish towel from the kitchen and went to check on my new wife. I found her as I had left her, naked, curled up, in the back of my van, only now the sperm on her body had dried and left a crusty layer over her entire body. She appeared to have a terminal case of psoriasis.

I reached in, shook her and she groaned. I shook her again harder, and she rolled onto her back and groaned louder. I had my hand on her shin and was about to shake her again when her eyes fluttered open a she stared blankly at the ceiling of the Ford. After a moment she looked down and spied my hand on her leg, she screamed.

Then she yelled at the top of her lungs. “Get your fucking hands off of me!”

I jerked my hand from her as if she were a thirteen year old yelling rape,

Then she saw the small towel in my other hand snatched it from me and held it to her chest in an apparent attempt at modesty. It seemed that exposed pussy was not a priority when defending one’s modesty.

“Where the fuck am I?” she screamed.

“Home.” I replied.

“The fuck you say. I don’t recognize this place.”

“It’s my………..our house.”

“Take me home cock sucker.”

“This is your home.”

She yelled in frustration. “Where are my clothes?”

“You didn’t have any.”

“Well get me something to wear and I’ll walk home.”

Leaving her in the garage I picked up the wall phone and called a cab.”

Then I searched my dresser and closet for anything that might fit her. I found an Atlanta PD “T” shirt that a cop had given me and a pair of old khaki shorts that were too small for me. When I came back into the garage she jumped up and again pressed the dish towel to her breasts.

“This is all I,” and she snatched the close from my hand. “could find.” I finished.

I stood there looking at her.

“Well?” she said looking back at me.

“Well what?” I asked

Are you going to turn around while I get dressed?”

I laughed at absurdity of her request and turned around.

After a moment I said, “I called you a cab.”

Then I heard the door going into the house slam shut and I followed her into the house. By the time I got inside she had marched out the front door and was headed up the street, mumbling to herself, holding up my shorts with one hand and franticly waving with the other.

She was almost to the end of the block when the cab pulled in front of our house. I took two twenties from my wallet and handed them to him.

“See that woman up there?” I said pointing to Shannon. “Take her where ever she wants to go and if that isn’t enough come back and I will give you more.”

I watched the cab pull along side of Shannon and she bent at the waist to talk to the cabby. Then she stood up looked my way, and waved to me with her middle finger extended then got into the cab.

Shaking my head I wandered back into the house and flopped down in front of the TV. Since it was Saturday there was a college football game on so I leaned back and let my mind vegetate.

After the game I popped in a frozen dinner, gave the Woof a can of beef stew and went to bed.

I was watching my neighbor nailing a sign, with the word “pervert” written on it, to my house and Woof was woofing at him because apparently that was the extent of the dog’s vocabulary. Then I realized that someone was pounding on my front door. I opened my eyes and looked at my clock. It indicated that it was eight o’clock and I assumed it was AM because it was no longer dark outside. I got out of bed and shuffled to the door in my briefs and opened it. Something blond flew by me and Dave muscled his way inside.

“What the fuck happened?” he demanded.

“She wanted to go home.”

“This is her home.” He said.

“That’s what I told her.”

“So why did she leave?”

“You’ll have to ask her that.”

Dave looked at Shannon.

“I don’t like him.” She blurted.

“How can you not like him? Hell, you don’t even know him you crazy cunt. Why don’t you like him?”

“I just don’t.” she pouted.

“Well he is your husband and this is your house. You live here NOW!”

“Do I have to fuck him? She asked defiantly.

“No, you don’t have to even touch him if you don’t want too and he won’t force himself on you. Right fuck head.”

“Right.” I echoed not knowing why I even responded to his question.

“So what do I have to do?”

“Get me a pen and paper.” Dave demanded.

I went to the phone stand and got a bic pen, a small note pad and tossed them to him.

“OK,” he said as he took the cap off of the pen. “RULES” and wrote that across the top of the pad. “One, You will live in this house as dick head’s wife and perform all stereotypical wifely house hold duties with the exception of having physical contact with said dick head. Two, you will give your body to your husband……,”

“But you just said I didn’t have to have sex with him.” She whined.”

“Woof,…” Dave continued. “at his pleasure and you will perform any sexual service that he demands. Three, you are to remain nude while you are inside of this house at all times, the exception being, when you are getting dressed to leave the house and you will have five minutes to get undressed once you are back in the house. Three, you cannot say no to any male in this house except dick head and there are three other exceptions this rule. One, no one can force you to leave the house. If I have instructed someone to collect you, they will have a note signed by me or I will have notified you in advance of their arrival. Exception two, No one can tell you to take drugs of any kind, including alcohol unless you choose to. Exception three, you will not obey any order or request that “you believe” will do permanent or excessive damage to you. Four, you will sleep in dick head’s bed. Five, just to be clear, you do not have to have sex with dick head, you do not have to touch him in any way and you do not have to do anything he requests or demands of you, you may however, do any or all of the above things if you so choose. If I decide that I need to modify these rules and or add more I will do so as the need arises.”

Dave turned to Shannon. “Do you understand these rules?”

“Yes.” She said.

“Do you have any questions regarding these rules?”

“No.” was her response.

Dave looked at his watch. Then he turned to me. “Do you understand them and do you have any questions?

“What constitutes excessive damage?” I asked.

“Cuts or scrapes that cannot be covered with a standard three inch band-aid bandage. More blood than would ordinarily result from a wound that might be covered with a standard three inch band-aid bandage. Third degree burns of any kind and any activity that “she thinks” might result in a broken bone or concussion. Any other questions?

I couldn’t think of any, but I was sure that I had them rolling around inside of my head, they just wouldn’t fall out.

Dave looked at his watch again.

“Take off your clothes cunt.”

“Get me a belt dick head.”

“What?” I asked surprised.

“That fucking leather thing that holds your pants up. Get me one.”

I got a brown leather dress belt about an inch wide and handed it to Dave.

“Grab your ankles and spread your legs slut.”

“Whoa Dave, what are you going to do.” I asked concerned.

“Shut the fuck up dick head and stay out of this. I am using aversion therapy to teach this cunt to obey the rules.”

Wa… What rule did she break?”

“Not that it is any of your fucking concern, but when she said that she understood the rules and had no questions, she had five minutes to get out of her clothes. I gave her eight before I told her to strip.

Shannon was now naked, her ass was in the air and her legs were a little over three feet apart. Dave placed the buckle of the belt in his right palm and wrapped the belt around his hand until about eighteen inches remained hanging down. Then he stood ninety degrees to Shannon and swung hard, right across her ass, leaving a bright red stripe across her butt and she yelped. Again the leather whistled through the air and bit into her tender flesh. Again and again he swung and each time a little yelp escaped her lips. After about fifteen licks Dave stood behind Shannon and like a fast pitch softball pitcher swung the belt around and up between her legs, the leather popped against her pussy and she screamed. Four more times he swung brutally up into her cunt. Twice he must have connected with her clit because her knees buckled and her scream contained a groaning sound as well.

Woof watched all the commotion with attitude of detached curiosity.


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